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Halloween Essays (Examples)

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Boo Humbug By Michael Elliot
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7706124
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A nearly 50-year-old man who cannot grow up and lives in "Neverland" is nearly as sad as the adults who feel they must regress to childhood with "whoooing" ghosts, witches, and goblins in their front yards for the month of October. This is not childhood revisited, it is adulthood resisted, and the only people it serves are the merchandisers and merchants who gleefully look forward to the Halloween season as the beginning of an orgy of holiday spending. As author Elliot continues, "In time, infantile societies become degraded, unable to meet the realities that face them" (Elliot 86). Unfortunately, it is quite easy to see our own society degrading as it crawls further into childhood and less onward into adulthood. We have already seen the degradation of neighborhoods, families, and social life in much of our society, and our self-centered lifestyles geared to earning more money to buy more "Stuff"…


Elliot, Michael. "Boo, Humbug!" Time Magazine. 27 Oct. 2003, p. 86.

That 70S Show Episode Analysis
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26661285
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70s Show -- Season 2, Episode 5 - "That 70s Halloween"

Episode 5 in That '70s Show's second season provides an intriguing look in the lives of the show's central characters. The fact that the episode's main theme is Halloween translates in these respective characters sharing their idea of a perfect celebration. The show starts with Eric, Hyde, Donna, Kelso, Fez, and Jackie trying to come up with a plan to celebrate Halloween. A combination of flashbacks and documents the teenagers find are designed to present viewers with a glimpse in the characters' past.

As one of the shows' main ideas is to provide information on Fez without actually revealing where he is from, this episode makes no exception from the rule, as it shows the character being amazed at the prospect of getting candy for free -- a thing that would never happen in his home country. Even with…

Screenplay Ideas a Walk in
Words: 1214 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 98014975
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The result is a story of wry humor that tells the story of how one family teaches and entire town to learn tolerance, love, understanding, and acceptance. Through these trials, the Jackson family also learns their own brand of tolerance and acceptance, and how to be proud of their own heritage while embracing new ideas.

Part 3 -- the year is 1946, the place is Seattle, Washington. The setting is a High School locker room in which several boys are changing into baseball uniforms in preparation for a game. The room is filled with banter and joking. The camera focuses briefly on different groups, chatting, making comments about the game, and the group of all-White boys talking about their sports prowess. The door opens, and the coach walks in, followed by a young man with dark hair. The coach calls out, "Boys, I want you to meet your new teammate,…

Tootsie Roll Corporation Everyone Knows That Iconic
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69960750
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Tootsie oll Corporation

Everyone knows that iconic brand. It is the Tootsie oll, one of America's favorite chocolate candies. The company was originally started in 1890 by Leo Hirshfield, making the company over 116 years old (Kesling, 2012). Throughout its long history, there have been little changes to the classic recipes. Yet, is it time foe a change?

With Halloween rapidly approaching, Tootsie oll is in good form. This time of year is when the company generates some of its highest profit margins. Overall, the company is in good shape most of the year as is. However, recent years have shown slight dips in overall profit potentials. The year 2011 saw overall revenue of $528.4 million with a total profit of $43.9 million (Kesling, 2012). Still, the company's stock looks to be on the rise since late 2012 (The Motley Fool, 2013). Yet, it is time for the company to…


Campos, Nick. (2011). Obesity: Primarily a food choice issue. Articles. Web. 

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The Motley Fool. (2013). Tootsie Roll Industries. NYSE. Web.

Night the Crystals Broke Write Where You
Words: 3364 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66231725
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Night the Crystals Broke

Write where you got inspiration from?

The inspiration from this poem comes from my grandmother and her family, who lived through the pogroms and just before the Nazis took over Hungary. The title refers to the Kristallnacht, the event in which the Nazis burned synagogues and their religious items, and broke the windows. They also broke the windows of the local businesses. This poem also refers to the journey that was scary and arduous, over the Atlantic in the ship to Ellis Island. The statue at the end of the poem is the Statue of Liberty, which welcomed the "poor" and "hungry" masses, like my grandmother's people.

(2) Which author and poem did you refer to when writing this poem?

There is no one author or poem I referred to here. This is a completely original work. However, it is written in the form of a…

MIS Hershey Is One of
Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 33189204
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This meant nine months of training and implementation that would just not be possible. This does not appear to have been taken into account by the managers.

External risks include the fact that Hershey's customers would lose their trust in their supplier. This culminated in the loss of significant shelf space, which would be difficult to regain after the crisis had passed. Furthermore, despite promises that Hershey made to supply by Valentine's Day and Easter, this could not be guaranteed. The loss of business and good faith resulting from an inability to properly implement the new system resulted in a loss of reputation for the company as well. This should have been anticipated, particularly with the new deadline.

A significant internal risk was the loss of revenue. Hershey had invested $112 million for the implementation of the whole project. This amount should have merited a proper assessment of possible risks,…


Levin, R. (2008, Sept. 24). Leapfrog Makes a Flying Leap onto the SOA Pad. Retrieved from 

The Hershey Story. (2010). Retrieved from

Educational Scenario
Words: 1411 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84494278
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Education Scenario

Response from District Superintendent

Bill James

How did the parents' letter make you feel? Be candid in your response.

How did I feel when reading this belligerent letter? My first impression after reading half way through the letter was, here is a member of (or an ideological believer in) the Tea Party and the school's multicultural programs give him a perfect opportunity to rage against immigration. Reading all the way through, and reading it a second time, it is apparent that the father has a chip on his shoulder because he served in combat missions and now that he is out of uniform he believes he has the right to rage against what he feels is too much attention paid to other cultures / subcultures in America.

He can say that he was in the service with others of different nationalities and ethnicities -- and therefore he can't…

Works Cited

Fram, A. (2010). Hispanics Face Most Discrimination In U.S. (Poll). Huff Post Politics.

Retrieved October 1, 2013, from .

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Merced County Public Schools (2010). Multicultural Education Plan. Retrieved October 1, 2013,

Self Check Questions on Indexes
Words: 445 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Questionnaire Paper #: 3674994
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Source (Date, Vol., Page): McGee, L., Charlesworth, ., Cheek, M.C., & Cheek, E.H. (1982). Childhood Education, 59(2), 123-127.

Index: Educator's eference Complete

A meta-analysis of studies examining the effect of whole language instruction on the literacy of low-SES students.

Source: (Date, Vol., Page) Jeynes, W.H., & Littell, S.W. (2000). Elementary School Journal, 101(1), 21-33.

7. My debate class is arguing the pros and cons of wolf recovery in Yellowstone Park. Do you have a recent article on this subject?

Index: Infotrac newsstand

Mont. Approves 150% Hike in Fall Wolf Hunting Quota

Date: July 9, 2010

8. Is your town's newspaper indexed in Newsbank? (My hometown newspaper is the Sidney Herald, Sidney, MT) if yes, what is the name of it? No.

If no, what newspaper in which town close to the one you live in is indexed in it? (Would the Billings Gazette or Great Falls Tribune be in this?)…

Creativity I Experienced the Power
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80430121
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A team member was to hide behind the sheet and grab at or scare people as they walked by. This was extremely effective because the sheet looked like the wall and nobody expected anything to come from behind the wall.

We decided to have a table of gross things in our hall of horrors, which consisted of the typical peeled grapes, spaghetti, and squishy Jell-O. Underneath the tables team members would grab at the legs of people as they made their way through the hall of horrors. This was also very effective because no one thought to look underneath the tables.

It took days to get the sheets cut and pieced. Then we had to find tables. We also had to come up with the ideas for what we were going to put on the tables. Everyone on the team had a specific project. Someone had to make sure all…

Imitation of E B White Value
Words: 1724 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7042238
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Thus, the garden may have produced only $2 but it was certainly valuable.

But the vines of lines are still wrapped tight around the fast food drive through lanes, making me convinced that this, too, must have some kind of value. Certainly, it is not valuable in terms of money -- although food producers make some of the highest profits because they can sell a meal that cost them $1 to make for $10. The value is, likely not in the taste either, as such food is generally pleasing but not delectable. Thus, the value must be in the convenience, in the knowing that there will be no dirty dishes, no complaining family members, no hours or minutes over a hot stove or a hot pot in the middle of an even hotter summer day. Perhaps value is as subjective as interests, hobbies, and personalities. Perhaps nothing can really be…

Dia De Los Muertos Although
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16220969
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Catholic missionaries readily drew parallels between the Dia de los Muertos and the Catholic holiday All Saints Day. The synthesis of All Saints Day with Dia de los Muertos allowed the native population of Mexico and their descendants to continue practicing their ancestral traditions.

The Dia de los Muertos has widespread popular culture appeal because of the amusing, colorful imagery of skulls and skeletons. Tourists to Mexico enjoy participating in the ceremonies or viewing the parades for entertainment value. The colorful costumes and calacas masks look like a combination of frightening and fun. Many who view the festival as an outsider miss out on the opportunity for personal reflection that the holiday entails. The Dia de los Muertos celebrations offer a chance to honor ancestors: the men and women whose blood flows through our bodies. Similarly, the Dia de los Muertos encourages reflection on social traditions and allows the current…

Works Cited

Hernandez, Aracely. "Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)." 1998. Northern Notes/Northern Illinois University.

Michoacan: The Altar." Retrieved Nov 14, 2007 at 

Miller, Carlos. "Indigenous people wouldn't let 'Day of the Dead' die." AZ Central. Retrieved Nov 14, 2007 at history

Life of the Medieval Janet
Words: 1211 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26334220
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Today my father and I did go to a funeral of an old woman. But it was not a sad day, for she was old and the death was expected. Together we passed over the ford, the in-between place where the dead and living meet, a place that is neither wet nor dry, and we held a flask from the water of a ford in our hands. Oh, although it is only the dead that live in between, I at fifteen, neither girl nor women feel that I stand upon such a ford myself, unsure of where I am about to go, to either heaven or hell -- should I become a nun, a wife, or flee this life entirely and go to live amongst the fairy people. I intend to have fun, regardless, while I still can!

A must confess I cast my dream-fate not to be amongst that…

Healthy Snack Flyer and Five Day Menu
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35947007
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Healthy Snack


Have you ever had a devilled spider egg? They're perfect for Halloween, but they are a healthy choice any time of the year -- and great for scaring your mom! All it takes to make a devilled spider egg is one hard boiled egg and one carefully sliced kalamata olive. It's nutritious and fun!

Instructions: Hard-boil the eggs, and slice them carefully in half, removing the yolks. Mash up the yolks, adding mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and paprika. Then fill the egg whites with a dollop of this mixture. To make the spiders, carefully slice a kalamata olive in half. One half will be the body. Thin-slice the other half into eight segments for the legs, and place carefully on top of the devilled eggs!

einhold, Dorothy. "Halloween Deviled Spider Eggs." Shockingly Delicious, Oct 26, 2010. Accessed 21 January 2015 at:

Safety Precautions…


Iyer, Raghavan. "Tempeh Vindaloo." The Soyfoods Council. 

Stewart, Martha. "Lobster Newburg." Martha Stewart Living.

Children's Books Belitz L The
Words: 1714 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 54126591
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Scholastic: 1993

Curious young astronomers who ask, "what are stars made of?" And "Why do astronauts float in space?" will find answers here. A brief survey of the universe in a question and answers format.

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Paperback: 28 pages

ISBN: 0439465834

Tayleur, K. Excuses! Survive and Succeed by David Montimore Baxter. (Mankato, MN) Stone Arch Books: 2007

Young David Mortimore Baxter, who knows how to stay out of trouble, shares excuses for avoiding chores, bullies, homework, and vegetarian dinners. David experiences his fifteen minutes of fame and the impacts it has on his friends and family.

Reading level: 9-12

Paperback: 80 pages

ISBN: 1598892053

Williams, M. The Velveteen Rabbit. Square Fish: 2008.

By the time the velveteen rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic of love. The original "Toy Story."

Reading level: Ages…

Communication in the Media Specifically
Words: 2616 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 16924345
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The "Halloween" films that continue to be so popular are prime examples, but just about any horror film made within the past three decades follows basically the same formula, they have just gotten increasingly sexual and violent, as society has continued to embrace the genre. There are literally hundreds of other graphic examples, such as "Saw," an extremely violent film that has spawned six other films, and the examples of so many films being released in 2009. These films do not celebrate the woman, they demean her, and the fact that they are celebrated by society is troubling and agonizing at the same time.

Some of the films that empower women into the hero roles include "Terminator 2," the "Alien" series, "Misery," and other films glorify or at least acknowledge the female predator or warrior, offering up a different view of women as successful anti-heroes. However, most of these films…


England, Marcia. "Breached Bodies and Home Invasions: Horrific Representations of the Feminized Body and Home." Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography; Apr2006, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p353-363.

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Lally, Kevin. "For the Love of the Movies." Film Journal International. 1999. 10 March 2009. .

Custody of Evidence One Error
Words: 3068 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8392358
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She had been struck several times in the head with a Toney Penna golf club -- so ferociously that the club had shattered into multiple pieces -- and then stabbed in the neck with the broken shaft the club's handle and part of the shaft had vanished. (Kennedy Jr., 2003, Martha Moxley section, ¶ 1)

From evidence retrieved from the autopsy, police determined Moxley's murder occurred at approximately10:00 P.M..

On July 10, 1998, 23 years after Moxley's murder, "Connecticut authorities convened a one-man grand jury consisting of Judge George Thim. The state's attorney Jonathan Benedict took over the Moxley case and began a multimillion-dollar effort to convict Michael Skakel" (Kennedy Jr., 2003, Mark Fuhrman section, ¶ 5). Until this time, Greenwich police and state investigators considered Ken Littleton as the primary suspect for the murder of Moxley (Fuhrman, cited in Kennedy Jr., Mark Fuhrman section, ¶ 7). According to prosecutors'…


Caldwell, Lori. (2004, June 8). Post-Tribune. Gun missing as evidence, so Gary man acquitted. Post-Tribune (in). Retrieved November 20, 2008 from HighBeam Research database.

Givens, Ann. (2006). Evidence bungled?: Blood work in DWI death trial might have been mishandled, according to testimony of troopers, others. Newsday (Melville, NY). McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from HighBeam Research database.

Caldwell, Lori. (2004, June 8). Post-Tribune. "Gun missing as evidence, so Gary man acquitted." Post-Tribune (in). 2004. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from HighBeam Research:

Complete coverage: Limo crash. (2008). Retrieved November 20, 2008 at,0,390101.storygallery?coll=ny-linews-headlines

Total Set of Thirty Observations
Words: 3259 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3665567
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Customer Service Triage at Home Depot

Despite the self-service checkout lanes being staffed by an associate to manage all four of the self-service locations, with custom orders and big-ticket items they had to inevitably get the store manager involved to alleviate the conflicts with customers. The time required to resolve both the custom orders and big-ticket purchases actually took more time for customers than it would have taken to just go through the traditional checkout lanes. The lack of information workflow, process, pricing, and employee knowledge of the processes was evident by watching the series of transactions completed. The triage or problem solving of the store manager took an inordinate amount of time to troubleshoot the pricing discrepancies on the service contracts alone would have made it much simpler to have also gone through the traditional check-out lanes. The more complex the transaction the greater the need for Home Depot…


AMR Research (2003) - Self-Checkout Systems -- Waiting for the 'Aha!' Moment. Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

AMR Research-1 (2003) - the Aha Moment Arrives Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

CapGemini (2003) - TRANSFORMING the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY, a Study in European Consumer Buying Behaviour. Accessed from the Internet on November 6, 2007 from location: 

Appendix a:

Finding Fish A Memoir
Words: 965 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17816153
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Fish Out of Water: The Turbulent Life of Antwone Fisher's Childhood

Finding Fish: A Memoir, is the tumultuous journey of Antwone Quenton Fisher's fairly disturbing life story, as particularly exemplified by the former part of his existence in which he subsisted in a foster home with a rather decidedly dearth of love, affection, and positive attention which is so important to the cultivation of a prosperous life. Despite a neglectful, abusive childhood and early adolescence in such desolate conditions, Fisher was able to rally his self-respect and self-esteem shortly after leaving this foster home, which was largely organized and operated under the auspices of one Mizz Pickett, whereby Fisher was able to eventually enlist in the United States Armed Forces. It was there that he regained much of the rectitude which was conspicuously absent from his early life, and was eventually able to parley that experience, along with his own…


Fisher, A.Q. (2001). Finding Fish: A Memoir. New York: William Morrow.

Saying As American as Apple
Words: 868 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16617894
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A metal or wooden spatula would work best for spreading. (emember, no licking off the utensil until everything is spread.) Top with chili and cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Garnish with chopped green onion and bits of tomato. Serve with tortilla chips.

If you are going to a party and know that an oven is available, I would wait until you arrive before heating up the dish. That is, unless you live in the same place or next door to where the party is being held.

As you can see, this is really a no brainer. Even I can make it, and believe me, I am no chef. Plus, it is something that will be liked by almost everyone at the party. Who cannot like this American delicacy?

There are a great number of permutations on this dish, which can…

References Cited

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Meridith Books, 2000.

The Recipe Link. Chili Cheese Dip. Website retrieved October 22, 2005.

Motivating Employees You Pick 2 Companies Write
Words: 2690 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45661278
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Motivating Employees

you pick 2 companies write their motivation techniques. I pick intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. And compare companies. Do papers have database, searches people pulled web. You find UOPHX Website writes companies listed, pick.

Motivating employees at two companies:

Ben & Jerry's versus Southwest

Motivational theories by their very nature address companies in a fairly generic, prescriptive format. However, two corporations exist that continue to be very successful, after many years of impressive financial growth, seem to break all molds, yet confirm one of the most noteworthy theories regarding what motivates employees -- intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Ben & Jerry's began as a small company based in Vermont that, despite or because of its ethical ideals, has become an integral part of American culture. Ben & Jerry's changed the way Americans consume ice cream, shifting the focus from quantity to quality. Southwest Airlines is a largely regional airline…


Activism. (2012). Ben & Jerry's. Retrieved: 

Bailey, Jeff. (2008). Southwest. The New York Times. Retrieved:

Is Services Infrastructure and the Cloud
Words: 1255 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88609027
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Services, Infrastructure and the Cloud

IS management review is an essential aspect in realizing the goals and targets of an organization through achievement of quality interaction and communication with relevant stakeholders and consumers. This is a similar case with reference to Hot-Shots Company. HOT-SHOTS Company in Australia, founded in 1995, seeks to meet the growing demand for children's licensed confectionery and biscuit products. The company is an accredited supplier of licensed merchandise and food products. The organization focuses on the provision of various products in the form of Fruit Tails, Cookies, and ice Snacks, tin lunchboxes, and Halloween products. The organization obtains license in promoting diverse brands such as Scooby Doo, My Biggs, Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, and M&M's. Under the influence globalization, Hot-Shots Company operates in areas such as United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia (Pinard, 2013, p. 94).

Environment and Context



Bouchikhi, H., & Kimberly, J.R. 2008, "The soul of the corporation: how to manage the identity of your company." Upper Saddle River, N.J., Wharton School Pub.

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Pinard, K.T. 2013, "Computer concepts: illustrated essentials." [S.l.], Cengage Learning.

Business Plan Description of the Business the
Words: 2458 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59203893
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Business Plan

Description of the Business

The business is a gourmet candy shop. The shop will sell gourmet candy that has been sourced from all over the world. The shop will operate with one storefront location, and there will be an Internet/mail order component as well.

The rationale for the business is simply. There is a growing trend towards hedonistic approaches to dining. We have seen in the past few years the rise of the bacon fetish, high end craft beer and coffee, cupcakes, the move of fine dining to the mass market and a full embrace by Americans of better quality indulgent goods. Much of this trend can be credited to the aging of the population, as people seek to maximize pleasure. They have the financial means to treat themselves, and seek to balance this hedonism with a desire to be healthy. The intersection of these ideals is where…


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Knowledge and Learning and Teaching a Second
Words: 3701 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93159084
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Knowledge and Learning and Teaching a Second Language:

Researchers have divided the skills necessary for the acquisition of second language comprehension, particularly in the reading area, into two general theories: bottom-up, text-based, psycholinguistic approaches or top-down, socially-oriented conceptual approaches. In each case, lack of second language comprehension is attributed to misunderstanding of some key variable of the approach. For example, bottom-up studies tend to trace miscomprehension to misunderstanding of grammar (syntax), vocabulary (semantics), or other textual aspects. Accordingly, comprehension from the bottom-up is a data-driven process (Carrell and Eisterhold, 1983).

In contrast, top-down studies primarily attribute miscomprehension to the lack of specific background knowledge or cultural familiarity that is necessary to understand the text. Top-down understanding is seen as a process that is driven by concepts (Carrell and Eisterhold, 1983). Goodman (1967) is credited with first recognizing this additional aspect to reading comprehension, although he did not use the term…

Works Cited

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Larger Then Life
Words: 1228 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22196482
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Larger Than Life - Jenny Lyn Bader

At many times throughout the recorded history of man there has been a refocus of the academic, political and popular views of just what is meant by "how things are," or in some cases, how things were. The sort of maxims that many consider to be universal are not really so universal through time. In the article "Larger Than Life, " written by Jenny Lyn Bader just such a refocus is analyzed. Bader discusses the idea of the fall of heroism, which in modern times has been shifted to a more personal focus. Analyzing Bader's work through what in many ways is an apology the reader of the work gains much more clarity of the intent and inspiration of the very people Bader accuses. In a complimentary work, "New horizons for the American est." By Margaret alsh, many answers to Bader's questions can…

Works Cited

Bader, Jenny, L. "Larger Than Life."

Walsh, Margaret. "New horizons for the American West." History Today Mar. 1994: 44+. Questia. 19 Nov. 2003 .

What Is the Day of the Dead
Words: 3003 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21314877
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Dead (Dia de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that is also celebrated around the world in other countries where Hispanics are located, such as North America, Brazil, Spain, etc. Its roots are located both in the oman Catholic observance of All Saints and All Souls Days in November and in the pagan customs of the Aztecs who celebrated worship of the Mictecacihuatl, the Queen of the Underworld. In recent times the Day of the Dead has taken on a more nationalistic meaning than the traditional associations of spirituality (Masses and prayers offered for the dead) of oman Catholicism. In fact, Day of the Dead celebrations were unheard of in Mexico before the 1900s. Prior to the evolution of the early 20th century, much of Mexico celebrated only the Catholic All Saints and All Souls Days and resisted any celebration by nationalistic or pagan sects of the Day of the Dead,…


Day, F.S. (2003). Latina and Latino Voices in Literature: Lives and Works. Westport,

CT: Greenwood.

Kanellos, N. (1994). Handbook of Hispanic Culture in the United States: Anthropology.

Houston, TX: Arte Publico Press.

Analyzing Multiple Assignments for Cross Cultural Education
Words: 5084 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72383288
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Cross Cultural Education

Cultural History

The information gathered was mostly from my grandparents and my parents. From the interviews conducted, I found out that my ancestors came to the United States in 1850. The main reason why they came to the United States is due to famine. According to information obtained, at the time, Ireland was facing a severe famine, owing to upsetting crop disasters. Due to lack of food for lengthy periods, my ancestors were left with no other option but to move to the United States. However, there are quite a number of challenges they faced upon arrival. To begin with, they had no expertise and no preceding experience in becoming accustomed to a new nation. In addition, they also faced the challenge of having no cash, minimal clothes and lack of education. Another distinctive challenge that they faced upon arrival to the United States was a great…


Colin, M., O'Dea, M. (2006). The Feckin' Book of Everything Irish. New York, Barnes & Noble.

Derderian-Aghajanian, A., & Wang, C. C. (2012). How culture affects on English language learners'(ELL's) outcomes, with Chinese and Middle Eastern Immigrant Students. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3(5).

Frontline. (n.d). A Class Divided. PBS. Retrieved from: 

McDonald, K. E., Keys, C. B., & Balcazar, F. E. (2007). Disability, race/ethnicity and gender: themes of cultural oppression, acts of individual resistance. American Journal of Community Psychology, 39(1-2), 145-161.

Starbucks Financial Assessment
Words: 4054 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80392345
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1. Introduction

Firms may be successful by satisfying customer needs, but their ultimate accountability for financial performance is to the owners of the firm. Actions undertaken by quoted firm will usually have the direct, or indirect, aim of generating revenues and profits for the firm, and therefore the owners (Tarraf, 2012). When investors assess a potential investment they will look at the financial performance of a firm, assessing the past performance, with consideration of the way current and expected strategies will impact on the organizations performance, in the context of the expected macro-environmental conditions (Bodie, Kane, & Marcus, 2014). The investors will assess the share price of the firm, being more likely to make a purchase if they believe the value of the share is likely to increase with a significant amount of the assessment based on assessments of past performance (Hens & Rieger, 2016; Nellis & Parker, 2006). This…

Modus Operandi of a Crime Series
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Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis

The type of analysis that is being performed when reviewing the incident summaries is tactical, as the crimes are all committed within a few weeks of one another in the same region and the aim of the review is to provide “information to assist operational personnel in the identification of crime trends and in the arrest of criminal offenders” (Beaverton Police, 2018).

As Bruce and Santos (2011) point out, a crime series is “a group of similar crimes thought to be committed by the same individual or group of individuals acting in concert” (p. 3). As these three robberies bear striking similarities to one another, the robberies may be considered a crime series. For example, the perpetrators were wearing the same masks in each case, took the same kind of cigarettes as well as cash, and in two of the three cases the same type of…

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The video game Fortnite, which was originally released July 21, 2017, has become increasingly popular over the last two years.  In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that Fortnite is the video game of the summer of 2019.  Children of all ages, but especially younger children, have spent their summers playing this video game.  However, many adults, especially older generation adults, really do not understand what the Fortnite fuss is about.  This tutorial covers the basics of Fortnite.  It answers questions like: what is Fortnite; how do you get Fortnite; how do you play Fortnite; and what is a Fortnite tracker?  It also discusses commonly used terms, such as battle royale, Fortnite skins, Fortnite costumes, and Fortnite dances.  Finally, it discusses the impact of Fortnite on society and on the development of the children who play it.  
Even people who do not play video games…

Dakos Kalli Don't Read This
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This short picture book is about the lives of 20 species of animals that have gone extinct over the last three centuries. This book can be used with students up to age eight to help teach them the importance of valuing what they have. A teacher can draw a connection between extinct animals in this book with any animal that is currently endangered. Students can draw pictures of their favorite animals to help them understand the importance of animals in the world.

Nelson, Marilyn. A Wreath for Emmett Till.

The deeply historical aspect of this memorial to a teen who was lynched in 1955 makes this book only appropriate for students aged 14 through 18 years. The "wreath" is a cycle of 15 sonnets in a highly formalized style that makes readers reflect on the events while also calling attention to the events. This book would be useful in an…

Sleepy Hollow as Popular Culture
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First, evil in Sleepy Hollow is more equating with a satirical view that, in this case, evil is a more benign humor, bumbling, caustic in disrupting the town, and, as it was in Ancient Greek and oman drama, simply more of an irritant than planned destruction. Focusing again on the time period, our first introduction to this theme is one of Dutch New York against Urban New England. The Dutch community is sylvan, nostalgically conceived, changeless, and an Eden for its inhabitants. Ichabod arrives as a Yankee whose spoiling of this Eden simply cannot be tolerated -- and even more, by marrying the daughter of a wealthy and high-ranking community member, becoming part of Eden himself. This simply could not happen to a community that is so "European in nature."

Sleepy Hollow, as a town is clearly Dutch, with Dutch values, culture, and mores, or for riving, "population, manners, and…


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Defoe's Pyrates Images From History
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But you can substitute the myth with the authentic, amazing, wonderful truth. n the end, think the truth would make a far better movie."


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Cultural Events From the Past
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Why did the airing of HG Well's novel "War of the Worlds" on the radio cause so much panic? What would it take to cause that type of panic from a Hoax like "War of the Worlds" in this day and age? First and foremost, the 1.2 million U.S. radio listeners who panicked on Halloween night, 1938, were part of a new technology that had not yet developed to the point in which the majority could critically analyze what came over the airwaves. To those early listeners, espcecially those who tuned in after the caveat about entertainment, the realism and stage-play of Orson Welles' broadcast sounded so real, and so plausible, that they could not help but believe it -- after all, it sounded like a news broadcast (Radio: Anatomy of a Panic, 1940). People have become far more cynical, and with the advent of the fantastic special effects that…

America and British Traditions in
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So alike yet distinct did these early writers create, that they are now required reading in British schools (Duquette).

In terms of religion, American culture emulated Britain less than many of the early settler were reactionary against British conservatism. Several of the original 13 Colonies were established by English, Irish, and Scottish settlers who were fleeing religious persecution. By 1787, in fact, the United States became one of the first countries to place a freedom of religion code into law, even if it was only at the Federal level (Gaustad).

Thankfully, America has a taste for more exotic foods and cuisine than the British, but if we think of many of the celebrated Holidays, they either derive from or are part of the British tradition. Thanksgiving, for instance, is now a traditional American holiday evolving from the Pilgrim's plight during the first winter of their landing. Christmas, Easter, and Lent…


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Dawn of Civilization the Battle
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Is there such a thing as retribution, though -- or at least does evil ever regret its actions. As the story ends, Misfit seems to be thinking about goodness and probably thinking that evil is not the answer to the problems in his life. At the end of the story Misfit regrets killing Grandma, and says that "she would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life." Everyone has evil inside them; sometimes we see only good or only evil; but the battle exists on various planes in a regular, almost evolutionary manner -- the conflict is what drives humans forward. What are these consequences, though? If Mme. Loisel would not have been so determined to rise above her station and show off, or if she had been more honest and less presumptive, she would not have spent a…


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Parody Is a Comical Spoof
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When Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart use parodies in their shows, the humor delivers an underlying social or political message. When The Simpsons parodies Psycho, the effect is purely playful.

However, even when parody is playful it still has artistic merit. The parody is in some ways like a band covering a song. Only with a parody the idea is to make people laugh. In fact, music is sometimes the object of a parody such as when The Simpsons made fun of the Iron Butterfly song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" or when South Park ridiculed the Christian rock phenomena.

Often to parody something means to respect and redeliver the original. The object of ridicule may still have meaning to a modern audience, but in many cases the original item has lost relevance through several generations. Its validity may be best understood through parody. From a postmodern perspective, a parody is essential for preventing…

Kampfer v Gokey 955 F
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S.C.S. § 455(a), a federal judge must recuse himself "in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. The Court must consider whether, "a reasonable person, knowing all the facts, [would] conclude that the trial judge's impartiality could reasonably be questioned." United States v. Lovaglia, 954 F.2d 811, 815 (2d Cir.1992). Under Fed. . Civ. P. 12(h)(3), when the court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, the court shall dismiss the action. To show a lack of subject matter jurisdiction, a claim must be "so insubstantial, implausible, or otherwise completely devoid of merit as not to involve a federal controversy." IUE AFL-CIO Pension Fund v. Herrmann, 9 F.3d 1049, 1056 (2d Cir. 1993). The court held that "Parents' right to educational choice for their children is triggered by substantial denials of educational choice…not by state health and welfare concerns over who is responsible for checking children for contagious diseases." Kampfer…


28 U.S.C.S. § 455(a).

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Families Delinquency & Crime What
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If the child is punished for small infractions of the rules and other children are not, this makes him feel that life is unfair, and makes him act in the ways that he is expected to act. Formal labeling is manifest when teachers treat students labeled as gifted as brighter, which motivates the children to perform better on tests, or when students labeled as 'special education' or 'ESL' are assumed to be capable of less than other children. If less is expected of them, they will naturally perform at a lower standard.

Module 4

Q5. Identify some of the factors that could lead to inept parenting in single parent family households.

Even the best single parent faces considerable challenges. Single parent households tend to be less affluent economically, which automatically presents a difficulty in terms of ensuring that children have safe and healthy environments in which to live. Single parents…

Digest Strategic Management a Condensed
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The ubiquity of online media has prompted the magazine to reduce its rate of print publications to 10 from 12 publications a year, and cut its print subscriptions in favor of digital advertising. This will also allow for greater segmentation, as it can more easily create "digital single topic editions, mobile applications, e-reader products and videos" of specific interest to segments of its core consumer base, and hopefully draw more advertisers who wish to target their publications online (Bell 2009). It can also feature general articles and condensed stories to suit the desire of readers still seeking the Reader's Digest compressed form that tells them 'everything they need to know.' Through the online website, searchers can select what stories interest them the most.

Industry environment (Porter's Five Forces)

Reader's Digest is currently in a medium with very low barriers to entry -- virtually anyone can start a blog about…

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Dia De Los Muertos
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Spanish holiday Dia de los Muertos. Specifically it will discuss countries that celebrate the holiday, how it is celebrated, traditions, and any other pertinent information. Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an ancient Aztec traditional celebration that has taken place for thousands of years. They were already celebrating the holiday when the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the country. The Spanish did not approve of the holiday and tried to stop it, but it continues even today throughout Mexico, some other areas in Central America, and much of the United States. The Spanish did end up moving the holiday. Initially, Mexicans celebrated it in August, and it lasted an entire month. The Spanish moved it to October 31 to coincide with Catholic holidays on November 1 and 2. It is a holiday to celebrate those friends and family who have passed away, a kind of celebration of the…


Editors. Los Dias de los Muertos. 2009. 29 Sept. 2009.


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American Home Economics Association the
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One article in a past issue of the Kappa Omicron NU publication Forum explored the real-world teaching of service learning as a tool for involving students in their community. The study had the established goal of making clear the practical applicability of the academic learning in family and consumer sciences, and the necessity of community involvement for students in these programs and other human science specializations, as well as for families who put family and consumer sciences to use every day (Leach 1998). As my specialization is family studies, much of the research and findings of this study are directly applicable to my own planned career in family and consumer sciences.

The article provides background by detailing the connection between family and community, which is "the family's more immediate external environment" and, if properly engaged, a solid source of support both materially and emotionally for the home economist (Leach 1998).…


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Endure I Am Fascinated With
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Children ran through the arcade unsupervised, waving prizes and tickets, begging quarters, and watching older children and teenagers who were experts at the games they tried to play. The noise was full of deafening pleasure.

But today, the walls of Hollywood Connection are filled with calm, country music. What was once the Mecca of children is now a Tractor Supply store. Just as the first group of young adults that made it famous was beginning to grow out of Hollywood Connection, it closed its doors, claiming a loss of funds from those who would sneak in. Seven years later, I had the chance to enter the building that had sat abandoned for all those years -- a local company had obtained it for three nights in order to create a haunted house, thereby raising funds. When I entered, the first thing I saw was the carpet -- not faded, still…

Icarus and Daedalus - Modern-Day
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A toasted my favorite strawberry Pop Tarts, carefully cut them into quarters like my precision would protect me from something, and sipped regular Coke.

Garbage in, garbage out, sis," said my brother. "Carrie, girl, your energy is going to totally crap out halfway through practice, if you eat like that." I didn't care that much. Yeah, I'd probably have half a snack bag of corn chips for lunch, throw the rest away and say I was fat, try to pretend I was fashionably dieting like the pretty girls, and then feel like wet rag after doing wind sprints with my hockey stick after school. But I never saw my body as a carefully sculpted, inhuman machine, capable of perfection like my brother. My legs were just a vehicle to get my life to Point a and Point B, as best as it could. I think deep inside, I had learned…

Learning and Behavioral Analysis Learning
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Provide an example of something you learned through positive reinforcement; provide an example of something you learned through negative reinforcement.

Through positive reinforcement, I learned how to throw a ball. My father taught me in the backyard, and the farther I threw it, the more he told me I had done a 'good job.' I learned through negative reinforcement not to breathe through my nose while swimming -- every time I breathed incorrectly, I would always choke on the water, which made me extremely aware of how I was breathing.

Provide an example (and the steps involved) of something you can teach a child or a pet through shaping.

You can housebreak a puppy through shaping. First, you keep the puppy in a crate because it does not want to soil its den, and only let it out of the crate when you can observe the puppy. When the puppy…

Dia De Los Muertos What
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The theme of the Day of the Dead is impassioned living. The Day of the Dead is a time during which life is celebrated. Ceremonies know no boundaries between rich and poor; in fact, the Day of the Dead creates a flat social structure in the community if just for the two days. Persons in power such as the mayor of the town march alongside farmers. People and families who are not otherwise friends embrace and laugh together.

The role of the Day of the Dead in a modern expatriate community in California is complex. First, the ceremony is a palpable bond between the immigrant community and the country of origin. The annual celebration is one of the most meaningful ways this group of Mexican immigrants remains connected to its geographic and cultural ancestry. Second, the ceremony bonds together what might otherwise be a disparate group of immigrants. Many of…

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Mizpah Hotel Fire in Reno
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Since ownership of the building had not changed recently, there was no requirement to upgrade to a sprinkler system, and combined with the building's historic status, this was never done. There were also problems with water pressure and receiving water during the fire, which they recommended should be addressed.

In conclusion, the Mizpah fire was a tragic fire that did not need to occur. Had the building been equipped with a sprinkler system, the tragedy and damages could have been avoided. The City of eno has begun inspections as a result of the fire, and there have been some changes in procedure. The entire building was eventually demolished, and the site is empty today. Twelve victims might be alive today if a working sprinkler system had been installed in the building, and it is a lesson for other fire departments across the nation. They need to make it easier to…


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Running Head Gender in a
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the toys themselves had a distinctly gendered feel.
While the author recalled Legos as gender-neutral, they did not appear
gender neutral in the toy-store setting. Instead, the Lego products were
based on action movies, such as tar Wars and Indiana Jones or else
featured something called a Bionicle, which appeared to be some type of
robot. There were some Legos called Clickits, which were pink and white
and featured teenage-looking cartoon-character girls. However, the Lego
sets from the author's youth, which featured blocks and other features to
build gender-neutral items like towns, simply were not present. Instead,
the Legos seemed less free-form and more structured, and came in boxes to
build specific designs, almost all of them masculine in stereotyping.
The other building materials were similarly gender-differentiated.
While the toy store had apparently gender-neutral building toys like Tinker
Toys and Mega Blocks, they also managed to capitalize on stereotyping.…

Sex Roles, 54 (9/10), 717-726).
Green, V.A., Bigler, R., and Catherwood, D. (2004). The variability and
flexibility of gender-
typed toy play: A close look at children's behavioural responses to
counter-stereotypic models. Sex Roles, 51 (7/8), 371-386.

Revelations From Men Seeking Women
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Age, race open. I'd like to chat so if you're interested.

M4W: Are you ready to truly be happy? Me too...glad I found you - (Almost) 39

Are you looking for a man to treat you like you have never been treated before? Do you want a man who can't wait to hurry and get home to you at the end of the day and wrap his arms around you like he is never going to see you again? Do you want a man you know you can trust never to let you down and know you can always turn to him for anything no matter how big or how small?... I am looking for my forever, not just sex or a one night stand... A man who will always be there for you 24/7 well then I am glad we found each other.... I look forward to spending the…


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Guidelines, Professors (2008) Class Handout

Domestic Demonism 'The Lottery by
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Likewise, "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor illustrates the cruelties of modern life. It too begins with ominous foreshadowing. The efforts of the old grandmother to look beautiful foreshadow her fate: "Her collars and cuffs were white organdy trimmed with lace and at her neckline she had pinned a purple spray of cloth violets containing a sachet. In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady." The attitude of the family is evident early on when visiting a roadside diner: "No I certainly wouldn't,' June Star said. 'I wouldn't live in a broken-down place like this for a million bucks!' And she ran back to the table." The intrusion of the Misfit into the 'happy' (yet really unhappy) middle-class family's ordinary road trip ironically highlights the pettiness of their concerns, rather than the serial…

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Arab-Americans Racism Before and After
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This abuse of Arab-Americans and Muslim-American follows the ritualized sacrifice of the pharmakos, which involved the projection of a specific set of characteristics onto the scapegoated victim, who was then sacrificed in order to restore the health and unity of the community" (p. 165). As Taslitz (2002) emphasizes, such hate crimes and stereotypical portrayals of Arab-Americans represent a firmly entrenched set of beliefs held by many Americans that contribute to the government's ability to increase its power at the expense of the civil rights afforded the ordinary citizenry. "The most serious threats to our freedom often advance in small steps," Taslitz notes, and, "The risks we assume are, in large part, reflections of laws that encourage certain customs and values" (p. 125).

This step-by-step erosion of civil liberties can be best understood as a response to the demonizing of Arabs in America as far back as the late 1800s (Akram,…


Abu-Laban, B. (2007). Reflections on the rise and decline of an Arab-American organization. Arab Studies Quarterly, 29(3-4), 47.

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Holidays Are Always a Time
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The idea that a holiday is supposed to be a day off from work seems to be lost after the hostess as been cooking a turkey since 5am, and relatives had to slog through hours of traffic or long lines at airport security. Why not just approach the table as any other meal, but with more family members, than try to assemble the perfect sage-stuffed, wine-paired Thanksgiving?

Of course, the other major holidays seem like a mere lead-up to Christmas and Chanukah. The masses are in a desperate frenzy while searching for the perfect gift. A hapless shopper finally falls into a tear-stained muddle at the cash register, as she buys a generic pair of slippers for her father, since she was unable to find a tennis racket from his favorite manufacturer. People, spurred on by the consumption encouraged by advertising buy gifts strangers, from the mailperson to their garbage…

Obesity Proposal There Is a
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The key to this program's success is changing the way the citizens approach their daily lives, without changing the traditions and practices that are unique to the community.

Teaching children how to cope with this unique conundrum will be difficult but could be the most successful approach in the long run. If the program is successful in slowing down the rate of obesity found in the younger citizens, then it could have longer lasting effects than the same program instituted with older citizens. One study showed that obese children are much more susceptible to diseases, especially diabetes than adults are with the same body mass index.

The study concluded that, "After stratification age and body mass index (BMI) the risk ratio for diabetes in Anti-HCV+ participants increased when age decreased and body mass index levels increased" (ang, ang, Yao, Chang, Chou, 2007, p. 202). Diabetes is currently a non-curable disease…

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Native Americn Women in Many
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For Indian women, it thus meant even more than losing their race rights, it also meant losing their traditional gender rights.

3. Dolphus, a Cheyenne River Lakota Native American, says that "I was supposed to attend a Halloween party. I decided to dress as a nun because nuns were the scariest things I ever saw." She has a very plastic way of remembering what the boarding school experience meant for Native American women. Going of to Christian schools from tender ages, often no older than four or five, meant that these individuals would be separated from their families for a whole year, with rare visits mainly due to boarding rules and affordability for the Native American family. On the other hand, many have witnessed abuses from boarding schools and have later told accounts of their mistreatment there. From all these point-of-views, boarding schools were definitely not a positive experience and…

4. We may assume that some women supported Americanization out of a desire to better and easier integrate in the conquering society and because they had realized that there was no real way in which the new society could be resisted. Others instead most likely chose to create their own enclave when it came to the new engulfing society and retain their core values and roles despite the surrounding new society.

The Women's Role. On the Internet at  retrieved on November 1, 2007

Smith, Andrea. Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools. Amnesty Magazine. On the Internet at  retrieved on November 1, 2007

Faulkner it Is Understood That
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That the story begins with a description of life fifteen years previous, and includes her origin story (how she lost her teeth, how she was connected to the Compsons, her relationship with Jubah and as a whore, all formed a mosaic - each element being singular and symbolic of a much larger reality for the black southerner.

Greg Barnhisel, in his critical essay on "That Evening Sun," observed that, "Faulkner rarely hit upon a more effective combination of the dark side of history and of individual human drives than he did with "That Evening Sun."

In this story, the two combine, and a young boy who is rapidly approaching maturity must puzzle together what is happening and what his own place in the impending tragedy might be....Quentin, from his unique perspective, gives the reader simply information, not interpretation, for the majority of the story, (Barnheisel, npag)

The totality of the…


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Art Music and Art Tunga
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I wonder if that is how he really did it.

I know the author was trying to make a point about life and death, but this work also reminds me of something that would happen during religious persecution or a war. It seems like the winner might walk around with a trophy like this, which is pretty disgusting. The piece shows the contrast between good and evil and death and life, and it is very strong and realistic. The artist used different metals to show the different stages, and hung the heads together to show that we are all equal in death. I think that this is an important piece of artwork, but I'm not really that fond of it, and I would rather find something else to view that is more pleasing and nice to look at. This is too dark and frightening to look at or think about…

Music and Art

Tunga (at the Light of Both Worlds)" is a mixed media kind of sculpture work created in 2005 by the artist from Brazil named Tunga. This work is kind of a sculpture suspended from the ceiling, with many different heads and skulls hanging from metal wire and metal canes. It is disturbing to look at because it seems to represent death and evil, and it is dark and scary-looking. It reminds me of something that you would see at a Halloween party or event, because it has that look of fright and fear about it, and it makes the person looking at it emotional and a little frightened. I think that this is a work of art, and I can see why it is on exhibit in a museum, but it is not something I would want to have in my house or near me, it is too morbid and scary to keep around all the time. I also think that it is very realistic, and it almost looks like the sculptor used real skills and heads to model the metals ones in this piece. I wonder if that is how he really did it.

I know the author was trying to make a point about life and death, but this work also reminds me of something that would happen during religious persecution or a war. It seems like the winner might walk around with a trophy like this, which is pretty disgusting. The piece shows the contrast between good and evil and death and life, and it is very strong and realistic. The artist used different metals to show the different stages, and hung the heads together to show that we are all equal in death. I think that this is an important piece of artwork, but I'm not really that fond of it, and I would rather find something else to view that is more pleasing and nice to look at. This is too dark and frightening to look at or think about too much, and I think that if children saw it, they might think it was "cool," but it might give them bad dreams, too.

Herb Kelleher Co-Founder of Southwest
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During the year 1972, the All Houston service was transferred to Houston's Hobby Airport from Houston Intercontinental. This move was prompted by Kelleher who said that after all why customers have to drive 45-minutes to take a 40-minute flight. With several illustrious years, the year 1977 saw SWA carrying its fifth million passengers and its shares are listed in the NYSE as "LUV." In 1978, Kelleher took the reigns from the outgoing President Lumar Muse and becomes the interim CEO and the Chairman of the Board. SWA's airline N52 is named as the "Herbert D. Kelleher" to honor the co-founder of the airline. In the later part of the year, Kelleher is given the post of permanent Chairman of the Board. ("We weren't Just Airborne Yesterday: Times flies when you're having fun," 2007)

The year 1982 saw Kelleher become the permanent President, CEO and the Chairman of the Board for…


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