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¶ … Architecture Tutorial -- Lesson Site Structure

The metaphorical allegory of the proposed website for build-to-order tablet PCs will be a functional one, based on the structural aspects of the new device and its customization and configurability to customers' preferences. Inherent in this site structure is the need to also support a catalog system of enhanced components and accessories. The foundational aspect of a successful e-commerce system is the inclusion of catalog management and content management systems (Spiteri, 239). This analysis provides a site structure for the proposed website that will sell build-to-order tablet PCs. Empirical studies have consistently shown that companies who can provide greater flexibility to customers in terms of product and feature customization over time gain greater customer loyalty and the potential for greater profitability (Fan, Tsai, 1141). The goal of the proposed...


sed website is to provide prospective and current customers with the opportunity to customize their tablet PCs to their exact specifications.
Site Structure

1.0 Creating Your Tablet, Your Way

1.1 Designed To Fit The Way You Work

1.1.1 Customer Success Stories Student-Designed Tablet PCs Success Stories Knowledge Worker (engineering, marketing, sales individual contributors in companies) Tablet PC Success Stories Supermom Success Stories Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO and Mom -- How She Uses a customized tablet PC

2.0 Customized For Your Exact Needs

2.1 List of Customization Options in Matrix Format By product Model

2.2 Leader Board of Most Common Configurations

3.0 Build-To-Order Tablet PC Product Catalog and Product Configurator

3.1 Choice…

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