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King John Essays (Examples)

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John Dryden Was One of the Most
Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44226437
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John Dryden was one of the most important literary figures in the 17th century because he excelled in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Dryden was a master of many literary techniques, most particularly the extended metaphor. His poem "Absalom and Achitophel" is a political satire which deals with the then-current political situation in England in a most sly and intelligent way. The piece is an historical allegory wherein the author uses historical events to explore the deeper meaning behind more recent events that have shaped is own society. The rebellion of Absalom against King David is used to parallel the various plots to take over the throne of England through the Exclusion Crisis, the Popish Plot, and the Monmouth Rebellion. Dryden uses the relative safety of the allegory to make a scathing remark about the politics of his country and to subtly recommend ways in which the country could be strengthened…

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John Barry & 8230 THOUGH Much of
Words: 1172 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58266580
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This was the break that got Barry in movie music, and clearly this was a perfect genre for the talented musician and songwriter.

Barry was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998 and another honor he received was to be named "Officer of the Order of the British Empire" in 1999 (Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, 2011).

If anyone wants proof of the genius of John Barry, all one needs to do is "…close your eyes and think of the film 'Born Free'. The first thing that comes back to you is the music," according to Don Black, who was Barry's lyricist "…for many of the past 50 years" (Mail Online). "He was passionate about his work" and he "had a way of connecting emotionally with a story," Black explained.

In 2000, Barry told the New York Times, "I like to score the inner feelings of a character…

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John 15 1-8 Jesus Describes His Relationship Both
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96062430
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John 15:1-8

Jesus describes his relationship both to the Father, and also to all Christian believers in John 15:1-8. The passage relies on a central, extended metaphor of Jesus as the Vine of Life. Jesus is the "true vine," tended by the Father as the supreme gardener. God the Father tends to the vine, carefully pruning it and ensuring long-term growth and healthy development of fruit and future branches. Pruning the vine implies removing sin, offering a method of spiritual purification for those who dwell within Jesus. Jesus as vine represents Jesus as Son, for "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit," (John 15:8). The vine is an extension of the Father, and the Father provides the vine with the sun and nourishment needed for spiritual growth. Moreover, the fruit on the vine symbolizes the disciples: "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so…

John 5 13-21 Passage -- John
Words: 3508 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 193098
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Gnostics believed that they belonged to the "true church" of an elect few who were worthy; the orthodox Christians would not be saved because they were blind to the truth.

Part E -- Content - if we then combine the historical outline of the "reason" for John's writings with the overall message, we can conclude that there are at least five major paradigms present that are important in a contextual analysis of John.

John 5:13 - I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. This seems to point that John saw a clear difference between those who believed in Jesus as the Son of God, but were unsure about eternal life. However, if we look back at other parts of his Gospel, we do find repetition of this theme. In John 1:5-7,…


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John Locke Was the Type
Words: 1355 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8859664
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Locke combined the rational, deductive theory of Rene Descartes and the inductive, scientific experimentalism of Francis Bacon and the Royal Society. He gave the estern world the first modern theory of human nature and a new synthesis of the individualistic concept if liberty and the theory of government that was emerging out of the debates over natural law." (Locke 2003) look at Locke's early life shows why his thinking was so well rounded. He first was trained in an area of study that would have led him to become a 'man of the cloth' but instead of choosing that direction he turned to medicine as a field of study. Eventually he was granted the right to practice medicine, and did so, but also began to study in his quest to become a member of the Royal Society. Much of his training had to do with the manner of mankind's attempts…

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King Philip's War Section 1 Intro to Chapter
Words: 1094 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87362719
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King Philip's ar

Section 1(Intro to Chapter 3)

ho was King Philip and why was he important?

Colonists gave the youngest son of Massasoit, the Indian leader Metacom, the name King Philip (Fitzgerald, 1998), who during their early years in Plymouth had helped save the Pilgrims from starvation. However, the deterioration in relations between the colonists and the native tribes led to King Philip's war (Fitzgerald, 1998).

Thus, Philip became the Grand Sachem of the ampanoags. In Kawashima's book, he opined that King Philip could have been a great leader, but situations occurred at that time prevented him from leading a united Indian front (Fitzgerald, 1998). However, he was an important leader, as he was the one who foresighted that the English would not halt their spreading out and if left unchecked it would be the end of the ampanoags (Fitzgerald, 1998).

Thus, Philip in an attempt to stop the…

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John Locke Believes That the
Words: 2156 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21372855
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Locke's version of the social contract is essentially a justification for the wealthy to assert political control over everyone else.

Locke's arguments justifying government were liberal, even radical for their time. The popular view was that kings ruled by mandate from God, and were not subject to the consent of the people. Locke's Two Treatises of Government were written during the exclusion crisis, and supported the hig position that the king did not have an absolute right to rule. (Rj) During the exclusion crisis, king Charles had no hier, making his brother James the next in line for the throne. James was a Catholic, which made him very unpopular in protestant England. Parliament repeatedly tried to pass bills excluding James from succession to the throne. Each time, Charles dissolved parliament before the bill could be passed. (Ellywa) Locke's version of social contract theory provides a justification for citizens rejecting Charles's…

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John Shelby Spong New Christianity
Words: 3631 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43418183
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As Spong has closed his career as a formal minister, retiring from the bishop position in 2000 have has become even more controversial than ever before:

Spong believes in a transcending reality at "the very heart of life" that presses toward life and wholeness. He describes God as the "Ground of Being" and "universal presence" that undergirds all life and is present in all that is. He regards heaven as a symbol standing for "the limitlessness of Being itself," describes Jesus as "a God presence" whose burning awareness of God made him a doorway to divine reality, and believes that the divine source of life calls human beings to live fully, love wastefully, and have the courage to be. Spong describes his project in classic liberal terms -- walking the "razor's edge between orthodox overbelief and losing the 'Christ experience'..."I do so not because I reject the church, but because…

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John Locke A Brief Biography
Words: 1896 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42763284
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With this example, it is not surprising that John Locke is considered an instrument for the right political cause. Aside from the essays that he had written, Locke also has philosophies in the different subjects of life. This includes the role of families in the liberal society, theories on properties and money, ethics and beliefs, and many others.

Locke's contribution to his generation and the modern society focused on the role of the government and the people to each other. Despite of the changing course of politics in the seventeenth century, Locke was able to also shift his intellect effectively. The various political situations that happened in his time had been useful to the future generation because from his works, the contemporary times has gained basis and reference for the ideologies they fight for which are related to Locke's philosophies and writings. As Tim Harris indicated, in his article John…


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King George III George III
Words: 1224 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27031356
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Instantly after the House of Commons passed it George official temple of Lord to notify them that he would look upon any peer who designated him will be as his rival. The bill was discarded by the Lords, thus after three days, the Portland ministry was dismissed and William Pitt the younger was chosen as a Prime Minister. For George III, Pitt's selection was a great success. The King thought that the whole situation confirmed that he still had the authority to choose Prime Ministers without having to rely on any parliamentary assembly. All through the Pitt's ministry, George keenly encouraged many of his political plans. To help Pitt, George planned to make new peers at an unparalleled rate. The new peers swamped the House of Lords and permitted Pitt to uphold a stable majority. Throughout Pitt's ministry, George III was tremendously popular. The public reinforced the investigative journeys toward…


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John Mccain Military and Moral
Words: 4265 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77132234
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In this sense, his parent's influence was obvious. Since his early childhood he would listen to stories from the war period without any practical consideration of the actual facts those stories conveyed. However, his parents would later choose for him by guiding him towards the military education. In this sense, "in the early years of his life, Johnny's parents made one decision about which they would be unwavering: When Johnny grew up, he would follow the family model and attend the Naval Academy and would then enter the navy (...) the first demonstrative move Jack and Roberta made toward realizing their goal came in September 1946; they enrolled Johnny, then 10 years old, in St. Stephen's School in Alexandria, Virginia" as part of a higher type of academic preparation that would make him eligible for the Navy Academy later on.

In the current society, the one in which the idea…


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John Locke Political Thought on
Words: 4766 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77049742
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S. Constitution as offering much protection but instead view it as being the responsibility of the states to provide protection for private property owners. In the event that the courts "...continue to abdicate their role as the protector of individuals rights, then big government and powerful corporations will continue to run roughshod over the property interest of small landowners." (Liles, 2006, p.372)

Liles holds that the legislature being allowed a leeway that is so constitutionally broad in defining the protections afforded to private property effectively "...defies the necessary checks and balances implicit in our system of government." (p.372) Part of the problem appears to be that the definition applied to 'public use' has become quite lenient over the years and while it in the beginning meant that "the public must own property" it now has been construed to mean that "private parties can own the land so long as the…


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John Pierpont Morgan 1837 -- 1931 Is
Words: 2647 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77414068
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John Pierpont Morgan (1837 -- 1931) is one of the more controversial figures in the history of America and the world of finance. Described as a sui generis, a colossus (McCallum, p. 2), "the organizer" (Miller, 2003), "banker of last resort" (Andrews, 1999), and "the man of the hour" (Corey, p. 348), John Pierpont Morgan has also been called a "robber baron" (Andrews, 1999). Thus, it is evident that J.P. Morgan was a man who was as much praised for his actions in saving the American economy during the 1895 and 1907 crises, as he was criticized and derided for what was seen as his calculated control of the financial world and American business. Viewed from the lens of financial history, however, there can be little doubt that no person, either before or since, has left "upon the great art of money getting so important an influence." (Flynn, p. 452)…

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John Locke Employment -- the Morality of
Words: 1353 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10851115
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John Locke

Employment -- the Morality of the Contract between Employee and Employer

Before entering into a contract for employment, an employees' first concern is usually to gain a living wage, then to gain experience in a particular profession, and perhaps finally to gain advancement within a particular corporate structure, industry, or trade. An employer's main concern in hiring an employee is usually if the employee can perform the job the employee is being hired to perform, if he or she will be deserving of the wage he or she is will be paid, and if he or she will stay for the necessary hours and period of time. However, once the employee has made a commitment to work and the employer has made a commitment to pay the employee for a period of time, the relationship and ratio of obligations invariably grows murkier. hat obligation does the employer have…

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John Locke Biographical Research During the
Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 90966106
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He continued to study medicine with Thomas Sydenham as his mentor. (ikipedia)

He had an unsuccessful attempt to prevent James II from reaching the throne, and, as a result of his failure, he had been obliged to flee England. He did not return to England until 1689, when James II had been removed from power. It only took one year until he published his most important work: An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. He had been inspired from the works of Decartes when he wrote the essay. Locke also paid great interest to politics, which motivated him in writing the Two Treatises of Government. His work related to the fact that the state has to protect the rights that its citizens have, including the right to property.

The fact that he considered the people to be more important than the state and that freedom of religion was vital in order for…

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King David History Symbolism and
Words: 3289 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27887016
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" Further, as previously stated, in the Jewish tradition, it is believed that the Messiah (whom Christians believe is Jesus), must be a descendent of David's line.

The New Testament in fact introduces Jesus as the son of David and of Abraham (Mt. 1:1). Further, in the Gospel of Luke, he describes how Mary, the mother of Jesus, was descended from King David through one of his sons, Nathan. This leads contemporary Christians to believe that Jesus is the prophesied messiah, as well as the rightful king of Israel.

It is interesting that Jesus, despite the fact of David's obviously sinful nature, follows him in matters of conduct. Indeed, the reader notes that Christ used the actions of the pre-descent David as justification for his own (Luke 6:1-5) concerning the eating of wheat from the fields on the Sabbath. (McCall, 1999). However, even more interesting than David's use as a…

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King Edward I Of England and His Castle Building Scheme
Words: 2559 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5972570
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King Edward I of England and his Castle Building Scheme

The reign of King Edward I (1272-1307) was marked by almost constant military activity in the British Isles and France. Edward's policy of expansion and conquest in Scotland and ales was aggressive and, broadly, successful. Among the notable characteristics of Edward's warlike policies was the construction of a large number of castles, above all in ales, as centers of military and civilian administration in conquered territories. The programme of Edwardian castle-building was second only to that which followed the Norman Conquest of 1066, and in terms of the size and complexity of the structures themselves it is without parallel in British history.

The first part of Edward's reign was dominated by war in ales, which lasted (with interruptions) from 1276 to 1284; the second part, from 1290-1, by war in France and Scotland. These campaigns arose from Edward's determination to…

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John 5 1-9 There Are Several Incidents Contained
Words: 831 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38070666
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John 5:1-9

There are several incidents contained within the various Gospels in which Jesus performs a miracle and cures someone; and John 5:1-9 recounts one of these stories. The incident happens on an unnamed holy day in the city of Jerusalem, which also corresponds to the Sabbath. The place is a pool with five pillars, or colonnades, near a spot commonly known as the "sheep market," sometimes the "sheep gate," or "Bethesda" in Hebrew, and it is here that Jesus cures a man who had been infirmed for thirty-eight years. The pool was famous for curing the first person to enter after it had been disturbed by an angel who occasionally entered the pool. But because the man had no one to help him enter the pool, he never had been the first to enter, and thus never cured. After asking the man "would thou be whole?," Jesus instructs the…

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King Philip's War and the
Words: 1639 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89049719
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Narragansett warriors ambushed Captain Michael Pierce's column here
in one of the greatest victories for the Native Americans in the war."
(Pike, 1) The victories of the natives would also extend to the total
destruction and colonial abandonment of Providence as marauding native
alliances gathered the steam of righteous resistance against the Europeans.
Still, the Europeans were very effective at exploiting existing
tensions with historical roots between different native tribes.
Accordingly, "the Pequots remained allies of the English during King
Philip's ar, as did the Mohegan and the Eastern Niantic. On December 17,
1675, the Connecticut contingent that joined inslow to attack the
Narragansett included about 150 Mohegan and Pequot led by Oneco." (Pike, 1)
This would help the Europeans to turn the tide against the natives,
ultimately chasing them into a massive swamp fort where one of the most
notorious and bloody battles of the war would be fought.…

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John Gotti's Last Stand
Words: 3812 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31215729
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John Gotti -- the Teflon Don

John Gotti, whose reputation for evading long prison sentences notwithstanding his mob-related crimes (including implication in the murders of a number of people), was finally convicted of thirteen crimes on April 2, 1992. His story is a fascinating one as he ascended from a lowly street criminal to the head of the Gambino crime family; this paper provides some biographical details of Gotti but in the main this paper focuses on the evidence and witness testimony that finally put Gotti away for good.

A Brief look at Gotti's Life

Gotti was born on October 27, 1940, the fifth of thirteen children that were born to an Italian immigrant father and mother -- according to FBI files. Gotti was a street gang participant at the age of 12 and was known to be missing toes. The cause of his missing toes? He reportedly was attempting…

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King George Tyranny
Words: 1003 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69674582
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accusation made against King George III in the Declaration of Independence: "This history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation, all having, in direct object, the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States." King George comes up in the Declaration of Independence because he (along with Parliament) was adamant about controlling the colonies and making sure they stayed under England's thumb. King George is the one who actually first called the colonists "rebels," and so, he became the target of the American evolution.

In February of 1775, King George III spoke before Parliament and said that America was in a "state of rebellion." This led to several states declaring their own independent resolutions and dissolving their association with Great Britain. One of these declarations was the Mecklenburg resolutions, created by the citizens of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. Historian Sydney George…


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John Dee Such an Enigmatic
Words: 2419 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10975867
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'" (Molland 257) of course, this kind of thinking would eventually lead Dee to argue that "at length I perceived onely God (and by his good Angels) could satisfy my desire," and ultimately resulted in his extensive travels with the medium and alchemist Edward Kelley. Furthermore, this insistence on an astrological interpretation of cosmology directly influenced his other "scientific" works, something that is taken up in J. Peter Zetterberg's analysis of what he calls Dee's "hermetic geocentricity."

After discussing the somewhat limited commentary on Copernicus' theory of heliocentrism present in Dee's strictly scientific works, Zetterberg suggests that "to resolve the general ambiguity that surrounds the question of Dee's cosmological views it is necessary to leave his works on practical science and turn instead to his occult interests." In Monas hieroglyphica, the only work in which Dee "reveal[s] a cosmology," Zetterberg identifies a kind of hidden meaning Dee proposes to exist…


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John Martin Pulled the Plug on Black
Words: 2877 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7284457
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John Martin pulled the plug on Black Sparrow Press. The fact that one more small press bit the dust wouldn't be big news, but for those who believe in the power of symbols and metaphors, Black Sparrow Press going flat-line means the end of an era in the world of publishing. Another literary device that one can attach to its passing is irony, for Black Sparrow, considered one of the leading purveyors of fine writing is now in the hands of Random House which itself long past the days when Bennett Cerf made that Random House synonymous with great literature, is now owned by the kingpin of the sensationalistic media, Rupert Murdoch. For most small presses to be bought out by a big fish like Random House would be a dream come true, but for those who know American literature, the acquisition was nothing short of sacrilege, akin to say…

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King Leopolds Ghost Human Rights
Words: 1643 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23678110
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Human Rights: King Leopold's Ghost

King Leopold's Ghost: Human Rights

Conflicting arguments have been put forth in response to the question of whether or not colonialism is justified. Proponents of colonialism argue that it helps to bring civilization, progress and growth in the colonizer's religion. However, evidence shows that colonialism only benefits the colonialist nation at the expense of the colonized population. This text demonstrates why this is so using the book 'King Leopold's Ghost' by Adam Hochschild.

Those that plundered the Congo and other parts of Africa did so in the name of progress, civilization, and Christianity? Was this hypocritical? How? What justifications for colonial imperialism have been put forward over the past five centuries?

Simply stated, colonial imperialism is the establishment and maintenance of a nation's ruler over an alien nation that is subordinate, yet separate from the ruling power. Imperial powers from ancient to modern periods have…


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John Rawls and Justice
Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83209001
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awls and the Just Society

Today's United States society is not just because it violates both principles of John awls' theory of justice based on the "original position." This paper will explain awls' principles and show how the U.S. violates those principles.

awls states that justice is fairness (MacKinnon, Fiala, 2015, p. 78) within the framework of the social contract, which stems back to ousseau (2012, p. 1), who ironically pointed out that "man is born free, yet everywhere is in chains" -- alluding to the fact that in a free society, man ought not to be a made a slave of institutions such as Church, aristocracy or government. This is the "original position" regarding man's natural state, what ousseau and the Enlightenment thinkers believe is not a "fallen state of human nature," but one that is free to assert the "rights of man." These rights were popular at the…


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Famous Renaissance Figures Report on John Knox
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John Knox was a cottish religious reformer and political activist who founded the new cottish protestant religion of Presbyterianism.

He was probably born in 1513 or 1514 in Giffordgate, about 15 miles from Edinburgh, cotland. Nothing is known about his childhood, but his parents were remarkable. His father fought at the Battle of Flodden, and his mother was an educated woman. This was unusual in the 1500's.

Knox attended the University of Glasgow in 1552 and t. Andrew's University. Although he was Catholic, some think he first became familiar with Protestantism at the University of Glasgow. By 1540, he was a Catholic priest.

John Knox was a remarkable man. Although he is best known for founding the Presbyterian religion, all the things he did building up to this are remarkable. He became a friend of the Protestant George Wishart, who was banished from cotland for his beliefs. He returned to…


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Theology of John's Gospel
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John's Gospel is a strongly theological work. The basis for the Christology of John's Gospel is the Word. Also, John gives deep theological insights through the stories of the Samaritan woman at the well, the man born blind and the rising of Lazarus from the dead. John's account of the Passion is also deeply theological and quite different from the accounts of the other gospels. Finally, John uses many motifs to highlight the divinity of Christ. It is clear that John's gospel is not merely an historical account of Jesus' life on earth; rather it is a skillful examination of the theology of Christ and Christianity.

The Christology of John's gospel based on the prologue.

The basis for the Christology of John's Gospel is found immediately in the prologue's first sentence: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (King James…

Coatesville John Jay Chapman The Letter Birmingham
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Coatesville" John Jay Chapman "The Letter Birmingham Jail" Martin Luther

Deeply Disillusioned

The United States of America has meant a wide variety of things to several different people, particularly to those who have had to call its shores home. The initial promise of this land -- as one of redemption, as a place where the lofty ideas engraved within such documents as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution have never been fully realized by a widening number of people who have never been treated with the degree of parity and ideals within them -- wasted little time in going sour. Virtually any Native American can tell you: there can never be justice on stolen land. In spite of this fact, men such as Martin Luther King, Jr. have written their own documents (such as "Letter From A Birmingham Jail," a discourse about the need for public non-violent protest) attempting…

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Dr King's Leadership Style Dr
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27). King very definitely understood the challenges facing the movement for justice. He knew he couldn't master all of the challenges but he was effective at planting the seeds of change in the hearts and minds of his followers. In Chapter 3 the authors discuss "cross-cultural communication" and King's "Dream" speech (and his "Letter") both communicated vital messages not just to blacks, but to all of America. King's "Dream" speech ended with words that embraced many cultures: "…all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics…" will join hands and sing "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

orks Cited

Chapter 2 -- Leadership: The Case of the Healthcare Organization CIO

Chapter 3 -- Communicating Across Cultures

Cherry, K. (2013). Transformational Leadership. Retrieved June 14, 2013, from

Goodwin, J.L., Houghton, J.D., Neck, C.P., and Mohan,…

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Chapter 2 -- Leadership: The Case of the Healthcare Organization CIO

Chapter 3 -- Communicating Across Cultures

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Greatness of a King
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Book II Chapter II Tacitus: The Histories

This chapter is a short paragraph highlighting some important characteristics of a great king. In this case, the king was Titus Vespasian. In this chapter, we notice that Tacitus has highlighted three important characteristics that made Vespasian a great king. These are as follows:

Courage: Hope is given preference over fear


espect for higher powers

Born in AD 39, Titus was the elder son of King Vespasian and is known in history for his great skills as a leader even though he was initially like Nero in his charm and physical strength. It took him some time to become the great king that he finally did after exercising self-restraint and becoming more responsible. It is believed that he was more in control of his sexual escapades during his own reign than during his father's reign:

"Some supposed that he retraced his…


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Life of John the Baptist
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Life of John the Baptist

John the Baptist was the son of a Jewish couple by the names of Elizabeth and Zachariah; they were both associate of the Jewish priesthood division. Both where well on in years and they still had no children because Elizabeth was barren. All of his life, Zachariah had prayed to the Lord God to give him a son. Then, one day, an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him not to be afraid of him, he told him that his prayers had been listen to and they were about to be answered.

Zachariah was then told that his wife Elizabeth, despite of her age, would bear him a son and that they would name him John. The angel also told Zachariah that his son John would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit from the very first day of his…

Matthew 11: 11

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Dr King's Letter From Birmingham
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Furthermore the rhetoric here is rich in symbolism. Dr. King draws parallels between the response of violence to his peaceful protests and other great personalities whose commitment to justice, truth, and love also had unintended and unfortunate consequences. Personalities like ocrates and Jesus, for example, could not be expected to deny their truth for fear of public reaction. Dr. King makes this argument even stronger by also drawing the parallel between himself and the completely innocent person, whose possession of money resulted in the evil of theft. By drawing these parallels, Dr. King points out that an argument regarding the actions of others cannot be used to condemn those who protest peacefully. Dr. King and his followers are innocent of the crime of violence. Dr. King's argument is therefore that they cannot be held accountable for the violence committed by others, who are neither followers of his, nor affiliated with…


King, Martin Luther. Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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Akhenaton the Heretic King
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Heretic King-Akhenaten

Akhenaten is probably one of the most controversial pharaohs to have gained prominent place in history of Egypt because he was responsible for dismantling past religious beliefs and introducing monotheism in his country during his eventful reign. Several books have been written on Akhenaten's reign and his beliefs and most historians have glorified him as an enlightened pharaoh who wanted to end idol worshipping and introduce a new religion based on the principles of monotheism. While most historians agree on Akhenaten being a great ruler and an enlightened king, Donald edford, strongly disagrees with such opinions in his book, Akhenaten -- the Heretic King. This book seeks to destroy all previously held views about the so-called great king and his reign. While we may choose to disagree with the views expressed in the book, the author has done his job very well and has presented evidence from history…


WESTBROOK, RAYMOND: BABYLONIAN DIPLOMACY IN THE AMARNA LETTERS. Publication: The Journal of the American Oriental Society; 07/01/2000;

Donald B. Redford. Akhenaten: The Heretic King: Reviewed by John Baines, American Historical Review Vol. 92, No. 4 (Oct., 1987), p. 932

Analysis of Murderers Alex and Derek King
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Offenders: Alex and Derek King (12 and 13 when they killed their father)

Theory: Sampson and Laub's Age-Graded Theory of Informal Social Control

One basic premise of the Age-Graded criminology and informal social control theory was that, whilst experiences of childhood and personality traits are vital to comprehending behavioral stability, teenage and adulthood experiences can readdress criminal paths either more negatively or positively. Laub and Sampson discovered, particularly, that marital relationships and employment stability were a key factor in adult criminal change. With increased strength of familial and workplace bonds, deviancy and criminality in the non-delinquent control group as well as in criminals decreased. Further, Laub and Sampson looked keenly into qualitative narratives' ability to facilitate a more individual-centered life course examination. According to them, narratives of life history, together with quantitative techniques may be utilized for creating a more complete and richer image of why certain adult males…

Texas Seven King Gary C
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Disguised in stolen civilian clothing, the escapees made their way to the prison gate where they pretended to install video monitors before raiding the guard tower and seizing numerous weapons. They then stole the maintenance truck and drove away.

The prisoner's first robbed a Radio Shack in Pearland by breaking through the outside wall, tying the safe to the truck, and pulling it out. Later they robbed Oshman's Sporting Store in Irving by holding up the store at gunpoint. When Aubrey Hawkins, a local police officer, arrived at the scene, he was almost immediately shot dead. Due to the wide-publicity that the escape received, Wayne Holder was able to recognize and report to authorities that the group of seven escapees were staying at his RV Park in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Almost immediately, three of the escapees were caught by the Colorado Springs SWAT Team. Shortly thereafter two more were found…

Epistle of John Is Unlike
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"This Epistle is marked by contrasts -- light and darkness, life and death, saint and sinner, love and hate, Christ and antichrist." (346) the messages are of complete totality, in that they build upon the idea of being either a follower or a sinner and that from the knowledge of the lord and redemption through confession, any son of Satan can become a son of God and live within the fold and love of the lord eternally. John makes clear that his word is not a word of teaching, as the word of the lord is known by his followers, instead it is the word of a reminder of the grace of the lord and the destiny of those who follow him, to live within his love and guidance for eternity. "I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that…

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William Pitt Ballinger by John Moretta Well
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William Pitt allinger, by John Moretta well researched and enticingly written biography by John Moretta, brings the life of William Pitt allinger, into remembrance as one of the most integral men of his time (Moretta, 2000). John Moretta received his Ph.D. In history from Rice University ( Moretta is professor of history at Central College, Houston Community College, and teaches at the University of Houston ( William Pitt allinger, attorney, was born at arbourville, Kentucky, on September 25, 1825, the son of James Franklin and Olivia (Adams) allinger ( He attended St. Mary's College in ardstown, Kentucky, moved to Galveston in 1843, and began the study of law with an uncle, James Love ( He was admitted to the bar in 1847 ( During the Mexican War he enlisted as a private and advanced through the ranks to be adjutant of Albert Sidney Johnston's regiment (

In his book, Moretta…


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Historical Association, 2000.

Slavery John Thornton's Description of How Inhumane
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John Thornton's description of how inhumane and cruel slavery was is rudimentary at best since the emphasis seems to be on constructing a cohesive historical narrative. This in turn however is devoid of the particularly human question as to how and why the slaves suffered as they did. From the article, we can ascertain several posts along the journey of an African slave, each filled with its horrors. For an African who was to be enslaved to even reach the coast was a miracle. Most were enslaved after large scale wars the Portuguese waged on the African groups that dissented. Africans would be chained together like cattle, each sometimes forced to carry items of trade. After marching for weeks, they would reach the coast where they would either be taken to forts or to water for sale.

John Thornton describes the forts in some detail. At these forts, the…

How King David Falls Bathsheba and Uriah
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King David as Described in 2 Samuel 11

Samuel 11 describes the events surrounding the sin of King David with regard to Uriah, whom he essentially had executed so that David's adultery with Uriah's wife would not be made known to him. This shameful action on the part of David displeased the Lord immensely, which is described in the following chapters. This chapter, however, reveals a side of David's character that prior to this incident had not been explored before. Much of what is known about David's character is celebratory -- from his time as the boy who slays the giant Goliath, to his handling of the Ark of the Covenant. David is described as a man after God's own heart (1 Sam 13:14) and most of his actions support this idea. His "humility and innocence" in his approach to Saul, playing for him on his lyre and soothing the…


Bartlett, David; Taylor, Barbara. Feasting on the Word. Louisville, KY: Westminster

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Catholic Biblical Quarterly, vol. 68, no. 2 (April 2006), 191-203.

Second Treatise of Government by John Locke
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Second Treatise of Government," by John Locke is a revolutionary philosophical work that directly opposed the idea of absolutism.

Absolutism held that the best form of government was autocratic, and was based on both the belief in the Divine Right of Kings and the theory of natural law, as espoused by Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan. In the context of the absolutism of Louis XIV, and the political events surrounding Oliver Cromwell, Locke's "Second Treatise of Government" was clearly a revolutionary work on the structure and purpose of political authority.

One of the greatest debates of the 16th and 17th centuries was over the nature of political authority. The belief in divine right of kings that had once held sway over the estern world was quickly dissolving. In its place was a rapidly emerging idea of individualism that took form with the Renaissance and the French Revolution, and took root in…

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shepherd king and noble'shepherd gospel john
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How would the image of Jesus, the Noble Shepherd, have spoken to the Johannine community in their Greco-Roman context? 
The image of the Noble Shepherd is anchored in time and geographic space, speaking directly to John’s audiences. A seemingly simple image and concept, the Noble Shepherd actually reveals the complex social hierarchies in Greco-Roman societies. Moreover, the Noble Shepherd embodies the ideals and ethics that defined the Greco-Roman community. Critical to the Noble Shepherd is the “noble death,” a death defined by self-sacrifice and which has its ultimate manifestation in martyrdom (Neyrey, 2007). The death of the Noble Shepherd is voluntary and conscious, and ironically shows how individuals can achieve eternal life through a death that is filled with political meaning.
Moreover, the Noble Shepherd is the epitome of a just and kind leader, the humble counterpart to a King. The Noble Shepherd is more closely tied to the earth…

Power Is Depicted in William Shakespeare's King
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power is depicted in William Shakespeare's "King Lear," Book I of John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and Francis Bacon's "Of Plantations" and "The Idols" from his "Novum Organum."

Shakespeare's depiction of power in King Lear shows how cunning, ruthless people come to gain political power at the expense of those that show qualities that one would desire in a leader: nobility, honesty and integrity. Shakespeare's key focus is the transition of power from one king or leader to his progeny. In King Lear, the title role decides to abdicate the throne and divide his kingdom equally between his three daughters: Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Whereas the first two flatter him, Cordelia is honest and is ultimately punished for it: she loses her inheritance. In another part of the story, two brothers fight for control of a dukedom.

Here Shakespeare illustrates a contradiction between well-meaning, honest people and manipulative, power-hungry people. One…

Philosophical Questions About Jean Jacque Rousseau John
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philosophical questions about, Jean Jacque Rousseau, John Dewey, Michel Foucault and Marin Luther King, Jr. It has 4 sources.

Rousseau and Nature"

We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's estate, is the gift of education. This education comes to us from nature, from men, or from things."[Rousseau 143].

According to Rousseau out of the three factors involved in a child's development, Nature, is totally uncontrollable. "Nature, we are told, is merely habit."[20] Habits are a product of positive or negative conditioning. As a child grows in reason he uses judgment to modify his natural tendencies but often this process becomes warped due to already embedded habits. Harmony within is affected when natural tendencies conflict with what a child learns at the hands of society and other men.…


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Futurist Kings Welch and Drucker
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We have come full circle to the days of local businesses, but geography has been eliminated as a barrier to communication. Companies are now expected to contribute to their local economy and culture. Whatever a company does at home will be broadcast to the world, positive or negative. Wal-Mart is highly criticized for its low wages, even though the company admits it does not expect to retain entry level employees. However, the company's support in its local communities wherever the stores are found counter the bad publicity about wages. In fact, Wal-Mart is a good example of several of the tenets listed here, especially that of agility. It has changed its management architecture, so that local managers have the local power to make the individual outlets good citizens of their communities.

So Jack Welch's simple rules for management need to be modified. Even the CEO who followed him has done…


Burkhardt, John C. And Overton, Betty J. 1999.; Applied Developmental Science, Vol. 3,

Business Mexico; 7/1/2005.Want to win? Some practical advice from Jack Welch.(Biography) 

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Hatshepsut King and Queen Hatshepsut Located on
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King and Queen Hatshepsut

Located on the wall of a cave in Deir el-Bahari is a bit of graffiti showing "a man having 'doggie-style' intercourse with a woman wearing a royal headdress." (Tyldesley 2006, 99) Historians have interpreted this vulgar piece of art as ancient Egypt's 18th dynasty's Queen Hatshepsut and a governmental official named Senenmut. At a time when men ruled and women were subservient, it was unusual for a woman to gain power, let alone become a Pharaoh. But this is exactly what Hatshepsut did, she assumed the role of Pharaoh; but in doing so she sentenced herself to virtual non-existence. hile the reign of Hatshepsut is generally though to have lasted about 22 years, from 1479 BC to 1458 BC, the man she usurped from the throne eventually got his revenge. After her death, the next Pharaoh, Thutmose III, all but erased her reign from history…

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Henderson the Rain King
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Saul Bellow

Henderson the Rain King

Saul Bellow was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976 for, among other things, the ability to give values a place side by side with facts in literature, unlike realism. The import of his work was seen as creating awareness that only the right values can give human kind freedom and responsibility, necessary foundations for building of faith in the future and a desire for action. Bellow's work was also recognized for its unique mixture of philosophy, cultural analysis and deep insights into human consciousness (The Nobel Foundation eb site).

Henderson the Rain King is an archetypical Bellow work bearing all the aforesaid characteristics. Henderson, the novel's principal character sets out on a journey ostensibly to Africa but primarily in search of himself. Bellow's portrayal of the unhappy, discontented middle-aged American millionaire has been widely interpreted as a caricature of Americans in the…

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Apple M And King J
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o what extent do headmasters and teachers agree or differ of the hidden curriculum of these schools? his question is extremely important in determining the effects of the hidden curriculum of students in public junior high schools. If the headmasters and teachers differ on the hidden curriculum there may be a problem with the infrastructure of the school, students may not be taking away the attributes and values meant to be taught, students could be confused about society's norms in general and may fail in one or more aspects of American society, or students may even be leaving public schools armed with values that may be dangerous to the well-being of our current social structure. he questionnaire will include questions that can be used to answer this query. Each headmaster and teacher may be asked what he or she believes the hidden curriculum of his or her school teaches. Do…

To what extent do headmasters and teachers agree or differ of the hidden curriculum of these schools? This question is extremely important in determining the effects of the hidden curriculum of students in public junior high schools. If the headmasters and teachers differ on the hidden curriculum there may be a problem with the infrastructure of the school, students may not be taking away the attributes and values meant to be taught, students could be confused about society's norms in general and may fail in one or more aspects of American society, or students may even be leaving public schools armed with values that may be dangerous to the well-being of our current social structure. The questionnaire will include questions that can be used to answer this query. Each headmaster and teacher may be asked what he or she believes the hidden curriculum of his or her school teaches. Do these lessons align with the headmasters' or teachers' own personal value set? Does the headmaster or teacher believe the hidden curriculum is effective in preparing students to be an effective part of American society? A comparison between the headmaster's answers and teachers' answers of the same school will be used to determine to what extent headmasters and teachers agree or differ of the hidden curriculum.

Wren (1993) suggests a checklist that educators can use to help determine the hidden curriculum of schools. This checklist asks questions such as does the school have a motto, colors, ect.; Are there regularly scheduled field trips?; Are there regular inter- and intrascholastic competitions, pep rallies, and school wide assemblies?; Are there opening convocations and appropriate end-of-the-year ceremonies and activities?; Do students regularly receive recognition for outstanding conduct, grades, and other achievements?; Are documents available for faculty and community members (handbook, announcements, mission statement, newsletters, and reports on school/community service projects)? The questionnaire for this dissertation may include questions similar to those suggested by Wren (1993).

Structuring the questionnaire as a combination of essay questions and yes or no questions should provide enough information to effectively form a knowledgeable answer. By keeping the questionnaire to between ten and twenty questions it should be short enough to provide a large volume of feedback. It could be formatted into five sections with an average of three questions per section. The five sub-questions should serve to form the five sections with the questions, or similar questions mentioned throughout this paper serving as the questionnaire. In this way, enough information should be gathered to effectively reveal the hidden curriculum present in public junior high schools in the U.S. And to discern any negative aspects of this implicit curriculum.

The Flea by John Donne Close Textual Analysis
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Close Textual Analysis: “The Flea” by John Donne

The British poet John Donne is one of the best-known and most often-quoted of the metaphysical poets. Donne was a devout Christian but often used strange, arresting metaphors to convey theological truths. This can be seen quite clearly in “The Flea,” in which the small, biting insect that is apparently a mere annoyance becomes a metaphor for the joining of the poet and his beloved. “It sucked me first, and now sucks thee, / And in this flea our two bloods mingled be,” writes Donne (3-4). Even though the poet and his beloved are not physically touching, the ugly, even repugnant parasite still has an elevating, even beautiful role in uniting the two souls, although the poet’s beloved cannot perceived this.

Donne’s poem reflects his belief as a Christian that all creatures, however humble, have a dignity as they are created by…

Response on John Locke in
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" This is certainly much
in line with our current democratic system in the United States which
exists solely to guarantee that all men and women are free individuals and
have the God-given right to live their lives as they see fit. This passage
is also very interesting, due to perhaps serving as part of the Founding
Fathers' inspiration to set up a democratic system free from the tyranny of
Great Britain which resulted in the creation of America after the
Revolutionary War of 1776. Obviously, in the eyes of someone like King
George III, this passage would be quite controversial, for Locke is
suggesting that all men must be free from the control of others who see
themselves as superior, in this case the British monarchy. Personally, this
passage is very inspiring and demonstrates that every political society
and/or government must work continuously towards guaranteeing the freedom
of its…

Hobbes' Leviathan John Hobbes if
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That artificial institution would be "endowed with enough power to deter violence and promise-breaking among it's subjects."

But, in conclusion, if that "artificial" institution uses violence or repression to "keep disorder at bay" then, according to what I have gained from reading Hobbes, individuals like myself will have the natural right to disobey those unfair orders, and create an alternative "artificial institution" to be truly free and express absolute liberty. After all, it was Hobbes who said, "hensoever a man transferreth his is either in consideration of some right reciprocally transferred to himself, or for some other good he hopeth for thereby." I don't plan to transfer any of my rights to government any time soon, other than to perhaps help the habitat of an endangered species, or to assist another human in dire need of my sacrifice.

orks Cited

Goldstick, D. (2004). Cans and ifs: ability to will…

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Howards Stern I Am the King of
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Howards Stern

I am the King of All Media."

-Howard Stern

Howard Stern, ordained as the King of All Media, is definitely one of the most popular figures of the media world. The popularity that he enjoys has not been overshadowed by the controversial topics of his radio show.

Stern's influence on America has come to represent a major part of the U.S. demographic, which holds one of the lowest literacy rates of all industrial countries, as his syndicated radio show receives one of the highest set of ratings around the world. His brand of in your face topics and humor has influenced a generation of people not just in the U.S., but also around the world.

This essay will discuss the historical influence of Howard Stern on American society. e will explore both the good and bad opinions that are shared about the media giant and how he changed…

Works Cited caller to Howard Stern's radio show has been arrested. 

AFA Condemns Howard Stern's Remarks On New York Tragedy." September 17, 2001 

Burning Stern. Broad Casting and Cable 

Howard Stern. 

Howard Stern FAQ.

Life in Aristotle Socrates King
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He believed strongly in the government's protection of civil rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens. If a government failed to do so, he called for civil disobedience. King (1986) stated that freedom must be taken from the oppressors (p. 292). His concept of meaning was formulated in the crucible of unjust laws and centered on the notion of social justice. This meant attaining freedom, dignity, and social equality for all, not just for the privileged. His advocacy of non-violent protest aligned him with Socrates, as did his subversive speech. He felt strongly that it was every person's ethical duty to stand up peacefully but powerfully against all forms of oppression, and like Socrates he was willing to face death bravely for his cause. As opposed to Aristotle and close to Socrates, he affirmed that one must work to change the material conditions of life as well as social…


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13 18th Century Battles
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Muslim battles with European countries in the 13th to 18th centuries. Specifically, it will discuss the conflict between Islam and the West, including the Battle of Lepanto against Spain, the Siege of Vienna against Austria and Poland, and the Battle of Constantinople in 1483. These three battles were significant in world history for a number of reasons, and had their outcomes been different, the face of the world could have been very different today.

Battles Between Muslims and European Countries

The Muslim nation has always been made up of warriors, unafraid to do battle with those outside their faith. Writer John L. Esposito says their culture combines "a warrior culture with an Islamic tradition that believed in Islam's universal mission and sacred struggle (jihad), to establish themselves as worldwide propagators and defenders of Islam" (Espisito 61). Because of this long tradition, Muslims have fought in numerous battles throughout their extensive…


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Magna Carter Little Did the
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England faced huge debts and the expense of maintaining a militia in America, after the costly Seven Years' War. The English parliament believed that the colonies should finance a significant portion of their own defense and thus in 1765 levied the first direct tax, the Stamp Act. Nearly every document, such as newspapers, legal writs, licenses, insurance policies, and even playing cards had to include a stamp proving payment of the required taxes. The colonists, like the barons, revolted against this economic control and the fact that they were never asked to vote on these taxes. It simply came down to "taxation without representation." They also disagreed with the condition that anyone who disobeyed could be tried in admiralty courts without a jury of peers.

The colonists condemned the Stamp Act, and when Benjamin Franklin and others in England powerfully argued the American side Parliament quickly repealed the bill. It…


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British Electoral System Reform Over
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The Constitution is based on several key principals the most notable would include: separation of powers as well as checks and balances. Separation of powers is when there are clearly defined powers that are given to the various branches of: the government, the federal government and the states. Checks and balances is when one branch of the government will have the power to the check the authority of another branch. (Wood) for example, the Constitution would specifically spell out various powers of the executive branch. During the course of exercising these different powers, a citizen brings a lawsuit against the government in the judicial branch. Where, they claim that the actions that the executive branch is taking are unconstitutional. In this particular case, the executive branch would work off of the powers given to them in the Constitution. When they begin to overstep these boundaries, another branch of the government…


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Eleanor of Aquitaine's Colorful Life Was Mostly
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Eleanor of Aquitaine's colorful life was mostly chronicled by her detractors and enemies and therefore, unfortunately little is actually known about Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most remarkable women in medieval European history. Most recorded history was penned by the hands of men and as a result figures like Eleanor are viewed only through the lens of their patriarchal societies. However, several authors pay tribute to Eleanor as a strong female leader. Although most of her life is validated only because of her relationships to powerful men, Eleanor was a force in her own right. The section "Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Wrath of God" presents several histories of Eleanor, each of which describes a certain specific aspect of her life.

Eleanor was born Duchess of Aquitaine and Countess of Poitou. Her noble blood led to her marriage to the future king of France, Louis the VII. She married…

Forbidden Religion to Hegemon of
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In that same year as well, Portuguese ships reached China, re-establishing direct trade for the first time since its termination 150 years prior. The Chinese were particularly eager to purchase Spanish silver from the Andes, which the Portuguese provided in exchange for Chinese silk, highly coveted throughout Europe. The Portuguese even went as far as Japan, where they established contact briefly before that country's isolation. Expeditions were also sent to conquer Malacca and explore Borneo in 1511 and 1524.

Odd as it may seem, the Portuguese were the first to establish viceroys to govern over their colonies in India. Beginning under King Manuel I, the Portuguese presence in India was cemented by the appointment of the first viceroy, Francisco de Almeida, who governed from 1505-08. His capital was established at Cochin, where he waged wars against a number of Indian rulers for control of commerce in the region. His successor…

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Jews in Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott's Novel
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Jews in "Ivanhoe"

Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe makes Jews central to the plot, but it is not an anti-Semitic book. Despite the inclusion of some traditional stereotypes which -- given the largely "antiquarian" nature of Scott's interests (to recall the word he uses) in telling this tale -- are aimed above all else at historical accuracy for the time period of the book and are not intended to be offensive, Scott writes as though some tenet of Christian chivalry entails tolerance and open-mindedness towards the Jewish population in England in the Middle Ages. In this paper I will suggest that a thorough examination of the novel's portrayal of twelfth-century Judaism reveals that Scott is really writing from a deep understanding of what life is like at the margins -- perhaps because he is writing as a Scotsman and as a physically disabled person (Scott famously had a club-foot) --…