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Job Opportunities Essays (Examples)

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A Career as a Psychologist
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35026659
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As an aspiring psychologist, I know that my future clients will be tackling a variety of psychological challenges. Some of these may have physical roots, given that many mental health complaints have at least some genetic component. Also, psychological difficulties can create physical problems. Anxiety can cause symptoms like a pounding heart. Eating disorders can cause a host of malnutrition-related concerns, and substance abuse can do so likewise. Mental disorders can interfere with normal, daily cognitive functioning, including the ability to make good decisions, and also impede the individual’s ability to have normal social relationships at work and school. Unfortunately, the fact that mental disorders can interfere with the ability to secure a proper social support network or even to work at all, means that the people who need help the most may be the least able to access it. As a psychologist, an understanding of the complexities of such…

Employment Communication the Job Opportunity Data Analyst
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31936861
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Employment Communication

The job opportunity

Data analyst at Ciber, as solicited in the following advertisement from

"Ciber is looking for a Data Analyst to analyze data from various GFS. This Senior Data Analyst will have experience working in an enterprise environment and crunching numbers that have high levels of visibility.

Essential Skills

Strong to expert level skills and experience in MS Excel: if statements, vlookup, hlookup, pivot tables, macros, etc.

A rich history of analytical and problem solving skills and accomplishments.

Analytical and detail oriented individual that enjoys working with data solutions.

Strong to expert skills in data manipulation with tools like MS Excel and Excel reporting.

Ability to quickly comprehend complex spreadsheets/data.

Intermediate SQL query, & SSRS background.

Good communication and presentation skills to executive management audiences.

Skilled at working with large data sets in Excel, quickly resolving data-related issues.

Desired Skills

Clean lines of communication to Executive…

Job Task Analysis Develop a Job Task
Words: 1254 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61583175
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Job/Task Analysis

Develop a job / task analysis

An entry-level job in a customer service call center

It is important for any organization that is set up especially with the aim of offering services to the people to have a care center for the customer. This central point serves as the point of contact between the clients and the service provider (Freese, 2010). The company or organization needs to have a customer care center since; communication is a vital process and tool for business. Questions and issues that need clarification are always bound to arise within the process of doing business. This significant department is thus very useful in delivering this important service to customers.

Customer service for the company is an identifying factor. A company or an organization whose customer care is spectacularly unique, especially if the competitors of the organization are offering the same quality products and at…


Drucker, P.F. (2007). Management: Tasks, responsibilities, practices. New Brunswick, N.J:

Transaction Publishers.

Ukens, L.L. (2007). 101 ways to improve customer service: Training, tools, tips, and techniques.

San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

Jobs Act American Jobs Act the American
Words: 2202 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46822555
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Jobs Act

American Jobs Act

The American Jobs Act of 2011

The American Jobs Act

This paper advocates passage of the American Jobs Act of 2011. Two years after the Great Recession of 2007-2009 ended, unemployment continues at near record highs. As of September 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate held at 9.1%, with the number of unemployed persons at 14.0 million. The unemployment rates for adult men (8.8%), adult women (8.1%), teenagers (24.6%), whites (8.0%), blacks (16.0%), and Hispanics (11.3%) were essentially unchanged for September. The number of long-term unemployed, those who were jobless for 27 weeks or longer, was 6.2 million individuals, accounting for 44.4% of the unemployed. The number of individuals employed part-time for economic reasons, also referred to as involuntary part-time workers, rose to 9.3 million in September. These persons worked part-time because their hours had been cut back, or because…

Works Cited

Boushey, Heather and Gadi Dechter. "The American Jobs Act." Center for American Progress. 14 Sept. 2011. Web. 18 Oct. 2011.

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Job Find Programs the Department
Words: 1014 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30682991
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Congress allocates approximately $220 million annually for TAA training (Labor, 2006). Each year, the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration allocates 75% of available TAA funds, or $165 million (Labor, 2006). The remaining 25% of funds are reserved for states experiencing large, unexpected layoffs during the year. States may request additional money from the reserve account after they have spent at least 50% of the allocated TAA funds (Labor, 2006). "

As this allotment and others like it illustrate the job programs in place are designed to help those who have educations or trade backgrounds and experience.

They provide additional benefits and perks to those in that position but for those who are unskilled and have been laid off of minimum wage positions the job programs do very little to assist them.

A case in point was when Kmart opted to close down more than 300 of…



U.S. Department of Labor Teams up with Kmart to Connect Kmart Employees with Job Opportunities. From: U.S. Newswire

U.S. Department of Labor Releases $154,962 to Assist Trade- Affected Workers in New Mexico.

From: U.S. Newswire | Date: August 21, 2006

Job Listings When Most People Think of
Words: 1177 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61706766
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Job Listings

When most people think of Anheuser-Busch, they will often associate it with a large multinational company that produces Budweiser. While this is true, the firm has operations in 23 countries and employs 116 thousand people worldwide. This means that they must utilize different strategies for attracting and retaining key personnel. To fully understand how this takes place there will be a focus on: recruitment strategies, the way the organization classifies job opportunities, factors for determining the right mix of local / international employees, the benefits and expatriate programs. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how the firm is able to locate and hold onto critical talent. ("Anheuser-Busch," 2012)

Outline the recruitment strategies the organization uses.

The basic recruitment strategy at Anheuser-Busch is focused on locating individuals who are coming out of college. During this process, they will talk with them about their future…


Anheuser-Busch. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from: 

Explore AB. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from: 

Our Graduate Recruitment Programs. (2012). Best Beer Job. Retrieved from:

Our People and Culture. (2012). Best Beer Job. Retrieved from:

Job One of the Job
Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87865874
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Companies are even practical these days to consider hiring individuals who doesn't have an educational degree on a field of job but have the expertise to do the job. QuickBooks help in addressing businesses' and industries' current problem of lack of IT professionals because it is now possible to have experts in a particular IT field with the help of QuickBooks.

In the job of installing a computer network, QuickBooks have changed the old business process of hiring computer network consultants to do the job. Instead, the internal employees of a company can already install a computer network just by using QuickBooks as references on how to do the job. In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, on the other hand, the result of installing a computer network by a non-professional is usually equivalent to the end-result done by a professional. This is because QuickBooks generally provide all the information and…

Job Ad and Orientation Program
Words: 1200 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 52589804
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Seasonal Lobby Manager

Reports to: Front office manager

Position summary: Mainly responsible to guarantee Front Office shifts run effectively and efficiently, offering superb guest service, aiding all Front Office staff as well as always maintaining a professional, calm environment.

Trains and assesses four 'Lobby Hosts/Hostesses' and assigns and supervises duty roster for his/her Lobby Support team. Job duties also encompass maintaining payroll records' and ensuring timely movement of each guest through the lobby.

Other required job duties:

• Always ensure a clean and beautiful lobby

• Offer information to any waiting guests

• Assess which guests are heating to the airport then if needed, move guests to the front of the line.

• Provide prompt courteous service including answering any guest questions

• Prompt handling of any guest complaints and concerns

• Always document all concerns and complaints and follow up with appropriate Department Head to follow up

• Communicate…

Job Analysis Selection & 8226 Conduct a Job
Words: 1175 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80518068
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Job Analysis Selection • Conduct a job analysis. • Outline a workforce planning system. • Create a selection process staffing. Course Assignments 1. eadings • ead Chapter 5 -- 7 Managing Human esources.

Job Analysis Selection

As InterClean and EnviroTech completed their merger, the operational complexities of the resulting companies significantly increased. At the primary level, one could observe the fact that the organization would no longer simply offer cleaning products, but also cleaning services to the local health care institutions. As a specification, these institutions require the highest possible quality cleaning products and services. Nevertheless, the ability to kill as many germs as possible does no longer represent the main competitive advantage.

The modern day society is extremely dynamic and continually challenges the economic agents to rise up to amounting expectations. While a high quality of the manufactured products and delivered services is imperative, it is no longer sufficient…


Jobber, D., Lancaster, G., 2009, Selling and sales management, Pearson Education

2010, Sample job analysis, Staffing and Recruiting Essentials,  last accessed on December 21, 2010

Business open learning archive, The BOLA Project,  last accessed on December 21, 2010

Job Rewards Job Redesign and
Words: 1848 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6895171
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93). This approach allows members of the team to act autonomously; that is, once the supervisor is selected each member of the team has their own target to hit, and their own method or tools for realizing their target or goal. When they achieve this goal, they are rewarded through recognition of their efforts and greater autonomy or a promotion. This in turn may lead to increases in status or pay within the organization, which improve motivation and fulfills any financial goals a team member may have.

Goal setting theory needs to be strengthened as it promotes knowledge sharing in the organization. eeve (2001) notes in his goal setting theory (p. 199) that setting goals is critical to the success and productivity of an individual and team members. When people act as part of a group they form an alliance, one that collaborates and overcomes obstacles to success, which may…


Reeve, Johnmarshall. (2001), Understanding Motivation and Emotion 3rd Ed. New York:

Reward Motivation

Job Task Analysis -- Customer Service Job
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55189988
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Job Task Analysis -- Customer Service

Job Task Analysis Customer Service


Customer Service

Location: Corporate Office

shifts, 8-5, 4-12

Sat/Sun -- 9am-6pm

Full Time

Hourly (Entry 10.00/hour, range to $14.80/hour)

Position Objective

Call Center Agent

Preparation / Prerequisites

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Working Knowledge of Basic Computer Operations and MS Word and Excel

Must pass a background and drug screen

Organizational Skills

Ability to Multi-Task effectively

Clear speaking voice and good command of English

Flexible Schedule

Negotiating Skills

Typing skills of 25-30 wpm or greater

One year experience in Customer Service or Sales

Ability to problem solve and find win-win solutions

Pleasant "can-do" attitude

Excellent listening and empathy skills


Work in a call center environment

Maintain customer service targets

Sales and Sales support

Consistently meets established guidelines

Effectively communicates with customers, coworkers and managers

Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness to Quality Programs

Ability to service…

Job Application
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63195621
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Job Application

Why are you applying for a role in your chosen area? (Demonstrate your suitability for the position(s) sought.)

In September of 2002, I graduated with honors with a degree in Civil Electronic Engineering from the Free University of Brussels (V.U.B). Although I enjoyed studying this discipline and pursuing my degree, I have come to realize that my naturally extroverted personality is far more suited and more fulfilled in the fast-paced world of business and finance. This is why I have decided to apply for an entry-level position for the Financial Management Program (FMP) at General Electric.

I do not only seek an education for myself in my new, chosen field. I also believe that my background has given me, as a person, a good deal that I can offer to GE as a company. A civil electronic engineer, such as myself, is often confronted with highly complex mathematical…

Job Application Letter I Am
Words: 602 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36802581
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Consider our team's work last year with a major mining client. This company faced a difficult tax situation with regards to an operation in PNG and we were called upon to solve the problem to avoid trouble with the regulators.

Our star accountants set about this task, but the job of coordinating the effort was mine. I needed to organize the paperwork, to track the progress of the different team members and to ensure proper filing of the necessary documents with regulators. Under my direction and leadership, our partners were able to bring the problem to a smooth resolution, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

I like to feel that my coordinating efforts and expert information management helped to make this success possible. I had a specific role on the team and I fulfilled it to the highest level. This allowed the other team members…

Job Placement Describe Four Sources
Words: 788 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36756934
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Discuss why they are significant and how clients can be trained in those areas.

Persistence: Encourage the client to see every experience as valuable, even a bad interview is still practice

ritten communication: Know how to communicate briefly and effectively through an online resume, over email, which can be honed with practice

Oral communication: Know how to communicate in interviews and over the phone which can also be honed with practice in mock-interviews

Turn negatives into positives: Even a stay-at-home mother has skills that can be valuable in the workforce

You are discussing hiring people with disabilities with an employer. The employer asks the following questions:

If I hire a person with disabilities or promote the person, how will my company's health-insurance and workers compensation costs be affected?

They should not be unduly affected, given that according to the ADA website, an employer "must provide a reasonable accommodation if a…

Works Cited

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Primer for Small Business. The U.S. Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission. February 4, 2004. May 3, 2009.

Job Application Consulting Technology
Words: 907 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56515664
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Job pplication

s noted on the JP Morgan's own website, the evolution of the credit derivatives market has shifted the entire technology agenda into the banking environment because of the creation of electronic markets. full understanding of how recent changes in technology can be related to international economics and development is thus critical to success in the field of consulting.

I believe I can offer a unique combination of technical, business, and personal skills to JP Morgan that relate directly to the interrelationship of technology, structural development, and international economics. My background in the electrical and structural aspects of engineering, my personal and social education in Europe, and my familiarity with business culture and terms would all make me a valuable asset to JP Morgan.

In September of 2002, I graduated with honors in Civil Electronic Engineering from the Free University of Brussels (V.U.B.). This background in engineering has given…

At university, I honed and developed my analytical skills, the apex of which was my thesis on the simulation of an ADSL-modem. My work has taught me how to tackle unstructured problems, rather than simply to apply outmoded concepts to new ideas. I am extremely comfortable with several program languages, including Visual basic, C++, Java and Matlab-Simulink. But beyond comfort, I know how to think creatively in the language of technology, much as I know how to communicate in a variety of languages.

A interned in 2001 with the Telindus Company in Beligu, an International telecommunications company, for which I wrote a program to use a sampler as an oscilloscope enabling the company to test modems. In my work for Eleven 11 in Antwerp, Belgium, I wrote a specific program to facilitate this Belgian diamonds company's accounting. Even during my 'leisure' time I found myself fusing my interests in technology and business, when I created with some friends of mine an investment club in February of 2000.

But at JP Morgan, my passion for technology and business would be fused, not simply into a single investment club, but would become the focus of my professional and intellectual life. I offer my skills, my energy, along with my passion to this great and renowned company.

Job Fair Brochure Half Time Sports Bar
Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44872416
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Job fair brochure: Half Time Sports Bar & Grill

Looking for a fun place to work? Love sports? Love to eat? The Half Time Sports Bar & Grill is a rapidly-expanding local franchise that offers traditional American food in a relaxed and homey setting. Customers can watch their favorite sports while they are served by a dynamic and engaging wait staff. Behind the counter, equally enthusiastic line cooks prepare the perfect burgers, fries, wings, and seafood to go with the football, basketball, and baseball games on-screen. The beer is cold, and the atmosphere is filled with a sense of friendly rivalry. Half Time Sports Bar & Grill needs new wait staff and cooks: do you have what it takes to serve on our team?

Servers must be motivated, and used to working in a fast-paced environment. Earning potential is high, given that customers often order multiple appetizers, drinks, and entrees…

Job When I First Joined
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 85667418
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Teamwork requires good communications skills and the development of respect. Most people do not have such amazing opportunities to develop character; we in the Navy do.

The Navy has enriched my friendships, which is one of the reasons why I love my job. I knew that I would meet new people in the Navy, but had no idea how many of them would become life-long friends. The Navy puts us in close quarters with people from all walks of life and from around the country. Our work and living situations demand that we learn how to resolve conflicts quickly and develop compassion for people that are different from ourselves. We have different political views, different ethnic backgrounds, and different personalities. Instead of focusing on our differences, we pay attention to our common goals. My friendships have been enriched through the service we do as naval officers.

Another reason why I…

Opportunities Facing Harrison-Keyes Harrison -
Words: 798 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33809719
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On the other hand, the strategic implementation occurs once the project is actually started. The challenges that a manager faces at this point are numerous, mainly due to the fact that while the strategic planning was a theoretical, probabilistic evaluation on things that had not occurred, the implementation phase will bring about real challenges, to which the manager must find solutions. The leader needs to be able to react to real-time event, many of which may be unexpected and not identified in the strategic planning phase.

Project management principles are important because they provide a theoretical background for implementing and planning a project, which could be helpful in terms of determining the success of a project. They will not provide a recipe for success, but will be a good starting point in the lifetime of a project.

3. If successful, the opportunities of implementing its new strategy are important. First…

Jobs Gazing at the Seoul Skyline for
Words: 375 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49339217
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Gazing at the Seoul skyline for the first time after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, I felt the pulse of metropolitan life and the whispers of change taking place in my life and in the life of the city. It is because of this pulse that I am applying for a job with HSBC, one of the world's most reputable companies. I had lived in Boston for the past several years and soaked up all the experiences I could while I was there. When I returned to Korea I realized that the world had become so linked because of globalization that companies like HSBC made inroads in nations far beyond their own borders. I also appreciate the world of commerce and banking, which I believe are at the root of how whole societies change and grow.

I too hope to change and to grow through exciting opportunities working…

Job Analysis Is the Process of Gathering
Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58032240
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Job analysis is the process of gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information about jobs (Busi, 2012). It is a critical part of human resources management. It functions to provide answers to questions such as: How much time does it take to complete important tasks?, Which tasks comprise a particular job?, How can a job be structured to enhance employee performance?, and What capabilities and behaviors are needed to perform the job?. A job description is often considered the most important result of job analysis. It lists the duties associated with a role, representing a written summary of the job as an identifiable organizational unit.

The importance of job analysis goes beyond a mere review of a specific role. It actually informs every other aspect of work in human resources (Busi, 2012). For example, recruitment requires an adequate job description to advertise the duties of a position. Similarly, selection and training rely…


Busi, D. (2012). Creating value through simple structured job analysis. Supervision, 73(7), 8-13.

Job Posting Job Title Chief Financial Officer
Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68233359
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Job Posting

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer, CFO, Controller, Directory of Finance

Company: NW Healthcare Services, Inc.

Mission and Description: As a nonprofit health-care provider, NWHCS takes seriously our responsibility to provide access to the services, expertise and facilities needed by our communities.

Our commitment to improving the health of our region extends beyond normal patient care. Whether through physician clinics, health education, charity care, our mobile mammography program or other means of outreach, we're committed to caring for the people of our region and beyond. NWHCS is licensed for 217 beds and has 1, 2000 employees and more than 400 physicians with privileges. It is also aligned with Lutheran Medical Center, Greater Oswod Metropolitan areas largest non-profit health-care provider with 1,245 licensed beds, has three hospital campuses in Oswod (First Hill, Cherry Hill and Ballard) and a fourth under construction in Issaquah. It also operates an extensive network of…


The Basics of Corporate Structure. (May 8, 2009). Investopedia. Retrieved from: 

Lagorio, C. (April 1, 2010). How to Write A Job Description. Inc. Retrieved from:

Job Analysis Report Sales Representatives at Circuit
Words: 771 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52427203
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Job Analysis Report

Sales Representatives At Circuit

Job summary:

Sales representatives play an important role in most organizations. We visited Circuit, the largest computer dealers in our area and spoke to some of the sales representatives there. It must be borne in mind that sales representatives are not salespeople. They have an absolutely different job to perform even though it is connected with sales too. Sales representatives are required to promote company's business and to attract new customers, keeping in view the core objectives and values of the firm. Sales Representatives at Circuit are responsible for attracting new business without losing the sight of company policies.


Sales Representatives earn around $17,000 P/A with commission. They earn $10% on every sale generated by them and are given transport facility. Company also covers 15% of medical expenses and paid leave of 2 days a month is granted to sales representatives with…

Opportunity Cost 300 Wds in
Words: 347 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80326025
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Obviously, the concept of opportunity cost is very useful for making decisions (Mankiw, 2008) because at the end of the fiscal year, the person who chose to vacation for five days in Costa ica would have $1,700 less in his or her bank account that the person who chose to stay home and work instead of going to Costa ica. Without considering opportunity costs, a person could make the mistake of considering only the actual cost of the Costa ico trip and never realize that the decision would actually cost an additional $1,000 compared to the alternative choice being considered.


Mankiw, N.G. (2008).…


Mankiw, N.G. (2008). Principles of Economics. Chula Vista, CA: South-Western

Job Description-Police Officer Police Officer
Words: 308 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54021608
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Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the position, sensitivity to the diversity in society must exist, including tolerance of all genders, races, states of physical condition, and lifestyle choices.

STATEMENT of EQUAL OPPORUNITY- in the spirit of the requirements of the position of Police Officer, no candidate shall be excluded from consideration for the position based upon gender, race, political affiliation, or choice of lifestyle, provided that these traits do not disqualify the candidate in terms of the ability to perform the duties of the job. With all of this in mind, all interested candidates are encouraged to pursue this opportunity to serve the community, maintain the peace, and contribute to the enrichment of the communities in which the Police Officer serves.

Police Officer Job Description

Job Creation and Government Job Creation Should
Words: 541 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38161978
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Job Creation and Government


Government in all capitalist nations is actually responsible for efficient allocation and diversion of resources and not for creation of employment opportunities for the people. Capitalist countries thrive on the principle of entrepreneurship and in such countries corporations literally control all economic activity. For this reason, it is impractical to expect the government to intervene when employment opportunities are scarce. Instead government's intervention must be limited to efficient allocation of economic resources and regulation of financial markets through fiscal measures during times of economic slow-down. But under no circumstances, should the government be expected to raise employment level in the country because it is essentially incapable of carrying out the task successfully. It has been noticed that when government is assigned the task of job creation, it does so inefficiently usually hiring more people than needed for various government…


Milton Friedman, "Can Government Make Jobs?" Newsweek, December 13, 1982, p. 122.

Job Security
Words: 1075 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34474068
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Job Security

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Return to Work

Balancing health, home, family, work:

With this purpose, this research paper probes into the methods, mechanisms that policies managers may utilize in the quest to facilitate employee leave and return to work. As this is a subject that deals with policies that may have a resounding impact on the welfare of both the company and it's employees, hence it is necessary that we take into account the psychological and emotional needs of individuals as discussed in the theories of Maslow, Herzberg and McClelland. This proposal shall demonstrate the beneficial aspects of leave policy implementation, as none exists at this point and prove that just a little consideration on the part of the management can turn any company's ventures into a roaring success.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs states that each need…

Opportunities in Asia South East and South
Words: 2833 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37429648
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opportunities in Asia (South East and South Asia) are huge and so are the challenges

For the last decade the countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and South Korea that collectively forms the part of South East Asia have registered consistent growth year after year making an impressive position in the economic development on the international level (Pempel, 1999). These countries have shown the growth in terms of Gross Domestic Product at an average rate of 6% to 9% annually. The dawn of 1997 has darkened the glory of these courtiers with a major slump in the economic conditions and financial development. Asian financial crisis that erupted in 1997 has miserably affected the local stock market and currency market of the Asian countries. The Stock market of these countries had declined by 70% and with the same figure the currency of has also depreciated against dollar, forcing them…


Allen, F, & Gale, D 2000, 'Financial contagion', Journal of Political Economy, vol. 108, no. 1, pp. 1 -- 33.

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Burnside, C, Eichenbaum, M, & Rebelo, S 2008, 'Currency crisis models', New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd ed.

Opportunities Abound in the Forensics Industry Today
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87262596
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Opportunities abound in the forensics industry today, and the experts suggest that this trend is going to continue to increase in the future. The term "forensics," though, can be applied to a number of different fields; however, all of these disciplines share a common feature in that their work products are specifically used in courts of law or for other legal issues that can mean the difference between life and death in many cases. According to Black's Law Dictionary (1990), the term "forensic" means "belonging to courts of justice," while "forensic engineering" means "the application of the principles and practice of engineering to the elucidation of questions before courts of law" (p. 648). Genetic forensics refers to the diagnosis of otherwise unknown biological material based on analysis of proteins or DNA; this branch of forensics has resulted in hundreds of death row prisoners being freed after they were exonerated through…


Avise, J.C. (2004). The hope, hype & reality of genetic engineering: Remarkable stories from agriculture, industry, medicine, and the environment. New York: Oxford University


Black's law dictionary. (1990). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

Braga, M. (2004, June 10). Tracking data on dead. Sarasota Herald Tribune, D1.

Opportunities and Threats The University
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 16584947
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Universities are often ranked by the strength or weakness of their graduate programs and the quality of original research the university is able to provide in certain fields of study. Furthermore, in addition to offering traditional graduate programs, the University offers an opportunity for those holding bachelors degrees to earn graduate certificates through work experience. This opportunity will be appealing to those students seeking post-graduate education but who need to work rather than being full-time graduate students.

The University's outside business partnerships also offer benefits to students. Most universities have outside business partnerships, such as vendor relationships with on-campus providers. However, the University goes beyond traditional vendor-relationships. It actively cultivates a wide variety of partnerships with businesses, which increases its access to research opportunities. Furthermore, these established relationships with corporations help increase internship programs and also promote the hiring of graduates. The influx of corporate money to the school helps…

Job Analysis From Undercover Boss
Words: 1021 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28063944
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Job Analysis from 'Undercover Boss'

From the 9th episode, "Subway" of Undercover Boss -- Season 2, two jobs have been identified: Store Manager and Chief Development Officer.

In the episode, Subway's Chief Development Officer (CDO), Dan Fretman goes undercover in order to assist with the development of Subway stores. The position of Store Manager in the episode involves 4 persons who work alongside Dan.

Job Analysis

For Chief Development Officer Position

The central part played by development in the area of strategic business decision-making has given rise to a need for managers who understand the concepts of development as well as gainful applications to processes, products, and services. A number of firms have dealt with the above need by creating the post of CDO or Chief Technology Officer (CTO), in charge of: Monitoring novel technologies and evaluating their capacity to develop into novel services or products; Supervising research venture selection…


Barwa, T. M. (n.d.). The Effectiveness of Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQ) in Performance Appraisal Systems . Institute of Management Specialists.

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Certified Public Accounting the Job
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Another challenge facing the industry today is the important legal issues that surround the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Koehn & Del Vecchio, 2004). One of these is the fact that the process of due diligence practiced by many companies is now taking much longer (Koehn & Del Vecchio, 2004). There is a higher degree of caution than was previously utilized and because of this many companies are discovering information that would have gone unnoticed before the Act was passed. This is, however, not the only legal issue that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has caused (Koehn & Del Vecchio, 2004). Another concern is that accountants and attorneys could now be required to report the known wrongdoings of corporations that they have business with to authorities.

Since lawyers are now required to disclose these types of issues, the attorney-client privilege has been compromised by this Act (Koehn & Del Vecchio, 2004). However, the Act was…


Bradley, C.F. (1994). An empirical investigation of factors affecting corporate tax compliance behavior. Ph.D. dissertation, the University of Alabama.

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Roper, J.C. (2006). Expert backs Enron's accounting practices. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from .

Posted Job Description for the
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While the ureau of Labor Statistics was extraordinarily helpful in researching the marketing manager occupation, the United States Department of Labor was not very helpful. For occupational specific information, this Web site refers the visitor to the ureau of Labor Statistics. The United States Department of Labor primarily provides general information regarding labor statistics and labor rights and doesn't drill down to specific occupations. Therefore, the site isn't that useful for a job search, but is more appropriate to companies for understanding the laws they must comply with and for workers to understand the laws that protect them and what to do if they have not been followed.

The United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics provides information similar to the United States Department of Labor. As such, it does not offer the occupational-level data provided by the ureau of Labor Statistics.

In summary, when researching a particular occupation, the ureau…


"Marketing Manager." 

"Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition." Bureau of Labor Statistics. /oco/ocos020.htm#oes_links

The United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics. 

United States Department of Labor.

Comparisons of Two Jobs at True Value
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Human Resources: Job Analysis/Job Description

The jobs of Retail Sales Associate and Inbound Stocking and Receiving Associate at True Value were compared and analyzed. They are somewhat similar in job skills and educational requirements, though the requirements and duties diverge at different points. Using information from YouTube, the U.S. Department of Labor and journal articles, job descriptions were written and are believed to be compliant with state and federal requirements.

Compare two job positions and perform job analysis of each

The "Undercover Boss" episode chosen was "Undercover Boss -- True Value" (Lenyu, 2014). The President/CEO went undercover as a new sales associate to work with an experienced sales associate and as a new inbound stocking and receiving associate to work with an experienced inbound stocking and receiving associate. The True Value web site was no help in comparing and analyzing the two jobs because there are no positions open for…

Works Cited

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Beware of Online Job Scams
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The article on job scams in the Internet is a timely piece for all Internet users, especially those who consider Internet technology as a viable medium through which they can earn a living. The article is timely not only because of the ease and accessibility that the Internet provides for job seekers, but also because online jobs respond very well to the changes happening in the employment sector -- both financially and socially. It is financially responsive to individuals who are looking for other sources of income, or those who do not have the capability to spend time and/or money, or lack the resources, to take on a day job. Moreover, with the continuing effect of the global economic crisis to businesses all over the world, individuals who lost their jobs because of cost cutbacks become more enticed to take on job offers, especially those that require less cost on…


"Beware of online job scams." Ecommerce Journal website. Available at:

How the Outsourcing Job Influence the U S Economy
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Outsourcing" on the U.S. Economy

The increasing trend of outsourcing of jobs from the United States in recent years has assumed alarming proportions. Most projections indicate that the present trend is going to accelerate in future. The issue has invited greater attention recently as more and more categories of white collar jobs are now being outsourced by the U.S. companies while in the past only lower paid industrial jobs were affected. Some economists including officials of the present U.S. administration have shrugged off the phenomenon as part of economic globalization and believe that it would prove beneficial for the U.S. economy in the long-term. Others are of the view that the negative impact of outsourcing far outweighs its positive effect. In this essay, I shall highlight the negative effects of outsourcing on the U.S. economy, besides outlining the current and future trends in out-sourcing.

The trend of relocating jobs to…

Works Cited

Brainard, Lael and Robert E. Litan. "Offshoring Service Jobs: Bane or Boon and What to Do?" Brookings Institute. April 2004. May 10, 2005. 

'The Outsourcing Debate." Great Decisions: GDTV 2005 Transcript. Foreign Policy Association. 2005. May 10, 2005. 

Stokes, Bruce. "Outsourcing Jobs: U.S. Dilemma." Great Decisions Briefing Book. Foreign Policy Association: 2005

An information technology consulting firm

Searching for a Job Hopefully I Will
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searching for a job. Hopefully I will have a job already. I see myself as more confident in the direction of my life; knowing better what I wish to do with my life; and having more of the skills to accomplish these things. I also see myself as having more resources and experiences that can better equip me for a job in my chosen field. These skills and knowledge will give me more of the confidence and make me a better candidate for specific job opportunities. I will also be more aware of what it is that I really want to do as well as my strengths and weaknesses in this particular field, I will have a larger network and greater maturity in general. This greater maturity will make me more resilient and better able to deal with possible challenges that come in my path/.

What are your goals in…

Job Worth the Following Section Addresses the
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Job Worth

The following section addresses the relation between certain work context factors and particular jobs of occupations. For each work context factor, one job has been identified that would be influenced by that factor.

Job requires you to assume an adversarial role:

The job of a prosecuting attorney requires the individual to continually assume an adversarial role. In order to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and determine the part people have played in situations that could entail breaking the law, a prosecuting attorney must strive to evoke responses from defendants. In the a court of law, a prosecuting attorney will take an adversarial position when questioning a defendant. Generating a certain level of stress for defendants is one way of exposing certain habits of mind or uncovering important information or evidence.

Job includes great responsibility for the safety of others:

The job of a fire fighter requires…


Landy, F.J., & Conte, J.M. (2013). Work in the 21st century: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology (4th ed.). Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Performance

Bureau of Labor Statistics -- 

Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) - 

O*NET OnLine --  / [Type text]

Jobs Overseas and the Effect it Has
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Jobs Overseas and the Effect it has on Employees in the Financial Industry: A Correlational Study

After globalization

Global changes in the banking and financial sectors have cause flow of not only work but finance to countries that were unreachable like China and Indian have opened markets globally owing to the international and U.S. pressure after globalization. The need to invest in these countries stem from the fact that Indian market is very lucrative especially with the Forex and commodities. These changes have resulted in the introduction of information technology, networking, the way work is done, and qualifications has caused the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries and thus has become the biggest economic issues of recent years. Thousands of American jobs are lost each year resulting in a fall of pay for workers around the world thus: "We need taxation on companies that export jobs and incentives for those…


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Cox, Taylor, Jr. (1991) "The Multicultural Organization" The Executive, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 34-47.

Job Task Analysis
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job descriptions that apply to the position you have selected from the list.

I will choose an entry-level job in a customer service call center. This entree level job will be a bank call center customer service representative. I will talk about Bank A and Bank B. call center customer service representative. According to task analysis information, I will create Bank C. call center customer center representative.

Compare the common tasks and behavioral objectives contained within the job descriptions or lists of duties.

Customer service is an organization's relationship with its customers. Call center customer service representative communicates with customers by telephone to provide information about products or services, open and cancel accounts, or obtain details of complaints. Call center customer service job duties involves meeting the customer's expectations, listening to their statements, and solving their problems.

As shown in Appendix the common list of duties of Bank A and…


Call Center Performance: How HR Practices Lead To Higher Service Quality and Net Revenues

(2005, May) HR Spectrum Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, p. 10

Steward, G.L., Brown, K.G.( 2011) Human resource management (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John

Wiley & Sons.

Job Analysis Is the Process of Identifying
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job analysis is the process of identifying the best person for a job based on examining the tasks performed, the competencies required to perform those tasks, and the connection between the task and the competencies ("Assessment & Selection," 2013). Performing such an analysis allows the company to better understand the requirements of a given job in the hopes of finding the person best suited to fill the role. There are four main elements involved in performing a thorough job analysis. The first is a description of the work activity that is gathered through a vigorous review of the job and the all the tasks related to adequately performing the work. Second, the knowledge, skills, and abilities or competencies required to perform the job are assessed and catalogued. A large amount of data is compiled to study the range of allowable job performance and the characteristics of the workplace (Prien, Goodstein,…


Assessment & selection: Job analysis. (2013). U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Retrieved February 28, 2013 from: 

Biddle, D.A. (2008). Are the Uniform Guidelines outdated? Federal guidelines, professional standards, and validity generalization. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 45(4),


Job There Are a Number of Really
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There are a number of really wonderful employers in the United States; companies that are consistently known for their excellent treatment of their employees. Fortune Magazine identifies the top 100 companies to work for each year and gives various details about each company. The company I would like to work for is Methodist Hospital System, Houston. It has consistently been identified as one of the best employers in the country, with a reputation for treating its employees fairly and establishing a great atmosphere. Moreover, this career would be in the healthcare industry, which is projected to be a growth area for the foreseeable future, so it is an excellent field.

Create a brief job description for a position within the company you research that you would like to fill.

The job that I would like is Senior Marketing Specialist. Marketing specialists with the Methodist Hospital System have a unique…


Amalraj, S., Starkweather, C., Nguyen, C. & Naeim, A. (2009). Health literacy, communication, and treatment decision-making in older cancer patients. Oncology 23(4).

Retrieved February 6, 2012 from Psychiatric Times website: 

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Job of the CEO of a Company
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job of the CEO of a company is to show leadership not just when everything is going smoothly but when there is conflict, when there is uncertainty, and when the organizational situation enters into a situation with complexities that are new and unsettling. This paper references the existing scholarly literature in terms of providing ideas, strategies -- to be used as organizational tools -- that are available to the alert, competent CEO.

"Organizations are increasingly subject to conflicting demands imposed by their institutional environments. This makes compliance impossible to achieve, because satisfying some demands requires defying others… [what is needed is a] more precise model of organizational response that takes into account intraorganizational political processes…"

(Pache Essec, et al., 2010, p. 455).

Conflict Resolution Strategies and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Samuel O. Salami (University of Ibadan, Nigeria) explains that in order to resolve conflicts, some organizations need counseling by organizational psychologists…

Works Cited

Choi, Jin Nam, and Sy, Thomas. (2010). Group-level organizational citizenship behavior:

Effects of demographic faultlines and conflict in small work groups. Journal of Organizational Behavior, Volume 31, 1032-1054.

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and Between Organizations: Building a Conceptual Foundation. Academy of Management

Job Type Business Finance Who a JOB& 8230
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Job type: Business finance Who a job… a promotion? Who find a job? Who trained advancement? What industry? Google (search engine) locate cross-corporation organizations industry/profession.ID

Getting a job: esearch review

I intend to enter into the field of finance, so there are no professional associations like the AMA (American Medical Association) or ABA (American Bar Association) which function 'gatekeepers' of admission to the profession. However, networking in business is extremely important and is often a critical aspect in securing a job. Thus, becoming a member of a professional association can be valuable opportunity for a new job-seeker. Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a professional association designed to foster the advancement of future business professionals, and could be an important resource of information and offer networking opportunities at conferences for a student just staring out in the field.

However, even after establishing a presence in a profession, professional memberships can…


The American Finance Association. (2012). Retrieved: 

Business Professionals of America (BPA) (2012). Retrieved: 

The executive MBA. (2012). MBA Courses

Why join. (2012). Toastmasters. Retrieved:

Opportunities Including Education Employment and Entrepreneurship That
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opportunities, including education, employment, and entrepreneurship that immigrants have in America.

America provides opportunities for all races:

America guarantees that one will not be discriminated on the basis on of his race,

National origin, gender, age etc.

All citizens in America have the right to an equal education, which includes a bilingual education.

Teaching immigrants the English language on an academic level allows them to communicate on a level equivalent to other professionals in the work place.

Immigrants who learn the English Language on a communicable level gives him or her the same equal legal rights as natural born Americans, for example-no hidden surprises in legal contracts.


Foundations help immigrants start up their own businesses in America.

Immigrants, upon receiving citizenship, have the same rights to own businesses in America as Native Americans.

Immigrants of other countries are allowed to contribute their uniqueness to this country when they open…


Frost, Martin, (01/22/1999)

Where-Freedom Seekers Yearn to be Free; Halting Immigrants Deprives America of Fresh Talent that Keeps in on Top

Knight-Ridder News Service

Kelley, S., (9/18/2002)

Opportunity to Make America a Better Nation
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opportunity to make America a better nation.


I left my home country of Indonesia when I was 23 years old. I didn't leave because I wanted to; I left because I had to.

See, as a Catholic growing up in a Muslim dominated country I was exposed to discrimination and religious persecution. Threats of violence against my family and I were not uncommon.

I say this knowing that not all Muslims are bad people. In fact, growing up some of my best friends were people of Islamic faith. However, when religious extremism begins to dominate a society and inform the cultural milieu, it's bad for everyone who lives there, but it's often particularly hard on women. This is what happened in my hometown. Things got ugly, really ugly.

So my parents saved up every dime and nickel they had and bought me a one-way ticket to America. The hope…

Job Design and Redesign for
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This sense of authority also enhances feelings of autonomy.

3. Feedback is available at all levels: from the supervisor, clients and co-workers. Performance is clearly observed and attributed to the employees, facilitating a fair performance appraisal and development of an incentives program.

Such processes are made even more efficient by the implementation of an efficient goal-system. As suggested above, the goals are established at individual level, at the group of employees performing similar tasks and at the level of the supervisor and departmental level.

The implementation of the new positions inside the department should be performed by taking into consideration employees' skills and motivation. The progress of the job redesign project should be monitored closely. Feedback sessions may be held in order to examine the challenges and progresses faced. Training should be offered to employees if necessary. The process completed, it can be examined and extended to other departments.



Summary report from account  

Job Is Largely an Outgrowth of the
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job is largely an outgrowth of the industrial revolution's efficiency demands. There was a widespread notion of substitution of machine power for people power, management specialists Adam Smith and Fredrick Taylor have given their remarkable contribution in creating positive correlation between specialization and efficiency (Litterer, 1969). Among the management experts and managers the popularity of specialized and short cycle jobs have climbed its peak. Job specialization was initiated in organizations by breaking down jobs into its lowest level and designing jobs for each part. It evolves specialization, expertise and improved quality. Job specialization implication is seen in workplace in manufacturing and assembly lines where workers were specialized for specific task for the whole shift.

In job specialization the same task is repeated whole day long. The benefits of job specialization can be drawn from the concept of 'Division of labor' proposed by Adam Smith. Smith had a strong conviction that…


Litterer, Joseph (1969) Organizations. Published by New York John Wiley & Sons.

Niederhoffer, Victor (2006) Specialization and the Division of Labor. Retrived on 22nd August

2011 through:

Job Title Do You Feel That Title
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job title? Do you feel that title is an accurate illustration of your position and what you do everyday?

Could you describe a typical day for yourself at work?

How long have you worked at X? How have your job and its responsibilities changed?

What do you view as the central mission of this organization? How does your job fulfill that mission? Or, do you feel that it does not fulfill that mission in some way?

What accomplishment are you most proud of as a result of your work at X? What was the greatest challenge you have personally faced during your tenure at the organization?

Has a lack of funding every impeded your ability to do your job at the highest level you would desire? What recommendations would you make to increase the availability of funding for X?

Q7. Have you ever worked at a for-profit organization? If so,…

Opportunities to Help Young Learners
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An orthographic definition is one which is formalistic in the sense of being bound to the form of a word in a particular medium. It is not sensitive to distinctions of meaning or grammatical function. To this extent it is not complete" (1998, p. 4). Therefore, in an effort to help complete the definition, a reference to Webster's advises that a word is simply "something that is said" (1999, p. 2633).

Unfortunately, this formal definition does little to clear the muddied waters with respect to what a word is, and Carter (1998) suggests that, "It may be more accurate to define a word as the minimum meaningful unit of language. This allows us to differentiate the separate meanings contained in the word fair in so far as they can be said to be different semantic units" (p. 5). Furthermore, this definition fails to embrace the polysemous nature of many words.…


Carter, R. (1998). Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Cervatiuc, A. (2007). "Assessing Second Language Vocabulary Knowledge." International

Forum of Teaching and Studies, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 40-42.

Flippo, R.F. & Caverly, D.C. (2000). Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy

Job Evaluation Market Pricing and Pay Structures
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Human esources

Job Evaluation, Market Pricing & Pay Structures

Job evaluation is a division of the salary management practice. It is a methodical examination of the relative demands that work places on a worker. Job evaluation results in a relative ranking of positions. This position, frequently expressed in terms of salary grades, is the foundation for the classification of salary ranges (Hilling, 2003). Market pricing is an organization of gathering data on the pay rates for comparable jobs in other companies to set up their market rate or price and track movements in those rates. The objective of the process is to help set the organization's own pay rates at the suitable level in order to employ and retain the personnel it desires (Graebner & Seaweard, 2004). While market pricing has forever been the foremost way that companies establish their pay levels, the lack of valuable survey data has been…


Dufetel, L. (1991). Job evaluation: Still at the frontier. (cover story). Compensation & Benefits Review, 23(4), 53.

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Hilling, F. (2003). Job evaluation is here to stay. World at Work Journal, 12(3), 14-21.

Job Evaluation: Understanding the Issues. (n.d.). Retreived from

Job Outsourcing on the U S
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Also, their variety has increased. For example, there are dozens of hairdryers on the market, produced by several companies, from large ones, like Panasonic, Philips, or Braun, to smaller producers that address this field also.

These companies can now afford to introduce many types of hairdryers because they are manufactured in Asian regions, and their production costs have reduced, allowing them to expand their product range and to promote smaller prices that are attractive to customers.

Although these companies produce numerous types of hairdryers, the products of different companies are almost identical. There is little product differentiation. The quality of the products is similar, they provide similar benefits, they almost have the same price, the technology they use is similar, even their shape is similar. They mainly differ in color, and name.

Given the circumstances it does not matter much what brand the customer chooses to purchase. The customer makes…

Reference list:

1. Shivapriya, N. (2009). India Remains World's Top Outsourcing Destination. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved April 27, 2010 from .

2. Evaluating outsourcing destinations (2009). BioSpectrum Resource Guide. Retrieved April 27, 2010 from

3. Negative effects of outsourcing (2008). Retrieved April 28, 2010 from

4. Bryant, B. (2004). Offshore outsourcing affects American workers. WTN News. Retrieved April 28, 2010 from

Job the Factors Relating to
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Malik could address this by allowing her to move up, recommending her for promotion, or promoting her himself if he has the authority to do so. Any kind of promotion might entice her to stay, and if she cannot be promoted (due to a lack of vacancies or other reasons), than Malik may want to work with her to find something else she can do that will be fulfilling. Perhaps she can get involved with other teams or committees, or an assistant can be hired to help her with the work that she finds so unfulfilling, so she can help the company with work she finds more interesting and challenging. Ultimately, there are many options for employees when management wishes to retain them.

Tomorrow, Malik should meet with the employee and should really listen to what she has to say about the job she is doing and the problems she…


Holton, II, F. & Trott, Jr. J.W. (1996). Trends toward a closer integration of vocational education and human resources development. Journal of Vocational and Technical Education, 12(2).

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Nadler L., (Ed.) (1984). The handbook of human resources development. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Job Study and Its Impact
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Business Management

Job Study & Its Impact

Due to the fact that Dirt Finder has undergone such a tremendous loss and is now in a position to hire a mass amount of people, there is no better time than the present to undertake a job study to find out what they really need. Because the company was founded on the experience of their employees there have never been any formal job descriptions in place. Employees have always just done what is needed. Doing a job study will help the company to better identify what positions they need to hire for and what kind of person they are looking for that will be the best fit with those who already work there.

Job Analysis

Tasks are the building blocks of jobs and jobs are the building blocks of a company. In order to comprehend the requirements to attract, develop and retain…


Dwyer, D.J. (n.d.). Job Analysis: How to Figure out What the Job Actually Entails Despite What

the 30-Year-old Job Description Says. Retrieved from

Dwyer, D.J. (n.d.). Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisals. Retrieved from

HR Guide to the Internet: Job Analysis: Overview. (2010). Retrieved from

Job Driven to Succeed as
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Greeting family members, ordering supplies, maintaining and copying records, answering phones, and completing admissions and discharge papers kept me busy and helped create an organized and efficient working environment at Westwood. enjoyed working at the front desk almost as much as enjoyed working one-on-one with the patients as a nurses' aide. Because enjoyed the front desk job at Westwood and felt confident and capable, am currently seeking a career in medical records.

A key reason why enjoyed working at Westwood was the nursing staff. Surrounded by supportive coworkers, thrived and never grew discouraged even when we worked long hours or with difficult patients. My supervisor Liz became like a friend to me. One of the ways gauge my success is through the eyes of my friends and family: the people know and trust offer me feedback that helps me make changes in my attitude or skill set when appropriate. Unfortunately,…

In addition to the early nurses' aide job at Westwood, I also performed front desk duties to gain a better understanding of hospital administration. Greeting family members, ordering supplies, maintaining and copying records, answering phones, and completing admissions and discharge papers kept me busy and helped create an organized and efficient working environment at Westwood. I enjoyed working at the front desk almost as much as I enjoyed working one-on-one with the patients as a nurses' aide. Because I enjoyed the front desk job at Westwood and felt confident and capable, I am currently seeking a career in medical records.

A key reason why I enjoyed working at Westwood was the nursing staff. Surrounded by supportive coworkers, I thrived and never grew discouraged even when we worked long hours or with difficult patients. My supervisor Liz became like a friend to me. One of the ways I gauge my success is through the eyes of my friends and family: the people I know and trust offer me feedback that helps me make changes in my attitude or skill set when appropriate. Unfortunately, Westwood was forced to shut down due to financial troubles and in 2002 I returned home to Illinois. Undeterred, I am now pursuing a higher degree to learn more about medical office procedures. The next phase of my health care career will be in the field of medical records. Because of my experiences at Westwood, working as a nurses' aide and as a front desk clerk, I feel confident and sure of my success.

My decision to pursue a career in medical records reflects the positive experiences I encountered at Westwood Hospital in Texas. No matter where I work in the future, I will reflect on what I learned at Westwood and incorporate those lessons into improving my productivity and helpfulness. The health care profession focuses on serving the needs of others: patients, coworkers, and doctors. As I expand my skills and knowledge base and acquire more training, I will offer the highest quality service as possible.

Jobs Are Scarce The Dollar
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Second, as public sector employees, it appears that merit and character have little impact on the process. Throughout the aforementioned case, the character of the employee (a long time worker, a retired Veteran) did not matter in the case. hat did matter were the process and the adherence to Article 16.

This is not to suggest that labor relations in the private sector are better. Indeed, it can seem to some employees, particularly those working in low wage jobs, there are little job security and little opportunity for help and support when problems arise. As stated previously, with the unemployment rate in the double digits, employees must be careful to keep existing jobs. One should be careful in his or her behavior on and off the job.

Private sector employees are just as likely to be held accountable for their actions outside of work. Most companies, large and small, do…

Works Cited

Grandey, and Diamond. "Interactions with the Public: Bridging Job Design and Emotional Labor Perspectives." Journal of Organizational Development 31.2-3

(2010): 338-50. Print.

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Job Firstday Discuss the Factors Causing the
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Discuss the factors causing the employee's dissatisfaction.

There are several reasons the employee could be dissatisfied; Malik will need to speak with her first thing in the morning to find out why she is unhappy. Only when he knows the reasons for her dissatisfaction can he begin to address the problem. He may find out that factors are completely out of his control.

The employee stated she feels she has both too much and too little to do. It is possible she feels that much of her work has little relevance with respect to her training, education and experience. She may feel overwhelmed with tasks that are beyond her expertise, with too few tasks requiring the kind of work she is comfortable doing. She may feel bored by work much of the time because it is not sufficiently challenging.

It is also possible that the employee does not…


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Opportunities to Apply Information Technology
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Productivity measurement and improvement: Organizational case studies. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

Proposed Topic No. 3:

"Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Improve the Supply Chain Function"



Chapter One: Introduction


Statement of the Problem


Purpose of Study


Importance of Study


Scope of Study


Rationale of Study


Overview of Study


Overview of Study


Definition of Key Terms


Chapter Two: Review of the Relevant Literature

Overview of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)

How the Supply Chain Functions

Applying RFID Technology to Improve the Supply Chain Function

RFID in Warehousing



Chapter 3: Methodology


Description of the Study Approach


Data-gathering Method and Database of Study


Data Analysis


Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Preliminary ibliography

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