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Hurricanes Essays (Examples)

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Hurricane Maria Impact on Puerto Rico
Words: 2428 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80601542
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Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in September 2017, just two weeks of Hurricane Irma had passed through. The Category 5 Maria was bad enough—but the fact that it came on the heels of Irma, also a Category 5 storm made it all the more devastating. Puerto Rico had not even had time to recover from Irma, which had set it up against the ropes, when Maria entered and put the island territory into dire straits. This paper will discuss the impact of Maria on the Puerto Rico population, what aid and response was delivered in support of the community, the strengths and deficiencies of the cultural competency of the response, and what recommendations as a program manager could be made to enhance cultural competency.
Impact on Populations
Puerto Rico’s population was already in poor condition prior to Maria making landfall. Irma still had some 100,000 people without power…

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Hurricane Andrew
Words: 1610 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87715680
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Hurricane Andrew is a storm that originated from a tropical wave over the central Atlantic in 1992. It first started as a low-pressure system off the coast of Africa and seemed no different from many other atmospheric ripples that form every summer in this part of the world (Pimm, Stuart & Gary 19). However, the seemingly innocent weather system slowly gained enough strength and by August 16, 1992 Hurricane Andrew had grown into a significant tropical storm and officially given the name: "Andrew."

Shear from strong wind prevented intensification of the storm at first. However, the following day saw a decrease in shear, which allowed the strengthening of the depression thus becoming Tropical Storm Andrew. On August 18, convection associated with the storm diminished due to increase in wind shear. Andrew later headed westward due to the effect of a high-pressure system. It then increased rapidly before crossing Bahamas (Pimm,…

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Hurricane Andrew in May of
Words: 1998 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40357988
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Although it had lost some pop, Andrew was still a Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale Category 3 hurricane on the second go around. but, the first round was enough to know that Andrew was bad. From a business perspective, Hurricane Andrew crippled the offshore oil facilities on its second approach throughout the gulf coast and in Louisiana where the storm added another billion dollars in damage.

These financial losses did not even take into consideration the badly deteriorated Everglades ecosystem which would be restored several years later after a second hurricane, Opal, crippled the ecosystem even more.


The state of Florida had one of its worst hurricane seasons on record in 2004 yet the state was much better prepared. The state seemed to have learned some valuable lessons from 1992. "As hundreds of millions of dollars in hurricane relief become available to Florida, Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings declared ednesday that she…

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Hurricane Preparedness XYZ Hamburger Havens Since Our
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87517699
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Hurricane Preparedness

XYZ Hamburger Havens

ince our restaurants are situated along the East Coast, every year some or our franchises run the risk of being in the path of a hurricane. These are your instructions for preparing your location for a hurricane. Please use these instructions to create a "Hurricane Preparations" notebook for easy reference if a hurricane should threaten your locale.


First, walk around the building looking for items that might become dangerous if propelled by strong winds (taff writers, 2004). uch items could include trashcans, benches not solidly anchored to the ground, umbrella tables, and even some shrubbery: in a hurricane, a flying coconut can do a lot of damage. Make a list of these hazards and place it in your Hurricane Preparations notebook.

Then meet with the fire department or building inspector of your city to make sure you have identified all hazards. Make a note…


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Hurricane Aftermath
Words: 1379 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 73574519
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Hurricane Aftermath, Returning to a workplace

Disasters are itself destruction to humanity for long time and recovering from that disaster is a challenge which has to be achieved with the gradual process. Safety is the fundamental concern similar to the stability of our mental and physical well-being. Proper planning is required to make the process of recovery achievable in the most efficient way, much faster and less stressful. The research paper followed is a guideline to recover from hurricane and return back to home, community, school, work and normal life.

Safety Measures Adopted and recommendations

The foremost concern after hurricane disaster is the safety of the people affected and surrounding areas. The team comprising of safety supervisors will observe issues and monitor healthcare facility of families and individuals and will scrutinize their well being. To look after the safety measures it will be important for team to make a recovery…

Hurricane Harvey and Emergency Management
Words: 548 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82943338
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Hurricane Harvey: Emergency Management
Billed as being one of the most costly tropical cyclones in recent times, Hurricane Harvey, according to the National Hurricane Center (2018) caused damage worth $125 billion. According to McGillivray (2017), both the federal and state governments were not prepared for the hurricane. This is more so the case with regard to long-term mitigation planning. The big-picture considerations both levels of government missed “include looking at the condition of green space and wetlands that could have aided in mitigating the impact of the storm, land-use planning and runaway development in such places as Houston, building codes in affected areas....” This is an assertion that is seconded by Kimmelman and Haner (2017), who are of the opinion that more mayhem in places like Houston was caused by issues on the ground, rather than those form the sky.
Hours before the disaster, FEMA issued the relevant information with…

Hurricane Andrew the Impact Hurricane
Words: 1344 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 27966049
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Despite there being a "Federal Response Plan" in place, the bureaucratic machinery took a long time to activate. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which was supposed to implement the Federal Response Plan, was hardly in a state to respond adequately to the situation. The Agency was still geared to respond primarily to a massive nuclear attack and saw its main responsibility as distributing federal loans and grants to help rebuild an area after a disaster. It would not issue direct aid to a state until it was given a specific request by the governor, and the state was unable to issue specific requests for aid because it had no one was available to assess the damage (Franklin). Federal help was so slow in arriving that a frustrated director of Dade County's Emergency Office made the famous remark, "... here the hell is the cavalry on this one?" (Quoted by…

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Hurricane Grace and Hurricane Floyd
Words: 1102 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54058038
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hurricanes Floyd and Grace both brought devastating damage, Floyd's impact came largely from the Floyd itself, while Grace's impact came from the combination with two other weather systems. By itself, Floyd was a force to be reckoned with: a Category 3 hurricane that stretched from Canada to the U.S. that came on the heels of Hurricane Dennis. In contrast, Grace was a less powerful storm that would have dissipated naturally before causing serious damage.

Hurricane Floyd


Hurricane Floyd first formed as a tropical depression on September 7th 1999. Floyd formed about 1,000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, and gradually grew in strength over the next few days while moving in a west-northwest heading for several days. During this time of growth, Floyd moved over the islands of the Bahamas and began to parallel the southern coast of the United States. During this time, Floyd fluctuated between a Category…

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Hurricane Aftermath Returning to Work
Words: 1847 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85758185
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Industrial Hygiene

Being that it is an operation that is being conducted in an industrial area, and in an industry that dealt with compressed gas, it is critical that all the safety measures are taken into account in a categorical and safe manner in the bid to re-enter the after the terrible hurricane. For instance there are various experts who are present and I would recommend that their individual expertise be put to use in the recovery process. First, the entire employees' body must be informed of the extent of the damage and the seriousness of the problem at hand and instructed not to venture into any area within the firm without the clearance and subsequent communication through a central communications office that they have to be informed of. I would also suggest to the Incident Commander to have a formal written process for the recovery of the firm. This…


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Hurricane Harvey Essay
Words: 550 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the coast of Texas.  While it was predicted to hit the United States as less destructive tropical storm or Cat 1 hurricane, a number of factors combined to make Harvey extremely destructive.  First, Harvey strengthened as it approached land.  Second, the storm was slow-moving, so that it continued to drop rain on the coast.  Finally, Harvey’s rains hit one of the most heavily-populated areas of the United States.  Combined together, these factors made Harvey one of the most destructive natural disasters to ever hit the United States.

One of the reasons that Harvey was so destructive is that people did not have adequate time to prepare for the storm.  Harvey formed very quickly and was expected to make landfall as a tropical storm or, at most, a Category 1 hurricane.  The upgrade to above Category 1 status occurred very quickly before landfall.  Although local employers and school districts struggled…

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response and Recovery
Words: 1376 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 57967782
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Implementing Emergency Services
Hurricane Katrina: Disaster Response and Recovery
Disaster response Framework
Disasters always put the emergency response team to the test, and the public members are keen to rate their level of preparedness. In the 2005 hurricane season, the disaster response team was caught unprepared, and the response was rated as low. The United states disaster response team had laid some strategies to respond to the different disaster levels, including issuing emergency call numbers. However, the system was not ready for an active hurricane. The state was blamed for failing to coordinate all entities that are involved in disaster management. With the disasters of Hurricane Katrina's stature, it was important for state and local government to collaborate with the U.S military to ensure minimal damage. The emergency response system should have a way to escalate cases that need the attention of the most powerful entities in the land (Gheytanchi…

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies & XL Catlin. (2018). Disaster Recovery Case Studies, U.S. 2005 Storms: Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Retrieved December 14, 2020, from 
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Post-Hurricane Criminal Justice Katrina Post-Hurricane
Words: 3289 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6403557
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" The lawsuit states that the "defendants knowing paid out far less than policy holders deserved to repair flooded homes and property [Officials throughout NFIP] deliberately and fraudulently used low-balling, high pressure tactics to get people to accept pennies on the dollar of what they are entitled to. (Seid, 2005)

In an article entitled "Multiple Failures Caused elief Crisis - The Breakdown of the elief Operation in New Orleans was the esult of Multiple Failures by City, State and Federal Authorities" (eynolds, 2005 BBC News) which states: There was no one cause. The failures began long before the hurricane with a gamble that a Category Four or Five would not strike New Orleans." (eynolds, 2005 BBC News) This mistake followed with an evacuation plan that was lacking and resulted in "a relief effort hampered by lack of planning, supplies and manpower, and a breakdown in communications of the most basic…


Seid, Jessica (2005) Disaster strikes, lawsuits follow -National Flood Insurance Program may pay out billions, but some may choose to head to court.

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CNN Money September 16, 2005:

Disaster Recovery Centers Hurricane Ready
Words: 2778 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3432154
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("About FEMA," 2007)

The method followed by FEMA is to lead the country in cases of a disaster, in a risk-based comprehensive emergency management system that would have as its important tenets preparedness, protection, response and recovery, and finally, mitigation of the losses that the people have suffered. These are some of the plans that FEMA has in place, and for which it recruits trainees: the National esponse Plan, strategic Plan, and Annual Agency Performance Plan. The National esponse Plan encompasses a sort of a complete and all hazards approach to the management of domestic incidents. Some of the protocols that the National esponse Plan have established are: to save lives and also to effectively protect the lives and the health and safety of the public, the responders to the calamity, and to the health care and rescue workers at the scene, while at the same time making sure that…


Auerhahn, Elliot. (2006, Jun) "Broward's new Hurricane Ready Decal

Program Helps Residents Identify Businesses That Will Be Open after a Hurricane" Retrieved 12 October, 2007 at

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Sociology and Hurricane Katrina the
Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8087097
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Some never will be, due to the damage and loss sustained after the hurricane and floods. The society is New Orleans is still suffering because they have lost the order that was there, and are struggling to rebuild it, often without the support of any outside sources. It has taken too long to try to get New Orleans back to normal, and there are questions that wonder if it will ever be remotely close to the place it was before the hurricane.

In the functionalist approach, parts of society are interrelated. That certainly illustrates New Orleans after the hurricane, because the society has struggled so hard to come back together. Restaurants have reopened, Mardi Gras has continued, the French Quarter tries to lure visitors, and the businesses are coming back, some more slowly than others. Many people are determined to rebuild the city and make it better than it was…

GEOINT Role in responding to Hurricane Katrina
Words: 2619 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83794036
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GEOINT Role in Responding to Hurricane Katrina

The American federal government's response operation in the aftermath of the 2005 disaster, Hurricane Katrina, establishes a crucial military necessity of improving the nation's evaluation, decision-making, and response processes. Operational art, design and other similar concepts apparently offer a means for framing the operational issue. However, both the aforementioned elements are unable to effectively improve commanders' capacity of grasping the condition. Processes like those mentioned above prove inadequate when it comes to solving key questions and conveniently translating into missions for troops to execute. The process of situation evaluation commences with the examination of a map by military staff members and commands. This is where GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) comes in. GEOINT refers to an emergent subfield in the intelligence domain responsible for offering comprehensive information analyses, an operational environment evaluation, and a way to examine potential issues which might surface. GEOINT represents the…


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Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane in Florida
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99447699
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Emergency Plan for Jacksonville, Florida During Hurricane Season

First and foremost, when preparing for a hurricane, it is essential that a community have an effective communications plan for before, after, and during the storm. The government should have a plan regarding how to disseminate information to the public, including if there is a loss of power. The public should likewise be prepared beforehand to communicate with family members and work colleagues as well as emergency personnel. This may include being prepared for emergency texts and emails sent by the local government, being aware of the best websites and news channels to seek out for information, and having battery-powered radios in case of a total outage of both power and cellular service.

Given that the conditions of a hurricane are always changing, families should be encouraged to have adequate amounts of food and water on hand, batteries for flashlights, and any…


How to prepare for a hurricane. (2016). FEMA. Retrieved from:

Encyclopedia Hurricane Katrina Is Estimated
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61269039
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This also seemed to follow a pattern set by the 911 disaster (prior warning signs were ignored by governing officials then as well).

The article brings to the reader's attention the problem at hand, which is that there are three main proposals being debated to prevent any further severe coastal damage in this region. All of them are very expensive and this seems to lie with the way the work will be contracted. The author (Michael Fischetti) even includes that the Army Core of Engineers is usually the group who would handle the design and the building of any safety structures (71).

Most of the information in this article has been common knowledge but can easily be referenced if one wished to verify the information contained within. It is rather disappointing that the article does not include any journal citations to make the reader's job of checking for accuracy less…

Works Cited

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September 2006

Disaster Planning Hurricane Floyd Evacuation in Florida
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64211269
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Hurricane Floyd was deemed to be a Category 4 storm with 145 mph winds. It was also seen to be bigger than the hurricane Andrew, which had struck south Florida in 1992. Andrew caused a huge disaster and left 26 dead, 160,000 homeless, and property damage of $25 billion. Floyd was determined to be bigger and potentially more dangerous than Andrew, which caused people to panic. Officials had reported by Sunday night Floyd could become a Category 5 hurricane with winds exceeding 155 mph, which led to the officials deciding to evacuate the residents who were most likely to be affected by the storm. However, hurricane Floyd bypassed the state completely with its 140 mph winds skirting the peninsula off the coastline. Floyd did not make landfall and the evacuation orders issued were not necessary.
The issue hurricane Floyd presented was one to do with communication on who should evacuate.…

DHS and Hurricane Katrina
Words: 2452 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19217223
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The fight against Hurricane Katrina in a political environment set on fighting terrorism

Improving security can be a particularly challenging mission and this makes a critical thinking technique particularly useful for a person or a community to effectively strengthen their position and legislations. One of the first things that someone dealing with the concept needs to consider is the fact that security can never be one hundred percent foolproof. Even the most advanced security systems can be defeated and caring for such a system thus entails having to be in constant alert and to attempt to improve it every minute. The better a security system is, the harder it is for a criminal to defeat it and the more successful the individuals benefiting from it are.

Many individuals have a limited understanding of the idea of security, as they only tend to…

Works cited:

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FEMA and Hurricane Katrina
Words: 1869 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93738633
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The problem with the response to Hurricane Katrina was not that a National Response Plan (NPR) was not in place or that a National Incident Management System (NIMS) did not exist. It was that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had been in decline for years, was suffering from significant turnover among top leaders, and the individuals who were in charge lacked the appropriate leadership experience and knowledge to oversee an effective response to a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina (Lewis, 2009; Select Bipartisan Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina,2006). This paper will 1) describe 3 major examples regarding the leadership demonstrated in regard to preparing for and responding to Hurricane Katrina, give an assessment of each and explain why each was pivotal in the response’s outcome. It will also give an assessment of how each could have been improved. 2) It will describe…

Worker Safety During Hurricane Relief
Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84501851
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responder hazards for a hurricane in Jacksonville, Florida include mold and fungi due to flooding, exposure to asbestos and other dangerous substances from damaged buildings, bacteria and infectious organisms from sewage in local drinking water, downed power lines leading to problems such as possible electrocution or injury from falling limbs, strains from moving heavy objects in the rescue or cleanup efforts, slippery surfaces leading to falls, falls from workers on rooftops, and transportation accidents. Protective measures that can be introduced to minimize or mitigate these hazards include ensuring adequate ventilation for workers in enclosed spaces, the provision of situation-specific protective gear for all personnel, following procedures for proper disposal of hazardous waste, properly training workers regarding downed power lines, operation of transportation or construction vehicles, and working with utility companies to selectively cut power to certain areas during the cleanup and rescue operations. Although many of these controls are being…


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015). Emergency response resources. Retrieved online: 

OSHA Fact Sheet. Retrieved online:

Photograph Hurricane Katrina 2005
Words: 1541 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89067875
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Garrett, Brandon L., and Tania Tetlow. "Criminal Justice Collapse: The Constitution after Hurricane Katrina." Duke Law Journal 56.1 (2006): 127+. Questia. 1 Mar. 2009

Images of Hurricane Katrina, found online at,2005,retrieved 1 March 2009.

Images of Brittany Spears, found online at,retrieved1 March 2009., found online at, retrieved 1 March 2009.

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Images of Brittany Spears, found online at,retrieved1  March 2009.

Income Gap Hurricane Katrina Stuck
Words: 1621 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64551210
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For instance we can take the examples of African-Americans, the events and issues show that some ethnic groups had to struggle hard to stay ahead in the social fabric of American society.


The living conditions of poor and middle segment of the society are main indicators of the health of economy and income distribution. While in developing nations the plight of the poor and even middle segments of society is well-known. Developed nation like United States have not been associated with poverty and the poor treatment of certain segments of society. Recent event have made people argue that over the years issues of poverty and unequal income distribution have hit America in a big way. These issues now can not be brushed under the carpet as the issues are being debated at all forums. People have accepted the grim fact that Income gap exists in American Society and these…


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Mardi Gras Before Hurricane Katrina
Words: 353 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 91852880
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the nineteenth century saw the Mardi Gras celebration banned, but when it were restored in New Orleans in the 1820s it was a great equalizing force, allowing African-Americans -- man of them still slaves -- the freedom to drum and celebrate in ways they were unable to almost anywhere else or at any other time (Carnaval 2000). The celebrations are still a great equalizer, brining together people of all classes and backgrounds in a racous celebration of life.


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Example of a Destructive Tornado or Hurricane
Words: 907 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57315289
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Joplin Tornado

The author of this report has been asked to focus on a single hurricane or tornado and how it impact human and societal life. Being that it is quite recent and it was very destructive, the author of this report has chosen the EF-5 tornado that decimated much of Joplin, Missouri in 2011. The author will cover how the tornado impacted the earth, the damage toll, the death toll, the economic impacts involved and any permanent consequences that have resulted. While the city of Joplin is certainly in recovery mode, that tornado hit that city head-on and levied a massive amount of destruction.

One account of the Joplin tornado that is quite exhaustive and informative would be that of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, or NIST. The "EF-5" label mentioned in the introduction makes reference to the Fujita scale of tornado intensity. There are only five…


NIST. (2015). Joplin Missouri Tornado 2011. Retrieved 16 June 2015, from 

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Incident Commander Responses
Words: 825 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3434441
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Hurricane esponse Issues

The purpose of this essay is to highlight and describe the various details that are inherent within a disaster. This essay will focus on a recent hurricane event that demands the attention of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and includes the necessary actions by the Incident Commander (IC). The current status of the problem is post hurricane and extra medical supplies are needed. Along with this problem lies the issue of drinking water, food and temporary shelter. There is also continuous rain falling as floods are threatening the well being of both the residents of this area and the rescue effort itself.


Prioritizing during emergency responses is a very necessary thing to do in order to survive these troubling situations. Leadership is necessary in these cases to provide guidance and a sense of faith and hope in times of peril and danger. In hurricane response situations,…


Bucci, I., Inserra, D., Lesser, J., Mayer, M.A., Slattery, B., Spencer, J., & Tubb, K. (2013). After Hurricane Sandy: Time To Learn And Implement The Lessons In Preparedness, Response, And Resilience. The Heritage Foundation Emergency Preparedness Working Group, (144).

Wolshon, B., Urbina, E., Wilmot, C., & Levitan, M. (2005). Review of policies and practices for hurricane evacuation. I: Transportation planning, preparedness, and response. Natural hazards review, 6(3), 129-142.

The Weather in Space
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Hurricanes and NASA Problems

Finding the Distance to Stars Using the Parallax Angle

Given the above equation and information provided, about how far away is HT Cas?

133 parsecs


parsecs parsecs

Your answer was calculated in parsecs. Given that 1 parsec = 3.2616 light years, about what is the distance to HT Cas in light years? (Your answer in parsecs X 3.2616 light years = The Distance to HT Cas in light years).

light years

217 light years

434 light years

219 light years

Based on your answer, do you think this is a star that we might be able to send a space probe to? Why or why not? Support your answer.

1,287,418,956,726,420 After reviewing some information about probes, I do not think this star is one that we might be able to send a probe to. Voyager 1 is the probe that has gone the furthest in…


Barnes, G. (2009). Hurricanes and the equator. / Retrieved from

Analysis of Asbestos Exposure
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Hurricanes are frequent in certain parts of the United States like Florida. The most prevalent toxin that can wreak havoc after a hurricane is asbestos. "Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that was used extensively up until its dangers became truly evident in the last quarter century. It was used in nearly all aspects of home and building construction because of its fire-retardant and insulation qualities" ("Asbestos emoval after a Hurricane -- Safe handling of asbestos," 2016). While Asbestos does not present an immediate danger when left undisturbed, after a hurricane, potential flooding could release the particles into the air through structural damage of buildings, floors, and pipes lined with asbestos. When released into the air, the particles become 'friable' and can affect humans in a deadly way through diseases of the lung like mesothelioma.

The exposure limit is 0.1 fiber/cm3TWA 1.0 fiber/cm3 Excursion Limit (30 minutes). The target organs are…


Asbestos Removal after a Hurricane -- Safe handling of asbestos. (2016). Retrieved 22 April 2016, from 

CDC, (2016). CDC - NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Retrieved 22 April 2016, from

Planning Efforts to Reduce Future Disaster Impacts
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Hurricane Katrina and the Plan Efforts to educe elated Disaster Impacts in Future

Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane Katrina is one of the deadliest hurricanes to occur in the United States. The hurricane hit Louisiana, Florida, and New Orleans amongst other places. It led to losses, evacuation of people, loss of lives and many businesses came to stand still. New Orleans had flood preparedness systems, which did not help, and floods persisted for weeks. The tragedy was contributed to by the lack of risk preparedness systems. Scientists have estimated lower storm surges and small coverage of wetlands in the 20th century. The winds, surges, and wetlands help to weaken the powerful winds. The areas are still vulnerable to hurricanes and storms in the future due to the geographic location. New Orleans city is also sinking geologically rapidly. Lessons learned from the hurricane Katrina should be used for disaster preparedness.



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Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic
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" (Chennameni, 2006) it is reported that this "incessant interaction and conversion in turn results in joint creation of knowledge by individuals and organizations." (Chennameni, 2006) Organizations are reported to play a key role in activating the "explicit and tacit dimensions of knowledge and in providing a forum for the knowledge spiral through four modes of knowledge creation" (Chennameni, 2006) Those four modes are stated to include: (1) socialization; (2) externalization; (3) combination; and (4) internalization. (Chennameni, 2006)

Socialization speaks of the exchanging of "tacit knowledge among members through the social interactions and shared experiences." (Chennameni, 2006) Externalization refers to the translation of tacit knowledge into from explicit knowledge." (Chennameni, 2006) it is reported that each of the modes of conversion are both "interdependent and tangled." (Chennameni, 2006)

B. Diffusion of Innovation

ogers Diffusion of Innovations explains change via Social Networks. The Diffusion of innovations theory explains the process of…


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Planned Behaviour: A Meta-Analysis," (22:3),2003.

Ruben Carter
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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter has become a symbol, both negative and positive, for American's judicial system.

Rubin carter's case has had a profound impact on accused and convicted criminals today. The advent of DNA technology has helped to reduce the number of wrongful convictions, and has also been instrumental in exonerating a number of convicted prisoners. hile DNA technology has had an important impact on the criminal justice system, experts argue that the number of wrongful convictions is an increasing problem in the United States. One website lists 22 potential wrongful convictions on Texas' death row alone. Racism played an important role in Carter's original conviction, and today allegations of racism continue to plague the criminal justice system. The legal damage to the right of habeas corpus by the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 has reduced the ability of prisoners to demand the right to be brought before…

Works Cited

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Roberts, Paul Craig. From Blackstone to Bentham: Why Wrongful Conviction Is On The Rise. 22 March 2004.

Lessons Learned From Katrina
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Hurricane Andrew and Katrina, hurricanes are never a good thing and are always a logistical nightmare. However, those two hurricanes stand out among many others as the death and destruction they rendered was off the charts. Looters and the "strangers" mentioned in the assignment parameters tend to be common as the degenerates of society always take advantage of such calamities. However, some strangers are simply just looking for loved ones. However, people coming into the area other than trained and well-equipped emergency personnel are the last thing a hurricane zone needs. This and other questions will be addressed in this report. While any hurricane response strategy is going to be controlled chaos, there are some best practices that need to be employed.


One plan that needs to be implemented right off the top is a cordoning off of the worst areas, especially those that are impassable, so as to…


Dao, J. (2005, September 1). New Orleans Is Awaiting Deliverance. The New York

Times. Retrieved July 28, 2014, from 


Fussell, E. (2010, January 1). Race, socioeconomic status, and return migration to New

Financial Concepts Used to Execute
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As per IC Sec. 1033(h), the tax rules for the replacement of those properties destroyed or converted in such cases are eased and the overall replacement period extended as well. "Some rules were also revised like the 'ev. ule 95-22' which considers the funds received for the primary residence as well as scheduled property such as jewelry, pieces of art, coins, etc. which had been insured, as funds for a single item of property." (IS, Tax Law Changes elated to Hurricanes Katrina, ita and Wilma) These funds were to be considered as a "common pool" of proceeds from which the gains realized by the taxpayer could be to the extent of the amount exceeding the expenses after meeting a suitable replacement property. This revised rule also clarifies that the replacement property could refer to the residence being replaced or any scheduled private property "in any proportion." (Kess, Hurricane Katrina tax…


Agnew, Christine, L. Come Hell and high water: Can the tax code solve the post-

Katrina insurance crisis?

Brown, D.M. Hurricane Katrina: The First Seven Days of America's Worst Natural

Disaster. Kessinger Publishing. 2005.

Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management
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Function #1: Mitigation

At this stage, gradual and long-term steps are taken to ensure that disasters do not occur, or that, when they do, they cause minimal damage. Actions at this stage include the identification of hazards, the research of the causes which generate the disaster, the creation of means in which to modify the causes of the disasters, the development of means which reduce the community's vulnerability to the disaster, the efforts to better consolidate old buildings, the construction of disaster-resistant buildings, the education of the population or the provision of insurance.

At this stage, the responsibilities of the central government include:

The identification of hazards and the research of their causes

The research as to how the causes of the disaster can be modified

The offering of research and development grants to local projects

The promulgation of buildings safety standards

elative to the competencies of the local governments…


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Case Study Emergency Management
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Emergency Management: Hurricane Katrina and Lessons Learned

In late August, 2005, Hurricane Katrina became the 11th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season and was its most deadly and destructive. The federal and state governments' responses to this natural disaster have been heavily criticized in the mainstream media as well as by the hundreds of thousands of victims of this disaster in the years that followed. Although it is far too late for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, there were some valuable lessons learned from the disaster that have been used to help formulate improved responses in the future. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning the emergency management of Hurricane Katrina, followed by an assessment of the various lessons that were learned. A summary of the research and important findings concerning these lesson learned are provided in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion



Birkland, T.A. (2006). Lessons of disaster: Policy change after catastrophic events. Washington,

DC: Georgetown University Press.

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Collaborate on what? Seeking common ground in regional all-hazards preparedness training. Journal of Environmental Health, 69(6), 28-31.

Compare and Contrast Psychological Impact of Katrina and Lusitania
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psychological impact of Katrina & Lusitania

Hurricane Katrina which took place in the year 2005 is said to be one of the worst storm disaster that took place in the history of the United States. It led to loss of many lives, and it was unavoidable. The winds both from Louisiana to Alabama caused the level of water to arise at about 80% of the New Orleans and neighborhoods. The tragedy left many people with worries asking how the tragedy like that could happen to threaten the lives of many Americans (Brinkley, 2006).

The sinking of Lusitania on the other hand, contributed to various impacts on America as well as, the World War One. However, the Americans were never interested in joining the war unless they had finished another two years. The Lusitania sinking also enraged many Americans as well as, hastening the people from United States' entrance into the…


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Planning Efforts to Reduce Future Disaster Impacts
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Planning Efforts to educe Future Disaster Impacts

This paper looks at options for programs to be put in place before to a disaster to avoid major and often poorly-managed expenditures after a catastrophe and to offer suitable protection against the risk of those large losses which do occur. It is important for the government to provide programs that enlightens the citizens on how to deal with the hazards that come with hurricanes. Natural hazards have taken place in America and they have not been well attended to. The response in the Haiti earthquake showed some weakness in response. Hurricane Katrina should have given Americans a lesson on how to prevent major destructions in case of a similar scenario.


Katrina was a hurricane that hit the Atlantic in 2005 and was known to be the most dangerous hurricane in history of America. Over 1,836 people died as a result of…


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Psychology in the Year 2005 United States
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In the year 2005, United States experience one of the biggest, deadliest and costly hurricanes of that period. The hurricane was named Hurricane Katrina; it cost loss of lives, property and flooding across different states. The emergency situation had to be dealt with immediately and strategies to do so had to be all rounded. This is because those affected were either directly involved or witnessed the occurrence. This discussion is aimed and analyzing the victims of the emergency following two approaches that is humanistic and behavioral while comparing and contrasting their effectiveness.

How do therapists using each of these perspectives view the client and client's problem?

Behavioral approach is concerned with theoretical and measurable aspects of human behavior. Human behavior can either be learnt or unlearnt depending on whether they are acceptable on a social and cultural basis. Humanistic approach in the other hand is concerned with individual responses…


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Local Team Response Communication Hitches
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There were incidences of the army having supplies but no requests came in for the supplies from FEMA which was supposed to be initiating that.

The lack of the CIA activation also meant there was no unified command on the ground hence the delay of the arrival of the active duty-federal troops in New Orleans. Even though there were in excess of 50,000 troops sent with resources from over 49 states, the operations did not proceed efficiently due to lack of the command from federal Northern Command, which was overseeing the large-scale deployments and operations of the active-duty military (Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, 2006:Pp11).

3. Politics and decision making process

In the event of any disaster, be it natural or an act of terrorism, there is always an attempt to politicize the process of making decisions particularly relating to the search and rescue and general response…


Department of Homeland Security, (2004). Catastrophic Incidence Annex. National Response

Plan. Pp1. Retrieved October 2, 2012 from 

Homeland Security, (2005). Catastrophic Incident Supplement to the National Response

Plan. Retrieved October 2, 2012 from

Sar Teams That Responded to
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Personal freedoms and choice to say is all well and good, but forced evacuations should have been done and the parking lots full of empty buses prove that this can and should have been done had anyone had the temerity to do it. The state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans should fully implement the NF/NP frameworks so as to prepare for the next storm, which will come.

Two Concerns

One issue that predates 9/11 and has gotten both better and worse since then is airport security. Some of the screening tactics and procedures engaged in by the TSA are reassuring but some of them are head-scratching. When grandmothers and infant children are being poked and prodded for bombs or weapons, that is lunacy. Israel is widely condemned for their unapologetic racial profiling, but they simply point to two facts. The first is that most airplane-oriented terrorists are…


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Fagnoni, C.M. (2006). Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Coordination between FEMA and the Red Cross Should Be Improved for the 2006 Hurricane Season: GAO-06-

Estuary Save the Estuaries --
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It is always necessary to minimize flooding from storm waters and protect the coastland from devastating storm surges and help clean pollutants from runoff, and "wetlands in our bays perform all these important functions and more for free. One study suggests wetlands provide nearly $7,000 per acre of services each year" (Harvey, 2005)

However, estuaries are quite fragile and are still subject to the ravages of national disasters. "As highlighted in news coverage of Hurricane Katrina, large areas of coastal wetlands have been lost, but those that remain help absorb the brunt of incoming storms, dampening storm energy before storms reach homes" (Harvey, 2005) That is why the EPA's Coastal atershed Protection Strategy "specifically targets technical assistance and support top priority coastal watersheds through its Clean ater Action Plan. The plan "was developed to address enhanced protection of public health from threats posed by the destruction of estuaries by natural…

Works Cited

Estuaries and Your Costal Wetland." (2006). Environmental Protection Agency. (EPA).

Oceans: Fact Sheet. Retrieved 27 Jan 2007 at 

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Press Release: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Retrieved 27 Jan 2007 at

Duty to Rescue' in U S
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Here, criminal law is of course preemptive in all jurisdictions, yet enforcement is restricted to agencies dedicated to law enforcement investigation and apprehension of individuals.

In spite of billions of dollars spent on homeland security, in the aftermath of Katrina pediatric-specific preparations continue to lag behind. Lack of disaster readiness for hospitalized children and for those undergoing reunification process sheds light on the disjuncture of public administration duty to rescue of minors; regardless of state intervention as 'duty' in all other areas of their lives (i.e. foster care). Children's advocates argue that,

"federal and state policy makers should dedicate research funding for the development of redundant strategies for implementation in states to assure timely reunification of infants, toddlers, and children and with their correct parents and caregivers" (Dolan and Krug, 64).

Articulation of those terms and the implications of not doing so are inflected in a broader discussion that is…

Works Cited

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Laws and Regulations. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 2010. Web.

Response Team Problems
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The following is a response to a major disaster in the Asian coastal country of Bangladesh. A major and destructive typhoon has recently hit the country and there are significant problems. The result of this typhoon has seem massive death, destruction and population displacement, and to worsen the situation, data indicates that cases of a diarrheal disease consistent with cholera have been reported.

This essay will highlight the priorities of work that need to be addressed in order to respond to the cholera outbreak that appears imminent. This response will recommend certain actions that need to be implemented and which agencies to seek assistance from to help in making the plan work. Pre-deployment preparations for those flocking to the disaster will also be discussed to give a more descriptive form to the problem.

Impacts of Cholera Outbreaks

It is important and preliminary to understand the problems and risks associated…


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Vaccinations in disaster situations: Recommendations of the PAHO/WHO special program for vaccines and immunization (2012). Retrieved from:

Disaster Recovery Toms River After Sandy
Words: 2538 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90981948
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Toms iver Township is a hub of the Jersey Shore. On October 29, 2012, "superstorm" Sandy hit the area, leaving widespread damage to property and infrastructure. A month after the storm hit, most of Toms iver homes are uninhabitable and businesses are far from returning to their "usual" operations. The mayor has been working closely with the state of New Jersey and federal agencies like FEMA, but requires the assistance of an experienced NGO like Acme Disaster Support Services (ADSS).

Goals of recovery include debris removal, restoration of infrastructure, essential services, and core structures, and returning the community to a livable state as soon as possible so that residents and business owners may return. ADSS serves in a support and organizational role, focusing primarily on facilitating communication and coordinating recovery efforts and activities. While ADSS does not supply actual funding or resources, we will help the township understand how to…


Katz, A. (2012). One month after Sandy: Where the storm came ashore. Time. Nov 29, 2012. Retrieved online: 

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Emergency Occurring Is Inevitable Although
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In February of 2006 changes to the structure of FEMA were proposed. According to an article found in the Washington Post, the proposed changes would create a fulltime response force of 1,500 and expanding 10 regional offices (Hsu). The changes to the Agency bring into question whether or not the agency should remain a response agency with a small workforce that has the primary responsibility of processing disaster claims and providing assistance in times of emergency or should FEMA be expanded to an agency that has the capacity to take charge whenever it is required.

According to the article the proposed changes which also include improving vendor databases, adding reconnaissance teams, and strengthening claims management are only the beginning of what needs to be changed to ensure that the agency operates more efficiently (Hsu). The article also asserts that a cultural change must occur as it relates to the way…


Brown, Sharon P., Sandra L. Mason, and Richard B. Tiller. "The Effect of Hurricane Katrina on Employment and Unemployment: After BLS and Its State Partners Made Critical Modifications to Estimation Procedures, Local Area Data Show That Hurricane Katrina Depressed Employment Levels Sharply in Louisiana and Mississippi;" the Initial Effect on Unemployment, Though Also Strong, Was Temporary." Monthly Labor Review 129.8 (2006): 52+.

Clayton, Richard L., and James R. Spletzer. "Worker Mobility before and after Hurricane Katrina: A Substantial Number of Workers Were Displaced from the New Orleans Metropolitan Statistical Area after Hurricane Katrina; Those Who Quickly Found Jobs in Texas Experienced a Substantial Decline in Their Short-Term Earnings." Monthly Labor Review 129.8 (2006): 11+.

Hsu Spencer S. Experts Question Proposed FEMA Changes

Washington Post. Wednesday, February 15, 2006; Page A04

Katrina Communications Failures in Public
Words: 1056 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25061796
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It has also been noted that the communication plans and protocols that were in place had not been properly communicated to all necessary parties, such that even the preparations and infrastructure that existed for the express purpose of dealing with emergency events were not properly utilized (White House 2007). Not only were better public safety communications systems as well as interagency communications systems necessary, then, but these systems needed to be more clearly outlined and presented to the right individuals.

esponse to Noted Problems

The issues that arose during the response to Hurricane Katrina did not go unnoticed by the media, the public, or the officials involved in responding to disasters and coordinating relief efforts. Through the reactions of these officials and the legislation that was proposed and/or enacted in the wake of the hurricane, other specific communications problems that occurred during Katrina as well as more general public safety…


Moore, L. (2005). Public Safety Communications Policy: Before and After Hurricane Katrina. Accessed 7 October 2011. 

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US Congress. (2006). Protecting Infrastructure; Public Communication; Role of the Media. Accessed 7 October 2011.

Inter-Agency Collaboration to Facilitate Cross-Departmental
Words: 4891 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 30329379
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S. history such as Hurricane Andrew and the Northridge earthquake. Post-9/11 infrastructure protection investments have focused on increasing the security of infrastructure, not in increasing its resilience." (p. 258)

Certainly, these breakdowns are an indication that many of the interagency strategies brought to bear in the discussion on public administration had not been executed effectively, especially those intended to coalesce under the roof of the Department of Homeland Security. A quick review of the disaster management failures of Katrina are appropriate here. Accordingly, for five days after the landfall and passage of Hurricane Katrina, hordes of people stranded in New Orleans continued to wait for some indication that the federal government would soon be provided relief. Stranded and contained in horrific conditions in the city's football arena, the Superdome, which had been converted to a makeshift evacuation shelter with woefully insufficient supplies and accommodations for the tens of thousands who…


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