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Illegal Immigrant Farm Labor in the U S

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Illegal Immigrant Farm Labor

In the U.S. today, much of the farm labor is done by illegal immigrants. There are several issues to consider with this type of immigration, and there are definite (and strong) opinions on both sides of the issue. While some people have very little problem with these immigrants, others feel as though they should not be allowed to remain in the country under any circumstances. Using illegal immigrants for farm labor is a practice that has gone on for a number of years, and those who use these types of workers state that the reason they do it is due to the fact that U.S. workers will not do the same job for the same price (Beasley, 2006). The farmers would have to raise their rates quite aggressively if they were going to use U.S. workers, because they would likely have to pay them more (Ngai,…… [Read More]


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Illegal Immigratiion for Decades Congress

Words: 863 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 36989001

For example a study in 1982-83 had found that illegal aliens were contributing more to the economy than the state was spending on them. (Cited in LeMay, ed. 1989, 10)

There is much confusion in connection with the economic impact. Some studies feel that illegal aliens contribute very little considering the fact that they are usually employed in low paying jobs.

Economists have consistently argued back and forth as to whether or not illegal immigrants are actually driving down wages and making working conditions even worse. Some economist saw it from a different angle. They felt that some employers need to fill the low wage niche as they need to make some profit too and this niche can only be filled by illegal aliens who are willing to work at very low wages. If it had not been for those immigrants, some small firms would go out of business. This…… [Read More]


Muller and Espanshade 1985, 11-12; LeMay 1987, 73-102; and Stanley Lieberson, a Piece of the Pie (Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 1980).

LeMay Michael. 1985. The Struggle for Influence. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America.
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Illegal Immigrant Issue Is Age

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Illegal aliens do not pay taxes but loopholes allow them to get benefits on taxpayers' expense. esides, the Republicans might have started the immigration reform, but it was the House Democrats that allowed a provision in the bill passed in December 2005. House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner tried to pass an amendment that would reduce illegal immigration to a misdemeanor, but although two thirds of the House Republicans sustained him, the amendment was defeated. 191 of the 254 votes against it came from Democrats.

As we speak, sanctuary laws ban police officers from initiating police action where the objective is to discover the alien status of a person" (LAPD Policy, 1979). They may not inform the ICE (formerly INS) about an undocumented immigrant" detained for minor violations. The police may only accost a deportee if the latter has given them another reason except for the immigration felony (such…… [Read More]


Kiely, Kathy. GOP leaders oppose immigration felony." USA Today, 12 April 2006. 

Mac Donald, Heather. The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave." City Journal, December 2004" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Immigration Nation of Immigrants America Is Sometimes

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Nation of Immigrants

America is sometimes referred to as a "nation of immigrants" because of our largely open-door policy toward accepting foreigners who pursuing their vision of the American Dream. Recently, there has been a clamor by some politicians and citizens toward creating predominantly closed-door policy on immigration, arguing that immigrants threaten American life by creating unemployment, taking jobs from American workers, using much-needed social security services, and encroaching on the American way of life. hile these statements seem valid for many, they are almost overwhelmingly false, and more than likely confused with the subject of illegal immigration. Immigrants actually enhance American life by creating, not taking jobs, bolster social service funds through tax payment, and bringing valuable technical knowledge and skills to our country.


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is defined as the trespassing across the national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Illegal Immigrants in the United

Words: 491 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19223556

Likewise, itle VII's protections extend to all workers in the United States, whether born in the United States or abroad and regardless of citizenship status. itle VII articulates the national policy against national origin discrimination in the workplace, while also preserving an employer's freedom of choice to make sound business decisions (SECION 13: NAIONAL ORIGIN DISCRIMINAION).

By examining the Compliance Manual, it is apparent that it is better not to hire illegal immigrants because they are not American citizens and some of them are harmful to this country. However, they can get by with working in America due to the loop holes in laws. With that, it is recommended that companies use Affirmative Action temporary, which gives illegal immigrants a certain time frame to get their green card without receiving any penalties. It is also recommended if they are not in the legal process of receiving their green card, they…… [Read More]

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from employment discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, opposition to practices made unlawful by Title VII, or participation in Title VII proceedings.(2) This Section of the Compliance Manual focuses on the prohibition against national origin discrimination. In enacting this prohibition, Congress recognized that whether an individual's ancestry is Mexican, Ukrainian, Filipino, Arab, American Indian, or any other nationality, he or she is entitled to the same employment opportunities as anyone else. Likewise, Title VII's protections extend to all workers in the United States, whether born in the United States or abroad and regardless of citizenship status. Title VII articulates the national policy against national origin discrimination in the workplace, while also preserving an employer's freedom of choice to make sound business decisions (SECTION 13: NATIONAL ORIGIN DISCRIMINATION).

By examining the Compliance Manual, it is apparent that it is better not to hire illegal immigrants because they are not American citizens and some of them are harmful to this country. However, they can get by with working in America due to the loop holes in laws. With that, it is recommended that companies use Affirmative Action temporary, which gives illegal immigrants a certain time frame to get their green card without receiving any penalties. It is also recommended if they are not in the legal process of receiving their green card, they must be removed from the employment immediately. Along with that, the temporary work permission should be at least sixty days, which the illegal immigrant can give the government to stay in this country without appearing to be a threat for terrorism due to the events of September 11.

Within this memo, it is recommended that illegal immigrants receive a fair shot at employment that fits the policies of the government and company since some do intend to becoming American citizens, which they need and deserve the same treatment as any other until they are informed otherwise.
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Immigration in America

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Immigration in America: The Benefits and Costs of a Polarizing Problem


As Suarez-Orozco, Rhodes and Milburn (2009) point out, immigrants need “supportive relationships” in order to succeed in the foreign country that they move to (p. 151). However, when that foreign country is determined to address immigration issues—not only illegal immigration but also legal immigration—it can become a difficult problem for both sides of the political aisle. For a nation like the United States, that is especially true. After all, America was founded by immigrants. The early Spanish and French missionaries came in the 16th century seeking converts to Christianity. The Puritans and English followed. The Germans and Italians and Irish and Polish all came to America in the wake of Industrialization. Over time, America was host to so many different populations and groups of people that it was referred to as the melting pot in 1909 (Higgins). However,…… [Read More]

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Illegal Immigrant and the Healthcare

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There will be likelihood of lowering costs across the whole of the United States health care system through increasing the risk pool with a population that has proven less likely of utilizing health services, thus lowering the emergency medical care's costs, particularly based on the emergency Medicaid reimbursements, as well as shifting the centre of attention from expensive treatment after progressing of diseases to cheaper preventative and ambulatory care, (Sarita A. Mohanty, et al., 2005). Through extension of coverage, it can as well safe guard the health of the entire populations since there will be timely diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, hence it will bring a higher health quality throughout the lifetime of illegal immigrants for there will be protection against diseases but not just treating or managing diseases once they crop up.

On the other hand there is argument that there could be a countervailing consideration that might…… [Read More]


Dana P. Goldman, et al. Immigrants and the Cost of Medical Care, 25 HEALTH AFF. 1700, 1705 (2006). Retrieved July 7, 2012 from 

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Lawrence O. Gostin, Public health law: power, duty, restraint 415, 2nd Ed. (2008).

Retrieved July 7, 2012 from
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Illegal Immigrants Towards the Deportation

Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5100981

Shielding einforce Crimes

This next argument may have already been cited in the previous paragraph but I wish to put more emphasis, to explore, and to build on this point. By shielding serious crime offenders, they become more confident when committing crimes because they know that they will not be deported. This is the time when more than ever we need tougher rules, not crime-reinforcing actions. Knowing that a threat of deportation awaits criminal offenders, we believe that this would result to lower crimes. Tougher deportation rules end the very pull factors that resulted to illegal immigration. This move can hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, it is expected to reduce crime rates committed by young illegal immigrants and secondly, it helps deal with the problem of illegal immigration by and large.

Shielding: A Misappropriation of Public Funds

We also believe that shielding is a misappropriation of the taxpayer's…… [Read More]


Saunders, D.J. (2008). Sanctuary policy made city less safe. Retrieved at /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2008/07/21/EDLT11SJQU.DTLonTyler, C. (2008). SF officials questioned about sanctuary policy. Retrieved at 8, 2009. (2008). Family suing San Francisco over shield policy. Retrieved from onMarch 8.
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Immigration Fallacy the Existential Fallacy Behind Arizona's

Words: 866 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29221574

Immigration Fallacy

The Existential Fallacy Behind Arizona's Immigration Policy

Few issues currently featured in American public debate are clouded by as much emotional bias, invective and distortion as that of immigration reform. Particularly as this concerns America's shared border with Mexico, immigration is a discussion which carries significant political ramification, clear racial overtones and distinctions in ideology where American openness is concerned. As a result, many political figures have been moved to comment or drive policy on the issue-based less on the support of fact than on the employment of inflammatory rhetoric. And quite frequently, this rhetoric is presented with little concern for the logical fallacies which may underlie is basic formative claims. Rarely has this been evidenced with more vitriol or determination than in the state of Arizona over the last several years. In the context of our discussion, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is particularly noted for her steady…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Biggers, J. (2011). How Arizona wrote the GOP's immigration platform.
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Immigration Late 1890's Toward the

Words: 1778 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66531230

hile some eventually returned to their homelands, the vast majority settled throughout the United States, forming ethnic communities in urban areas, and homesteading farmlands in the west and mid-west rural areas. They fled their homelands due to economic depressions, and/or religious and political persecutions for the opportunity to establish a better life in the New orld, and in the process endured many hardships and often discrimination. Today, more than 43 million Americans claim German ancestry, and another 34 million claim Irish roots.

orks Cited

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Hardwick, Susan W. "Galveston: Ellis Island of Texas." Journal of Cultural Geography.
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Immigration -- the Challenge Illegal

Words: 1132 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48972794

Scores of illegal Latin Americans work in the hospitality industry, construction, meatpacking, agriculture, and landscaping sectors. In fact, in some of the states it is said that almost half of the construction workers are from Latin America. There are arguments that if all these illegal immigrants were removed these jobs would improve the unemployment situation for the American citizens. It is also generally argued that the pay scale for low skilled jobs would also increase. Also, most of the illegal aliens utilize healthcare, education and other services without paying taxes causing significant drain for the government.

The above points are clearly valid but there are both positive and negative effects of illegal immigration. Economists feel that totally eliminating illegal workers would only marginally improve the pay scale for high school dropouts and would not have any significant impact for workers with higher qualifications. Furthermore, illegal immigration contributes positively as Americans…… [Read More]


1) Michael Barone, 'Living with Illegals', U.S. News and World Report, April 3rd 2006.
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Immigration and Crime in the

Words: 1336 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11295087

To put a price tag on the problem for reader, Indiana University economist Eric Rasmusen claims in figures from a 2005 GAO report on foreigners that were incarcerated in Federal and state prisons calculated that illegal immigrants commit 21% of crime in America. This cost America more than $84 billion (Kingsbury).

Claim Three:

Illegal immigration from Mexico is a major funnel for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. This is stated in the groups own words. In a 2009 video, an al Qaeda recruiter threatened to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States. He claimed that the organization would do this via tunnels under the Mexico border. The video aired on Al Jazeera and was later posted to several web sites. These show Kuwaiti dissident Abdullah al-Nafisi telling supporters in Bahrain that terrorists in al Qaeda were observing the U.S. border with Mexico to figure out how to send terrorists…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico." Washington Times 3 June 2009: Web.

24 Oct 2010. .

"Al-Qaida Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border." News News,

20 Nov. 2005. Web. 24 Oct 2010. .
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Immigration - Drawing the Line

Words: 7210 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49580604

There is no question, however, that immigration issues will remain in the forefront of our national policy debates.

Deportation Factors and Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

Research indicates that since the late 1980s, Congress had been tightening the substantive provisions of the immigration laws, to make it far less likely that a convicted criminal alien can find a way to be relieved of expulsion. For many years the basic statutory pattern was that a crime involving moral turpitude rendered a person deportable, if it was committed less than five years after the person's entry and resulted in a sentence of one year or more confinement. A later-committed crime or one that drew a lighter sentence did not result in deportation. If the person committed two such crimes that were not part of a single criminal scheme, they could render the person deportable no matter when they were committed. A drug offense…… [Read More]


Calavita, Kitty. Immigration, law and marginalization in a global economy: Notes from Spain. Law and Society Review (1998).

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement the

Words: 2506 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 46700134

These measures included laws, which denied services to undocumented residents, alerted police to assume ICE functions, penalized for employers who hired the aliens, and made English the official language. In Arizona, ordinary citizens were encouraged to report businesses, which hired suspicious foreign-looking persons. Hispanics were the major targets of this xenophobia because they were believed to be the major law violators. Statistics showed that there were approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants, most of them Latinos or Hispanics, in the U.S. The national bias against them showed up in studies, which considered only them in determining how much they were costing the country in services. ut did they really drain the economy? A spokesman for the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission did not think so. A 2004 study on "foreign-born" citizens of Virginia alone concluded that Asians outnumbered Hispanics. The Commission found that these "foreign-born" citizens were not a huge…… [Read More]


Galuszka, P. (2008). Hispanics bearing the brunt of xenophobia. Diverse Issues in Higher

Education: Cox, Matthews & Associates. Retrieved on March 24, 2009 from;col1 

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Marcucci, M.R. (2007). Marchers call for immigration reform. Oakland Tribune: ANG
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Immigration in the U S There

Words: 1168 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68457631

Pastor categorizes the last century (ending in the 1980s) as falling into several categories, with regard to immigration policy, which he also notes is open for debate, as it is usually done in public debates in Congress and between the executive branch and congress.

While policy during this period may be categorized in many ways, a Latin American perspective suggests four useful divisions...: Defining Limits, 1875-1921; the Classical Special elationship, 1921-1964; From Special elationship to Global Policy, 1965-1978; and the Special Case -- Illegal Migration.

1984, p. 37)

The shift associated with immigration from, European sources to Latin America, and namely Mexico is well documented and determinant of many social issues, including those designated with the legal immigration sphere as well as those designated illegal, by virtue of the manner in which immigration is done. This was also a shift, in that there had been significant movements during and following…… [Read More]


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Immigration Into the U S Bears

Words: 2108 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37524940

In the most extensive study till date including nearly 3,000 people, Prof Vega has revealed that acculturation to U.S. customs has a damaging impact in the U.S. He found double the rate of mental disturbance in U.S. compared to the latest happenings of immigration or Mexicans who stayed in their country. Prof Vega along with his team of associates found that U.S. born Mexican-American, the lifetime threat of being detected with any mental disorder was analogous to that for non-Hispanic whites which is 48.1% that roughly one in two people. However, in case of new immigrants and Mexican citizen, the rate dropped down to 24.9%. Besides, they found out that the rate of psychological effect went up progressively after immigration in such a measure that Mexicans who had stayed in the country for more than 13 years had roughly identical rate as who were born in U.S. (as Mexican Immigrants…… [Read More]


Causes and Consequences of California's Latin American Origin Immigration" Retrieved at Accessed on 4 May, 2005

Chac n, Oscar; Rodr'guez, Aide; Shannon, Amy. (June, 2004) "Latino Immigrant Leaders Push for Immigration Reform: Background on Immigrant-Led, Community-Based Organization." Citizen Action in the Americas, No. 10; Americas Program, Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC) Retrieved at 

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Immigration Ethics and Social Responsibility Immigration and

Words: 2435 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71959597


Ethics and Social esponsibility:

Immigration and Amnesty in the United States

The question of immigration, especially in this country, is ever-present. From our past, and well into our future, the United States will be a nation of immigrants. However, as political candidates raise a number of questions relating to immigrants south of the border, one must wonder about how immigration has grown into such a hotly debated issue, and how it is separating this country. Though it is true that the United States needs immigration reform, one must also look at the traditions of the country, and how they can protect the less fortunate, especially in the area of immigration. The reason this must happen is because most come here with notions of a better place, where they can live safely and freely, and prosper as individuals. This nation ought to offer that to all individuals, for that is…… [Read More]


Amnesty International. "USA must fight anti-immigration sentiments in nine states" (2010). Amnesty International. < >.

Baier, K. (1990). "Egoism" in A companion to ethics, Ed., Peter Singer. Blackwell: Oxford.

Cox, A., & Posner, A. (2007). The second-order structure of immigration law. 809,

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Immigration the Impact of Immigration

Words: 10109 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 4946572

e can see that minority status has far less to do with population size, and instead seems very much to be inclined by race, ethnicity and political power instead. This label of minority status is in many ways used as a tag by which certain groups are detained from political unity or effectiveness.

To a large degree, this is a condition which relates to the nature of the Hispanic demographic, which in spite of its cultural diversity, is typically perceived by the larger American public as a single unified entity. This is both untrue and reflects the ethnocentric qualities of the white American political body that have tended to relegate the Hispanic population to representation that is not proportional to its true presence here. Indeed, "although Mexican-Americans continue to be the largest group within the Latino population, increasing immigration from other Latin American means they are perhaps the most culturally…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Agencia EFE. (2009). Hispanics ask Obama for More Key Government Posts. Hispanic Business. Ret. Feb. 13, 2010 at

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Borjas, G. (1995). The Economic Benefits from Immigration. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 9(2).
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Immigration in to the U S

Words: 1517 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71270605


The population concerns, and the amount of finance drained towards the social welfare of the immigrants pose threat to the U.S. economy. It is therefore important for the government to focus more towards the employment of the local population, and the immigration to the applicants should be granted on the basis of available job opportunities. The government has so far failed to deliver the economic grievances of the local population, therefore the amount sanctioned for the social welfare of the immigrants can be diverted towards the well-being of the local population the allocation of the funds towards security along the borders is justified because in many of the cases the immigrants have been associated with practices that are responsible for unethical and terrorist activities.


Gordon Howard Hanson. Why Does Immigration Divide America? Public Finance and Political Opposition to Open Borders Peterson Institute. 2005. pp. 51

Gary Scott Smith.…… [Read More]


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Immigration the Author of This Report Is

Words: 1155 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12996967


The author of this report is asked to watch, summarize and assess the implications and points made by the documentary titled The Other Side of Immigration by Roy Germano. In addition to that, the author is asked to offer opinions and analysis of whether or how reform in the United States should be structured, how the a guest worker program should be structured, what is slowing down immigration reform in ashington and whether there is a negative impact caused by illegal immigration in the United States. Lastly, the author will point to the portrayal of the immigrants in the movie and whether there is a bias involved with the documentary.

Review of Film

In watching the film, the basic premise and summary of the film is that the illegal or even legal immigrants from Mexico and the struggle they face as well as the reasons why the keep trying…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Foley, Elise. "Buck McKeon: Terrorists May 'Mingle In' With Latinos To Cross Border." Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post.  (accessed October 8, 2013).

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NPR. "A Reagan Legacy: Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants: NPR." NPR: National Public Radio: News & Analysis, World, U.S., Music & Arts: NPR.
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Illegal Immigrants in the U S

Words: 2196 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39582268

So who is an American and what an America can or cannot do are questions which are critical to the issue of legalizing immigrants. Does being an American mean you cannot show allegiance to any other country? The images of people raising and waving Mexican flag had enraged many but it need not have. It should be accepted that people who come from different countries would forever hold in their hearts a deep respect and love for their homeland. However to put the interests of home country ahead of your adopted country or to work in a way that benefits the home country but not the new country would definitely cause serious concern. It would be definitely foolish to direct or guide the behavior of illegal immigrants regarding countries and allegiance, but they should be expected to not work against the interests of their adopted land. That is fair and…… [Read More]


Johnson, Leahy Colleen. Growing Up and Old In Italian-American Families, page 223, 1985

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Ted Hayes. "Illegal Immigration Threatens U.S. Sovereignty, Economy and Culture." Insight on the News 16.36 (2000): 46.

Michelle Malkin. "Dismissing the Dangers of Illegal Immigration." Insight on the News 18.32 (2002): 46.
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Immigration and Its Policies One of the

Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 13952462

Immigration and its Policies:

One of the major recent controversial topics that have attracted huge debates in the United States is illegal immigration into America. The heated debate in the Congress involved two main political parties i.e. epublicans and Democrats prompting various immigrant supporters to hold peaceful demonstrations in the entire nation. The controversy was exacerbated by the calls for a comprehensive immigration reform approach by the president. The main reason behind the controversy in this topic is the significance of increased immigration for the spiritual and economic health of the United States. With the large number of immigrants in the United States, there is need for comprehensive reforms of the current immigration policies.

The immigration topic has become a subject of huge debate because 1 out of every 9 U.S. residents is an immigrant. In areas where the number of immigrants is growing or high, this debate has attracted…… [Read More]


Gabaccia, D.R. (2006, November). Today's Immigration Policy Debates: Do We Need a Little

History? Retrieved November 23, 2011, from 

Modarres, A. & Kitson, J. (2006, June). Toward an Immigration Policy Debate. Retrieved November 23, 2011, from 

"The Immigration Debate: It's Impact on Workers, Wages and Employers." (2006, May 17).
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Immigration on Minimum Wage the

Words: 463 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28070930

Many of these jobs are therefore filled with illegal immigrants, who are more than willing to work for the low wage of the current minimum wage because it is still better than what they would be paid in their home country.

Now, if the reason for the need for minimum wage workers is because these jobs do not pay enough, it would be reasonable to argue that by increasing the pay of these positions there will be more of an incentive for legal citizens and/or residents to take the jobs. Although most people are not willing to work for the current minimum wage, many will be willing to work for the $7.25 proposed rate. This will fill the vacancy of minimum wage jobs that have been hired out to illegal immigrants. If these jobs are filled by legal workers, then there will be less work opportunities for illegal immigrants. If…… [Read More]

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Immigration in the United States

Words: 699 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57944770

Even then, most of them will be back in the U.S. within a few days or weeks, so this is not solving the problem of immigration. The reason people come here is for opportunity, and so, a better investment than walls and border guards, would be improving the opportunities in Mexico and Central America, so they have more choices and more opportunities to live a better life in their own country.

For example, many U.S. companies have located factories in Mexico, especially along the border with the United States, but these factories pay low wages and many could be seen as little more than sweatshops. If major U.S. companies invested more money in Mexican outlets that paid decent wages, they would offer jobs to more Mexican citizens, keeping them in their country instead of entering ours illegally. Even more important, however, are the social services and government services that are…… [Read More]

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Immigration Essay

Words: 3539 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array

Opening Paragraph:

In this Immigration essay, we will offer some sample titles, topics, an outline, and structure that you can use to improve your writing. The start of any good essay is an interesting topic statement followed by a succinct and descriptive thesis statement. The Thesis statement acts as the direction from which a reader takes when examining the body and conclusion. Body paragraphs should include a background on the topic and sub topics addressing each part of the thesis statement. The conclusion is a brief recap of what was covered.


Immigration in the United States
Past and Present Immigration Patterns in the United States
Lost and Found: Immigration in the United States
Selected Title: The Birth of a Nation: Immigration


History of Immigration
Immigration Patterns in the United States
Contemporary Immigration
Effects of Immigration


I.  Introduction
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Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal immigrants to the United States [...] reasons illegal immigrants come to America, and the political debate which surrounds these immigrants. Illegal immigrants face many hardships when they come to the United States, and their life here is filled with controversy and difficulties.

The reasons people come to live in the United States illegally are many. Some immigrants come to America because they are fleeing persecution and prosecution in their own country. Unfortunately, many of these illegal immigrants continue to commit crimes once they have entered the United States. The cost of these immigrants to the criminal justice system is quite high. In fact,

The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) is administered by the ureau of Justice Assistance (JA) of the U.S. Department of Justice in cooperation with the INS. SCAAP provides federal funding to states and localities that are incurring costs of incarcerating criminal illegal aliens convicted of…… [Read More]


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Immigration in the United Kingdom

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Windrush Generation
After the end of WWII, the British were faced with a severe labor shortage. There were simply not enough workers to tend to the work needed in England. The war had wrought considerable destruction and the solution, it seemed at the time, was to import labor. Immigrants from the Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados were invited to the UK between the years of 1948 and 1971 to help fill the labor shortage. They arrived at the ship the MV Empire Windrush, which is where the name “Windrush Generation” comes from.[footnoteRef:2] As a result of the 1971 Immigration Act, people living in the UK were given the right to stay. However, in recent years, immigration laws have become more restrictive, and it is now estimated that nearly 50,000 long-term residents in the UK are at risk of being deported—many of them elderly. This…… [Read More]

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Immigration to U S Immigration Into the United

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Immigration to U.S.

Immigration into the United States is a topic that many Americans, from politicians to the ordinary man-on-the-street, have strong ideas about. Illegal immigration is a strongly controversial subject, but even legal immigration can cause debate. America views itself as a country of immigrants, and many Americans support the idea that the United States is the land of freedom and opportunity for the oppressed masses from around the world. Immigration is especially controversial during a tough economy like the United States has been experiencing since 2008. Many Americans feel that their jobs and income are threatened by immigrants who may arrive in the United States willing to labor in poor working conditions for low wages. Yet, immigrants, even illegal immigrants, don't come to the United States simply to "steal" jobs from Americans. The reasons that immigrants want to live in the United States are more complex than many…… [Read More]

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How Immigration Contributes to U S Economy

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Immigration contributes to U.S. Economy

How immigration contributes to U.S. economy

Popular Press

Giovanni Peri

30, August, 2010

The Effect of Immigrants on U.S. Employment and Productivity

The article by Peri narrates the effects of immigration over the total population of the country. He says that the statistical analysis proved that the economy expanded and became more productive after the immigration and the investment also went up. He narrates another opinion that the foreign born U.S. citizens are decreasing the job opportunities for the U.S. born citizens yet there is a consent that output actually increased. He discussed that there is no significant evidence that the jobs grew or dropped for U.S. born workers because of the immigrants. Thus, this means that U.S. workers did not lose jobs because of the immigrants rather new jobs were created for the immigrants that were great for the overall economy.

Peri stated that…… [Read More]


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US Government Should Limit the Level of Immigration

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Immigration to America

An Introduction and Claim

Over the years, the issue of immigration in America United States has raised complex demographic issues. Elements of population increase and cultural change on the native societies in the United States are evident characteristics of immigration. The social, political, and economic components of immigration cause controversies on issues of employment, settlement patterns, ethnicity, and economic benefits for non-immigrants. The government works on developing social mobility, reducing crime, and controlling voting behavior. This paper intends to outline the negative issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. The United States has fewer immigrants on per capita consideration comparable to half the OECD countries. Policies had developed before 1965 focused on establishing a working formula for limiting naturalization and immigration opportunities for persons without native claim.


The exceptional economic status of America makes it a haven for immigrants (David & Okazaki 887). However, globalization is fast…… [Read More]

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Immigration Issues

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Immigration issues have been hot in the media ever since the Obama administration proposed to change the immigration rules in the U.S. earlier this year. The current rule states that illegal immigrants need first to leave the country before they can request a waiver on the 3-10-year ban on coming back to the U.S. legally. The ban is placed based on how long the immigrants have lived illegally in the country. With the proposed rule, the children and spouses of legal U.S. citizens can request the government to make a decision on the waiver without them having to first leave the country. After the waiver has been given, they can then head back to their countries to apply for their visas. Associated Press, 2012()

The director of U.S. citizenship and immigration services, Alejandro Mayorkas, stated that this new rule would cut down the amount of time an illegal immigrant would…… [Read More]


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Illegal Immigrant Deportation Issues When an Illegal

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Illegal Immigrant Deportation Issues

hen an illegal immigrant is arrested and imprisoned for a crime committed in the United States, what happens to that immigrant when his time in prison has been served but his home country will not take him back? This paper reviews and critiques that question.

Zadvydas v. Davis

In order to fully expose the legal problem in this case the 2001 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Zadvydas v. Davis needs to be explained. The High Court ruled that Kestutis Zadvydas had served his time but because his home country, Cambodia, has no repatriation treaty with the U.S., Zadvydas he had remained in custody beyond what the legal statute allows. U.S. law allows that once prison time is served there is then a 90 day period after which the immigrant prisoner must be "removed" from incarceration. The High Court ruled that the Constitution is violated when a prisoner…… [Read More]

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Immigration Mexico and Impact on Women Like

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Immigration: Mexico and Impact on Women

Like many of the issues discussed in this course it is difficult to see a clear path to equal rights for female immigrants. This issue is particularly troubling because of the fact that there are layers of complex individual issues involved. A woman, whether in the country legally or illegally, may have challenges and struggles with regard to being treated fairly when compared to men as well as naturalized citizens. This inequality is compounded by the complex issue of immigration; those who are here illegally are highly marginalized and are not able to receive the protection that a citizen would. On top of all of those difficulties are the issues that affect illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S.A. These people risk rape, murder, death by heat stroke, dehydration, and hyperthermia which have all been increasing in recent years.

There is…… [Read More]

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Immigration Myths Some of the Myths Surrounding

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Immigration Myths

Some of the myths surrounding immigration are based on misinformation, others on simple ignorance, still others on incorrect interpretations from the media. Based on the text and popular sources, it seems that there are four major myths -- despite the fact that the United States is, in fact, a nation of immigrants:

Immigrants steal jobs from American citizens -- Immigrants count for 12% of the population, but 15% of the workforce; a result of the aging American population. What people really mean is that illegal immigrants are stealing American jobs. This is not true, since immigrants tend to be concentrated in low-skilled or agricultural jobs that most Americans do not want.

Immigration is mostly illegal and at an all-time high -- The high-point of American immigration came in the late 19th century. In the 21st century, about 2/3 of all immigrants are here legally as naturalized citizens or…… [Read More]

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Illegal and Often Even Legal Immigrants Are

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Illegal and often even legal immigrants are all too often looked upon in the these days as parasites with dark skin, too many children and no desire to learn English, as people who will come and take away jobs from "real" Americans. Such stereotypes about immigrants have been responsible for anti-immigration passed recently, such as the passage in California of Proposition 187, which was based on the assumption that illegal immigrants are an overall drawn on the economy, not only taking away jobs from U.S. citizens gut drawing from the public coffers more in social services than they return in the form of taxes paid. However, this has been found not to be the case (Scheer, 2000, p. B5). However, even if immigrants did cost the country a substantial amount in terms of social services, which they do not, they would still make immeasurable contributions to our culture, giving a…… [Read More]