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Japanese Tea Gardens

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Medieval Herb Gardens

In ancient medieval times, the omans created landscape gardens, as well as formal gardens. While the tradition of landscape gardens did not survive the fall of ome or the breakdown of the Western Empire, the tradition of formal gardens did survive in medieval monasteries, which were abbeys ruled by abbesses or abbotts.

However, while the omans' formal gardens focused on agriculture, the herb gardens in the monasteries concentrated on practical gardening. Still, the formal structure stayed the same.

Historians have not determined exactly what the early monastic gardens looked like. The earliest information about the appearance of monastic gardens comes from the plan of the monastery of Saint Gall, which was written in Switzerland in the 9th Century.

Saint Gall's plan revealed that these medieval herb gardens consisted of rectangular beds separated by narrow paths. This style of garden was dominant in Western Europe up until the…… [Read More]


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Tragic Nursing Is Preventable

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Medieval Japan Lesson Plan

The student population for the lesson presentation I observed for what is known as the Ninja Lesson plan was principally high school students. The subject matter discussed in the lessons -- which revolved around ninjas and others who engaged in violence -- was too mature for elementary school students, yet appropriate for even some of the lower grades in high school. The students were from Pan American International High School. They were from a combination of different grades. There were freshman and sophomores, but also some of the lower scoring seniors and juniors at this high school were involved in the lesson as well. As such, it is not inconceivable that some of the more gifted middle school students could have been in this lesson.

The topic of this lesson was Japanese history, particularly as it pertained to ninjas, shoguns, and those sort of warriors. This…… [Read More]