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There is also the potential to expand the product line beyond the initial Tablet PC to support more advanced and customized configurations through the build-to-order strategy. There is also a very significant upside potential with accessories as well, which could become very high margin in the future. Finally there are significant threats from Apple and others who also are seeking to create a dominant market position for themselves in the Tablet PC market.

Market Position

The market position for the Firenze Tablet PC is based on its unique manufacturing strategy that provides every customer the opportunity to customize their tablet to unique requirements, while also being always connected to the Internet through EV-DO technology. As the only device that can support collaboration, communication and content creation in addition to consumption in two languages the Firenze is well-positioned to take advantage of the market dynamics in the Tablet PC market as shown in Figure 3, 2012 Smartphone Five Forces Analysis. The following analysis is based on Porter's five forces model and illustrates how the market is changing rapidly, and the build-to-order model will give Firenze the opportunity to compete more effectively against less agile competitors.

Branding, pricing, and distribution plan


The branding of Firenze Tablet PC will be done in such away that it covers interest of both international and domestic consumers. This is because in most cases global products are design uniquely to meet the need of global market since these products will be offered throughout all regions in the world under different market environment. However, the branding of Firenze Tablet PC will ensure that the brands seize the market and the category opportunities by means of well-defined and coordinated go-to-market strategies. Domestic and global brands have the same name and comparable image worldwide. This to provide the tablet PC with an edge in market concentration especially in the emerging markets such Asia and South America. When Firenze Tablet PC is properly branded, it will execute the strategic focus as a result of creating inspiring product as well as, generating strategies of communication which represents the branding categories (Daye, 2007).

In most organizations, the product brandings such as names, terms, symbols and designs are used in identifying the products. For Firenze Tablet PC to be competitive enough in the market the firm should create a domestic and global branding strategy of that product given that, the product will maintain its consistent branding imagery and a quicker identification of innovations. Domestic and global branding on the other hand is important since it lowers the marketing cost and lays the groundwork for the future extensions throughout the world.


Pricing strategy has never been a key issue for the organization as it is now; however, the increased importance of the pricing strategy is a lack of focus in markets making them to forego profits. Pricing can achieve sustainable competitive advantage if only the manager assess the benefit of that product knowing the segments of markets are sensitive to pricing. It sometimes becomes very difficult for an organization to design the appropriate strategy for pricing; this is because the task involves analyzing the diffusion of that product in the market. It is therefore necessary for the organization of the Firenze Tablet Pc to price their products in a way that the customers will be able to meet the price and also the organization to gain a competitive advantage (Daye, 2007).


Distribution channel is the path the product follows from the producer to the final consumers. Distribution involves the "4Ps" of the marketing which includes; product, promotion, price and place. Distribution is the main key element in an entire marketing strategy because it helps the organization to expand their reach and revenue growth. Business-to-Business (B2 B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies usually sell their products through a single or multiple channels which includes the wholesaler, distributor and retailers. The wholesalers sell their products to different businesses who again resell the products to the final end users. However, the retailers sell the products to the end users directly. The product nature also targets the impact of the market of distribution channel. In this case, the product Firenze Tablet PC will be gotten from the wholesalers who will then sell to other businesses and then finally to the users. The wholesalers, distributors and retailers have the resources and relationships for quickly bringing the product to the market (Daye, 2007).

IMC and customer satisfaction plan

Customer satisfactions tend to measure how the company's product does well and meet the customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is also a state of the mind that the customers have regarding the company when their expectations of the products or services are met. Today, it has become so easy for the consumers to have the accessibility of the products being sold by different companies and the satisfaction has been based on what the consumers say and how their experience is all about. The marketing research approach to measure the customer satisfaction with the company's product and services is to carry out activities to improve the products and services by knowing the customer focus culture.

Organization therefore needs to do a research on the best approaches to measure the customer satisfaction because the research which was done show that customer satisfaction is a strategic weapon that can increase the profit and the market share. Therefore, in order to provide the best service and product, the company needs to understand clearly what their customers are looking for. When customers invest on the products, the company needs to ensure that they keep the customers coming back and remaining loyal. A research has also shown that, a sell to an existing customer tends to be more profitable than to a new customer. Companies therefore need to invest more in boosting their customer satisfaction in order to retain the existing customers.

The Customers' satisfaction can be measured through industry spanning. Industry spanning allows consistent capturing and interpreting collected information or data. The method involves knowing the type of customer satisfaction information to gather or collect. When collecting data for customer satisfaction research, there are two types of the surveys that helps in achieving the maximum result and they include, the transactional surveys which solicits feedback from the product user. The second one is the relationship survey which collects the input from the customers who have been on the ongoing relationship with the company and have multiple transactions. The other best practice of measuring the customers' satisfaction is to determine the number of customers to survey or establish the sample size. Designing as well as, effective survey of customer becomes critical when measuring the level of satisfaction of customers in the organization.

Supporting marketing plan while discussing the nature of the assignment

By creating a new position market for the Firenze Tablet PC product, the company plan in marketing target and become the destination for many customers. The companies' analysis will allow outlining the best strategies to value the achievement for the company goals. When marketing a product, one needs to know the nature of the product that is marketed and the marketing plan process. Before marketing the product, the company should analyze the opportunities of marketing and do a research on the targeted markets. After selecting the target market, they should then design the marketing strategies as well as, implementing and controlling. A product is quite tangible in nature therefore; the learning markets needs high differentiation level to changing needs (McDonald, 2008).

Marketing strategies

The Firenze Tablet PC will in many case use different advertising strategy media in getting its name and its importance to consumers or end users. The Company has played an important role in implementing the local campaign with the targeted markets by use of flyers, newspaper advertisements and by word of mouth. The management within the company will also try to develop an online sales platform which will allow the business in generating sales outside the company; this advertising strategy will be done by developing the websites and placing the Firenze Tablet PC as well as, contact information of the company advertising that product. The company on the other hand will have features to request the catalog from the website created.

However, the company will have an infomercial broadcast which will help in gaining customers awareness and increasing the products sales. The company also intends to implement campaigns in marketing to effectively target the individuals who are within desired markets. The main goal is to have and serve customers and enjoying the profits. The company selling Firenze Tablet PC has identified channels of promoting its products, for example, it has developed its pricing strategy which reflects the type of the product offered. For effective promotion of products to be offered, the communication plans that deals with marketing should identify the best strategy that fits the image and the overall branding of the product the company has chosen to develop. Other forms of promotion of Firenze tablet PC…

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