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Business Theories of Organizational Development and Employee Motivation

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Despite the fact that extreme poverty exists in many areas, Mexico's rising middle class is increasingly seeking out the trappings of American success. "The middle class in Mexico includes 39.2% (44 million people) of the country's total population. Mexico's middle class increased 11.4% during between 2000 and 2010" and these consumers are seeking out cellular phones and flat screen TVs in record numbers (Flannery 2013). Unfortunately, an increasingly affluent culture has brought forth one of the problems of industrialized prosperity, namely a rise in obesity. To take advantage of this concern, one possible product to market to the population coping with more sedentary jobs and a taste for highly caloric foods is that of gym memberships. Introducing a chain of low-cost gyms modeled on popular chains such as WOW and Planet Fitness, particularly in cities with high concentrations of white collar office workers would be an ideal way to…… [Read More]


Theory X and Theory Y (2015). Mind Tools. Retrieved from:
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Middle America

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Crime and Violence in Mexico

Introduction recent study by the orld Bank reveals that Mexico has become one of the most violent and crime-ridden regions in the world (Hart). After a slight decrease in the 1960's, the report shows that the murder rate has increased again in the 1990's to more than 16,000 murders per year (p. 111-113). The country's homicide rate was double that of the United States, with 18 killings for every 100,000 people.

Over the past few decades, Mexico's population has increased and urban poverty levels have risen. As a result of these two factors, Mexico has seen a significant increase in crime and violence. Residents have resorted to illegal means of making money, including drug rings and street crime, as the country struggled to incorporate a capitalist system.

A recent study from the Citizen's Institute for the Study of Insecurity reveals that 4.2 million Mexicans were…… [Read More]

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Trade Partners

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trade in Mexico. The writer explores the nation's dependency on the U.S. And presents plans to reduce that dependency and increase other options. There were five sources used to complete this paper.

As the world continues to globalize many of the previous boundaries that were experienced have been removed. This means advancements in technology, communication, manufacturing and other areas. Mexico is frequently accused of being too dependent on the United States. With the globalizing moves forward there have been many new horizons for the country of Mexico to explore regarding trade. educing its dependence on the United States and expanding its interdependence with other nations will provide Mexico with bargaining power when it comes to its dealings with the states in the future.

Within the last decade the trade abilities and clout in Mexico has improved significantly. Whereas Mexico used to be almost exclusively dependent on the U.S., the more…… [Read More]


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Arts and Events

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evolutionary history of Mexico [...] interrelationships of art and events in Mexico for the revolutionary period. It seems that revolution in a country also breeds artistic development and reform. As freedom beckons, so does the creative process and the need to document the events of the revolution. This is certainly the case in the history of the Mexican evolution and the resulting onslaught of artwork and creativity that resulted. Some of Mexico's most famous artists, such as Diego ivera, came out of the revolutionary period, and their influence on world art cannot be denied.

In the case of the Mexican muralists, the art directly reflected the events of the period; in fact, many muralists like ivera used real revolutionary figures and events as part of their subject matter. ivera painted a modern, cubistic Zapatista Guerrilla in one of his most famous paintings, and he did several murals depicting the history…… [Read More]


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Devil Highway Twenty-Six Men Walked In Twelve

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Devil Highway

Twenty-six men walked in, twelve got out to tell the story. The numbers are pretty good, considering these men were walking the Devil's Highway. Human trafficking is a phenomenon that testifies to the political and social inequities and injustices that currently plague Mexico and have since the conquest. Therefore, the existence of the Devil's Highway can be easily traced to the time of the Conquistadors. In the Florentine Codex, which is reproduced in part in Michael Johnson's eading the American Past, the Nahuatl account of the invasion illustrates the extent to which the Spaniards oppressed the natives with the use of brute force. The descriptions of the iron swords are followed soon by even more saddening depictions of the plunder. The Spaniards "went everywhere, scratching about in the hiding places, storehouses, places of storage all around. They took everything that pleased them…" (cited by Johnson, 2009 p. 30).…… [Read More]


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