Personal Responsibility Is An Obligation To Oneself. Thesis


Personal responsibility is an obligation to oneself. Obviously you can't control every aspect of life, however you can absolutely control the decisions that you make. To do this takes a lot of thought and self-discipline. You have to make an effort to first compile all of the options available. Not everyone makes this effort. Rather they simply choose take the easiest option without really considering what else could be done. This type of behavior represents more of a reactive approach to life's events; simply taking the easy way out. Taking personal responsibility is a proactive approach to dealing the things that life throws at you. It all begins with setting challenging goals; things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Then the next step is to set the parameters or the rules by which you will live by. There are various approaches to this including personal moral systems or personal ethical codes. Basically, you should develop the rules and standards which you would like to live by. Having these two aspects already in place, goals and personal standards, are more than half the work. Then a decision point is identified you basically just have...


For example, since I would have goals about becoming a professional, then I must learn to think and behave like a professional in all situations that I encounter. Although, situations may vary, the goals of the decisions are already set.
Being successful in college is a challenging endeavor for most people and there are many different ideas of what success means. For instance, if you measure success by just having a diploma to hang on the wall then that is one way to rate success. Other approaches may include where you stand in class rankings or what your overall grade point average is; or maybe it is what kind of job you are able to get after you graduate. These are common criterion for determining success in college by many students and other interested parties.

To me however, I believe education has value in itself. While I am going to college with hopes of gaining the credentials necessary to begin a professional career, I also realize that I need the skills being taught so that once I do get a foot in the door somewhere I can excel in my job as well. I think this…

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