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Performance Measures Essays (Examples)

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Performance Assessment Systems Are Critical
Words: 594 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75388879
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By the nature of their work, they have access to a lot of valuable information that can be used to provide measures in performance assessment systems. Additionally, management accountants are already oriented towards many actions that focus on improving efficient, productivity and profitability. Management accountants therefore have the expertise needed to understand what measures are best aligned with the company's objectives. If they are involved in the development of assessment systems, the systems will be stronger.

For the most part, the measures in performance assessment systems are reliable and accurate. The emphasis that these systems has on quantitative analysis means that most measure are not subject to much subjectivity. The systems are, however, only as good as the quality of the measurement processes. If there are faults in the measurement process then there will also be faults in the data, and ultimately in the interpretation of that data. It is…

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Performance Measurement for Project Management Every Enterprise
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50340969
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Performance Measurement for Project Management

Every enterprise which employs a diverse and multifaceted workforce to facilitate organization, production, and service, from major international corporations to local community churches, utilizes a concept known as performance management to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. The field of performance management has been defined by managerial researchers as a "strategic and integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of companies by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors" (Armstrong and Baron, 1998), and the technique has been used since the 1970's by businesses seeking to improve their organizational results. For the sake of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino's proposed luxury tour bus renovation project, it is essential to examine the complex issue of performance management from the varying perspectives of the different stakeholders involved, including the project's sponsors (MGM Grand Hotel and…


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Performance Management Today What We
Words: 500 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47672874
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In a good performance management system the manager plays a vital role. He is responsible to not only identify the employee strengths and weaknesses but also to acknowledge good performance and to provide developmental suggestions. The later part is very important, as it does no good to just spot the deficiency of an employee without providing positive suggestions for improvement. The employees for their part must be encouraged to provide their valuable input during every stage of the process. For example, some organizations even collect feedback from employees to evaluate the performance of their superiors. Thus, an appraisal denotes not just the supervisors assessing their subordinates but also rating from team members, rating by employees of their superiors, review by the HR department etc. Once such active and collaborative participation is achieved then the performance appraisal process attains its chosen objective, that of increasing the overall employee performance.

Performance appraisal…

Measure You Get What You Measure the
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48012657
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You Get What You Measure

The phrase "you get what you pay for" is pretty easy to understand, but "you get what you measure" is a little more difficult -- measuring doesn't actually procure or "get" anything other than a measurement, and of course you get the measurement that you take -- that's self-evident, right? In the business world, though, people often seem to think that they can get whatever results they want simply by suiting the measurement to suit their own purposes, even if this doesn't really measure what they imagine it to. Measurements of the security of an investment, for example, are useless if they don't actually measure the likelihood of the investment failing or growing. Measures of market size are irrelevant if the market measured isn't specific to the product or service being marketed, price comparisons are invalid if substantial product differences exist, etc. The willingness…

Performance Assessment Systems in Organizations Many Companies
Words: 1243 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7237928
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Performance Assessment Systems in Organizations

Many companies conduct performance assessment systems to cope with the current fast-paced global economy. The assessment reflects on companies past outcomes known as lagging indicators as well as the current leading indicators to inform the management on the latest developments. These indicators appropriately analyzed, reported and evaluated, help the companies achieve higher profits.

The use of leading indicators is increasingly getting popular with many companies and businesses today. According to Gjerde and Hughes (2007), computed deviations with standard cost systems give the management timely data on shortfalls of production allowing them to put emphasis on the unfavorable outcomes and take corrective measures to enhance profits.

In the case of South West Airlines, they put in place a performance assessment system that saw it successfully execute a cost leadership strategy. The liner recorded a growth in operating income using the performance assessment system and took advantage…


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Performance Measurement
Words: 1217 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93654495
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Quality Performance Measurement

Public Evaluation Program

In this paper, we are going to be conducting a literature review of public evaluation programs. During the process, there is a focus on misunderstanding the needs of stakeholders and the programs / reforms. Together, these elements will illustrate the overall scope of what is taking place and the long-term effects it is having on everyone.

Misunderstanding the Needs of the Public

One of the biggest challenges with any public performance evaluation is the misuse of data. This is problematic, as officials believe they are effectively delivering a variety of services for a fraction of the costs. Yet, in reality, the lack of competition invites bloated salaries and inefficiency. Administrators will try to correct the situation, through looking at a variety of sources to understand what is happen. They are unable, to gain greater insights, as politics and changing attitudes influence the outcome of…


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Performance Management System Within Sun
Words: 4451 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15909196
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Measures should be developed at every level of the organisation as this will help in the measurement of performance at those levels. Again all services and teams will have action plans that they will have to meet which will make sure that the organisation reaches its goal. There has also got to be indicators for individuals as this will determine their performance for their teams and the organisation. (Measures of performance) the total service plan has to focus on the corporate and service objectives, highlight the important matters to the customers and staff, and the decision about the ultimate user of the information and their purpose for getting the information. (Key steps to effective performance measurement)

The measurement of the task done is against the information and there details that one has indicators for the objectives and also decides whether the task done will be meaningful and robust. The total…


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Performance Management Systems in Australia
Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86445825
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Nankervis, .A., & Compton, .L. (2006) 'Performance management: theory practice?' Asia Pacific Journal Human esources, 44 (1), pp. 83 -- 101. Evaluate findings authors design, implementation, effectiveness performance management systems earlier studies conducted.

Performance management systems

Performance management systems have been defended as being advantageous to both employees and businesses alike by providing workers with feedback about how to improve their output. They have been criticized, however, because the use of performance reviews is said to be implicated in a focus on "short-term performance, annihilating long-term planning, building fear, demolishing teamwork and nourishing rivalry and politics" (Nankervis & Compton 2006: 84). However, flatter organizations and increased self-management have caused many managers to defend such reviews as necessities, given the lack of everyday direction many workers experience in their day-to-day existence (Nankervis & Compton 2006: 84-85).

According to Nankervis & Compton in their study of 992 Australian companies, performance reviews are…

Performance Management
Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81691226
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performance management? Performance management is the company's goals equal the employee's activities and outputs. Defining performance, it specifies which aspects of employee's performance remain relevant to the business through job examination. Job examination or analysis means getting detailed data concerning jobs. Measuring performance involves measuring said aspects through performance evaluation. Performance evaluation is a method for managing performance. After evaluations, employees gain feedback and learn whether their performance has been effective or not.

Typically, businesses perform the process of performance management annually. Most of the reviews are for individual performance management while others are for pay decisions or establishing training priorities. In recent times, numerous business are moving toward ore streamline, frequent performance reviews. When examining the model of performance management, one may look at organizational strategies, individual attributes, and situation constraints, which all go to individual behaviors. From there it moves on to objective results. The three main purposes…


Sullivan, J. (2015). How Google Is Using People Analytics to Completely Reinvent HR. TLNT. Retrieved 19 February 2015, from,. (2015). Job performance appraisal. Retrieved 20 February 2015, from

Performance Bonuses
Words: 1306 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29901813
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performance bonuses at companies. There are four subjects. The first is about the use of bonuses -- would I make use of them? Then there is the question of evaluating people based on specific performance measures. Then there is the question of group bonuses and whether or not those are a good idea. Lastly I explain why I wouldn't institute a bonus program.

The role of the human resources department is to structure and implement the human resources strategy in such a way as to help the company to achieve its strategic objectives. There are a number of different ways that this can be achieved. One such way is through performance bonuses, which help to orient employees to specific types of behavior. This paper will analyze the issue of employee bonuses, taking a lot at some of the relevant data on the subject.

Use of Bonuses

Personally, as a manager,…


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Performance Based Management Synthesis
Words: 1296 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33959929
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With the operational environment becoming ever more competitive, and against the backdrop of austerity in resource management, the importance of performance-based management (PBM) cannot be overemphasised. Indeed, PBM has increasingly become a common practice in organisations of different sizes -- small and large -- and in diverse sectors -- manufacturing and service, as well as public and private sectors (Ploom & Haldma, 2013; Lutwama, Roos & Dolamo, 2013; Rivenbank, Fasiello & Adamo, 2016; Wierzbinski, 2016). Organisations now rely on performance data to make decisions relating to various organisational processes, including strategic planning, internal management, resource allocation, reporting, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Defining PBM can be quite problematic, with the term being often confused with performance measurement (Rivenbank, Fasiello & Adamo, 2016). In addition, performance management is often thought to involve only personnel management processes such as employee performance appraisal (Turk, 2016). Furthermore, contention exists over whether it…

Performance Ratings Will Be Errors
Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 49305891
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2. The first type of feedback -- that with respect to errors -- will come from supervisor appraisals. The supervisor is uniquely positioned to identify situations in which the generalist has erred, or failed to properly implement company policy. The supervisor has the understanding of the situations and the policies required to make the error determination. Supervisor appraisal is therefore necessary for this type of measurement.

For the second measure -- the ability to forge relationships, 360 degree feedback is the best method. This method solicits feedback from all around the employee. Given that the employee must forge relationships with and work alongside virtually all members of the organization, it is reasonable that the entire organization should contribute in some way to the performance appraisal, particularly with respect to the employee's ability to deal with them.

For the third measure -- positive contributions -- the employee should be measured by…

Performance Measurement of Bond Strategies and Management
Words: 3170 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 35698625
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structure' theories by making use of a new method. To achieve this, the case study shapes strategies of bond investment centered on diverse term-structure models to decide the best performing strategy. When making use of a "Manipulation-Proof Performance Measure," the case study attains the finding that in agreement with preceding literature, a pro-active method that is grounded on time-changing term premiums may create the foundation of an effective bond strategy, which outdoes an impartial anticipation inspired passive bond "buy and hold" tactic. Nonetheless, this turns out to be accurate for a previous spell when the literature primarily made this assertion. Later on, the study discovers that the passive "buy and hold" method is considerably superior in comparison to all active bond strategies. Generally, it seems that the impartial expectation model has been the most probable justification of the behavior of the term structure for the duration of more current periods.…


Ang, A., Piazzesi, M., Wei, M. (2006). What does the yield curve tell us about GDP growth? J. Econ, 131:359 -- 403.

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Analyzing Performance Management Plan
Words: 933 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 73033620
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Performance Management Plan

Plan Criteria


Provide a description of your company and employees.

The company is question is Allure Car Company. The company is in its first year and has twenty-five employees. The company operates out of New York. In addition, the owner of the company expects that the business will generate about $100,000 in revenue in its first year and a growth of 5% every fiscal year subsequently. More so, the company expects a turnover growth of 10% every year from now on for a period of three years.

How will you assess employees? (For example, will you make performance appraisals? Will you rank employees?)

The basic approach that I will use to assess the employees of the company will be through a behavior-based rating system and a secondary evaluator that is based on the results of the employees. In particular, I will appraise the personnel using the…


Seotlela, R. P. J., & Miruka, O. (2014). Implementation Challenges of Performance Management System in the South African Mining Industry. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(7), 177.

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Performance Measurement Performance Analysis System
Words: 3010 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7494995
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A survey will be developed as a part of implementation of the BSC system in this hospital to track customer satisfaction with the services that they receive here.

A positive image of the organization translates into repeat business and a more positive reputation in the neighborhood, Patient satisfaction translates into increased future revenues. It also has some positive impact on risk assessment as well. The more satisfied the customer is, the less likely they will file an adverse lawsuit against the hospital. Patient satisfaction has a direct impact on the profitability of the organization. The number of complains that the facility receives can also be an important measure of the overall customer satisfaction. However, this number alone may not tell the entire story. A customer survey is the best method for addressing overall satisfaction with the facility.

Patient involvement was another important indicator of BSC technologies. Patient involvement means providing…


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Performance Improvement Project Area to
Words: 1747 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10099689
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Together these metrics will help the firm understand where the project stands and how has it really impacted the performance of both the firm as a whole and the employees as part of its system. The firm is a major manufacturer of cosmetic products. It can measure its brand equity by comparing it with other brands in the same category. Higher sales on their own are important but when compared to rival's growth, they make more sense and can be explained more easily to senior management.

The impact of this performance improvement project

The impact can be assessed from the benefits that would accrue to the firm. Greater impact will be felt in employee efficiency and productivity. More coordinated research will bring about better results in all areas including marketing and sales.

Strategies and approaches could be used to "sell" the project to Management

The management may not understand the…


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Performance Given the Need to Improve Organizational
Words: 1522 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5751689
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Given the need to improve organizational productivity through increasing employee performance, develop a performance management program that focuses on linking the organizations strategic objective with the individual effort outlining the benefits of improved performance, the consequences for lack of performance as well as the employee and managerial training that will be needed for implementation.

Purpose of the performance management program (PMP)

The purpose of the PMP is to align the motives of the employee with that of the organization so that the employee is encouraged to work for the good of the organization. Objectives are formulated that are in line with those of the employee, a system of rewards and consequences are established that attract the employee, and a system of monitoring and work appraisal, formalized together with employee, is established.

a. Strategic

The PMP is strategic so that the organization's goals are clearly aligned with that of the…

Performance of the Middle East
Words: 8783 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 76621532
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(Jabal Omar Development Corporation 2010)


Since 2008, the real estate market in Kuwait has been continually declining. The reason why is because the economy was largely depending upon oil revenues. However, in 2010 the sector began witnessing an increase in prices. This is because of the Kuwaiti government was aggressively promoting the tourism industry. As developers are expecting a strong increase in foreign direct investment, due to the governments push to expand the sector. As a result, holiday and residential areas in Kuwait are continuing to boom. (Finkelstein)

In the housing industry, there are large numbers of shortages that are affecting prices. What has been happening is the residential sector has been facing restrictions over the last several years, surrounding building permits. As the government was slow to endorse them, which created a rush on new areas that were approved for development. At the same time, the government has…


Alexandria Real Estate, 2010.

Egypt Property, 2010, Select Property. Available from: [19 Mar. 2011].

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Jabal Omar Development Corporation, 2010

Performance Management System General Motors
Words: 2136 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94460896
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Furthermore, the customer is most likely not to be biased hence the credibility of the feedback. The sources of information will be integrated by analyzing the data and comparing the feedbacks to determine if they show consistency; before drafting the final report.


The performance appraisal method of evaluating the behavior for rating has a critical technique of analyzing information incorporated. Therefore, in developing the tool, the first approach is to establish the information that is required (Flynn, 2010). Once determined, the questioned are phrased and documented into questionnaires and interviews, which will then be administered to the supervisors, the co-workers and customers for feedback purposes. Additionally, the previous reports on the company's trends will be incorporated to show how the behavioral changes in the department affect the returns of the company. The information gathered is then consolidated into a report for the final scaling which is the report of…


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Management Research News, Vol. 32 Iss: 3, pp.297-299

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Retrieved from

Performance Appraisals Human Resource Performance
Words: 301 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81692976
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Performance reviews, even from the organization's point-of-view, allow the organization to engage in some soul-searching as to what areas of employee performance are valued. They may even help the organization identify star performers that may not shine and glitter, but have made a measurable contribution to the organization by helping it meet its benchmarks. It can be an education and a valuable form of self-scrutiny for the organization as well as for the employee. Sadly, in today's litigious climate, performance reviews may also be a necessity simply from the point-of-view of demonstrating to a court of law, if the employer lets go a particular individual, that the employee was performing below 'par' on a consistent basis, review after review. It also helps the organization, if the appraisals are oral, gain feedback from both good and bad employees about what makes them perform at an optimal or sub-optimal level.

Performance Measurements There Are Several
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 14914243
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Problems for the key stakeholders -- the mothers and their infants -- should be avoided at all costs in her evaluation. She needs to focus on reducing errors and she should also focus on developing positive outcomes, as these demonstrate a greater degree of respect for the stakeholders (instanley & Stuart-Smith, 1996).

The study should be observational in nature. The clinic may have, or could gather, data from past participants to begin Marjorie's evaluation process. This would allow her to make improvements immediately to the programs. Even if only partial data could be gathered, it may be sufficient for Marjorie to develop stronger hypotheses to test. She currently has little more than hunches to test, so gathering data from past courses would be a good starting point, since many of the participants will have retained their contact information.

Marjorie could also begin her evaluation based on the experiences of other…

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Performance Management How Has the
Words: 1732 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80258558
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All of these are admittedly challenging problems and the key to lasting change is that employees must first identify and internalize the need and desire for change for these strategies to succeed.


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Performance of a Business the
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1174261
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There are three main ways to analyze financial statements. They are ratio analysis, common size analysis and trend analysis. These three forms of analysis allow the firm's financials be compared to industry norms, to the firm's past performance and on a raw basis. By using these techniques, the analyst can gain a sense of where the firm stands today, where the firm has been in the past, and what the current trends of the business are.

Ratio analysis covers a wide range of ground, including liquidity, profitability, solvency and managerial efficiency (Leka, 2007). These ratios outline the financial condition the firm is in, and attempt to derive some understanding of how the firm got into that position. Trend and common-size analysis allow for better year-over-year comparison, while ratio analysis can facilitate analysis across different firms in the same industry.

In addition to performing these basic forms of analysis, it is…

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Performance Management Implementing an Effective Performance Management
Words: 783 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2713555
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Performance Management: Implementing an Effective Performance Management System

Why Performance Management?

Performance management is the organized method that companies use to monitor the results of work activities, to measure and evaluate the performance of the employees, and to ensure that goals are met in an effective and efficient manner. According to Pulakos (2009), performance management is a key process that ensures that work gets done; and it is used by different organizations to communicate expectations and drive behavior towards achievement of important goals. For instance, ABC Company has offices in more than 50 countries across the globe and it employs over 40,000 employees from various cultural backgrounds, and it also deals with a diverse range of customers. It therefore needs to develop a performance management system that fosters an inclusive environment and channels different employees' talents and capabilities towards achievement of the organization's goals.

It is important to implement an…


Pulakos, E.D. (2009). Performance management: A new approach for driving business results. West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.-Blackwell Publishing.

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Performance Appraisal if I Were
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91805055
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Of course, while it is important that an officer be able to inspire confidence in the community, it is also very important for an officer to be able to solve crimes. Therefore, part of the evaluation process should look at the percentage of crimes that an officer is able to clear. In addition, deterrence is a major goal of community policing. While one would expect a temporary upswing in minor crime rates at the beginning of a community policing approach, any effective appraisal system would look at whether minor crime rates eventually declined or continued to rise.

There are several different types of evaluations that would provide a better measure of individual and group performance than traditional performance appraisals. The first type of evaluation is a group evaluation and looks at the long-term changes in crime and crime rates. The primary goal of deterrence is to deter major, violent crime;…

Performance of the Middle East
Words: 7431 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 72758625
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Based on the assessment of the sample features in terms of capital size and value of the property portfolio, an observation is made in the fact that a proportion is kept between the two. In other words, the property companies in Jordan, Egypt and Syria seem to be prudential and correlate their capital sizes with the values of their portfolios.

3. esults and analysis of the Jordanian property companies

The results of the implemented questionnaire are revealed throughout the table below:

a (%)


c d e f g

Total (%)




x x x




x x x






x x x


Portfolio diversification






x x

Shortage of commercial properties






x x

Availability and choice






x x

Strong performance








2011, the world factbook, Central Intelligence Agency,  / last accessed on February 21, 2011

Performance Management Conflict Within the
Words: 2018 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7465311
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Hence, conflicts are generated only by misunderstanding or mischief (Edwards, 2003). Although unitarism have been proven to represent old-fashioned and unrealistic ideas, many managers nowadays follow this approach. They believe in a harmony of interests between them and their employers. However, practice has proven little resemblance between the employees' desires and interests, and those of their employers. Therefore, with such an approach to the employment relationship, conflict is inevitable. The 1998 Workplace Employee elations Survey revealed that 72% of workplace managers consult directly with the employees, and not with trade unions.

In the pluralist approach conflict is considered to be inevitable because various organizations take part in determining the rules of employment. Given the fact that each of these participating organizations has its distinct bases of authority, the risk of a conflict emerging is inevitable. The radical view is meant to be a critique of pluralism.


Conflicts are inevitable…

Reference List

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EIRO Thematic Feature of Collective Dispute Resolutions in an enlarged European Union - case of Malta. 2004. (online). Available at

Performance Plan the Accuvision Report
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I will also have the tutor critique the first drafts of documents I prepare and have them review my final versions. I would also like for my tutor/coach to observe me an a couple of meetings and have them offer suggestions for improvement.

Development Plan: Dealing with Operating Problems

I believe the collaborative approach I outlined above will help in identifying operational problems during the planning process and provide an early warning where handoff with in the implementation process may not go smoothly. As part of my discussions with cross-function partners will be the development of contingency plans in case any anticipated problem do arise. I will schedule a weekly meeting with all the cross-function leads, including any important suppliers and vendors, to access how things are going, early identification of any suspected problems, work to determine possible solutions and understand how the solution will impact all functional areas.


Schedule a meeting with tutor/coach for feedback and to determine future plans

Measurement Plan:

To measure my improvement, retake the AccuVision assessment at the end of the spring 2011 semester.

Performance Management Theories and Practices Course Application
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Performance Management Theories and Practices

Performance management is a continuous process by which an organization identifies, measures, and develops the performance of individuals. It aligns their performance, the resources and systems with the strategic goals of the organization. According to Leeuw and Berg (2011), companies that apply performance management practices generally perform better than those that do not.

The course has covered important performance management theories and practices. One key lesson learnt, for instance, is that for performance management practices to be effective, there must be constant communication between the management team and the employees; and it is imperative for the goals of the individual to be aligned with those of the organization (Pulakos, 2009). The performance management cycle also provided insight on how performance management systems should be implemented in the organization. The elements of this cycle include: setting the objectives; measuring the performance of individuals; providing feedback on…


Leeuw, S. & Berg, P (2011). Improving Operational Performance by Influencing Shopfloor Behavior via Performance Management Practices. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. (29) 3, 224-233. Retrieved from

Pulakos, E.D. (2009). Performance Management: A New Approach for Driving Business Results. (1st Ed.). West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

How to Evaluate Performance in the Medical World
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Performance Measures for (50,000 call per year) EMS


That the organization implements additional clinical performance measures, including those to evaluate the quality of the EMS.

That the organization uses survey data to evaluate and analyze customer and employee satisfaction and that a proper feedback and control mechanism is in place to use this data to implement required changes.

This report starts from the premise that Emergency Medical Services will be treated as any other service. As a consequence, this type of service reflects the relationship between the service recipient (in this case the patients) and the service provider (in this case the medium-sized organization being analyzed in this report).

This means that this report will use many of the existing research and business literature and apply business principles such as customer and employee satisfaction in presenting and analyzing a comprehensive set of recommended performance measures for…


1. Balridge National Quality Program (2002). Criteria for performance excellence. Gaithesburg: National Institute for Standards and Technology

2. The Customer Communicator (TCC) (2005). Alexander Communications Group, 28 (1) 2.

3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2009). Emergency Medical Services: Performance Measures, Recommended Attributes and Indicators for System and Service performance.

4. Bruce, J. (2004). Application of EMS Customer Satisfaction Survey Data to Improve Service Delivery at Rialto Fire Department.

Measuring Occupational Performance Outcomes Using
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Do not sit on the bottom of the tub, this causes too much bending of the hip. Use liquid soap to avoid dropping the bar of soap. A long-handles bath sponge will help in bathing below the knees."

The necessary precautions for the post-operative housekeeping process, according to the Center for Patient and Community Education (2009), "sit for rest breaks as needed. Slide objects along the countertop rather than carrying then. Use a utility cart with wheels to transfer items to and from the table. Attach a bag or basket to your walker or wear a fanny pack to carry small items. Use a long-handled reacher to reach objects on the floor. emove all throw rugs and long electrical cords to avoid tripping in your home. Watch out for slippery/wet areas on the floor." (Center for Patient and Community Education, 2009) Certainly watch out for slippery floors if pets are…


Case-Smith, J. (2003). Outcomes in hand rehabilitation using occupational therapy services. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 57, 409-506

(2009) Center for Patient and Community Education in association with the Department of Outcomes Management and the Communications & Marketing Department at California Pacific Medical Center. 

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Cleveland Clinic (2011) Total Hip Replacement.

Balanced Scorecard Method Performance Measurement
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However, none was found that centered on small hotels in China. This research add to the existing body of research by providing an assessment of the balanced scorecard method in this special business setting. The information obtained by this study will help to make small hotels in China more competitive and able to compete well into the future.

This research will play an important role in the development of the small hotel business in China in several important ways. It will help them to see what areas of their business need improvement, it will help them to pinpoint specific problems within their organization. It will help to bring weakness from obscurity into the forefront where solutions can be found. It will also show them their strengths and the area that could be developed for even greater prosperity in the future. This research will help small hotels to develop long-term vision…


Alleyne, P., Doherty, I. And Greenidge, D. (2006). Approaches to HRM in the Barbados Hotel Industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 18, 2, 94 -- 109.

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Police Management Performance Management Comparison
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(NCPP 2004)

II. Performance Management in England and Wales:

In Wales and England the National Policing Plan 2004-2007 was published in November 2003 with the stated aim of the plan being to: "Deliver policing to high national standards and for communities to be increasing engaged in the policing of their area." The stated plan is inclusive of a "framework for local police planning in England and Wales over the next three years." Within the scope of the plan are 'five key priorities' for the police service' which are: Provision of a 'citizen focused service to the public'

Tackling anti-social behavior and disorder as well as continuing to bring a reduction to 'burglary, vehicle crime, robbery and drug related crime' are said to be in line with the Government's Public Service Agreement targets Stated as the Performance Police Authority Role is the holding together of the police force on behalf of…


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Administration in Social Work, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 89.

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A concise Analysis of financial performance of companies
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environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and financial performance of companies

Investors are increasingly recognizing the fact that ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance) elements can substantially affect companies' security rates and financial performance. The aforementioned components' contribution to financial markets has been growing with the rise in number of ESG opportunities and risks within the contemporary international economy. Timely and improved organizational policy-related data access and the effect of organizational policy on communities have made it considerably convenient for customers to express their dissatisfaction by simply quitting a brand. When international brands' images are sullied by ESG-related problems, the resultant instantaneous backlash has the capacity of abruptly and negatively impacting income and demand (Eccles, Ioannou & Serafeim, 2014).

Organizations having a poor reputation when it comes to ESG related matters are vulnerable to monetary risks, including a very genuine threat of facing lawsuits in the future, greater remediation and regulatory…

Staff Performance Development Reviews
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Staff Performance Development Reviews

Performance reviews became necessary as soon as the first worker was employed. For good or bad, performance reviews are an absolutely essential part of the workplace; properly administered, such reviews have been shown time and again to be enormously positive and motivating forces in employees' lives by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and by encouraging them to achieve even greater successes -- and avoid comparable failures -- in the future. Improperly administered though, performance reviews can be the source of an enormous amount of controversy and friction within an organization; improperly administered performance review programs can also result in legal action against the employer. Taken together, it quickly becomes clear that providing workers with timely and accurate feedback concerning their performance is a vitally important function within almost any organization, but many managers are either unable or unwilling to provide such reviews for a…


Bommer, William H., Jonathan L. Johnson, Scott B. Mackenzie, Philip M. Podsakoff and Gregory A. Rich. 1995. "On the Interchangeability of Objective and Subjective

Measures of Employee Performance: A Meta-Analysis." Personnel Psychology, 48(3),

Denton, D. Keith. 1992. Recruitment, Retention, and Employee Relations: Field-Tested

Strategies for the '90s. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.

Public Budgeting and Management Performance
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This is because, the various goals and the costs of providing these services are directly tied to this protocol. Once this takes place, it means that there are greater amounts of accountability. This is the point, that an agency can be able to improve communication and corroboration in achieving their different objectives. These elements are significant, because they are illustrating how the current approach that is being utilized, can improve their ability to address a wide variety of issues. However, in order for this kind of approach to be able to deal with a host of challenges it must be fully implemented. Otherwise, this will not change the environment of the agency and it will lead to similar kinds of problems in the future. (Heinrich, 1999, pp. 363 -- 378)

Clearly, performance management systems are helping and hurting the way various levels of governments are delivering various services. The reason…


Forrester, J. (1997). Budgetary Reform through Organizational Learning. Administration and Society, 28 (4), 466 -- 484.

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Government Performance Results Act
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Government Performance esults Act

The General Accounting Office (GAO) may be one of most essential agencies in the federal government, because of its investigative oversight, but to the average American citizen, it may also be among the lesser known agencies. That is because the average hard-working nine-to-five person - whose contact with "news" is a few sound bites on television after work - might never dig into newspapers deep enough to read up on how taxpayer dollars are spent in Washington D.C. It's regrettable that the average person complains loudly about taxes, and "politicians" - yet knows little of the GAO's pivotal work. Meanwhile, this paper will focus upon the GAO report on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), titled, "Status of Achieving Key Outcomes and Addressing Major Management Challenges" - which is clearly a wise use of taxpayer monies, whether taxpayers know about the GAO or not.

The GAO…


American Civil Liberties Union (2003). "ACLU Demands Truth From Justice

Department: New Report Details False Claims about SCOPE, Impact of PATRIOT Act." .

Kast, Sheila (2001). "Terror probe raises concerns about civil rights."

Perry, Tony (2002). "Immigration Attorney for 7 Detainees Lashes Out At INS:

Potential Performance Measurements for Cal Center Employees
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Employee Performance Measurement

It is important to measure the performance of employees, to assess employee achievement, recognize good performance, and identify potential areas of improvement. There are different types of performance measurement, such as overall efficiency and effectiveness, and measures which may be used as benchmarks. Measures can be used to aid effectiveness leadership, but they will not replace good leadership guidance (Ukko, Tenhunen, & antanen, 2007).

For an employee working in a call centre selling time share, or generating leads for time share, the ultimate measure may be the level of leads or sales generated. The measure would have to be assessed in a meaningful manner so there is a uniform measures that creates comparability. It is also essential that the employees perceive the measures used as fair (Torrington & hall, 2014). For example, the measures may include the number of sales achieved or leads generated, such as…


Torrington, D; Hall, L, (2014), Human Resource Management, Pearson

Ukko, J; Tenhunen, J; Rantanen, H, (2007), Performance measurement impacts on management and leadership: Perspectives of management and employees, International Journal of Production Economics, 110(1-2), 39-51

Create and Sustain High Performance Public Organizations
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Sustain High Performance Public Organizations

Highly Interdependent Work

Why? Because We LUV You. Different types of work and the organization of types of work have been studied by those interested in business leadership and organization development for decades. When a categorically new business emerges on the scene, or when a mature business invents a strikingly effective new approach to business, the textbooks and Harvard Business Cases get dusted off and circulated anew. Such is the case with the study of Southwest Airlines, a company that turned the airlines business on its head -- or rather, on its hub and spokes orientation -- by developing a more efficient and economical way to approach the business of domestic airlines (Goudreau, 2007). Southwest isn't necessarily an innovative company, but it has worked to establish systems that work and then has diligently protected those systems. The company's determination to stick with what works against…


Braneatelli, J. (2008, July 8). Southwest Airlines' seven secrets for success. [Web]. Wired, Cars 2.0: Future Transport. Retrieved  / news/2008/07/portfolio_0708

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Goudreau, K. (2007). Hub and spoke system: A good idea…again. Retrieved

Motivation Methods the Success Performance as Well
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Motivation Methods

The success, performance, as well as development of an employee are influenced by motivation. There are numerous methods and theories on motivation. McClelland, for instance, in his theory expresses that each employee has specific needs acquired over time based on life's experiences. His theory summarized the needs of people into achievement, power, and affiliation. Different employees get motivated in varying manners therefore a manager should not rely on one motivation technique to serve the entire workforce. This paper will address three motivational methods, and how they would be applied in the workplace.

One motivational method that would reap numerous benefits from the employees and commonly applied in most organizations is rewards. Everyone is familiar with the use of rewards as a motivator since as early as preschool and daycare, rewards such as sticker chart and snacks were given for good behavior. Even later in life rewards still appeal…


Atchison, T.A. (2003). Exposing the myths of employee satisfaction. Healthcare executive. 17(3), pp. 20.

Cummings, L.L., & Elsalmi, A.M. (1968). Empirical research on the bases and correlates of managerial motivation. Psychological Bulletin, 70, pp.127 -- 144.

Articles Evaluating Supplier Performance and Vendor Management
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articles "Evaluating Supplier Performance" and "Vendor Management Tips: Building Relationships" and evaluates the criteria they discuss.

There are inherent problems in using performance evaluations, as McGuiness et al. point out. "To have any validity, performance evaluations must be systematic and fair, and based upon explicit criteria of which the suppler has notice" (McGuinness, Kevin, Bauld & Stephen, 2005). For such evaluations to be of any value, they must use valid performance measures and reporting mechanisms. Of course, such a labor-intensive process precludes its being practical to implement for most projects.

Tyler's article focuses instead on ways to effectively manage the vendor relationship. In terms of ranking, some of the tips are more effective and more likely to yield the desired outcome of successful project completion, and are therefore more valuable than others. The following criteria are the most important:

All the criteria that recognize the value of a successful implementation…

Works Cited

Kumar, S. (2009). Managing vendor relationships in tough times. Global Services. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from:

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Tyler, I.H. (2005). Vendor management tips: Building relationships. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from:

Public Service Agencies Performance Measurement
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Public Program vluation: Quality Performance Measurement

Annotated Bibliography

Caiden, G and Caiden, NJ (nd) Measuring Performance in Public Sector Programs. Public Administration and Public Policy. Vol. II. Retrieved from:

Caiden and Caiden (nd) report that the link between reforms and public measurement and evaluation were not merely chance since as the reforms developed devolution was emphasized or the moving of functions and services to the government levels that were lower, along with an emphasis on privatization, decentralization of management, transparency and satisfaction of customers. It is reported that all of these were dependent on accountability maintenance and credibility.

Poister, T. (2001) Measuring Performance in Public and Non-Profit Organizations. Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from:,%202,%203.pdf

Poister (2001) writes that performance measures are "objective, quantitative indicators" of a range of performance in public programs or for public agencies. (p.3) This work reviews the early development and background of performance measurement and ensues on…

Ewoh (2011) examines the applications and types of performance measurement as well as the limitations of performance management. A comparative analysis is conducted in this study.

10. Lawrence L. Martin and Peter M. Kettner, (1996). Measuring the Performance of Human Service Programs. Sage Publications.

The work of Martin and Kettner (1996) examine performance measures in the public service organization and the specific outputs of performance measurement along with logic models. Quality performance measures and outcome performance measures are also reviewed including numeric counts and standardized measures of performance.

Company Performance Measurement Metrics
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Company Performance

One of the most important aspects for determining the success, performance, and profitability of a company is performance measurement. Performance measurement is basically described as a system that improves individual performance towards supporting and realizing organizational performance. The measurement of company performance has attracted considerable attention in the recent past because of its significance towards the achievement of continuous improvement in a business. Additionally, performance measurement is regarded as the process for determining how individuals and organizations have been successful in achieving desired objectives and implementing strategies (Amaratunga, Kulatunga & Baldry, n.d.). Given its significance, there are several ways for measuring company performance to help improve success and profitability.

Eight Performance Measures

As previously mentioned, there are several measures for determining a company's performance relative to its business strategies, objectives, and goals. These performance measures have been developed and are utilized to examine various aspects that relate to…


Adams, G. (n.d.). Capsim Success Measures. Retrieved from Raymond J. Harbert College of Business website: 

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Management in Business Operations and Performance
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Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Systems - a Critical Study of TQEM

Relevance of TQM to Environmental Management

Scope of Dissertation

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Management

Understanding TQM in Relation to TQEM

History of TQM

Operation of TQM

Quality and Environmental Management Standards

Environmental Management Systems

Weaknesses of EMS Standards

Total Quality Environmental Management

Comparing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

Integrating the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System


Impact of certification on economic and ecological performances

Research Design and Nature

Integrating a Sustainable EMS with TQM

Steps to Implementing an Effective TQEM Strategy

Final Word




ackground and Overview of Study

For decades economic growth has been considered the main indicator of a healthy society (Oliver, 1996). However, only recently has society begun to recognize the environmental cost of this growth. As a result, there is now an…

Bibliography working paper. Winnipeg, MB: International Institute for Sustainable Development, 1996. 58

Bisang, O. (2000), Green Banking - The Value of ISO 14001 Certification

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Chinn, R. (March 21, 2001). Roadmap to Realization -- "Getting Started with Your QMS/EMS Integration Process. Alamo Learning Systems.

Clark, D. (1999), What Drives Companies to Seek ISO 14000 Certification, Pollution Engineering, Summer, pp. 14.

how to measure the effectiveness of organization
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.....trategic goal for the organization that reflects its "main thing."

The primary focus of Protect Me (PM) -- it's "main thing"-- is to provide a safe haven for women who have experienced domestic abuse. After 27 years of serving women in the community, PM needs to boost its brand and profile in order to attract more funding and more reliable long-term sources of funding. Moreover, Protect Me serves an already underprivileged community. If PM positions itself as a community hub, the organization might be able to reach its strategic goals more effectively. In other words, domestic violence cannot necessarily be separated from other issues like homelessness and drug abuse but outreach services cannot continue to be diverted away from the primary population. Women seeking PM's services might themselves be addicts, and might be homeless after leaving their abusive partner. Therefore, the major strategic goal for Protect Me should be to…

K-12 Teachers Performance Appraisal Model
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Only the direct supervisor may access the performance appraisal with request from District officials. Any other personnel requesting review of information must acquire permission from appropriate District representatives.

Grievance Procedure

In the event of a negative performance review the evaluatee will have the ability to appeal the performance review. In the event the appeal is denied and the evaluation demonstrates that the teacher has deficiencies in one or more areas it will be necessary to recommend measures to resolve the negative performance issues.

If the matter is related to performance abilities or skills, appropriate training and mentoring may be recommended; with a follow up mid year evaluation recommended six months from the date of completion of the initial review.

If the performance evaluation is unsatisfactory due to issues of attendance or other personal matters, the evaluatee will be observed for the next three months and given the opportunity to resolve…

Parent Involvement and Student Academic Performance
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Parent Involvement and Student Academic Performance: A Multiple Mediational Analysis

David R. Topor, Susan P. Keane, Terri L. Shelton, and Susan D. Calkins

Numerous studies have shown a clear positive relationship between the involvement of a parent in a child's education, and the academic performance of the child. This particular study seeks to explore the mechanisms of the said association. On that front, only two potential mechanisms are taken into consideration. These, according to the authors, include; 1) the quality of the relationship between the teacher and the student, and 2) the child's perception of cognitive competence. A total of one hundred and fifty eight 7-year-olds participated in this study. The sample also included their teachers and mothers. It is important to note that data was in this case sourced from three key centers; the child, their mothers, and teachers -- with the gathering of data from the first two…

Public Sector Performance Measurement
Words: 1573 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42864250
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For the public sector, performance management is a valuable process. Organizations increasingly rely on performance data to make decisions relating to various organizational processes, including strategic planning, internal management, resource allocation, reporting, as well as monitoring and evaluation. This is what performance management is all about -- continuous measurement of performance, definition of performance objectives and outcomes, communication of the outcomes, and taking action based on those outcomes. As demonstrated by literature, implementing PBM can be viewed as implementing organizational change: it requires assessment of the status quo, defining the organization's desired future state, and undertaking action to achieve that state. For this to be achieved, however, a number of factors are important: strong leadership commitment, organizational culture changes, as well as attention to individual, operational, and strategic dimensions. If effectively implemented, PBM can positively influence employee and organizational outcomes.

Performance Management: Brief Literature Review

With the operational environment becoming…

Implementing Great Strategy for Top Performance
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Strategy to Implementation and Action Plans

Business Strategy Implementation

From Strategy to Implementation

Action Plans

The development of action plans is a process of putting the wheels on a strategic plan. Action plan development is crucial to implementation success as it outlines an overarching and a detailed map for achieving the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan. It is important for action plans to be comprehensive, providing both a macro and a micro approach. For example, action plans should address resource allocation, goal setting and the performance measures to determine if goals and objectives are being met -- in both formative and summative manner -- and the interlocking functions of operations, finances, marketing, and sales.

Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance

Companies that are looking for a roadmap to help them achieve their strategic performance benchmarks and move their business beyond the quality levels described in their strategic…


Moss Kanter, R. (2009, September 14). Inside Proctor & Gamble's New Values-Based Strategy. HBR Blog Network. Retrieved

Management of Risk: Role of Performance Measurement as Part of a Health and Safety Risk Management System

The HSE is the UK government body responsible for implementing health and safety legislation at work. In the UK, the Government's Revitalising Health and Safety strategy and the necessities of the Turnbull Report on company governance offer a changed emphasis on safety and health performance and the control of health and safety risks (Health and Safety Legislation, 2016). Risk management is a broad subject area spanning numerous disciplines and there is no single "accurate" description. All through the years, a lot of scientists tried to stipulate, categorise, recognize and analyse the risk of a certain project. Numerous activities have been created so as to calculate uncertainty and standardize risk. However, the most typical and recognized known risk management procedure is broken to three straightforward steps. With that said, this essay will show Role…


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Improving Performance by Aligning it Assets With Business Objectives
Words: 3589 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27973156
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Aligning IT with Business Objectives

Companies of all sizes and types are faced with the challenges that are involved in optimizing the use of their information technology (IT) resources by aligning these assets with their business objectives, but many companies are finding the process more challenging than was first believed. In some cases, the business objectives are too nebulous to develop appropriate IT support, while in other cases, top management may step in and change the organization's response in ways that preclude a firm alignment between IT assets and business objectives. Absent a careful and thoughtful alignment between IT assets and business objectives, companies run the risk of lost productivity, increased costs and diminished profitability. This study provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning the need to align IT assets with business objectives, including a background and overview as well as steps that companies can take…


Benko, C. & McFarland, W.F. (2009, November/December). Connecting the dots: Aligning projects with objectives in unpredictable times. Research-Technology Management,

46(6), 59.

Bland, V. (2007, September). Do techies rule? - Aligning business and ICT; development in information and communication technologies creates new business opportunities and customer expectations. New Zealand Management, 55.

Bloomfield, R.C. & Coombs, R. (2008). Information technology and organizations: Strategies, networks, and integration. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Performance of Kohls
Words: 1197 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 17570684
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Kohls Corp

Kohls is a well-known department store with a head office based in Wisconsin (Kohls, 2016). To assess the financial performance of the organisation, including its cost of capital, the latest set of available accounts were utilise, this was the 10k issued in 2016, four financial year ending 31 December 2015 (Kohls, 2016). The paper starts by examining the cost of capital for the organisation, and then considers the value of its operations.

Cost of Capital

Capital within any organisation is made up of two elements; debt and equity. Debt consists of money that has been borrowed from third parties, which will need to be repaid (Howells and Bain, 2007). Debt may be short or long-term, with the borrower paying interest and/or fees for the use of money from a third party (Elliott and Elliott, 2015). Generally, the higher the level of proportional debt carried by phone, the greater…


Bodie, Z., Kane, A. and Marcus, A. J. (2014) Investments. London: McGraw Hill Higher Education.

Drury, C. (2015) Management and Cost Accounting. London: Cengage Learning.

Elliott, B. and Elliott, J. (2015) Financial Accounting and Reporting. London: Pearson.

Howells, P. G. A. and Bain, K. (2007) Financial Institutions and Markets. London: Longman.

Performance Management That Primarily Involves Investigating Variances
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performance management that primarily involves investigating variances. Variances may take place because of several reasons such as climate changes that contribute to increase in electrical bills or slower of faster work by some employees. Nonetheless, only some of these factors or reasons are significant and may require management attention. Due to these unpredictable random factors or reasons, it's expected that nearly every category of cost will result in a variance of some kind. The investigation and calculation of variances is carried out to enable managers in the control of a business. However, managers need to make effective decisions on whether to conduct variance analysis for successful control.

Investigating Variances:

As previously mentioned, variances are brought by several reasons that may require the attention of management. Therefore, the decision on when to investigate variances is based on consideration of several factors. These factors include the accuracy and reliability of the figures,…


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Performances Performance Based Assessments Can
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It can occasionally become difficult to find projects that truly engage students and that reinforce didactic principles as well. Other challenges that are associated with performance based assessment include the pecuniary costs, as well as significant amounts of time, that are associated with coming up with alternative assessment measure. Creating and designing tests for students to complete are cost-effective, fairly quick ways of measuring a student's knowledge at a given moment in time regarding a particular subject. Consequently, many administrative officials and state level educational personnel whose jobs it is to measure the most effective usage of monetary resources for schools prefer such assessment methods, and claim that alternative methods are more costly and not necessarily even worth the time and money to create or implement.

It is difficult to say whether or not these criticisms of performance based assessment are valid or if they are simply excuses to continue…

Performance Assessment in Competitive Intelligence An Exploration
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Performance Assessment in Competitive Intelligence: An exploration, synthesis and research agenda, written by David Blenkhorn from ilfred Laurier University and Craig Fleisher from indsor University. The purpose of the article is to "answer the vital question -- hat are the critical factors to assess competitive intelligence (CI) performance?" The research question refers to the role that competitive intelligence plays in a company's profitability. The question is interesting in that external environmental scanning and competitor research make important contributions to strategic decision-making, but they can be costly and time-consuming. Understanding the role that CI plays in the earning profit is important in determining the point at which CI achieves diminishing returns on investment.

The authors used workshops and discussion sessions at CI conference to obtain survey results from 103 respondents. The selection process was expedient rather than rigorous, and the respondents were given a large number of questions. Qualitative analysis was…

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