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people internet mobile media change ways news created received? How change power relationship traditional news organisations 'audiences'?What benefits drawbacks developments?

Internet's Effect on the News Industry

The internet is responsible for having revolutionized virtually all domains, given that more and more individuals come to break away from conventionality and embrace the internet. The media and news devices in particular have been severely affected as a result of the fact that the internet has experienced progress in the recent years. It is very important for someone who wants to succeed in the contemporary society to be acquainted with the internet, as most of today's affairs occur on the internet. People in the present are inclined to surf the internet when they want to check out the latest news, as it provides them with the opportunity to select the exact news that they are interested in, without having them watch a whole TV program presenting news as they wait for what concerns them to turn out.

The news industry has been significantly influenced by the appearance of the internet, and, in order for people working in the domain to be certain that they will be able to do their jobs in the future, news devices need to be upgraded and ready to adapt to society's trends. People have actually gotten accustomed to getting their news supply on the internet, as traditional media devices are outdated and uncomfortable in comparison to it. "Advertisers are rushing to the Internet. Readers, even of the best newspapers and magazines, are abandoning print, while network television news shows have been losing viewers faster than you can say "CNN, MSNBC or Fox?" (Sullivan, 2006). Businessmen in the news industry need to adapt so as for them to be able to continue doing their business, as doing otherwise is likely to bring them closer to bankruptcy. Although it is difficult to determine the way that news devices are going to evolve in the future, it is very probable that internet news will represent a hallmark in the news industry. People become less and less attached to traditional media devices and employ a supportive position in regard to the internet. News moguls everywhere reevaluate their options and eventually acknowledge the fact that their only chance to experience progress is for them to gradually transfer their enterprises on the internet. One would have to be an ignorant to stand by as technologies changes everything and do nothing in order to protect their investments. News operators learnt that traditional media devices have become less appealing to the masses and that it is hence very important for them to adapt (Allan 2).

Surely, it is difficult for most people to keep up with change, especially when considering old people who lived most of their lives reading papers and watching TV with the purpose of learning the latest news. Even with that, the internet is seeing more and more "digital immigrants" every day, with individuals appreciating the multitude of information that they can access there. In addition to having trouble in a digitalized world, a series of adults experience distress as they watch young individuals surf the internet with little to no difficulties. Similar to how many adults today have lived in a world where news was made possible because of a series of editors and TV presenters deciding how they would present particular matters, young people have become used to getting their news from more than one place, as the internet makes it possible for them to see what several individuals think about a certain issue. This makes it possible for someone getting his or her news from the internet to be able to see the bigger picture, as news tends to be less biased.

The way that people are presented with news has changed greatly in the last few years and while traditional media devices are still thriving today because of the fact that many people find it difficult to pass on to newer mediums, matters are likely to change across time, as young people today consider that it is somewhat inconvenient for them to get their information from newspapers, magazines, and from TV. Instead of considering that this new era brings on a lot of problems, people working in the news industry need to focus on the benefits that they can get out of this process. Journalism has improved greatly during the recent years as a result of its relationship with the internet. People are enabled to address more of their concerns when they use the internet. It is very probable that most young people today turn to the internet when they want to access news-related topics.

The internet does not only change news operators and people who are interested in being constantly up-to-date with what is going on in the world. Journalism is one of the segments that have been seriously influenced by the rise of the internet. "More than 8 in 10 now say that at least once a week they use the Web to keep up with the news by reading the sites of other news organizations, get background information for stories from the Web or computer databases such as Lexis-Nexis, and search for or receive press releases via e-mail or the Web" (Mitchell). In addition to being practically addicted to seeing news on the internet, online journalists also need to observe their readers, viewers, and listeners, so as for them to be able to understand what is and what is not acceptable on the internet. Many journalists are apparently getting their stories from the internet, given that it presents them with an almost limitless amount of information.

One of the reasons for which people prefer to access news through the internet is the fact that they can get any kind of news at any given moment on the internet. In spite of the fact that they lost significant ground as the internet experienced progress, local and national television has managed to stay on top as the most renowned news medium. People have not simply turned to the internet once they realized its use, as they decided that it was better for them to access several news devices in order to be able to be presented with an objective image of the news that they were interested in. It is difficult to predict if this practice will continue in the future, as is it very probable that future generations will be less supportive in regard to non-internet news mediums. In addition to getting their information from more than one source, people have also gotten accustomed to favoring and watching several news-related websites. According to Dong Ngo, "61% of Americans go online at least once a day to read news and 71% read online news at least occasionally" (Ngo). There are several reasons for which people want to know the news, as some enjoy discussing news with their friends while others are interested in new because they feel that it is essential for people in general to be acquainted with what goes on in the world.

It is much easier for people to access news in the contemporary society, as some individuals like to be constantly up-to-date with the latest news and thus use their mobile phones with the purpose of watching, listening, or reading news. The internet appears to be more complex when considering its ability to serve as a media device. In comparison to newspapers and television, the internet has also changed the ways that people come in contact with news, as they can use today's technology with the purpose of accessing news from wherever they want to. Moreover, individuals can get actively engaged in contributing with and in discussing news on the internet. Many people actually choose a particular topic and then debate it…

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