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Osha Essays (Examples)

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Safety in American Workplaces
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OSHA and EPA are the only federal agencies protecting the safety and health of the U.S. public. While, OSHA concentrates on issues of workplace safety, EPA on the other hand, has a wider scope. The two have different legal authority: EPA applies to offsite effects while OSHA is for on-site effects. In the aviation industry, the hazard evaluation team is obliged to assess the hazards, likely to affect the environment or public offsite. Suitable employee protection measures are likely to imperil the public (Smith & Kriebel, 2010).

In the aviation sector, the joint OSHA team identifies various hazards expected to be addressed by the hazard communication standards of OSHA. They entail hazards posed by jet fuel vapors, commercial cleaning agents and combustion de-icing chemicals, bi-products, medication and compressed oxygen present in emergency medical kits. Workers are likely to be exposed to cleaning agents as they are used by airline cleaning…


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Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
Words: 987 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63422004
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The issue in question is that of developing a standard for injury and illness prevention programs. OSHA notes in the white paper that many companies have such programs already, and that some states have also implemented standards for these types of programs. But OSHA also notes that adoption of this type of program is not universal. Many small businesses, for example, find the implementation of such programs to be onerous in particular with respect to cost and manpower. Thus, it is proposed that national standards be adopted as a means of helping more workers receive this sort of training, and to have more companies implement injury and illness prevention programs. The motivation for OSHA is clear. The organization has a mandate to reduce workplace injuries, yet its data shows that 4500 workers die on the job each year, and 4.1 million workers "suffer a serious job-related injury or illness"…


OSHA (2012). Injury and illness prevention programs Occupational Health & Safety Administration. Retrieved October 17, 2015 from

Workplace Safety Do You Agree
Words: 309 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1750128
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Boosting job satisfaction by offering employees safety nets should they get MSD or offering as many preventative measures as possible will lead to a corporate culture more conducive to long-term profitability. Firms should move away from the prevailing business model that discounts employee satisfaction (and employee health) and shift toward a more holistic vision of business. No industry or organization will fare well for long if they cannot maintain a healthy workforce. Firms and their leaders also have an ethical obligation to provide their employees with the best ergonomic equipment and the latest knowledge about MSDs.

MSDs are not a problem, regardless of arguments that insufficient research backs up OSHA's claims. Enough research is available and enough case studies testify to the problem. The federal government absolutely should intervene and mandate complete coverage for MSDs because one of the purposes of government is to help maintain public safety.

Healthcare Occupational Safety and Health
Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44142264
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The penalties for being out of compliance when OSHA comes knocking should be enough to motivate any healthcare facility to devise a plan to make sure that they are in compliance with OSHA's regulations. The startling thing is that it took an initiative like NEP to wake these facilities up and get them thinking about being compliant. Since they deal with people and their well being on an everyday basis, these are things that they should have been doing all along and not just because there is an increased probability of getting into trouble by OSHA.


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Care Facilities. (2012). etrieved from

Prepare Your Facility…


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Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") Targets Nursing and Residential

Department Employed About 100 Men and Women
Words: 1274 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25745656
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department employed about 100 men and women to create the wiring and connect it to different universal couplings so that speedometers, oil gauges, and other instruments would work. The final product, an under-dash wiring harness, was sent to the assembly plant for installation.

Sam developed a relationship with one of his employees, Paula, and they began dating. Paula later ended the relationship with Sam. Sam wanted to continue dating Paula, and he began exhibiting unwelcome behaviors, even after she told him to stop. Sam suggested that Paula's work might be suffering from a lack of interest.

Paula decided she could no longer work with Sam and applied for a transfer to the wire-coating department, which was not under his control. Sam blocked the transfer, citing evidence that chemicals used in wire coatings could harm an early-state fetus. Because Paula could become pregnant, Sam argued, NewCorp could not take the chance…


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United Staqtes Dpt of Labor. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Confined Spaces

Flight Line Ground Safety General
Words: 2478 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4619150
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However, recent spot checks suggest that many operators are unaware of the risk and therefore have not taken precautions to prevent dangerous concentrations of CO (NIOSH, 1984). This could prove to be fatal.

When employees are around aircraft it is important to practice the utmost safety, in order to ensure the safety of the ground crew, the people are on board of the aircraft, and all other employees involved in the handling of the flight line. Individuals must watch and listen for newly arriving or passing aircraft. If driving, employees must keep a proper distance from the aircraft and drive slowly, at 5 miles per hour only (AFOSH, 2003). Caution must also be taken with forklifts and k-loaders, as they must be lowered while aircraft is moving.

When working at night and around hazardous equipment, employees must utilize luminous wands, practice safe driving techniques, as those mentioned above, and use…


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Employee Rights Safety
Words: 1469 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25724171
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American business has grown over the past several decades, so have the number of laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation of such business. These laws and regulations are generally of types: 1) to promote market competition and to keep the power of large corporations under control, and 2) to mitigate the adverse effects of business activity on individuals and organizations. These laws and regulations are often beneficial but they come at a cost. These costs are not always obvious but they include the cost of compliance as well as the increased risk of litigation. These costs affect all businesses no matter how large but they hit smaller businesses particularly hard. The purpose of this paper will be to examine the various laws and regulations affecting employee safety in the United States and determine their advantages and disadvantages.

Employment laws, regulations, and policies have become burdensome for American businesses. Whether…

Human Resource Management
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55062052
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Evaluate three programs related to OSHA and employers' obligation to follow or participate in them.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has a mission to "assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance" (OSHA, 2014).

One of the outreach programs is with the construction industry, an industry that has a history of being one of the more dangerous businesses for worker safety. There are 10-hour and 30-hour classes that OSHA runs for its authorized trainers in the industry. The ten-hour class is "intended for entry level workers," while the 30-hour class is intended for "supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility." The program includes tips on the "recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards" (OSHA, 2014). There is also information about workers' rights and filing complaints. This program is strictly…


OSHA. (2014). About OSHA. Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Retrieved February 1, 2014 from

Business Law Case Review
Words: 2090 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 983018
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Tennessee Scrap ecyclers Association v. Bredesen, the court affirmed the law in question and upheld the state's ability to set the terms under which it would allow transactions regarding scrap metal to take place. The court noted that the problem the law was designed to thwart was a local issue and thus did not violate the Fifth Amendment's Commerce Clause (State law, 2009, Cengage). Also, the additional burdens imposed upon the scrap metal dealers were so minimal it did not affect their ability to participate in interstate commerce, nor did it give additional privileges to in-state dealers. "The government did not take possession of any property; it only regulated the method in which the business is lawfully transacted" and there was a compelling law enforcement issue at stake -- to prevent transactions in stolen merchandise (State law, 2009, Cengage).

Section 2

In the case of American Canine Foundation v. City…


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Control of Worker Compensation Costs
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85639383
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Then, in the case of just cause, these mechanisms are employed only when necessary, such as the identification of unethical of illegal behavior on the part of an employee. When severe disciplinary action has to be taken, such as the dismissal of an employee, this would have to be supported by due process and just cause (Sison, 2010).

2) Free speech and individual's rights

Employers might strive to limit the free speech of their staff members in order to prevent the spreading of any fact of perception that might damage the reputation of the entity. While this attitude might have some benefits at the business level, it would also raise some concerns at the level of individuals' rights.

In this order of ideas, the business gains would materialize in the control of the information which impacts employee motivation as well as the image of the firm (Daft, 2009). Still, it…


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Employment Law Legal Risk and
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80155686
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Paula states that the rationale for the refusal is also violation of Title IIV and EEOC (Equal Opportunity Commission Policy) as it is based merely on the fact that she is a woman and has the potential to become pregnant. Sam's use of his power is also a continuation of his harassment, and now seems explicitly 'quid pro quo.' Not accepting his advances resulted in a negative impact upon Paula's job.

Paula is correct and Sam is incorrect, legally speaking. While fetal protection policies that barred women of childbearing age from jobs because of harm to their potential fetuses became widespread in 1970s and 1980s, the 1991 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in UAW v. Johnson Controls declared these laws to be a form of sexual discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil ights Act of 1964 (Fetal rights, 2009, Law Library).

Scenario 3:

NewCorp has a strong case that…


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Supervisors Who Conduct Job Interviews
Words: 314 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 53567810
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Mobility impairment would be impossible because of the use of machinery such as forklifts. Hearing/visibility impairment would compromise communication, which OSHA lists as the #2 safety concern in warehouses. Mental impairment could compromise the worker's ability to make sound decisions -- given that the consequences extend to grievous injury and death it would not be reasonable to accommodate that disability either.

5) The relevant OSHA requirements for this position are to have proper lockout/tagout procedures; to ventilate the warehouse; to keep floors and aisles free from clutter, to install proper guards on exposed or open dock doors, that workers must have periodic rest breaks, that employers must factor in the proper amount of time to complete tasks; and employees must receive ergonomics training and be trained to recognize heat stress.

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Near-Miss Crane Incident as the
Words: 867 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78256125
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I will inform my facility manager as soon as I have all the potential witnesses record their statement and most importantly the technical team that includes the engineers and the supervisor giving me the technical aspects of the whole incidence. This informing of my supervisor must however come before the arrival of the OSHA inspectors so that we both have a harmonized report and agreement on how we are to handle the OSHA inspectors.

It is very central that I meet with the hourly employees since they are the ones who acted as witnesses and are the people who are bound to blow the incidence out of the proportion by calling media houses and misinforming the OSHA inspectors. I would let them know that the incidence was not out of neglect and request them to allow the organizational communication channel to be followed so that the incidence can be given…


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Legal Employment Scenario Employment Law
Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 5223702
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To the precedent of Paula's case, a prominent case, which exemplified the sometimes institutionalized presence of inappropriate sexuality in the workplace, came to light when "eight women and one man were fired from a North Mankato (MN) women's shelter because (allegedly) they refused to fit into the sexually charged atmosphere created by a few staff members." (Lang, 1) the clarity of motives for their collective dismissal aligned the decision directly with Title VII.

Still, the burden of proof, as is underlying in the constitutionality of our criminal and civil law systems, lay with the plaintiff. Thus, even if such incidences are said to have occurred, the judicial examination of any case would demand a prying deconstruction of the claim and the individual making said claim. Therefore, it will fall upon Paula to prove that Sam had made inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances toward her and further, that her refusal to…

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Pain and Spinal Disorder at
Words: 3131 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72284695
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The problems at the work place were detected over a long period of time and are a part of the history of development. The development of technology was very rapid which must also have brought in the needed changes in the workplace functions and norms. Unfortunately the basic structure of health protection came to be discussed only in the beginning of 1960s. The occupational medicine became a separate field of study since then and the occupational health service was born. The motto which the service wanted to achieve was an ergonomic system that could fit the job and the worker and simultaneously identify and eliminate health hazards. (Wilkinson, 50) There were many statues passed that created safety at the workplace. The greatest step in this regard was the OSHA regulations.

OSHA Implications

The OSHA act of 1970 was the single piece of legislation that gave an impetus to the work…


N.A. Comparative table of pain distribution. ( )


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HR Job Design Included in
Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7796544
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These rewards and motivators are important to me because they appeal to my higher order needs. I am fairly well satisfied with respect to my lower order needs, and will be with most positions in which I find myself. Work for me is not only a creative outlet but also an opportunity to showcase my skills. As a result of this, I view work less as a means to earn a paycheck -- which I take as a given -- and more as a means for me to attain higher levels of satisfaction. Recognition, promotion and achievement all fill these higher order needs.

3. The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has been set up by the Department of Labor to "assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women." The organization assists businesses in several ways. It provides informational resources regarding workplace health and safety. It also…

Accidents and Death in Construction Trades
Words: 1874 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73299716
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Summary and Conclusion

There is no way to protect construction workers from every accident that could possibly befall them. The nature of the work is such that complete safety is not guaranteed or even realistically possible. However, that does not mean that the number of fall accidents that occur cannot be reduced. Quite often, it is not a true accident but actual carelessness that is the cause of injuries and deaths on construction sites. Many construction workers forego safety harnesses, for example, because they can be cumbersome and inconvenient. They can make the work take longer, and make it more difficult for the worker to move around. That is especially true in cases where required work means the construction worker will have to unhook and re-hook his harness frequently. This aggravation is a small price to pay for saving lives, but the value of a harness is only seen if…


Burke, K. & Tracy, T. (2014). Queens construction worker is dead in horrifying accident. New York Daily News. Retrieved from

Case Summary of Latex Paint Company
Words: 1145 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13877974
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Paint Company

There has been an accident on the production floor at Latex Paint that has injured three men. As a result, Latex Paint must deal with a number of serious issues. First, the decline in employee productivity after the accident could become a drain on company profitability. Further, the company will be required to prove that it has met its obligations in relation to health and safety rules of the Union and OSHA legislation and may face substantial financial penalties if it has not done so. Liability for the injuries to its employees and damage to the company's reputation are a real threat, particularly if this company was not in compliance with health and safety standards.

Richards needs to take a variety of immediate steps to deal with the accident. To adequately prepare for the staff meeting, he needs to understand what happened and to the best of his…


Management styles. Retrieved June 11, 2005 from Web site:

Environmental Crimes and Health and Safety Law
Words: 3051 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96085136
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Environmental Crimes and Health and Safety Law Violation

With the current changes in weather patterns, strange climatic conditions and other uncontrollable natural disasters, there has been a lot of attention directed towards the environment and the way people may be contributing to the degradation of the environment in small ways that is summed up results into the disasters that we see on daily basis. The environment is becoming unpleasant on an increasing trend each and every day, this is a cause to worry about for each government that cares to see the consequences of our careless handling of the environment.

There are also man's contribution to the insecurity that surrounds us on a daily basis since people no longer care for the safety of the workers that work in their industries and sadly to some extent, some don care even about themselves and the safety that may be protecting their…


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Legal Risk Arising From Wrongful Discharge What
Words: 1135 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36839483
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legal risk arising from wrongful discharge.

What liability and rights do NewCorp and Pat have in this situation? What legal principles -- such as statutory or case law -- support those liabilities and rights?

When it comes to the first scenario, it is clear that NewCorp fired Pat based upon the views that he expressed at a public gathering. While this cannot be directly proven, various pieces of circumstantial evidence are illustrating how this is the case. As, he was not given any kind of notification for: unsatisfactory behavior at work. This is important, because it means that the company does have a potential legal liability (based upon these actions).


The statutory rule that company is violating is the provisions of: intentional discrimination (under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964). This states that it is illegal for employers, to fire someone based upon: actions that…


Cheeseman, H. (2010). Employment, Worker Protection and Immigration Laws. Business Law. (pp. 486-498). New York, NY: Pearson Education.

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Halon Is a Gaseous Material That Inhibits
Words: 485 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4339351
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Halon is a gaseous material that inhibits the chemical reaction in fire. In most parts of the world, it is banned from new production except for military use because it contributes to ozone pollution and atmospheric effects. It was completely banned in Europe and Australia, which resulted in stockpiles being sent to the United States which still allows for use. Halon extinguishes fires by chemically reacting with the fire's components (fuel, oxygen and heat) and interrupts the reactions that allow the fire to continue. It is suitable for use in cold weather and leaves no residue. It is particularly good used on class A and B. fires, especially preventing flammable liquids from igniting.

There are several steps necessary to putting out an electrical fire, with the most critical being turning off the power (fuse box, etc.) if at all possible. To do this, ensure that one's hands are dry and…

Ohsha on the Job Exposure Is to
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84740088
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On the job, exposure is to hazardous materials or conditions is related directly to the job activities performed by the worker. As part of the familiarization process know as process management one can become knowledgeable about the workers' job activities and the consequent potential for exposure. In this essay, we will review the OHSHA process step-by-step an explain the procedure for conducting a job hazardous materials analysis (HAZMAT) ("Compliance guidelines and," 2010).

Most integrated sampling methods for gases and vapors that are published by OSHA use active and passive sampling techniques. The OHSHA procedures are examined below for advantages and disadvantages of active and passive integrated sampling methods in the process analysis (ibid).

In the process, complete and accurate written information meeds to be included about the chemicals, technology and equipment that is essential to an effective process safety management program and/or to an effective process hazards analysis. These…

Works Cited

Compliance guidelines and recommendations for process safety management. (2010). Retrieved

from .

Institutional Pharmacy
Words: 514 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81278718
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Institutional Pharmacy

According to various research and countless newspapers, institutional pharmacy has an undoubtedly positive role in our society. By definition, institutional pharmacy is that which provides "a range of services to residents of nursing homes, hospitals, or hospice environments which do not have an on-site pharmacy." As such, and without this service, long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes, would not be able to function smoothly nor take care of patients properly. Thus, due to institutional pharmacies, the facilities that utilize them can play a role in helping the patient firsthand with important matters. [1: "Institutional Pharmacy." Gerson Lehrman Group. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. .]

It is important to note, however, that there are various rules regulating these pharmacies. This is due to the fact that, in addition to providing pharmaceuticals, these entities also provide consulting services, and these can include the following:

monitoring control of drugs monitoring the…

Reason for Me to Chose MBA and Background
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98780601
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application/admission. There are several qualities that should be present in an MBA candidate. A person should be clear in their desire to be a candidate because the expense is high, but well worth the effort.


My desire to be an MBA candidate is based on my work experience and my ability to be able to promote myself in achieving the best that I can be. It is my desire to be able to learn more about business across many different disciplines. I have accomplished a lot in my work history, but I want to be able to achieve more. Having my MBA degree will help me to promote myself even better in the business world.

I have accomplished a lot in my professional work field. It is my desire to obtain my MBA so I can further promote my marketing abilities for the…

Case Study on Employee Layoff
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 3612361
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Employee Layoff

A friend in California has just lost his job in a layoff together with 98 other employees in the same private sector company. The company's administrators have told him that he was included in the recent layoff because of his refusal to take a lie detector test regarding some drugs that were found in his company locker. He also declined to take a drug test since he was afraid that a positive result would make the state child protection agency to take away custody of his children. This situation is an example of a scenario with legal ramifications on the basis of several regulations such as Polygraph Protection Act, Worker Adjustment and etraining Notification Act, Privacy laws, Drug Testing laws, and OSHA.

Generally, the use of lie detector tests in the workplace is not geared towards determining whether an employee is telling the truth but to examine whether…


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Injury and Illness Prevention Within the Workplace
Words: 6068 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11811891
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Unlike our predecessors in the mines and mills and factories - and even offices - we today expect our workplaces to be safe. We consider this a birthright - that our employers should design and monitor the workplace in such a way that we are allowed to do our job without any undue risk for ourselves. And yet, of course, this is not a birthright but rather a legal protection that was fought for by workers and workers advocates (including unions) in previous generations. There seems to be little if any natural inclination of even good employers to ensure the safety of their workers, and it is for this reason that government regulations exist to protect workers. This research project examines one very specific example within the contemporary workforce of the ways in which government regulation is sometimes a necessary supplement - or bulwark - to the good intentions of…


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Aramco Health Center Is a
Words: 2752 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50685287
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Emergency Action Plan

As a strict requirement of OSHA, the clinical laboratory science department must comply to this standard that is used in describing all the appropriate actions that must be taken by the facility in order to ensure that there is proper safety in case of any accidents such as fire outbreak.

Fire Safety

As a strict requirement of OSHA, the facility must ensure that there is a proper Fire Prevention Plan that is necessary to avert any kind of loss of either life or property.

Medical and First Aid

All the employees who work in this department must have the necessary component of both medical and first-aid providers. This is in order to ensure that any emergency situation that arises can be met with the appropriate solution.

Personal Protective Equipment

Due to the high risk of infection that is associated with the samples in the laboratory, it is…


AIUM, (2009).Standards and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Ultrasound Practices

ARDMS (2010) Introducing...MY ARDMS 

ASCP (2010).Certification

Evolution of Construction Safety Regulations
Words: 3205 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 19940748
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The Association of Iron and Steel Electrical Engineers (AISEE) pushed for a "national conference on safety" and as a result the Cooperative Safety Congress (CSC) was held (in 1912) and out of that meeting the National Council of Industrial Safety (NCIS) was founded. Later, the NCIS evolved into the National Safety Council (NSC) (Goetsch, p. 6).

On-the-job accidents "and even fatalities" were "an accepted fact of life in the construction industry" during the early 1900s, writes author Richard Hislop on page 4 of his book, Construction Site Safety: A Guide for Managing Contractors. Construction workers helping to build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, for example, were in harm's way constantly. hen the budget was established and the projections for the Golden Gate were prepared, "it was expected that there would be on fatality for each million dollars of construction work," Hislop explains (1999, p. 4). And since the…

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Prentice Hall.

Human Resource Regulations Specifically it
Words: 1037 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 68579862
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Another landmark case involved global giant British Petroleum (BP) in the largest fine in OSHA history. The case involved the explosion at a BP refinery in Texas that killed 15 people and injured 170 others. An OSHA press release notes, "This citation and penalty - nearly double the next largest fine in OSHA history - sends a strong message to all employers about the need to protect workers and to make health and safety a core value,' Solicitor of Labor Howard M. adzely stated" (Groover, 2005). The implications for human resource implementation are again clear. Without the proper training, the individuals in the plant did not operate some of the processing equipment effectively, and pressure built up in the unit that exploded. Part of the settlement required BP to "hire an expert to assess and report on communication within and between management, supervisors, and authorized employee representatives and non-management employees…


Editors. (2008). Breaking news: GINA becomes law May 2008. Retrieved from the Human Genome Project Web site: .

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Iamaw Views on Safety
Words: 3386 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65445959
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IAMAW Views on Safety

The response of the American people to the terrorists attacks of 9/11 was felt one of compassion and resolve. Almost all Americans were associated in one or other manner in assisting the Nation come out of the dangerous impacts and become strengthened. It was curious to witness the way some hurried into the burning building and saving lives of their fellow workers, friends and strangers. While many measures have been undertaken to safeguard the security of Americans and continuance of the way of life, the workers confront stringent security policies on the job and sometimes loss of civil rights. (Worksite Security: IAM Headquarters)

The International Association for Machinists and Aerospace Workers -- IAM& AW as well as other institutions are watchful of the legislation and presidential orders against possible violation of bargaining and civil rights. They found the workplace security to be more embarrassing to the…


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Hazard Communication
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Hazard Communication Standard. There are five references used for this paper.

Safety in the workplace is a major concern for both employees and employers. It is important to look at the Hazard Communication Standard, 29 Code of Federal egulations 1910.1200 and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to understand the employer's role and responsibility.

History and Development

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) was developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1974, and is "known as the 'employee right-to-know law' (Geigler, 1989)."

The development process was lengthy, lasting until November 25, 1983 when the Federal egister published the original final rule. The original rule covered the "manufacturing segment of industry, and its basic intent was to inform workers about hazardous materials they come in contact with (Geigler, 1989)."

The effective date for industries to implement the HCS was May 25, 1986. The rule was changed on August 24, 1987,…


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Plant Engineering.

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Safety and Health Administration's Hazard Communication Standard).

Nursing Nurses' Risk for Occupational
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Moreover, recent legislation such as the Affordable Care Act is expected to create an even greater need for nurses who can take on more advanced responsibilities. As one nurse stated on National Public adio: "…with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which was passed in March, we're going to see 32 million new patients accessing the health care delivery system which previously weren't accessing this system. And currently, we don't have the capacity to provide high-quality, patient-centered care for this new expanded population" (NP, 2010)

Careers in nursing have become vast and varied, particularly for the highly educated, and pay for many of these careers is above $60,000 annually. While a nurse with a BSN who becomes an N can still advance in her career, enter management, or become a nursing professor, an MSN is necessary for nurses to enter one of the more prestigious and specialized subfields (Sacks,…


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Imperial Sugar and Dust Hazards
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2008 Imperial Sugar refinery explosion/Fire.

Fire at Imperial Sugar efinery

Background Info

On February 7, 2008, a massive fire and explosion took place at northwestern Savannah, Georgia's Imperial Sugar factory. The incident claimed the lives of no less than 14 individuals, and left 38 people injured; of these, 14 suffered life-threatening, acute burns. The blast was caused by enormous deposits of inflammable sugar dust all through the packaging unitManagement of the company ought to have been aware of the fact that explosions are likely to occur if the sugar refining process is enclosed. Comprehensive and precise information (in writing) on process chemicals, equipment, and technology is vital to a sound program for industrial process safety management (PSM) as well as hazard analysis of the process. The documented knowledge will be an indispensable resource to various users, including the personnel who carry out obligatory hazard analysis, mandated under PSM; personnel in…


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Project Management What Role Does
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The project manager must effectively utilize all of the communication methods available to them. They must choose the most appropriate method of communication for the workers and for the managers. The more workers and managers hear the messages, in as many sensory modes possible, the more likely the message will be to make an impact on a reduction in accidents on the job.

Language proved to be a problem in Australia's construction industry. Many of the safety programs are conducted in English, although a significant portion of workers in the industry are non-English speakers. Communication proved to be a significant problem in the successful implementation of safety programs. The key factors were the inability to understand government safety regulations and the inability to communicate these standards to the workers (Trajkoevski & Loosemore, 2005). Project managers must be aware of language barriers that may hinder the ability to communicate safety messages…


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Wal-Mart it Is Likely That
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Thousands of al-Mart stores are opened every day and there are no tramplings involved. But OSHA takes the view that workplace fatalities are unacceptable, even once, and this colors its application of the concept of workplace safety.

al-Mart's view of this incident illustrates a more utilitarian approach. hatever safety procedures OSHA wants to see at the company's stores are likely to be costly. In addition, other retailers would thereby face the same conditions as al-Mart. The cost to business will run into the tens or even hundreds of millions, despite the absolute lack of risk faced by the tens of thousands of employees opening stores across America each morning. The utilitarian approach clearly sees that incident as isolated and unpredictable, and something that is not part of the daily risk to al-Mart workers. As such, expenditure on safety measures would be detrimental to the company and to the economy as…

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Employer Best Practices & Policies
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Company Policy

Draft a company policy on use of the internet by employees. Draft it in the form of a memo to employees.

Take into consideration the following issues:

Is it realistic to believe that all personal use of the internet at work can be prohibited? How do you deal with this?

Do employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy in, e.g., an email they might send at work? A website they might visit? How could your policy deal with this?

Dear Acme employees,

It has become necessary to address the employee use of internet and internet tools for personal reasons while on company time and/or company equipment. While Acme wishes to respect your privacy and allow you to fill any idle time you might have between calls or during your lunch break, bear the following in mind:

All computers and phones on Acme property are subject to be monitored…

Mind you, the employee cannot be forced to do ANY of those things. However, unflattering comments could be construed as harassment (sexual, general harassment, bullying, etc.) and the employer would be on the hook for vicarious liability (potentially) if they stand by and do nothing. Basically, the employee does not HAVE to do anything about the blog but the company and/or people facing ridicule could take action and Acme's hand will be forced. No complaint? Technically not an issue…yet.

Know the Answers Before You Ask
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law should be used as a tool for shaping a shared moral climate? Why or why not? Should moral values be written into the law and enforced? Can you think of any examples where a change in the law seemed to improve the moral climate of society?

In general, I would say that the government should stay away from enforcing a moral climate in the sense that there has to be the question asked whether someone is harmed or not. However, "harm" is a very loaded term when it comes to some topics and this includes some things that are entirely legal. For example, adultery is assailed as a wrong thing to do. It can obviously break up relationships/marriages and any kids in the mix can be greatly impacted. However, while such tawdry details may (or may not) matter when a divorce or child custody hearing is done, it is…

Retrieved from 

Does the Nick Naylor character utilize the same forms of arguments he previously advocated? What about the Senate Committee? What strategies are they using to gain their points? Do you think there are any problems with the way the Senate Committee conducts the public discourse?

He does shift quite a bit in that he turns the attention to different things. For example, as a way to deflect about cigarettes being bad, he points to the fact that cheese can clog arteries and fatten people. He is also asked whether he would let his son smoke. Again, he deflects and says that it would be illegal. When the question shifts to what would happen if his son was 18, he admits he would buy him one. The questioning of the committee was a little unseemly because the questions were made personally. It is a textbook case of a Senator or other person in government using strident or even incendiary questions. Going after someone's family or the feelings for the same is below the belt and should never happen. The Senator should have stuck to the facts, the studies and so forth and not been such a crass person. Their strategy is to use "gotcha" questions and/or to get the person to say something controversial so as to discredit them. The admission by Naylor that he would give his son a cigarette would surely be used against them both in that committee and outside of it.

HSMS Gap analysis Hazard identification and Risk assessments
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HSMS Gap Analysis and Hazard Identification Risk Assessments

Description of APM Terminals

Legal Environment

Review of the Health and Safety Management System


Gap Analysis

Hazard Identification

Physical Hazards

Health and Welfare Hazards

Risk Assessment

Physical Hazard -- Working at Height - Scaffolding

Health & Welfare Hazard -- Noise

Action Plans

Action Plan 1 - Management System

Action Plan 2 -- Hazards and Risks

Barbour Checklist: BS OHSAS 18001 Audit Checklist

Occupational health and safety management has numerous benefits for business, not only an employer's duty of care, a legal and moral obligation but also critical part of business equal in importance to other business functions like finance, marketing and production. When health and safety is embedded as part of business, results would be, good company image and reputation, better employee motivation and morale, improved efficiency and ultimately increased profitability.

The implementation of a sound health, safety and environment (HSE)…

Legal Ethical Issue Relating to Human
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This collection comprises health-care and social service employees such as visiting nurses, psychiatric evaluators, and probation workers; community employees such as gas and water utility workers, phone and cable TV employees, and letter carriers; retail workers; and taxi drivers (OSHA Fact Sheet, 2002).

The best defense that companies can give is to institute a no tolerance rule in regards to workplace aggression against or by their workers. The company should set up a workplace aggression avoidance course or include the knowledge into an accessible disaster prevention course, employee manual, or handbook of standard operating measures. It is important to make sure that all workers are aware of the rules and recognize that all ascertains of workplace aggression will be examined and dealt with quickly. Additionally, companies can recommend additional shields like:

Providing security training for workers so they understand what behavior is not suitable and what they should do if…


Davidson, Michael. (2010). Federal Workplace Violence Laws. Retrieved October 17, 2010,

from eHow Web site:

Heathfield, Susan M. (2010). Workplace Violence: Violence Can Happen Here. Retrieved October 17, 2010, from About Web site:

United States Army Do to
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Hearing loss is very case specific because one person who has hearing loss or impairment may be able to hear certain sounds or be completely deaf.

Impairment entails something is not working as well as it should but there may still be some basic functioning. Hearing loss can go by many terms such as deaf, deafness, or hard of hearing. All could be one and the same situation but as pointed out, each individual is suffering from their own individual illness or situation and may or may not be comparable to any other hearing loss situation.

Although this report focuses on hearing loss as it is associated to military service, it is important to note that in the United States; approximately three of every thousand newborns are born with some type of hearing impairment thus making it one of the more common birth defects in our nation. This entails that…

References, cont.

Minter, Stephen G. (2002). "Does Your Hearing Conservation Program Measure Up? Once Described as "Sleep Aid Material," the Dry Topic of Hearing Conservation Metrics Draws Increased Interest as OSHA's STS Trigger Undergoes Review." Occupational Hazards, 3/1/2002.

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Rabinowitz, Peter M. (2000). Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. American Family Physician, 5/1/2000,.

Training M2 What Are the
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The trainee would thereafter be able to demonstrate his knowledge of the various 'primary identification systems' that may be the Department of Transportation System, the National Fire Protection Association, and the Hazardous Materials Information System and so on. When this is accomplished the trainee would be able to identify the safety measures that he as an individual must now undertake for the overall safety of the plant, and also be able to understand the need for the usage of his own protective equipment and gear when he is in the process of handling the hazardous substances within the course of his duties. (OSHA 8-hr Hazardous Waste efresher - With Confined Space Safety)

At the end of the training period, it is expected that the trainee would be in a position to not only identify the areas that are prone to danger such as 'confined spaces', and define the space as…


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Safety Management in the United
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Any organization that deals directly with petroleum-based products, including storage facilities, will be affected by the act. The act also provides for Area Contingency Plans in case of emergency. The Pollution Prevention Act aims to reduce pollution "through cost-effective changes in production, operation, and raw materials use," ("Pollution Prevention Act"). Recycling programs fall under the Pollution Prevention Act; therefore, organizations might be required under this law to participate in large-scale recycling programs. Moreover, the Pollution Prevention Act is designed to curb source pollution, so the act applies especially to organizations that are potential polluters. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act applies especially to storage of toxic waste. The act will pertain to employees of waste management facilities or of any organization that must dispose of its waste material in an environmentally sound and legally authorized way.

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