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Moon Essays (Examples)

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Man Who Fell in Love
Words: 2080 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 70301127
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It was not unusual for Shed to have this mix between his feminine and masculine sides. That is not negative or wrong. For example, in the article "How we find ourselves," Wilson (1996, p.303) relates that today this concept of shaman or two-spirit sided individual has been continued in the indigenous culture. "Many lesbian, gay, and bisexual Indigenous Americans use the term "two-spirit" to describe themselves...This term is drawn from a traditional worldview that affirms the inseparability of the experience of their sexuality from the experience of their culture and community." The interrelationship of sexual identity and ethnicity lends itself to the complexity of the process of developing one's identity. This growing acceptance of the use of the word two-spirit as a self-descriptor among lesbian, gay, and bisexual indigenous Americans stipulates a sexuality deeply rooted in one's own culture. Two-spirit identity supports the interconnection of all factors of identity, such…


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Cold War and the Conquest
Words: 3290 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 42083680
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They could do it time and time again with success. The first electric car was used on the moon during the Apollo 14 (Endeavor and Falcon) mission (Kennedy Space Center).

Meanwhile in Russia

hile the space program in the United States was busy becoming a popular culture icon, the Russian space program took on a different personality. They still launched missions for "national prestige" (ade). However, the majority of Soviet missions were for military purposes. The Soviet economy played a major role in space efforts. The soviet economy was planned in five-year increments, with long-range military plans being made for the next ten years (ade). This significantly affected the pace of space program development. The Russian space plan was slow to react to American successes.

First generation Soviet launchers had poor reliability. The ten-year plan for the second generation was not approved until 1976 (ade). Third generation plans were approved…

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Lunar Effects on Behavior the
Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65309088
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" (oach, John, 2004) This is related to cognitive biases which are supported and maintained by communities and cultures. "Once many people believe something and enjoy a significant amount of communal reinforcement, they get very selective about the type of data they pay attention to in the future." (Carroll .T.


Therefore, if there is a general belief in a culture that a full moon will lead to increased crime rates then the bias or tendency will be to pay more attention to criminal activity during full moon and not be as attentive to crime at other times.

On the other hand, as has already been briefly suggested, there is some evidence that the moon does have a physical effect on nature. There are various arguments which attempt to relate these influences to humanity and human behavior. One of the strongest of these arguments is the repetition of these beliefs…


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Music an American Popular Music
Words: 1302 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49921818
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" Instead of those key lines, a wailing voice suggests that prayers for love remain unfulfilled. The stress is on lines like "without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own," as the wailing replaces the rest of the chorus. Elvis's "Blue Moon" is truly blue: filled with sadness and unfulfilled longing.

To enhance the reinvented theme of "Blue Moon," the instrumentation is stark. Throughout the recording, only a bass and a drum accompany the sultry vocals. The effect is clearly and intentionally that of a cowboy song. The rhythm of both the bass and the drums convey a horse gently trotting, carrying its lone rider through the Wild West. Evoking cowboy movies and mystique is one way the arrangement sends a far different message than the one that ogers and Hart had intended. In Elvis's version, the male vocalist is totally, utterly alone. He is a…


"Blue Moon: by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart" (n.d.). Retrieved online:

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Whitman One of the Pervasive
Words: 2280 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7652275
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In other words, hitman is seeking to illustrate why the personal identity of the woman or himself is unimportant regarding the events of the poem. hile it may have seemed important in the beginning of the events that the woman was the woman and hitman was hitman, by the end of this progression, these distinctions are meaningless. This is one of the fundamental obstacles to defining personal identity: sameness with one's self at any given instant fails to necessarily imply sameness at another point and time. It may be possible to argue that man's body carries something singular with itself through time, but this may have no relation to mental identity. This is the reason why the problem of identity finds itself at the crossroads of epistemology and metaphysics, or of thought and physicality. hitman position is that this individuality is indeed transient, and it lacks any real meaning from…

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Buzz Aldrin - Apollo 11
Words: 1666 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82037327
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There are few Carl Sagans in the world today. Sagan was a dynamic scientist whose discussions about the universe were conveyed an excitement about the unknown and the opportunities for exploration that was contagious. There is a weighty apathy that permeates the American collective that needs to be reinvigorated with the excitement, hope, pride and enthusiasm of yesterday. It is perhaps time to move beyond the shuttle and space station programs, and time for more in depth exploration and colonization of the moon with an eye towards that as a jumping off point for a manned mission to Mars. It is time for NASA to be innovative, and to think of tomorrow by encouraging and attracting the youth of today - perhaps with video games that incorporate the science of space exploration and development. One never knows what untapped young genius might become the next great space explorer.


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Occam's Razor Cuts Up Occam's
Words: 1787 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86245279
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This was done so that the flag would stand out from the flagpole... The bar was also not quite the full width of the flag, so that it was slightly furled to give a 'wave look' to it." (Red Zero, 2003) Other complaints, such as mismatched shadows in the moon-landing photographs also seem to have simpler explanations. While having a photo being faked does seem to simply explain multi-angled shadows, allowing that the rough ground alters the lay of shadows is even simpler. So it would be possible to generally apply Occam's Razor and say that evidence points to the moon landings being real, even though faking the landing would be easier than actually doing it.


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Positioning Reverse Positioning and Breakaway
Words: 1517 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94014352
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" (Moon) good example of breakaway product success can be seen by the popular online auction site called eBay. The site has the unique distinction of selling both new and used products but also has the distinction of being the biggest yard sale in the world. This site literally left the category of simple auction house and become a combination of many of the features of auctions, whole sale distribution centers, yard sales, and more. But it is also a type of meeting place for millions of people who are only interested in window shopping or browsing. In other words, like the internet in general, eBay has redefined itself, its competition, its vendors and suppliers and its consumers. "Like reverse positioning, this strategy allows the product to shift backward on the life cycle curve, moving from the doldrums of maturity into a thriving growth position. Just as important, it can…

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Physics - Mission to Mars
Words: 1503 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80196126
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The Mars exploration program announced by President Bush in 2004 relies on first establishing a prolonged human presence on the Moon, in conjunction with completion of the International Space Station by 2015. The President envisions returning to the Moon by 2020 at the latest, for the purpose of being able to launch robotic missions to Mars (Whitehouse, 2004). According to the American Physical Society and many independent scientists, the President's goal overvalues the symbolic significance of landing on Mars at the expense of research that is more immediately beneficial to human society, and a more prudent financial expenditure (APS, 2004). This is a view with which I am inclined to agree.


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Astrophysical Object Pluto's Demotion From
Words: 2104 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 92220572
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"Once every 248 Earth years, Pluto swings inside the orbit of Neptune. It stays there for twenty years. During those twenty years, Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune. During this period of time, like the other eight planets, Pluto's atmosphere undergoes a fundamental change in character, briefly developing an atmosphere. As methane and nitrogen frozen at the poles thaw. As it moves toward its farthest point from the Sun, Pluto's atmosphere freezes and falls back to the ground" (Dejoie & Truelove 2008).

These eccentricities further suggested that Pluto was really much more "like a new group of objects found in the outer solar system," called dwarf planets and not worthy of the status of the other eight (Inman, 2008, p.2). Still, many astronomers argued in favor of a more inclusive definition that would still retain Pluto's status as a planet. In fact, one radical proposal: "would have made…

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Care and Maintenance of the
Words: 2091 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 64148761
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This can be accomplished through having them send in different reviews about their experiences at the hotel. The staff will report any kind of issues and will immediately address them. Corporations are playing a role, by helping to provide the maintenance team with valuable supplies that are necessary in delivering these services. At the same time, they can address any kind of labor shortages inside the facility through the outsourcing.

Cost Accounts

To account for the different costs we will focus on strategies that can reduce the expenses of inside the hotel. This will be accomplished through engaging in various energy saving measures such as: fluorescent light bulbs. They use two thirds less energy and will last up to six to ten months longer. If these kinds of programs can be implemented, they will help to dramatically reduce the costs associated with energy. This is one of the largest expenses…


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Libby Larsen's Compositional Style and
Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 67822503
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This piece works precisely because it is so delicately and consciously constructed. Despite the seeming randomness of many of the musical (and verbal) phrases, there is actually a careful emotional and intellectual build in An Introduction to the Moon, and a surprisingly linear structure becomes evident after listening to the piece several times. The textures that at first seemed so different are actually linked through purposeful transitions that are sometimes somewhat jarring but generally rather smooth and always definitely observable. The consistent rhythm, or rather the consistent lack of rhythm, allows the piece to move forward freely through each of the different tonal and textural qualities without imposition, and without the piece feeling forced or contrived. The pacing and direction of the piece are evocative of spaceflight and weightlessness -- or at least how one who has never experienced them might imaging these things feeling. The intellectual impact of the…

George Melies's Movie A Trip
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83488604
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The existence of people such as the Selenites, who burst whenever they are hit, is such an example, as is the fact that the capsule falls into the water to the bottom of the ocean and is rescued from there (although, in broad lines, this is indeed how things happen nowadays as well, although, at the beginning of the 19th century, this must have certainly belonged to the science fiction genre).

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the movie also involved nature laws that, at that point, belonged to the science fiction. The main such nature law was the law of gravity: at the moment of the movie, there was no perception that gravity could be in fact surpassed and that la launch in space was a possible endeavor for the human race.

Melies work was certainly fundamental for the future evolution of the science fiction genre in cinematography.…

Geology 1 Discuss Which of the Interrelationships
Words: 3109 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 89475724
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(1) Discuss which of the interrelationships between the environmental spheres, in your experience, has had the biggest effect on human society, or vice versa. Give some examples.

The work of Manahan (2005) explains that there are four traditional environmental spheres including the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere and the biosphere. It is related however, that a fifth sphere should be included and that is the anthrosphere, which consists of "the things humans make and do." (Manahan, 2005) The atmosphere is reported as a very thin layer compared to the size of Earth, with most atmospheric gases lying within a few kilometers of sea level. The atmosphere serves a vital protective function in that it absorbs highly energetic ultraviolet radiation from the sun that would kill living organisms exposed to it.

A specifically important aspect of the atmosphere is that the atmosphere serves a vital protective function in that it absorbs highly…



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Scifi Chadbourn 2008 Believes That
Words: 1118 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 83836690
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The massive mollusks still do seem fantastical. Several of the irrational elements of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seemed more outrageous in the 19th century they do now. However, the novel continues to encapsulate the fantasy and science fiction genres because of its willingness to expand the boundary of what is real. Interestingly, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea did not stretch those boundaries much further than hard science has.

On the other hand, novels such as the ones in the Twilight series are more squarely fantastical. Barring any major scientific discoveries, vampires and shape-shifters simply do not exist. Such elements of the absolutely impossible serve various literary functions. For instance, in New Moon Stephanie Meyer uses vampires and shape-shifters to develop the central character, a human being. As in Frankenstein, the impossible becomes the best means to explore human motivations, dreams, desires, and weaknesses.

Moreover, the fantasy elements are not…

Meteorite Offers 2-Billion-Year-Old Glimpse of
Words: 1395 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50658315
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The observing vehicle was the Cassini spacecraft that was sent to look at Saturn and its moons. Specifically, these findings relate to Saturn's moon Titan, the only known body (including planets and moons) known to have standing liquid on its surface. Instead of water, Titan's bodies of water are full of hydrocarbons rich with methane and ethane. The study focused on substances apparently floating on the surface of the bodies of liquid on Titan and the study tried to ascertain what those substances were and what caused them to appear or disappear at any given time. The study used a combination of observations from the Cassini craft and some theorization was thrown in based on the telemetry and other results from the Cassini craft. Prior theories had stated that the bodies did not have floating ice. The Cassini crew has an extended chance to view the phenomena given the rather…

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Cultural Perceptions of Time in Africa Time
Words: 6951 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52859355
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Cultural Perceptions of Time in frica

Time is a foundational factor in every culture. The perception of time is different for most cultures and the determining factor to those differences is often based on the means of production. "Most cultures have some concept of time, although the way they deal with time may differ fundamentally." (Kokole 1994, 35) Tracing the perception of the concept of time in frica can be seen as tracing the European racial prejudices of the intellect of the indigenous populations in the colonized regions of frica. Much of the information regarding the development of time concepts in frican culture is colonial and based on the European interlopers recorded ideas.

Some of those recorded ideas are those of missionaries and others are those of capitalist adventurers, with the intermittent mark of a very few true historians.

In Mali, as in many other parts of frica, there are…

Akan" is an ethnographic and linguistic term used to refer to a cluster of culturally homogenous groups living in central and southern Ghana and parts of the adjoining eastern Cote d'Ivoire. The Akan constitute two broad subcategories: the inland Asante, Bono, Akyem, Akwapem, and Kwawu, who speak the Twi, and the coastal Fante, who speak a dialect of the same name. The Akan dialects are, for the most part, mutually intelligible. Most of these ethnic groups constituted autonomous political systems in the pre-colonial period." (Adjaye 1994, 57)

Studies of Akan time perceptions and calendrical systems have been limited despite the fact that the existence of institutions and mechanisms for time-reckoning have been noted in the literature on the history and ethnography of the Akan for nearly two centuries. Beyond early sparse references by Rattray (1923) and Danquah (1968), a full-length monograph on the subject did not appear until Deborah Fink "Time and Space Measurements of the Bono of Ghana" (1974); however, the author's primary concern was with the applicability of Bono terminologies for measuring volume, weight, and time to formal education, rather than with time-marking systems P.F. Bartle brief five-page paper, "Forty Days: The Akan Calendar" (1978), was an exploratory essay into a single calendrical framework, the 40-day (adaduanan) cycle. Its treatment is consequently restrictive and limited to the 40-day calendrical structure. Similarly, Tom McCaskie "Time and the Calendar in Nineteenth-Century Asante: An Exploratory Essay" (1980) and Ivor Wilks ' "On Mentally Mapping Greater Asante: A Study of Time and Motion" (1992) are concerned primarily with a specific aspect of time: the scheduling of diplomatic and other governmental business in Asante.

(Adjaye 1994, 57)

American Novel
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81639860
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American Novel

On the Road with Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moons

The romance of the open road. The dusty highway. The screech of brakes and the roar of the gas pedal. All of these images come straight from Jack Kerouac's seminal novel On the Road, a tale of the American 1950's Beatnik experience, a tale of America viewed through travel and the window of a car. According to Kerouac, one is most American and yet most away from the pressures of one's family and American society when one is traveling. Yet Sharon Creech's book Walk Two Moons could also, in its own fashion, also be classified as a novel of the American road, very much along the lines of the Beatnik Kerouac.

Given that Jack Kerouac was telling a tale of deviancy and dropouts, rather than of familial connection and harmony, this thesis may sound strange to the ears, at…

Elvis and Black Music the
Words: 4658 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86227731
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Blues music however did not cross racial lines, with the majority of famous blues musicians still residing in New Orleans and various other well-known black music entertainment venues of the South.

Gospel music has been an African-American church tradition with influences from traditional African music and especially prevalent during the slavery era. Later (most likely because of those particular ignominious associations and all they implied, especially in the South) gospel music was strongly discouraged within mainstream society and actively suppressed.

Similarly, blues music represented a blending of black musical traditions with a centuries-long history originating from the earliest days of American slavery. Sammy Davis Jr. And Nat King Cole, were and remain today among the best-known of early black entertainers within the (then) up-and-coming rock 'n roll genre of the 1940's. Each had a heavy influence upon Elvis himself.

Obviously, though, the blending of Southern musical traditions was not started…

Works Cited

African-American Musical Tradition." (June 9, 1998). Retrieved January 9, 2007,

From: .

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Harmondsworth, Eng: Penguin, 1982.

Personal Circumstances
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22013554
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Personal Circumstances

Even the perfect adolescence would be difficult -- it's hard to imagine young life today, in even the kindest of families, without struggles about identity, without fights about determining what one's future vocation might be, and simply arguing with one's parents. These are all typical pursuits of the typical adolescent, to say nothing of self-imposed and socially imposed academic pressures, and the pressures of preparing one's resume for college.

And my adolescence was far from perfect or typical.

Still, success in school has always been of great importance to me. I have always desired to become an art major, and eventually pursue a career in architecture. I have always wished to become a successful professional, and to learn more about the study of beauty and self-expression through the medium of art. I have always been aware that the only way for me to enlarge my personal interests in…

Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism
Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49272483
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Space Vehicles

Throughout the course of human history, the idea of traveling into space has been something that has captured the imagination. This is because it is offering everyone with an avenue for seeing new worlds and learning about the universe. The result is that a number of missions are being planned for going back to the moon and eventually Mars.

To reach these objectives, a series of space vehicles are under development. This is to address the desire to explore the unknown and ensure that astronauts can return safely to Earth. At the same time, many craft are utilizing robotic technology. This improves the ability of scientists to understand what is happening and the impact it having on stakeholders.

In the case of space tourism, these changes will encourage more firms and governmental organizations to become involved. This is because the costs for conducting these missions can be reduced.…


Czysz, P. (2009). Future of Spacecraft Propulsion Systems. New York, NY: Springer.

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Funding for AIDS in Africa
Words: 3546 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 1779188
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The weaker segments in Africa, women and children, were and are the worst hit by HIV / AIDS, which then is spread to the families and communities. (Bage 2004)

Dealing with this is a great scientific, social, and moral challenge that every organization and country, especially developed countries must rise up to. It is time to mobilize resources and contribute to make changes in the policies so that we at the United Nations can do something worthwhile to combat Africa's problem with this disease. There were commercial interests earlier that would not allow the developed nations to provide subsidized medicine. For instance the United States, there was a stance that there could be no recognition of the problem and a denial of need. This was followed by a policy that placed the solving of the problem on the affected countries. Until George W. Bush, the United States and many developed…


Bage, Lennart. 2004. HIV / AIDS in Africa: Shifting the Horizons of Development. UN

Chronicle, vol. 41, no. 3. September-November, pp: 49-54.

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Sons: New York.

Circumference & Radius of Earth
Words: 359 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6710687
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If you had done this significantly too early or too late, what kind of error would there have been your shadow length?

The shadow length would have a bigger value as sun's angle would have been smaller.

If you had done this significantly too early or too late, what kind of error would there have been your circumference value?

Such measurement would have given smaller sun angle value for the location, which would have been resulted in greater value of angle ?. In calculations greater value of ? wouls result in smaller value of estimated radius since its inversely proportional to angle ?.

4) Could astronauts on the Moon or Mars use this technique to determine the circumference of those objects?

Yes., such technique can be used to any astronomic…

Asian Literature Post Modern Literature
Words: 2434 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93376483
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All year-round, the smells of a coffin and coffin nails hover over her. Great-Grandmother does not brush her teeth. Great-Grandmother does not believe in airplanes. Great-Grandmother does not watch television

Great-Grandmother simply stands in front of the window of her Garret, or sits in the sun, a sun that does not penetrate her but simply casts a shadow behind her. She is very pale and does her hair in an archaic fashion, and has a face that the narrator describes as a set of wrinkles with archeological significance.

Each family treats the situation with different tactics but all show an inherent disdain for the very old, to the point of seeing and treating them as if they are inhuman, and with an irreverent lack of respect that is contrary to the culture from which they came. The only piece that offers a consoling look at the very old, throughout is…

Bi Feiyu, John Balcom, trans. The Ancestor in Goldblatt, Howard ed. Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused. New York: Grove Press. 1996.

Su Tong, Howard Golblatt, trans. The Brothers Shu, in Goldblatt, Howard ed. Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused. New York: Grove Press. 1996.

Kawabata Yasunari, George Seito' trans. The Moon on the Water in Sonu Hwi, Marshall, Pihl, trans. Thoughts of Home, in Peter Lee Modern Korean Literature, Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1990, pgs 203-215.

Lament for Dark Peoples by Langston Hughes
Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78890081
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Lament for Dark Peoples by Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes is widely known for his simple and open poems with messages that are not coated in so many artistic and figurative language and imagery. During the 1920s as many poets turned inward and wrote covertly, Langston chose to go outward and speak extrovertly about his subject. He is a poet who is preoccupied with the reclaiming of the pride of the dark skinned people and asserting their identities in the fast changing world and the apparent segregation that was manifest in the early 1920s. In most of his poem he identified the recognition of the origin of the dark skinned people, Africa, as being the distant past that should have remained and the dark skinned people would not have had trouble as they were in the foreign land.

This poem under study is not an exemption to the subject matter that…

Jewel Stairs' Grievance Li PO Ezra
Words: 706 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 57375962
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Jewel Stairs' Grievance: Li PO / Ezra Pound

We can assume from the poet's heritage that the speaker is an Asian woman. However, there are further contextual cues that aid in the understanding of "The Jewel Stairs' Grievance." For one, the opening line refers to "jeweled steps," which indicates a place of some wealth or importance. There is sexual innuendo throughout the poem: the dew, the gauze stockings, and the "crystal curtain" symbolize female sexuality. The moon is also a female symbol, corresponding with her monthly cycle. The moon also corresponds to the fact that it is late, signifying that the speaker is likely to be a concubine.

Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

The speaker is likely to be an older or mature man. He states, "In me thou seest the twilight of such day." The first half of the sonnet is filled with imagery of autumn, symbolizing aging and even possibly…


Jewel Stairs: 

Shakespeare Sonnet 73: 

Shakespeare Sonnet 3: 

Shakespeare Sonnet 18:

Copernican Revolution
Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28350038
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Copernican revolution has a pivotal role in the establishment of the modern sciences. We are very much familiar with the fact that the human mind had always been fascinated greatly by the changes taking place around him almost constantly. Human observation and sense of argument and ability to be logical has made him the most intelligent and consequently most powerful species on the planet.

It is very comfortable to believe that Earth is located at the centre of the universe and other planets rotate around it because Earth itself does not seem or feel to be moving and there are only sun, moon and other planets appearing and disappearing at their exact timings. It is quite logical and unless and until something really revolutionary come forward to refute this believe, it looks quite reasonable to carry on believing the same idea (Kuhn, pp 187).

Nicholas Copernicus

The most significant change…


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Life of Jack Kevorkian Jack
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The aging brochure states, "Older workers, however, are more dependable, have lower turnover rates, have fewer absences and accidents, show better judgment, and are as productive as younger workers" (Schmall and Pratt, 1996, p. 8). His most productive time in promoting his cause came in his 60s and 70s, and he is still doing it at nearly 81 years of age, illustrating that older workers and older people in general, still have plenty of capabilities to work hard for what they believe in.

Exercise Awareness

This exercise helps the student become more aware of the great gift of growing old and learning from your experiences. Dr. Kevorkian did not begin his work with PAS until well into his career, another indication of older adults being able to change, and his dedication to his cause is inspiring and educational at the same time. At age 80, he still travels the country…


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Chinese Wushu
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What style is the preferred style of the generals and bodygaurds of Beijing?


What are the three treasures?

Jing, Qi and Shen

What are the 5 excellences?

calligraphy, poetry, painting, traditional medicine, and martial arts

What are the 5 elements?

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water

What are the 3 gates?

Faith, wisdom, and compassion.

What are the 8 powers of wushu?

Heaven/Sky, Lake/Marsh, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth

What are the 12 animals of Xing Yi?

Dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, alligator, chicken, falcon, swallow, snake, t'ai (roc), eagle, bear

What does the name Bagua mean?

Eight symbols

What styles are referred to as the wind, thunder, and clouds? In order


What the 5 zones of attacks?


What is the mathematical formula for power?

Power = work/time

Name 5 Northern styles?

Baguazhang, Bajiquan, Ch-quan, Chuojiao, Taijiquan

Name 5 Southern styles?

Choy Gar, Mok Gar, Choy Li…

Bucket List Life Is Ephemeral in Nature
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Bucket List

Life is ephemeral in nature. In life, occurrences, situations, and circumstances are constantly changing. It is through these changing circumstances that opportunities arise. These opportunities provide life with excitement and wonder. To better enjoy life, a plan of activities is often needed to ensure that an individual doesn't become entrapped by the natural progressions of life. Negative aspects such as complacency, boredom, or animosity towards others can quickly turn life into a struggle. To avoid and alleviate many of these pitfalls, the creation of a personal bucket list is helpful. My list for instance, includes many aspects in which I am personally passionate about. This list, although incomplete, will provide ample excitement and reprieve from the daily rigors of life. Below are my bucket list and the reasoning behind each activity.

Travel to all seven continents volunteer / help out and make a difference.

The world is a…

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, a Florida Folklife riter

It is important when pursuing the study of history, not to get caught in the habit of reciting historical dates and facts. If this is the true study of history, then it involves nothing more than memorization. For one to truly understand why the people of a certain time period behaved as they did, it is necessary to get into their personal daily lives. It is important to know the passions of their daily struggles. It is rare that we get such as glimpse into these other lives, so long ago. This is the type of valuable information that we get when reading the works of Marjorie Rawlings.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is one of the most famous Florida writers of all time. She loved the folklife in Alachua County, Florida and has been compared to Henry David Thoreau in her style. She gives…

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Trust. Matheson Museum, Inc. 2001

Injustices Based on Racial Discrimination and Gender
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Injustices based on racial discrimination and gender bias in a democratic country sounds weird and hard-to-believe. However, what history has witnessed proves what nobody wants to hear or believe. This analytical research paper addresses grave issues concerning racial discrimination and gender bias pertaining to black vs. white and the related causes for the orld ar II as well as the prejudices that led to the Civil Rights Movement. Thus, the paper revolves around the popular poem "Mending all" by Robert Frost, addressing the issue of the racial conflict between blacks and whites in America. Poems by Langston Hughes will also be incorporated in the paper to better explain the black experiences before the II and Civil Rights Movement. The orks Cited appends seven sources in MLA format.

Mending alls

Among many renowned literary figures that understood the cost that the world is paying for racial prejudices and the rebellious nature…

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Tide Fluctuations
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Ocean Tides are the periodic rise and fall of the ocean waters due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the surface of the earth. This paper is all about oceanic tides in which we shall discuss what causes tides, what are high and low tides, the types of tides, the phenomenon of tidal currents and waves, the effect of tides on the coastlines, and on fishing, and how tides can be harnessed for energy. e shall also discuss other areas in which knowledge of tidal data can prove useful.

hat Causes Tides?

Tides (the periodic rise and fall of the ocean levels) are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. Apart from the oceans, tides also occur to a lesser extent in large lakes, the atmosphere and in the solid crust of the earth. Although gravity of the moon and the…

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Nation-Altering Event of the 1960S Specifically it
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nation-altering event of the 1960s. Specifically it will discuss man's first walk on the moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, and how it stimulated the nation's growth, made an indelibly positive impression upon America's institutions, and if it/they provide sufficient substance to be incorporated into the future study of America during the 1960s.


One of the most important and nation altering events to occur in the 1960s was the Apollo astronaut program, specifically, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren's successful walk on the moon on July 20, 1969.

On July 20, 1969, people around the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. The event symbolized, as Armstrong laconically radioed to earth, a "giant leap for mankind." In fact, the achievement was so overwhelming that a few people refused to believe it actually occurred, claiming that it…


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comparing two poems by tang poet li po
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Li Po's corpus of work reveals the poet's unabashed joie du vivre and celebration of sensory pleasures, particularly the pleasure found in drink. His lifestyle parallels the content of his poems, too, as Li PO was known not for being an elite or erudite poet but an eccentric and a wanderer. His role at court became that of poet-fool, and as Stephen Owen points out, "people in power in China liked to keep a couple of these around. It was considered sort of nice to have one. They entertained you. They were supposed to be wild and free." Most of Li Po's work have a "wild and free" quality. Li Po poems do not seem to make a point or generate deep philosophical meaning as they do capture the pure pleasure of living in the moment and enjoying the human experience, especially an intoxicating one. Nature also plays a strong…

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John F Kennedy and the
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" he spectacular effect achieved by the Russians therefore had a significant effect upon the minds of citizens around the globe (Dick, March 24).

he financial and political implications of the Apollo program became significant once the president made the decision to commit the United States to a Lunar landing. It was important to the president to set a goal that his country had a good chance of achieving before the Soviet Union. After a definite decision for the launch of the project was made, further important issues of politics and financing became deciding factors in the growth and development of the program.

he decision proved to be sound if the reaction of the nation could be used as a measure of effectiveness. he American imagination was captured, and they lent overwhelming support for Kennedy's decision to sponsor the moon landing. In the eyes of the nation, difficulty, expense and…

Transcript of Presidential Meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Topic: Supplemental appropriations for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 21 November 1962.

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