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Javascript Essays (Examples)

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Cross Platform Mobile and Web
Words: 17284 Length: 63 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 95555197
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Both desktop and Web widgets have the same basic components. Fundamentally, they use Web compatible formats, even if intended to run in a desktop environment. This means that the core of the widget is HTML and CSS code which contains the actual content of the widget, namely text, linked images/video or content pulled from a server of Web service. Alternatively, the widget content can be created using Flash, although this may limit its use on some mobile devices. The content is contained within an XML file that provides essential metadata about the widget, such as its name, version, language, etc. The third component of most widgets is JavaScript, which is used to provide the programming logic behind any interactivity in the widget. To make widgets run in different environments typically necessitates only changing elements of the metadata contained in the XML file. There are sites such as or…


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Is Dhtml Dead
Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49995848
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DHTML dead?

In the view of many pundits there seems to be little doubt that DHTML has seen its best days and is, in terms of serious development, a dead issue. As Russell Jones writing for DevX.Com, states:

The bottom line is: DHTML is dead for serious application development; browsers, as application delivery platforms, are past their peak; and the future of distributed, interactive applications -- at least on Windows -- belongs to .NET. If you're developing these types of applications and you're not learning .NET, you may want to rethink your career plans.

(Jones R.A.)

This view points to a number of issues relating to the present status and future of DHTML -- including the fact that there are numerous alternatives technologies which are more innovative and practically interesting from a developer's point-of-view.

riefly, at present there are a number of opposing points-of-view. On the one hand there are…


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XML and Information Systems XML
Words: 1319 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37618222
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The protocols for such services are often difficult to distinguish from line noise. Even if such services were not trying to make their protocols difficult to reverse-engineer, Jabber's would likely still be easier to work with because of its XML basis. Software which supports XML can easily handle supporting new XML document tyes, such as the Jabber protocol, and a raw dump of the traffic would look familiar to anyone who has built a web page: tag-based markup intended to be human-readable.

When the World Wide Web was new, many predicted that it would replace traditional desktop applications. Java applets were usually the means by which this was to happen, though in reality they have much in common with regular desktop applications. Using normal web pages as a user interface to an applications has significant disadvantages relative to a normal desktop application, most of which are related to the fact…

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Comparison of Internet Explorer and Netscape Browsers
Words: 1469 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75342621
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Internet Explorer and Netscape Browsers

Most people in 2005 have accessed the orld ide eb, and chances are, they used Microsoft Internet Explorer to do it. In 1995, the situation was quite different; far fewer people had accessed the eb, and most of those who had used Netscape Navigator. Microsoft saw Netscape and the eb as a competitive threat to its operating system business, and launched its own browser to compete. The release of version 2 of each browser represented the real beginning of the "browser wars" of the 1990s. Netscape Navigator 2.0 is a more mature product than Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0, however, Internet Explorer 2.0 has several user-interface features that are better designed. Internet Explorer is less focused on directing users to specific websites than Netscape is, and appears cleaner as a result. Netscape's menus offer more options that those in Internet Explorer, but many of those are…

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Computer Hacker Nefarious Notions III
Words: 9646 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33974918
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(Hackers Chronology,



The first case of cyber espionage is recognized in Germany (west). This reportedly involved the CHAOS computer club.

"Mentor releases the hacker manifesto Conscience of a hacker, which ends with the intriguing line: 'You may stop the individual, but you can't stop us all.'" (Hackers Chronology, 2006).


Electronic Frontier, Freedom on the Internet advocacy group, is launched

Polymorphic viruses (which modifies themselves when they spread), along with other sophisticated kinds of viruses, such and multipartite viruses (infecting multiple locations in the machine) appear.

During the first acknowledged major computer bank hack, First National Citybank of Chicago loses 70 million U.S.$

Kevin Lee Poulsen, Hacker Dark Dante, is arrested after a 17-month search. He had obtained numerous military secrets.

Mitnick and Shimomura lock horns. (Hackers Chronology, 2006).


The first Def Con hacking, was supposed to be a one-off-knees-up to bid good-bye to BBS's (outdated by…


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Designing XML Databases
Words: 7877 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27005972
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Designing XML Databases

What exactly is a 'web-enabled database? The World Wide Web, as everyone knows, provides the user with a host of tools with which he cane gain access to information and knowledge on the Internet and browse for information using web browsing technologies. Numerous people also use web browsing in order to deliver marketing messages, advertising information, promotional material for any products, and so on. However, what is most surprising is the fact that the World Wide Web is rarely, if ever, used for what it really must be used for: the provision to interactive business information on the Internet, through which an organization may make any number of queries for information and then gain access to the information that the queries generate. An organization can also place orders on the World Wide Web, and get all its numerous statements and records updated constantly through the browser services…


A very simple way to design XML. Retrieved From


Auditing Intrusion Prevention Detection and Penetration Testing
Words: 3042 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29987577
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Auditing, Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Penetration Testing

The network vulnerability is a major security weakness that allows an attacker reducing computer information assurance. Vulnerability intersects three elements: a system flaw, the attacker is having access to the flaw, and ability to exploit the flaw. Thus, a security risk is classified as a vulnerability that is tied to a great significant loss. The vulnerability can erode data confidential, system integrity and availability of data.

The objective of this study is to carry out analysis of two research articles that discusses the network vulnerabilities in the IT environment. (Jackson, et al.2008, Sommer, et al. 2003). Both articles believe that attackers exploit the network vulnerabilities to inflict damages in the information systems. Moreover, the two articles agree that the traditional securities such as network IDS (intrusion detection system) (Sommer, et al. 2003) and DNS pinning (Jackson, et al.2008) are no more effective…


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Personal Security and the Internet
Words: 2573 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58176171
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The responsibility to seek out and use the most appropriate form of protection for a particular system lies with its user. If a user does not regard these duties with the appropriate seriousness, the consequences could be dire indeed. Another very threatening form of computer crime is the phishing scam.


Phishing involves email from an apparently legitimate source such as a bank or other place of business that requires the user to respond with personal information. Most commonly, banks are used as a front for these scams. The most common messages of this type is that a user's account has been disabled and will only be reinstated once the apparent company has received the specific requested data. When a user sends this data, the criminal can then use it for his or her own purposes, such as identity theft or credit card fraud.

According to (2011), phishing criminals…


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Internet and Its Impact on
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64284788
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One of the best examples of a mash-up being made possible by the AJAX programming language is the work of Dr. Hans Rosling and his apMinder program at (Phelps, Cseh, 2009). Dr. Rosling has taken the data set from the United Nations and added in analytics to determine the correlation of income to health. He is a regular speaker at TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) Conferences and is considered one of the top 20 presenters of all time at this distinguished and prestigious global conference. His insights into the correlation of income and health have been widely used by governments globally and he is a frequent lecturer at the U.S. State Department. Dr. Rosling's insights are well worth listening to on the TED site and also working with his application as well. If JAX had not been invented and the rapid gains in programming performance not achieved, it…

Given the fact that users have come to expect more and more data being available in their Web-based applications and the delivery of it to be personalized and fast, AJAX has also been expanded to support much greater levels of integration as well (Robertson, Saxton, Van Gucht, Vansummeren, 2009). This aspect of being able to integrate data from XML data streams for other Web applications' use, integrating to legacy systems in companies and also from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for pricing and product data for example, is establishing AJAX as a standard in corporations. As more corporations adopt AJAX as a standard there will continue to be more integration options defined and greater use of mash-ups in mainstream Web applications as a result. This is going to greatly enrich the user experience online as it will present data in entirely new contexts and with entirely new relationships.

Impact of Web-based Application Development on Society

Google fans globally don't realize it but they are reaping the benefits of AJAX application development advances daily (MacVittie, 2007). Google has customized their own version of AJAX, which is called Python. The Google version of AJAX is quickly revolutionizing how the world searches out and finds information online. In speaking previously about how quickly Internet users' expectations are increasing with regard to application performance, AJAX is a catalyst of these expectations growing continually. The one areas this is particularly true is in social networking applications including Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and many others discussed in Appendix B of this paper. AJAX is making it possible for these applications to deliver real-time updates and also stay secure and reliable enough to scale

Beyond Web 2 0 Provides a
Words: 844 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59079236
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0, encompassing data aggregation, the ability to manage projections of data from content repositories and the ability to create cross-products or mash-ups. The article's title connotes this ambitious direction, and the author delivers with some excellent insights as well. The article concludes with the section, the User-Oriented Web: A Total Perspective section that discusses how aggregation, projection and mashups will impact users, the author ties together the progression of technological developments from a technological and process standpoint effectively. The significance of the article is both as a refresher of key concepts but also of explanations of how to web gadgets are going to revolutionize Web application development as well.

Lessons Learned

This is an excellent article for refreshing ones' knowledge of the core building blocks of Web software development, in addition to defining how best to interpret and put into context the rapidly growing popularity of AJAX in the context…


(Raman, 2009)

TV Raman. (2009).Toward Web 2(w), Beyond Web 2.0. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 52(2), 52.

Blog entry:

Cobol Overview of a Third
Words: 4692 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81579343
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This is unlikely to change short of an amazing new technological innovation that takes "natural" language capability and programming to a new level. Let us now compare how COOL meets the needs of organizations working in various industries. The next section will help clarify why COOL is in such demand among commercial enterprises worldwide.

Chapter 3 - COOL and Organizational Goals

This section analyses how COOL supports organizational goals. COOL supports organizational goals in many ways. It is an adept and multi-faceted programming language that provides organizations the ability to manage data in many departments. It is useful for financial analysis, for shipping and inventory maintenance, for the creation of reports and data management systems and for linking various units within the organization. Each of these key features is described in more detail below.

Decision support systems such as that COOL can help facilitate are critical for supporting all levels…


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Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Columbia University Press.

Information Security
Words: 1774 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44260263
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Mobile Code

Mobile code creates a required programming device to provide adaptability to form distributed systems for the Internet viz. Java Applets. (Mobile Code Security) Mobile code may be defined as small bits of software, which can without a user initiating action or even without his knowledge, be automatically downloaded into the workstation and executed. Without suitable controls appropriately positioned, there is the possibility of security risks, as these executable programs are downloaded from a server. Though mobile code meets the demand for functionality, it is necessary to protect any organization's system and networks from malicious mobile code, by writing a suitable security policy. (Writing Mobile Code Policies) Every initiator has the capability to generate independent mobile agents that can remit to unrestricted number of hosts and thereafter come back to the initiator. (Mobile Code Security)

A user was to be allowed to download a small piece of software,…


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Information System Management-Cloud Computing Web
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98498333
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0 are used in organizations to provide an access to high levels of the scale without an enormous costs of traditional infrastructure. Both increase performance given that the clients who are the organizations have data centers across the globe that keeps the processing reasonably close to accessing it over the network. Organizations use cloud computing and web 2.0 to strategically cut the cost of driving innovation and to be ready for the prime-time use in the enterprise environments (O'eilly, 2008).

Technologies required for web cloud computing and Web 2.0

The technologies required for the development of web 2.0 includes Ajax and JavaScript such as prototype. The Ajax programming normally uses the JavaScript in uploading and downloading the new data stored in the web server without reloading now and then. The interaction between users within the page is enabled by the communication taking place between the data requests that goes to…


Tim O'Reilly (2008). Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing - O'Reilly Radar. O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies. Retrieved March 17, 2013, from

Pcclub com This Is an Analysis of the
Words: 1920 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7299686
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This is an analysis of the e-commerce web site, analysis will examine the web site's content, functionality and appeal, (attractor).

Quick Overview:

Designed with the computer shopper in mind the PC Club's home page,, offers fast access to merchandise categories via a list of products, systems and services in a column, (site makes liberal use of tables), on the left hand side. Under each of the four main headings, are specific hyperlinks to specific product categories, such as "motherboard" or "memory." This column of links is on each page visited thus, allowing fast access to the specific products or services a customer desires without requiring him to wade through complex graphics or convoluted links to get the information he seeks.

The layout of the home page is clean, without being overly simple. In addition to the fast links to specific products, the home page is categorized into…

Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students
Words: 60754 Length: 230 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 60817292
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Pedagogic Model for Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of special…

Community Mental Health Service Program
Words: 2418 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32797947
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Mental Disorders

Mental health services for adults and children in Florida are commonly provided by community health facilities and agencies. The use of community health agencies and facilities is providing these services are fueled by the need for an intensive care level to address the increase and impact of mental disorders. Florida State has embraced a framework of directive principles of care as the foundation for providing mental health services to adults and children. However, this framework has been insufficient to effectively deal with mental disorders for children in Jacksonville, Florida. Based on recent statistics, over 20% of children and young people experience the signs and symptoms of these illnesses during the course of a year (Goldhagen, 2006). A comprehensive, integrated community mental health service program is a suitable community-based approach this problem in Jacksonville, Florida.

Description of the Population

Mental disorders have developed to become a major health problem…


Buchanan, D. (2007). Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care. Retrieved from University of Nebraska -- Medical Center website:

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Countries. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 5(3), 1-10. Retrieved from 

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Mobile Computing Assessing Alternatives for
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99208461
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It is the most ambitious option yet also the greatest in terms of retaining and gaining customers over time. It would literally include integrating supply chain, pricing, manufacturing, logistics, field service and customer service all together into an enterprise platform. In effect a Service oriented Architecture (SOA) with integration to Cloud Computing services and platforms (Birch, 37) would need to be completed. This would also rely on real-time data from manufacturing and distribution through FID systems integration which would in effect many the entire company customer-centric and demand-driven (Wang, Chen, Xie, 2512, 2513).


Clearly the option of doing nothing is not acceptable as Web 2.0 technologies, the catalyst behind social networks, combined with Web Services and streamlined XML messaging, are revolutionizing the use of mobile computing platforms. To do nothing is invite customer churn given how quickly customer preferences are changing for using mobile computing channels to communicate with,…


Bernoff, J., and C. Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. " MIT Sloan Management Review 49.3 (2008): 36-42.

(see attachment for this reference)

Birch, D. "The future - mobile channel and clouds. " Financial World 1 Dec. 2009

The future - mobile channel and clouds

Young Generation Chapter One and
Words: 10896 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 20009292
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Large number of respondents will require large number of questionnaires to be given to the individuals and this would have high financial implications.



Due to the problem of fear of the information that if the Facebook members disclose will be used against them in future, I intend to guarantee them anonymity on any information given and confidentiality by ensuring no names or sensitive information is required in the questionnaires. On the time constraint, the questionnaires will be designed so that it takes small amount of time with few open ended questions. On the financial, the samples taken will be done randomly so that even if it's quite small compared to the whole Facebook membership, it will be representative.




Literature review



Social networking is considered the as the manner of communication in the 21st century. It refers to the individuals grouping into groups…

Web 2 0 With a Focus
Words: 6782 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 3008169
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0 is "…a broad name used for a number of different experiments that are being done in the research community" (eddy & Goodman, 2002, p. 12). The emphasis here is in 'experiment' as Web 2.0 is a platform for the testing of new applications and innovation, as well as being an area for research and development in education and science.

The differences in the way that Web 2.0 functions can be seen in the concept of the Internet as a new platform or environment. This is a concept that exceeds the idea that a new Internet would merely offer new applications that would be in essence an extension of Internet 1.0. As Tim O'eilly and John Battelle note, Web 2.0 means "… building applications that literally get better the more people use them, harnessing network effects not only to acquire users, but also to learn from them and build on…


Anderson a. ( 2007) What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for Education. Technology and Standards Watch, Feb. 2007. Retrieved from 

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Bogatin B. ( 2007) Web 2.0 Social Networks: Cool but marginal and unprofitable?

Retrieved from )

XML Latest Changes Are in
Words: 2900 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 2227631
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The implications of security payloads and overheads on the performance of optimized XML networks (Choi, Wong, 2009) are inherent in the continual design of XML standards and protocols attempting to compress these elements and optimize their performance. The integration of security into Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is having a minimal impact on overall performance of XML networks overall, as the features in this standard are compressed (Piechocki, Felden, Graning, Debreceny, 2009). Compression is also specifically used with the XML key management specification to increase performance (Ekelhart, Fenz, Goluch, Steinkellner, Weippl, 2008). Compression algorithms are used for shrinking the contents of data containers, packets and messages so they are more compact, which increases transmission speed and accuracy. The development and continual support for XML within Web Services has transformed transactional workflows from being simplistic to be multifaceted, supporting the development of trading networks (Kangasharju, Lindholm, Tarkoma, 2008). As a result of…

Internet Browser Comparison People Use
Words: 1415 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87348440
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With Internet Explorer, one may manually have to change their settings in order to stop pop-ups (McDonough, 2009).

There's more to the security position with Firefox than just the pop-up blocker feature. Since Internet Explorer comes with most computers, it's utilized by more than fifty percent of PC users. Firefox is utilized by about twenty to thirty percent of this population. Hackers often want to target the biggest audience with the least exertion. Essentially, these people will be more willing to look for the holes in Internet Explorer before moving onto a smaller utilized browser like Firefox, making Firefox a bit more secure than Internet Explorer. The latest numbers indicate that Firefox's market share continuing to increase (McDonough, 2009).

In regards to market share, the winner is evident. Most approximations show Internet Explorer commanding between eighty and eighty five percent of the browser market, with Firefox straggling at somewhere between…


Difference Between Internet Explorer and Firefox. (2011). Retrieved March 29, 2011, from Web

site: -


Finnie, Scot, Fowler, Dennis, Gralla, Preston and Mingis, Ken. (2006). Browser Smackdown: Firefox vs. IE vs. Opera vs. Safari. (2011). Retreived March 29, 2011, from Web site:

Google Analytics An Overview Unfortunately
Words: 738 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2022666
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When visitors reach a site "Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie" and the analytics application ends the session after thirty minutes of inactivity or when the browser exits (utter 2010). epeat activity is tracked as well: "Each unique browser that visits a page on your site is provided with a unique ID via the __utma cookie. In this way, subsequent visits to your website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor" (utter 2010). Website owners can discover what keeps loyal customers coming back, as well as what draws first-time visitors. This is important, as for many sales-related products repeat use is more important than simply generating many first-time 'hits' from users who do not return.

Google Analytics also helps website owners "better realize their goals for sales" by tracking what users click on high-priority advertisements, such as advertisements for…


Google Analytics. (2010). Official website. Retrieved August 15, 2010 at 

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What is Google analytics? (2010). Google. Retrieved August 15, 2010 at

XML Project Specification and Design
Words: 3292 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 13696745
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These are the researchers who completed the HTML, DHTML vs. AJAX application performance on XML (Yang, Liao, Fang, 2007) and the XML network optimization research completed across a replicated server and transaction-based methodology (Smullen, Smullen, 2009). Efforts will be made to collaborate with these researchers to learn from their expertise that has not been published in their analyses and also to collaborate on how to capture XML network optimization concepts and AJAX programming best practices that can further accentuate and strengthen the results of this analysis.

During the project the following data will be gathered:

XML network performance measures and analysis across a randomized set of load factors using four-square network configuration of open source Web Application Servers running on the Linux operating system.

AJAX Widget performance using SQL queries randomized to replicate the activity of a distributed order management system.

Use of network analyzers to evaluate packet traffic efficiency…


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Building a Secure Workflow Management
Words: 11534 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 30861705
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Each onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover routing instructions, and sends the message to the next router where this is repeated. This prevents these intermediary nodes from knowing the origin, destination, and contents of the message.


Lecture Survey.

The predicted solution of the problems related to e-government administration depends on answering the following questions as brainstorming ideas to solve the problem and the features provided by the system or application.

1. An important step for processing of e-Government.

2. To ensure the confidentiality of information such as contracts for military weapons and other by Providing a high level of security as it is based on singing the data by combining multiple key values like user id, date stamp and transaction id which produce an encrypted key utilized and used only internally by the system for authentication and validation of user privileges. This procedure would make it…


Averyt, William. (2005). E-Government Reconsidered: Renewal of Governance for the Knowledge Age. American Review of Canadian Studies 35(4): 769-770.

Chaffee, a. (2000-08-17). "What is a web application (or "webapp")?"

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Bourquard, J.A. (2003, March). What's Up with E-Government? Digital Government Isn't a Silver Bullet, but as Part of a Long-Term Plan it May Provide a Means to Reduce State

E-Advertising the Contemporary Trends in
Words: 3089 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 25235271
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A factor which might become a strategic resource is represented by the very location of the banner, that is the website. The best advantage that internet presents is its flexibility. Once a banner has been published it is pretty easy to monitor the results. Once feedback is achieved it can be analyzed and the e-advertising campaign can be improved in a constant manner unlike the offline campaign which remains the same for the entire duration which was decided before it even begun.

Since modifications and improvements can be made at short intervals, while the reaction of the target audience is supervised in continuation, the chances of achieving success can be considered bigger as well. The internet allows placement optimization as well as the improvement of the format based on elements such as scheduling and capping.

When an online advertising campaign is conceived one must also decide how many people will…


Benbasat, I., Gefen, D., Pavlou, P.A., "Trust in Online environments," Journal of Management Information Systems, vol. 24, no.4, spring 2008, pp.5-11

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Organization Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Refers to
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Corporate Social esponsibility (CS) refers to the relationship between a business and the society and how can both can benefit mutually through a joint partnership. Caroll (1991) suggests four different aspects to be a part of CS and they are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. The economic aspect is the basis on which the business is built while legal responsibilities are encoded in law. Ethical responsibilities include doing what is right and just and above everything, philanthropic responsibilities include being a good corporate citizen and doing something good to the society and environment that has nurtured the business.

In this discussion, the CS activities of two companies in the same sector are analyzed. The first company is Asia Pacific Breweries that owns the Tiger Beer brand of products and the second one is Carlton & United Breweries that manufactures the Victoria Bitter brand of beer. A close analysis reveals…


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Evolution of Email and Internet
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This problem was solved in the following way: the program uuencode which is used by email-clients transforms its binary code (code of bits and bytes) into text code using ASCII table principle and it's send in the form of text character set in the following form (begin file name reports text translated binary body end). The recipient's email-client executes uudecode program and transforms it to binary primary code.


Telnet is a program for computer networks that use TCP/IP, for example Internet. It allows terminal emulation, as it connects user's computer to a networks' server. This program which works in console mode allows to manage the controll over server as if the commands were executed on the server computer initially, as well as it allows to control, communicate and do data exchange with other computers and servers. Telecom uses identification policies as username and password and allows control of web…


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Gmail Account Since Google Launched
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Checking your Mail: The Basics

1. Get Mail! The main frame of the Gmail inbox offers a list of your incoming mail. If you just set up your Gmail account, you will likely have only one welcome message automatically sent from the Gmail team. You might want to ask some of your friends to send you messages or send yourself a test message from another e-mail account so that you can begin playing with the features of Gmail.

2. Once you have accumulated some e-mails, checking your Gmail account is easy. Log on and you will be automatically directed to the Inbox. Unread mail appears in bold print. To read an individual message, click on it. If you are using a fully-supported browser, you will also see a star next to each e-mail. You can click on the star to flag important messages.

orking with Your Gmail: Reading, riting, and…

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Creating the Perfect Classroom Website
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perfect Classroom Website

Various experts on Web design and creation state that the Internet provides the most accessible and innovative medium for education and classroom teaching purposes. Some claim that the Web offers a platform and a "perfect medium" for teachers. (Lord, 2004, p. 20) This view is echoed in numerous studies about the impact and the possibilities of new technologies like the Internet for education and the enhancement of classroom activities.

However, at the same time, pundits issue a warning that the availability of this technology alone is not sufficient in itself for the creation of a perfect classroom Website. They note that an understanding of the medium and how best to use the technology as it relates to good teaching and educational methods is the most important factor in creating the "perfect" educational Webpage.

This sentiment is echoed in the growing trend of recent research in computer-assisted language…


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How Does Browser Incompatibility Impact Web Applications
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eb Browser

How does browser incompatibility impact web applications?

The Chief CFO

Re: How does browser incompatibility impact web applications?

As you are no doubt aware, the mid-1990s are now looked back upon as the years of the web browser wards between Microsoft and its rival Netscape. In the interests of cornering their competition, each of these companies seemed determine to build the proverbial mousetrap of a better browser and create a browser with proprietary features that would demand rather than solicit customer loyalty and attract the best web designers to their systems. Often in the interest of commerce one company would copy the most consumer-popular features of the other browser into their browser, but implement these features in such a fashion that the new, more exciting addition were incompatible with the rival's browser. But with each successive release of new versions, features would be often inconsistently implemented even within…

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New Devices and Techniques to Meet User
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New Devices and Techniques to Meet User Requirements for Scientific Application

In addition to merely providing the best quality or most efficient application for users of computer systems, designers at corporations such as Microsoft and programmers within such systems Java as are striving to enhance the capabilities of their application systems with the aim of making even innovative features in these systems user-friendly to even the most techno-phobic users of new scientific systems and applications. "One of the standard bugbears is the persistent belief...that difficulty is a virtue in itself, even a sign of intelligence.' (Girvan, 2002) Grasping this concept is a critical aspect of computing as modern technology becomes increasingly integrated into daily business life. "Users may need guidance as they work with unfamiliar software," thus the use of easy to read menus and clear instruction manuals in the point and click 'help' applications are simply the first step…

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Ewom Communication and Brand Trust
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The corporation or seller could benefit by developing marketing strategies prior to consumer reviews being available online.

Seller Response to Novice and Expert Consumers

efore allowing consumers to post product reviews on a corporations or sellers website, the seller should consider the size of the segments of expert consumers and novice consumers. For example, the seller may benefit from selling certain products if a significant number of expert consumers exist, especially for technology driven products. On the other hand, the seller may damage sales if the expert consumers' segment overshadows that of the novice consumers.

Unknown or Less Popular Stores Online Seller Response

Relatively unknown corporations should be overly cautious when allowing consumers to post comments on their websites. If brand marketers fail to attract enough consumers to post reviews, the corporation may damage its reputation. these corporations might consider hiring a well-known, popular third-party source to handle consumer reviews.…


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Cloud Computing Software as a Utility in
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Cloud Computing

Software as a utility in some cases pointed to be "on-interest software," is actually a software conveyance feature by which the software and cohorted information is partly accommodated by the cloud. The SaaS is normally entered by people utilizing a meager consumer through a net program.

The SaaS has ended up to be one of the regular conveyance feature of numerous organizational requisitions, incorporating bookkeeping, cooperation, client association administration, administration qualified data frameworks, undertaking asset arranging, invoicing, human asset administration, matter administration and utility work table administration.

One of the greatest pitching indicates for the aforementioned communities is the ability to reduce the IT back prices by out-contracting fittings and programming support in order to uphold to the supplier of SaaS. SaaS bargains in 2010 gotten to the ten billion dollar mark and furthermore are imagined to expand to over twelve billion dollars in the year 2011, which…


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Blu-Ray Technology
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Blu-ay Technology

"It [technology] has surely reduced the world to a global village, greatly reducing distances between people and nations" (How Does Technology . . ., 2009, ¶ 1).


During June 2006, even though only total of 24 Blu-ray movies were available at that time, stores advertised and sold the first Blu-ray DVD player, Samsung's BD-P1000, for $1,000. In the article, "Blu-ay or HD-DVD? A format battle rages for supremacy over the new generation of high-definition DVD Players," Johnson (2006) explains that "Blu-ray was jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a group of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer, and media manufacturers" (Johnson, 2006, p. 82). Its future, albeit, as well as the future of HD DVD, the contemporary contender for next generation digital video players appeared unclear, Consequently, electronics manufacturers waged fierce battles in their war to determine whether the Blu-ray or HD-DVD format would the…


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Challenges of Protecting Personal Information
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Protecting Personal Information

When considering the ever-changing and highly competitive global landscape of business today, large firms must be able to effectively globalize their operations in order to reach a greater potential client base, stay at the cutting edge of their respective fields and sustain profitability in the long-term. With the current exponential growth of technology and computerization of business and learning, consumers have become much more connected to the businesses they patronize (Kurzweil, 2001). Accordingly, companies are faced with the continuous task of finding new ways to understand and subsequently accommodate the needs of those customers, while simultaneously securing lucrative business models and job environments. In accomplishing the aforementioned objectives, firms must also be able to supply a secure environment in which clients can feel safe in accessing the products and services of the business. Knowing that many organizations are utilizing the highly effective means of online systems construction…


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Machine Translation and the Future Computers Are
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Machine Translation, And the Future

Computers are being used in many areas to speed and automate tasks that are tedious or strenuous on human beings. Computers aid us in making our daily lives better in many ways. Computers are being used for a variety of tasks. As the world moves toward a global economy, communication has become a major issue of the agendas of almost any industrialized nation. Machine translation is the growing wave of the future; these machines can translate passages into another language almost instantaneously.

There are some that fear the professional translators will become obsolete in the near future. However, an exploration of the current state of the art and future trends indicated that these fears are unfounded and that the field of Professional translation will enjoy man years of stability and prosperity, reaping the benefits of an expanding global economy.




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Macromedia's Beginning Can Be Found as a
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Macromedia's beginning can be found as a small company whose aim was to market the graphics software on pen computers. The important lesson that the founders of this company obtained through this experience was that users dislike to learn complex features in a program, therefore, the challenge lies in writing good software that is easy to use. Its one of the products SmartSketch as a success to provide users to draw on the computer. With the advent of the Internet, the company began to focus on 2-D computer animation to enable users to create a profitable product. In the beginning its products were slow and programming was cumbersome. However, later it began to build its products with plug-in API, which extended the performance of the animation. We started to talk about shipping SmartSketch Animator.

In the summer of 1996, the company started to get a large share of recognition as…


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Tonys Chip Website Migration Project
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Migration Project for Tony's Chip

The focus of this document is to develop an internally hosted Website Migration Project for Tony's Chip Company. The website will have a back-up site that will serve as a failover in case the original site goes down or unavailable. To assist Tony's Chip Company building a dynamic Website that provides a disaster recovery plan, and minimal downtime to ensure that the site is available for 24 hours, the project will design the website using SDLC (system development life cycle). ESTful concept describes web architecture as the protocols that uses the HTTP, and standard operations such as POST, GET, and DELETE. The ESTful also uses the SOAP messaging over the HTTP to assist in enhancing an effective message transfer. Despite the benefits associated to the EST concept, however, its specification is still poor for the development of a dynamic website. However, this project will still…


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Circumference & Radius of Earth
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If you had done this significantly too early or too late, what kind of error would there have been your shadow length?

The shadow length would have a bigger value as sun's angle would have been smaller.

If you had done this significantly too early or too late, what kind of error would there have been your circumference value?

Such measurement would have given smaller sun angle value for the location, which would have been resulted in greater value of angle ?. In calculations greater value of ? wouls result in smaller value of estimated radius since its inversely proportional to angle ?.

4) Could astronauts on the Moon or Mars use this technique to determine the circumference of those objects?

Yes., such technique can be used to any astronomic…

Technologies for Teaching at a
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Web-based technologies are in fact the essence of distance learning because students from all over the world can attend courses they could not if the were confined to a geographic location.

Organizational and reference tools including digital calendars, dictionaries, translation devices, and journals allow both instructor and student to manage their time more efficiently. Digital calendars can be set with alarms that help students manage their time better: setting intermediate goals for completing large research projects or reading lengthy tomes. Also, digital calendars help distance learning students who have heavy course loads. The calendars allow students to input due dates and other deadlines. Students and instructors have at their fingertips a whole range of resources that would otherwise require large learning spaces and numerous reference materials like dictionaries, thesauri, and other reference guides including atlases. Students who are learning in languages that are not their native tongues can avail themselves…

Machine Translation and the Future
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Machine Translation and Horizons of the Future

Almost everyone is familiar with the nifty Google feature which allows for instantaneous translation of foreign words. This automated or 'machine' translation is a convenient way to read websites in different languages. No longer does the reader need to know someone who speaks the foreign language or to hire a translator. The translation is provided quickly and easily, via 'machine.' However, for many professional translators, there is a fear that this mechanized process will render their profession obsolete. The article "The perspective of machine translation and horizons of the future" argues that such fears are unfounded. There a useful function that can be performed by machine translation that will enhance current translation capabilities for businesses, individuals, and other organizations, even if it is not a perfect replacement for human intelligence.

The article begins by noting the vital need for translation today, given the…