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Profession Of Arms Essays (Examples)

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Career Person's Ability to Work
Words: 2073 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4899246
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Those who have a more professional work, like a doctor or a lawyer tend to have a higher position in the society as compared with a carpenter or a waiter. A 5 occupational class scheme was discussed: 1st class is the upper level managers and professionals, 2nd class would be the medium level managers and professionals, 3rd class are the lower level office and service workers, 4th class are the skilled manual workers, and lastly, the 5th class is the unskilled manual workers. (ohnson, 2004) Therefore, social class can delineate a person's occupation and therefore characterize his/her experience of work.

Another factor that may affect a person's work life is disabilities acquired, for example, physical disabilities. A person may have one kind of disability or another. he/she may have lost an arm or a leg, he/she may have loss the ability to see, hear or speak. These unfortunate events also…

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Career Management Wal-Mart Overview Scope Wal-Mart Falls
Words: 1948 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75390625
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Career Management: Wal-Mart Overview

Scope Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart falls into the realm of mega retailers. There is no product or service that Wal-Mart has not considered at one point or another. Besides selling traditional retail products including house-wear, groceries, clothing and furniture, the retailer has branched out and now provides eye-wear, photographic services and pharmacy services. In addition the company is currently expanding into the financial services industry. Wal-Mart is in fact the world's largest company, exceeding companies like General Motors and Exxon Mobile in size and scope.

Wal-Mart is known in the retail world for selling products at a fraction of the costs of other retailers. At Wal-Mart prices are cheap but the product quality is high. The company in fact prides itself on its reputation for selling the best quality products at the lowest product. A consumer can buy the nation's number one brand products for a fraction of…


B. Marc, Personnel Manager. Electronic Mail Interview. 9, November 2004.

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Of Accountancy, 176(5):101

Cocheo, S. (2003). "Always aggressive, always Wal-Mart: What makes Wal-Mart keep

U S Arms Exports the Impact
Words: 3541 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34433343
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In February of 2001, the government responded to pressures to relieve some of the suffering, the Emir loosened many of the laws. The U.S. considers Bahrain and important non-NATO ally in the ar against Terrorism, often using Bahrain as a staging area fro entry into Iraq. For this reason, the Bush administration continues to support increases in arms transfers to Bahrain. eapons transferred to Bahrain have included large and small weapons from shot guns to M60 tanks.


In 1999 Indonesian armed forces killed citizens in East Timor in response to the formation of anti-independence militias that were being organized. The government forces were equipped with U.S. M-1-6 rifles and other U.S. military equipment. The militia was also equipped with $1 billion in U.S. arms and training. In this case, the U.S. had been supporting the illegal occupation of East Timor since 1975. The U.S. supplied arms to both forces…

Works Cited

Bahrain." Available from . Accessed December 6.

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Disarmament" UN Department of Disarmament Affairs. Conventional Arms Branch. Available at . Accessed December 6, 2007.

Motivation for Pursuing a Career
Words: 330 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70469780
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When our family moved to United States five years ago, I began to see more opportunities for my chosen career unfold before me. Greater access to drugs and medicines, as well as improved treatments for my grandmother's condition, are the opportunities that led to my acquiring increased knowledge in pharmacy. I have fueled my passion in being a pharmacist while in Iran, and now I am ready to realize this goal in life by aspiring to attend in a medical school here in U.S.. Armed with my impressive credentials, field experience working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreen's, and personal history of being acquainted with the field of pharmacy through my grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease, I am now ready to start a new life as a pharmacist. Pharmacy as a career is the best path for fulfilling my aspirations to ease suffering among people, particularly the elderly, and perhaps,…

Health Care Profession Is Undergoing Fundamental Change
Words: 1846 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58399567
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health care profession is undergoing fundamental change due in part to new laws and regulations. These laws and regulations, although well intended may result in unintended consequences for the nursing profession overall. In the future, the role of a nurse will be fundamentally altered. For one, regulation such as the Affordable Care Act will result in an entire population of insured patients needing care. As such, the role of a nurse will ultimately be predicated on a more individualized basis with specialization in certain aspects. Caring for diabetes is no different in this regard. The public is particularly prone to diabetes primarily due to dietary and lifestyle considerations. As such, the topic of proper care and prevention of this issue is paramount to community health. The population at risk, due in part to regulation, is now society as a whole. This presents interesting challenges and opportunities for the overall health…


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Unconventional Warfare in Afghanistan During the Soviet Occupation
Words: 2051 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89284261
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Unconventional Warfare: The Mujahidin of Afghanistan

esistance is not futile. It was one of the lessons learned from the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan: that any resistance force can counter effectively against a powerful aggressor. esistance - with the proper tools, strategy, and determination - can countermeasure any unwanted entity. The anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan not only pushed the invaders out of their country, but it helped precipitated the eventual fall of the U.S.S.. As a world power. The question on the table is: what happened in that poor Southwest Asian country? How did the Soviets lose that war, or how did the mujahidin - the soldiers of God - win? First and foremost, the Soviet political and military leaders made strategic and tactical errors. The Afghan rebels employed unconventional warfare in Afghanistan: it was their only possible means in defeating the Soviets. Eventually, though too late, the ussian troops…


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Kaplan, Robert D. Soldiers of God: With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan. New York: Vintage Books. 1990.

Future of Nco Corporations
Words: 1653 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19643478
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Future of NCO Corps

Future of Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps

A critical link

The past and present

The future after 9/11

Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps has traditionally been important in the armed forces of the U.S. Provision of training and mentoring to the general rank soldiers and effective assistance to second lieutenants has been the traditional responsibility of NCOs. The NCOs are technicians and team leaders as well. The role has significance in the future as well. After successfully participating in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, NCO Corps is planned to go through a 'consolidation' phase in which non-performing senior NCOs will be retired early. Junior and mid-grade NCOs will be retrained to meet the requirements ofirregular warfare contingencies and in-rank counseling.

Future of Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps

Thesis statement

The Noncommissioned (NCO) Corps is an important link between the officer ranks and the general rank of the U.S.…


Fisher, E.F. (1994). Guardians of the Republic: A History of the Non-Commissioned Officer Corps of the U.S. Army. Stackpole Books.

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Shmccall, A. (2011, Nov). The NCO Corps and the demands of our Profession of Arms. U.S. Army. Retrieved from:

Understanding the Role of Leadership in the Army
Words: 2263 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55376056
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Managing Army Change

Force Management Discussion Paper (ASSIGNMENT)

General Instructions

You may use the lessons (please request additional information if needed), readings and references (have been provided) to help you answer the questions. Reference the documents titled "F100 Lessons Overview" for determining if additional topic discussions (lessons) may be needed. Cite the sources you used to answer the discussion topics. Use footnotes (Turabian style) of documentation; do not use parenthetical citations. This includes direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of the assigned readings, doctrinal references, or outside sources.

In academic writing, do not use first-person or passive voice.

Read the question thoroughly, and make sure you are answering the question being asked. As you formulate your responses, do NOT provide a simple summation to the question or your opinion. Use evidence (specific examples or concepts) from F100 as part of your answers. Imagine that you are submitting your answers to the…


2012 Army Equipping Strategy. F106 Army Force Generation.

2013 Army Strategic Planning Guidance Excerpt. Lesson F101: Strategic Change.

Dempsey, Martin. "Chairman's Strategic Direction to the Joint Force."

Gen Odierno AUSA Winter Symposium. F103 Total Army Analysis.

Information Warfare
Words: 2405 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61022595
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Warfare: An Overview

In today's age, traditional warfare, though a major player as we see in the Iraq war, has in some arenas taken a back seat to information warfare.

y definition, information warfare is the offensive and even defensive utilization of information and information systems to deny, exploit, corrupt or destroy an adversary's information, information-based processes, information systems and computer-based networks while protecting one's own. Parties use information warfare to gain military, public relations or economic advantage. (

Users of information technology are most often nation-states and corporations. For instance, by gaining access to a rival company's databases, a business can get a valuable advantage on price-points and supply chains. Countries can decide how much to spend on military equipment by discovering how much in military stocks adversary nations have.

One major focus recently on information warfare has been hackers. For instance, the most recent generation of mobile phones…

Bibliography The information warfare site. Glossary of information warfare terms. Web source of information warfare sites.

Wide Web When Making a
Words: 1687 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48953435
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And the three counselors are well-educated, all with degrees, although one doesn't know in what subject.

What is missing is a Web Site that offers is the following:

1. A searchable database including as many colleges and universities as possible which includes a list of the majors for which they are most known.

2. As many links as possible leading to different career choices and the major one should choose in order to become involved in that industry as well as average pay scales for that career choice.

2. An e-mail messaging system which links the viewer with a qualified, up-to-date career counselor to whom he or she may direct questions.

3. A whole application on the college enrollment process, essays, letters of recommendation, etc., and the qualifications necessary to be accepted to that school.

4. A test that measures the student's career choice inclinations.

It would be wonderful if…


California department of education. [Career counseling]. Retrieved from http://www.ccde/

Career planner. [for students]. Retrieved from http:/


Groelle, Ms. College counseling. Retrieved from

Display Screen Equipment Refers to
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83399125
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These should be arranged in such a way as to minimize the risk and discomfort to an employee; particularly those who are obliged to spend long periods of time in front of the display screen.

2. Additional factors may require attention if an employee has special needs, i.e. pregnancy or an eye condition. If a person is for example disabled to the extent of requiring a wheel chair, certain ergonomic factors become important. The table containing the display screen should for example be lowered to a comfortable position for such an employee. If the employee is obliged to work at more than one workstation, adjustable tables could be installed for the purpose.

In an employee has only one arm, the position of equipment such as the mouse and keyboard should be taken into account. An employee with only a left arm for example would require a mouse to be at…

Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Wars
Words: 3189 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 63893332
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This is important because it reflect the certain difficulties the government has to stimulate the employment of veterans in a line of work of their choice.

Other statistics mention that not only do a large number of veterans have a disability related to their position but rather the fact that they are part of a system which has a rate of unemployment too high for the United States. More precisely, "In 2007, the unemployment rate among veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces since September 2001 was 6.1%, the ureau of Labor Statistics (LS) of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. About 17% of these veterans, also called Gulf War-era II veterans had a service-connected disability in August 2007. The jobless rate for veterans of all eras combined was 3.8% in 2007. About 12% of all veterans had a service-connected disability in August 2007" (ureau of Labor Statistics,…


Adams, K. (2008) "Disabled veteran promotes job program that met his needs." Pilot online. Accessed 18 July 2008, at 

Appel, a. (2008) EEOC issues two guides on employing disabled veterans. TCPalm. Accessed 18 July 2008, at 

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2006) Employment Situation of Veterans News Release. Accessed 18 July 2008, at 

Dept of Labor. (2007) Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program Marks 30-Year Anniversary. Accessed 18 July 2008, at

Financial Analyst I Feel That
Words: 1434 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41060032
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The median wage for financial analysts was $73,150 excluding bonuses. The bottom ten percent in the profession earn less than $43,400 and the top ten percent earn over $141,070. Annual bonuses are very common in the industry and can account for a substantial portion of the total earnings (OOH, 2010). Benefit packages are typically very strong for financial analysts. Specific information for Miami-Dade County is unobtainable, but the city does have a small financial community that will allow for some career opportunity. Note that in Miami-Dade County, a working knowledge of Spanish is often a valuable asset if not an outright prerequisite for employment.

The salary range is determined largely by experience. The profession is hierarchical and junior financial analysts are expected to "pay their dues." Salary can also be impacted by the contacts that people make -- building a large network of contacts opens up better opportunities for skilled…

Works Cited:

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-11 Edition: Financial Analyst. (2010). Retrieved April 15, 2010 from 

Princeton Review. (2010). Financial Analyst. Princeton Review. Retrieved April 15, 2010 from 

College Board Book of Majors, 4th Edition website, various pages. (2010). Retrieved April 15, 2010 from

Ergonomics or Human Factors Is the Scientific
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 91573065
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Ergonomics or human factors is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of relations among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human comfort and overall system performance. Ergonomists add to the design and assessment of tasks, jobs, products, environments and systems in order to make them attuned with the needs, abilities and limitations of people (Helander, 2006).

"Ergonomics is defined as the design of the workplace, equipment, machine, tool, product, environment, and system, taking into consideration the human's physical, physiological, biomechanical, and psychological capabilities, an optimizing the effectiveness and productivity of work systems while assuring the safety, health, and well-being of the workers" (Fernandez, 1995). In general, the aim in ergonomics is to fit the task to the individual person, not the individual person to the task.

Low back injuries, often due to…


Helander, M. (2006). A Guide to Human Factors and Ergonomics, 2ed. Boca Raton, FL:

Taylor & Francis Group

HHE Report No. HETA-92-0073-2337, United States Postal Service, General Mail Facility,

Denver, Colorado. (1993). Retrieved from

Ergonomic Injuries
Words: 403 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68032373
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ergonomic injuries, also known as musculoskeletal disorders, do not always occur in the work environment, they do account for at least one third of all occupational injuries. Permanent injury and disability can result if symptoms are ignored.

This disorder is considered to be the largest job related injury in the United States.

Common links to these injuries vary from one occupation to another, from construction fields (back injuries and neck injuries) to office employment (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis). These injuries are more widely known in office environments.

With rising lawsuits, Worker's Compensation Claims, and fraudulent claims the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced on April 5th, 2002 new guidelines to reduce these types of injuries. These guidelines were created for employers to be able to prevent such injuries. An employer's resistance to follow these guidelines will not result in any violations by labor laws. However citations…


OSHA Website 

University of Florida Environmental Health & Safety Ergonomic Resource Page

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Wotc
Words: 4903 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 69565580
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ather than being idle and receiving public benefit, individuals of working age typically prefer completing useful work. Mark P. Altieri, an associate professor of accounting at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and Jason A. othman, (2006), an associate at Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook and Batista, note a number of enhancements to WOTC in the article, "Surviving Katrina: Tax breaks for victims of the costliest catastrophe in American history."

According to Altieri and othman (2006), in regard to the WOTC - general law, under IC section 51, the WOTC provides motivation for employers to hire economically disadvantaged individuals. These disadvantaged individuals include qualified ex-felons, food-stamp recipients, veterans, summer youth employees, as well as individuals who receive certain welfare benefits (Altieri & othman, ¶ 23). Altieri and othman explain that in the past, the WOTC -- Katrina was expanded to embrace individuals whose principal residence on August 28, 2005, was located in…


Altieri, M.P., & Rothman, J.A. (2006). Surviving Katrina: Tax breaks for victims of the costliest catastrophe in american history. Journal of Accountancy, 201(2), 58+. Retrieved June 1, 2009, from Questia database: 

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Union Labor Disputes Canada Wal-Mart
Words: 6077 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74391495
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But when it just recently occurred in 2004 at a store in Jonquiere, British Columbia, the reader must appreciate that a real battle had been won. The original efforts of that particular store for example had the local labor Commission reject certification by a margin of 74 to 65. When the union announced that it won the coveted certification at Quebec, it was quite a blow to the retailer. The Quebec Labour elations Commission issued the order certifying the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) as the bargaining agent of employees in Wal-Mart's store in Jonquiere. As noted, the reason a victory of this magnitude is huge is because of the policies and tactics used by Wal-Mart. The retailer works diligently to prevent its workforce from engaging in any collective action and they have consistently shown that they are willing to cross the line to guarantee their position.



Baek, Seung Wook. (2000.) "The Changing Trade Unions in China." Journal of Contemporary Asia: March.

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Walter Reuther Was One of
Words: 2948 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74558142
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Reuther made sure that the workers enjoyed economic benefits as well as job security, pensions, vacations, and most important of all supplemental unemployment benefits. He was successful in the campaign for wage increase. Reuther managed to bargain for a great wage for workers at GM in 1948. He managed an accord where GM had to increase annual wages per annum and had it tied up to a cost of living allowance. This is one reason why the working and living standards of workers were improved. He also pressed for workers early retirement. According to him, workers should be retired after 30 years of service. It is sad that the current generation takes these benefits for granted.

They benefited from healthcare programs, profit sharing, severance pay, plans for legal assistance, increment in vacation time, holidays and rest time. They were also given profit sharing benefits too.

Supplemental unemployment benefits were implemented…


Walter Reuther:greatest men of this century, Irving Bluestone, Time Magazine, 2000

From the Ashes of the Old, Chapter 1, Stanley Aronowitz,1998

The most dangerous man in Detroit:Walter Reuther, Nelson Lichtenstein, 1995

30 Years Later: Remembering the Big Marches, Ebony, 1993 the making of union democracy, social forces, 1997

HR Plan Why Must an
Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78321070
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A good human resources information system (HRIS), serves many functions. Foremost among them is the ability to thoroughly examine and verify the information that comes in with relation to HR resources (people). It is also the means though which HR plan performance/effectiveness can be measured through statistical analysis of the HR Plan, as well as the means through which key reports are generated (the brains of HR). These reports may include information concerning employee compensation, recruiting information, worker classification, training, legal compliance, liability areas, compensation, as well as special issues such as affirmative action.

In addition to the immense functionality of the human resources information system, it can also function as a link between key HR staff, allowing them to be on the same objective page with regard to any specific issue. This can be of particular use when weighing difficult staffing decisions. After all, when information can be broken…

Works Cited

Johnson, Gerry. Scholes, Kevan. (2001). Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases. FT Prentice Hall. New York.

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Disabled Employees

Strategies and Best Practices for Supported/Transitional Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often deprived of employment opportunities and condemned on grounds of low performance, if any organization tends to offer them jobs. Physical disability is not the measurement of cognitive incompetence hence; there is strong need to focus on promoting these individuals in taskforce. It can help them earn for themselves and play their role in organizational development as well.

Strategies and Best Practices for Supported/Transitional Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

In the 21st century, the importance of human beings is increasing as assets to the organization. It is no exaggeration to mention that many organizations officially state that their employees are their most valuable assets. The employees also confirm that their organization is concerned about their professional as well as personal lives and provides them with many opportunities to enjoy both of them. Furthermore,…


Banerjee, B.S. (2007). Corporate Social Responsibility: the good, the bad and the ugly. USA: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

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Employee Privacy Memos
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49341315
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Work Distraction

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform the new company wide change of policy in monitoring employees. This information is a company directive and is expected to be followed and adhered to starting on today's date.

Recent developments in technology have made our jobs and tasks easier in many aspects. The internet, mobile, communication and social media are great tools that should be taken advantage of when the situation depends. However, this way of conducting business and relying on technology has some drawbacks as well. It has been learned from the Executive Leadership Branch of this company that nearly 1.5 hours of the work day are at risk from employee distractions related to emails, online browsing and phone calls.

Management will now be responsible for monitoring all employee's emails and phone calls. This will be done not for acquiring personal information, rather to discover work-related violations and…

Society for Human Resource Management
Words: 1056 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 75935774
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Business Plan

The Society for Human esource Management (SHM) is a professional organization that gathers together human resource professionals for advocacy, and to discuss the current issues within the profession. The SHM is involved in legal issues within the professional, and contributes advice to public policy. The society can also provide its members with updated information on a variety of human resources topics, so that members are up-to-date on all the current issues in the field. The SHM has multiple publications, including H News and H Magazine, as well as books, that can help to keep members informed, with more in-depth and heavily-researched works.

The Society also plays a role in educating members, and provides certification that can assist members in gaining better employment in the field. By setting standards, the SHM seeks to improve the quality of workers in the human resources profession, so that its designations have genuine…

References (2015). Website, multiple pages. Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved March 7, 2015 from

Motivation Is a Central Principle
Words: 3903 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53359506
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Overall it is evident from this discussion that the prevention vs. promotion focus has an important affect on how individuals act and interact with each other. The above discussion looked at the general application of such systems reflect individual behavior, however, a much more specific look at the effects of such actions within the workplace must be reviewed before a test study can be conducted to answer our hypothesis.

Promotion vs. Prevention: Application within the Workplace

The full implication of promotion vs. prevention focused mentalities is on the explicit strategy decisions individuals make within this framework. The impact on strategy decisions within employee-employer relations is extremely important. In this section, we will look at how strategy decisions are different between promotion and prevention mindsets.

One area that has specific application to workplace environment is the consideration of alternatives and new ideas. Promotion focused individuals tend to be much more eager…

Higgins, E.T., & Bianco, a.T. (2003). Speed/accuracy decisions in task performance: Built in trade-off of separate strategic concerns. Organization Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 90.

Higgins, E.T. (1998). Approach and avoidance strength during goal attainment: Regulatory focus and the "goal looms larger" effect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 75.

Friedman, R.S (2005). Effects of motivational cues on perceptual asymmetry: Implications for creativity and analytical problem solving. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88.

HR Management and Minimum Wage in Hong Kong
Words: 5813 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29127985
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Human Resources Management: How to Improve Minimum Wage Policy Management in Hong Kong

The objective of this research is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong. When hike minimum wage can help lower skilled worker. This study will conduct an evaluation of the minimum wage hiking and how it can help the lower skilled workers and will additionally compare benchmarking minimum wage legislation with other countries, for example the standard of minimum wage.

Following minimum wage legislation the primary problems that employers and employees faced included for employers the turnover rate of lower-wage workers and how to reduce the cost of training that affects the quality of service and the working attitude and behavior of employee lack of enthusiasm. For employees problems included the increase in the unemployment rate and reduction in fringe benefits including such as medical insurance. Included in this study will…


Blundell, R., and H. Reed, 2000. The Employment Effects of the Working Families Tax Credit. Institute for Fiscal Studies Briefing Note No. 6, April.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, 2000. Annual Report 1999 -- 2000.October.

Bartlett, B., 2000. The Verdict on the Minimum Wage: Guilty on All Counts. Economic Affairs. September.

Bartwell, R., 2000. Age Structure and the UK Unemployment Rate. Bank of England Working Paper 124.

Compensations and Benefits Issues Inequities
Words: 3157 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 11611785
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The IRS may also impose a 10% excise tax or a maximum of $10,000 on an officer who knowingly entered into a transaction (Samuels and Shoretz).

When this happens, the official endeavors to enter a rebuttable presumption that the compensation and benefits are reasonable (Samuels and Shoretz 2002). The board of directors or trustees must approve the three criteria for the rebuttal. In the first, the board must be composed entirely of members unrelated to and not beholden to the officer in question. In the second, the board must possess reliable data, comparing its compensation level with those of other organizations in similar situations. This is intended to lead the board to make sure the officer's compensation has comparable fair-market value with others in the geographical area. The data may be secured form reputable and independent surveys and the third requires the adequate documentation of the fixed compensation as its…


Auld, H.M. (2002). Better salaries, master's degrees and competition. 2 pages. Library Administrator's Digest: BCPL Foundation. Retrieved on September 24, 2008 from;col1 

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Journal: Journal Publications, Inc. Retrieved on September 24, 2008 from;col1 

DeCarlo D.T. (2001). Illegal employment. 2 pages. Risk Insurance: Axon Group.

Discrimination and Affirmative Action Should
Words: 1396 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2861523
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In order to assure that workforce advancement for existing disabled veterans is according to federal guidelines, the Bonneville "action program plan" offers classes and training in "resume writing" and "how to prepare for an interview." Each employee, including disabled veterans, are encouraged to complete an individual development plan with their manager, and are also encouraged to utilize career counselors with their departments.

All these things are mentioned because it is apparent that the federal government has gone to great lengths to open the door for disabled veterans. That doesn't mean, again, that any job opening with a federal agency or a contractor who has been hired by the federal government will automatically go to a disabled veteran. Not at all.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has its own version of an "Affirmative Action Program Plan for Disabled Veterans" (;this is very similar to the Bonneville plan, only it appears that…

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Ethics the Employee Is Faced With Ethical
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The employee is faced with ethical requirements throughout their workday that must be met with knowledge and a trained attitude. Workplace ethics is one of the most crucial elements whether the person involved in an ethical dilemma is a high-level manager or an entry-level employee. An ethical stance is important because it is what guides the interactions that the employees will have with each other, their management, and the customers that patronize their products. It is also important that the business leaders follow an internal and external ethical stance so that the culture generated within the company is one that promotes positive ethical practices. This paper begins by talking about the way that the business leaders view the external world of ethics through accounting practices and how they deal with other companies. The discussion then moves inside the company and how the management treats its employees. Employee to employee…


Brandt-Rauf, S.I., Brabdt-Rauf, E., Gershon, R., Li, Y., & Brandt-Rauf, P.W. (2011). Genes, jobs, and justice: Occupational medicine physicians and the ethical, legal, and social issues of genetic testing in the workplace. Ethics & Medicine, 27(1), 51-55.

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Personnel Law and Regulation
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Personnel Law and Regulation

Workers Compensation Rehabilitation

For nearly 100 years, the system of Worker's Compensation has been used in the United States. Worker's Compensation is legislated and administered at the state level. Accordingly, each state has passed their own laws and developed their own system to administer Worker's Compensation within their jurisdiction. Despite the differences of each state's benefits, the overall concept of Worker's Compensation is used in each state.

The model of Worker's Compensation is simple. Employees loose their right to sue their employer for negligence, and employers are required to provide Worker's Compensation to their employees. Specific benefits vary from state to state. All state systems provide some form of protection for employees who are hurt while working.

Prior to the adoption of Worker's Compensation, the previous system required an employee to file a lawsuit against their employer. This proved to be ineffective and problematic. For example,…


Job Got You Stressed?" Health Beat Magazine, February 28, 1995. Pages 50-51

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Ergonomics in the Workplace
Words: 2551 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27406308
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dangers or working in factory settings, assembly lines and other blue collar settings has been known. There were dangers in machinery, solvents and other aspects of such positions that posed problems for the businesses that needed them to produce. It has only been in recent years that the affect of white collar duties has begun to surface as well. Those who use computer keyboards or sit at desks for extended periods of time are at risk for several disorders including the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome. ecause of these workplace injury situations the term "workplace ergonomics" has become a popular buzzwords. Workplace ergonomics create a workplace design meant to enhance the natural flow of the body and positioning. This is believed to alleviate stress on body parts and allow a more comfortable and therefore more productive environment. This proposed study will measure the effectiveness of ergonomic design on productivity in the…

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HRM the Impact and Influence
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In the context of the current merger, however, the possibilities for positive change being brought about by communication and knowledge management strategies is arguably even greater, as these strategies can be built largely from the ground up in the newly-formed (or soon to be formed) organization. By implementing a full and comprehensive knowledge management and communications strategy, Live Nation Entertainment will enable more rapid growth and innovation in their industry than previously possible (Quainton 2010).

Technology and Local International Competition

Another great boon to both companies in the merger is the consolidation of extensive overseas operations and subsidiaries, particularly Live Nation UK (Quainton 2010). New technological developments will aid in the complex task of workforce analytics, from issues as simple as time scheduling to those as complex as task-sharing, especially in large and complex entities with extensive customer interaction, as the newly formed organization will be (Sinuk 2008). This will…


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European Union and United States'
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' hile in theory this may seem defensible, in practice it is more questionable to carefully watch every second an employee spends online -- if the employee does a bit of Christmas-shopping online, but is otherwise productive, should this be used against the employee? And cannot such objectionable sites be blocked, without violating employee privacy? hat if the employee uses his or her work email to send one or two brief personal emails -- the time 'theft' is quite minimal, yet so easy to do companies are falling prey to this temptation. And the issues of time theft blurs as employees do more work on their home computers for work -- work is taking over the home and ' private time' already. Yet this also means employees can store secret work-related items that they could store and share, if left unmonitored. Finally, RFID (radio-frequency IDs) in the workplace, which track…

Works Cited

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Pre-Paid Phones Please Give an
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But other motivating factors come into play in terms of why specific employees go the extra mile every day at their place of employment. First of all, there are many prepaid phone companies such as the one I work for -- employees have a great deal of choice to move from one establishment to another. However, not all of these companies boast the level of engagement and motivation seen in our employees. Because employees feel a sense of friendship with one another, they are more dedicated to going the extra mile to help customers, and to spend the extra hour at work to make sure that everything gets done -- no one wants to let a fellow employee down.

No one would think of going to another phone company, even for a few extra dollars an hour. Of course, a substantial salary raise, or a promotion that reflected a different…

Works Cited

Lewin's Three Stages." (2007). Changing minds. Retrieved 27 Aug 2007 at

Compensation and Performance Management Two Sides of
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Compensation and Performance management: Two Sides of the Same H Coin

While it is unquestionably part of a human resources manager or director's job to ensure that the company achieves some level of cost savings -- and definitely cost benefit -- in its human resources expenditures, this does not mean that keeping compensation packages at the minimum possible level is the ideal target to shoot for. The well-being and satisfaction of employees is important not only to ensure ongoing loyalty and productivity, but also for intrinsic and ethical reasons. When making cost-saving decisions in regards to human resources compensation, then, certain steps and measures must be taken.

First, effective appraisals must be conducted to determine where cost savings is appropriate, and where it is unwarranted. This process must begin with a purposeful appraisal design that is in keeping both with legal and ethical requirements and that is explicitly geared towards…


DeCenzo, D. & Robbins, S. (2009). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. New York: Wiley.

McNamara, C. (2011). from Field Guide to Leadership and Supervision. Accessed 7 February 2011.

Thomas Green the Rising Star at Dynamic
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Thomas Green the rising star at Dynamic Displays, and Frank Davis, his boss at corporate headquarters certainly had convergent opinions about work styles while also having clashes in personalities and work expectations. Green's work style could be characterized as very "independent," even in his earliest work experience with washing cars and working in a warehouse while he earned his economics degree are telling of the type of work ethic that he has, a very much "to what needs to be done" to move forward mentality. That being said, when he started in his position at Dynamic Displays under Frank Davis, the foundation of his work ethic seemed to not concentrate on the minute details but rather the big picture, regardless of what his direct boss was telling him. The need to please his boss was lost on him as he believe that he was doing what needed to be done…

Staffing Privacy Staffing and Privacy
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iegele indicates that "employers often wish to know whether they are entitled to contact an applicant's references and what obligations they may have in this regard. ith respect to obtaining consent to contact such references, it is accepted that an applicant who lists references on a job application or resume is implicitly consenting to a prospective employer contacting and obtaining information from those references. Similarly, it is generally accepted that an applicant who lists former employers is deemed to be giving consent to have those employers contacted for references." (iegele, p. 3)


This speaks to the fundamental condition in the relationship between employer and prospective employee. The latter must make available willingly certain information that would otherwise be considered private and protected. This is part and parcel to the process of attempting to gain employment and provides the prospective employer with avenues to determine the suitability of the individual…

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Was the Twentieth Century a Good Century for Labor
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20th Century a Good Century for Labor?

By all accounts, the early 20th century was a terrible time to be a worker in the United States. ages were low, benefits were virtually nonexistent, and safety considerations were not even a consideration. There was no unemployment or disability insurance for the vast majority of workers, and the labor movements that emerged during the early and middle 20th century were largely in response to these conditions. Further, a number of key pieces of legislation were passed during the 20th century that helped to address these inequities in the workplace. Unfortunately, a downside to the emergence of labor unions was a concomitant increase in the corruption and collusion between big business and labor leaders who did not always have their constituents' best interests at heart. To determine whether the 20th century ended up being a good century for labor or not, this paper…

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Group Conflict a Thorough and
Words: 1847 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38364804
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" (Unknown, Culture at ork) and finally, avoidance is the final stage of conflict resolution and is best used when issues are unimportant or conflict doesn't involve some other party.


Technology, global demand and consumerism have all contributed to the need for the majority of both private and public organizations in their quest to grow. Employees are expected to increase productivity but with fewer of their peers from a few years ago to assist them. These developments and expectations of constant change disrupt work environments and therefore cause deep conflicts. One outlet for many is to strike out as opposed to try for stress and conflict relief. Ever since Volvo made the team concept famous the world of manufacturing retail and more have all initiated, many organizations have naturally migrated to that particular business model and new concepts such as just-in-time inventory has taken the team concept even further.…

Works Cited

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Iamaw Views on Safety
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IAMAW Views on Safety

The response of the American people to the terrorists attacks of 9/11 was felt one of compassion and resolve. Almost all Americans were associated in one or other manner in assisting the Nation come out of the dangerous impacts and become strengthened. It was curious to witness the way some hurried into the burning building and saving lives of their fellow workers, friends and strangers. While many measures have been undertaken to safeguard the security of Americans and continuance of the way of life, the workers confront stringent security policies on the job and sometimes loss of civil rights. (Worksite Security: IAM Headquarters)

The International Association for Machinists and Aerospace Workers -- IAM& AW as well as other institutions are watchful of the legislation and presidential orders against possible violation of bargaining and civil rights. They found the workplace security to be more embarrassing to the…


"Contact Lens Use in a Chemical Environment" (11 July, 2005) Retrieved from  Accessed 16 September, 2005

'Ergonomic, OSHA and EPA Update" (April/May, 2003) Trade Winds. Vol: 51; No: 2.

Retrieved from

Accessed 17 September, 2005

Ergonomics the Guidelines Niosh Reasons
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The literature review was finally released in a document called "Scientific Support Documentation for the evised 1991 NIOSH Lifting Equation: Technical Contract eports, May 8, 1991." (Applications Manual for the evised NIOSH Lifting Equation) This is an update and contains information on the physiological, biomechanical, psychophysical, and epidemiological aspects of manual lifting. This led to the recommendation by the ad hoc committee of the criteria for defining the lifting capacity of healthy workers. Since the basis of the previous calculation changed, the new criteria were used to formulate the revised lifting equation. (Applications Manual for the evised NIOSH Lifting Equation)

At the same time, it should be clear that the NIOSH lifting equation is only one of the tools in the effort for prevention of work-related low back pain and related disability. It should also be realized that lifting is only one of the reasons for work-related low back pain…


Analysis Tools for Ergonomists" Retrieved at Accessed 18 August, 2005

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Ergonomics: OSHA Drops the Other Shoe" (30 April, 2002) Retrieved at  20 August, 2005

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Interviewing Case Analysis of Counseling
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Over the course of the interview I asked the woman questions about her boyfriend but mostly about herself, her happiness and her life of late. The woman described that she had a very busy course load, had to work extra hours to support herself and then found herself working very hard to support a relationship with someone who was inattentive and needy due to substance abuse problems.

Throughout the interview I nodded and affirmed the woman's concerns and feelings, offering support and sympathy through eye contact. The interview concluded when I summarized the situation and affirmed that I had interpreted the situation correctly, and together with the interviewee decided that she needed to spend more time focusing on her own needs and break up with her partner. The client seemed satisfied with this conclusion, which she had come to already but just needed support and reaffirmation that she was making…


American Psychological Association. (1992). "Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Codes of Conduct." APA. Available:

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Hill Company. Available:

Standard for Performance Appraisals Performance
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Personnel record

Personnel records are data pertaining to employees which consist of factual and comprehensive information of employee. All employee information is kept in systematic order which assists human resources manager to make an effective decision about employee. Typically, personnel records consist of employee past records, medical report and employee progress. Personnel record also consist of payroll records, leave records, and benefit record and turnover record. Training and development record contains training schedule, transfer cases, and appraisal reports. Health and safety record contains medical history, safety provisions, sickness reports, and insurance reports. The service record contains essential records that consist of bio-data, family information, residential information, and marital status, academic qualifications, past address and employment records. While some critics argue that personnel records is a waste of time and money, however, Yoder (1942) provides several benefits that organization could derive from personnel record:

Personnel record assists managers to identify crucial…


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Natalie Attired vs New Mexico Employment Security
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Natalie Attired vs. New Mexico Employment Security Board


Natalie's claim for unemployment compensation in July 2010 from the New Mexico Employment Security Board was rejected due to the fact that her employee fired her for "misconduct." The board asserted that termination due to misconduct rendered her ineligible for the claim. After three months of employment at Biddy's Tea House, she decided to get a tattoo covering her upper arm from shoulder to elbow. Her employer, Biddy Baker got upset at her change of appearance and asked her to remove the tattoo or she would be fired. Natalie refused to remove the tattoo and was fired. Ms. Baker's hosts mature clientele and the reasoning is that they would be appalled and disgusted" by Natalie's tattoo, leading to a decline in sales. She claims that a day before firing Natalie, two longtime customers had requested a different table when seated in…

California Law
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population of California underwent dramatic changes in the last 60 years. In the 1940s, the Latinos were a minority of only 6% of the state or roughly 374,000 (autista 1991). ut by 1980, the Latino population grew to 4 million, almost doubling the figure and increased to more than 7 million in the 90s. In the 2000s, Latinos accounted for a third of California's total population, creating huge political, economic and social impact upon its entire society (autista). esides sheer volume, the continuously increasing Latino population has developed the distinct feature. efore the 60s, immigrants were rare and less than 20% of these Latinos were foreign born, most of them from Northern Mexico. Immigration, however began to fill the ranks since the 80s so that, today, the majority of adult Latinos in California are immigrants. These developments are among the most important criteria to social and demographic policy makers in…


California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. (2004). 1975 Agricultural Labor Relations Act. Agricultural Labor Relations Board. 

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Full Assembly Approves Proposed Increase in the State's Minimum Wage.

House of Representatives. ((1998). Hearing on the Failures and Promises of the California Garment Industry. 105th Congress, Subcommittee on Oversight Investigations, Committee on Education and the Workforce, serial 105-110.

State Involvement in Employee Relations
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Employee elations

Exploring the elationship between the State and Employee elations

Employee relations encompass a wide scope of workplace environment aspects so that employees are protected and provided for. Essentially, employee relations involve all aspects of dealing with people within the workplace. This can include job regulation, hiring, discipline, but also managing employee relations so that the organization flows smoothly with competent employees (Bray et al., 2005). I, as stemming from a pluralist approach, deems that state involvement only restricts the natural power struggle in employee relations that allows the changing needs of employees to be best represented. On the other hand, a unitarist approach can help secure protection from exploitation for developing nations or countries trying to recover from economic hardships. Thus, it is ultimately appropriate to take on a blended approach regarding state involvement; one which is flexible enough to work with both approaches when necessary as it…


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Prospective Salespeople in an Interview Effective Employee
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Prospective Salespeople in an Interview

"Effective employee selection systems share three characteristics: They are valid, they reduce the chance of a legal challenge, and they are cost-effective. A valid selection test is one that is based on a job analysis (content validity), predicts work-related behavior (criterion validity), and measures the construct it purports to measure (construct validity)" (Aamodt 2013: 137). Salespeople present the face of the company to the outside world. Because sales is a multi-faceted business, ideally having multiple people interview the candidate would be preferable; additionally, salespeople interact with the public and must be able to be personable to individuals outside of the company. Serial interviews "involve a series of single interviews. For example, the H manager might interview an applicant at 9:00 A.M., the department supervisor interviews the applicant at 10:00 A.M., and the vice-president interviews the applicant at 11:00 A.M" (Aamodt 2013: 138). While structured interviews…


Aamodt, M. (2013). Industrial/organizational psychology: An applied approach. 7th Ed.

Belmont, CA: Wadsworth / Cengage Learning.

Sundheim, K. (2013). 50 questions to ask before hiring sales employees. Forbes.

Retrieved from:

Understanding the History and the Roles of the Labor Department
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United States Department of Labor

Department of Labor is a Cabinet branch of government. Its role is to secure occupational safety, wage considerations, and other working conditions of the American workers. The department sets out plans for how the workers and other wage earners in the country are treated. The body was first formed in the year 1884. It was given the mandate and power to manage the workforce by the Congress. It was during a special meeting of the U.S. Congress that the decision to come up with this body was passed. Once started, the body began collecting economic data two years later and has since been using the data to produce economic policies regarding the welfare of the workers in America. The other issues that this body deals with include making up the rules to be played by the workers in a country. Every state has a department…


Arnesen, E. (2007). Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working-class History, Volume 1. Taylor & Francis

Arnesen, E., Greene, J., & Laurie, B. (1998). Labor Histories: Class, Politics, and the Working Class Experience. University of Illinois Press

Bayou Lawn and Landscaping Services v. Secretary of Labor. From 

Casil A.S. (2005). The Department of Labor. The Rosen Publishing Group

Foreign Banks in China
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Foreign Investments

The banking industry in China is essentially run by the state. All of the major banks are state-owned enterprises, and all are heavily regulated by the central government There is a central bank, the People's Bank of China, and a regulator for merchant and retail banks. There are13 national-level banks along with over one hundred city-level banks. Most banks today compete with each other, even if they had niches when they were founded -- for example, the names Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, etc. reflect the roots of those banks, but they have long since expanded out of those niches. But because they are all state-owned banks that are ultimately overseen by the central government, they do not compete intensely with each other.

The biggest factor that attracts foreign banks to China is the size of the market. Even though there are many restrictions for foreign banks in China,…

Job or Workplace
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occupation of computer programmer reflects a number of traditional components of society in the United States. Demographically, the profession is largely made up of while males in their late thirties. As such, the profession reflects stratification by race, class, and gender. However, recent changes in the profession, such as outsourcing of programming jobs to India, threaten this perception. At the same time, the degree of publicity such outsourcing has received (when compared to attention paid to job losses incurred by Black Americans) continues to reflect the race stratification in American society.

A computer programmer, by definition, is an individual who creates programs that allow computers to perform specific functions. This includes creating computer programs, and designing and testing logical structures for solving computer problems. In the simplest terms, programmers tell computers how, where, and when to access information. Commonly used computer languages include Java, C++, and COBOL (Bureau of Labor…

Works Cited

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-

05 Edition, Computer Programmers, on the Internet at  (visited October 14, 2004).

Department for Professional Employees. The Professional Computer WorkForce, 2001. 14

October 2004.

John F Kennedy
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John F. Kennedy

In contemporary times, John F. Kennedy is known for many things; winning a Pulitzer Prize, however, is not one of them (Coleman). Kennedy's awarding of the Pulitzer in 1957 -- a full four years before he was elected president of the United States -- for the biographical Profiles in Courage was one of his few achievements that he made prior to his election that did not directly involve his equally famous and influential family, including two brothers who also ran for president (Miller Center). Such a statement in no way detracts from Kennedy's prowess as a politician or as a leader. Yet it is highly difficult to extract his success as president from the intrinsic relationship between his family and his political life. In fact, there is a good deal of evidence that indicates that Kennedy's ensuing success as the commander-in-chief (for which he, of course, is…

Works Cited

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Dallek, Robert. An Unfinished Life. New York: Little, Brown and Company. Print. 2003.

Community Research and Action Organizations for Participatory
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Community esearch and Action

Organizations for Participatory esearch: Society for Community esearch and Action (SCA) and WK Kellogg Foundation (WKKF)

In this comparative analysis of two organizations that are involved in participatory research, a field I am particularly interested in, the Society for Community esearch and Action (SCA) and W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) can be considered at the forefront in promoting this kind of research in the academic and social communities they work with, respectively. The question-and-answer type of discussion below discusses the organizations' respective Code of Conduct or documents available in their websites that discusses how their members are expected to behave within the organization:

How extensive are the codes from the two organizations/associations?

SCA has published in its website a page dedicated to its Vision-Mission, Goals, and Guiding Concepts, while WKKF has a Code of Ethics that briefly states specific codes of conduct for its members and partners.…


Society for Community Research and Action Official Website: 

WK Kellogg Foundation Official Website: 

Kellogg Company Official Website:

George Bellows 1882-1925
Words: 1446 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71001850
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George Bellows

Identification of Painting

The George Bellows painting that will be reviewed and critiqued in this paper is "Stag at Sharkey's 1909." The painting is oil on canvas, 36 1/4 x 48 1/4 (91 x 112.6 centimeters). The painting was done in 1909.

Description of Painting

hat Bellows has done with this painting is create an exaggeration of two boxers going at it. The boxers are locked in a bloody battle. It is a brutal image. There appears to be blood on the arms and shoulders of the boxer on the left, and it seems as though the neck and part of the back of the boxer on the right shows blood as well. The faces in the audience are twisted, grotesque, and only a very few are even discernible. Just above the boxing mat, under the right shoe of the boxer on the right is a pair of…

Works Cited

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in Context.

How and Why Did the Allied Occupations of Japan and Korea Differ
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Japan and Korea Occupation

How and why did the Allied occupations of Japan and Korea differ?

Allied occupations of Japan and Korea date backs to year 1945 when orld ar II got ended. Both the occupations occurred as a consequence of victory of allies over the axis. The allied powers included the United States of America, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, France, and China whereas axis included Germany, Empire of Japan, and Italy (Schaller 1985, 1-11). The causes and effects of both these occupations were dependent on occupation of Japan by the allied forces. This paper will investigate and analyze that how and why did the allied occupations of Japan and Korea differ? After stating a brief hypothesis of this study, the paper will briefly inform the reader about the background that led to both these occupations. This will set the stage for understanding that how and why did both of…

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My Perspective in Nursing
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Nurse Perspective

The profession of nursing offers many different things to many different people. For me, caring and helping people heal has always interested me and has made me feel like I am on the right path I life. The purpose of this essay is to explain my perspectives on nursing and why I feel that this profession is not only of great importance to me and my family, but also positively affecting my community and environment as well. This essay will first show the need for nurses in today's society and how well trained nurses can make a significant impact in the overall quality of life for everyone involved. Also this essay will address Jane Watson's theory of caring as a main academic influence on my nursing approach.


I was born in a relatively poor part of the world in Jamaica where many of the things that are…


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Adaptations and Accommodations No Excuses
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Children Needing Accomodations

Adaptations and Accommodations: No Excuses

Adaptations and accommodations:

How it might impact you in your current or future career as a teacher

When dealing with students with disabilities, it is important not to assume that their condition poses substantial limitations upon their ability to lead a 'normal' life. Many persons with disabilities are able to cope with the demands of life extremely well, even if they live in a society which assumes a certain kind of able-bodiedness. A teacher should not assume that a student without the full use of his or her arms cannot complete a lab assignment or that a student without legs cannot fully participate in a school play. "Keep your expectations of the physically handicapped child high. This child is capable of achieving" (Watson, 2013, Physically handicapped students).

However, at times, the teacher may need to be mindful of certain adaptations and accommodations…


Watson, Sue. (2013). How to integrate the special needs student into physical education. Retrieved: 

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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference
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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference

Counseling is a profession that involves associations based on principles and values ethically. Patients are able to benefit by understanding themselves better and through creating relationships with others. Through counseling, the clients are able to make positive alteration in life and enhance their living standards. Communities, organizations, couples and families are different groups of individuals are main sources of relationships (BACP Ethical Framework, 2013, p.4). Frameworks of ethical practice direct the attention of counseling practitioners to engage in ethical responsibilities. This stud describes the purpose of each principle following the development of good counseling practice. Practitioners make reasonable decisions grounded on these principles without making any contradictions. Nevertheless, research indicates that professionals have met barriers hindering them to integrate all the principles in some cases. In such situations, they are forced to select between required principles. A course of action or a decision…


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Handout 2. What are the potential abuses of these kinds of power in the relationship between counsellor and client? Janet Dowding 02.2010 saved as power

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong Item Page
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Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Item Page Number

Tourism in Hong Kong

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Urban Tourism

Destination Marketing

Shopping Tourism

Questionnaire Design

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Shopping tourism is a major aspect of the global tourism trade and as such is an area of tourism that is and should be promoted by destination countries and locations. This is true for Hong Kong as well as in other locations throughout the world. Ashworth (1989) writes that urban regeneration and tourism have become critically important activities beginning in the 1980's. Ashworth specifically notes two elements that link the ideas of the city and tourism and which show the complex relationship that exists between the features of a city and the functions of tourism that serve to result in shopping tourism in the city. The first element is comprised by the specific characteristics of a city and how this…


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Military Readiness the Issue of
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In addition, the Marines have a much smaller force than the army.

On the other hand, the army cannot be as selective as the marines because it needs to maintain a much higher number of troops. The article explains that the army "needs 80,000 new soldiers this year and must find them in a populace that is in many ways less willing and less able to serve than earlier generations were (Mockenhaupt, 2007, pg.86)." The article explains that teenagers and young adults are overweight and less fit than any previous generation. In addition, this generation of young Americans eats more unhealthy foods, watches more television, and engages in less physical activity than previous generations. The article further asserts that this generation is "more individualistic and less inclined to join the military. And with the unemployment rate hovering near historic lows, they have other choices (Mockenhaupt, 2007, pg.86)."

Overall it is…


Anderson, P.M., & Butcher, K.F. (2006). Childhood Obesity: Trends and Potential Causes. The Future of Children, 16(1), 19+.

Body Mass Index.

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Psychological Testing of African Americans in the Army
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American writers from both the antebellum South and the North commented on the great differences between the white people in the two regions (Ibid; Samuda).

Note though, the table data below regarding the percentage of males who completed high school by race, 1940-1980, which will provide data for further discussion regarding utilization of testing to stratify recruits:

Table 1 -- Males 18-21 Who Completed High School By Percentile



















(Source: Binkin, p.94)

How is it that tests designed to measure information that was given in school could be administered to populations who did not even attend school? And, when one takes population and demographic statistics into account, this historical bias deepens. At the outbreak of World War I, for instance, African-Americans were about 11% of the general population, and the Selective Service draft…


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