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Human Mind Essays (Examples)

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Minds and Computers
Words: 1595 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71348618
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Minds and Computers

Dennett explains that what a person believes must be based at least in part on something which they can ascribe to be true based on evidence that they possess. It is impossible to believe something based on nothing; even religions have certain basic facts such as the existence of known locations or even the fact that human beings exist is a fact in and of itself. hen there is information gathered which then produces a belief, the person or machine will come to desire a potential outcome based on the information acquired; the mind forms a prediction which we either anticipate positively or negatively. Subconsciously, that prediction, at least according to this perspective, will likely be what we hope to occur rather than what the logic of the situation tells us is more probable. This desire will be based upon what we consider to be a rational…

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Mind and Body a Review of the
Words: 1566 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63934245
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Mind and Body

A review of the required literature, Robert Thurman's "isdom" (Thurman), Karen Armstrong's "Homo Religiousus" (Armstrong), and Oliver Sacks' "The Mind's Eye: hat the Blind See" (Sacks), gives significant insights into how the mind and body must work together to create our lived experience. Though the three authors may initially appear to discuss somewhat different topics, they have vital commonalities. The readings will lead the thoughtful reader to a three-pronged thesis: that mind/body coaction ideally involves knowledge of the genuine "self"; that there is a common experience of "self-delusion"; and that "universality" is of ultimate importance. The "self" is approached uniquely by each author. Thurman's is a Buddhist perspective explores the different concepts of "self" from self-ish to the self-less ideal. hile Thurman does not speak specifically about mind/body interaction, his deference to the power of the mind is clear. Armstrong also speaks of the self's importance, though…

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Mind Body Mindy Body Separation Spinoza
Words: 581 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3855298
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The implications of Spinoza's thinking in light of Descartes' assertions of the mind-body split ultimately come to nothing. If the real distinction between the mind and body exists as Descartes insists it does, then the object of the idea constituting the human mind cannot be the body except through a mistake made in the mind (or in the body) and its thinking process. That is, it is through a misconception of the mind that confuses perception with rational understanding that such a conclusion would be drawn, in Descartes' own experience. Pushing Spinoza's logic to its limits reveals the rectitude of Descartes' own assessment of the real distinction between the thinking mind and the unthinking body. If all thought and experience comes through the body as Spinoza insists, and thus the concept of the mind is truly an understanding of the body, then how can the body come to know itself?…

Mind-Body Dualism Leibniz and Spinoza's
Words: 3233 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37323626
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As a result, each substance can have multiple attributes. In fact, an entity with an infinite essence will, by definition, have infinite attributes.

Spinoza builds upon the idea of an infinite God by going further and stating that absolutely infinite substance is indivisible. This is because, if it were divisible, and if each part would retain the nature of the infinite substance, which would result in there being more than one substance of the same nature, which Spinoza has already demonstrated is impossible. Moreover, if this substance were divisible in a way that meant that each part did not retain the nature of infinite substance that would result in the absolutely infinite substance ceasing to be. Because that is impossible, Spinoza comes to the conclusion that there can be no other substance but God.

If there can be no other substance but God, then extension and thought, if they exist,…

Mind Freedom and Konwledge
Words: 1709 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53706534
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Mind, Freedom and Knowledge

Descartes argued that that all humans had both a body and mind, and that the mind was eternal while the body was subject to physical and material laws. The universe was divided between the mind and matter, and the physical world could be explained by mathematical and scientific laws. Hobbes, Locke and other political and philosophical theorists of the 17th Century were also influenced by the new scientific thought of Descartes, Galileo and William Harvey to one degree or another, and had to incorporate them into philosophy (Ryle, p. 251). Ryle denied that any "ghost in the machine" existed, of that the immortal soul somehow operated the physical body. He admitted that explaining the link between bodies and minds was very difficult, although behaviorists had come to understand that expressions indicate moods and emotions, while vision, hearing and motion are all based on sensory inputs being…

Mind Philosophy of Mind Knowledge
Words: 1708 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97880405
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Consequently, physicalism or materialism is seen by some as a form of reductionism of the potential of human mind and consciousness. It is therefore a point-of-view that should be questioned in terms of the modern exploration of the complexity of human consciousness.


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Human Interactions With Nonhuman Animals Should Be
Words: 1296 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95238728
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Human interactions with nonhuman animals should be guided solely by the impact of these interactions with other human beings, and not upon any perceived impact upon nonhuman animals themselves. This argument is based largely upon Descartes' understanding of the essential difference between humans and nonhuman animals. Descartes' argues that the body is external to the mind, and that non-human animals do not possess the pure, thinking mind of humans. Thus, Descartes argues that nonhuman animals are simply machines, and that human treatment of animals should only be guided by the impact of such interaction upon other humans. In contrast, thinkers like Anthony eston have argued that similarity of human and animal perception and experience means that human should treat animals as feeling beings. Similarly, Abram argues that the human connection with the natural world should govern our interaction with animals. Descartes' arguments for the uniqueness of human thought essentially counter…

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Human Factors
Words: 3134 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39195503
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Human Factors in Aviation

rief Historical ackground

The Airline Industry has a history that dates back to 1903 when the Wright brothers made their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Initially the public did not take the idea of the airplane travel favorably. ut this event marked the beginning of the Airline Industry as more and more inputs were given by people such as Charles Lindbergh who successfully completed a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 and created massive interest in flying with the general public.

The concern for human factor involvement in aviation started as soon as the interest of general public was roused in it. The initial concern was for the safety of people daring to fly the aircraft as accidents were reported due to a flaw in the design or working of the plane. A pilot task was to juggle with the complexity…


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Human Resources - Critically Appraise the Historical
Words: 5631 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30209505
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Human Resources - Critically appraise the historical development and future direction of Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry

Personnel Management & Human Resource Management

Links of Corporate Strategy and Human Resource Management -- An Analysis

Image-Hospitality Industry

Organizational ehavior

Trends in Hospitality Management

Human Resourcing strategies in Hospitality Industry

Personnel Management & Human Resource Management

The practices of people management have received additional importance due to the present emphasis on the renewed interest in human resources. Traditionally, there has always been a dividing line between operational managers and personnel managers who are now called human resource managers. In the United States the function of personnel management has been a recognized function since the National Cash Register Company had opened their personnel office in the 1890s. The American personnel managers have always closely identified themselves with the objectives of the organization and this may be considered as a unitary tradition.…


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Mind and the Body the
Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 36024919
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n addition, he makes several considerations about the machines which have the capacity to learn. He suggests that technological improvements and a learning process associated with rewards and punishments can contribute to having machines learn. Under these circumstances, he states, we would be only a step away from having machines with the capacity of autonomous thinking.

John Searle is also interested in the argument. Unlike Turing, he concludes that regardless of the programme which a machine or computer can be given, the obatined result will never come close to the complex entity that is the human mind. Artificial intelligence can exist and it can reach relevant levels of performance, according to the instructions that a human would give it. However, the thinker underlines, there is no possibility for artificial intelligence to come up with thinking acts on its own. Elements such as consciousness, intentionality, subjectivity belong solely to the human…

In his writing dated 1950 called "Computing machinery and intelligence," Turing attempts to demonstrate that there is a possibility for machines such as digital computers with a great capacity of storeage to be able to think autonomously. In order to do that, he suggests the imitation game as an instrument and he tries to demolish the most famous nine arguments which suggest that it is impossible for machines to think autonomously. In addition, he makes several considerations about the machines which have the capacity to learn. He suggests that technological improvements and a learning process associated with rewards and punishments can contribute to having machines learn. Under these circumstances, he states, we would be only a step away from having machines with the capacity of autonomous thinking.

John Searle is also interested in the argument. Unlike Turing, he concludes that regardless of the programme which a machine or computer can be given, the obatined result will never come close to the complex entity that is the human mind. Artificial intelligence can exist and it can reach relevant levels of performance, according to the instructions that a human would give it. However, the thinker underlines, there is no possibility for artificial intelligence to come up with thinking acts on its own. Elements such as consciousness, intentionality, subjectivity belong solely to the human intellect and they play a determinant role in "creating" the mind and making the mind influence the body. Mental causation nevertheless remains an open issue.

Wilhelm Wundt brings into discussion ideas such as the one of causation or of matter (and the causal activity of matter), the one of the mind (as a supplementary psychological concept) or of mind-substance. The actuality of mind is considered to be one of the most important factors when dealing with the psychological processes. The principle of psycho-physical parallelism is suggested as solution to the problems born from Descartes' dualism. This principle acts as a supportive argument for a conclusion according to which we must recognize the existence of independent physical causality relations. The relation between the body and the mind can be therefore understood not only from a physiological perspective, but from a psychological one as well.

Human Love Differs Tremendously From
Words: 851 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31580823
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However, on a subconscious level, he may be drawn specifically to the types of personalities in women who display every indication that they are highly judgmental and critical and rigid in their expectations, and who represent all of the same problems that he resents consciously in his mother. In both cases, the individual associates love with aspects of earlier foundational relationships.

In principle, psychologists refer to this phenomenon as re-enactment of foundational conflicts in the family of origin that have never been properly resolved in the psyche of the individual. As a result, many people end up choosing life partners who allow them to recreate or re-enact precisely the same psychological and interpersonal dynamics as those they experienced within their own families. Naturally, where the family of origin was healthy and loving, that tendency is beneficial because it motivates the individual to seek out and form bonds with others who…

Mind A Theory of Mind Is Basically
Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93435249
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A theory of mind is basically described as the particular cognitive ability to understand other people as deliberate agents, which imply that it's the ability to interpret people's minds based on theoretical concepts of planned states like desires and beliefs. In philosophy, there is a common notion that the special cognitive ability in intrinsically dependent on individuals linguistic capabilities. The interpretation of the actions and intentions of other people includes a combined credit of complete mental states that enable the understanding of the social world to become logical and intelligible. There are various major theories of mind that focus on explaining the human mind including the identity theory, functionalism, and eliminative materialism.

The identity theory of mind states that the conditions and processes of the human mind are similar to the conditions and processes of the brain (Smart par, 1). Under this theory, identifying mind and brain can be…

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Human Language Series Part 1
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77779143
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In real time, the elements occur all at once, thus the rules of language are independent of meaning. A sentence can be grammatical but meaningless, or meaningless but grammatical. Syntax, although it varies from language to language, is what makes language uniquely 'human,' no other animal species uses syntax in its communication system. No matter how different our language systems may seem to one another, all human language systems are more similar to one another than to animal systems of communication. Animals do not communicate on a conceptual level, and their language exists only in time. Human language can convey absence, like the fact there is 'no giraffe next to me,' and people who know a language can figure out the meaning of new words by the place of the word and the meaning of other words in a sentence. Language also changes and grows over time, and within the…

Mind and Human Behavior Theories
Words: 4187 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33968140
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Mind and Human Behavior

Define and discuss a particular theory of consciousness

Consciousness can be best grasped in context as a facet of an interactive wakeful state wherein most cognitive processing occurs non-consciously. However, on combining non-conscious and conscious processing in the wakeful state, how can we differentiate one from the other, how can consciousness be defined, and what purpose does it serve? The conclusions drawn with respect to the former question critically influence how the latter question is answered. What property makes a state non-conscious rather than conscious? This section will support the argument that, out of all possible answers commonly put forth (i.e., accessibility, intentionality, reflexivity, subjectivity), the element-- reflexive, auto noetic-consciousness -- is the only one observed solely in the state of consciousness (Peters, 2013).

The Quantum Theory of Consciousness

The consciousness issue has opposed traditional approaches, in which the human brain is perceived as a computer…


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Human Language
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65319029
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properties of human language (displacement, arbitrariness, productivity, cultural, transmission, discreteness, duality) discuss how human language differs from animal communication.

Unlike animal language, human language can possess the property of displacement. Displacement "allows the users of language to talk about things and events not present in the immediate environment." (21) A human need not cry out in pain in the moment, but one can describe the silent pain one felt later on, displacing the experience into the future rather than when it was actually experienced. 'Let me tell you what a day I had,' is a very human, displaced expression. There is also a less arbitrary nature to human language, because human language is contextual. For instance, for although same beast would be a dog in England or a perro in Spain, yet the same dog would still give the same barking sound in both lands, if it were the same…

Work Cited

Yule, George. "The Study of Language." Second edition. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996

Humans Have Been Intrigued by the Workings
Words: 1069 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99071998
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humans have been intrigued by the workings of the human mind. Philosophers and physiologists pondered the questions that psychology, as an independent science, now addresses. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior, both in humans and animals. There exist many subfields within this discipline and as such, supporters of each may alter the aforementioned definition to emphasize their area of concentration.

Developmental psychology examines changes and growth over the lifespan. Child and adolescent psychology along with gerontology are subdisciplines of developmental psychology. The influence and effect others have on our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts describes social psychology. Personality psychology is the study of stable characteristics that influence behavior. Traits include aggressiveness, anxiety, and sociability to name a few. Experimental psychology, as the name implies, relies on the experimental method in its proceedings. Fields of research include cognition, sense perception, and memory. iological processes are the central concerns in physiological…


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Mind and Body Re Chapter 11 of
Words: 465 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38805288
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Mind and Body re: Chapter 11 of Phantoms in the Brain

Many a patient with a tumor pronounced malignant has outlived his physician," notes V.S Ramachandran in his book Phantoms in the Brain, through the sheer mental force of the patient's will. To what extent can the mental powers of the human mind affect the body's ability to heal? The extraordinary cases chronicled by the physician hold hope in limiting the spread of cancer and also to treat affectations of the autoimmune system, such as lupus, for example.

But how to design an experiment from the extraordinary experiences of a few individuals? How to create a standard medical prescription from the extraordinary? One possible suggestion would be to take a group of individuals afflicted by such an immune disorder, and to attempt to condition temporary improvements or remissions in their ailment to a physical response that could be replicated, even…

Philosophy of Mind
Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7565508
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Mind-body debate is central to the philosophy of consciousness. Two of the most significant philosophers to specialize in the analysis of the mind-body relationship are Nicolas Malebranche, a French Cartesian dualist, and Gottfried Liebniz, a German philosopher of mind who consciously breaks from a dualistic metaphysic. These two philosophers present two divergent, yet strangely harmonious views of the mind-body interaction and the philosophical problems it creates. Insofar as the mind-body relationship is frequently framed as a "problem," there must be corresponding solutions to solving it. However, Liebniz does not view the mind-body relationship as a problem at all but rather, embraces a view that there is mind-body harmony. Mind and body are, to Liebniz, one and the same. This solution to the problem is compelling, but it can be problematic because it makes the establishment or understanding of causality difficult. Malebranche, on the other hand, embraces a dualistic perspective precisely…

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Human Resources Best Practices The Hershey Company
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75201044
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Human Resources Best Practices: The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company (Hershey) is a world leader, not only in the manufacture of chocolate, but also in ethical behavior. Employing approximately 13,600 people worldwide, Hershey markets its products in 50 countries, with key markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China and Brazil (The Hershey Company, n.d.). Realizing the importance of ethics in its worldwide operations, Hershey is pointedly: "committed to being all-inclusive" (The Hershey Company, n.d.), deliberately courting prospective employees across the arrays of age, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation; dedicated to mentoring as a means of enhancing the lives of its mentor/protege teams, their families, neighborhoods and beyond. As a result, Hershey has created a thriving organizational culture benefitting everyone it touches.


Hershey's values and the Company's actions to support those values are clearly stated:

"e are committed to being all-inclusive and to realizing our vision of…

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Mind and the Brain There Are Several
Words: 2513 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51475426
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Mind and the Brain

There are several theories that have been proposed for explaining the relationship between one's mind and brain. If truth be told, it can be said that it is one of the most talked about philosophical fields.

Mind vs. Brain

Mind and brain are interrelated. For a majority of people, there is no difference between the two. Many scientists and philosophers hold the belief that the brain and the mind are one and are inseparable. These two words are mostly used as alternatives of each other. In general, brain is regarded as a physical object whereas mind is considered as a mental thing (Prabhat, 2011).

The brain is made up of hundreds and thousands of nerve cells and blood vessels. On the other hand, mind being an unseen item is not composed of any cells or vessels. Whilst the brain has a distinct shape of its own,…


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Human Resource Management Although There Have Been
Words: 2655 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82366272
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Human esource Management

Although there have been many recent developments in the area of human resources and their management, the concept of managing people in the workplace is not a new one. In fact, according to Ogunyomi, Shadare, and Chidi (2011, p.19-20), the concept has evolved over more than a century, starting with the concept of scientific management created and promoted by Frederick Winslow Taylor at the turn of the 20th century during the height of the Industrial evolution. Since the world of business was dynamic, even from the start of large-scale business and organization, the concept of human resource management has also evolved over time to respond to the dynamic business world.

Today, human resource management is an integral part of any company's business strategy. It ensures not only effective recruitment and retention, but also the effective functioning of the company in general, and its adaptability to a dynamic…


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Human Resource Learning Development Human Resources Learning
Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4399391
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Human esource Learning Development

Human esources Learning Development

Learning and development is among leading businesses. Despite the current organizational budget squeezes, companies are making significant investments in training employees. esearches done on American companies reveal that these billion investments have actually improved the workforce where by skills are being transferred to everyday job (Wilson, 2005).

Human esources and Learning and Development activities support the Organization's strategy

Learning development or training development is one of the most significant components to our work and lives. Many people perceive training to be an activity that gives the outcome or is a result of learning. The learning is also considered as the new competency or abilities, skills and knowledge. We highly value learning in our culture. We may have undergone a series of learning processes, but many of us are still not equipped with the knowledge of carefully modeling an approach to training and…


Mayo, A. (2004). Creating a learning and development strategy the HR business partner's guide to developing people. London, Chartered Institute of Personnel, and Development

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Human Factors in Aviation Safety
Words: 3015 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3783283
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They just assume that the autopilot will take care of flying the plane, and their skills get rusty with lack of use. Then, if something goes wrong with the autopilot system the pilot and his or her crew members may not know what to do and they may not react as quickly as they need to in order to protect the passengers and the rest of the crew members from serious harm (Human, 2009).

The majority of people need to sleep approximately eight hours each night. If they do not get that level of sleep, they can be overly tired and that can cause them to make more mistakes than they otherwise would (Human, 2009). However, someone who has gotten eight hours of sleep is not necessarily caught up on his or her sleep. The quality of sleep the person has gotten and how tired he or she was before…


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Human Resources International Human Resource Management International
Words: 3525 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60424343
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Human esources

International Human esource Management

International Business H: Vital and Pivotal

During the 20th century, the human resources (H) function has become quite skilled at managing human capital which is frequently defined as the skills, knowledge and experience of individual workers within a company. Human resources management has never been more vital to organizations than it is today as more and more businesses are going global. For globalizing companies, experienced, informed and effective Human esource people skills are becoming a strategic asset. In order to maximize the competitive potential of employees across global markets many multinational companies will need to revise their H policies and programs.

Table of Contents


Background and Significance

Discussion and Implications



During the 20th century, the human resources (H) function has become quite skilled at managing human capital which is frequently defined as the skills, knowledge and experience of individual workers within…


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Minh.(2011). Social capital and human resource management in international joint ventures inVietnam: a perspective from a transitional economy. The International

Human Resources as the Global Business Environment
Words: 1340 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 91511636
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Human Resources

As the global business environment continues to grow and flourish, the field of international human resources management is emerging as a vitally important area of study and competency. Managing the resources -- and hiring the best people -- that are available has become pivotal to success in the highly competitive world. Understanding the critical role that international human resource management (IHRM) dynamics can bring to an organization is the first step, and implementing that knowledge base is the second step. This paper reviews and critiques the literature on IHRM and presents the needs for changes in the field of IHRM.

IHRM -- Challenging Organizations to Grow in Global Sophistication

hat is the key to understanding the challenges that IHRM presents to organizations when they prepare to go international? In approaching this question, some of the terms and jargon need flushing out. "Expatriate" is a person that is working…

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Human Factors Engineering There Is
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The work environment, for example, could be conducive to this type of stress, as can the relationship with other employees and with supervisors.

This type of fatigue is vastly different from the mental or physical fatigue of direct work overburden, and is also more subtle than these types of fatigue. It should therefore be carefully monitored in terms of its nature and how it interacts with other types of fatigue, particularly when the workforce is diminished.

Because of the complexity of psychological loading factors, Dr. Bill should be careful to monitor, revise, and update company policy in terms of issues such as communication among employees as well as among employees and their supervisors. Communication can play a significant part in how employees perceive their work, as well as how they experience the burden of their work in a psychological sense.

Mental loading, on the other hand, is probably the most…


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Human Commonalities in Literature in
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In stark contrast to Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea is Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron which is not only set in the future, but a bleak, tyrannical, almost farcical future. 2081 is not a year in which any sane person would hope to see if Vonnegut's future comes true; it is a dystopian future where everyone if forced to be equal, no matter how ridiculous the attempt to do so. The Bergeron's, George, Hazel, and their son Harrison live in a world where intelligent people have buzzers in their heads to keep them from being too smart, while beautiful people must wear masks to cover their faces so other, less attractive people don't feel bad. As Vonnegut himself stated "Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else." (Vonnegut) Every natural advantage is handicapped by the government to make everyone exactly equal. And everyone seems content…

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Human and Machine Intelligence the Similarities and
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Human and Machine Intelligence

The similarities and differences between human and machine intelligence doesn't seem to be the most important issue. It seems clear that both have been shown to exist, though they have very fundamentally different characteristics. The issue now centers more on supremacy: Is one better, more authoritative than the other? And if so, does this influence whether a "superintelligence" (Bostrom, 2003) exists that takes us to the paradigm when words (Zadeh, 2009) and emotions are most important (Dennett, Chapter 16)?

The early writings about projects like the Turing test tried to explain intelligence as being some kind of understanding about knowledge and its function. They often used simple conceptualizations similar to the way computers use the characters of "1" and "0" as a mathematical language. Philosophers use this approach to speculate about how a logical person might be able to "see" one color by itself, independent of…


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Human Services Concerns Today
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Human Service Professional Assessment

As a formal discipline, human services is a term which has emerged within the past several years. However, the various functions and services involved with this term have been practiced for a significant amount of time. It was in initially understanding the social efforts required of human services that I first became attracted to this profession. In my esteem, human services is the most viable means of addressing the plenitude of social issues of this day at a granular level which produces the greatest impact in the world today. My incipient understanding of this concept gravitated me towards this field, and fuels my most ardent beliefs about the various strengths, weaknesses, and ways in which I can improve my deficiencies. An intrinsic cognizance of the virtues associated with the strength of this profession, coupled with an awareness of traits associated with its weakness and the means…

Human Learning and Memory Learning
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hen the behavior is followed by a favorable consequence, the behavior is more likely to recur over and over. However, if the behavior is followed by a negative consequence or a painful consequence, then the behavior is less like to happen again.

The third type of learning is Motor Learning. Carlson says that motor learning is "the establishment of changes within the motor system." (433). He claims that this type of learning is a component of the stimulus-response type of learning. However, this type of learning must involve some form of sensory guidance from the environment and it elicits a reaction from the body.

Finally, the fourth type of learning that Carlson describes is Relational Learning. This is the most complex type of learning and it "involves learning the relationship among individual stimuli." (431) Relational Learning involves spatial learning which is the actual process of identifying similarities and differences among…


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Mind and Body
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Mind and Body -- I Sing the Body Electronic, I Interfere with the Body Extraterrestrial

Change the body, and change the nature of human existence. Change the body's means of sustenance, and change the delicate balance that exists within a particular society. These are the two scenarios presented in the science fiction novels, that of Necromancer by illiam Gibson, and Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. Both novels underline the importance of the physical state of individual bodies in shaping society. A body can be surgically altered with computer technology, or a body's nutrition and reproductive rate can affect the ability of another populace to exist. However, Gibson presents a vision of the world where the body is rendered unimportant, while Russell suggests that the delicate cultural, ecological, and political balance of a sustainable economy on another planet underlines the importance of the body in maintaining a livable world. Both books,…

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Mind and Body in History
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For Marx, of course, economics and class conflicts were the base of society, and social change proceeded through revolutions, such as the French, American and English evolutions against feudalism in the 17th and 18th Centuries. In the future, capitalism would be overthrown by a socialist revolution, starting with the most advanced industrial economies in the West (Greene, p. 200). Comte argued that sociology should be concerned with the "laws of social evolution," though, and that science and technology had undermined traditional religion and the feudal social order. Society evolved in three distinct stages, theological, metaphysical and positive, with positivism representing urban, industrial society (Greene, p. 204).


Plato, Augustine and Descartes were the most important dualist philosophers in history, and all of them valued the mind and immortal soul far more than the physical body or the material universe. This view was dominant until the era of the Scientific evolution…


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Human Dev Symbols the Mind and the
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Human Dev

Symbols, the Mind, and the Animal State

In Chapter 7 of Maps of Time, David Christian (2011) discusses how human language is built not only of "icons" and "indices," which are types of recognition, correlation, and communication that many organisms from bacteria to dogs can use, but primarily of symbols -- a more complex and higher-order level of communication (p. 172). This is only part of a larger discussion on the development of human history, however it is worthy of consideration simply as its own advancement and unique feature. An understanding of how language is a definitive feature of humanity, and of the implications of a division between man and nature, creates valuable insights for understanding human development.

As explained by Christian (2011), certain associations can be made by many organisms between similar or concurrent experiences in a way that might appear to be symbolic learning or communication,…


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Human Factors Design Construction
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Children spend a large part of their day here, and should therefore be optimally stimulated for their learning benefit. The problem with many current classrooms is the fact that desks and chairs tend to be uncomfortable to a great degree of distraction. Other distracting factors is the lack of general comfort level within a classroom. The classroom atmosphere should be pleasant and focus the attention on the teacher and the blackboard, where information is imparted. Air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter should therefore be primary considerations, along with providing children with comfortable seating arrangements. In movie theaters, clients are provided with the utmost comfort in padded seating, helping them to enjoy the experience. Children should be provided with the same courtesy, as learning is an infinitely more worthy activity than movie entertainment. Surely the long hours spend in school and classrooms justify a better seating arrangement than is currently…

Minds and Brains Do We Have Both
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Minds and rains: Do We Have oth?

Descartes' view, "I think, therefore I am," may not be entirely accurate when proposing that the essence of cognitive judgment, using the brain to "think," necessitates the use of consciousness to comprehend the state of "being." The neurodynamics of brain construct provides proficiency at completing thought processes. However, the dynamic system that creates meaning to logic involves the mind. Thus, the ideal that separates man from machine is the dual action of both mind and brain; a complex phenomenon that will prevent artificial intelligence from ever reaching human abilities.

According to Lawrence Shapiro, the multiple realizability thesis (MRT), which states that the mind can exist in a physical form, is likely unrealistic in that it is yet to demonstrate that the mind can be duplicated. Upon evaluating brain evolution and neuroscience data, he views the cognitive capacities of the brain as placing "strong…


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Mind I May Not Be Perfect but
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I may not be perfect, but I am comfortable and content in my own mind. Being comfortable with one's thoughts is the most important feature of inner peace. Struggling with thoughts brings about anxiety, unrest, and discontent. When we are able to accept feelings such as anger, resentment, self-pity, sadness, or discomfort, and allow those feelings to exist without judgment, we can become content and reach a state of mind that makes happiness and creativity possible.

Reaching the state of contentment with one's own mind and thoughts is not always easy. Sometimes it requires stepping outside the box, and acting, thinking, believing, and speaking in ways that are different from the norm. We need to express ourselves fully in the moment in order to be truly content. When we repress our thoughts and feelings, we create knots in our consciousness. These knots lead to anger and anxiety, or passive-aggressive…

Human Resource Employment Opportunities Within
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Having all these in mind, I cannot see any reason for which a person would decide not to work for the Russian Company. Actually, "a good salary is each employee's ultimate goal." In addition, the international development the company has experienced might provide many opportunities to travel and even the leisure activities it organizes are a good reason why Lukoil employees should be proud of their workplace. On the other hand, the fact that the company is relatively young is in direct connection with the existence of young employees within its structures. Therefore, the atmosphere would surely be a pleasant one. esides this, the retirement and insurance benefits would also be an important argument; the table elaborated above has proven that not all the companies of the same kind provide such offers, just as it happens in the case of the health benefits as well.

All in all, I consider…


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Human Transformation
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Human Transformation

Lauren Slater's (2005) article "Who holds the clicker?," Susan Blackmore's excerpt "Strange Creatures" -- taken from her book The Meme Machine, and Alain De Botton's chapter "On Habit" from his book The Art of Travel are very different pieces that all challenge the idea of the self in human kind. Is there a self? Or are we all controlled by things outside of our control? While science may be able to find ways of changing or enhancing our bodies, and though there may be some truth in the idea that our genes don't allow us to have complete free will over our selves, we cannot deny that most humans believe that there is something inside each and every one of us that gives us a purpose on this earth. Whether manipulated by a remote control clicker or partially-governed by memes, the fact that we are able to challenge…


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Human Biological Variation Is Human
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Another psychological approach studied the physical basis for emotion. LeDoux (1995, p. 209+) noted, "Scientists concerned with human nature have not been able to reach a consensus about what emotion is and what place emotion should have in a theory of mind and behavior." He proposed, however, that "findings about the neural basis of emotion might also suggest new insights into the functional organization of emotion that were not apparent from psychological findings alone. The brain, in other words, can constrain and inform our ideas about the nature of emotion." This would seem to play into any discussion of genetics vs. culture as emotion is viewed, accurately or not, as a construct of societal norms in large part. Because fear is a common part of human life, LeDoux uses it to investigate his theories. "The expression of fear is conserved to a large extent across human cultures and at least…

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Human Resources Unions When Unions
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Unions have been dropping members at an incredible rate. The trouble can't be resolved by individual unions dealing with great, monopolistic, international companies. Unions must stick together and work in the political ring to elect government officials who understand that the nation is here for the citizens, and not for business (the Decline of Unions -- Why, 2007).

In 2000 the Union Network Federation (UNI) was fashioned with the purpose of structuring a coalition that could represent employees across many nations. According to UNI, when businesses are local, unions can be local; when businesses are national, unions must be national; when businesses are international, unions must be international. Apart from UNI, there are quite a few other international trade unions that could have some pressure on the expansion of unions internationally in the future. There are presently ten Global Union Federations (GUF's), which are the global representatives of unions in…


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Human Error and Risk Taking
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Human Error and isk Taking

When a new ship is built and has a lot of imagination built into it, the quality that is ascribed to the ship is that it is unsinkable. This was said of the Titanic: "The captain can, by simply moving an electric switch, instantly close the doors throughout, practically making the vessel unsinkable." (They Said It. Some Memorable Lines) This was reported in Irish News and Belfast Morning News, June 1st, 1911, on the incomplete Titanic. (They Said It. Some Memorable Lines)

It is very difficult to say why accidents are found to occur as the definition of accidents itself is that they are events out of the ordinary and dictionary alternatives for accident are considered to be disaster, catastrophe, misfortune, calamity, mishap and mistake. At the same time, it is to be understood that people have their own minds and have their judgments, and…


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Human Resources Over the Last Several Years
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Human esources

Over the last several years, the issue of employee compensation has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because globalization is requiring firms to have employees with specialized skills. In the case of the mid-level manager position, the ideal candidate must be able to meet the basic qualifications to include: a good communicator / listener, leadership, someone who can work well with others, a minimum of a four-year Bachelor's degree, at least three years business experiences, the ability to utilize technology, a quick learner and a person with a willingness to continually adjust.

At the same time, they must be flexible enough to deal with a host of challenges. To fully understand how this is occurring we will focus on: the job description, developing a recruiting plan, the selection strategy, job performance evaluation, compensation and possible training / development issues that need to be addressed. Once this…


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Human Resource Management HRM Is
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Frank and Taylor (2004) warn that motivating employees is highly dependent on their specific wants and needs. An accounting firm that mostly hires conservative, serious-minded employees who value efficiency above all else are not likely to be motivated by the offer of a life coach or a concierge. They would probably be much more motivated by a good 401k plan. However, that does not mean that all types of organizations cannot get creative with their benefits.

The key is to creating an effective and creative employee benefit strategy is talk to the employees and find out what they really want. According to Gajewski (2005) it is critically important to modify "the corporate culture to balance employee needs and desires with organizational objectives" (p. 4). Therefore, if companies can change the corporate culture in such as way that satisfies both management and employees, then they would be remiss not to do…


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Human Resource Management and Job
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In a nutshell, the most common training program for plastic surgeons takes up about seven years following medical school and can be done throughout individual studying and medical exams as well as throughout attending medical conventions and symposiums.


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Human Resource Management HRM Human Resource Management
Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19232639
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Human esource Management:

HM (Human esource Management) is the process that involves planning, executing, recruitment and management of the development measures within an organization. These development initiatives within an organization also entail selection, training and profession. The primary aim of human resource management is to exploit an organization's productivity by optimizing the efficiency of the employees. The exploitation of the organization's productivity takes place while improving employees work life and treating these employees as valuable resources. Generally, HM includes the attempts to foster personal development and employee satisfaction while adhering to the employment-related regulations (Mote & Heil, n.d.).

Important Tasks and Activities in HM:

As a function that is aimed at exploiting organizational productivity and guaranteeing employee satisfaction and development, human resource management consists of various activities and tasks. These activities include selection, recruitment and training as well as management in order for the organization to perform at its level…


Gill, C (1999), Use of Hard and Soft Models of HRM to Illustrate the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality in Workforce Management, RMiT Business, viewed 24 November 2010, (n.d.), Best Place to Work: LG Electronics India -- HR Policies,, viewed 24

November 2010,

Human Resources Management - Maintaining a Competitive
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Human esources Management - Maintaining a Competitive Edge in the Corporate Marketplace

Change continues to reshape the workplace. Today's H professional is called upon to help the organization retain its competitive edge in the marketplace. Along with representing the best interests of employees, H professionals assume the role of strategic partner, administrative expert, and change agent. H assumes a critical role in promoting the vision and shaping the focus of the company. H professionals must be skilled and knowledgeable business partners, able to wear many hats while demonstrating their own competencies in communication and decision-making skills. (Aghazadeh, 1999)

Today, H departments face many challenges. Some are conventional and continuing concerns.

They include:

Attract, retain and motivate employees;

Ensure legal and regulatory compliance;

Manage the human side of technological change.

Perhaps, most critically today however, progressive H departments are charged with adding value to the corporation as they seek to:



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Human Side of Theology
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Human Qualities of the Theologian

The task of the theologian is that of utter responsibility and the necessity of having a connection to his church and the world outside of it. It is definitely not a task for the faint of heart. Among the many intricate and often overlapping tasks of a theologian is the necessity of fostering a sense of understanding with faith and theology. "Christians want to understand what they believe, what they can hope for, and what they ought to love" (Migliore, 2004). Thus, while Christianity is able to have trust and obedience in the hope and love of God, theology has to struggle with some of the more difficult issues connected to this journey, via reflection, inquiry and the pursuit of truth (Migliore, 2004). Thus, the theologian must pursue truth and keep asking questions while instilling his work and his journey with a certain amount of…


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Human Ignorance Uncivilized Behavior Due
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As a housewife confined mostly at home, the woman yearned to develop herself, to function as an able individual not just in her home but in her society as well. Thus, work became a symbolic manifestation of the woman's yearning for freedom: freedom from the oppressive label of being a housewife, and freedom from being limited and dictated what she needs to do and not do.

Human ignorance is highlighted in the story when, as the woman succumbed to the fixating task of "analyzing" and following the patterns of the yellow wallpaper, her husband thought her nervous breakdown has finally escalated into insanity. As the woman begins to consider the pattern a reflection of her own life, her family, particularly her husband John, began considering her condition as one of insanity: "At night...and worst of all by moonlight, it becomes bars!...I didn't realize for a long time what the thing…

Works Cited

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Human Intelligence Twin Studies and the Acquisition
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Human Intelligence

Twin Studies and the Acquisition of Human Intelligence

The question of nature vs. nurture has been a topic of conversation, a hotly debated issue and reason for researchers to gather copious amounts of material for thousands of years. Philosophers discussed whether a child was mainly constructed of inborn (nature) or learned/observed traits (nurture) before Alexander the Great had conquered anything. Nature refers what is commonly called genetics today; nurture, conversely, is what an individual picks up from the environment. Many have been in one camp or another, but only recently have scientists had the ability to truly assess which is more correct.

One facet of this study, that of intelligence, may be the single greatest issue of discussion among scientists and lay persons. Intelligence as nature has taken a beating in the public arena due to such publications as "The Bell Curve." Many did not appreciate the findings,…


Collins, W.A., Maccoby, E.E., Steinberg, L., Hetherington, E.M., and Bornstein, M.H., 2000. Contemporary research on parenting: The case for nature and nurture. American Psychologist, 55(2). pp. 218-232.

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Human Resources - Motivation Employee
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Modern business has now fully integrated computer technology and Internet connectivity within the professional business environment, but has been comparatively slow to adapt the new reality that many professional business functions are fully capable of being conducted from the home, for at least some significant portion of the typical office employee's work week.

Research Question:

Is it possible to increase employee motivation by providing increased employee input into factors that normally are not subject to employee preference in the professional business environment? Specifically:

To what extent would greater autonomy and individual choice of work shift hours and structure (length of shift, work hours, etc.) improve employee motivation while at work?

To what extent would the opportunity to work from home improve employee satisfaction and therefore, motivation at work?

To what extent is the prospect of improving employee motivation through implementation of greater autonomy in relation to work shift structure and…

Human Learning Experimental Subjects Were
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Lighting, temperature and other environmental factors were indistinguishable among the rooms.

Subjects in T1 were allowed to play with toys for forty-five minutes before the vocabulary lesson began. Subjects in T2 and T3 were given forty-five minutes to complete their puzzles.

At the beginning of the actual treatment, subjects in T2 and T3 were encouraged to ask for assistance if they needed any.

T2 subjects were given positive feedback from researchers even when negative feedback was warranted, such as being unable to complete the easy puzzle in forty-five minutes. Researchers were instructed to say encouraging, affirmative things to subjects even when subjects were having no problems with the puzzles, such as "You're making fine progress!" "Good job!" "I know you can do it!" "That's looking great!" And so forth. Further, researchers were instructed to make these comments loudly enough for them to be overheard by the most distant subject.


Human Memory if a Person Behaves in
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Human Memory

If a person behaves in a confused or agitated way, I would begin to suspect that all is not well. Drowsiness, abnormal eye movements, and a staggering gait are also symptoms that, together with the undesirable emotional and cognitive states, are symptoms that generally appear for Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (Heath Grades Inc., 2011).

The idea of "activation" concerns the frequency of memory use. The more a memory is used, the more it is activated. Activation leads to strength. Frequent activation means that a memory will become increasingly stronger. One example of this is the study process. If a piece of text is studied for the first time, recall is weak. When the initial memory is activated by revisiting material, it is strengthened slightly. Increased activation therefore means increased strength. In other words, activation is the active process that results in the unconscious strengthening of recall.


According to Halligan,…


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Human Resource Management Methods
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Human esource Management Methods

Traditional Annual Evaluation Method of Performance Appraisals vs. eal-Time Feedback Coaching Format

Performance appraisals take into account the assessment and evaluation of a person's performance in a methodical manner. It is a progressive technique employed for comprehensive development of the personnel and the organization as a whole. This performance is measured against various elements like quality and quantity of the output, job competence, leadership capabilities, supervision and versatility. Once such evaluations are made, employees can be trained and coached on what to be undertaken. On the other hand, real-time feedback coaching format takes into account the provision of opinion and response in an instantaneous way and therefore the coaching takes place immediately (Deb, 2009).


There are aspects of similarity between these two methods of appraisal. To begin with, both methods are purposed to and give rise to change and coaching. Subsequent to the evaluation of…


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Human Nature Despite the Fact
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In the Far East, by contrast, we see a different version of mankind. Mengzi maintained that all human morality was held together by a single concept: ren, or natural humanistic love. Simply put, ren is a love and respect for all things human (McGreal 6). To Mengzi, a person can only achieve ren if they undergo an attainment of knowledge to the point where they reach a workable grasp of the place for each form of love. The rituals and education that bring about knowledge is li; the ultimate form of li is yi -- the highest principle governing the adoption of li. So, although Mengzi believes that all people possess a certain amount of these qualities naturally, in order to fully attain ren and yi a person must cultivate their inner courage individually.

In this respect, the way in which man's spirit is cultivated is similar to the interpretation…

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