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Product Design Essays (Examples)

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Product Lifecycles Mcdonald's Corporation Overview of Product
Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3393875
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Product Lifecycles

McDonald's Corporation Overview

of Product Design, Development and Product Lifecycles

McDonald's Corporation relies on the intersection of continual product design innovations, new product development, and an extensive supply chain and strategic sourcing system to continually fuel the development of new menu items globally. Their approach to product design, product lifecycle management, and the different issues pertaining to product development they manage are explained in this analysis.

Product design is applied to the decision-making process within McDonald's using an accelerated New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) process that allows for the company to continually keep their new product pipeline moving forward. This NPDI process is tightly integrated to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems of record and the continual in-bound information from supply chain management (SCM), pricing and procurement systems so a 360-degree view of the new product design process is achieved (Martin, 2002). In this way the product design…


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Design of Goods and Services
Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5393336
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Product Life Cycles

How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization?

Design decision making at (organization name) involves generating a series of product alternatives using very clear criteria. The goal is evaluate which solutions maximize value and function, but minimize costs. This approach is based on a need to shorten product development cycles to get new products to market faster. The market can be very intense and competitive. Therefore, the company is always eager to gain a competitive advantage by reaching consumers with the best product possible before others in the industry. This means that front-end strategic planning is a must have when design decisions are being made. Poor decisions during product development can lead to products that no one wants to buy or that are so expensive they cannot be manufactured in sufficient quantity (Cao & Folan, 2012). Thus, (organization name) has come to understand that design…


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Product Liability Tort Risk and Responsibility a
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24242621
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Product Liability Tort


A tort is a civil wrong, loss or harm inflicted by a person's behavior upon another (LII, 2010). While it is not necessarily an illegal act itself, the law allows the person harmed to recover his loss or receive compensation for the harm. It differs from a crime wherein the person's harmful act affects society in general. A claim of tort may be filed in a civil court. The three main elements of a tort are duty, the breach of that duty, and the injury or harm caused by the breach. The four main types of torts are intentional, negligence, strict liability, and nuisance. One type of negligence torts is products liability (LII).

Products liability can be incurred by any or all of the persons involved in the manufacturing chain of a product for the damage it causes (LII, 2010; Lim, 2012). It may…


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Product Lifecycle Management Best Practices
Words: 3216 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8746319
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This practically also pays big dividends for manufacturers as they continue to strive to keep their Energy STA Compliance ratings on products, leading to lower costs for power supply, electrical system integration and less product wear due to more efficient use of energy. Studies also indicate that Energy STA compliance, when designed in as part of the DfE initiatives in a PLM system, can have an exceptionally high accumulative impact as well (Preston, 2001).

Integrating DfE into PLM frameworks then not only alleviates the unnecessary and often high costs of noncompliance to federal and global mandates, this integration has also been shown to reduce the net amount of new product components necessary, further creating higher levels of reliability in products over time (Mascle, Zhao, 2008).

There are many additional benefits to integrating DfE product development practices into the broader PLM frameworks manufacturers use for designing, launching, managing and discontinuing products.…


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Product and Service Design Processes Product Executive
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12287185
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Product and Service Design Processes

Product Executive Summary: Tire Design

The approach to designing tires is driven by a highly regulated product market. The standards for safety, ergonomic design and functionality are governed by a number of basic qualifying conditions that must first be met. Therefore, the appropriate design approach begins with ensuring that these conditions are met both in terms of design and the machinery and equipment that will be used to drive production.

Beyond this, design approach is governed by the required output of a given production facility. This, in turn, is determined by client demand and imposed shipping schedules and deadlines. By establishing partnerships with automakers and other larger production operations, the tire design process is governed by clear outlay of production expectations. Designing the production approach must center on achieving these expectations. For this to occur across multiple settings and with a wide range of partnerships…

Design Layout and Process Layout for Manufacturing Facility
Words: 919 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25837752
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Product Design

The process needed to manufacture my laptop begins with the facility layout, which supports the diverse work of the departments, centers and equipment, all of which is configured interactively so as to produce the maximum amount of output at the highest of quality; the different types of processes needed to produce the laptop, from robotic processes to programmable and flexible automation along with person-centered operations; a process map for the design and manufacturing of the computer; links to SCO (Supply Chain Operations), and the five basic processes of SCO (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and eturn).

The layout for the manufacturing of the Dell laptop is based on the idea to make operations efficient utilizing opportunity-cost ratios, and assessments of latest possibilities in product design (safety issues are also a concern and are assessed in risk mitigation analysis). Likewise, state and federal laws regarding manufacturing, environmental hazards, etc., must…


Manufacturing. (2015). Dell. Retrieved from - us/work/learn/manufacturing

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Product Liability Is an Area of Law
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9551113
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Product liability is an area of law in which any organization that either makes products (manufacturers) or distributes to the public (makes available) may be held responsible for potential injuries that may be caused by those products. In the United States, claims for product liability are usually associated with some type of negligence, breach of warranty, or other consumer protection issues. However, the large majority of product liability laws vary considerably because they are determined from state to state. This, of course, makes it problematical to litigate across state boundaries, as well as ensure that manufacturing requirements are met more universally (Golden, 2000).

Case -- Jennings v. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 331 Oregon 285.14.P.3d596 (2000)

In 1978, Plaintiff received silicone breast implants following a mastectomy. Both implants partially deflated: the first in 1980 (and was replaced), the second in 1992. In 1993, Plaintiff had the implants removed, and it was discovered…


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ASQ Quality Press.

Product Strategy Differentiation
Words: 543 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65534820
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Glo-Bus Games

Product strategy: Differentiation

Differentiation is an important part of Glo-Bus Games strategy regarding the marketing of its cameras. The product strategy is currently divided into two groups: entry level cameras for new users and cameras with multiple features for more experienced users. The entry-level cameras are at a lower price point because they offer fewer product capabilities and less sophisticated designs. Not only is the technology less complex, thus supporting a lower price point, but it is less likely to intimidate new users with more accessible design features.

However, the camera brand is not solely directed at new users. The overall product strategy is to entice people to use the brand when they are just beginning to explore photography as a hobby and then gradually move on to the more expensive and complex designs. For more advanced users, the product offers more features and the target user is…

Product Analysis of an Innovation
Words: 1561 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92509470
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Describe the problem your innovation targets. What is the scope of the problem and which stakeholders, both within the organization and without, does it impact?
The organization that I work in is Dana Incorporated. Dana is a global leader in the supply of significantly engineered drivetrain, sealing, in addition to thermal-management technologies that augment the efficacy and performance of vehicles with conventional and powertrains using alternative energy. The auto industry has had a past account of innovation and a great deal of turbulence. However, the level of innovation in the contemporary is unmatched. Brand reputation together with high product quality continues to be significant but have lost their gleam as consumer selling points. Notably, at the present moment, technology innovation and transparent cost of ownership have swiftly shifted to the top of what consumers desire and demand from a vehicle (Gnamm, Kalmbach, and Burgin, 2018).
By analyzing the internal processes…

Product Costing Systems ABC Job Costing Put
Words: 2219 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8558790
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Product Costing systems (ABC, job costing, put costing, .) advanced topic managerial accounting the thesis statemenit a position body paper show evidence support position. The paper discuss opposite point view discuss position valid.

Product costing systems

Product costing system is a management tool which identifies the actual cost of producing each product. It identifies the profits and loss which can be gained or incurred on each product, hence giving companies the opportunity of identifying and promoting of profitable product while dropping, re-pricing or redesigning of unprofitable products Brierley, 2008.

Product costing is a highly sensitive area for managerial accountants, recently, most of them have changed their focus such that they give their attention to appropriate treatment costs which are directly associated with resources that are committed to support activities, which within the company do not vary proportionally to production once the initial capacities have been set. In such as an…


Brierley, J.A. (2008). Toward an Understanding of the Sophistication of Product Costing Systems. [Article]. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 20, 61-78.

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Products Liability Research Mattel Inc Is a
Words: 2004 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24464880
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Products Liability esearch:

Mattel Inc. is a company that was founded in 1944 by Elliot and uth Handler that designs, manufactures, and markets a huge range of toy products. The firm is headquartered in California with its core product lines including Hot Wheels die-cast vehicles, Barbie fashion dolls, Disney toys, Fisher-Price preschool toys, and games like Scrabble. While Mattel also manufactures its toy products based on license agreements with movie makers, most of its toys are produced outside its huge market in the United States i.e. Southeast Asia. Actually, the firm's principal manufacturing facilities are located in several countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and even Mexico. Since its inception, the company has continued to experience significant growth that enables it to generate huge revenues. By 2007, its revenues had grown to $5.97 billion with its three largest customers accounting for 41% of sales across the globe.…


Andersen, M. (2009, October 16). Mattel Settles Lawsuit Over High Levels of Lead in Chinese

Toys. Retrieved June 10, 2012, from 

"CPSC Overview." (n.d.). U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Retrieved from Consumer Product Safety Commission website: 

Lacorte, V.L. (n.d.). Mattel, Inc.: The Lead paint Recall. Retrieved from Tuck School of Business

Product Mix
Words: 1624 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60376336
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Product Mix: Old Spice

Old Spice is a line of products that meet personal needs of people, providing varied services. Initial Old Spice products were for women, and they had the brand name of Early Old Spice. The product came into the market in the year 1937, with an extension occurring in 1938 that introduced Old Spice for men. The products of Old Spice initially were after shave lotions, shaving soaps, deodorants and perfumes, which later incorporated other products such as soaps, detergents among others. This product creates a presentable opportunity to understand the development of products, growing from simple one line production of product to a mixed product line of production. The products in the Old Spice mix are for fragrances, skin care and antiperspirant and deodorant products.

The Old Spice brand is a company of its own, from the time of establishment. Initially, the product production belonged to…

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Product Analysis Organizations Are Formed
Words: 1932 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53032588
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On the other hand, iMac is performing relatively great from AMD in terms of a number of things like cost effectiveness, quality and advertisement. In the next section, we will talk about the marketing mix which usually called marketing communication mix.

Marketing Mix of iMac

Marketing mix essence is the most important essence underlies in marketing communication. Through the mix the researcher analyze the operation management of an entity along with its consumer choice and specification (Salas, 1992). There are 4 elements comes under the umbrella of marketing mix which predominantly are


Basically a product is an ending process of an organization. The product of Apple Inc. is remarkable in terms of quality and reliability, but there is a need to enhance the quality of the product more to make this brand more powerful.


Price is the thing on which the consumers emphasize a lot. The buying power…


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Product Process or Strategic Innovation
Words: 1959 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78174586
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Undoubtedly, the main beneficiary of such fierce competition is the customer who will be able to choose among several reliable products (

Thirdly, iPod has proved to be an excellent consumer-oriented item as it has made available revolutionary features (like modern design, lighter weight, high capacity) to the masses due to the average price established. Thus, in return for a moderate sum of money, people can take with them their favorite songs.

Fourthly, iPod has had a considerable social impact as it has succeeded in warming up human relationships. Steven Levy (2006) suggested that: "Music hits people's emotions and the purchase of something that opens up one's entire music collection...makes for an intense relationship." This idea was also reiterated by professor Katch from the University of Michigan who said that when students saw him with his iPod, "a sort of bounding" occurred (Levy, 2006).

Consequently, the generation gap is overcome…


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Product Management Issues Quality of Design Performance
Words: 2626 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83044849
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Product Management Issues

Quality of Design, Performance, and TQM -- As manufacturing design and implementation became even more complex, an integrative approach to the end product became necessary. There are many theoretical rubrics for this, but one of the more stable and robust is that of TQM, or Total Quality Management. TQM, like other theories such as Six Sigma, is based on the idea that the quality of the end product is the responsibility of everyone who touches the process -- from the creation to the manufacturing to the distribution. TQM, as noted, is an evolving process, and one that includes design, process management, stakeholder involvement and integration, leadership and management, strategic planning, cross-functional training opportunities, and the ongoing involvement of all employees. It becomes, in fact, the culture of the company. (Peratec, 1995). There are different aspects of TQM that impact the organization in slightly different ways, although the…


Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction. (2010) IMHO. Retrieved from:

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Using Change Concepts for Improvement. (March 30, 2012). Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Retrieved from:  / Changes/UsingChangeConceptsforImprovement.aspx

Product and Distribution Strategies From
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5213074
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The points are used to shop in third party organizations such as Woolworths, car hire and banks (Worthington, 2013). Qantas allows customers get seats with incentive to rebook their flight. This with aim too maintains points balance, access lounges, and high treatment. On the other hand, Omni hotels and Resorts have an Omni reward program where members get Wi-Fi shoeshine, beverage delivery as complementary services. Global privileges to over 300 luxurious hotels (Omni, 2013).

Both organizations enjoy a massive customer base 8.6 million for airline and 1 Million for Omni hotels. Both loyalty programs encourage customers to spend more on their services in order to get rewards. In this case, staying twenty night guarantees one a free night. In the airline frequent flyers, points are credited to them and can be redeemed in Woolworths or used for booking seats (Worthington, 2013). The two organizations get to partner with other companies…

Product Diary Nidl L Jones
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92082296
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I watched some TV on my Sony, yet another Japanese made (or designed at least) product. I then considered doing some homework -- quickly reconsidered, and jumped into bed under my new amsutta bedspread, which says on the label it is made in USA. onder of wonders.

Unfortunately, after conducting this experiment (and looking up many of the products I used for the day out of sheer curiosity), I found that I normally know next to nothing about the origins, manufacturers, or even the people that make the products that I use every day.

hat I did notice is that there is a definite trend toward the NIDL, especially in the products that demand high technology coupled with rather unskilled fabrication steps. I also noted that much of this work is being done throughout Asia, but more and more in formerly "unknown" countries (as far as large scale manufacturing goes)…

Works Cited

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Configuration Management Design Methodology for Producing Modularity
Words: 4741 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 68722043
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Configuration Management

Design Methodology for producing Modularity

Aspects of modular product design:

Attribute integrity

Process integrity

Process stability

Details oriented

Scope, procedures, goals, and objectives

Simple configuration control

Minimum requirement for labor

Precise and absolute descriptions of changes in question

Cooperative and responsive customers'

Effective coordination among project team members


Software Configuration Management

Configuration Item

Engineering Change equest


Configuration Control Board

Parallels between the data and functional design of the plan

Advantages of modularity





163. CONFIGUATION Management (CM)


Process Overview

183.2 CM PLANNING AND Management







Acronyms Used

CM -- Configuration Management

SOA - Service Oriented Architecture



Buckley, Fletcher J., Implementing Configuration Management: Hardware, Software, Firmware,

Second Edition, IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ: 1993

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Inc., Rockville, MD: 1985

Digital Design Just as Most
Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31238014
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We owe our engineers a pat on the back for the part they have played in creating, designing, implementing, and perfecting these new technologies. Technologies that many people take for granted works because of good digital design. Digital cameras, wireless networking hubs, and digital voice recorders all work because of digital logic. Video game consoles and game boy technologies would be absolutely unthinkable without digital design wherewithal. Even cars come with digital circuitry. Next-generation smart technologies such as wired kitchen appliances, home electrical systems, security systems, and entertainment systems, are also becoming commonplace in many countries, testimony to the vast strides we have taken to improve consumer technology for the better.

Critics of digital design usually make two main claims about the way digital design has failed the modern consumer. The first camp claims that digital technologies have made life more complicated. Pointing to the frustration they feel when their…

Facilities Design the Facilities We Plan Today
Words: 2973 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14755123
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Facilities Design

The facilities we plan today must help an organization achieve supply chain excellence (Tompkins, et al. 2003, pg 3). Product design activities begin with conceptualization, where ideas for new product are generated based on market information or from existing technology. Product selection restricts new products to those ideas which pass the tests of market potential, financial viability, and producibility. In many cases product selection analysis may be quite subjective in nature and based on somewhat limited information. Once a new product idea has been selected for implementation, a preliminary design is developed. During this stage the product is specified completely. As part of the process many tradeoffs between cost and product performance are considered. A preliminary set of drawings may also be completed. The preliminary design is then operationalized as a prototype. The prototype is tested in an attempt to verify market and technical performance.

Several iterations through…


Anderson, Kenneth R., David E. Coleman, C. Ray Hill, Andrew P. Jaworski, Patric Love, Douglas A. Spindler, and Marwan Simaan (2009). Knowledge-based statistical process control. Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Herbert Schorr and Alain Rapport (eds). Menlo Park, CA: AAAI Press/The MIT Press, 169-181.

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Autosafe Products Ltd Has Recently
Words: 2812 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9757988
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As a result, the market itself is very fickle and although this target market has a very strong participation rate, it is a very volatile and price sensitive market. There are several problems with this target market that Autosafe will be challenged by in promoting their product. The most important is in the product specific nature of this consumer base. Consumers within the target market are extremely aware of the "luxury" nature of this safety product, and therefore are extremely sensitive to design as well as price. This implies that Autosafe must be both the winner within the design and price category in order to become a competitive force within this niche market. Target consumers are looking for a design that is ideally suited for their children, but that is also low maintenance in installation and use. There are several products already on the market that features such a design…

29 Jan. 2007 .

Seat Belt Adjuster." Amazon. 29 Jan. 2007 


Wicked Problems in Design Thinking Focuses on
Words: 1139 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 95570936
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Wicked Problems in Design Thinking" focuses on the process of and concepts behind design, and how these have changed over the centuries of human intellectual history. Whereas, at first, the concept was subject to categorization within a specific subject field, the author argues that this can no longer be the case. Indeed, since the start of the 20th century, there has been a shift away from compartementalized subject fields towards a greater understanding of design as integrated with other fields of thought. Indeed, the author argues for design as a "liberal art."

Furthermore, Buchanan argues that the refinement and expansion of knowledge cannot extend its usefulness beyond the library or laboratory without an integration of sets of knowledge via communication. Often, the design process, by its nature as an integrative discipline, is one of the ways in which such usefulness can be achieved.

"…knowledge is achieved by a new kind…

Technology Product Project Charter Technology Project for
Words: 1280 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88260771
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Technology Product

Project Charter: Technology Project for YourGard Technology Company

The project at focus in this study will involve hiring an outside contractor to develop the new application and an outside firm to design and construct the website. The web site must maintain the company vision and make the company's operation available in a technological sense to the world.

The purpose for this project includes the increase of market share and revenue through introduction of a new product line with technological features enhanced and increase of revenue through tapping into a larger base of customers through secure Internet sales. Finally, the purpose of this project includes the improvement of service to customers through engineering remote diagnostic, tuning and repair of the new product line.

Objectives of Project

The objectives of this project include the increase of the market share by 50% within two years of product launch through provision of…


Business IT Solutions (2012) Global Tech Force. Reprieved from:

Network and Security Services (2012) Global Tech Force. Retrieved from:

Techniques for Concept Generation in New Product Development
Words: 1052 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31311866
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Generation Techniques in New Product Development

The process of new product development begins with identification of good product ideas and the use of an appropriate criterion to determine ideas to pursue. This process involves concept generation, which is the most important step since it involves generating and/or obtaining ideas regarding the product. Concept generation in new product development entails developing a set of customer needs, specifying targets, and determining several product alternatives for the design process. Given the significance of concept generation in new product development, there are several concept generation techniques. These techniques can be utilized to create variations of the basic concept in relation to different product form, characteristics, positioning, benefits, and customer target.

Overview of Concept Generation

According to Nobel (2013), concept generation is the process through which product development team creates or obtains ideas relating to the various aspects of a product such as product form…


"Concept Generation." (2003, March 5). Lecture 13. Retrieved from University of Iowa website:

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Nobel, M. (2013). Product Concept Generation. Retrieved from Tufts University website:

Appliance Marketing Plan Worksheet Product & Mission
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75167149
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Appliance Marketing Plan


Product & Mission Statement

Product Description: MicroGrill is a modern microwave oven using convection with the availability of a grill.

Given Mission Statement: We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing innovative electronics solutions.

Feature (Example): Compact and sleek design

How this supports the mission statement: Making the appliance much easier to store and use in a wider variety of kitchens, both large and small.

Feature: Multi-faceted capabilities

How this supports the mission statement: This empowers the consumer to be able to use a single unit for a wider variety of purposes. The consumer has to buy less appliances by enjoying the multifunctional design of the product.

Feature: Innovative technology

How this supports the mission statement: The increased speed of cooking with a convection oven helps save consumers time, allowing them to enjoy more of their days while taking advantage…

Kimberly Clark Virtual Products and
Words: 775 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2923453
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Not the least of these is the ability for Kimberly-Clark to provide interactive experiences with newer products, packaging designs, and other innovative elements before any shipments are made or orders are even placed (Kimberly-Clark 2011a). This makes merchandising and layout experimentation far less costly (virtually free, after the initial cost of the technology and its development) and far more efficient for Kimberly-Clark and its retailers (McGee 2007; Kimberly-Clark 2011a).

etailers also derive other benefits from this technology, namely the ability to better predict what will happen not only with specific product and design innovations but also to experience what more general changes and ongoing developments will mean for the long-term merchandising strategies and their impacts (Kimberly-Clark 2011a). That is, not only will retailers be able to experience specific new product lines and displays before ordering any product, but through ongoing experimentation they will be able to develop more efficient and…


Kimberly-Clark. (2011). Our Company. Accessed 9 October 2011. 

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McGee, M. (2007). InformationWeek 500: Kimberly-Clark's Virtual Product Demo Center Yields Real Ideas On How To Sell More Products. Accessed 9 October 2011.

Confusing Features in Consumer Products Bill Bryson's
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Confusing Features in Consumer Products

Bill Bryson's Design Flaws is a well-thought out essay that expresses exactly how consumers feel when they are confronted with products that give them features that are more than necessary for their use. Although initially, readers may perceive the author as technologically-challenged, that is, not able to adapt to changes in new technologies, his arguments against the 'unnecessary excesses' of product designs nowadays is justified. Indeed, in an age where everything, through technology, should be made manageable, Bryson's discussion of technology's inconveniences illustrate how manufacturers have become preoccupied with design and style that they completely forgot that space and size of a product determines its functionality. In effect, the 'style over substance' problem that Bryson talks about in the essay illustrates how the fast-paced life full of technology also results to a fast-paced decision-making, especially in the conception of a product's design. Indeed, his assertion…

Environmental Issues on Eco Product Purchase Case of German Retailers
Words: 2383 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 58432515
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Environmental Concern on Green Products Purchase: Empirical Study of German etailers

Evaluation of results

The analysis exhibits various results about the perceptions of German consumers with reference to green products. The findings have been able to achieve the research objectives and test the hypothesis based on the demographic characteristics of the sample population. The results reveal that all the sample population is well educated with 84% of participants have completed the graduate programs. Thus, the participant has advanced knowledge of health benefits of green products. They also have knowledge about the impact of conventional products on the environment, which influences consumer buying decisions of sustainable products. Larsson, & Arif Khan (2011) argue that green awareness motivates consumer's choice of pursuing the green criteria, and consumer's choice of product is also influenced by earlier purchases experience. When informed consumers decide to purchase sustainable products, they search for both primary and secondary…


Andrea K. M. (2016). Buying organic -- decision-making heuristics and empirical evidence from Germany, Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33(7): 552 -- 561.

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Unilever Is a Consumer Products Multinational Is
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Unilever is a consumer products multinational is listed in London and the Netherlands simultaneously. The company has a highly diversified product base such that it is not dependent on any one business or market for its success. The consumer products industry in the est is a mature business, and it is a growing business in the growing economies of the world like the BRIC economies and many Asian countries.

Being a diversified multinational, Unilever faces a number of conditions in its different markets around the world. The company is mainly affected by general trends. These include global incomes -- the company's products are not necessarily discretionary but demand will still be affected by the business cycle.

Globalization is another trend that will have a high level of impact on the company. One of the main impacts of globalization is that companies have access to more markets. The trend has in…

Works Cited

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Product I Have Chosen to Evaluate Is
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product I have chosen to evaluate is called a Twin Blade Pivot azor. It is a generic brand manufactured by Family Dollar, which is a version of the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Store that exists, primarily, in the southern section of the East Coast. I have chosen to write about this particular product because I am extremely familiar with it. I try to keep a bald head as much as possible. Ergo, every Tuesday and Friday I shave my head with a disposable razor, which enables me to minimize the amount of hair on my head at all times. There are a number of men who utilize razor blades for the same purpose, which is why I decided to write about this product since it plays a crucial role in the hygiene and grooming of many men, including myself.

The evaluation for this particular product will focus on its…


Baba, S. (2013). "Women Have Kissed and Told and Demand Their Men to "Keep It Smooth Shaven" (K.I.S.S.)." Gillette Newsroom. Retrieved from 

Oguche, S. (2013). "Gillette enlists top NFL players and sport science's John Brenkus to highlight the importance of precision in football and shaving." Gillette Newsroom. Retrieved from

Product Categories Within Product Categories Listed Identify
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product categories. Within product categories listed identify TWO purchases made. ONE a High Involvement purchase, ONE a Low Involvement purchase. The purchases product category, product categories,: Computer software (e.

High-involvement vs. low-involvement purchases: Need recognition and problem awareness; Information search; Evaluation of alternatives; Purchase; Post-purchase evaluation

Deciding upon the right fancy restaurant for a special occasion was a recent high-involvement purchase decision for me. Food is very important to my family and I needed to select a restaurant that would be the perfect setting for my parents' anniversary dinner. Many of my closest relatives would be attending. Thus, my needs recognition was that I required a restaurant that was sufficiently 'nice' (i.e., not Applebee's) for a special occasion, could accommodate a large number of guests at a single table at one time and would have a menu pleasing to all of the diners.

I conducted research by asking friends, looking…


Buyer behavior. (2012). Tutor2U. Retrieved: 

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The Palm. (2012). Retrieved: /Our-Menu/Dinner

Product Is a Software Application That Gathers
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product is a software application that gathers information from consumers via credit and debit card purchases. This information is then used to predict future purchases. This application is basically an extension of the buyer predictive software that is used by many online retailers already, except that is uses a broader purchasing pattern, giving more data points when compared with current applications on the market. Where Amazon might use past Amazon purchases to predict future purchases, this software would use all debit and credit purchases, thereby improving its predictive power.

This application is useful for retail marketers. These marketers will benefit from the app's predictive power, as it will help them to better target customers. The software, therefore, increases the efficiency of advertising as measured by return on investment. This benefit is superior to existing similar applications on the market because there are more data points, from multiple vendors. This provides…


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Products in the Midst of Needing Some
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Products in the midst of needing some major changes to its network architecture. The primary goal of its current routing protocol is to encourage the fastest speed possible within the network. Yet, it is clear that this is no longer happening. Just like many modern businesses, Klamath Paper Products is "Faced with many challenges, including increasing bandwidth demands, market expansion, limited IT staffs and smaller budgets" (AT&T, 2013). Due to an ever-increasing need for faster bandwidth speeds, the network at Klamath Paper Products is proving to become more and more ineffective because of high levels of congestion.

Network design for critical business applications are meant to help increase the productivity of the IT strategies within the organization. As such, the company needs something to facilitate an increase in production within a variety of business operations. A top performing Metro Ethernet service that could be available to Klamath Paper Products is…


AT&T. (2013). Metro Ethernet Service: Expand your existing network. Enterprise. Web.

Product From the Standpoint of
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In summary, this exercise showed that quality management is much more integrative and synchronized in nature. Quality cannot be dictated into an organization; it must become part of its culture, and it is apparent from this balsa wood glider that the organization producing them is lackadaisical in their commitment to the principles mentioned in this analysis.


Foster, ST & Gallup, L 2002, 'On functional differences and quality understanding', Benchmarking: An International Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 86 -- 102

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Kruger, V 2001, 'Main school of TQM: "the big five," The TQM Magazine, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 146 --…


Foster, ST & Gallup, L 2002, 'On functional differences and quality understanding', Benchmarking: An International Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 86 -- 102

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Product Survey
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Coffee Cups

here are 2855 locations in NYC alone that sell you coffee cups. o list all these stores -- sometimes duplicated -- would take a volume alone. he following is therefore a summary of some key places that sell coffee cups -- otherwise called mugs, the general price of these (usually ceramic) coffee cups; the details of these coffee cups; and descriptions of outstanding logos and/or designs.

As the Huff Post New York (2012) remarks: "Coffee cups in New York are as varied as the Big Apple" ( For the first three decades it was the iconic polystyrene or paper Greek-themed "Happy to Serve" coffee cup that has now been converted into ceramic. In the mid-1990s, the environmentally friendly Starbucks-style cup rushed into style usually accompanied with sipping lids and cardboard sleeves. All of these are free; you paid for the drink of course. You find these cups…

TSA screener at JFK 'hurled hot coffee at American Airlines pilot who told her to stop swearing' Mail online. 

Nyc Coffee Cups

Products and Product Lines Manufactured and Industry
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Products and Product Lines Manufactured and Industry in Which the Organization Operates

Wal Mart was founded based upon the belief of providing customers with something more. Started in 1945, the company began as a single store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Out of this location, the owner (Sam Walton) sought out producers and suppliers who could offer him lower prices by purchasing in bulk. This savings was passed onto consumers in order to increase their bottom line results. ("Wal Mart Stores," 2012) (Soderquist, 2005)

Over the course of time, this basic formula was used to sell various products to consumers and increase the total number of locations. As a result, Wal Mart began offering a variety of goods to cliental to include: health / beauty aids, baby products, household chemicals, paper goods, pet supplies; electronics, toys, cameras, photo processing services, cellular phones, books, stationery, automotive accessories, hardware, sporting goods, clothing pharmacy /…


Wal Mart Stores. (2012). Yahoo Finance. Retrieved from: 

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Product Being Offered Is the
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The performance emphasis is one more example of the same branding trend.


While the decisions that were made are clear, the reasons behind these decisions are ore obscure and ultimately more uncertain. Generally speaking, the younger crowd (especially people in their mid-twenties to thirties, when jobs with salaries giving a high income and with mortgages and families still usually a few year off, meaning more of that income is expendable) is seen as an effective market segment to target and in addition building a strong identity with this demographic now could help to perpetuate Buick's brand identity as a truly luxury and performance-focused American car brand. A desire to move away from the current brand identity to one that addresses this younger population is likely a major impetus behind these decisions. The overall economic environment, which remains uncertain, could also be an influential force in the pricing decision and…

Product Strategy Addresses Issues of
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Thus, all content will be designed to avoid such data collection (no signups or memberships, for example) (Aftab, 2005).

The company will also engage in a public relations strategy. The company will actively seek appearances on talk shows and other media to spread the word about our new squeezable colored peanut butter. The public relations program will emphasize the dual messages of fun and nutrition with which we want to associate ow Butter. The public relations program will largely be targeted during the launch -- by the end of the calendar year (four months after the school year has begun) the public relations program will draw to a close.

Direct marketing and personal selling will be focused on the school lunch program administrators. At first, this element of the marketing program will be focused on direct marketing rather than personal selling. The cost of maintaining a traveling sales force is…

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Product Being Sold Are Industrial
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The use of metrics to measure the effectiveness of indirect channel strategies in conjunction with a sales territory assignment by distributors and dealers requires a fundamentally different skill set than the two other approaches that rely on a direct selling strategy. Within the territory assignments of distributors and resellers it's more critical to focus on support for the selling processes by these partners and less about expertise in a given geographic or vertical market.


As the HVAC industry is by nature highly complex, which often leads to longer sales cycles and the need to have a sales representative focused on an account for an extended period of time, the second approach of defining sales territories by size of company and vertical markets makes the most sense in the long-term. As a strategy for getting sales started in new regions, the use of indirect selling strategies makes sense as the…


Allen (2001) - Maximize your territory coverage, increased sales and higher profits will follow, by, Daryl Allen, Selling Magazine, June 2001

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Design of Goods and Services
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egal Marine

Product life cycle is an approach that companies use when analyzing the evolution of their products. This is intended to determine the investments that must be made regarding these products, but also the incomes they are likely to determine. The concept of product life cycle also applies in the case of egal Marine products. In this case, most of the company's products usually have a life cycle of three to five years. This can be considered a short life style in comparison with other products that benefit from life cycles of decades.

In this situation, products with short life cycles require increased levels of investments. This is because the company must focus on introducing new products on the market in order to be competitive (Wu et al., 2005). However, these products are also able to determine increased levels of incomes that can be used in investing in the…

Reference list:

1. Wu, D. et al. (2005). Managing Short Lifecycle Technology Products for Agere Systems. Retrieved May 3, 2013 from

Design Future
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Food lust advertising design: Applying the concepts of 'luxuria' and 'chastity'

hen comparing cars such as Hummer and the Prius, the contrast between the two brand identities seems obvious. One is a large, gas-guzzling vehicle that denotes the purchaser's wealth. The Prius is a small, snub-nosed vehicle that apparently proclaims the user's interest in environmental sustainability. However, beneath the surface, there are even more complex issues about how the vehicles convey the user's class. The Prius is also an expensive car, after all. Chastity is not about low price -- it is an attitude.

hat constitutes 'luxuria' versus 'chastity' in marketing is even more complex with the marketing of items that have a very wide price range like food. Some products marketed as objects of 'luxuria' may be low-priced; some may be high-price. Some products marketed upon their 'chastity' may be more expensive than their 'luxuria' counterparts. The endy's…

Works Cited

"Baconater." Wendy's. [9 Mar 2010] 

Hsu, Tiffany. "Wendy's reenters Japan with $16 foie-gras-and-truffle burger." The LA Times

28 Dec 2011. [9 Mar 2010]

Products Services and Promotional Strategies offered by Black Diamond Equipment
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Product/Services/Promotional Strategies offered by Black Diamond Equipment and My Web Page


eport on Product/Services/Promotional Strategies offered by Black Diamond Equipment

Black Diamond designs and manufactures a complete line of authentic, inspired, performance equipment for rock climbers, ice climbers, alpinists and backcountry and telemark skiers. Black Diamond's products are targeted toward those who are dedicated to the process of climbing and skiing. Especially Black Diamond likes to promote its products for young people who take pride and enjoy rock climbing, alpinism or backcountry skiing. Black Diamond also targets its products for kids to provide them equipments that are versatile and lightweight and can be used for mountaineering. Moreover, Black Diamond's captures a share of market because of its high level of expertise in manufacturing high quality devices and equipments that have made the experience of rock climbers and skiers enjoyable. Black and Diamond prides the quality of its products that…


Kotler, P. (1991). Marketing Management. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Kotler, P. And Armstrong, G. (1996).

Principles of Marketing. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Product That Can Be Found
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We provide a description and screen-shots of each program, so you can get an idea of what it does before installing ("

The site works to make installation and uninstalling an easy clean process so that users do not have to worry about doing any damage to their computer in the process.

The site allows users to download the programs, use them as they are, or tweak them for improvement and credit the previous sources while distributing the new improved version.

According to the site there is no charge for use of the software programs found there however, users are able to charge others if they choose to sell the improved version that they come up with.

There is a staggering number of OSS projects out there. A typical source (Freshmeat) lists over 30.000 projects. There are also a vast number of Shareware and Freeware programs available that can be…


Open CD (Accessed 06-28-07)

Open source (accessed 6-28-07)

Product Liability Warranties and Torts Facts Maria
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Product Liability: Warranties and Torts

Facts: Maria Gonzalez rented an apartment from Maria Garcia. Garcia installed a Morflo water heater, which was kept in an area inaccessible by tenants. The water heater and its manual contained extensive warnings indicating that burns could occur if the water was above 120 degrees. Gonzalez's 15-month-old child Angel was scalded while being bathed by his 15-year-old brother, in a manner contra-indicated by the warnings on the heater and in the manual. Angel and his mother brought suit against Morflo and its distributor, alleging defects in the design of the water heater and the failure to warn.

Should they recover?

Reasoning: A party cannot recover from a manufacturer when a product has been used in a non-conforming manner. A manufacturer meets its duty to warn by placing warnings on the product and in the manual provided for its use.

Answer: Yes.

Facts: Avery purchased a…

Product Financial and Market Analyses of 3 Products
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Strategic Review -- Simulation

A 4-year strategic review of the Company's X5, X6 and X7 Tablets has been requested by Sally. The strategic review contains product, financial and market reviews for all 3 products over the 4-year period from 2011 -- 2014. As the report will show, the X5 behaved admirably but is now in shakeout, the X6 continues to perform best of all the products and the X7 has performed horribly in all 4 years. Consequently, I recommend discontinuing the X5 and X7 and allocating R&D and other resources to the X6 for 2015.

Generally in 2011, the cumulative profit score is $81,571,138. The X5 costs more than most other products in its category and last year it was in the growth phase of the product lifecycle. The performance of the X6 is better than that of competing tablets (Sun, Tablet Development Sim - View Summary, n.d.).

A. A…

Design Internet-Based Manufacturing System in Oversea Country
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Design internet-based manufacturing system for the oversea small manufacturing companies

Global competitions and rapid changes in the customers' requirements are forcing the manufacturing companies to adopt the Information Technology (IT) for the production and the configuration of manufacturing process. With the increase in demand for more specialized products, the traditional mode of production is no more capable to meet the customers' requirements. In the present competitive market environment, more customers are increasingly demanding for custom designed products within the short time. ecently, there have been rapid changes in the manufacturing paradigms where many manufacturing companies have started to adopt new enterprises strategy to remain competitive in the present international volatile markets. To be competitive in the present volatile markets, some organizations have started to adopt the concepts such as virtual enterprises, agile manufacturing etc. (Tian, Yin, & Taylor 2001). Virtual enterprises have become the most advanced and…


Dai, W. (2009). The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics. Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics. 4(5): 53-61.

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Design Document
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Architectures for Websites

Designing Information Architectures for Websites

There are a myriad of approaches to defining and implementing information architectures, yet the most effective place a high priority on customer-driven goals and objectives. The more accurate and clear the goals and objectives of an information architecture are to customer needs, the greater the level of long-term performance (Spencer, 1985). The unifying attribute of any successful website is the information architecture deliberately designed to support short- and long-term goal attainment of customers first, and the organization hosting the site itself second. The relevancy of any website is also directly related to how permeable and flexible the information architecture is to change and modification as defined by the changing needs of customers. The goal of this analysis is to share the lessons learned as a result of discussions and interviews with friends and co-workers, aimed at generating a series of recommendations for…


Spencer, R.A. (1985). Information architecture. Journal of Systems Management, 36(11), 34-34.

Design Methods Enterprise Level Business Systems
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Enterprise-Level Business Information Systems

In terms of workplace productivity and efficiency, one key aspect to when developing an effective information system for an enterprise is how to select a system that is simple enough to understand for the vast majority of its users, but technologically forward enough so that it has adequate backup for the data stored within the system's various components. Ideally as well, the system should be able to consolidate all data so that it may be shared at various levels within the business' structure, yet still have adequate passwords and security controls. "Experts say about 65% of all companies have lost control of the management or planning of a computer project at some stage," thus the creation of a system with adequate backup and maximum efficacy cannot be underestimated, not simply from a technical point-of-view, but also the point-of-view of the business as a whole. ("The Computer…

A. Discuss which business process mapping tools you recommend in documenting the design.

Firstly, the business must map out, what sorts of improvements or future successes, it desires to achieve with the new database design. If improvement of information sharing to increase sales is one goal, for instance, it must quantify the percentile increase it hopes to achieve. The overall success of the business in question must be quantified according to certain overall goals, as well as risks taken into consideration of not pursuing the new design. In documenting this design, firstly, the goals should be defined in terms of increased information sharing and data collection, coupled with the implementation of security procedures. After implementation, an audit of time saved by company members, questionnaires posited to company members regarding the system's ease and safety of usage, as well as an overall tabulation of increased productivity and sales must be taken into consideration. (Jacka & Keller, 2001)

In this area, it is important to remember that when new updates and projects go "astray, about 80% of the problem is management-oriented, not technical. You can hire lots of technicians to solve your problems, but most technicians

Products and Services That the
Words: 3842 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16624550
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This is because the public image that is created can be very good for creating a good reputation and company image. This is mainly fueled by positive consumerism.CS should therefore be integrated into corporate strategy.

Environmental problems

Food Packaging

Almost all parts of the industries that deal with packaging, not excluding food packaging, are facing several environmental problems. For instance, the shops that are dealing with fast-food are receiving a lot of pressure to minimize the quantity of the solid wastes that they are generating (Testin and Vergano, 1991). As a result, the company will result into numerous environmental problems. Packaging is indeed an essential part of modern life style. The loss from packaging is more rampant in the firms that process food and those in the system of distribution. In the countries that are still developing, packaging is a rare thing and sometimes, it does not exist. In such…


Demetrakakes, P. (2004, Oct). Nestle's packaging wraps up the world: a truly international food company combines local and global strategies in packaging its huge array of products

Domberger, S. And Fernandez, P. (1999), Public-Private Partnerships for Service Delivery.

Business Strategy Review, 10: 29 -- 39

Kakabadse, a.P. And Kakabadse, N. (2000a) Sourcing: new face to economies of scale and the emergence of new organizational forms. Knowledge and Process Management 7(2), 107 -- 118.

Design a Trail for New Drug
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dosage levels of Cholestease on Serum Cholesterol levels and the side effects associated with them in human beings.

Cholesterol has been a major media issue in recent years, especially the negative effects on the heart and its role in the development of heart disease. There have been many studies that indicate a connection between serum cholesterol heart disease and depression (1-3). Developing new methods to lower serum cholesterol has become a major industry in recent years. Currently the leaders in the industry are American Pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer, Merck, and Warner-Lambert (1), who have developed medications that lower cholesterol.

The Endicon corporation recognizes the potential market in developing a drug that will significantly lower serum cholesterol without the side effects associated with long-term use of the drugs currently on the market. In addition, we recognize the potential of developing a ritish Product, primarily marketed in Great ritain. Endicon has been conducting…


Clarke, R. et al. (1997) Dietary lipids and blood cholesterol: quantitative meta-analysis of metabolic ward studies. Brit. Med. J 314 p.112-117.

Howell, W. et al. (1997) Plasma lipid and lipoprotein responses to dietary fat and cholesterol: a meta-analysis. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 65 p.1747-1764.

Hudson, M. (2003) How Cholesterol Affects the Body. (Online at ( ) Accessed June 4, 2003.

Kronmal, R. et al. (1993)Total Serum Cholesterol Levels and Mortality Risk as a function of Age, A report based on the Framingham Data. Arch. Intern.Med. 153 p. 1065-1073.

Product Pricing Component Organization Maytag
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If two goods are substitutes, we should expect to see consumers purchase more of one good when the price of its substitute increases." (Moffat, 2006) How much a price range is there, really one might ask? Although some washers, for example, may be several hundred dollars more or less expensive than others, the higher line goods posses more desirable amenities or physical features desired by the higher-end consumer. Hence, within different price ranges, there is much less apparent elasticity. Also, market consolidation must be taken into a factor. Given the relatively narrow range of substitute goods, and the merger of many of the leading appliance manufactures, one would describe the demand for the appliances produced by Maytag to be relatively inelastic, within particular varieties of durable goods.

Describe the issues that affect consumer and the price

Consumers do not buy washing machines or refrigerators on an annual basis. The purchase…

Works Cited

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Product Safety
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Public and Community Health

After researching your commonly used products, what do you think about this site?

The website is very innovative in its approach towards environmental and personal safety. First, the website is seamless to use. This is paramount in regards to views and usage of the website. Without a seamless method of navigating the website, consumers could be potentially becomes disgruntled and leave. The website identifies key information with bold, large lettering, designed to impact the consumer. The color scheme is also very inviting as many of the colors create a sense of "freshness" and "cleanliness" within the website. This is evident as the website, in its entirety, generates over 1,000,000 views each month.

The search bar is particular is very easy to use. In regards to this particular website, the search bar is the primary focus for those seeking information. As such, its ease of use is…

Launching a New Product in the Market
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Product Development Process
For a new product to be successful in the market one need to ensure that they have undergone the product development process. This will allow them to go through a series of stages that begin with ideation and ending with the introduction of the product in the market. These stages are aimed at understanding the consumers, markets, and competitors in order to ensure that the product will deliver superior value to the intended customers. The product development process is a cycle through which one should take their idea in order to convert it into a viable good or service. In our case, the idea of a new electronic product should also undergo the 8 steps of the product development process. These steps are idea generation, idea screening, concept development, and testing, marketing strategy development, business analysis, product development, test marketing, and commercialization (Gopalakrishnan, Libby, Samuels, & Swenson,…

Informational Product Report
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Product Report

Transmittal Letter

Vice President Communications,

Fox News

Informational Product Report

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 Features and Specifications




Technical Features:

Operating System and Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Battery Time

Audio and Sound

The new lightning connector

Comparison of iPhone 5 with previous versions

iPhone 5 Design

iPhone 5 Display

iPhone 5 Camera

iPhone 5 Ear Pods

iPhone 5 Comparison with previous iPhone versions

Apple has finally launched its newest version of Smartphone in the iPhone series -- the iPhone 5. The most awaited iPhone 5 has received great appreciation after its launch on 21st September 2012. The consumers and businesses were exposed to numerous rumors about the design and features of the new iPhone. The new iPhone is now available in the market with different new features and supporting capabilities. This report presents an overview of this innovative Smartphone in terms of its features, designs,…

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PLC Product Life Cycle When We Talk
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Product Life Cycle

When we talk about the strongest multinational companies of the world then Nestle is definitely one of the names that triggers in everyone's mind. Nestle is the world's No.1 food manufacturing company. Nestle is a Swiss multinational company whose product are available almost in every part of the world. Most of the Nestle products are in a market leading position. Nestle company was established in 1866 and since that day, it has proved itself as one the leading companies of the world with its improved quality, innovative ideas of marketing and attractive packaging (Nestle, 2007).

Nestle launched its first juice in 1996 and since then it has spread its product largely. The consumers' response to the flavored juices of the Nestle Company was upbeat. This further strengthened the position of the Nestle Company in the market as the unbeatable leader. Later on, the company innovate the…


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