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People Management the Mantra for Success The
Words: 1628 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19199117
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People Management, The Mantra for Success: The Case of Singhania and Partner

ecruitment and Selection

People form an essential part of the organization. The efficiency and quality of its people determines the outcome of the organization. Therefore choice of right people and placing them at right place becomes necessary. Hiring comes at this point of time in the picture. Hiring is a strategic function for H department. ecruitment and selection shape the process of hiring the employees. ecruitment is the methodical process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for jobs within an organization (A Project Study on ecruitment and Selection, n.d.).

The recruitment and selection process that is currently used at Singhania and Partners is one that they take very seriously. They had adopted the notion of matching the needs of the organization to the needs of the applicants in order to enhance the effectiveness of their recruitment process.…


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People Often Base Their Actions
Words: 2145 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36143547
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This was because, for some stories, they were forced to use less professional correspondents to cover stories that were on a more national scale.

13. Among this list, newspapers and magazines are the most credible because they strive for objectivity and accuracy, at the same time as they possess the most amount of content. Television news programs are second only because they lack the same level of depth. The other sources should be highly questioned before using as a legitimate source. The internet possesses the best information among all of the rest, but must be evaluated on a site-by-site basis.

14. I have found two sources that indicate that controversial television ads negatively influence the behavior of children. However, there are also a handful of other resources arguing that the influence of ads upon individuals is relatively minute.

15. hetoric tends to vastly influence people's opinions and attitudes. However, statements…


Anderson, Craig L. et al. (2003). "The Influence of Media Violence on Youth." Psychological Science in the Public Influence, Vol. 4, No. 3, Dec. Page 81.

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Atomic Testing Though Modern People
Words: 11346 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33269463
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The First Nuclear Test

Of course, the first nuclear test occurred before the 1950s and was part of the United States' effort to develop an atomic weapon during World War II. This test occurred at 5:30 A.M. On July 16, 1945, at a missile range outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Even that test was enough to convince a large group of scientists that the atomic weapon was a dangerous and powerful weapon. "The Franck Report," a petition issued by Leo Szilard and 68 other scientists urged President Truman to first demonstrate the capabilities of the atomic bomb before using it as a weapon against the Japanese, because of the mass destruction that came with the bomb.

This test, known as the Trinity Test, was a tremendous success. "The energy developed in the test was several times greater than that expected by scientific group. The cloud column mass and top reached…


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People Internet Mobile Media Change Ways News
Words: 1666 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33445304
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people internet mobile media change ways news created received? How change power relationship traditional news organisations 'audiences'?hat benefits drawbacks developments?

Internet's Effect on the News Industry

The internet is responsible for having revolutionized virtually all domains, given that more and more individuals come to break away from conventionality and embrace the internet. The media and news devices in particular have been severely affected as a result of the fact that the internet has experienced progress in the recent years. It is very important for someone who wants to succeed in the contemporary society to be acquainted with the internet, as most of today's affairs occur on the internet. People in the present are inclined to surf the internet when they want to check out the latest news, as it provides them with the opportunity to select the exact news that they are interested in, without having them watch a whole…

Works cited:

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People Should Lose Weight Problems
Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70410786
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Also, there have been cases of people having a life that they have only dreamed of in the past because they have experienced considerable weight losses. (Evening Chronicle)

Even though most people are not aware of it, obesity is one of the most dangerous problems they face. Obesity is surpassed only by smoking when considering the main cause of death worldwide. One of the most disastrous diseases that overweight can lead to is diabetes. This is obvious through the fact that most people that have diabetes are usually overweight. (Mark Kimathi)

Overweight problems are certainly underestimated, with people believing that there is nothing wrong with a few extra pounds. In reality, overweight has terrible consequences on the human body. Among numerous other diseases, overweight people face the risk of developing various forms of cancer. All in all, overweight can lead to a lot of life-threatening affections, and, among the only…

Works cited:

1. Hamilton, Linda. "Appearance and Health: A Sensible Approach to Weight Loss." Dance Magazine, Vol. 71, November 1997.

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4. "We'll Pay You to Lose Weight." The Daily Mail (London, England), January 24, 2008.

About a Magazine
Words: 529 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24482695
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ports Illustrated

tudying a Magazine

ports Illustrated is an American run magazine, run by Time Warner, that has been in circulation for 55 years and that focuses on description of various events, which include, in the magazine's own words, sports news, scores, photos, columns and expert analysis from the world of sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NACAR, college basketball, and many others. ports Illustrated, or I, offers the readers, who are primarily male (though the magazine and the website has also been able to appeal to female viewers as well more recently), everything from photos, in-depth sports reporting, cards, football awards, swimsuit issues, segments on sports related things, and awards for sportsmen and women's accomplishments.

ports Illustrated runs a variety of articles that are mostly connected to-you guessed it-sports. For example, by going to the website, one can see at least 13 "top headlines" in the right hand side…

Since the 1950's, SI has been able to provide hungry fans with the most comprehensive articles and updates on their favorite teams and their favorite players. And for a few decades now, the SI conglomerate has also published a Swimsuit issue of the magazine, which attracts both males and females, the latter which often are able to discern new trends in swimsuit apparel.

The latest SI news, for example, which are on the website concern the NFL, a major source of news, indeed, and the fact that players resumed mediation. The article written on this topic, which joins almost 13 in view on the website's front page 24 hours, 7 days a week, is a comprehensive coverage review on Jerry Jones' joining of mediation talks.

The magazine, as well as the site are easy to read, and customer service is always at your disposal, should you have any questions. Furthermore, the About Us section of the website is easy to navigate, and can help a reader find out more about the staff of Sports Illustrated.

Artforum Magazine Five-Year-Old Book About
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50455460
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Allen also notes that interviews are often heavily edited, very likely to be true in the case of Artforum, where each interview hews to a standard of grammar and diction that may not be found in the speech of the interviewees.

Six people -- artists, writers -- who had known Coplans were invited to contribute to his obituary. Irving Blum's reminiscence aptly explains the editorial direction of the magazine during Coplans' tenure, and, by observation of the February 2005 issue, today as well. Blum notes that Coplans had a "bulletproof bull***** detector. He was astonishingly direct about every issue" (Banks, 2004). Blum notes that Coplans could both voice his feelings and explain why he did or did not like something, a feature of the writing in the magazine today. In addition, when the art public was giving some new ideas a lukewarm reception, and Coplans disagreed, he was not shy…


Allen, G. (2002, June 22) "Documents of 1960s art. (book review)"

Art Journal. Retrieved 18 February 2005 from Highbeam Research, /' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Spin Magazine 1 The One Source You
Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45369996
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SPIN Magazine [1: The one source you requested I use was taken from Spin Magazine, and I modeled everything after this article: (citation below) Weingarten, C. "The Big Four Play Their First U.S. Show." Spin Magazine. 2011. ]

Here Are the News: Analysis of What We Listen To

Violent and Misogynistic Lyrics in Gangsta Rap

By ____ April 30, 2011

The saying goes, "you are what you eat." Though this may seem like a cliche at first glance, just think about this small quote that you have probably heard before. When thinking logically, this statement is really true: you are what you eat and you really do look a certain way because of nutrition.

Similarly to looking like what you are eating, you are shaped by the music to which you listen. Those who listen to rock are different people from those who listen to predominantly punk or rap…

TV or Magazine
Words: 490 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66305952
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TV and Magazine Ads. There are five references used for this paper.

Americans see numerous advertisements on TV and in magazines, all aim at getting them to spend their money. It is interesting to look at five such ads and who their target audience is.

Household Items

The Libmen Company offers a wide array of products for cleaning the home. Their newest product is the Nitty Gritty Roller Mop which is targeted for the middle-class, homemaker.

The ad promises the product will "get to the nitty, gritty of cleaning a floor (Libmen)."

The company demonstrates this benefit by showing the consumer bristles on the mop, as well as the roller portion.

The consumer is shown the mop being used, further successfully illustrating the virtues of the product.

Health Aids

Odor Eaters has a product called Odor Eaters Plus. The product is aimed mainly at middle-class athletes or workers who may…

Works Cited

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CIO Magazine Analysis Critical Evaluation of the
Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8031558
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CIO Magazine Analysis

Critical Evaluation of the CIO Magazine Article

The Whole . . . is More than its Parts

The article The Whole . . . is More than its Parts illustrates the complexities, challenges and decisions that must be made in order for an enterprise to unify its many applications, databases, systems and platforms to serve a common strategic purpose. The article was published May 31, 2000 when integration options within enterprises were comprised of creating hand-coded adapters and connectors which were often written within the companies who needed them, reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or the use of XML as an integration standard. In 2000 when the article was written and published, Web Services were nascent and only in prototype form. Web Services began proliferating subsequent to the time when this article was written, given the rapid increases in programming languages and tools specifically designed for…


Youcef Baghdadi. (2005). A business model for deploying Web services:A data-centric approach based on factual dependencies. Information Systems and eBusiness Management, 3(2), 151-173.

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Vincenzo Morabito, Marinos Themistocleous, & Alan Serrano. (2010). A survey on integrated IS and competitive advantage. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 23(2), 201-214.

Canadian Current Events Magazine Produced by Name
Words: 2428 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71833092
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Canadian Current Events Magazine

Prduced by NAME

Career Prspects

This article describes the grwing trend in the crprate wrld f eliminating perfrmance reviews, which many find t be ineffective and even cunterprductive. The article ntes that wrkers and managers alike ften feel that perfrmance reviews d nt measure what they are meant t measure, and that they fail t prvide

Cntinued n New Mining Activity in Alberta

Career Prspects

Letters t the Editr

Interview with Financial Expert

Sprts Sectin

Career Sectin

Ecnmic Screcard

Prjected Grwth in 2012

Labr Market

Signs f imprvement in the labr market in the United States cntinue as the rate f peple applying fr unemplyment benefits hit its lwest number since May f 2008, accrding t recent numbers released by the U.S.

Cntinued n

Canada is a cuntry whse main exprts are hckey players and cld frnts. Our main imprts are baseball players and acid rain.…

other: 3% (2006 est.)

Unemployment rate: 8% (2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 9

Forbes Magazine Entitled In the Pill Box
Words: 801 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41569186
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Forbes Magazine entitled, "In the Pill Box" discusses Walgreen's Drugstore and the challenge that it faces from Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). The article begins by informing the reader of the astronomical growth of the Walgreen's company. The author explains that the company's stock has risen by 3,000% in the past 20 years and that the store plans to have over 7,000 stores by 2010. (Lambert) The article also asserts that the same-store sales increased by 9% in fiscal 2003. (Lambert)

The author contends that although the company is extremely success, there is a threat on the horizon. This threat comes in the form of Pharmacy Benefit Managers who show health organizations and employers how to make prescriptions drugs more cost effective. The article explains that PBM's often encourage these organizations to persuade patients to get long-term prescriptions through the mail instead of going to a pharmacy. Mail order pharmaceuticals are…

At the other end of the debate there are consumers who like to order their prescriptions through the mail. Some consumers do this even if it is not mandated by their insurance providers. In many cases consumers just find it more convenient to order prescriptions through the mail. In any case, the PBM's and the drugstores will continue to quarrel over which method is less expensive.

In my own opinion, it seems that Walgreen's should not have the right or ability to blacklist customers because of the decisions that are made by their healthcare providers. In many cases people are in dire need of receiving their medication and may not have time to ride around to different pharmacies just to get a prescription fulfilled. It is apparent to me that all Walgreen's is concerned with is its bottom line and they are willing to sacrifice the health of customers just to prove a point to PBM's. The fact of the matter is that consumers have a right to purchase prescriptions in any way that they see fit. Some people prefer going to a traditional pharmacists, while other prefer for the prescriptions to be brought to their homes. Walgreen's has to be careful not to ignore the needs and desires of consumers in the quest for greater profits.

Lambert, Emily. 2004. "In The Pill Box." Forbes Magazine

Business Ethics Magazine Recently Awarded the Chroma
Words: 973 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54076976
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Business Ethics magazine recently awarded the Chroma Technology Corporation, a Vermont-based manufacturer of high-tech optical lens products, the "Living Economy Award" as part of the 16th Annual Business Ethics Awards. The Living Economy Award is offered to the company that best exemplifies "the living economy with practices of employee ownership, fair wages, and environmental stewardship," (Business Ethics). One of the key reasons why Chroma earned the accolade was due to its unique official salary structure: no employee earns less than $37,500 and none more than $75,000; therefore, no upper-level management official makes more than twice as much as anyone on the shop floor. Chroma's unique salary structure in part reflects my vision of corporate business ethics and the values I would like to embody as a professional. There are other reasons why I admire Chroma's policies. They employ an egalitarian meeting format modeled after the Quakers; they ensure environmental sustainability…

Works Cited

Corporate Social Responsibility Report." Business Ethics. .

Non-Violence." BBC Online.

Organizational Behavior and People Management Motivating Long-Term
Words: 1170 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35352015
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Organizational Behavior and People Management

Motivating long-term company employees

Competitive remuneration cannot be used in isolation to motivate employees of a company that is focusing on its long time future. Money, an extrinsic motivation, is believed to extinguish intrinsic motivation like achievement motivation. However, money can be used as an indicator of success for various motives. To make long time company employees develop interest in the company's long-term future, some elements of innovation have to be integrated. As the CEO of the company I would initiate college scholarship schemes for veteran employees who may be having interest in furthering their education to be at par with the company's technological advances. College scholarship programs can also be extended to these employees' grandchildren because many grandparents still help with college bills. Long-term employees can also be given the first choice in vacation and shift-schedule request (Sixel, 2011).

I would also provide special…


Oak, C. (2003). Ten Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees. Retrieved November 25, 2012


Rummler, L. (2007, March). Faster Isn't Always Better for Onboarding. Talent Management


Fallacies the Choices That People Make Determine
Words: 1115 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3622493
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The choices that people make determine the shape of things to come. This observation holds true at the individual, organizational, national, and global level. Therefore, it is obvious that close attention needs to be paid to critical thinking ability or the way decisions are made. This inference can be drawn because critical thinking involves the formation of logical inferences, the development of cohesive and logical reasoning patterns, and careful and deliberate determination of whether to accept, reject, or suspend judgment. Thus, learning critical thinking skills can help an individual to recognize propaganda, analyze unstated assumptions in arguments, realize when there is deliberate deception, consider the credibility of information sources, and think a problem or decision through in as objective a manner as possible (Halpern, cited Simon & Kaplan; Stahl & Stahl; Moore & Parker, 1996, p. 5-6). In other words, learning to recognize and avoid unsound reasoning techniques or…


Halpern, D.F. (1996). Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking.

Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Pirie, Dr. M. Ignorantiam, Argumentum Ad. Adam Smith Institute. Retrieved Nov. 4, 2004:

Language of Ordinary People Thomas Paine
Words: 1806 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74487215
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Language of Ordinary People

The American evolution could not have been as strong as it was if it were not for one man, Thomas Paine. He was the one who supported and fought for it with all his synergies, combined in the written form of most celebrated and valued book and pamphlet Common Sense and The American Crisis, which turned the tables for revolution and brought a vibrant change in the history of America. Thomas Paine spoke the language of common people through his words. This assisted them in being able to rise up for their individual rights. He believed that ordinary people should defend their liberty and this concept was written strongly in his top works of eighteenth century, which is still remembered and read throughout the America as an inspiring piece of inscription to raise the most necessary revolution to change America. This thesis tends to explain how…


"Hope for the Wrongly Accused." Voices for Freedom. 1-21, 2011.  / (accessed 7-6, 2012).

Marin., Lucian E. "Free Women from Domestic Violence." Voices for Freedom. 1-16, 2012.  / (accessed 7-6, 2012).

"Together We Can Change the World." Voices for Freedom. 12-13, 2011.  / (accessed 7-6, 2012).

Whittier, John Greenleaf. Voices of Freedom. london: BiblioBazaar, 2011.

Two Forces That Motivate People Self-Interest and
Words: 967 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59846115
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two forces that motivate people: self-Interest and fear.

Motivation is too much of a complex subject to narrow it down to two forces. However, the many forces that motivate people may indeed be classified under these two broad terms. In order to examine the forces that motivate people it is important to first define motivation and examine some of the theories of motivation. The complexity of the subject can be seen even in attempting to do these two things. There are many definitions offered for the term motivation. Motivation has been described as an internal state or condition that activates behavior and gives direction. Or, it has been described as a desire or want that energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior. The definition that I like best is by a psychologist, Samuel Bell, who defines motivation as ' the processes involved in arousing, directing and sustaining behavior'. Whatever the definition, the…

Xhosa People Are Black Africans
Words: 2830 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16898998
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This entertainment is the ceremonial or festive taking of alcoholic drinks at events called "beer parties." Researchers noted the significance of the festive element of work among the laborers but showed beer as an essential aspect of work. The rule in these beer work parties are adjusted to the particular workers involved. It invokes the overall value and morality of helpfulness and reciprocity, which are part of beer-drinking events. It is an expression of a general interdependence between homesteads. Ordinary beer parties emphasize the general principle of mutual helpfulness and mutual relationships in homesteads. ut beer parties for harvest give thanks to ancestors for the homestead's harvest. These parties give recognition to those who plow the homestead's garden (McAllister).

A recent analyzed the relation between cooperative work and beer drinking. It found that beer drinks served as a contact point of everyday activity and ideas in the Xhosa society in…


CESA. The Xhosa. People Profile. Central Eastern Southern Africa, 2008. Retrieved on May 8, 2008 at

Christian Action. The National Suicide of the Xhosa. Vol 2. The Christian Action

Magazine, 2004.

Cornwell, Jane. Sweet Sounds of Freedom. The (London) Independent: Independent

American Pop Culture Maxim Magazine
Words: 1759 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79445104
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The very fact that the magazine openly admires men like Ray Liotta, who show depth beyond the typical alpha male and women like Christina Aguilera, who has chosen to use her sexuality rather than being used by her sexuality, demonstrates that the magazine does not even seriously believe that anyone should become the ideal male. On the contrary, the magazines use of stereotype-heavy advertising and writing suggests that the editors believe that men and women should try to incorporate some of the elements of these traditional stereotypes, while retaining their own individualized personalities. Such a position only becomes problematic when a consumer is not sophisticated enough to recognize that there is a distinction between writing about a stereotype and supporting all aspects of that stereotype. For example, violence against women has long been considered acceptable in sexual stereotyping. Maxim does not have articles, advertisements, or photos that glorify violence against…

Jeep advertisement. 2007. Maxim, March, 77.

Crown Royal advertisement. 2007. Maxim, March, 73.

Trojan advertisement. 2007. Maxim, March 71.

Paltrow and US Magazine
Words: 1212 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44068953
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Paltrow and the Public Eye: As Portrayed by Us Magazine

One public figure who has prominently been focused on with more fervor of recent times has been Gwyneth Paltrow. This is in part because she is a beautiful celebrity and famous actress, and also in part because of a rumor that recently went around that Vanity Fair was planning a "take down" article on her. One online magazine which appears to feature her very heavily and on a regular basis is U.S. Magazine. This magazine will publish something about Ms. Paltrow every few days and appears to play both sides of the coin when it comes to how they portray her. When the magazine wants to portray her favorably, they do so. When they want to portray her unfavorably, they do so as well. They're extremely mercurial when it comes to how she is presented to the rest of the…


Eggenberger, N. (2014, Feb 3). Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Old Photo With "True Genius," Talented Mr. Ripley Costar Philip Seymour Hoffman. Retrieved from 

Ravitz, J. (2014, Feb 4). Graydon Carter Breaks Silence on Gwyneth Paltrow "Epic Takedown" Story in Vanity Fair. Retrieved from 

Takeda, A. (2014, February 4). George Clooney Jokes About Gwyneth Paltrow Vanity Fair Saga With Julia Roberts. Retrieved from 

Tanenbaum, S. (2014, Feb 11). Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna Look Chic in Black at Great American Songbook Event. Retrieved from

osenzweig, "Can TV improve ?" (Handout) http://www.time./time/magazine/article/0,9171,996688-4,00.html 2. Cloud, "Never Too Buff" (handout) O • Write essay contrast attitudes a controversial subject002E

The two articles provided for comparison, "Never Too Buff" by John Cloud and "Can TV Improve Us?" By Jane osenzweig deal with similar aspects related to the influence media has on human behavior and especially on teenagers and young adults, the most vulnerable groups in the society from this point-of-view.

The main idea of the two articles revolves around the belief that such vulnerable groups have a tendency to be influenced by the media in the way in which they perceive themselves, they perceive others, and the environment around them. John Cloud's article provides a view on the way in which society has changed in recent decades to further include extreme beliefs about one's body to such extends that they often use extreme measures to get the…


Cloud, John. "Never too buff." Time Magazine. 24 April 2000, available online at,9171,996688-2,00.html 

Rosenzweig, Jane. "Can TV Improve Us?." The American Prospect. November 16, 2001. Available online at

Remark When Passing a Magazine on the
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54573851
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remark when passing a magazine on the stand called Teenage Glamour with a girl who barely had anything extra blossoming on her bosom area on the cover. And people wonder why children, especially girls, want to grow up so quickly? Is it any wonder? Next week, a new magazine is coming out called Baby Girl Glamour.

"Wit's end," by Daisy Fried is about a father pained by the fact that his "baby" spends countless hours in the bathroom doing inane things like shaving her legs and applying tons of makeup. The poem clearly demonstrates both the success the cosmetic companies are having with their target audiences and how girls use makeup as a means to cut themselves off from their fathers and show who is boss.

The "beauty" (pun intended) of the poem "Wit's end" are the images that can be quickly visualized by anyone having lived with a female…

American Terrorism for Many People
Words: 14357 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86656733
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The USA Patriot Act: This was a law that was passed after September 11th. It is giving the police and intelligence officials the power to go after terrorists organizations easier. As it lifted various Constitutional protections when investigating these offenses.

Counter Terrorism: These are the activities that: federal, state and local officials are taking to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): These are weapons designed to inflict large amounts of casualties. These include: chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear.

These different terms are important, because they will help to avoid confusion and will focus the reader on understanding the overall scope of the problem.

Limitations of the Study

The limitations of the study are that the information we are presenting, could be pointing out a number of different problems. Yet, beneath the surface they are failing to identify possible changes that could have already been implemented by federal…


39% Say Government. (2011). Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved from: 

Al Shabaab American Recruits. (2010). ADL. Retrieved from: 

Comparative Analysis. (2011). Business Dictionary. Retrieved from: 

Jose Padilla. (2009). New York Times. Retrieved from:

City Its People and Its Buildings
Words: 829 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24433844
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Headline: Man with a Movie Camera

In "Man with a Movie Camera" Dziga Vertov uses wonderfully original and creative cinematic techniques that had not previously been utilized, and for that reason this film has been lauded as one of the best silent films ever produced. From a basic point-of-view it is a futuristic documentary on city life in the Soviet cities of Kiev, Moscow and Odessa. From a more flexible, liberal point-of-view, what Vertov was doing was to create images that represent a city of the future, and to make people think about what they are seeing. The images of industrialization, of transportation (trolleys on many tracks crisscrossing city streets), of workers putting strong efforts into their jobs, of a woman getting dressed, and of a man making movies -- all these images relate to the city.

Video links with a News Source: hat was missing in the movie…

Works Cited

Burns, Rebecca. "Public Art and Community: What can we learn from the Krog Tunnel

Controversy?" Atlanta Magazine. Retrieved November 4, 2014, from . 2014.

Seward, Zachary M. "The failure of One World Trade Center." Quartz. Retrieved November 4, 2014, from . 2014.

Managing People Bridging the Generation
Words: 1686 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3539351
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This is also in defiance of the usual job search and reward method -- instead of salary-driven, Millennials are fulfillment-driven.

Through these intergenerational pairings, companies hope to tap into this valuable, selfless idealistic pursuit of knowledge and social capital for its own sake, while not losing the work ethic and focus of older generations. The experiment at andstad has been quite successful in many instances, although the degree to which the two personalities melded, it was reported, often varied between teams. Of course, a Baby Boomer might wryly observer that the fact that the degree to which the partners liked one another was so influential in the team's success might be seen as 'very Generation Y' Generation Y, the Google generation that spawned the search engine created by a company where work and play have almost no division at all at its corporate headquarters, wants to have fun at work,…


Bridging the generation gap. (2007, September 1) BusinessWeek. 60-61. Retrieved February

18, 2010 at 

Fenn, Donna. (2009, September 30. Gen Y Entrepreneurs. Fast Company.

Retrieved February 18, 2010 at

E-Businesses Challenged Create Trust Customers People Don't
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E-businesses challenged create trust customers. People don't send money strangers . ead article: Mangiaracina,

When considering a business model for you company it is highly important to pattern it on that of other successful companies that are also based online. Jeff Beer's article "Outlook 2011: The new dotcom boom" provides several case studies of online companies with robust business models that have proven records of success. The unifying factor of all organizations mentioned, and the ones that provide the most tangible examples of success, Groupon and Twitter, is that their models are all based on solid marketing. One of the most critical elements of marketing for online businesses is to create a sense of community with one's customer base. Doing so in turn increases that customer base by readily involving more members of the general population as part of an organization's community. However, there are a set of management concerns…


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What Makes People Attractive to Others
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On Matters of Interpersonal Attraction

For heterosexual undergraduate women, there is quite a bit of information available regarding what your male counterparts find attractive. The first thing a young lady can do for herself in the aim of increasing her levels of attraction to undergraduate males is to do her homework. Undergraduate women of the 21st century are at a great advantage as they have considerable academic resources at their fingertips, quite literally, to assist them in understanding what undergraduate, heterosexual males find most attractive. Undergraduate females should avoid what a number of consumer magazines have to say about males and what they find attractive. Interested females can do a few things, including performing some academic-level research as well as some personal research. There are a number of journals in fields such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, and others that offer valid and useful insights into how males at…


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Enemy of the People Act
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.. does it not?

STOCKMAN: That is so, the market may make cowards of all of us, ere long. The man who stops and considers how each action will effect his bottom line may refrain from taking actions he should take, and may begin to take actions he should not... all to please the fickle and evil majority. All that we can do is our absolute best... And we should hope that the market rewards our good work with fair reward, but we should not be surprised if the market only punishes us for failing to put finances before the Right.

Yet when the market works, this is how it works -- that people recognize and desire quality, and are willing to give more and spend more to achieve it.

STUDENT: And can the political system work the same way that an ideal market system works? Can people recognize and…

Outliers People Are Fascinated by Success Stories
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People are fascinated by success stories, especially the rags-to-riches stories wherein someone starts from nothing and, through a combination of hard work and extraordinary luck, becomes famous and rich. In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell profiles a number of individuals who have been tremendously successful. Some of the names are well-known: Bill Gates, the Beatles, obert Oppenheimer. The stories of their success are much more complex and interesting than one could ever imagine. Gladwell also provides plenty of examples of people for whom success has been elusive. They appear to have much in their favor and yet circumstances such as culture, class, family and even date of birth relegated them to an existence of missed opportunities and mediocrity. Talent, hard work and luck are certainly components of success but, as Gladwell shows, the back story is often richer and more complicated.

In the beginning…


Gladwell's Outliers: Timing is almost everything. (2008). BusinessWeek 11/20/08. Retrieved from 

Gladwell, M. (2008). Outliers: The story of success. New York: Little, Brown.

Old People Native Americans and Those Non-Indian-American
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Old People

Native Americans and those non-Indian-American settlers have very different traditions for recording history. The Native Americans live in an oral culture that records history and important information in language. This is common in societies that lack the written language. For many with the written language, it is difficult to relate to the accuracy of cultures that use an oral tradition to record knowledge. The record of written language dates back many of thousands of years and have been embedded in a cultural conscience. If you have grown up in a culture in which writes down its important information, it can be hard for you to fully appreciate other traditions.

I think the primary thesis can this argument can be related to some of the same kind of trends that are occurring today as communication mediums evolve. As email has replaced written letters in mainstream culture, the appreciation for…

Works Cited

Fisher, A. (1999). 'This I Know from the Old People': Yakama Indian Treaty Rights as Oral Tradition. The Magazine of Western History, 2-17.

Hiring People the Recruitment and
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The advantages of external recruitment consist in bringing people with new ideas within the company and continuing to the diversity of the company. The disadvantages are represented by the high costs and resources this type of recruitment requires. Most companies use this type of recruitment for lower level positions.

When analyzing these types of recruitment, it is recommended to associate them with various situations. This is because they have been developed in order to be used in situation characterized by different conditions, instead of addressing similar situations. The inefficiency associated with these recruitment techniques must be attributed to their incorrect application.

Another important issue derived from the hiring process is considered to be the retention of the employees. In some specialists' opinion, retention problems begin during the hiring process. The recruiting factors that are considered to influence personnel retention are represented by: hiring people focused on money, recruitment sources, their…

Reference list:


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Leading Change and Leading People
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Leading Change and Leading People

For more than 20 years, I have been a leader in both the government and in the private business environment. This encompasses both work in the United States Army as a noncommissioned officer, and work in the civilian world within the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Leading change requires a great deal of initiative and more than just having a vision for the future. This is an important lesson that I have learned through the experiences in my life and the work that I have done for myself and others throughout my career.

I have been fortunate enough to have been mentored by some very outstanding individuals during my career, and have been promoted 10 times to attain my current grade of GS-15, which indicates that I am able to lead both people and change, get support for programs, influence resources,…

Leading People
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Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

In the book "Primal Leadership: Realizing the power of emotional intelligence," authors David Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee presented and discussed the findings of their research about more than 3,000 executives' leadership styles. More importantly, the discussion delved onto the relationship that these executives have with their emotional intelligence. Leadership style is dependent on emotional intelligence primarily because an executive's ability to adapt to problems, challenges, and unexpected situations depend mostly on one's skill to adapt or adjust efficiently to these situations / problems. From the researchers' findings, it was found that "leaders who used styles with a positive emotional impact saw decidedly better financial returns than those who did not."

The research was able to uncover and determine the different leadership styles extant in most organizations today. Mainly, leaders are categorized as…

Work cited

Goleman, D., R. Boyatzis, and A. McKee. (2001). Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. Harvard Business School Press.

Janet's Decision Every Day People
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" The means do not justify the end. Kant is stang that. Kant is saying that one individual, in this case Janet, cannot use another person, Karen, as a means to an end. A person must never use another for his/her own purposes. In this case, Karen is not only accepting the fact that she is a means to an end, but she is promoting the idea -- namely, because it justifies her own actions. She will not be alone with her own moral decision. However in a wider sense, based on Kant, Janet is using all human beings as a means to justify her ends. Here, the ethical considerations are much greater.

To the contrary, from a utiliatarian point-of-view, the consequences or result of an action make that action either moral or immoral. An action that leads to beneficial or positive consequences is right or moral and one that…

High and Inside in the Newsweek Magazine
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High and Inside

In the Newsweek Magazine article "High and Inside" by Mark Starr, the issue of illegal drug use among professional sports players is given focus. Citing particularly the case of American baseball stars, Starr puts forth the argument that the issue illegal drug use such as subsistence to steroid injections goes beyond the fact that it is illegal -- the bigger issue at hand is that such a system prevails in sports organizations because it is supported and encouraged by everyone in it.

In arguing this primary thesis of the article, Starr exemplifies the case of baseball star Jason Giambi as one of the models of how the proliferation of illegal drug use has made it so common and an imperative requirement for a professional athlete. Chronicling Giambi's career as a professional baseball player, the article details how, just before the peak of his career, he had already…

Work cited

Starr, M. (2004). "High and Inside." Newsweek Magazine. Available at: /id/6652658/site/newsweek.

2001 the New York Times Magazine Published
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2001 the New York Times Magazine published an editorial by Andrew Sullivan entitled "Who's Being Shut Out of All the World War II Glory?" In it, Sullivan asked why historians (both in Washington and Hollywood) have ignored the contributions of gay soldiers, and links this to the current "don't ask, don't tell" policy that was resulting in an upsurge in sexuality-related discharges from the military. Shortly after this article was released, David Horowitz wrote a response article entitled "Why Gays Shouldn't Serve." Though Horowitz claimed that his article was designed to refute the "p.c. thinking" of Sullivan's article by arguing for "pragmatic" counterarguments, in reality he does not argue particularly about any of Sullivan's ideas of recognizing the past roles of gay individuals or relating those past experiences to the decisions of today. Rather he creates a practical argument which suggests that allowing homosexuals officially in the military would be…

Contraceptives Many People Believe That
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Edward Green, a senior research scientist at Harvard and the director of the Aids Prevention Research Project states "the safer people feel when engaging in risky behavior, the more likely they are to increase that behavior" (Gross & Looby, 2010, p. 64). These conflicting results, from two purported experts, presents the dilemma faced by parents and administrators. Neither side can justify (on science alone) their side, and so the rhetoric continues, with neither side winning. The Looby and Gross report does state "Though it seems counterintuitive, the countries that have seen continued increases in the rate of AIDS infection are the ones that have adopted the most aggressive condom distribution campaigns" (p. 64).

If that is true then a program designed to curb teenage sexual activities may, as parents often assert, be promoting additional risky behavior. The question then remains as to how to confront the problem.

This author believes…

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Jemmott III, J.B.; Jemmott, L.S.; Fong, G.T.; Morales, K.H.; (2010) Effectiveness of an HIV/STD risk-reduction intervention for adolescents when implemented by community-based organizations: A cluster-randomized controlled trial, American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 100, Issue 4, pp. 720 -- 726

Legend of Big Foot People
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The media has sprung up with a series of phony pictures and footage over the years showing Bigfoot in various conditions. Considering the many contentious sightings of Bigfoot, it is rather difficult to classify certain sightings as being true. Even with that, movies such as the Patterson Film have succeeded in receiving attention from the public because of the fact that the researchers had presented evidence that was virtually impossible to contest. There is still a long way to go in order for Bigfoot's existence to be acknowledged, considering the fact that there will always be people coming up with fake evidence that only succeeds in bringing more mystery to the topic.

On the one hand, Bigfoot enthusiasts motivate the creature's existence by claiming that Bigfoot is the descendent of an ancient ape named Gigantopithecus blacki. On the other hand, Scientists believe that Bigfoot, the Sasquatch, and Yeti are just…

Works cited:

1. Butler, Allen. (2005). "The Legend of Bigfoot." Retrieved October 8, 2009, from the Associated Content Web site:

Older Many People Say Life
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88). One of the expressed "joys" of middle age, is that people no longer worry about what everyone else says is right or wrong. Their self-esteem grows, and they are more certain of their own self-worth.

Thus, so what if some people become nostalgic for the past more than ever as they become older? It's fine as long as it does not completely make them immobile, but rather keeps them whole and stronger as individuals. Nostalgia does not have to be "mired in the swamps of middlebrow mushiness" or mean that "being impervious to the past is a badge of sophistication" (p.114). Being nostalgic can also mean gaining pleasure and learning from the past.

Let's face it, says the author, everyone also feels differently about physical changes that occur when becoming older. Is each new change with age a cause of shame or a badge of experience? Some people can…

Annabel by Kathleen Winter Many People Use
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Annabel by Kathleen inter

Many people use the terms gender and sex interchangeably. Sociologists have made it clear that these are, in fact, two very different concepts. Sex is the physical difference between men and women. Gender is the sociological difference that society places on male and female based on attributes that have been historically applied to one sex over the other. There is a clear delineation between gender and sex. This distinction is the subject of the novel Annabel by Kathleen inter. A young person is born without a clear distinction over what his or her physical sex is and thus the physical cannot determine if the begin is man or woman. Therefore, the only way that the person is labeled with regard to these categories is by the gender imposition of his or her mother and father who are clearly physically and sociologically male and female. Annabel artistically…

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Prison Problem The Violence People
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A major portion of an inmate's helplessness, deprivation, depression and self-loathing etc. arises due to physical and psychological victimization that he or she has to face. Physical victimization includes homicide, assault and rape. These arise due to poor staff supervision and keeping defenseless prisoners with the violent ones. On the other hand, psychological victimization involves verbal manipulation and harsh psychological attacks of personal nature.

The stronger inmates attempt to create their own subcultures that show their dominance, rule and assertion on all prisoners (Heilpern, 1998). To fulfill the maintenance of these subcultures, they resort to rape, riots or even homicide spreading mental illnesses like stress, phobias, enhanced criminal activity, shame, guilt, etc. among the weaker prisoners.

Imprisonment: Eliminating or aggravating crime?

It is not a hidden matter that jails, even after intensive care and security, are not free of brutality, stress and violence among the inmates. The safety of each…


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Religious Views of the Holocaust Most People
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Religious Views of the Holocaust

Most people realize that during World War II, the Nazi Party of Germany waged a relentless war against people they did not welcome in their country for one reason or another. We all know that over 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust, but many people don't realize that the Nazis targeted others as well, including Gypsies and some Christians who would not cooperate with the Nazi regime or who were caught aiding those who were supposed to be sent to concentration camps.

Given that the Holocaust was a multicultural and multi-religious event, it is interesting to consider how some major religions might view the events. Christianity teaches that all murder is against the law of God. However most Christian religions allow the execution of criminals by state governments. This is why we have individuals who protest executions but rarely hear entire denominations protest such…


Dworkin, Andrea. 1994. The Unremembered: Searching for Women at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Ms. Magazine, V:3

Rittner, Carol, Smith, Stephen D., and Steinfeldt, Irena, editors.

The Holocaust and the Christian World: Reflections on the Past - Challenges for the Future. 1994. New York: Continuum.

Hiring People
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growing imperative to be globally competitive as well as the increasing sophistication of customer needs, organizations must hire the highest quality employees. Unfortunately, however, many companies do not have an effective hiring system in place. Since the hiring process has been such a fundamental part of an organization's human resources ongoing responsibility for such a long time, it is often taken for granted and not reviewed and critiqued on a regular basis. Many organizations believe that since people are being hired to fill the openings, the hiring process is working effectively. Yet they do not understand why they have a high turnover rate or employees who cannot meet their responsibilities. The organization may be hiring candidates, but not those who fit in with the culture or want to stay with the organization. Filling the necessary number of positions is important, but choosing people who will appreciate, share, and promote the…

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Britney Spears -- Pop Star
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608). Hence, Spears is seen as transcending from teen pop star to "vamp." Some of her fans refer to her as "slore" (the combined words "slut" and "whore") because of her move from teen cuteness to adult soft core pornography.

Although it is possible, it doesn't seem likely that Spears suffers from schizophrenia. In his book, Dr. David Barlow lists the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia, and while Spears has shown "grossly disorganized…" behavior, to our knowledge she does not have disorganized speech, delusions or hallucinations. There is nothing in the literature about Spears that indicates she has had autistic issues or psychotic lapses, but again, schizophrenia is a remote possibility (Barlow, et al., 2008).

hat interventions may be appropriate for Spears, given the widespread believe among those close to her and professionals that she has psychological problems?

Does Spears suffer from a bipolar condition? According to Medline Plus (part of…

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Second Talks Readings Relates Thrust Module Third
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Second, talks readings relates thrust module. Third, a chance react material. In piece, argue perspective readings.

Aristotle's "Politics" addresses a series of concepts such as the perfect state and the number of political ideologies that are more or less likely to play an active role in making such a state possible. The text appears to be aimed at emphasizing how attitudes can be essential in creating an ideal state and to the state's connection to the dominant political ideology within its borders. Aristotle believed that one needs to concentrate both on the individual and on the community as a whole when considering the nature of a state.

The Greek philosopher was determined to provide his readers with a complex account concerning the roles that individuals played in a state and how their attitudes (and the community's attitudes in general) could make the difference between a rational state and one that…


Aristotle. "Politics." Retrieved October 18, 2013, from 

Thompson, C. "Clive Thompson on Why the Next Civil Rights Battle Will Be Over the Mind." Retrieved October 18, 2013, from

Science Intuition Cliff Bannaker Hero
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Their lack of foresight was really their downfall, and the crux at the heart of this story. If they did it, how many other labs do it too, and how much research is suspect?

Ultimately, Cliff's story and the controversy surrounding it is a study in ethics, and that's the real issue for us here at the Globe. Sandy and Marion knew the results were preliminary, but they chose to release them to Nature anyway. That was unethical and unprofessional. Marion fought against it, but Sandy won out with his attitude they had to release to get a lock on the research. He tells Marion, "We can't afford to wait six months for the review. In the meantime, everyone and his brother is going to try this" (Goodman 71). It is Sandy's need for attention and publicity that helps fuel the situation, and he should be held accountable for the…


Goodman, a. (2006). Intuition. New York: The Dial Press.

Commercials Smehra Print Commercials in a Print
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Commercials Smehra

Print Commercials

In a print AD found in National Geographic's May 2003 issue, Canon's print AD involves a photograph of a 'blunt-nosed leopard lizard'. National Geographic is known, among many things, for its photography, and Canon use this image to capture a spirit of National Geographic in their commercial. The AD contains an interior shot of a map location of where the lizard is located in the world, as well as a snippet of information regarding its length, weight and surviving number. Canon's AD is definitely appealing to the demographic that read (or flip through the pages of) National Geographic. The print section of the AD actually is two-paragraphs of information regarding the lizard and not about Canon's cameras or lens.

As a closer, Canon states "As an active, committed global corporation, we join worldwide efforts to promote awareness of endangered species" which ties in to the magazine…

Ad Description The Color Ad Chosen From
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Ad Description:

The color ad chosen from People Magazine advertises Thai Airways Southeast Asia Silk Express, the "fastest service from New York to Bangkok." The headline reads, "Less time flying, More time exploring Asia." What catches the attention is the very strange, actually laughable, juxtaposition between the photograph of the ancient spires of what appears to be the Grand Palace on the left frame and an attractive Caucasian woman with her palms pressed together in Asian form and a gold headdress on the right. Whether or not the marketing department wanted this to appear straight or humorous, it draws the viewer. There is very little white space, with the photographs and copy covering most of the page. The signature THAI: Smooth as silk, runs at the end of the page.


The 30-year-old People magazine claims 9.8 readers for every issue printed. Circulation is over 3,600,000, and readership is…

Korean-American Journal Entry Korean-Americans Have
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My father's parents first operated a Laundromat, then a small general store. My father is now a civil engineer.

School was always a priority in my household. I did not have to work in a family business like my parents, but it was always expected that I would get high marks and devote my attention to keeping at the top of my class and pursuing extracurricular activities that were valuable and enriching, including soccer and music. However, this did not mean there I had no fun as a child. I have many happy memories of my family watching my sports games and concerts and preparing traditional foods with my grandmothers.

Sometimes the pressure I felt was quite intense. My parents had succeeded against all the odds and were determined that I would succeed as well. However, I felt that I needed to pursue a different path. ather than going to…


Korean-American History. (2010). Curriculum guide: Unit 1. Retrieved August 6, 2010 at 

Rusling, Matt. (2006, April 21). Comics stoke Japanese-Korean tensions. Asian Times Online.

Retrieved August 6, 2010 at

Hermes Birkin Bag Diffusion of
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With such an influential opinion leader as the character of Samantha obsessing about the bag, and outright lying about it being for Lucy Liu to be able to possess one for herself (Givhan, 2004), a mass audience of aspiring fashionistas was convinced, or persuaded, that a Birkin bag was a "must have" for them. However, once these late majority women learned of the high price tag of the bag, and the years-long waiting list, they would have made the decision to purchase a less-expensive knock-off. The implementation would occur when they wore the knock-off Birkin in public. Dissonance may have occurred at the confirmation stage if the knock-off did not meet the expectations of the purchaser (ogers 1995, p. 181), or if a friend or peer spotted the bag as a "fake."

Indeed, it is in Hermes best interest, in order to protect the exclusive image of the brand, that…


Bag lady: Victoria Beckham's 100-strong Birkin bag collection that's worth £1.5m. (2009). Daily Mail. Retrieved November 20, 3011 at 

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Irrational Belief Addressing Each Irrational
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This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

8. Everything in life is a win-lose perspective.

Always play on level ground with peers. Each situation can be a win-win one when we respect other people. Philippians 2:3: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves."

9. People who believe differently are viewed as having moral inferiority's rather than merely differences in behavior.

People of different persuasions whether religious or behavioral are not morally inferior. Unfortunately even Jesus wanted to kill any non-believers. Luke 19:27: "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them -- bring them here and kill them in front of me."

10. ne has the right to be free from discomfort and to glide through life with only minimum frustration.

Suffering is a part of life; however, there is always relief…

One of the reasons for the lack of interest in ecclesiastical form, ritual, and participation is the hypocrisy and corruption inherent in organized religion. Gunter, L. (2010). A stain of sin. National Post. Retrieved April 8, 2010 from

7. The ability to manage the premature granting of adult roles and responsibilities

Bristol Palin, daughter of Darah Palin, speaks out against teen pregnancy based on her personal experience:

Participatory Journalism -- The Act
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But, significantly, the category "politics and history" is the second most popular at 15 per cent" (Cohen, 2008).

Consensus vs. Credentials -- Scholarship implies a certain level of expertise on a given subject. The public must trust its sources, and those sources must be authoritative and peer reviewed. Most anyone can "read up" on a subject, but lack the rigorous academic analysis required in graduate school -- the pool that forms experts. Individuals may, or may not be, familiar with the latest in scholarship because they may or may not have access to the journals within a given field, or have the time to attend conferences to listen to the new directions and discoveries that academics are paid to pursue (Boyd, 2005).

eliability and Accuracy -- Without any general editors, fact checkers, or other controls, Wikipedia encourages those without verifiable credentials to present material on which no one knows if…


Ahrens, F. (July 9, 2006). "Death by Wikipedia: The Kenneth Lay Chronicles."

The Washington Post. Cited in: 

Baker, N. (2008). "The Charms of Wikipedia." The New York Review of Books. 55(4):

Children There Written by Alex Kotlowitz a
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Children There

ritten by Alex Kotlowitz, a reporter for the all Street Journal, the book There Are No Children There follows two boys' activities around the Henry Horner Homes, a low-income public housing project in Chicago, Illinois. The book covers the time period from the summer of 1987 through September, 1989, and follows the protagonists, Lafeyette Rivers (nearly 12 years old) and Pharoah Rivers (nine years old). This is not an ordinary American neighborhood. It is a heavy gang area, a war zone where shootings are commonplace, drugs are a catalyst for crime and death seems to lurk around every corner. This paper will review the book chronologically through five chapters then provide a closer critique of LaJoe Rivers, the mother of the protagonists.

The average American comes home from work in the evening, opens a refreshing cold drink, gets comfortable on the couch and turns on the evening news.…

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Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston

'hen somebody follows you 20 blocks to the pharmacy, where they watch you buy toilet paper, you know your life has changed," Jennifer Aniston is quoted as saying on Undoubtedly, Jennifer Aniston's life has changed considerably since she became a superstar and Hollywood sex symbol. Although her parents are both actors, Jennifer became far more famous than either her mom or her dad. Her father, John Aniston, has played a major role as Victor Kiriakis on the decades-old television soap opera Days of Our Lives since the mid-1980s, but Jennifer has made a far bigger name for herself in prime time and on the big screen. Thanks to her role as Rachel on the hit television show Friends, and no doubt in part also to her marriage to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston might be more renowned than her now deceased godfather, Telly Savalas, well-known as his role…

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Computers the Effects of Heavy
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Thus "we become accustomed to demanding rather than requesting, and we unlearn the skill of making someone feel good about doing what we need" (Coffee, 2002, p. 302). The experience of continuous demands from the computer runs counter to what is required for interaction with people. The inanimate object is there to satisfy all the cyber desires at the press of a key. A person will not function in the same manner. Interacting with flesh and blood requires a different attitude, which is not engaged when the computer is interfaced with regularly. The net result of that practice is diminished civility and a boorishness that impresses demands on others. To get services from people requires politeness and at times social grace; these are not involved in the digital interaction with the computer.

Perhaps the most damning element of excessive computer usage occurs when the virtual confuses the real, and this…


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Purchased the Book Engineer in
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The purpose of this precaution is to maximize the ability of the company to pursue violations of its copyright in an appropriate court of law or other forum and to ensure that the company is entitled to the maximum compensation allowed by law for copyright infringement of its intellectual property. That notice shall read as follows:

No part of this copyrighted intellectual property may be reproduced for any purpose, whether or not for profit, without the express written authorization of XYZ Company. Any violation of XYZ copyright of this protected material will be pursued to the fullest extent of the applicable criminal and civil law against any and all parties involved.

Policy 2 -- Non-Use of Company Intellectual Property by Employees

The XYZ Corporation is the sole owner of any and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights of any and all intellectual property created by its employees in the…

Defending and Fighting for Your
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There is no cause worth killing and dying for, and killing and dying are not heroic.

It would be different maybe if another country invaded the United States (like we did Iraq) and want to change our government. Probably most people would fight that. But Vietnam and Iraq are "mistakes." Almost everybody knows it. Why should we die for a mistake? Why should 3,000 men and women die in Iraq for a mistake? More than 60% of the people in the U.S. are against the war in Iraq. They don't want it. And now the president wants to send 21,500 more troops there. That makes about 2,388 more who will also die. it's like throwing good money after bad. We never going to "win."

Anybody who goes in the military now must be just plain stupid. People that join up believe they'll find out what they're worth, how brave they…


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Rewards for the Watchmen
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Watchman Award

Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) Receives the Nobel Peace Prize

Five prizes are awarded by the Nobel committees each year, and probably the most memorable is the Nobel Peace Prize. Although the selection is sometimes controversial, the committee has specific directions from the founder himself regarding the quality of person he wished to receive this award. In devising how the specific prizes should be awarded, Nobel wrote specific language regarding each category. For the Nobel Peace Prize he said he wanted it to go "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses" (The Nobel Peace Prize). Thus, it is no wonder that the Peace Prize committee has awarded the prize to the man who is most responsible for the eradication of hostilities between the Soviet…

Welfare Mental Health Problems and
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Consistent with this, other findings propose that women are more likely than men to take part in violence in the home whereas men are more likely than women to take part in violence in public places.

Even though there is some evidence that mental illness is associated with violence, it appears that the bigger contributing factor is that of outside influences. Substance abuse appears to be the greatest contributing factor, but it can be something as insignificant as one's living arrangements or even just their gender. Overall people with mental health problems do not appear to be at an increased risk of violence.


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