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Marissa Mayer Essays (Examples)

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Does Marissa Meyer Follow the Eight Step Path to Large-Scale Change
Words: 1232 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 25709746
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Management Theory

Case Summary: In 2013, when new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer overturned the flexible work at home policies, it created a maelstrom of media response. Public responses fell on both sides of the issue, while it seemed most Yahoo employees were outraged. The disruption to personal lives became a pivotal point in the discussions -- arrangements that enable parents to work-at-home, for instance, are not easily changed. But, more central was the message communicated to Yahoo employees: The CEO (and likely a slew of other managers at the organization) did not trust telecommuting employees to efficaciously conduct their professional duties outside of the direct oversight of their managers. Note that many of the telecommuting Yahoo employees worked at home only one or two days per week. Women particularly took issue with the workaholic Mayer's decision: she came on board when she was five months pregnant and took a…

References. Please focus on analyses and recommendations, not on retelling the chapter or describing what happened in unnecessary detail.

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Flex Work Literature Review Gone Are the
Words: 3129 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45131688
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Flex Work Literature eview

Gone are the days of single-income households being the norm. The costs and other economics of today basically mandate that many families have both parents working and this leads to the need for day care, school transportation plans and other arrangements for things like doctor visits and school events. This can present a challenge if neither parent has a workplace situation has a job that is forgiving and understanding and allows for somewhat frequent (if not very frequent) quick breaks and extended lunch periods to deal with family affairs. Combine that with the fact that many employers are actively or hostilely resistant to flexible work arrangements under the auspices that it allows for or even encourages waste and misuse of time, then the problem is exacerbated even more. However, the author of this paper would assert that employers should be as understanding as they reasonably can…


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Analyzing Pitfalls of Leadership
Words: 1512 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12956791
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leadership pitfalls observed in the Value of Valuing Employees.

Comaford described common means by which organizational managers end up communicating the exact opposite of the message to its workforce that it genuinely and consistently showing that it matters to the organization. Pursuing the matter further, she presented ways by which they can avoid these pitfalls, which give the wrong impression to employees, to the effect that their management has absolutely no regard for them. Comaford's six pitfalls include: not responding to workers' emails, not providing either negative or positive feedback, not celebrating victories, burning out workers, acknowledging employees only when they commit a mistake, and showing favoritism (The Value of Valuing Employees).

Considerable focus on employees' feelings is, for a large number of leaders, a foreign concept. However, when Comaford's strategy is adopted and significant positive results ensue, managers are highly willing to transform their leadership approach.


1. Not…


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Online Giants
Words: 1989 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88573820
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Yahoo vs. Amazon

This report will present a compare and contrast between Yahoo and Amazon. The core business and histories of the two businesses will be discussed. Following that, there will be a description of the key strategic differences between the two and how the respective strategies have impacted the relative success of each form. Two specific examples of these strategies will be covered. The manner in which each company's core competencies help shape their strategies will be described. One functional-level strategy will be recommended for each term. At least three references will be used to describe things along the way. While Yahoo and Amazon are in the same general online portal sphere, how precisely they address the genre and the offshoots they tend to branch into are entirely different.


Some information technology companies have been around for a while but most of the Internet-reliant and information firms have…


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Management With Outsourcing and Virtual Employees
Words: 1577 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56047703
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Motivating Employees

When it comes to human resources and general management of employees, one of the major concerns that employers have always had is making and keeping employees motivated. However, there has been a major shift started in the workplace over the last five to ten years. As the world has become more and more wired and interconnected, the workplace has been shifting as well. Many of the jobs that have previously been done only or at least mostly in offices are now down remotely. Whether it be employees on the road or employees that work from home or other alternate locations, the paradigm of most to all employees working in a singular or small network of locations is fading away in many industries and has been replaced with virtual teams as well as outsourcing of common business tasks to exterior firms, both domestic and international. While there are many…


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Architecture Tutorial -- Lesson Site Structure the
Words: 473 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77534943
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Architecture Tutorial -- Lesson

Site Structure

The metaphorical allegory of the proposed website for build-to-order tablet PCs will be a functional one, based on the structural aspects of the new device and its customization and configurability to customers' preferences. Inherent in this site structure is the need to also support a catalog system of enhanced components and accessories. The foundational aspect of a successful e-commerce system is the inclusion of catalog management and content management systems (Spiteri, 239). This analysis provides a site structure for the proposed website that will sell build-to-order tablet PCs. Empirical studies have consistently shown that companies who can provide greater flexibility to customers in terms of product and feature customization over time gain greater customer loyalty and the potential for greater profitability (Fan, Tsai, 1141). The goal of the proposed website is to provide prospective and current customers with the opportunity to customize their tablet…

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Networking Explained
Words: 2041 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1269151
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Networking & Telecom

Networking and telecommunications have come a long way over the last several generations. Some people ascribe the 1990's or perhaps the 1980's to be the point in which networking came to be but the answer to that question is actually the 1970's. Indeed, APANET has evolved into what is now the modern internet and it is now hard to see the lines that exist between telecom/telephone infrastructures and the broader internet because they are very much one and the same nowadays at one level or another. This report will cover how local and global connectivity exists with data and voice networks around the world, the basic concepts related to the same and the impact that telecommunications and computer networking have on today's business and team performance paradigms. While person-to-person contact is still craved by many people, the leveraging of voice and data networks is…


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Case Study Wal-Mart
Words: 3414 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 18668473
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Wal-Mart Inc.

Wal-Mart is an American-based multinational discount store, currently operating more than 11,000 retail outlets in 27 different countries, and serving approximately 140 million customers weekly. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-Mart grew from a small family-managed retailer in 1945 to the world's largest retailer, and was named the world's largest company by revenues in the 2014 Fortune 500 list. The company operates its retail stores in two forms: i) Sam's clubs, which deal in assorted product lines including jewelry, electronics, hardware, to name but a few; and ii) Wal-Mart stores, dealing in similar product lines in addition to groceries, household appliances, apparel and clothing, beauty and heath products, and so on. In fiscal 2014, Wal-Mart reported a massive $473 billion in sales, more than $80 billion more than Costco, its closest competitor. It is widely believed that the company's corporate governance strategy, codes of conduct, values, mission statements and…


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Leadership Research Models of Leadership and Management
Words: 1855 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18446774
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Leadership Research

Models of leadership and management

Comparison and contrast of leadership models

Application of leadership model: Case of Mark Zuckerberg

Table 1- Leadership Table

Leadership Research

Leadership in public and private sector businesses is important for the growth of these businesses. Of late, many researchers have thoroughly investigated the role leadership in promoting businesses. Researchers have also tried to explore the common characteristics of global business leaders that have led their businesses to successful heights. Different models of effective leadership in corporations have also been drafted. One major aspect of leaders being explored in their ability to inspire people surrounding them and use this inspiration to achieve results that could be achieved without having complete trust of followers. While followers might be hard to make for a leader, and yet harder to retain, few researchers have put forth consolidated models of inspirational leaders that effectively make and retain followers.…


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