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Ip Address Essays (Examples)

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TCP IP Protocol
Words: 1088 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24699976
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TCP/IP Protocol Suite

For the average computer user, TCP/IP probably doesn't mean a whole lot, except maybe when it comes to "configuring" their computer so they can get online, but without the TCP/IP protocol, the activity experienced on the Internet up until this point would not be possible. This paper will examine some of the components of the TCP/IP protocol and explore their uses as they apply to relevant parts of the Internet.

TCP/IP is the acronym for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which was originally established by the Department of Defense in 1993 to connect defense department computers with other computer networks. This network grew to include government and educational institution computers and eventually it has grown to include the widespread use of commercial and private networks.1

Simply put, TCP/IP "allows cooperating computers to share resources across a network." 2 Developed by Department of Defense researchers, TCP/IP once revolved around…


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Ip Man The Grandmaster and Women in Kung Fu
Words: 4082 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84280743
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Grandmaster and Gong Er: Wong Kar Wai's Ip Man and the Women of Kung Fu

Wong Kar Wai's Grandmaster begins with a stylish kung fu action sequence set in the rain. Ip Man battles a dozen or so no-names before doing a one-on-one show with another combatant who appears to be at equal skill and strength. Ip Man handily defeats him and walks away unscathed. Thanks to fight choreography by Chinese director and martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping (The Matrix, Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), the sequence would seem to set up a different sort of movie than what follows, which is a mostly soulful, introspective look at period in the life of Ip Man. Wong Kar Wai gravitates towards dramatic license in many places -- especially with the fictional character of Gong Er, who repeatedly enters and re-enters Ip Man's life in the film (even though no such…

Security Best Practices Assessing the
Words: 934 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43607976
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Next, firewalls capable of blocking IP addresses need to be installed and used (Becker, Clement, 2006). The focus on these efforts is just the first phase; there needs to be a monthly audit of IP addresses in the departments where P2P file sharing has occurred to make sure it isn't happening again. This an be accomplished using a series of constraint-based configuration tools that will trap on P2P known client footprints or digital signatures and immediately block them (Hosein, Tsiavos, Whitley, 2003). This technology will also work to isolate any inside IP addresses which attempt to reach P2P client-based download sites and immediately log and block all IP activity for the address. This will make a given IP address inoperable and immediately delete it, which will make any subsequent hacking attempts of the system useless. This is precisely the strategy the U.S. Government is using today to ensure a very…


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Network Structure and Functions of
Words: 3241 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81473385
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After server authorization four domains for giving and registration of addresses of clients are created. "If a physical LAN has more than one logical subnet, how can different groups of clients be allocated addresses on different subnets?

One way to do this is to preconfigure each client with information about what group it belongs to. A DHCP feature designed for this is the user class option. To do this, the client software must allow the user class option to be preconfigured and the server software must support its use to control which pool a client's address is allocated from. (DHCP FAQ (

In order to create domain, wizard is used. In nets,, elimination range is used only from one (last) address of range, because it's assigned to router's port as it was mentioned above. All other nodes, including printers may be set up on automatic receiving of…



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DNS Domain Name System
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42798438
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Domain Name System

DNS (Domain Name System)

The internet has rapidly grown and expanded. Its expansion and progress is unstoppable as the rate of growth recently has been increasing tremendously. With a few keystrokes one is able to visit an online library, bookstore, newsstands, and connect with family and friends. Nowadays searching for a website or email is like visiting a library. As is the case with physical addresses, the internet to uses addresses to locate specific devices found online. "The addresses can either be 32 or 128 bit number, which is referred to as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses" Graham, 2001, p. 35.

The virtual world too uses names referred to as domains, just as in the physical world. Domain names are easily remembered and more informative than the IP addresses. To ensure that domain names are properly associated with their respective IP addresses, the internet uses Name servers. These…


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Building a Company
Words: 2939 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29496304
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planning, assessment and measurement of proposed idea plays the most important role. Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and ill Gates are renowned names for their ideas in computer businesses. ut in fact there is no mystery behind any successful business; just you need is the right procedure and decisions to follow.

Preparing a business model is the first step towards the path of successful business. However, before you start developing model one must estimate whether idea has the potential to return enough value to the business, sponsors, stakeholders and customers. For this purpose, one must do complete research of the target market.

This assignment is based on building a computer company that would supply desktop, PCs, software and hardware parts to the customers. It first requires identification of target market and needs whether there is an opportunity for this business. Develop model and structure your business accordingly; how the hardware and…


Cisco Systems. (n.d.). Network Essentials For Small Businesses: A Step-by-Step Planning Guide. Cisco Systems.

Global Trade. (2012, Feb 25). Computer Hardware and Peripherals. Retrieved Aug 9, 2012, from

Enterprise-Wide Telecommunications Network the Illustrated
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8654028
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This allows access to the WAN resources over the Internet. It entails secure access to HHSC resources applying encryption. This enhances the security by regulating the protocols that the workstations can access. It has regulatory access to the applications to which the employee is not authorized. (DI Wide Area Network (WAN) Operations) Each of the TCP/IP network requires a unique IP address. An IP address is a 32-bit number that specifically identifies a network interface on a machine. The IP address constitutes some decimal digits.

It is formatted in forms of four 8-bit fields demarcated by periods. Such form of representations of IP address is sometimes referred to dotted decimal format. The IP address is dived into two categories -- the network part and the host part. The network part indicates the specified number assigned to the specific network. This also assists in identifying the class of the network assigned.…


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Transitioning From IPv4 to IPv6
Words: 3461 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21440769
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Transitioning From IPv4 to IPv6

The proposed migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is on in some organizations though some organizations have not put in place measures to ensure the transition. The transition has been initiated since IPv6 offers increased addressing capacity, quality of service provisioning as well as improved routing efficiency. However, shifting from the current platform, IPv4 is not easy given the incompatibility of these two internet protocols. In addition, network specialists have created several technologies and address types to help in the proposed migration. Therefore, this paper describes the IPv6 transition technologies and constraints likely to impede the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 platforms.


The proposed protocol transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is quite challenging just like other former transitions in the Internet domain. Protocol transitions involve the installation and configuration of new protocols on all existing nodes within the network and ascertaining that all the nodes…


Amoss, J.J. & Minoli, D., 2007. Handbook of IPv4 to IPv6 Transition: Methodologies for Institutional and Corporate Networks. Auerbach Publications.

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Evolution Over Time of Network
Words: 6372 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 93470686
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In actual fact, because of STCP's option of multiplicative amplify, STCP have to in stable state persuade congestion actions approximately all 13.4 round trip times, in spite of the connection speed. HSTCP encourages packet losses at a slower speed than STCP, but still much quicker than CP-eno.

3. Problems of the Existing Delay-based TCP Versions

In contrast, TCP Vegas, Enhanced TCP Vegas and FAST TCP are delay-based protocols. By relying upon changes in queuing delay measurements to detect changes in available bandwidth, these delay-based protocols achieve higher average throughout with good intra-protocol TT fairness (Cajon, 2004). However, they have more than a few deficiencies. For instance, both Vegas and FAST suffer from the overturn path congestion difficulty, in which simultaneous onward and overturn path traffic on a simple bidirectional blockage connection cannot attain full link operation. In addition, both Vegas and Enhanced Vegas employ a conservative window increase strategy of…


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Threat Has Reached an Advanced Stage Where
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 62109496
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threat has reached an advanced stage where workstations are now sending out Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to numerous known hackers' IP addresses. Therefore, the response team must respond in a steadfast fashion. This incident response plan will provide the most organized and well-defined approach for handling this threat and tracking the sources of the attack. This plan describes and identifies steps that will be taken to determine the cause, isolate and conduct damage control, eradicate, and recover from the cause of the incident as soon as possible. The incident response team will be charged with the responsibility of implementing this plan.

Incident esponse Team

An incident response team will offer a quick, orderly, and effective response to the improper disclosure of confidential information to hackers' IP addresses. In this case, the mission of the incident response team will be to prevent a serious loss of public confidence by giving and…


Kizza, J.M. (2009). A guide to computer network security. London: Springer.

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Network Security
Words: 9364 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59921852
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networking and TCP/IP and internetworking. Also discussed are risk management, network threats, firewalls, and also more special purpose network devices. The paper will provide a better insight on the general aspects of security and also get a better understanding of how to be able to reduce and manage risk personally at the workplace and at home.

In today's world, the Computer has become a common feature in any organization anywhere in the world. This may be due to the fact that a computer can be accessed by anybody who knows how to handle it and also because it can store a lot of information both confidential and general. A computer is connected through a physical network that allows a person or many persons to share any information necessary. (Conceptual Overview of Network Security) Though network security in Information Technology is an issue that has been discussed endlessly, implementation has definitely…


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Threatening Email the Law Enforcement
Words: 2058 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61856814
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This is why computer evidence -- such as the email itself -- cannot outweigh the underlying crime. What is being investigated is a threat against human life.

While investigating this threatening email and Westfall (the main suspect), it is important for the investigator to heed the law; suspects still have all the legal rights and protections afforded them per the United States Constitution (eyes & Brittson 2007). "eading emails, intercepting communication, searching and copying computer data may land you in hot water if you do not have the proper permissions, or authority to do so" (2007). All investigations including computer crimes must follow certain forensic procedures in order for evidence to be admissible as well as to avoid civil and criminal liability. The Fourth Amendment, Electronic Communications Privacy Act (18 U.S.C. § 2501 et seq.), Electronic Communications Privacy Act (18 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.), Pen egister and Trap and…


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from the Web site:

Bluetooth Technology
Words: 7972 Length: 28 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16680382
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BluetoothTM is a low cost, low power, short-range radio technology- originally perceived as cable replacement alternative for the cable / wire connected devices such as mobile phone hand, headsets, and portable computers. The BluetoothTM's goals expanded to include standardized wireless communications between any electrical devices and created a notion of Personal Area Network. The write-up traces history of BluetoothTM starting with its unusual name to formation of Special Interest Group, SIG's formation, its growth culminating into implementation of version 1.0b.

Version 1.0 of the Bluetooth came out in 1999-starting as early as 1994 by engineers from Ericsson. The specification is named after Harald Blatand- a tenth century Viking. Ericsson Corp. founded the Bluetooth SIG in February 1998, Intel Corp., IBM Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Nokia Mobile Phones. In December 1999, core promoters group enlarged to include four major players, namely, Micorsoft, Lucent, 3 Com and Motorola.

Then, the components of…



Bluetooth Revealed, Brent, Miller. September 2000, Prentice Hall PTR

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Web Addresses

It Infrastructure Project Description the
Words: 7426 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 5845260
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Secured real time protocol (STP) is also being identified to enhance the security parameter of WAN and LAN network elements. "STP provides protection with encryption keys for wired and wireless networks including bandwidth limited channels." (Guillen and Chacon 2009 P. 690). There is also a growing use of IP secure to protect organization from the interception of data over the LAN and WAN environment.

To enhance network security, Chen, Horng, & Yang (2008) postulate the use of public key cryptography. While there is a growing use of public key cryptography, there is still a shortcoming identified with the use of public key cryptography in the LAN and WAN environment. Since the public key is being kept in a public file, it is possible for an active intruder to forge the contents of the public key and use it to get access onto the data kept within the network system. To…


Chen, T. Horng, G. & Yang, C. (2008).Public Key Authentication Schemes for Local Area. Informaticia.19 (1):3-16.

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an approach using simulated annealing. Annals of Operations Research. 36: 275-298.

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Technical Document for Hans Tech
Words: 3059 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40379026
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6: Existing Cable and Wireless Design

The company will establish wireless access using the LWAP (lightweight access point). The LWAP will be distributed to all the facilities through the WLS. Typically, WLS will be installed to assist in providing the traffic tunnel and failover authentication. To enhance the security of the WLAN, the company will install the encryption system at the wireless access point, the encryption protocols will contain WPA/WPA2, and there will be an AES encryption at all the wireless access point using the 802.1 X authentication.

The company will redesign the local backbone infrastructure in order to increase the network bandwidth. There would be 100 BASE-T4 cabling to the 7 Cisco 2613 routers. The cabling system will assist the company to achieve efficient network connectivity for future growth. The 100 BASE-FX (fiber) cabling will be attached to the Cisco 7507 routers, which will assist in achieving more expansion…


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IAS and DF
Words: 9242 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56431796
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Assurance and Security (IAS) Digital forensics (DF)

In this work, we take a look at three laboratory-based training structures that afford practical and basic knowledge needed for forensic evaluation making use of the latest digital devices, software, hardware and firmware. Each lesson has three parts. The duration of the first section of the three labs will be one month. These labs would be the largest labs. The Second section would consist of smaller labs. The training period duration in these labs would also generally be one month. The third section would consist of smallest labs. The duration of training period in these labs would be one week. The training will be provided in the field of software, programming concepts, flowcharting and algorithms and logical reasoning- both linear and iterative.

Part 1 Larger Labs:

Lab 1(Timeline Analysis)

Purposes and goals of the Lab (Lab VI):

Use MAC (Media Access Control, internet…


[1] Lab VI: Timeline Analysis. Available at

[2] LAB IV: File Recovery: Meta Data Layer. Available at

[3] Lab V: File Recovery: Data Layer Revisited. Available at

[4] Windows Client Configuration. Available at

Spam Filtering Solution Available and
Words: 10063 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61359581
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However, cursory studies that have been conducted are either biased because they seem to present a biased review of certain products or are insufficient because of their limitations and shallowness. Those studies that have been considered to be useful are mentioned below.

Robert D. oerner, Joanne ourquard, Pam Greenberg (2000) comprehensively elaborates the legal aspect of spam. He provides an in-depth review of the present laws in actions and the future of legislation against spam. He concludes his study by revealing, "Most of the laws target spammers who misrepresent, falsify or forge the point of origin or the routing information of messages. Several states also prohibit the sale or distribution of software that is primarily designed for this type of falsification (Robert D. oerner, Joanne ourquard, Pam Greenberg, 2000)." Also, "Most states have specified that the laws apply only to spam that is sent to or generated from locations within…


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IPV6 Since the Mid-1990's a
Words: 1656 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 79415787
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The dollar cost of accomplishing such a feat far outweighs the potential dollar cost of not doing so.

The MoonV6 project has been conducted since October 2002 in testing the IPv6 capabilities and interoperability. The project is being led by the North American IPv6 Task Force and "through a series of test events with willing equipment manufacturers, network operators...and various government agencies... The group has continued to advance the cause for IPv6" (McElligott, 2006, pg. 30). ealizing the group is an advocate of the IPv6 does nothing to denigrate the group's finding that "the protocol itself is not in question" and that "according to most experts, IP Version 6, the 128-bit version of today's 32-bit addressing scheme and routing protocol, is a solid standard" (McElligott, pg. 30).

It would seem that the vast majority of users, manufacturers and other interested personnel believe that the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 should…


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IPV4 Versus IPV6
Words: 1071 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68992758
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IPv4 versus IPv6

The explosive growth in the number of devices that are connected to the Internet has placed enormous pressures on the system's infrastructure. The current Internet protocol addressing system is projected to be inadequate to handle the increased number of telecommunications devices that are expected to be in use in the coming years, and engineers have taken steps to accommodate these increases in use through a new protocol known as IPv6.* This paper provides an overview and history of IPv4 and IPv6 and a comparison of the two technologies, followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

What is IPv4?

According to IPv4 (2005), "IPv4 is version 4 of the Internet Protocol (IP). It was the first version of the Internet Protocol to be widely deployed, and forms the basis for most of the current Internet"; the IPv4 protocol was first described in Internet Engineering Task…


Anderson, R.H., Botterman, M. & Cave, J. et al. (2003). Enabling the Information Society by Stimulating the Creation of a Broadband Environment in Europe: Analyses of Evolution

Scenarios for Future Networking Technologies and Networks in Europe. Santa Monica,

CA: Rand.

Internet Protocol Version 6. (2004). Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems.

Network Design Network ABC Network Design a
Words: 3772 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10270326
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Network Design



A Comprehensive Proposal and Design for ABC Inc. Network equirements

Network Proposal Overview

Telecommunication Overview

Telecommunication Proposal

Network Configuration Management Plan

In order to meet the needs of the customers, ABC Inc. must insure that productivity is not hindered by the growth of the company. The employees at ABC Inc. must have a robust network so that customer service is not jeopardized. The accounting firm has grown from five to fifty employees with the acquisition of a large account. Currently, each employee has their own standalone computer which contains Windows 7, Office 2010 and QuickBooks accounting software. The company does not have a network in place. Currently information is shared by copying data to a flash drive and each workstation has a stand-alone printer. The objective of this proposal is to provide a centralized solution for all of ABC's network needs.

Given the highly…


Amsel, E. (1988). Network security and access controls. Computers & Security, 7(1),


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IEEE Software, 12(1), 55-63.

Consultancy Inc Is a Small Business Organization
Words: 2323 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36257246
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Consultancy Inc. is a small business organization specializing in the management consultancy for various businesses in the United States. ecent growth experienced by the Best Consultancy has made the company to integrate network technology to facilitate the business agility. Thus, my neighbor, who is the owner of the business, has contacted me to assist him in designing a network system that could serve his business purpose. Meanwhile, Best Consultancy requires the following network devices in the company network technology:

laptops, 2 workstations, and 1 server supporting 3 users

Wireless networking

quality networked printer

File and folder sharing

Internet access

Multiple email addresses

Basic security environment which similar to home environment

Initial investment of $5,000 or less

ecurring costs to be less than $200 per month

To design the network system for Best Consultancy, it is essential to integrate the following network devices for the company network technology:

Project Objective



Cisco (2010). Cisco 3900 Series, 2900 Series, and 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 Software Configuration Guide. Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Emerging Technologies
Words: 1017 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 41668103
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Emerging Technologies


Senior leadership of a medical center has just recently reviewed the plan for changes to the center's facilities. However, the medical center found out that the associated risks related to the new and emerging technologies had not been addressed. Thus, the Hospital's Chief Operating Officer (COO) has given a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) two weeks to deliver a quick evaluation of the risks as well as the planned expansion of the areas that may pose potential technology problems.

Security Issue at the Medical Center

The main security issue at the Medical Center is the protection of patient's identity and keeping patient's data anonymous as much as possible. In the contemporary IT environment, protection of the emerging technologies has become a challenge for many organizations since sophisticated hackers could used different strategies to steal patient's information from the central database, which include Social Security Number (SSN),…


Ekambaram, V. & Ramchandran, K. (2007). R-GPS (Robust GPS): Enhancing GPS Accuracy and Security using DSRC. University of California Berkeley.

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USAA Banking Online
Words: 1407 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45355563
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Online Banking

USAA Online Banking Analysis:

Assessment of Positive & negative Impacts & ecommendations

The USAA online banking system has been specifically designed to provide the financial institution's customers with reliable, secure and virtual access to their accounts and supporting banking transactions globally. Through the use of any Internet browser, USAA banking customers can quickly sign in, access and view account information, transfer funds, and set up and use automated payments for their personal and business-related bills. There are also a series of preferences which can be configured by customers to further tailor their online bank accounts to their specific needs. This is particularly useful for creating automated bill payment alerts and transactions to make sure bills are paid on or before the due date, new loan or savings accounts are securely created and managed, and enabling cash transfers to USAA and other financial institutions' accounts. One of the most…


Chong, A.Y., Keng-Boon Ooi, Lin, B., & Tan, B. (2010). Online banking adoption: An empirical analysis. The International Journal of Bank Marketing, 28(4), 267-287.

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Mavri, M., & Ioannou, G. (2006). Consumers' perspectives on online banking services. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(6), 552.

Video Conferencing
Words: 1831 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50557317
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Videoconferencing in usiness & Education

In recent months the interest in videoconferencing has grown dramatically because of the terrorist attacks on America. usinesses and business travelers have embraced this form of distributed multimedia as a means of avoiding air travel. It is also a popular technology with educational institutions. The advent of videoconferencing has allowed people in different parts of the world access to quality education.

This discussion will investigate how videoconferencing works including the components, proper protocol and bandwidth that are needed to deploy the technology. We will then discuss the uses of videoconferencing in business. There will be an investigation of the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology in the business environment.

Our research will subsequently focus on the educational uses of videoconferencing. We will discuss why videoconferencing is used in the academic environment and the challenges that educators face in incorporating the technology into their teaching…


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How E-Commerce Began
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History Of E-Commerce

Information Systems

For most users of e-commerce, it is a relatively young practice. People who have more than just a superficial knowledge of the history of modern technology know that there were a number of leaps and bounds made in this area in the 1990s. Yet, the quiet history of e-commerce began not in the 1990s, but in the 1960s. In the early days of e-commerce, the parties able to participate were highly restricted and limited to entities such as large banks and the military.

At this point in time, the nomenclature was not e-commerce, which is a much more modern term. The first term to describe what we now know as e-commerce was Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). (E-commerce Guide, 2012). Three key advances to e-commerce would come in the 1970s and 1980s, before the more modern and commonly known advances in the 1990s and 21st century.…


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Information Technology Management
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Network Security Management

From the onset, it is important to note that for data to flow from one computer to another, such computers should be interconnected in what is referred to as a network. With such interconnectedness comes the risk of data interception and it is for this reason that network security is considered crucial.

In the recent past, the number of corporations that have experienced attacks on their computing resources has been on the increase. Outages in this case have ranged from denial-of-service-attacks to viruses to other more sophisticated forms of attack. It is important to note that these attacks, which are rarely publicly acknowledged by the affected companies, are coming at a time when organizations are increasingly becoming dependent on information systems and networks to conduct their business. Today, business communications between an entity and the various groups of stakeholders, including but not limited to employees and customers,…


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Information System on Ethical and
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They have a moral obligation to the South African people in this area for many reasons. First, they have an obligation to make certain that they can participate in the global economy to give their citizens the same chances for advancement as other nations. Secondly, they have a moral obligation to do everything possible to keep their citizens safe.

When one discusses the topic of security in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), much of the discussion focuses on the technology itself. Currently, the South African banking industry is attempting to establish standards that represent best practices in information security (Tshinu, Botha, and Herselman, 2008). These measures currently focus on the technological aspects of information security. However, the development of industry-wide best practices must take all sources of vulnerability into consideration, including the moral and ethical responsibility to keep information safe.

Therefore, the development of best practices cannot ignore the human…


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Information Warfare and Terrorism
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arfare & Terrorism

The proliferation of cyberattacks -- aptly referred to as cyberterrorism -- carried out by criminal miscreants with grudges, shadowy techies with political motives, and other anti-social individuals, represent the new digital wars that threatened personal and state security worldwide. This is not a problem that will go away any time soon, and cyber security officials it seems will always be one or two steps behind the offenders causing the digital carnage. The cyberattacks that are reviewed in this paper include: Russia's denial-of-service attacks on Estonia in 2007 and Georgia in 2008, and the cyberattacks against U.S. State Department computers in 2006. Denial of service refers to strategies that "…block access of legitimate users" through the "…relentless transmission of irrelevant information" -- called "flood attacks" -- which restrains computer servers (Richards, 2010).

Russia's cyberterrorism against Estonia -- 2007

An article in the International Affairs Review indicates that the…

Works Cited

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Retrieved January 19, 2014, from .

SWOT for Facebook
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emergence of social media as a political, economic and similar forces has been a sight to behold over the last five to ten years. It started a little slowly with MySpace but has since grown at a frenetic pace in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and other similar websites. This particular report shall focus on Facebook as they are perhaps the most obvious and powerful example of what social media has become in the modern marketplace as well as the culture of the United States and the rest of the world. Points of analysis will include segments of the general business environment, forces of competition, external threats, opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook, a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook and an analysis of their value chain. While Facebook's arc to the top has not been completely flawless, they rival other dominant companies like…


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Jersey Shore Boardwalk E-Commerce Company Assessment for
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Jersey Shore oardwalk e-Commerce Company

Assessment for a New Jersey Shore oardwalk Clothing Store Adopting e-Commerce

In assessing the potential of a Jersey Shore-based clothing store adopting e-commerce there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. First and most significant are the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of choosing to extend the business online. A SWOT analysis is provided as part of this analysis to help guide the business owners. Second, there is the issue of how the store will address the international commerce issues of trust, integrating and serving other cultures, language differences, government and infrastructure issues as well. Each of these factors are explored in this analysis. Addressing the challenges of how the Internet will automatically extend the company's operations well beyond its traditional boundaries is analyzed, in addition to how the company will manage the speed and efficiency differences across its many…


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Neo Pets Case Study Neopets
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Life lessons, relationship lessons, even artistic, music, and performance sharing could take place (imagine, a NeoPet "Grease" production using a global cast)?

Conclusions and Implications -- NeoPets obviously provides a niche about which some consumers are excited. Like many technological entertainment devises, though, there is certainly potential for abuse. One would not necessarily want their children to sit in front of a NASCA racing program, replete with ads, for hours at a time and never have any physical activity. It is not the place of technology to mandate other behavior, but the wisdom of parents and society to create a balance. Ensuring that this will not be a fad is quite simple -- continue to evolve, to grow, to become more sophisticated in content and interaction. In a similar way, funding could come from private foundations that might sponsor a segment (e.g. Boeing on history of flight; Microsoft on computing…


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Ethics and Technology Illegal Downloads
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Arguably the deficiencies in processes and technologies throughout the distribution channel enable the unethical sharing of digital property by consumers in the first place. it's as if the incompetence of these channel partners' platforms, either from a website standpoint with the support of DM technologies or the reliance on faulty, often poorly designed DM systems, technologies and techniques create much opportunity to take digital and intellectual property and repurpose it illegally across P2P sites that seek to make all music egalitarian (Lysonski, Durvasula, 2008). it's as if the mid-tier of the distribution channel is leaving the door open wide enough from an intellectual property standpoint to allow for individuals to selectively choose which songs, digital products of all sort, and what platforms they want to repurpose them on (Levin, Dato-on, Manolis, 2007).

When the music distributors, both in the form of traditional forms including music stores selling CDs and non-traditional…


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Business Information System Work-Related Project
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In other words, as coding begins, testing begins and continues as a parallel process to the coding activity. Even when the installation process has begun, testing should continue.

Installation is the process of actually replacing the current system or programs with the new system or programs. Thus, coding, testing, and installation processes create several deliverables that can be used as signoff points for management. The testing and implementation process should allow for back out points where new direction or error and bug elimination can occur. The deliverables are fail safes in a sense because a next task should not be started until a previous task has been given the okay by management. This process therefore puts a system of checks and balances in place.

Documentation and Training

Most people think that coding and testing are the only crucial aspects of implementation. Ironically, one of the more critical things to accomplish…


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Network Plan for ABC Corp
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The paper creates Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers.

Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 20

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 21

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 22

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 25

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 35

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq18

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq19

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq39

access-list 101 deny tcp any eq26

access-list 101 deny tcp . any eq23

Further steps is the configuration of ACL for ABC Corporation. Configuration of Extended Access Control list is critical for the protection of network infrastructures of ABC Corporation.

Configuration of Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers.

The following…


Cisco Systems (2002).Virtual LAN Security Best Practices. Cisco Inc. White Paper.

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Management of Enterprise-Wide Networking the
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These are contained in the Enterprise Operations Center framework. The center has reach to the group of specialized telecommunication commercial and federally concentrated focused professionals within the CSC. These groups of individuals have thousands of certifications for operating Cisco, Microsoft, Sun, Nortel, Ayaya and many other types of equipment that assists any networking or telecommunication requirements of clients who are working with the Center. (Enterprise Network Managed Services Center of Excellence)

In order to entail the network-wide maintenance at the fingertips, Aglient's Network Troubleshooting Center -- NTC indicates a great leap ahead in the management of enterprise-wide networks. NCT includes a centralized view of network health achieved from various sources, including MON and SNMP and from the same console, centralized expert troubleshooting of remote problems applying distributed network analysis tools. The primary advantages are increasingly lesser respond and fix times and greatly lessened operational costs from both declined engineer travel…


Centralized Troubleshooting of Distributed Networks" Retrieved at . Accessed 28 August, 2005

Control your network: Why You Need IP Address Management" (July, 2002) Retrieved at  28 August, 2005

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Enterprise wide security on the Internet" Retrieved at Accessed 28 August, 2005

Mpls Qos vs ATM Qos
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Quality of Service (QOS) is best defined as the performance attributes of an end-to-end flow of data (Zheng, 2001). The particular elements of QOS depend on the information that is being transported. For example, QOS for voice defines limits on specific parameters such as delay, delay variation, packet loss, and availability.

In the past, networks were engineered based on providing fixed bandwidth for relatively short duration voice calls. Today, the traffic on networks is based on statistical or bursty data. Therefore, it has become necessary to develop new statistical models to build new networks.

Functions of QOS

QOS applications are used in networks for many reasons, including to:

Guarantee a fixed amount of bandwidth for various applications.

Control latency and jitter, and ensure bandwidth for voice.

Provide specific, guaranteed and quantifiable service level agreements (SLAs).

Configure varying degrees of quality of service for multiple network…


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Networking Computers
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Computer Networking

In today's society, more people and businesses rely on computers and networks to store vital information and technology.

Networking is the process of moving information via computers rather than via any other medium, such as paper media or mere human communication. In addition to sharing information via networks, computers can share hardware, e.g., laser printers, and software in the networking process. This can save businesses and individuals large sums of money.

The computers or devices on a network are often referred to as "nodes."

To visualize a network, the easiest image is that of two computers hooked together by a cable, transmitting information between the two machines.

There are actually a variety of kinds of networks, e.g., local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (ANs).

LAN is a relatively localized network:

LAN is a high-speed data network that covers a relatively small geographic area. It typically connects…

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Designing a Network
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Network equirements

With the acquisition of a newly leased building, UMUC requires a new network. The network includes coverage for the following places: six (6) instructional computer labs, a student computer lab, six (6) various offices, an admission office, library, and five (5) general classrooms. The network should encompass the following devices with respect to location:

Each computer lab should have 22 computers. The network should allocate 21 computers for students and one computer for each instructor. The network should allocate a collective total of 132 computers, given the requirement of six total instructional labs.

The student computer lab requires 31 computers.

The network should allocate one computer for each of the six various offices-six computers in total.

The admission office requires five computers.

The library requires 15 computers, 10 for students and 5 for faculty.

Five individual classrooms each require a computer.

Network IP Addresses

Each device of the…


Freudenrich, C. (2015, March 3). How fiber optics work. Retrieved March 1, 2015, from 

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Kris Corporations Servers and Networking
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Kris Corporation's parent domain (kris.local) and child domain (corp.kris.local) for the organization's AD infrastructure are running on Server 2008. The following are concerns related to AD: (1) Kris Corporation is concerned about running multiple domains, and (2) automobile manufacturers are asking Kris Corporation to use a single identity to procure orders in real time. The company has five locations in Atlanta (GA), Baltimore (MD), Chicago (IL), Seattle (WA) and San Diego (CA). The manufacturing plants are in Atlanta and Seattle. Disaster recovery is a big concern. Physical space for servers is an issue at the Atlanta location. Most of the IT staff is in Atlanta, which is the company's headquarters, but other locations have significant IT personnel as well. Business personnel are similarly distributed across the company's locations. Since all locations are independently connected to the internet, file sharing is difficult among sites.


Kris Corporation needs to migrate from…


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Network Vulnerabilities That Avionics Are
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In this manner, it makes network management and filtering a lot easier. Even though SPF can protect the network infrastructure against certain attacks that are known to exploit the weaknesses that are inherent in the various network level protocols, it can never provide protection at application level. The application defense needs more awareness of the content of the payload.

Circuit Proxy Firewall (CPF)

This type of firewall operates by relying as an relaying agent that exists between the external and internal hosts (Stephen, 2004). The whole idea is to protect the network's internal hosts from direct exposure to the outside environments.

The CPF firewall operates by accepting various requests from the internal hosts for the sake of establishing the connection to the external world. It then destroys the device's initial IP address as well as the header of the network layer.

Disadvantages of CPF

The payload is then encapsulated in…


[1] N. Thanthry, M.S. Ali, and R. Pendse, "Security,

Internet Connectivity and Aircraft Data Networks,"

IEEE Aerospace and Electronic System

Magazine, November 2006

Network Design Proposal
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Network Design Proposal

Network equirements

ABC School Stats/User Counts

Having a current strength of approximately 845 students, ABC School provides education from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th Grade. According to the requirements of The New York School District, 250 Curriculum computers along with 75 Administration computers are to be installed. The requirements for the wiring per room of layer 1 are that it should adjust a total of 25 computers, 24 of which will be used for the curriculum, whereas one will be used for administrative purposes.

WAN Design

The model for the WAN is 2 layers of hierarchy having a total of 3 hubs, one connecting the District Office or the Data Center, one the Service Center, and the remaining one connecting the Black Hawk School. A Frame elay WAN will be responsible for providing the required internet services.

IP Addressing

For all the hosts, interconnection devices, and servers an…


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Crockett, R. (2003). Network design project Sunnyslope elementary school. WESD Network Design Project Proposal.

Network Performance for Davis Networks
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Network Implementation for Davis Networks Inc.

In the proposal, effort is made to develop an affordable local LAN for Davis Networks Inc. The effort involves provision of wireless Internet connection to all individuals for their desktops and laptops from the current high speed connection they have at an affordable price (800 USD -- 1000 USD). Provision of the internet to the same location costs approximately 700 USD including all other expenses like doing the wiring etc. To implement the project, there are various obstacles that have to be considered like electric poles, trees and walls. The core location is the Computer Center building. It has the highest speeds of connection. From this building, there will be distribution to the surrounding buildings located between 500 and 1000 meter range. The establishment of the network needs 5 Wireless Access points (WAP) having Omni antennas (A, B, C, D, E) and two directional…


Chapter 2 Wireless Networking Basics (2005).

Deep, G., Kush, A. & Kumar B. (2010). PROPOSAL FOR LOW COST WIRELESS NETWORKING. International Journal of Computing and Business Research (IJCBR) 1(1).

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XML Project Specification and Design
Words: 3292 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 13696745
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These are the researchers who completed the HTML, DHTML vs. AJAX application performance on XML (Yang, Liao, Fang, 2007) and the XML network optimization research completed across a replicated server and transaction-based methodology (Smullen, Smullen, 2009). Efforts will be made to collaborate with these researchers to learn from their expertise that has not been published in their analyses and also to collaborate on how to capture XML network optimization concepts and AJAX programming best practices that can further accentuate and strengthen the results of this analysis.

During the project the following data will be gathered:

XML network performance measures and analysis across a randomized set of load factors using four-square network configuration of open source Web Application Servers running on the Linux operating system.

AJAX Widget performance using SQL queries randomized to replicate the activity of a distributed order management system.

Use of network analyzers to evaluate packet traffic efficiency…


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It Security Plan & Implementation
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Second, the specific connection points thoughout the netwok also need to be evaluated fo thei levels of existing secuity as well, with the WiFi netwok audited and tested (Loo, 2008). Thid, the Vitual Pivate Netwoks (VPNS) and the selection of secuity potocols needs to be audited (Westcott, 2007) to evaluate the pefomance of IPSec vs. SSL potocols on oveall netwok pefomance (Rowan, 2007). Many smalle copoations vacillate between IPSec and SSL as the copoate standad fo wieless connections, defining the advantages and disadvantages as the table below has captued.

Table 1: Technical Analysis of Diffeences between IPSec and SSL




Site-to-site VPN; mainly configued in a hub-and-spoke design

Remote-access VPN


Session authentication

Authenticates though digital cetificate o peshaed key

Dops packets that do not confom to the secuity policy

Authenticate though the use of digital cetificates; dops packets if a fatal alet is eceived


Uses a…


Lin, Y., Chen, S., Lin, P., & Lai, Y.. (2008). Designing and evaluating interleaving decompressing and virus scanning in a stream-based mail proxy. The Journal of Systems and Software, 81(9), 1517.

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Network Security
Words: 3307 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52013252
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Network Security: Past, Present and Future

The work of Curtin (2007) states that a network is defined as "any set of interlinking lines resembling a net, a network of roads -- an interconnected system, a network of alliances." Quite simply a computer network is a system of computers that are interconnected. There are seven layers of communication types identified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) eference Model as well as the interfaces among them. Each layer is stated to be dependent on the services that the layer above it provides including the physical network hardware.

Technology: Description and Area of esearch

The most popular networks which have been used over the past twenty-five years and which include both private and public networks include the following network services: (1) UUCP -- Unix-to-Unix CoPy: This was developed originally for connecting Unix hosts together however, since that time UUCP…


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Network Fundamentals
Words: 1989 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68755874
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Network Fundamentals


Gulfstream Network Proposal

Network Fundamentals

Cover Letter

Appended information

Mr. Jet Buyer

1952 Kanako Lane

Gulfstream IV Network Proposal

Bob Smith

Customer elations

In less than one hundred years, air travel and networking and computing communications have evolved from the Wright brothers and the UNIVAC housed in several huge rooms to fully functional in-flight Gulfstream network communications. Passengers today expect their palm pilots, laptops and PC's to work as seamlessly as the flight itself. The modern day concerns are mired in the fact that digital conversation now entails a two way link that has inadvertently opened up a can of worms for airline network administrators. Network security and key distribution and management authenticating and authorizing ad-hoc networks have taken on new meaning in the realm of personal aircraft.

The objective here is to tender a viable design regarding the configuration of a fully integrated local area network…


How Stuff Works. (2009). "Networking." Retrieved on December 7, 2009 from

XML Latest Changes Are in
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The implications of security payloads and overheads on the performance of optimized XML networks (Choi, Wong, 2009) are inherent in the continual design of XML standards and protocols attempting to compress these elements and optimize their performance. The integration of security into Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is having a minimal impact on overall performance of XML networks overall, as the features in this standard are compressed (Piechocki, Felden, Graning, Debreceny, 2009). Compression is also specifically used with the XML key management specification to increase performance (Ekelhart, Fenz, Goluch, Steinkellner, Weippl, 2008). Compression algorithms are used for shrinking the contents of data containers, packets and messages so they are more compact, which increases transmission speed and accuracy. The development and continual support for XML within Web Services has transformed transactional workflows from being simplistic to be multifaceted, supporting the development of trading networks (Kangasharju, Lindholm, Tarkoma, 2008). As a result of…

Troubleshooting Can Be Said to
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Lsof is also a utility that can be used to troubleshoot networks. It produces a list of all the open files and gives you an option of tailoring the output to your mode.

For windows XP there are several troubleshooting tools that can come in handy

as noted by Bradley Mitchell (2011);

Ping helps in verifying whether the TCP/IP is installed properly and correctly on a PC, that a PC has successfully joined the network, that the PC can access the internet, that a remote computer or website is correctly responding and also verify that a PC name resolution is working.

IPconfig helps in showing the configuration of the TCP/IP. It displays the IP address, the network/internet gateway address and the network (subnet) mask. It helps verify that the TCP/IP configuration has been correctly set up.

Hostname always helps in displaying computer name and is a tool use on a…


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Network Design Scenario Straight Sales
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The company should use the Cisco hedge router to make the company to achieve a reliable communication over the internet. The edge router will also make the company to achieve higher capacity, scalability, and improve routing protocol convergence at lower costs. As traffic volume increases, the solution will allow the company to implement incremental bandwidth upgrades without necessarily changing the router interface. The edge firewall will be used to protect the network from the unwanted traffic. The firewall will also be responsible to enforce the internet access policy. As an added security policy, the company should also use the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to detect and prevent unwanted traffic into the network.

Explanation of how hosting servers will affect the above choices

The router needs to link LAN communications on a WAN. However, the leased line is expensive, the paper recommends that the company use…


AL_Taiey,T. (2011).The Complete One-Week Preparation for the Cisco Ccent/CCNA Icnd1 Exam 640-822 with Three Cisco Simulated Exams a Certification Guide with Over 2160 Sample Questions and Answers with Comprehensive Explanations (First Edition ).

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Qos for IPV6 Implementing Quality
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Many enterprise network products vendors including Cisco use the ToS header data to define the Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and options (Bartolini, Casalicchio, 2006). Cisco and others are doing this to increase the performance of QoS implementations on IPv4 and IPv6-based networks.

Traffic conditioning, congestion avoidance and congestion management all also must be included on QoS planning for IPV4 versus IPv6 implementations as well. Cisco and IBM are beginning to use constraint-based modeling approaches to streamline the configuration of IPv4 and IPv6 parameters in these specific options for traffic conditioning and congestion avoidance (Bartolini, Casalicchio, 2006). These constraint-based software engines are allowing for low-priority packets to be dropped from traffic workflows when there is a high probability of packet collision or congestion in lighter duty-cycle networks (Bartolini, Casalicchio, 2006). Congestion management strategies are critical for QoS to deliver high performance across IPv4 and IPv6 networks (Bianchi, Blefari-Melazzi, Chan, Holzbock,…


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Learnthat com 2008 07 Network-2008-tutorial Encompasses Allows the Reader to
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Read Full Paper  ❯ / encompasses allows the reader to discover that the tutorial addresses six different areas of networking. Those six areas are of primary concern to those individuals interested in passing not only the latest version (2008) of the networking certification exam, but the 2005 version as well. The six areas of networking interest addressed by the website includes 1) technologies, 2) media and topologies, 3) devices, 4) management, 5) tools and 6) security. Since all of these areas are presumably of interest to the individual seeking certification in networking skills it is nice to know that the information is available at one easily accessible location. The tutorial's Home page also provided information regarding the concepts that would have to be understood to pass the examination.

One the Home page has been perused the reader can then click on one of following pages to learn about the different domains. Pages two…

Auditing Intrusion Prevention Detection and Penetration Testing
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Auditing, Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Penetration Testing

The network vulnerability is a major security weakness that allows an attacker reducing computer information assurance. Vulnerability intersects three elements: a system flaw, the attacker is having access to the flaw, and ability to exploit the flaw. Thus, a security risk is classified as a vulnerability that is tied to a great significant loss. The vulnerability can erode data confidential, system integrity and availability of data.

The objective of this study is to carry out analysis of two research articles that discusses the network vulnerabilities in the IT environment. (Jackson, et al.2008, Sommer, et al. 2003). Both articles believe that attackers exploit the network vulnerabilities to inflict damages in the information systems. Moreover, the two articles agree that the traditional securities such as network IDS (intrusion detection system) (Sommer, et al. 2003) and DNS pinning (Jackson, et al.2008) are no more effective…


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IPV6 in Distributed Virtual Private
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Vey High - IPSec woks at the potocol level, independent of applications, theefoe scalability is best-in-class

Compaing the technological and opeational benefits specifically in the aeas of client access options, access contol, client-side secuity, installation, and client configuation highlights just how diffeentiated the IPv4-based IPSec vs. IPv6 -based SSL potocols ae fom each othe. In analyzing these diffeences, Table 3: Compaing Technological and Opeational benefits of IPv6-based SSL and IPv4-based IPSec VPNS, was ceated. Stating fist with the client access options, IPv6-based SSL can suppot a clientless inteface though its bowse at longe addess lengths, suppot fo semi-clientless though Java and ActiveX clients developed in AJAX, and also in a full client configuation. This flexibility in use of the IPv6-based SSL potocol is leading to significantly highe levels of adoption oveall. IPv4-based IPSec has a single client access option that needs to be pe-installed on evey system. Requiing a full…


IPSec VPNs: Conformance & Performance Testing. 12 Jan. 2003. White Papers Ixia. 11 Apr. 2007. Accessed from the Internet on May 28, 2008 from location: 

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Security Auditing Strategy for FX Hospital EHR EMR Website
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Security Audit for FX Hospital EH/EM Systems

The study carries out the security audits for the FX Hospital EH/EM information systems to identify the vulnerabilities in the systems. The study uses the BackTrack as an auditing tool to penetrate the website, and outcomes of the auditing reveal that the website is not secure and can be subject to different vulnerabilities. After carrying out the auditing, the study is able to collect as much patients' data as possible revealing the website can be subject to vulnerable attacks. One of the vulnerabilities identified is that the website UL starts from HTTP showing that an attacker can easily break into the website and collect sensitive information. Moreover, all the data in the website are not encrypted making them easy for an attacker to collect patients' data.

By consequence, the FX Hospital can face lawsuits for failing to protect patients' data because if patients'…


Abdel-Aziz, A. (2009). Intrusion Detection & Response - Leveraging Next Generation Firewall Technology. SANS Institute.

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SOPA and Pipa Legislation
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SOPA & PIPA Legislation

File sharing involving copyright infringement began as peer-to-peer operations, sometimes with the involvement of a central server that acts as a search engine. Recently there has been a rise in file sharing where the infringing content is actually stored on the central server, such as the now-defunct Consequently, there is a conflict between the rights of content owners and the rights of ordinary users of the internet. The conflict here is that efforts to eliminate sites that enable online infringing may also eliminate legitimate internet activity. In the fall of 2011 the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) proposals were introduced into the U.S. Congress. Almost certainly, the SOPA and PIPA proposals to go after file sharers go too far in the other direction in violating the free speech rights of individual users and handing the web even more over…


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Evolution of Email and Internet
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This problem was solved in the following way: the program uuencode which is used by email-clients transforms its binary code (code of bits and bytes) into text code using ASCII table principle and it's send in the form of text character set in the following form (begin file name reports text translated binary body end). The recipient's email-client executes uudecode program and transforms it to binary primary code.


Telnet is a program for computer networks that use TCP/IP, for example Internet. It allows terminal emulation, as it connects user's computer to a networks' server. This program which works in console mode allows to manage the controll over server as if the commands were executed on the server computer initially, as well as it allows to control, communicate and do data exchange with other computers and servers. Telecom uses identification policies as username and password and allows control of web…


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Que. 2000

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Securing Virtual Machines
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Virtualized Server Security

Virtualized servers are faced with similar security concerns as their physical counterparts. The only difference is that virtualized servers have other threats that are specific to virtualized machines. Virtualization is a new technology, and with any new technology, there are new threats and security concerns that will accompany it. When compared to its physical counterparts, virtualized servers are more prone to threats because they are clustered. If one virtual server is attacked, the other virtual servers are most likely to be faced with the same attack. Some of the risks faced by the virtual server can be mitigated through effective and efficient planning.

Lack of information security team

The failure to involve the information security team in the initial planning and architecture stages would result in security threats to the virtualized servers. The organization could have a secure physical server and would be extending the capabilities of…


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IT Security Assessments Process of Matching Security
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IT Security Assessments (Process of matching security policies against the architecture of the system in order to measure compliance

The systems security assessment is the method of creating a security policy that would be complimentary to the architecture of the system and the method would allow for the measure of compliance. Security assessments are activities that belong to the phase of the design cycle, and that is because it is very difficult to assess the risk of a system that is already functioning. Assessing risk alone does not make the process true. The issues of costs, and the types of security architecture and many other necessities that are outside the actual security measures need to be considered because they come into play. (amachandran, 2002) There is also the complexities of the networks itself to consider. Modern internet-based systems have created hybrid network configuration that brings the problems of scalability. One…


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Client Server Model Client Server Model
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For example, when one has web server run on any client computer, he/she is able to visit the pages by using the IP address into the address of the browser. Client server communication cannot take place without using the protocols. Protocols enable the packets to fly around the internet that does not only contain the information on the destination address as well as port, but also contain protocols. Client server communication also involves the use of domain names and uniform resource locator (ULs). The Domain Name Server (DNS) on internet helps in mapping the ULs, to the IP addresses (Kumar, 2006).

Fundamental description of client/server model

The client/server model describes communications that exists between the computing processesthe clients and the servers, which are service consumers and service providers irrespectively. The client and servers have functional modules with an interface well defined. There are different implemented software modules and hardware components…


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