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What would be a good relevant topic to do a research paper on regarding Emergency Management?


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Emergency management is the practice of handling disasters, whether manmade or natural disasters.  There are different levels of emergency management, because emergencies can be local, citywide, statewide, countrywide, or even global.  The current COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of a global emergency and how different regions have handled the pandemic highlight differences in emergency management.

There are a number of different topics to explore in terms of emergency management:

  1. The role of local emergency management facilities in helping stop local spread of COVID-19.
  2. Comparing and contrasting country policies in terms of travel restrictions after the COVID-19 environment.
  3. Local responses to wildfires and whether there could be a more rapid response that would stop their spread.
  4. What impact does politics have on how a government responds to emergency management challenges? 
  5. Are there four or five stages of emergency management?
  6. How important is prevention in the role of emergency management?  If more efforts were expended in prevention efforts, would it be possible to avoid more problems?
  7. Once an emergency has occurred, what steps can emergency management officials take in order to mitigate the impact of the emergency?
  8. What steps can an emergency management office take in order to be prepared for emergencies?
  9. What impact do things…

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