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¶ … Fallacies of Reasoning in TV Commercials

The DIRECTV- Stop Taking in Stray Animals-Commercial

The DIRECTV Commercial demonstrates the series of events that occurs when an individual has bad cable. The events are as follows: when you spend too much of your money on cable, you get angry and you start throwing things. When you start throwing things, people begin to think you have anger issues. Consequently, your schedule clears up because people do not want to deal with your anger. When the schedule clears up, you start growing a beard, then you start taking in stray animals until you cannot stop. So to stop taking in stray animals, you have to get rid of cable and upgrade to DIRECTV.

Fallacy of reasoning

The DIRECTV commercial uses the slippery slope fallacy. Grand Canyon University (2012) explains that the slippery slope fallacy is an analogy that takes an argument in one direction followed by a string of steps that lead to a much more extreme outcome. Also called the domino theory or the snowball argument, it suggests that if one step is taken it will invariably lead to similar steps, the end results of which are undesirable. Vleet (2011) states that the slippery slope is often used as a fear tactic and is a fallacy precisely because one can never accurately determine if events or results should follow one action, or event, in particular.

The commercial meets the


Basically, the commercial conveys the message that if an individual does not have DIRECTV, a series of events will happen, which have an inevitably undesirable out come. More specifically, the commercial asserts that a relatively small step, such as paying too much for cable, will lead to events culminating in harboring of stray animals, an event that would have been avoided by choosing DIRECTV over cable. In agreement with Vleet (2012), therefore, it is meant to instill fear in viewers, who are then prompted to avoid the undesirable outcome by switching to DIRECTV.

Reaction to the commercial

Immediately after viewing the commercial, I was persuaded by the DIRECTV commercial, and I felt the need to switch to DIRECTV to avoid consequences that others, who had not done so, may have to deal with. The reason for this is that the commercial is persuasive and convincing and it claims that the action I intend to take has two extremes: positive or negative. However, once I identify the fallacy, I notice that the events are relatively unrelated and that not using DIRECTV will not necessarily make me start taking in stray animals. I then doubt the credibility of the product because the error in reasoning undermines the logic of the overall argument.

2. Ashton Kutcher Nikon TV Commercial


The Nikon commercial shows Ashton Kutcher, who is a famous actor and TV…

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