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How Constructivism Can Help Teach Math Concepts

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Constructivist Lesson Plan
According to a recent study, using constructivism in math classess demonstrates thay new any and all new concepts of math can be understood using prior knowledge (Cometto, 2008). The goal of constructivist learning is designed for the pupils to first acquire information and then develop an understanding, with the teacher’s assistance (Noll et al., 2008) Given the pupils' very own experiences they are able to learn new concepts and understand them in their own specific way (Akkaei, 2008).
The subsequent lesson program I've developed is actually dependent on the constructivist viewpoint and this is going to revolve around a math class on shapes. Using this particular lesson program, the pupils will be in a position to construct their very own understanding of various styles and shapes.
l encourage pupils to evaluate their capabilities and understanding (Akkawi, 2008). So the issue which will be answered in this specific…… [Read More]

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Three Lessons Plans for Teaching Baroque Painting

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Lessons Plans for Teaching Baroque Artwork

Lesson Plan 1: Overview of Baroque Style Painting

Lesson Part

Teacher Activity Description

Student Activity Description

Instruction Inquiry: A description of the learning activity and its objectives will be provided.

Teacher introduces the Baroque style of painting and describes the historical period in which it was most influential (early 16th century through the early 18th century) (Engel, 2012). For instance, according to Engel, "Baroque was generated when Italian art, as based on corporeal, exterior activity, aligned itself to northern or Germanic art with its emphasis on interior, psychological movements" (p. 3). In sum, Baroque paintings are characterized by several features, including dynamism (e.g., there is a sense of motion discernible in the artwork) that is complemented by distinctive artistic effects such as (a) strong curves, (b) elaborate decoration and (c) diminished lighting effects (Baroque painting, 2015. There were some regional difference in style, though,…… [Read More]


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Plan to Teach Math

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Lesson Plan

Decimals and Fractions

(What you want to achieve)

by the end of the session the learner will able to:

S.M.A.R.T (Specific -- Measurable -- Achievable -- Realistic -- Time-scaled)

National Curriculum


Impart to students how to assess, identify, classify and label different number forms.

Should be able to label and classify the following types of numbers: Whole numbers, counting numbers, non-whole numbers, rational numbers, at least some basic irrational numbers, etc. Learning will occur over a four-week period. It shall start with the basics and there will be interim quizzes and tests to ensure that the knowledge is being absorbed. Poor performance on such quizzes and tests may require that some topics be re-covered or drilled down on.

All should be able to understand basic decimals and fractions.

Many will be able to do most but not all of the work

Some will master all of it.…… [Read More]