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Sontag actually experienced warfare from a first-hand perspective and even though she appreciates that many people try to condemn war by making use of pictures and stories, she believes that it is immature to adopt such attitudes. From her perspective, it would be impossible for a person to provide others with a chance to understand what warfare is as long as the respective individuals do not experience it themselves.

Being sad, horrified, and sharing other people's pain does not actually mean that a person knows what warfare really feels like. An individual cannot possibly be able to comprehend the horrible nature of war until he is actually present in one. The problem with only being familiar with warfare from pictures and books is that people find it difficult to see the general nature of warfare because they only focus on particular aspects of it.

Anne Frank's diary is impressive and is likely to have a significant influence on all persons who read it. However, because many people experience their first interaction with the Holocaust by reading this book society is slowly losing its understanding of the concept as whole. "The concentration camps -- that is, the photographs taken when the camps were liberated in 1945 -- are most of what people associate with Nazism and the miseries of the Second World...


The Second World War was not all about little girls suffering as they were hiding from the Nazis and about concentration camps shown in photographs. It was about a global form of suffering and about tens millions of people who struggled to put across moral attitudes, but fought for their lives in any way that they possibly could.
All things considered, Anne Frank's diary plays an important role in shaping young minds by presenting them with the horrible nature of warfare. However, individuals like Sontag feel that people should not only focus on particular aspects happening during wars in order to learn more regarding these events. It is thus essential for society to gain a more complex understanding of wars by trying to learn as much information as possible concerning them without allowing its perspective to be manipulated by a single document.

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