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Merchandise Sears or Wal-Mart Cannot

Words: 897 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87268241

Since the supply is being specifically restricted, only a price increase could occur. Thus, creating exclusivity creates value to the seller.

The third reason why exclusivity is valuable is that it creates differentiation (Finkelstein, 2009). Differentiation is a key driver of value for many products and services. Exclusivity does not equate to differentiation, but it does increase the perception of differentiation, simply by virtue of the fact that the product is not mass market. The perception of differentiation is sufficient to drive value, regardless of whether or not there is actual differentiation. Thus, exclusivity drives value by being a means to achieve the perception of differentiation.

4. Senk argues that shopping in largely entertainment, a point to which I agree. Entertainment is simply something that amuses, diverts attention or pleases. In that respect, shopping is very much entertainment. As with any form of entertainment, shopping meets other purposes as well;…… [Read More]

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Cohen, M. (2006). Why customers do what they do. New York: MacGraw-Hill Professional
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Accounting Merchandise Inventory Merchandise Inventory

Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81512061

To do otherwise would create problems with the company's accounting.

Cosigned goods are also included in the merchandise inventory (Elliot & Elliot, 2004). Even though they are out on consignment, they are still a part of the goods that belong to the company (Elliot & Elliot, 2004). If these goods have not been included in the company's inventory, it becomes difficult to account for their sales and can cause serious problems with accounting. Not including cosigned goods would make it appear as though those goods have already been sold, but there would be no income for them. When they did sell, the income would appear to come from goods that were not shown in inventory. That can take time and effort to sort out, and can leave the company looking as though it was trying to hide something when, in fact, it simply listed its goods incorrectly. By making sure…… [Read More]


Elliot, B. & Elliot, J. (2004). Financial accounting and reporting. London: Prentice Hall
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Apparel Merchandise and Management

Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9593930

California Labor Laws

The state of California possesses some of the strictest labor laws and enforcement tactics in the United States - a factor that largely affects the business climate of the state. County health departments, such as the California Department of Industrial Relations - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (CAL-OSHA), enforce and protect California labor laws, acting against all businesses who violate the laws (West Group, 1999).

This essay will discuss some of California's most important and current labor laws, outlining how each law affects California's business climate. It will also determine whether these labor laws are beneficial or detrimental to the apparel industry.

California's Labor Laws

The following section outlines some of California's labor laws, which are considered some of the most stringent in the nation.

California's overtime laws hold that any employee who works more than eight hours per day must be paid at 1.5 times his…… [Read More]


Aspen Publishers Staff. 2002. California Employer's Guide: A Handbook of Employment Laws and Regulations. Aspen Publishers.

Bonacich, Edna. 2000. Behind the Label: Inequality in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry. University of California Press.

Eaton, Adrienne, Keefe, J. 2000. Employment Dispute Resolution and Worker Rights in the Changing WorkPlace. Industrial Relations Research Association.

Sessions, Don. 1998. Employee Rights in California. Pentium Press.
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Debenhams Introduction and Company History Debenhams Is

Words: 1770 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15503567


Introduction and Company History

Debenhams is a UK-based department store chain with operations in a number of countries around the world. The company operates 153 stores across the UK and Ireland, and has online delivery to 66 countries around the world through Debenhams Direct, including many where Debenhams does not have its own store (, 2012). The company traces its roots to 1778 in London, where the company remains headquartered to this day. The expansion of Debenhams to become an international brand in retailing has been done primarily through franchising, while the store in the UK and Ireland tend to be company-owned. According to the company's annual report, Debenhams earned £2.2 billion in revenue and £117.2 million in profit.

The growth of the Debenhams name only took place in the latter part of the 20th century. Prior to that point, the Debenhams name was not used on most of…… [Read More]

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Annesley, C. (2012). Debenhams multichannel strategy still paying. Internet Retailing. Retrieved November 25, 2012 from 

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Business Plan Proposal

Words: 781 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 47006697

Business Plan Proposal:

The Ducks Poker Room

Business Plan Proposal: The Ducks Poker Room

Executive Summary/Company Description

The Ducks Poker Room will be a new for-profit gaming club primarily hosting players of versions of the card game known as "Poker." The Ducks Poker Room will also offer alternate games, including but not limited to promotions for prize pools involving tickets to college basketball and football games. Finally, The Ducks Poker Room will host patrons who are not playing poker.

Business Plan Objectives

Provide exceptional facilities, equipment, service, staff and merchandise that create a highly positive impression on our core customers;

Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality;

Capitalize on excellent location opportunity;

d. Launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event in the spring of Year 1;

e. Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control;

f. Maintain food costs below…… [Read More]

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Using Mbos to Improve Employee and Organizational Outcomes

Words: 1130 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41339012

Performance Management

Create a job description for a retail sales associate. Create an organizational behavior modification (OBM) plan to define a set of three (3) key behaviors that are necessary for job performance.

Job Description for etail Sales Associate

• Greet customers and determine their needs and wants

• Discuss potential merchandise purchase of customers

• ecommend merchandise based on discussion with customer

• Advise customers on utilization and care of merchandise

• Upsell related products or services

• Answer customer questions

• Explained return policies and discounts

• Keep merchandise displays in order

Organizational Behavior Modification Plan (OBM)

Key Performance Behaviors

Greet customers within 5 minutes of entry into sales area (allow time for browsing before contact).

a. Sales associate make mental note of customer response and encourages survey feedback for all completed sales with customers given assistance. Measurement: An on-your-honor system with sales associate fine-tuning approach to customer…… [Read More]


Lindberg, E. (2011). Effects of Management by Objectives: Studies of Swedish Upper Secondary Schools and the Influence of Role Stress and Self-efficacy on School Leaders. Journal of Educational Administration, 49, (1), 62-74. Retrieved

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Pricing JC Penney

Words: 1058 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 62756786


JC Penney is a major department store, doing billions of dollars in revenue per year. The industry, however, is mature and some would say stale. Younger consumers in particular are not attracted to the department store shopping experience, instead choosing anything but. JC Penney tapped former Apple executive on Johnson as its new CEO, and made big changes to its merchandising and especially to its pricing. One pricing strategy that Johnson instituted was to eliminate the traditional JC Penney sales and opt for lower prices across the board (D'Innocenzo, 2012). Analysts from his alma mater Harvard Business School lauded him as a genius for the simplified pricing program (Girard, 2012). Yet, Johnson couldn't wrap his head around the fact that the key purchase drivers in department store sales are nothing like the purchase drivers in consumer electronics, and the pricing strategy did not go nearly as well as planned.…… [Read More]


Berfield, S. & Maheshwari, S. (2012). JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson gets lesson in pricing. SF Gate. Retrieved April 19, 2014 from 

D'Innocenzo, A.(2012). JC Penney slashing prices on all merchandise. USA Today. Retrieved April 19, 2014 from 

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Passikoff, R. (2013). Ron Johnson ousted as JC Penney CEO. Forbes. Retrieved April 19, 2014 from
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Risks & Internal Controls Sylvia

Words: 444 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 75314264

Describe 2 internal control procedures and explain how the company could use these internal control procedures to protect itself from the risks you have identified in part (a) above.

Demanding that all merchandise be accounted for, even so-called unsellable garments, is essential. If there is a discrepancy between the garments sold to the stores and the inventory sold to Sylvia, she must explain why and produce evidence (in the form of a record of all unsellable merchandise), and the manufacturer should be contacted for verification that a complaint was issued regarding the garments. Secondly, Sylvia must keep receipts for all of her expenses and submit them, but there should also be independent audits -- for example, the company could call up the restaurants and establishments she frequents, to verify that she indeed had reservations and ate there. or, the company could specify what types of transport and what places she…… [Read More]

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Marketing Retail Store Visit WAL-MART

Words: 1361 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81450262

2. Products/Merchandise

The target store included various types of merchandise, such as electronics, music and video (DVDs and CDs), beauty products, clothing and shoes and automotive parts.

Additionally, the target stores also included a food department, mainly with non-perishable items. There are two main factors differentiating the target store from the Wal-Mart store previously analyzed, in terms of products. First of all, the Wal-Mart store did not have a food department, residing only on non-food items. On the other hand, the quality and especially the image of the products offered in the target store may be considered superior to that of Wal-Mart's. One of the relevant examples in this sense is the fact that the target store is relying consistently on brand strategy, signing important designers like Liz Lange, for example. With a solid discount component aimed at lower income categories, the store had the capacity to attract consumers from…… [Read More]

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Business Law Scenario Dana and Ronnie Operate

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5832138

Business Law

Scenario: Dana and Ronnie operate a Web-based business,, an Internet swap site that uses a Dutch auction system pioneered by allows customers to make offers to other customers to swap such items as their unused frequent flyer miles for other customers' unwanted merchandise, including DVDs, music CDs, used books, and any other merchandise customers might want to trade. No sales involving payment of money are made on the site. Some of the merchandise that has been offered on the site and swapped consists of bootleg or pirated merchandise, as well as designer knockoffs. All of's income derives from advertising. TraderRon's website and advertising use a black and grey symbol to represent its swapping service. It has used this symbol consistently and registered it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The symbol is very similar to the Nike swoosh symbol, except it fades from…… [Read More]

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Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos

Words: 3862 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63255895

Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos

The purpose of this essay is to examine the Internet marketing strategy of Argos. Argos is a home retail group and market leader in retail sales of home and general merchandise. Argos reports that it is a "unique multi-channel retailer recognized for choice, value, and convenience." (Argos Website, 2011)

Argos and the Online Market: Size and Growth

Argos customer base is approximately 130 million and reports state that 26% of Argos sales are via the internet channel with approximately 4 million customers placing orders by phone or online. The Argos website is touted as the website visited the most among high street retail websites in the United Kingdom in 2008. (Argos, Website, paraphrased) Argos is environmental conscious and caters to customers with disabilities. Argos was named the 'Online Toy Retailer of the Year 2009' by the ritish Toys & Hobbies Association (THA). (Argos Website, 2011)…… [Read More]


Argos Boost Sales with Award-Winning User Generated Content (2011) eCircle. Retrieved from: 

Argos Online and Mobile Sales Hit Nearly Half of Total Revenue (2011) CIO. 21 Apr 2011. Retrieved from: 

Burnett, John (2008) Core Concepts of Marketing. Global Text. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Retrieved from:

Charlton, Graham (2010) Multichannel Accounts for 43% of Argos Sales. Econsultancy Digital Marketers United. 4 May 2010. Retrieved from:
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Gender Store Visits Men Like This Women Like

Words: 2015 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88133816


We went into a Victoria's Secret store, and recorded our observations. These were then evaluate against what we learned in Underhill about the differences in the way men and women shop. We sought to evaluate the store on a few different dimensions, including store design, merchandising and the way that the store seeks to influence buyer behavior. At the conclusion of the report, we will offer some recommendations to Victoria's Secret with respect to enhancing their in-store presentation.

Store Design

Before even entering the store, we noticed something unusual about Victoria's Secret. There were men, but they were outside. We stopped to observe this, and found that very few men would actually go into the store. They would arrive, always with a woman, and would either wait outside or walk away. Victoria's Secret seemed almost like a "no man's land," even though one might think that a man would…… [Read More]


Farfan, B. (2013). Victoria's Secret mission statement -- as captivating as the merchandise mix. Retrieved November 24, 2013 from 

Graham, K. (2010). Will Pink give Victoria's Secret a miraculous lift? Minyanville. Retrieved November 24, 2013 from

PR Newswire (2008). Victoria's Secret opens its most glamorous and luxurious store ever. PR Newswire. Retrieved November 24, 2013 from 

Underhill, P. (2009) Why We Buy. New York: Simon & Schuster
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Developing Managing and Operating a Retail Business

Words: 1895 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48434128

.....managing and operating a recently acquired small retail business. The paper specifically focuses on strategies for targeting customers and information gathering, a plan for recruiting and training new staff and employee management, the relevance of the concept of one hundred percent location and saturation to the business, as well as important financial dimensions for the business. Also, the paper provides a name, mission, and philosophy for the business, a description of hours of operation, and a plan for cultivating an inviting store atmosphere.
Strategies for Targeting Customers and Information Gathering

The importance of targeting customers and gathering information about the target market cannot be overemphasised. It is crucial for understanding customer behaviour, how to best serve the target market, whether a market exists for offering(s) in question, as well as how to effectively communicate with the target audience (Mathur, 2010). In the retail industry, targeting customers may be a little…… [Read More]

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Urban Outfitters Case Study Urban Outfitters Has

Words: 1592 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30575146

Urban Outfitters Case Study

Urban Outfitters has defined a highly differentiated and unique shopping experience, supported by the eclectic and highly varied store layouts and merchandise strategy. This approach to retailing appeals to the individuality and uniqueness every consumer also sees in themselves, allowing the consumers to define themselves by what they like. INA actuality, Urban Outfitters is more aligned to key marketing concepts and strategies than its much larger and less differentiated competitors including Sears and Wal-Mart. Appearing non-conformist and counter-culture within its image, Urban Outfitters is actually providing an escape for consumers to use their purchases to define who they really are and what they actually care out. etailing that appeals to the values and individuality of a consumers are highly effective in creating loyalty and continued repurchase (Puccinelli, Goodstein, Grewal, Price, aghubir, Stewart, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to explain why Urban Outfitters continues to…… [Read More]


Arndt, M.. (2010, March). Urban Outfitters' Grow-Slow Strategy in Europe. Business Week,1.

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Patton, P.. (2008, February). URBAN OUTFITTERS. Fast Company,(122), 53,56.

Puccinelli, N., Goodstein, R., Grewal, D., Price, R., Raghubir, P., & Stewart, D.. (2009). Customer Experience Management in Retailing: Understanding the Buying Process. Journal of Retailing: Enhancing the Retail Customer Experience, 85(1), 15-30.
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Store Layout and Design Analysis

Words: 1920 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11840244

The store uses empty space wisely by filling it with store specials, and when designs are in progress the area has a sign that tells the consumer what is coming soon. Music is non-discernable (I don't remember if there is any at all) but there is so much for the eye it is not needed. The whole store smells like baking cinnamon buns, a store specialty (offered in the Cafe and in the Bistro as you leave). This makes the place really smell like home! Every inch of the store (excluding the warehouse for utility sake) it taken up by a display of some sort and everything is pleasing to look at and dissect. Special displays, such as the "living in 480 sq ft" full home layout are fantastic and feel very complete, as if you could simply kick off your shoes and watch television or lay down and take…… [Read More]

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Makea Change Through Business A

Words: 5675 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66051546

In the first one to three years, Make a Change plans to step up its budget or marketing and advertising expenses as a way to drive up business and profits. After the first year, we also plan to bring in other charities on board to share in some of the donations we will be producing through our gross profits.

Production Goals


The main cornerstone of the business will rely upon t-shirt sales. On our site, we will offer a variety of different colors and styles, which vary in price to the customer. These shirts range in cost to us depending on the style chosen. Like all other products, 10% of our gross profits from t-shirt sales will go to our chosen charity. All tees are 100% cotton, with several sizes, fits, and colors available to the consumer.

Make a Change Brand. Blank cotton tees total to $1.75 a piece,…… [Read More]

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Business Report One Independent Fahion

Words: 1036 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25725446

Another recommendation that could be made in order to improve the efficacy of the store's functioning regards its very location. On Carneby street basically everybody is a competitor. The store could move to Regent street where there is a larger flux of people passing every day. This would increase the possibility of sales and bring another client segment, the one represented by tourists.

A third recommendation that LA Sugar might take into consideration regards its pricing policy. The store is famous enough to attract clients and its policy regarding the renewal of the collections and the constantly changing interior and windows contributes to making clients loyal. However, this is not enough, considering that an important part of the targeted clients are represented by students. Taking these factors into consideration, LA Sugar might increase its sales periodically through offers such as "buy an item and get a 25% discount for the…… [Read More]


L.A. Sugar store, viewed 7 November, 2008

About brands, viewed 7 November, 2008 

Marketing Mix, Value-Based Management, viewed 7 November, 2008
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JC Penney's New Pricing Strategy J C Penney

Words: 880 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15091371

JC Penney's New Pricing Strategy

J.C. Penney was founded in 1902 by James Cash Penney, and by 1907 he had purchased full interest in three locations, moving his company headquarters from Wyoming to Salt Lake City in 1909. By 1912, there were 34 stores in the ocky Mountain State areas. By 1928 Penny's had opened 1000 stores and by 1941 had 1600 stores in all 48 states. Penny's began national advertising in 1956, offered in-store credit cards in 1959, and acquired The Treasury discount stores in 1962. By 1963 it issued its first catalog, expanded to Alaska and Hawaii, acquired Thrift Drug and by 1969 was a major feature in most American cities. By James Penney's death in 1971, the company had revenues of over $5 billion and peaked with 2,053 stores in 1973; Mattioli, 2012).

etailing in the 21st century demands far different strategies than ever before. etailing…… [Read More]


D'Innocenzio, A. (January 27, 2012). J.S. Penney Slashing Prices on All Merchandise. USA

Today. Retrieved from: /" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Print for Power Brief Introduction

Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54450692

As per the arrangement, this will see Dulux offer the product for sale under its own brand name. In exchange for the access it will have to PFP technology, Dulux will be expected to pay an annual royalty fee. The said fee is expected to be 15% of the profits Dulux rakes in from the sale of PFP paint. Thus with regard to merchandising, PFP Ltd. plans to have a main partnership with Dulux. On the production front, the company will enter into a one year trial period partnership with Dulux for the production of Power Paint. Mass production of the same will largely be dependent on the results of this trial.

Benefits of Partnership

One of the key benefits of PFP's partnership with Dulux is the specialization each partner brings to the arrangement. Currently, Dulux has an elaborate distribution system and sound customer base to guarantee maximum exposure to…… [Read More]


Hill, C.W. & Jones, G.R. (2012). Strategic Management Theory (10th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Miller, R.L. & Jentz, G.A. (2010). Business Law Today: The Essentials (9th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
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Grocery Store I Decided to Visit the

Words: 2391 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76649793

Grocery Store

I decided to visit the local Trader Joe's. The store that I visited actually has an almost identical layout to other Trader Joe's stores that I have visited in the past, with some minor differences in the details.

Design and Physical Surroundings

The main entry aisle sits to the right hand side of the store, aligned with the store's entryway, which is also on that side of the store. The entire store is lit with fluorescent bulbs, typical supermarket lighting, to a very bright level. Immediately, the size of the store seems inadequate for the number of people who are in the store at this point in time, and I tried to come at an off-hour. The first aisle is the only one that is genuinely visible at this point. The store layout features aisles that are slightly off-centered, which is quite unusual for a grocery store. Normally,…… [Read More]


Otterbring, T., Wastlund, E., Gustafsson, A. & Shams, P. (2012). Vision (im)possible: the effects of in-store signage on customers' visual attention. KarlstadsUniversitet.

Underhill, P. (2007). Why we buy: The Science of Shopping. Random House.
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Woodrings Floral Gardens

Words: 1844 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12237231

Retail Strategy Analysis

In the retail environment, the importance of an effective strategy cannot be overemphasized. Given the inherently competitive nature of the retail space, a retailer must ensure a clearly defined target market, a robust operational strategy, a strong positioning strategy, sustainable competitive advantages, and proper retail mix (Bhatia 121-143). This paper provides a strategy analysis of Woodrings Floral Gardens (Woodrings), a company that retails floral gifts to customers within the State College area, Pennsylvania. Following a brief overview of the company, the analysis specifically pays attention to the company's operations, target market, positioning strategy, competitive advantages, and retail mix considerations.

Company Background

With more than four decades in operation, Woodrings retails floral gifts to individuals and organizations within the State College area. The company is family owned and operated, and offers flowers for a wide array of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, funerals, Valentine's Day, Mother's…… [Read More]

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Urban Outfitters Sears or Wal-Mart

Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39888039

Exclusivity for these groups signals uniqueness. In a creative and individualistic society such as America's, uniqueness has cachet and value to the consumer, so any fashion item that can convey this uniqueness will also have value.

Exclusivity also has value because of its scarcity. This is a simple supply and demand equation. The price of a good (its value) is related to the demand for it and the supply of it. When demand is higher than supply, the price increases. Thus, by managing the scarcity of items in the stores, any popular or high quality items will be subject to supply constraints. The consumers of Urban Outfitters know this, and respond by assuming scarcity. They purchase the product quickly, knowing that they may otherwise lose out on the opportunity to do so.

The third reason why exclusivity is valuable is because of the thrill of the hunt. This psychological characteristic…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for a Sport

Words: 2230 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21871832

All legal stipulations in regard to the usage of licensed and branded merchandise would be respected.

8. Sales

It is initially expected that the aerobics class would sell subscriptions to 1,500 customers. This high volume of sales would be due to promotional offers which promote the aerobics class at lower retail prices. As the promotions expire however, a small decline in the number of sales is expected. The company is however confident that it will manage to sell an estimated 1,300 products following the expiry of the promotions and that it will be able to sustain this level. Additionally, organizational improvements in the product offer and new marketing campaigns would also be implemented and they would attract new customers and as such generate more sales.

9. Sponsorship

Three sponsorships contracts are to be signed -- they have already been negotiated and they would be completed as the project is launched.…… [Read More]


Beech, J., Chadwich, S., 2007, The marketing of sport, Pearson Education

Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., 2010, Principles of marketing, 13th edition, Pearson Education

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Mills, G., 2002, Retail pricing strategies and market power, Melbourne Univ. Publishing Schlossberg, H., 1996, Sports marketing, Wiley-Blackwell
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Small Retail Stores the Concept

Words: 3050 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41657939

As a small location, the price per feet steadily the same at $45.00, our costs can go down. We don't really need an extravagant space in the first year of operations.

4) Extensive travel will be required during the first year in order to setup the connections in razil and establish the suppliers, as well as the designers with whom the company will be working.

5) the Internet will be required so as to best communicate with the suppliers in razil, as well as to track progress from advertising over the Internet.

6) the advertising budget will be high only during the first year, given one of the short-term objectives we have proposed: building the company brand. This sum is likely to cover the marketing campaigns we are proposing.

7) Estimated.

8) There is a 7.5% tax on corporate income in New York City.

The loss can be explained through…… [Read More]


1. New York City, New York Statistics and Demographics. U.S. Census 2000. On the Internet at  retrieved on December 9, 2007

2. What New Yorkers Earn. On the Internet at retrieved on December 9, 2007

3. At .

4. At
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Retail Floorplan Men's Retail Store Layout for

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90281426

Retail Floorplan

Men's Retail Store Layout for Space, Profit and Efficiency Maximization

Mike and Earl Moore, are the founders of a Men's store named College Men's Unlimited. Recently they signed a lease for five years at theh College Mall near downtown. Along a stretch of the mall is a neighborhood of upper class homes. There are plans to open the store within weeks near the college and also a prime community. Business for Mike and Earl has been very promising and they are ready to make a move to the mall location. The Mall Developer has requested a floor plan from the owners.

The current store is in a two story home which does not have adequate space. The mall developer has requested that the store owners bring n plans for their layout as soon as possible. Therefore it is important to come up with a marketable floor plan that…… [Read More]

II. Strategy

Based on the store's physical characteristics and other factors, Mike and Earl have decided to address the problem head-on: make things as simple as possible. Here is a breakdown of each area of the store.

1. Storefront. The window display is always the first thing that potential customers see, and is the reason they stop becoming window-shoppers and become actual paying customers (Catriona Pollard, 2010). The storefront is narrow but ample enough to provide a good display
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Abercrombie & Fitch as One

Words: 1461 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43831275

This shows the emphasis that Abercrombie & Fitch placed on improving communication between all these different elements in the supply chain.

This solution was integrated with the Oracle Retail Merchandising System, a complex solution that allows merchants "merchants to monitor the delivery status of key orders and for the logistics team to proactively manage inbound shipments by milestones"

. There are several elements worth analyzing here. First of all, accurate shipment information, as implied by the delivery status of key orders, means that the company and the management is able to completely track when each batch of products is delivered and is sold throughout the supply chain.

This is very important, because of several key issues. First of all, it allows the company a proper inventory management. This means that it is able to estimate the potential demand in a certain store and determine exactly when the orders that have…… [Read More]


1. Abercrombie & Fitch Case Study. On the Internet at Last retrieved on November 28, 2010

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Enhances Vendor Collaboration and in-Transit Delivery. April 2010. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on November 28, 2010

3. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on November 28, 2010

4. Dernery, Paul. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Improves Sourcing with ecVision's Web-based XpressCommerce Software. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on November 28, 2010
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International Marketing Country Study

Words: 3531 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38171595

International Marketing -- South Korea Country Study

The primordial question at the basis of this study revolves around the attractiveness of South Korea to American investors. Otherwise put, is this country able to determine the American investor to launch business operations in this global part? In order to answer the posed question, a series of analyses will be conducted. Some of these will refer to the general context, whilst others will detail specific issues.

The country is located in the eastern part of Asia; enjoys a temperate climate and owns less than 20% arable land. South Korea is characterized by a tormented historic past, which explains well the differences emerged between the two regions of the Korean Peninsula. The total population of the country exceeds 48 million, and their life expectancy at birth is of almost 79 years. The interactions with the South Koreans are generally formal and follow protocols,…… [Read More]


Gonzales, J., Sherer, T.E., 2004, The Compete Idiot's Guide to Geography, 2nd Edition, Alpha Books

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2009, Definition of Current Account Balance, Economics About,  last accessed on November 25, 2009
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Ficticious Website Many of the

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2. The most important information is associated with the vendors and merchandise. The customers need to be aware at all times of the developments in the company's portfolio of activity, as well as what the characteristics of new products are in terms of price, design or materials. Another type of information that needs to be provided is related to the online mechanism for administrative issues such as online ordering and payment, delivery and logistics. The client will need to be fully aware of these issues and could be informed both through a FAQ page on the website and a page with administrative explanations, as well as through the newsletter and through the chat room, by company employees that can facilitate this.

Another important information, especially since this is a direct-to-customer business, can be the future trend in the company, letting the client in on future strategies that the company is…… [Read More]

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Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study Explain Why

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Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study

Explain why Sears or Wal-Mart cannot effectively create a trendy counterculture image

The reasons for stores like Urban Outfitters to be able to create such a culture are their ability to operate with low and medium volume. Hence it is possible to change the output based on changes in demand. For example, the 'Urban Outfitters' followed the policy of locating stores that have the concentration of targeted customers, and this also effectively made use of the existing structures to provide customer targeted fashion and label apparel and home furnishings. These could be promoted by the use of strategies like visual merchandising, displays, and customer related merchandise which naturally had higher prices and low volume. (Funding Universe, n. d.)

The advantage was that the company markets to a known demand at a set price. In the case of Wal-Mart or Sears, the problem is compound because…… [Read More]


Funding Universe. (n. d.) "Principal Subsidiaries: Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc."

Retrieved 4 May 2011 from /company-histories/Urban-Outfitters-Inc.-Company-History.html

Morrison, Adam, (2006) "Niche Markets and Small Caribbean Producers: A Match Made in Heaven." Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, vol. 19, no. 4, pp: 341-

Moschis, George P. (1994) "Marketing Strategies for the Mature Market." Quorum Books:
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Businesses What Documents Are Prepared

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There is virtually zero paper work involved in merchandising the goods to the shops.

The documents prepared when merchandize is sold are minimum and include only check for the customer which is very comfortable and time saving. The sales point prints of all the check kept electronically in the system, only in the evening at the end of the day. The company keeps perpetual track of the records in the system and only at aggregate levels. The company also with employment of the mentioned above electronic system monitors and analyzes the costs incurred to deliver the goods to their sales point. Physical inventory is carried out only once a year, which is reasonable for the company of this size and for electronic system the company utilizes. The physical inventory is done only for the purposes to single out volumes of sold or spoiled products. The company targets to be cost…… [Read More]

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Paying it Forward to Africa

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As we have seen, fashion is not the only field that has the idea of integrating usiness with philanthropy. Other industries have focused on other African causes such as AIDS/HIV, Water, Business, health, education.

(RED), a division of the ONE Campaign advertises itself as "fighting for AIDS for a free generation." Using an optimistic message, (RED) promotes itself as an organization that elieves that it can change the face of the AIDS epidemic in Africa y stopping transmission of HIV form mothers to aies. In 2010, 1,000 aies were orn every day with HIV. In 2011, that numer was reduced to 900. (RED) urges shoppers to uy (RED) products. The manufacturers send the contriutions to the Gloal Fund which then uses all of the money -- no proceeds going to RED -- to finance HIV / AIDS programs in Africa.

ING is another original philanthropic program that promises to send…… [Read More]



Menkes, S (November 15, 2012 ) Philanthropy in Fashion. The NY Times. Fashion and Style. 

Philanthropy, fashion, and compassion 

Aid for Africa:
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Systems for a Retail Store Nostalgic Record

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Systems for a etail Store

Nostalgic ecord Store Information Systems Proposal

Benefits and Drawbacks of Information Systems

Comparison of Cost and Benefits

Any new store will require a series of accounting, e-commerce, finance, customer relationship management (CM), pricing and services applications to ensure it stays profitable. When the products being sold are highly unique, as is the case with nostalgic music, the role of these systems becomes even more critical. It is the goal of this proposal to define five specific systems needed to operate the store profitably, in addition to listing the strengths and weaknesses of each. The five systems needed to successfully run the nostalgic record store include:

Small Business Accounting System

Low-end, preferably Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based CM system

E-Commerce Web Store

Transaction-oriented Point-Of-Sales System

Merchandise Inventory Management and Pricing Software System

Both the benefits and drawbacks of each of these systems are analyzed in this proposal.

Benefits and…… [Read More]


Bernoff, J., & Li, C. (2008). Harnessing the power of the oh-so-social web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.

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Wor and Argue Against This Concept and

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WO and argue against this concept and its application within City Super in Hong Kong. The argument in this paper is that McNair propagates that retail institutions evolve over time implying cost leadership strategy is suitable for emerging retail institutions to adopt to enter the retail industry. In addition, Walmart is a good example for demonstrating cost leadership strategy because of its success. However, I found service quality to be a critical element in enhancing the perception of overall merchandise quality in supermarkets especially when studying the case of City Super in Hong Kong.

The Wheel of etailing had been initially created by Professor Malcolm P McNair within 1958. McNair claimed that whenever new retailers get into a customer marketplace, they function below the idea of becoming lowly priced, reduced margin businesses. They do that since it will be the most economical method to obtain because numerous clients as you…… [Read More]


Background information on City Super. (2012). Available at and accessed from: 

Corporate Profile of City Super. (2012). Available at and accessed from: 

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Hollander, S. (1960) 'The Wheel of Retailing', Journal of Marketing, Vol. 25, No. 1 (July), pp.37-50.
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Tommy Hilfiger Has Struggled to Compete With

Words: 1788 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 66060257

Tommy Hilfiger has struggled to compete with the upscale brands of France and Italy. The European customers are quality conscious and price is secondary to the quality in Europe. Hilfiger adopted a strategy of internationalization. This was based on several potentially lucrative outcomes being contemplated by Hilfiger management. The initial purpose served by selling internationally is that the company tries to compensate for the loss of domestic sales. isk reduction and economies of scale are also the benefits of selling internationally. Selling domestically on the other hand entangles the company in increasingly complex and unrewarding strategies. In Europe, Hilfiger merchandise costs more due to higher management cost and inefficiencies in distribution network of retailers and wholesalers. Customers in Europe demand better quality as well. Increasing cost in Europe may leave the brand reflective of a non-uniform strategy. The paper highlights Tommy Hilfiger's issues of doing business in an increasingly competitive…… [Read More]


Christopher, M., & Towill, D.R. (2002). Developing market specific supply chain strategies. International Journal of Logistics Management, 13(1), 1-14.

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Li, M. (2001). Firm internationalization and economic performance: A conceptual synthesis and an empirical assessment of the Chinese experience. Advances in international marketing, 11, 179-196.
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Business Marketing Plan

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service industry. Some companies do strictly line clearance while other tree service companies only do residential or commercial work. Line clearance companies, such as Asplunhd, the largest line clearance company in the world, use bucket trucks and climbing crews to work with the electric companies to make sure tree limbs are far enough away from the electric lines. (ISA leader board for 1999, Arborist News Magazine article on the ISA website) allard tree service is one of the largest residential tree services in the country, removing and trimming trees for customers at their homes or businesses. (ISA leader board for 1999, ISA website) They also use bucket trucks and climbing crews, but there work mainly consists of removing limbs over roofs, not electric lines.

If a person were to start a tree trimming service, investment would very easy if the person wanted to start a residential company. To begin, all…… [Read More]


1. ISA publication, Arborist News, ISA Leader Board for 1998 (January, 1999) Issue 19, Volume 1

2. ISA publication, Arborist News, ISA Leader Board for 1998 (January, 1999) Issue 19, Volume 1

3. Sherry Brown Insurance Estimate log, retrieved from the world wide web at 

4. ISA Certification Guide, 3rd Edition, 2000. Publisher: ISA Publications, Hertfern Press, Chapter 4, pg 128-129
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Leethal Fashion Accessories and Outsourcing

Words: 2311 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 73609838

While all the above three solutions are easily applicable, Leethal Fashion Accessories would find it the most challenging to take action, even more so as this is impeded by geographic restrictions.

5. Control Strategies

Like any other economist will tell you, implementing a text book solution does not guarantee 100% success rates. It as such necessary to base your strategy on the years of academic expertise; but adjust the findings to the unique features of your company, your outsourcing destination and the particularities of your situation. Otherwise put, it is pivotal to integrate the final solution in the context of the technological developments and the diversity raised by the Asia-Pacific context (Bartol, Martin and Tein, 2004).

Given this understanding, it would be first advisable to send delegates from Leethal Fashion Accessories to the Indian manufacturing plants. These would ensure that the apparel is manufactured at the desired standards of quality,…… [Read More]


Bartol, K.M., Martin, D., Tein, M., 2004, Management: A Pacific Rim Focus, 4th Edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0074714198

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McCray, S., 2008, The Top 10 Problems with Outsourcing Implementations (And How to Overcome Them), TPI, last accessed on December 28, 2009
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Global Economics What Has Caused

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In a slumping economy, imports decrease, but exports may hold steady. Another way in which the business cycle is related to the current account is that measure taken to address business cycle issues, such as trade barriers, subsidies or exchange rate policy can impact the current account by altering the balance of trade. However, it would take a substantial change in the business cycle in order to affect the current account at this point. The country would need to reduce imports dramatically, as happened in Argentina following their currency collapse. Regular business cycle shifts will impact the current account but the deficit is presently so large that it these impacts will not reverse the current trends unless the change in the business cycle is catastrophic.

hat is the relationship between a country's net financial inflows & its current account?

The relationship between the net financial flow and the current account…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Pneumothorax We Identify the Two Main Types of

Words: 1079 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72507007

pneumothorax.We identify the two main types of Pneumothorax with its causes and possible treatments. We also analyze a case study involving a 33-year fruit vegetable merchant, who, while delivering merchandise a mini supermarket developed chest pain difficulty breathing. And then subsequently admitted to casualty and diagnosed with pneumothorax.

Pneumothorax which is defined by Light (1995) as the unprecedented entry of air into an individual's pleural space is a serious ailment. Its pathophysiology described by Combulsier in 1747 (Mohebbi and ad, 2007). This was after realizing that the noted reduction in the pulmonary function was as a result of lung compression caused by air present in the pleural space as outlined by Sadiron et al., (1997).

Types and causes of Pneumothorax

Simple pneumothorax

This type of pneumothorax is caused by the presence of air within a victim's pleural space. It is a consequence of a blunt or a penetrating trauma with…… [Read More]


Al-Tarshihi, MI, Khamash, FA, Al Ibrahim, AEO (2008). Thoracostomy tube complications and pitfalls: an experience at a tertiary level military hospital

American Thoracic Society (2004). Chest Tube Thoracostomy. 

Gupta, D., Hansell, A. And Nichols, T. et al. 2000. Epidemiology of pneumothorax in England.
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Jewelry Brands and One of

Words: 1185 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50016754

Among these "Scribble" designs is the drop earrings design. The reason for their success is the overall smooth and elegant look of these earrings. Made with sterling silver, the piece creates a contrasting color tone against darker skin tones. The scribble shape of the design creates a free-flowing feel that makes the piece feel both delicate and prominent at the same time. Although the Scribble appears relatively small, with most signature lines no more than two inches in length, the color and smooth texture of the earrings, magnifies its overall charm. The "Scribble" series reasonably priced, this is because Paloma steers away from expensive jewelry for this signature series, intending to keep it elegant and simple. The line starts from as low as 75 dollars to over 3000, with most of the pieces costing around 200 dollars.

Another signature Paloma line is the "loving heart" series, in which Paloma uses…… [Read More]

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Microeconomic Analysis The Walt Disney Company Why

Words: 1020 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50180595

Microeconomic Analysis: The Walt Disney Company

Why Walt Disney?

Just a mention of the name, "Walt Disney," stirs up images in the minds of nearly every individual in the western world. From movies to merchandise, theme parks to cruise lines, the Walt Disney Company has been able to create a distinct niche for itself in a variety of markets -- a feat that is certainly no easy task. Headquartered in Burbank, California, The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational media conglomerate, and is the largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue (Siklos, 2009, 1). While, like many American corporations, the Walt Disney Company has had its low-points throughout the years, as well as having been hit by the lingering economic crisis, the fact remains that Walt Disney has consistently remained a company that has the ability to weather any storm. Since its inception as a company…… [Read More]


Disney (2012). Company History. The Walt Disney Company. Web. Retrieved from:  [Accessed on 26 February 2012].

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Nakashima, R. (2009). Disney profits plunge; recession hurts theme parks. USA Today.
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Lewis Group Sustainability Model The Lewis Group

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Lewis Group Sustainability Model:

The Lewis Group is a retail furniture company operating in South Africa that sells its furniture to low-income customers. Notably, approximately 60% of the company's merchandise is being imported from some countries in Brazil and China. As the leading retailer of household furniture, home electronics, and electrical appliances, The Lewis Group sold its products mainly on credit through Best Home and Electric, the Lewis, and My Home Brands. The success and profitability of the Lewis Group is associated with the scope of its business and its business model. Currently, the company has more than 600 stores throughout the main metropolitan areas and has a strong presence in the rural areas in South Africa. Moreover, 56 of the firm's stores are located in the neighboring southern African nations like Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho.

The Lewis Group Business Model:

The Lewis Group business model basically revolves around…… [Read More]


Chamberlain, T. (n.d.). Sustainable Development -- Retailing. Retrieved August 25, 2012, from 

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Executive, 17(2), 56-69.
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Giants in Asia The Two Largest Retailers

Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 40217582

Giants in Asia:

The two largest retailers i.e. American -- based Wal-Mart and France's Carrefour have targeted the Asian market with varying results. These varying results have been realized despite of the fact that these two giants have provided large stores stocked with general merchandise and groceries. Notably, the entry of Wal-Mart and Carrefour into new national markets is basically a major shock to local retailers who have seen the contemporary status quo of various decades influenced by these international competitors. Wal-Mart's entry into the Chinese market thrived significantly as the retailer revitalized the retail sector in China. On the contrary, the company's entry into the retail sector in Japan was more problematic than in the Chinese retail sector to an extent that it was forced to find a local partner after evaluating this market for four years. For Carrefour, its entry into Asia was mainly characterized by the movement…… [Read More]


Chan, J. (2012, May 11). Why Local Retailers are Winning in China? Retrieved October 13,

2012, from

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Hilfiger to Sell on an International Basis

Words: 2242 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34856054

Hilfiger to sell on an international basis rather than focusing purely on the domestic market?

Today's international market is characterized by the customer loyalty and the competitiveness. Consumers need to buy such products or brands that deliver so uniqueness and difference based on quality, price and especially targeting the niche. Consumers of niche market are not concerned with the price, but they are much more concern with the quality of the product that they are buying.

Tommy Hilfiger, an American symbol of prestige founded in 1985. It is an American-based corporation that expanded its business into many places of the world. There are several factors that prompt Hilfiger to sell on an international basis that are the benefits of emerging opportunities that are available in the global market. Opportunities are based on the rising demand from the international consumers. Moreover, the competition among various brands made Hilfiger rush towards the…… [Read More]


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Strategy Implementation Coca-Cola

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 9327916

Coca-Cola: Strategy Implementation

The Coca-Cola Company's organization is a double-edged sword. The Company's structure is one of global decentralization in which the Company manufactures and sells concentrates, bases and syrups, owns the brands and conducts marketing initiatives, while its global "partners" manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute the final products. This business model involves a "tall hierarchy" of at least 5 levels in which daily operations are apparently left to lower levels while long-term planning and extended-vision is handled by higher levels. The Company also employs committees to handle vital functions such as audit and budget, while using task forces to study unusual-but-possible repetitive problems that may arise for the Company. The management style is apparently very culturally adaptable, optimistic, passionate, responsible and rewarding, having lower level management handle day-to-day operations while upper management focuses on long-range objectives. The Company's conflict-resolution style is also quite adaptable, using Ombudsmen who are confidential,…… [Read More]

Resources questions related to Ingram et al. Vs. The Coca-Cola Company and that task force issued a report every year from 2002 through 2006; consequently, the Company apparently assigns ad hoc task forces to study special problems that arise for the Company (Coca-Cola Company, 2012).

b. Systems

i. How are budgets set?

The budgets are prepared annually by the Finance Committee, which submits both annual budgets and financial estimates to the Board of Directors for approval. In performing these and
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Jonathan Zaun in Two Perceptive and Provocative

Words: 982 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97291681

Jonathan Zaun

In two perceptive and provocative essays, authors Ann duCille and Henry Giroux examine toys, movies and media and examine ways in which the modern commercial culture directs the development of a child's psychology. Ann duCille's thoughtful essay, Dyes and Dolls: Multicultural Barbie and the Merchandising of Difference, provides an insightful analysis of the ubiquitous Barbie doll and the role this icon of Americana plays in molding the maturation of entire generations of young girls. With his expansive and detailed Children's Culture and Disney's Animated Films, essayist Henry A. Giroux investigates the Disney empire and its vast influence on today's youth, exercised through their domination of the children's media market. Both of these works provide readers with empirical evidence supporting their separate, yet inherently intertwined, suppositions that media manipulation targeting children for the pursuit of capitalistic gains invariably causes lasting unintended consequences. Whether through the rebranding of a centuries…… [Read More]


Ducille, Ann. "Dyes and Dolls: Multicultural Barbie and the Merchandising of Difference." differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies. Spring. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1994. Rpt. In From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. Ed. Stuart Greene. 1st. New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2008. 458-478.

Giroux, Henry A. "Children's Culture and Disney's Animated Films." The Mouse That Roared: Disney in the Age of Innocence. Oxford, England: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1999. Rpt. In From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. Ed. Stuart Greene. 1st. New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2008. 567-591.
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Tesco PLC Success and Future Products and

Words: 1469 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81816064

Tesco PLC: Success and Future

Products and Services Offered

Business Expansion

Cultural Dimensions

Location Factors

Tesco's Future (Porter's Competitive Model)

Suppliers' Bargaining power

Buyers' Bargaining Power

Possible Entry of Competitors

Substitutes' Threat

Extent of ivalry

Tesco PLC is a UK-headquartered general merchandise store, with outlets in eleven other countries. Tesco is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom, and only second to Wal-Mart, in the world. It began as a small group of stalls in 1919. The name 'Tesco' was, however, only adopted later in 1924; and the first store opened in Middlesex five years later. By mid-1990s, the company had hit the 500 mark in terms of operational stores. This number almost tripled in the following decade, and the chain currently consists 2,500+ branches, spread across twelve countries. Besides being an FTSE 100 component, the company is listed on the LSE, and controls a significant share of…… [Read More]


Cellan-Jones, R. (2013). Tesco Enters the Tablet Fray with Hudl. BBC News Technology. Retrieved from 

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EMCC (2013). United Kingdom: Tesco Case Study Report. European Monitoring Centre on Change. Retrieved from 

Google. (2013). Tesco PLC. Google. Retrieved from
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Sears Roebuck and Company Is

Words: 842 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84965569

If, for example, an employee is working in a high volume, low margin Department, they still have a similar chance at performance goals as someone working in a low volume, high margin (appliances, for instance) area of the store. Linking compensation to market pricing evens the playing field for employees.

Does using a job evaluation system for jobs that do not have market pricing data affect the relationship of these jobs to jobs that do have market pricing data? If so, explain how.

Certainly. Components of all job tasks surround performance, but if Sears is going to avoid compression in the workforce and maintain a rewards system, they must find a way to even out compensation structures. For jobs that do not have market pricing, the company must either guess or estimate compensation data, which is likely to be more qualitative than quantitative. Second, it is more difficult for the…… [Read More]


Madigan, C. And A. Martinez. (2001). A Hard Road to the Softer Side: Lessons From

The Transformation of Sears. Crown Press.

Meyer, M. (2002). Rethinking Performance Measurement: Beyond the Balanced

Scorecard. Cambridge University Press.
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Family and Consumer Sciences the

Words: 1020 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26487691

They are also the guidelines by which a member determines the correctitude of conduct in relationships with the clients, colleagues, members of allied professions and with various populaces.

A member of the family and consumer sciences profession and of AAFCS is required by the code of ethics to maintain the highest responsible standard of professional performance. At all times, a member should uphold confidentiality and act with intelligence, dedication, and ebullience. A member is required to fulfill the obligation in order to continually advance and extend personal professional qualification. Sharing the professional competence with colleagues and clients is also a requirement meant to enlarge and carry on development of the profession.

The code of ethics requires members to support the objectives of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Members should also take part in its development through informed, active participation in its programs. Extending public cognizance and understanding…… [Read More]


American Association of Family and Consumer Services, AAFCS/CFC National Examination Candidate Information, (2004) Bulletin Texas Teacher Certification Version

National Council on Family Relations, a Guide to Family Life Educators Code of Ethics, (2010)

The Minnesota Council on Family Relations (MCFR), Ethical Thinking and Practice for Parent and Family Life Educators (2009) Minneapolis: Minnesota Council on Family Relations.
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Strategic Expertise I Am Looking

Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 50919247

To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press…… [Read More]

Continuing my education is essential for pursuing my professional goals. I wish to continue to work within marketing and brand management as I have in the past, but within the context of a more executive level. I aim to one day be in the position to make the crucial decisions regarding a company's marketing and branding strategy, rather than being the one to simply carry out a small piece of it, as I have in the past. The knowledge I will acquire through an Individualized program at Gallatin will help give me the tools necessary to survive in a competitive professional world and attain the high positions I look forward to.

While working at Gallatin, I can bank on my already long list of accomplishments and experiences to help enhance my studies. I was born in London, raised in Istanbul, and went to a boarding school in Switzerland; all which have contributed to my multi-cultural background and staunch independence only witnessed in an individual of great experience. To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press releases. At Gilan Jewelers in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005, I worked as a Merchandising Intern and gained great training in the field of customer relations as well as leasing with De Beers on Gilan's behalf. Also in 2005, I worked with Channel D. In Istanbul as an Assistant Journalist. Here, I helped translate news from English to Turkish and worked with the montage teams. I also gained great creative experience writing headlines and breaking news.

Studying within an Individualized program at Gallatin will only continue my professional and academic development to help get e that much closer to my goals. Having already amassed great experience within the context of an international arena, I can only imagine how my studies will improve my skills within the marketing world.
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Hard Rock Cafe Hotels and Casinos

Words: 2730 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2164355

Not surprising to see concerts by Dave Matthews, Green Day, and other top groups since Live Nation recently purchased Ticket Master.

A recent article in the LA Times reports that 48% of consumers are "eating out less often now than they did six months ago" (Hallock, 2009). John Self, a professor at Cal Poly Pomona in Los Angeles County, who has published a study of why restaurants fail, estimates that about 1,100 restaurants open in L.A. County annually; and among those, 24% close the first year and within three years 50% of those 1,100 have closed. But given the sluggish economy, Self asserts that up to 50% of new restaurants may be expected close in the first year, double the number that close in good economic times.

Data are not available as to how the recession has affected HRC, or Planet Hollywood, Johnny Rocket's or other theme-centered restaurants, but it…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Brand Strategy. (2008). Hard Rock: Not only rock 'n' roll. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from .

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Entrepreneurship the Psychological Shift Associated

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Even poor De Beers seems flummoxed. (Twitchell, 2002, p. xv)

Some consider this trend, of luxury for the every day buyer a negative trend as non-luxury brands claim luxury status and luxury brands like Prada are pressured to provide their products for a lower scale market, yet the trend is essential to international and national creative industries development.

In fact one trend in international creative industries is a system nicknamed "grey marketing" where goods and services are sold outside the traditional contracts and supply systems but are not sold illegally, such as is the caser of black marketed items. In other words industries, such as the fashion industry are populated by organizations that are willing to make alternative contractual agreements with companies that might sell their "labels" for lesser prices, such as in the case of overstock or in some cases even exclusive sales of products that might require less…… [Read More]


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Watch a TV Show or

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Did your view of media literacy change over the course of the class? How will your consumption of media be affected?

As a result of taking this course, I think I have become a more critical consumer of the media. When I see a commercial, I am hyper-aware of how the product is being positioned in the market, and what types of narratives are being used to play upon the goals and aspirations of the target audience, such as being a 'good mom,' or 'hip and sexy' or even to live pain-free into one's old age. Although I was always aware of advertising, now I am better able to see how advertising works upon the psyche of the consumer. I also notice how certain ads are featured during certain kinds of television programs, or on certain Internet sites, to specifically reach a demographic.

I think I may also be slightly…… [Read More]

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Facility Research Red Rock Country

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New home construction in the community also alters water usage issues. Bob Wilbert is the head of maintenance of the facility and oversees all internal and subcontracted maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facilities.

The administrative structure of the facility includes:

Successful criteria employment

General Manger oversees all staff, including temporary and permanent employees in catering and facilities management

Controller facilitates all accounting and financial needs and maintains records.

The facility does not offer a box office or ticketing, but reservations for golf and tennis are suggested. The facility has 550 golf members and over 1000 sport and social members. So use of the tennis and golf facilities are in high demand. The golf shop schedules tee times every 10 minutes and the tennis facility has 30 minute to 3 hours reservations for tennis courts. Availability for walk in is always a possibility but does not take priority over…… [Read More]


Red Rock Country Club Website

Sunrise Company Website at 

Summerlin Community Website at 

University of LV Libraries Website at
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AVON Calls on Foreign Markets

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This strategy of investing face-time has continued to scale extremely well in the U.S., yet has faced many challenges in other nations that value data, hard numbers and strong methodologies to validate the claims of products. One nations' buyers of cosmetics in particular, the Japanese, are more focused on the specifics of the how a product is produced and want to know in great detail what the ingredients are in specific measures. The level of data analysis presented by cosmetics providers in Japan is often taken as a measure of the elegancy and exclusivity of a given cosmetic product over another (Grammenou, 2009). Due to these wide variations in how cosmetics are sold, Avon continues to excel in westernized cultures with the U.S. being their flagship market. In Asian cultures were the depth and sophistication of data is an indicator of exclusory and elegance, Avon continues to struggle in other…… [Read More]


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Sociology -- Observational Case Study

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Customers entered the establishment carrying shoulder bags and computer notebook bags and proceeded directly to the counter to make purchases. The vast majority of customers arrived alone and most of them left the establishment shortly after receiving their purchases. The customers who opted to take seats did not make any eye contact with other customers and proceeded to use their cell phones or notebook computers (apparently) to send text messages and emails. Some of them took out folders or paperwork from their bags and appeared to check through them. The observer also noted that all of the customers who occupied seats checked their watches fairly frequently; in many cases, they first glanced up at the clock on the wall before checking their own watches immediately afterwards.

On the basis of these observations, the observer concluded that the vast majority of the Starbucks Customers frequenting the establishment on the occasion of…… [Read More]