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I need a good and interesting topic for my Phd thesis, related to Human Resources . Can you suggest any?


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Perhaps the biggest challenge when selecting a topic for a dissertation is trying to choose something unique.  You want to be able to add something new to your field, but in an area like human resources, it is not like you are likely to be creating new research.  We have noticed an increased interest in two particular aspects of human resources: globalization and aptitude testing.  Therefore, either of those broad topics would make a good jumping-off point for a thesis about human resources. 

Some topics to consider include:

  1. Fairness in HR benefits in global companies; is it possible to standardize benefits when employees are located in countries with different cultural and legal norms surrounding things like healthcare, vacation time, family or sick leave, and overtime? 
  2. Which aptitude tests are best at predicting individual performance in specific jobs? 
  3. Can aptitude tests accurately predict which candidates are not going to be able to perform well in specific jobs, and, if so, do the actual job requirements and its attendant level of skill and expertise matter?
  4. Drinking at job-related social events and how it is viewed by HR professionals, management, and employees. 
  5. The length of the onboarding process and how that impacts how long an employee’s introductory period should be; if onboarding is too long, it risks wasting valuable assets on an employee that may not be the right fit, but too short of an onboarding process can result in even good candidates being inadequately prepared for the challenges of the job or to fit into a particular company’s corporate environment.
  6. Does HR have a duty to make sure that employees understand and utilize all applicable benefits when the employee is in a scenario where the benefit could be helpful or useful?

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