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0 are used in organizations to provide an access to high levels of the scale without an enormous costs of traditional infrastructure. Both increase performance given that the clients who are the organizations have data centers across the globe that keeps the processing reasonably close to accessing it over the network. Organizations use cloud computing and web 2.0 to strategically cut the cost of driving innovation and to be ready for the prime-time use in the enterprise environments (O'Reilly, 2008).

Technologies required for web cloud computing and Web 2.0

The technologies required for the development of web 2.0 includes Ajax and JavaScript such as prototype. The Ajax programming normally uses the JavaScript in uploading and downloading the new data stored in the web server without reloading now and then. The interaction between users within the page is enabled by the communication taking place between the data requests that goes to the server hence separated from the data that comes back to the pages. For the case of web cloud computing, the technology required is the cloud application, where a web browser is opened and the application gets customized. Most businesses are today running the applications in the cloud for instance, the customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting.

Benefits and limitations of web cloud computing and Web 2.0

The benefit of web cloud computing is that, it globalizes the workforce on the cheap. This is to say, most people around the world are able to access the cloud so long as they have a connection of internet, however it has a limitation of making the small business to be dependent on reliability of the internet connection. Conversely, the web 2.0 has a benefit of providing the next generations with the web platforms that are efficient for sales strategy despite of it having the key problem dependence- depending on the internet (O'Reilly, 2008).


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