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When our family moved to United States five years ago, I began to see more opportunities for my chosen career unfold before me. Greater access to drugs and medicines, as well as improved treatments for my grandmother's condition, are the opportunities that led to my acquiring increased knowledge in pharmacy. I have fueled my passion in being a pharmacist while in Iran, and now I am ready to realize this goal in life by aspiring to attend in a medical school here in U.S.. Armed with my impressive credentials, field experience working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreen's, and personal history of being acquainted with the field of pharmacy through my grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease, I am now ready to start a new life as a pharmacist. Pharmacy as a career is the best path for fulfilling my aspirations to ease suffering among people, particularly the elderly, and perhaps, reaching towards a cure for Alzheimer's and other debilitating conditions.

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