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Mean Girls Essays (Examples)

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Girl Interrupted Film Analysis Girl
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33163658
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Thus, even Valerie singles out the protagonist as special from her insane peers. Susanna's conflicts are seen as more, rather than less compelling than the other women's struggles because Susanna is 'really' sane, and able to take the advice of good people like Valerie. In contrast, the problems of people such as Daisy, who has a flip hairdo and an enmeshed relationship with her sexually abusive father, are used more as shock value (like Daisy's fondness for chicken) rather than as evidence that the less mentally stable girls are worthy and compelling subjects.

Susanna's worthiness of subjectivity is further underlined by her constantly reiterated desire to writer, and her parent's inability to appreciate her ambitions and creativity. Of course, many young people have artistic aims and defy their parent's expectations that they go to college and fulfill conventional aspirations of success. This does not make them crazy; the film rightly…

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Girl Interrupted." Starring Winona Ryder. 1999.

Girl and Great Falls All Cultures Seemingly
Words: 1341 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67339837
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Girl and Great Falls

All cultures, seemingly without exception, foster gender role differentiation. Codes of male vs. female behavior guide the way parents raise their children, the ways children relate to each other, and the way individuals view themselves. In many cases, sex-differentiated adult gender roles, social norms, and expectations are constructed painfully. The painful, chaotic, and even violent process by which gender role differentiation occurs is captured by both Jamaica Kincaid and Richard Ford in their respective short stories, "Girl," and "Great Falls." These short stories show how gender as a sociological phenomenon can disrupt inner peace and fracture the soul. In her terse tale "Girl," Jamaica Kincaid recounts her internalized authoritarian voices: a list of "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots" that have, for better or worse, constructed the narrator's sense of identity. In addition to the poignant impact of the narrator's internal dialogue, "Girl" shows how one…

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Girl Interrupted the Author Susanna Kaysen Talks
Words: 767 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 89727280
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Girl, Interrupted, the author Susanna Kaysen talks about her year and a half in a "mental hospital."; The language is by turns funny, quirky, or brutally strong, but always shows remarkable insight into at least some facets of herself. J

The topic she either dodges or diminishes throughout the book is why she was there. She was a "voluntary admission," although she was obviously under great pressure from both family and the psychiatrist who admitted her. She acknowledges that she made a suicide attempt, although she saved herself by getting herself to a public area where she collapsed.

In the beginning of the book we are told that the psychiatrist seemed to focus on a pimple she had picked at that day. The suggestion at this time is that the psychiatrist wildly over-interpreted this to get to a common symptom of her diagnosis, "borderline personality" -- self-mutilation. Then at the…

Girls and Gangs
Words: 2252 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56764484
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Girls and Gangs

When people think of gangs and gangsters, they often think of young males. While females may be part of gang culture, they are often viewed as being in the periphery. In many ways, this view of female gang membership is correct. For example, females that are affiliated with gangs have oftentimes been reduced to sexual objections, being used for the gratification of gang members, as a way to lure new recruits (Firmin 2009, p. 15). Furthermore, female sexuality has traditionally been seen as a way to ensnare rival gang members, so that female gang members and females associated with gangs have often acted as spies infiltrating rival gang networks (Aabbad 2012, p.272). However, the traditional view of girls as sexual accessories and playthings for gang members does not reflect the reality of the modern-day gang situation. While women still face significant marginalization and sexual violence within the…

Contemporary Wales, vol. 22, no.1, pp.178-195.

Young, T. 2009. 'Girls and gangs: Shemale gangsters in the UK?', Youth Justice, vol. 9, no.3,

pp. 224-238.

Girls in Bikinis From A& p
Words: 1911 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31770274
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This skilled use of ironic prose is also observable in "A Jury of her Peers" by Susan Glaspell, as when the woman who has just committed murder tells the investigators: "after a minute...'I sleep sound.'" the tale depicts how a group of women gradually deduce, through small and simple clues, how Mrs. right killed her husband, and why. The women's observations are more astute than the male investigator's analysis, according to police protocols. The point of the story is not murder, but the fact that the murder's quiet wifely desperation has gone ignored for so long, and that only fellow female sufferers can see this sorrow after the fact. Likewise, the point of O'Connor's story, more than the lurid aspects, are the ways that families and human beings fail to connect and communicate with one another, before it is too late.

A naysayer might sniff and ask why use murder…

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Girls' High School Experience on
Words: 1282 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69738091
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In order to shed some preliminary light on the problem being investigated two female freshman students having come from an all girls' school high school environment were selected for observation and interviewing. On the basis of the data retrieved from this preliminary step the research investigator will form a focus group of 10 similar situational freshman students for an in-depth qualitative assessment and analysis. The interview questions and observation format used for the preliminary sample will be applied to the focus group as well. As such compliance to the principle of standardization of data being retrieved will be maintained as well as its integrity.

Guiding Interview Questions. The uniqueness of qualitative research endeavors lies in the accepted principle that interviews can be expanded upon so long as the bottom line intent remains the same, namely uniform data in support of the research question. In order to garner the necessary information…

Nativity in the Short Story the Girl With the Blackened Eye
Words: 818 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54542941
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Girl ith the Blackened Eye

Blaming the victim, blaming the self:

"the Girl ith the Blackened Eye" by Joyce Carol Oates

hy do women stay with men who abuse them? This question has been asked time and time again, of celebrities as well as ordinary people. In her story "The Girl ith the Blackened Eye," author Joyce Carol Oates sees low female self-esteem as one of the reasons women are abused and often do not actively resist their abuse. Society implicitly assumes that a woman with an abusive man 'deserves what she gets' and this perception creates an almost physical paralysis on the part of the girl of the title. A woman's spirit as well as her body is beaten down by cultural assumptions of how women should behave. The girl is a victim even before she becomes a victim.

In the story "The Girl ith the Blackened Eye," the…

Work Cited

Oates, Joyce Carol. "The Girl With the Blackened Eye." 2001. [8 Mar 2012]

The Girl From Samos a Tragic Greek Play
Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14253960
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Girl From Samos

Act III:

Just to give a background. This passage starts off with Demeas finding out some devastating information. He discovers that his mistress Chrysis' was holding a baby. Believing it to be Chrysis', and kept against his requests, he decides to kick her out. At that time, Moschion moves in and tries to convince him to keep the baby and then starts to push the question of marriage to his mistress. "Nay, wine is mixing and your wedding's going on Incense rises; and Hephaestus laps the victim with his flame" (Meander, 2010, p. 61)

However, before all of this would occur, there would be a great tragic incidence that would change the course of the play "In the midst of a fair voyage, a storm can suddenly appear from nowhere. . ." (Meander, 2010, p. 53 para 4) This quote is basically explaining that there was about…


Meander. (2010). Plays and Fragments. Penguin Classics; Reissue edition.

Images Boys Girls Offered Today's Advertising Media
Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39949486
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images boys girls offered today's advertising media.

The images of boys and girls as offered by today's advertising media

Even with the fact that boys and girls are born genetically and hormonally different, the information they learn is decisive in influencing them to take on gender roles. Gender is also something that people learn as they grow up, as it does not only involve a person's physical nature. As children develop they are bombarded with information regarding how it would be socially acceptable for them to behave. Devices like the media are influential in this situation as they pressure children in getting a limited definition concerning their role.

The Media Environment

Media devices promoting a simple expression such as "big boys don't cry" can influence some parents in developing less tolerant attitudes toward boys who cry. Some parents might be influenced to believe that it is unnatural for a boy…

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Factory Girls as Chang 2012 Points Out
Words: 1539 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 91868990
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Factory Girls

As Chang (2012) points out, "factory work is an informed choice, not a desperate response to poverty. Other studies by Chinese and Western scholars show that migration fuels economic growth, social mobility and the spread of progressive ideas." In her 2009 book Factory Girls, Leslie Chang visits the land of her ancestors to explore the real stories of Chinese factory workers. Chang's ancestors migrated thousands of miles within China, through Taiwan, and eventually ending up in the United States. As the author reflects on the primary subject of contemporary Chinese factory workers, she places their experiences in the context of historical and global population migrations. People migrate for a number of different reasons. Finance is, of course, a primary driver of population migration. Where there is no work and opportunity, residents are often forced to move elsewhere. Yet there are also other reasons for population migration such as…


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Yekl and Maggie a Girl
Words: 2519 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39140889
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The arrival of Jake's wife and son some three years after him, rather than being a happy occasion, represents to Jake the diminishing of the exciting, new life he has tried to build for himself in New York. After the arrival of his wife, Jake "thought himself a martyr, an innocent exile from a world to which he belonged by right and he frequently felt the sobs of self-pity mounting to his throat" (Cahan 93-94). Like Maggie, Jake works in a sweatshop making clothes, and like Maggie, he uses his time working to day dream about other things. However, where Maggie thinks of Pete while he is working as a means of escape from the drudgery of her factory job, Jake actually enjoys his job, because it represents such a stark contrast to his life on a farm in Russia.

Thus, Jake's thoughts while working are not of escape from…

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Studies in Literature and Language 53.3 (2011): 294-319.

Diary of a Young Girl
Words: 873 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26620149
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Sontag actually experienced warfare from a first-hand perspective and even though she appreciates that many people try to condemn war by making use of pictures and stories, she believes that it is immature to adopt such attitudes. From her perspective, it would be impossible for a person to provide others with a chance to understand what warfare is as long as the respective individuals do not experience it themselves.

Being sad, horrified, and sharing other people's pain does not actually mean that a person knows what warfare really feels like. An individual cannot possibly be able to comprehend the horrible nature of war until he is actually present in one. The problem with only being familiar with warfare from pictures and books is that people find it difficult to see the general nature of warfare because they only focus on particular aspects of it.

Anne Frank's diary is impressive and…

Works cited:

Frank, Anne, "The Diary of a Young Girl," (Modern Library, 1952)

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Brothels Bordellos & Bad Girls
Words: 1343 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 35114785
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In addition, she discusses some of the positive, socially constructive things that prostitutes brought to their locales, particularly in the developing West. In much of Colorado, the atmosphere was absolutely dominated by males, so that prostitutes might be the only female companionship a man could find.

MacKell ends her official coverage of prostitutes in 1930, although, throughout the book one finds references to brothels that continued to exist into the 1930s and 1940s. However, as prostitution became illegal throughout much of the state, the nature of prostitution changed. Women could no longer openly ply their trade in brothels. In 1909, oulder's red-light district closed down for good, and after 1910, one saw the same thing occur in a number of Colorado towns (MacKell, 2004, p.233). In 1930, a prostitute named Anna Ryan killed a former police officer Maurice Lyons, which was another death knell for the trade. Therefore, while brothels…


MacKell, Jan. Brothels, Bordellos, & Bad Girls: Prostitution in Colorado 1860-1930.

Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2004.

Turning Girl Scouts Into Women
Words: 3456 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29808832
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She found a place where she could grow and succeed as herself. Diane Oakes, executive director of the Kaw Valley Council, saw girl scouting as a tool in bringing out the leader from every girl of any age. It is one of the few service organizations, which gives full voting power to its young representatives to choose council board of directors. These elected and hardworking representatives become an important voice in the council. The respect they earn from the adult members of the board boosts their self-esteem. That self-esteem, productivity and sense of achievement contribute to their total personality development into adulthood. And Amanda Atwood, a senior high school student, relished a sense of fulfillment when her opinions benefit younger girl scouts. Amanda and three other Senior Girl Scouts organized a safety program for students in the elementary level. As a result, 2,000 children received identification cards with their photos…


Achiever, the. (2006). Spellings addresses girl scouts leaders. 2 pages. Gale.

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Girl Scouts of America (2007). What is girl scouting? Girl Scout Central. Girl Scouts of America: Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Retrieved September 22, 2007 from

Leadership in the Girl Scouts Before Becoming
Words: 1702 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21252877
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Leadership in the Girl Scouts

Before becoming involved as a Girl Scout Leader, I would have minimized the amount of leadership necessary for the position. ather than being a true leader, I envisioned that a Girl Scout Leader would simply be the person organizing Scouting activities. What I did not realize is that leading a Girl Scout troop is a true exercise of one's leadership skills. After all, a Girl Scout troop leader must lead not only girls, but also the other parents in the group. Moreover, while troops are generally organized by age, they generally contain girls with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, so that the skills necessary for leading in one scenario are not the same ones required for leading in another scenario. Therefore, while I had hoped to be a transformational leader when I began my role as troop leader, inspiring each of the girls to…


Cherry, K. (2011). Transformational leadership: what is transformational leadership? Retrieved

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Boys and Girls Club of America
Words: 7471 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17880571
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oys and Girls Clubs of America as a Resource to Aid in the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

oys and Girls Clubs of America

This research describes the tremendous need for nonprofit human services organizations by youth who: use drugs, commit crimes or are victims of crime, drop out of high school, and become pregnant at an early age. There are a variety of nonprofit organizations such as oys and Girls Clubs of America, ig rothers ig Sisters and Children's Aid Society that step in to try to compensate for a breakdown in modern social infrastructures. This paper summarized how each makes their own unique contributions and describes in detail the many successes of programs offered by the oys and Girls Clubs of America, proven by formalized studies. ecause human services have made such a difference in the lives of children, recommendations include additional outreach and increased funding for their activities.…


'2003 Survey National Survey on Drug Use and Health." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 8 Jan. 2005. .

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Boys and Girls Learning Differences
Words: 1278 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 81337799
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Boys and Girls Learn Differently! -- Michael Gurian and Patricia Henley

Michael Gurian's book has been a best seller and a much-discussed, respected handbook on the topic of boys vs. girls in a learning milieu since it was published in 2001. But more than its popularity and success in the market, Gurian's book has made a positive impact on parents, teachers, counselors and others interested in education and human development because it delves into the neurological, chemical and hormonal disparities between boys and girls. Gurian's book is a well-presented narrative and moreover it is based on the author's vast experience as a teacher, family therapist and researcher -- and his ability to relate those experiences well.

There are many significant points in the book that make it valuable in today's educational setting. For one, the author offers believable, reader-friendly narrative on why boys and girls process information differently. For another,…

Works Cited

Gurian, Michael, Henley, Patricia, and Trueman, Terry. (2001). Boys and Girls Learn

Differently! San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Black Girl by Patricia Smith and Aurora
Words: 2691 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95301545
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Black Girl by Patricia Smith and Aurora Levin's Morales' Child of the Americas

Comparison between What it's Like to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith and Aurora Levin's Morales' Child of the Americas

Issues of race and racism coupled with those of culture and multiculturalism, in the society constitute one of the problem areas in which different groups of people have had to deal with, some of them having to face the issues on a day-to-day basis. In light of this, various literary works have been produced with the view of expressing the existence of such problems and finding ways in which these issues can be handled (Gale Group, 2003). Such literary works come in the form of poems which include the likes of "Child of the Americas" written by Aurora Morales and "What it is like to be a Black Girl" by Patricia Smith, works which form the…


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Teenage Girls Abuse in Teen Dating Relationships
Words: 1959 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77902667
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Teenage Girls Involved in Abusive Dating elationships

Aggression in teenage dating leading to physical, emotional and psychological damage is a social problem not only because of its effects on the teenagers but also because of its prevalence.

Howard and Qi Wang (2003) report figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that overall the prevalence of non-sexual courtship violence ranges from 9% to 65%, depending on the definitions and research methods used. Howard and Qi Wang's study reported "almost one in ten of the 9th- through 12th-grade females who participated in the 1999 Youth isk Behavior Survey reported being a victim of physical dating violence (i.e., had been hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose) within the past year." Further studies and figures report that about one in five of adolescent girls has experienced dating violence. Some of the physically abusive behaviors perpetrated in dating include being scratched,…


Bush, Vanessa. (2002). A thin line between love and hate: dating violence strikes one in every five teenage girls. Essence November 2002. Retrieved November 7th,2003, from

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Autism on Women and Girls
Words: 856 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23104991
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For now, however, the cause of autism remains a mystery

The objective of this proposal is to assess the effects of autism on girls and women and their education. The eight female subjects will be grouped. Group A will include four female subjects who had been diagnosed with autism when they were very young, and Group . would include four female subjects who were skipped over and not diagnosed with autism until a later age. The full treatment and education records would be available for each subject.

There will be a total of four sessions, one subject from Group A and one subject from Group . In each session.

For gathering the data here, a quantitative approach would not be appropriate since quantitative data may be misleading. A good example is a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in which the rates of autism…


Mercer, Jean (2010). Child development: myth and misunderstandings. California: Sage Publications, Inc.

www. Organization for Autism Research, April 13, 2010.

Lust to A& p Girl and a Sorrowful
Words: 789 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24766405
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Lust" to "A&P," "Girl" and "A Sorrowful Woman" both similarities and differences can be seen, with these noticeable in relation to the themes present, the protagonist character of each, the perspective and the way the story is told.

The main obvious difference between "Lust" and "A&P" is the nature of the protagonist. In "Lust" we have the female and in "A&P" the male. The character in "Lust" takes the place of the girl in the supermarket which Sammy lusts after. Sammy and the girl in "Lust" are looking at the situation from opposite angles. The similarity between the works is that they both focus on the same situation, that of finding one's place in society and especially finding one's place as a man or woman. In "Lust" the character remains almost unaware of the man's viewpoint, she simply reacts, giving them what they want as it is easier than refusing.…

Factory Girl Fatat El Masna Factory Girl
Words: 3789 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14962832
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Factory Girl

Fatat el Masna (Factory Girl) by Mohamed Khan depicts a misunderstood segment of society: female Muslim factory workers in Egypt. he contemporary setting of the story allows the viewer to make real-life comparisons with their own notions of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and power. Social stratification is a core theme, but gender is a far more salient one in Khan's movie. Fatat el Masna is about individual women taking personal risks to alter gender norms. Yet ironically, Hiyam (Yasmin Raeis) operates within a stereotypically chauvinistic framework. She fantasizes about her boss in ways that are the antithesis of female self-empowerment, as if the film suggests that women in Egyptian society can only liberate themselves in their own minds. heir actual liberation remains a pipe dream. Seeds of hope are planted, however, as Hiyam remains true to her word and values. She does fall in love with her boss…

The blending and confluence of identities is the quintessential story of the modern world. It is also the quintessential story of the Jews. Modern citizens of the world for whom geographic boundaries are meaningless will relate to this film, which has a universal appeal. A primary target audience would be Jews in the diaspora and also Lebanese people as well. However, Return to the Valley of the Jews is about the search for personal identity and a homeland. No external forces can come in the way of personal and collective identity formation. The Jews depicted in this film have strong national identities and call themselves Lebanese. Things did change after the 1967 wars, when Arabs started to persecute Jews even in areas once characterized by peace and tolerance like the Wadi. Ironically, Lebanon tore itself apart, in a civil war pitting Muslims against Christians. Jews were in the crossfire, showing that the tensions in the Middle East are not between Arab and Jew. They are unnecessary tensions, but have almost nothing at all to do with religion or even the creation of Israel. This film corrects a lot of misinformation about the root causes of problems in the Middle East, and shows how propaganda and politics can create animosity.

Return to the Valley of the Jews is about destruction and rebirth, too. There is hope for the future even though there is much despair permeating the film. Lebanon is a good case study for paving the way toward tolerance and respect. The government of Lebanon has been relatively tolerant and has enabled the reconstruction of the synagogue at the heart of this film. Returning to the "valley of the Jews" is a spiritual metaphor. The people depicted in the film maintain their community identity whether or not they are in Lebanon. Language and a shared nostalgia for the geographic beauty and history of Lebanon are their social and cultural glue. Religion is not as central as people think, and this film is necessary in dispelling the myth that religion is a source of trouble in the Middle East. Land and civil rights are central issues, but not religion. Furthermore, Lebanon needs to be seen on its own rather than being lumped in with other Arab nations. Israel has had ambivalent relations with Lebanon. Not as friendly as Jordan, but friendlier than other nations, Lebanon may come to play a critical role in the development and evolution fo future peace processes in the Middle East.

It may be idealistic to believe that films can change the world. In this case, the film may at least shed light on a critical issue. The film may open hearts and change minds. It might help viewers reconnect with their own cultural roots, and help people to see that all the people of the world seek belonging within a community. That community may be defined by nationality or geography, language or religion. What matters most is that love and compassion define social relations.

Caryl Churchill's Play Top Girls Explores Gender
Words: 590 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62582598
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Caryl Churchill's play Top Girls explores gender issues in Thatcher-Era British society. Churchill contrasts feminism that simply enforces patriarchy, embodied by Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, and a feminism that is more radical and transformative. Marlene exemplifies the type of woman who is achieving personal goals but only within a patriarchal framework that continues to exploit not only women but also people of color and secondary social class status. Her success does not represent the goals of feminism, which are to create a more egalitarian society for all people. Therefore, the text advocates second wave feminism, which is presented as a whole social revolution that is more inclusive of issues related to class and race as well as personal and political power.

The opening scene of Top Girls shows different forms of feminism and female achievements of historical power. Weaving the stories of famous females throughout the play allows Churchill…

Nicole Williams Author of Girl
Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75984287
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Instead of trying to change the position, we need to either change our attitudes or perhaps think about leaving the relationship.

Suggestions like "If you've got it, flaunt it" and "put on some gloss" are also important to know. We should be aware of our talents and confident enough to express them. We should also be aware of our weaknesses and do our best to cover them up or make ourselves at least appear better than we are. However, we are not supposed to "waste the pretty," which would be to throw away our gifts. Williams also stressed the importance of "not giving away the milk for free." Spending a considerable amount of time on this issue, Williams claims that many young people make the mistake of over-extending themselves when they need to validate their worth instead.

All of Williams' suggestions are meaningful. I learned a lot from the lecture,…

Rachel Year-Old Jewish Girl Rachel
Words: 2848 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49760978
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All veteran therapists know that religious differences are the main causes for incongruity and sadness. (Dating and Marrying Nonmembers) Hence achel needs to understand that it is not a wise decision to marry a person of a different race.


In a love life, when parents object and when the partner is not understandable the person in question would face enormous depression. So what is meant by depression? The loss of an essential life aim without accusing anybody is depression. This loss disturbs our behavior, our temper or personal feelings, our talent, our outlook or inspiration, and our physical functioning and health. The outcomes of depression are "behavioral extremes, poor memory, confusion, loneliness, lack of care, going away from home, disobedient, violence gripped with guiltiness and fear about doing mistakes, about being reckless, crying, suicidal pressures." (History and Gender factors in Depression)

Over 18 million Americans are miserable. Of these…


Ambord, Teresa. 2004. "Teen Dating: Is it Love or Infatuation?" 28 May. Retrieved at . Accessed on 14 April 2005

Biblical Answers for Depressed Teens!" retrieved at Accessed on 14 April 2005

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Beauty Mean in Art Today
Words: 2502 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45780369
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Sally Mann's portfolio abounds of photographs of little girls, including here photographs such as the New Mothers and Sorry Game. All these, as the Easter Dress, are in black and white. In my opinion, the choice for black and white is an attempt by this modern artist to move the viewer's attention away from coloration and into the game of shapes and forms. If we compare this photograph with Dine's painting, the latter puts all emphasis on color (red in that particular case), while Mann insists exactly on everything that is not color: shapes, forms, movements.

The photograph depicts a little girl in a white dress playing/dancing in the foreground, while other characters, most likely members of her family (probably her grandparents, among others) are also present in the framework. As a modern art, photography has a characteristic that many other visual arts, including painting, do not: the ability of…


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Feminism Matrilineal History or Girls'
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"Lady Gaga in part because she keeps us guessing about who she, as a woman, really is. She has been praised for using her music and videos to raise this question and to confound the usual exploitative answers provided by 'the media'… Gaga's gonzo wigs, her outrageous costumes, and her fondness for dousing herself in what looks like blood, are supposed to complicate what are otherwise conventionally sexualized performances" but this complication does not necessarily lead to a feminist liberation (Bauer 2010).

Still, Gaga has been embraced by a generation of women, some who shun and some who embrace the feminist label. "Lady Gaga idealizes this way of being in the world. But real young women, who, as has been well documented, are pressured to make themselves into boy toys at younger and younger ages, feel torn. They tell themselves a Gaga-esque story about what they're doing. hen they're on…

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Unknown Girl in the Maternity
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The carriages that carry the children back and forth between the mothers and the nursery, the movement of the girl's consciousness as she vacillates between her motherly emotions that want her to keep and protect the child and the knowledge that she must let the child go. This back and forth is the constant parting of the waves and the shore and the rhythm of the ocean and of life, the ebb and flow of existence. In fact in the last stanza the poet tells us in the girl's voice, "I am a shore rocking you off." (Sexton 25)This sense of parting is familiar to us all in some way or another. Here on the surface of the poem it is represented by a mother giving birth to and then giving up a child, but in a more symbolic sense it is the act of creation and the parting with…

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Down These Mean Streets
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Down These Mean Streets believe that every child is born a poet, and every poet is a child. Poetry to me was always a very sacred form of expression. (qtd. In Fisher 2003)

Introduction / Background History

Born Juan Pedro Tomas, of Puerto Rican and Cuban parents in New York City's Spanish Harlem in 1928, Piri Thomas began his struggle for survival, identity, and recognition at an early age. The vicious street environment of poverty, racism, and street crime took its toll and he served seven years of nightmarish incarceration at hard labor. But, with the knowledge that he had not been born a criminal, he rose above his violent background of drugs and gang warfare, and he vowed to use his street and prison know-how to reach hard-core youth and turn them away from a life of crime.

Thirty years ago Piri Thomas made literary history with this lacerating,…

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What the Natural World Means to Me
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Natural World

My awareness of the natural world began early on. I remember the seasons and in particular my first experience with snow. It was a winter when I was 5 or 6. I recall seeing snow and going out and playing in it in the yard with my family. We made snowmen and snowballs and went sled riding. I developed a love of nature and the way it could change and send you something wonderful out of nowhere. However, that same season, I remember the roads being terrible because of all the snow, and it was my first experience of being really afraid. It was strange to me how the same natural world that gave us such delight with the snow could also produce so many fears with the same gift. I could not comprehend it at the time—how, on the one hand snow in the yard was good…

Nobody Mean More to Me Than You
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Nobody Mean More to Me than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan," June Jordan writes about the need to pay attention to Black English and to learn how important it is for African-American cultural identity. In David Sedaris's "Me Talk Pretty One Day," the author writes about how hard it is to learn a new language: French, in particular. Although both authors write about language diversity, Jordan and Sedaris come from two totally different points-of-view. Jordan is concerned about race relations in America. The bulk of "Nobody Mean More to Me than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan" is about Black English and its rules. However, the essay is also about race-motivated police brutality. The author links the two issues together, showing that race and language can go hand-in-hand to create political solidarity. In "Me Talk Pretty One Day," Sedaris does not write about race or…


Jordan, June. "Nobody Mean More to Me than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan." Harvard Educational Review. Vol 58, No. 3. Aug 1988.

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Local Color in the Short Story the Viscountess and the Short Haired Girl
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obert Graves lived from 1895 to 1985, and was a novelist, poet as well as a translator of the English Language. obert Graves has been a vivacious author, and has won acclaim as an author of the accounts of the First World War, in his book called 'Good bye to all that' republished in 1957. His poetry about the First World War he was recognized as being one of the sixteen Great War poets in 1985. These poets were honoured on the slate stone that was unveiled in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner as an edifice respecting their contribution to the narration of the war.

Through his life span, obert Graves has worked on various aspects in literature, ranging from autobiographical accounts, to historical novels. His works also include translations of Greek mythology as well as historical novels such as King Jesus, I and the Golden Fleece. obert Graves's memoirs particularly…


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Police Report on a Missing Girl Amber
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Police Report on a Missing Girl

Amber Hall was reported missing yesterday at 16.00 at her grandfather's yard which is located at 976 Grand Avenue. According Mr. Pinckney, Amber Hall was at her grandfather's backyard playing when they went inside to start having their dinner and to answer a phone call which took them less than 5 minutes.

However, when they returned to the outside yard, they noticed Amber was missing. The police arrived at the scene at 18.27 and started searching the area, and at 20.00 the police begun to invite other people to come and help them in carrying out the search. Amber Hall is a 1st grade student at Hawthorne Elementary, a daughter of Marci Hall of 34 Magee CT and a friend to Terese Pinckney.

According to her grandparents, the girl usually likes playing with woods and sometimes she would accompany them inside the wood, especially…

Crime - Bathtub Girls
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Infamous bathtub girls were sisters who killed their mother in their own home. The crime took place on January 23, 2003 in Mississauga, Ontario. The identities of the murderers cannot be named, as they are protected under provisions of the Young Offenders Act that preclude the public naming of young offenders unless allowed by the judge. In this crime, the sisters fed their mother a mixture of alcohol and codeine, and then helped her into the bathtub. They held their mother's head under water until she drowned. There is strong evidence of premeditation. The sisters had researched online for ways to kill their mother, and planned details of how they would live after their mother's death. They made a specific decision not only to kill their mother but with respect to the method of killing.

The offenders did not have a criminal history at the time of the crime. There…


Gillis, W. (2014). Bathtub girls are all but free. Rehab success or legal failure? Toronto Star. Retrieved March 31, 2015 from 

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Treating Girls and Boys With Respect in School
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Teacher & Gender

It is no secret that female employees have been paid less than male employees over the years, and the teaching profession is no different in that regard. It wasn't until 1897 that teachers began to organize and when they did join the Chicago Teachers Federation they found out that the reason their pay was so low was because corporations were not paying taxes -- which meant cities did not have enough resources to pay female teachers what they should be paid. Meantime, it wasn't just female teachers that were -- and in many cases still are -- given the short end of the stick. It was also female students who were not treated with respect. And as this assignment points out, some older teachers still don't get it when it comes to today's female student, who doesn't want to be categorized and kept out of careers just…

I Am an 18-Year-Old Girl
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Although I love biking, particularly when letting go of the handle bars and zooming down steep roads. I love canoeing, too, and roller-balding, and walking far into oceans thoguh I cannot swim. I love reading thoguh I often fall asleep over my book. I crave friends and society, although simultaneously I hate people and wish to flee them when I encounter them often imaging them as moths or rats and imagining them in weird postures. The latter tells you that I am something of a scientist and perhaps I may be although I find that I am apt to think of myself in far better ways than I really am and construct my future in far better ways than it really is. I have, for instance, often told people that I am employed in wondrous works when I do nil of those jobs or sincerely believes that I have completed…

Tori J Is a 12-Year-Old Girl Who
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Tori J. is a 12-year-old girl who was removed from her family at the age of 8, when she was placed with a foster family. Although her foster mother discussed some episodes of violence and defiance in the home, Tori was not initially violent or defiant in school. However, she frequently failed to complete her assignments, instead spending hours simply looking into space. She also spoke frequently to social workers and school counselors about problems in her foster home including allegations that she was not being fed sufficiently, that they would not purchase school supplies for her, and that there was emotional and physical abuse in their current home. These allegations were reported and determined to be unsubstantiated, but allegations of emotional and physical abuse and neglect in her family home were substantiated. The children were removed because of physical abuse and neglect. Interviews with Tori J.'s older brother reported…


AllPsych. (2011). Antisocial personality disorder. Retrieved July 2, 2013 from: 

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Anesthesia Means Temporary Loss of
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In year 1799 anesthetic properties of Nitric Oxide were discovered by Humphery Davy (1778-1829) he advised that the by using nitric oxide, pain and shock of the surgical procedure can be negated. Third person who continue with Morton and ells philosophy was Charles T. Jackson. The Fourth man who contributed to anesthetics was Thomas Mortan (Blatner, 2009). In the year 1848 James Simpson used chloroform in obstetric surgery, he used diethyl ether to anesthetize a women with a pelvic deformity for delivery (kodali, 2009) and in year 1853 John Snow did a successful induction of chloroform to her Majesty Queen Victoria at the time of Prince Leopold's Birth and also on Fenny Longfellow who wrote to her poet brother that this use of ether is certainly the greatest blessing of this era (Longfellow, 1956). In the year 1885-illiam Halsted introduced the nerve block. In 1891 Heinrich Quincke demonstrated the process…


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Branksome Hall a Private All-Girls
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The article also appears to support the use of a free market and competitive capitalism which are both elements of the private school system reviewed. Both of these elements are important to all-girl schools, as they are run as businesses and must attract ample numbers of students to remain profitable. For example the article discusses the marketing techniques of the school in attracting pupils, who may be considered as clients. The paradigm is considered to be the neo-capitalist approach as opposed to the liberalism paradigm, as the nature of schools means that there is some governmental control exerted over the business to ensure it meets legislation and standards.

ritical Analysis

The article is well written overall, for instance the structure is laid out to describe a personal story, but with external examples used to provide explanations. The provision of examples may have been improved, however. The use of one school…

Critical Analysis

The article is well written overall, for instance the structure is laid out to describe a personal story, but with external examples used to provide explanations. The provision of examples may have been improved, however. The use of one school in Toronto to provide figures illustrating the school's popularity was successful in illustrating that the one specific school had increased their intake between 1993 and the present. This popularity was then applied as a generalization to the entire all-girl schooling system in Canada. There were no overall figures presented to illustrate this conclusion however. The fact that one school had increased the number of enrolled children does not necessarily indicate that all-girl schools overall have experienced increased popularity. For example it may simply be that as the school was only opened recently the size has only expanded slowly to accommodate a large number of pupils. It may be that if the school had been opened for many more years it would have already reached the current capacity at some stage in the past.

The article also surmised the reasons for which parents decide upon sending their child to an all-girls school. While the author speaks to one family, the information would have been more useful if it had come directly from families. For example the perceptions of the school as to why parents select to send their children there do not necessarily reflect the views of the parents. It would also have been interesting if information were presented about how the school chose to market itself. For example it may be that the school has selected one particular characteristic of the school to highlight in their marketing campaigns. The decision of the parents may then therefore be focused upon that one characteristic. This may help to explain the presence of an increase in popularity. The characteristics presented in the marketing campaign may reveal the characteristics with which parents are least pleased in the public school system.

colored girls rainbow'shange play reaction
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The play, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf” was staged at South Carolina State University in 2013. Ntzoke Shange's play blends the finesse of performance art with the subtlety of poetry to communicate heady political and social concerns. The title of the play immediately alerts audiences to the weighty matters that will unfold on stage. Through the play, seven women tell their stories one by one, without interruptions, making “For Colored Girls” somewhat unconventional in its lack of an overarching plot. Each woman is named after one of the seven colors of the rainbow, symbolizing individuality amid diversity, and the importance of diversity as the defining feature of beauty, hope, and wisdom. Delivering their stories as monologues prevents the encroachment of hegemonic masculinity or racism onto their lives; the women take back their power through the art of storytelling. “For Colored Girls” is about…

Nike Television Advertisements as an Ordinary Girl
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Nike television advertisements, as an ordinary girl is transformed into an Olympic runner. Bombarding the airwaves during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the "You're faster than you think" campaign is an example of Nike's ability to produce engaging, effective television commercials. hile the ultimate success of these advertising campaigns can only be seen in the quarterly reports of the corporations, from a design and marketing standpoint, the Nike ad is eminently successful. The "You're faster than you think" campaign promotes brand awareness and creates a brand imprint in the consumer brain, but the commercials are also artistic, clever, and entertaining. However, Nike is a large Fortune-500 company with a substantial marketing and advertising budget. Smaller companies such as those listed in Inc. magazine work with a smaller budget and therefore generally produce less dramatic television commercial spots. Moreover, smaller companies cannot afford the prime time Olympics spots like Nike can.…

Works Cited . .

Inc.500." .

Henri Nouwen & 8230 COMPASSION Means Going
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Richards, Reverend, former member of the senior staff of the Episcopal Bishop, also expressed concerns regarding Nouwen. Richards questioned whether Nouwen as the "wounded healer" encouraged "a kind of displayed vulnerability and a disincentive to growth that does not serve the priest or the church well."

In the final years of his life, Nouwen, admitted publically that he was a homosexual and "ministered" to others, not out of his strengths, but out of his own wounds.


In the essay, he co-authored with Donald P. McNeill and Douglas a. Morrison, Compassion: A Reflection on Christian Life, Nouwen wrote that compassionate people go directly to those who are suffering most and lives with them there. Compassion, Nouwen stressed, does not comprise a "bending toward the under privileged from a privileged position; & #8230;not a reaching out from on high to those… less fortunate below; & #8230; not a gesture of sympathy…


"About Henri Nouwen." Available at, ? 

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Representations of Female Behavior in
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Thus, the television shows, or their producers would have us think, do not actually promote violence and sexual promiscuity, they simply depict it as part of the reality of the particular people they chose to show on their programs.

The problem, however, comes with what such depictions teach those people for whom identity is yet to be determined - our youngest boys and girls. Before MTV's the Real orld, popular culture's images of boys and girls was managed through a scripted experience - a lens that showed only what the writers, directors, producers, and television executives wanted you to see. Therefore, shows gave people what other people thought they should and would like, and nothing else. hat reality shows have capitalized on is a hunger for the non-scripted, for the spontaneous, for the unpredictable. and, as society is still managed by people who were brought up by people who generally…

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Slang as Used in the
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However, in the film directed by Tina Fey that depicts the cruelty of an exclusive group of "Mean Girls," ordinary things for which there is already descriptive language is rendered into slang so adults do not understand the full cruelty of what is being said. Some adults may know that Regina and company are 'mean' but not to the extent which they rule the school and use exclusion as a way of enforcing their own mini-regime of terror. One of the strengths of the teacher played by Fey, Ms. Norbury, is that she is 'hip' to the language used by the mean girls, like when she tells them to stop using slang like "sluts" and "skanks."

The exclusive nature of the language of adolescents is underlined by the fact that the main character, named Cady Heron, in "Mean Girls" has grown up in South Africa, so she is initially uninitiated…

Works Cited

Mean Girls." Directed by Tina Fey. 2004.

Sophisticated Argument About a Particular
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Yet American Girl dolls, perhaps because of their expense but also because of their reliability seldom provoke such mutilation. "I have to confess -- I have an emotional connection to this brand," admitted one adult, female NPR commentator, reviewing the film, stating that it was impossible for her to give an objective review of "Kit Kittredge, American Girl" because of her own love of the Kristen doll, as a girl, a doll that had traveled far from Sweden to settle in colonial America (Baker 2008). "She has the same name as me...I like playing with them [better than Barbies] because they're more like me," said an eleven-year-old interviewed by the NPR reporter, explaining why she adored the brand and couldn't wait to see the film

Even while some might be cynical about the fact that "a Kit doll, complete with book and accessories, will currently run you $105" and…

Works Cited

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Feminist Advocacy of a Social Issue in Contemporary Culture
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Post-Feminist Society

Contemporary Feminist Advocacy

Although there is not absolute consensus, popular writings about feminism suggest that there have been three waves of feminism: (1) The first wave of feminism is said to have occurred in the 18th through the 20th centuries and was characterized by a focus on suffrage; (2) The decades spanning 1960 to 1990 are said to encompass the second wave of feminism, to which a concern with cultural and legal gender inequality is attributed; and (3) The third wave of feminism began in the early 1990s partly in response to the conservative backlash the second wave engendered, and partly in recognition of the unrealized goals of the second wave of feminism up to that time ("NOW," 2009). This third wave of feminism made salient a more subjective voice that pointed at the intersection of race and gender with greater resolve than would have been possible when…


Coffey, L.T. (2011, October 11). Girl Project' reveals what teens are really thinking. Today People. Retrieved 

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Faludi, Susan, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women (Three Rivers Press, 2006)

Feminist Majority Foundation, Choices Campus Leadership Program. (2011). Retrieved

Teenage Bullying Chink Spic Terrorist Whore Nerd
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Teenage Bullying

Chink, Spic, Terrorist, Whore, Nerd. These words seem to be just the beginning sparks of what most people characterize as bullying. The words and phrases are familiar enough; high school students across the country hear these insults being thrown out just as commonly as a larger student with his gang picking on a smaller and weaker student. The essence of teenage bullying has not changed; rather, with the amount of digital media and social platforms created today, there seems to be more reason to expect bullying -- both at school and online.

Bullying itself comes in many forms and sizes. It can be one hulking, leader-like personality with the aim at a Machiavellian increase in status in the school's social standing (Hamarus). Another can be the result of a racial slur and the violent actions taken against a differently ethnic individual -- perhaps even using an entire gang…


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Carrie 1976
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Brian De Palma's teen thriller Carrie is an unusual example of the horror genre. Unlike most horror films in which the viewer finds himself rooting for a protagonist faced with horrific evil supernatural forces, in Carrie, the most evil actions are perpetrated by 'normal' humans while the title character is highly sympathetic, even when she goes on her murderous rampage at the end of the film. The film narrates the story of Carrie White, a shy high school senior who is an outcast because of her social awkwardness and her religious fanatic of a mother. The first scene of the film depicts Carrie getting her period for the first time in the girls' gym shower: she does not realize what is happening to her and the girls react by throwing sanitary napkins and tampons at her, oblivious to her tears.

If Carrie was an ordinary girl, the film would be…

Human Potential Though Not Always
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"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves." -Thomas Jefferson

I disagree very strongly with the idea that the government that governs best, governs least. Government can and should perform some valuable roles, such as providing social support for the poor, unemployed, and elderly. Government can provide its citizens with an education to better themselves, regardless of citizens' income, race, or location. However I do agree to some extent that disciplining one's self is important. Take, for example, the current obesity crisis. Clearly federal, state, and local governments have a role to play in curtailing obesity: requiring companies place nutritional labels on food, improving the school lunch program, cutting subsidizes to farmers that provide crops made into unhealthy processed foods, and expanding physical education programs and access to parks are all appropriate roles for government. But ultimately the individual alone can control how he or…

Tree of Life and Midnight
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As he himself admits, "I have a very grim perspective. I do feel that it's a grim, painful, nightmarish meaningless existence, and the only way to be happy is if you tell yourself some lies. One must have some delusions to live" ("Cannes 2010: oody Allen on Death -- 'I'm Strongly Against It'"). hat Midnight in Paris is for him (and us), therefore, is a kind of distraction from the reality that at some point the final credits will roll.

Malick's Tree of Life, then, is a kind of answer to Allen's melancholy. It is, of course, a religious answer told through an impressionistic and indirect medium. Nonetheless, unlike Allen, Malick is willing to embrace the spiritual side of man and explore its meanings and possibilities. For Malick, life is a spiritual journey that can lead one either upwards to the good or downwards to the bad. Allen's film may…

Works Cited

Allen, Woody, dir. Midnight in Paris. Los Angeles: Sony Pictures Classics, 2011.


Augustine. City of God. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1888. Print.

Augustine. The City of God against the Pagans. Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Spirit Using Specific Textual Examples
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Grace lives in a house, a house that bakes its residents like an oven, because it is really too hot and unsuited for life in a desert. Still, holding onto her status, Grace lives in a European-style dwelling, with stiff and uncomfortable furniture as an example of her wealth. Grace was born poor, but because of the oil-rich nature of her land, she has acquired status within her community. The piano she longed for as a young girl is not played, and rots, but Grace does not care, because her ability to buy it is testimony to the fact, in her eyes, that she has done something significant with her life.

In short, Grace has fully embraced all of the myths of capitalism within American culture. However, at the beginning of the book, she is dead, murdered, it is implied because of her wealth and the jealousy her wealth stirs…

Psychological Effect the Media Has
Words: 3154 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 95044860
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but, the interesting thing is that their peers, family, friends and young boys are basing their opinion of what these girls should look like from what they see in the media.

Main Cause of Poor ody Images in Young Girls

The media has been with us for years and it is here to stay. There are good aspects of this industry because it serves to keep us informed and aware of what is happening in the world around us. The media can also be viewed negatively because of some of the television programs that are out there today. Technology is so advanced that we can now watch our favorite television shows and read our favorite fashion magazines right from our cell phones. We can assume that as the years go by, technology will get more advanced and the role of the media will become even more prominent.

Such outlets as…


Ata, R.N., Ludden, AB. And Lally, M.M. (2007). The effects of gender and family, friend, and media influences on eating behaviors and body image during adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 36(8), 1024-1037.

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Running Head Gender in a
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the toys themselves had a distinctly gendered feel.
While the author recalled Legos as gender-neutral, they did not appear
gender neutral in the toy-store setting. Instead, the Lego products were
based on action movies, such as tar Wars and Indiana Jones or else
featured something called a Bionicle, which appeared to be some type of
robot. There were some Legos called Clickits, which were pink and white
and featured teenage-looking cartoon-character girls. However, the Lego
sets from the author's youth, which featured blocks and other features to
build gender-neutral items like towns, simply were not present. Instead,
the Legos seemed less free-form and more structured, and came in boxes to
build specific designs, almost all of them masculine in stereotyping.
The other building materials were similarly gender-differentiated.
While the toy store had apparently gender-neutral building toys like Tinker
Toys and Mega Blocks, they also managed to capitalize on stereotyping.…

Sex Roles, 54 (9/10), 717-726).
Green, V.A., Bigler, R., and Catherwood, D. (2004). The variability and
flexibility of gender-
typed toy play: A close look at children's behavioural responses to
counter-stereotypic models. Sex Roles, 51 (7/8), 371-386.

Puberty Early Puberty a Strange Phenomena Is
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Early Puberty

A strange phenomena is occurring and affecting American girls in a unique manner, they are entering puberty earlier than ever recorded. Liz Szabo, in her article "Girls hit puberty earlier than ever, and doctors aren't sure why" discussed this topic and revealed not only the personal effects of this development but also a variety of possibilities as to why this is happening. One of the major aspects of early development in girls is the fact that although this may appear to be a biological disorder, there often are accompanying behavioral, psychological, and social effects. But within the text of this enlightening article may lie the seeds to understanding this problem and developing a means to curb it.

In order to personalize the effects of what would otherwise be an interesting, but somewhat intellectual, subject, Liz Szabo delved into the story of a young American girl suffering from…

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Adolescent Obesity in Saudi Arabia
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There are remedies (albeit not easy ones for the individuals involved), as suggested by the research. However, and this is very important, the current public health approaches that the Saudi government has taken, as Mabrey et al. (2010) note, have focused fairly narrowly on medical approaches. This focus includes research that has been conducted on metabolic syndrome (which is caused primarily by being overweight). This is caused by clear-cut factors and has a number of possible poor consequences.

Mabrey et al. (2010) note that metabolic syndrome is on average 10 to 15% higher in the GCC states than in the rest of world and that females are disproportionately affected by metabolic syndrome. These researchers are among those who note that a strictly medical approach to such medical problems is far from sufficient. For while metabolic syndrome itself can be identified and described in purely medical terms, such an approach does…


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Michel De Certeau's Walking in the City
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Michel de Certeau's "alking in the City" provides a clear and appropriate lens with which to view and re-view the 17th century play, "alking Girl." Although the two pieces are completely different in terms of their style and content, they both reflect the way people subvert established social codes and structures. Leaders and powerful men of Certeau's modern age had stood on the top floor of Manhattan's Twin Tower, observing a strategized a network of rules. These rules symbolize the social norms that govern human conduct, which are the rules that Middleton and Dekker describe in their play "The Roaring Girl."

In his essay "alking in the City," Michel de Certeau's paints a unique portrait of city life that can be applied to personal social interactions. Certeau's thesis is that leaders and influential people draft rules regulating social interactions and social norms. These hierarchically generated rules serve to maintain an…

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Obesity in Adolescent Females in
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During the study a number of factors were considered for the evaluation of the fact that females unlike males in Saudi Arabia constitute a larger proportion.


Lifestyle and dietary

Adolescent boys and girls were studied for at least two weeks on their feeding habits, for this period, females were observed to consume more snacks than male in that males could only consume snacks once a fortnight unlike their female counterparts who for the 14 days averagely took snacks at least 12 days. For the consumption of rice, bread, nuts and fish the percentage of females consuming this surpassed that of men i.e. 54.8 to 50.5%, this shows that females consumes more food products that are energy giving than males in Saudi Arabia leading to deposition of more calories in the body triggering obesity as it is supposed that the body can not convert the whole chunk of calories. More…


Al-Gelban, K.S. (2008). Diatery Habits and Exercise Practices among the Students of a Saudi

Teachers Training College. Saudi Med J, 29 (5), 754-759.

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Management and Decision Making Structure at the Club
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decision making points a nonprofit organization. Study Boys & Girls Club New ochelle ( info find. Create a case study utilizing information learned Managerial Decision Making.

Boys & Girls Club of New ochelle

What is the history of the organization? What is the mission of the organization?

The Boys and Girls of New ochelle was initiated in 1929 aiming at safeguarding the interests of youth as the big sufferers during harsh economic times. Through the efforts of well-wishers, the Club has continually made efforts to meet the needs of the youth and the surrounding community (Bazerman, 1997).

The Club continues to attract grants and donations from individuals and organizations with the appreciation that youth empowerment is of great value to the community. To date Boys & Girls Club of New ochelle has boosted the potential of the youth by helping in the upbringing of successful adults and persons who are…


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Yoyo This Guy's Giving Me
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You will likely want to purchase a yo-yo for yourself as well, and remind her that as even today, a "battle of the sexes" goes on - you are challenging her to a yo-yo contest. Or perhaps, you both can learn new techniques together. Along with giving this new friend, or as you note, "the girl of your dreams," a unique yo-yo, a flowering potted plant would be great to bring as a peace offering. This serves two purposes:

To accent the words, "I'm sorry I did not drop you off directly at your aunt's house last week. Will please forgive me?"

The flowers will remind her of you each time she has to water it.

Later, if your friend does in fact qualify to be "the girl of your dreams," you and she can laugh about you giving her a yo-yo and a potted plant. When this happens,…