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Difference Between Public and Private Administration

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Public Administration
The administration is viewed as the act of effectively managing the matters of a business organization or a state agency. The administration is concerned with the optimum use of information, people, and other resources of the organization in order to attain the ultimate goals of the organization. Public administration is defined as all the processes, individuals, and organizations that are associated with carrying out of laws and other rules that are adopted or issued by legislatures, courts, and executives. In essence, public administration is only concerned with implementing government policy and public policy as defined by the executive branch of government (Boyne, 2002). Any country that has a government will have the concept of public administration. There is no requirement for profit in public administration and this is aimed at ensuring that the public receives the required services as expected. Public policies and programs that are formulated by…… [Read More]


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The Oakdale Administrator Case focused on two key topics, financial management and decision making. Other lesser topics covered were ethics and political context. The case study represented a normal and often read case of politics. Meaning, Mayor Bean, the incumbent, argued for what he did in office and the things he managed to fix. When Mr. Hoffnagel, the outsider came in, he downplayed the former’s efforts, stating he was going to solve and fix everything the former could not. Such a platform of ‘change’ would work in a small town because change is easier to promote and implement. However, in a large city, this could very well be a lie that could make Hoffnagel, the new Bean. “In April 2003, Ernie Hoffnagel, a former alderman, was elected mayor of Oakdale over the incumbent, Carl Bean. Hoffnagel, a slight man in his late fifties and a car salesman by profession, focused…… [Read More]


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Public Admin Case Study

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Public Administration

The ole of Management Information System in Decision Making in Public Administration (Case Study on Hungarian Central Statistical Office)

Organizations require appropriate information in the form of proper databases and reports which plays a pivotal role in decision making. The quality of data holds significant importance as the top management of large organizations derives its high level decisions mostly from the available data rather than inspecting the in depth core activity components. This fact is depicted by the analysis of a case study pertaining to the implementation of a Management Information System (MIS) in the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, which has ultimately improved the quality of information flow within the organization. This paper examines how the implementation of an MIS within HCSO lead to the standardization of report formats and operational data collection procedures. Not only this, the paper will also highlight the role played by an MIS…… [Read More]


HCSO Strategy 2005-2008 "Hungarian Central Statistical Office." Budapest (2005), Accessed

January 9, 2013 Download at:,595444&_dad=portal&_sche

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Public Services Management According to

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" (issessar, nd) the evidence showed, however "that the choice of 'new' methods of management had become a regional fad. Indeed the universality of NPM could not be disputed." (issessar, nd) New Public Management had been introduced in many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia and "was accordingly considered a more than appropriate model for the Caribbean and Latin American states as well." (issessar, nd)

There were various differences in the models of NPM being introduced in each of these countries. issessar states that "variations in the extent to which NPM had been adopted in many countries was not a new phenomenon." (issessar, nd) Hood (1996) notes that "...some countries have placed more emphasis on ideas than other countries, and NPM styles have even varied within the same family groups' of countries." (issessar, nd) it is noted that in Australia, the UK and New…… [Read More]


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Public Partnership in Serving Transitional

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By bringing into the equation of transitional services the special needs personnel at local colleges and vocational institutions, the interagency agreement described here will ensure that upon the student's eventual arrival at one such institution, there will be people familiar with his case and prepared to accommodate his needs. These respective agency types can then help a disabled student to train a focus on the specific career goals which have been identified either with the assistance of counselors.

Using the Strategic Planning Meeting as a method to identifying willing and helpful stakeholders in the process, the public partnership in question relies heavily on such networking to both orient the community toward our collective goals and to foster natural communication between such agencies at a personal level. By inviting and bringing into contact such groups as decision-makers from local law organizations, leaders from public recreation leagues and university personnel, as well…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Public Service the Developments in

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This notion usually applies to the idea that none of the three branches of government (executive, legislative, judicial) assumes too much power in the democratic system. In this example, the idea of checks and balances was used to imply that the citizen has the capacity and ability to keep a close check over the public services he receives through his political capacity of changing the components of the representative body, who decide how the public services are delivered and how they reach the citizens.

The conclusions of this paper will emphasize some of the arguments presented here. Democracy and a democratic system offers the citizens the option of choice. Further more, the existing of a representative body means that the choice of the citizens is respected and that they can control, with their vote, the way this representative body is formed. Ideally, the fact that they will chose a certain…… [Read More]


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Public Service Agencies Performance Measurement

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Public Program vluation: Quality Performance Measurement

Annotated Bibliography

Caiden, G and Caiden, NJ (nd) Measuring Performance in Public Sector Programs. Public Administration and Public Policy. Vol. II. Retrieved from:

Caiden and Caiden (nd) report that the link between reforms and public measurement and evaluation were not merely chance since as the reforms developed devolution was emphasized or the moving of functions and services to the government levels that were lower, along with an emphasis on privatization, decentralization of management, transparency and satisfaction of customers. It is reported that all of these were dependent on accountability maintenance and credibility.

Poister, T. (2001) Measuring Performance in Public and Non-Profit Organizations. Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from:,%202,%203.pdf

Poister (2001) writes that performance measures are "objective, quantitative indicators" of a range of performance in public programs or for public agencies. (p.3) This work reviews the early development and background of performance measurement and ensues on…… [Read More]

Ewoh (2011) examines the applications and types of performance measurement as well as the limitations of performance management. A comparative analysis is conducted in this study.

10. Lawrence L. Martin and Peter M. Kettner, (1996). Measuring the Performance of Human Service Programs. Sage Publications.

The work of Martin and Kettner (1996) examine performance measures in the public service organization and the specific outputs of performance measurement along with logic models. Quality performance measures and outcome performance measures are also reviewed including numeric counts and standardized measures of performance.
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Public Policy and Service Currently I Work

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Public Policy and Service

Currently, I work on homeland security issues, with a focus on enforcing Federal egulations. My overall plan is to remain with the government with the likelihood of retiring from a governmental agency. My professional philosophy revolves around the nature of service, and I believe that my skills, enthusiasm and patriotism all combine in a better way by using my skills to help the United States.

Before this recent job change, I was a bank regulator. I transferred to Homeland Security because of its importance in the contemporary environment and its mission to protect America at home and abroad. When one stops to reflect a moment, we see that the world is a far different place than it was prior to the events of 9/11. In fact, as a direct response to the terrorist attacks on the United States in September, 2011, the Office of Homeland Security…… [Read More]


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Public Admin Case Study

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PA Problem

The science of public administration is not a direct or concrete examination. ather, the human tendencies of emotion and subtle manipulation are also included in this discipline. The purpose of this essay is to explore the ideas and major theories of the science of public administration. This essay will examine 5 patriarchal figures to highlight the evolution and transformation of the use of public power for administration purposes.

Woodrow Wilson

The presidency of Woodrow Wilson is mostly known in the annals of history as being a disastrous president who legislated away many of the powers and freedoms that were earned by Americans after th 19th century. Wilson's lust for war and violence misled America into World War I and summarily weakened the nation in every way possible. Wilson also failed his people by relinquishing the people's power to print their own money to the Federal eserve in 1914.…… [Read More]


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Public Budgeting and Management Performance

Words: 2007 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22684571

This is because, the various goals and the costs of providing these services are directly tied to this protocol. Once this takes place, it means that there are greater amounts of accountability. This is the point, that an agency can be able to improve communication and corroboration in achieving their different objectives. These elements are significant, because they are illustrating how the current approach that is being utilized, can improve their ability to address a wide variety of issues. However, in order for this kind of approach to be able to deal with a host of challenges it must be fully implemented. Otherwise, this will not change the environment of the agency and it will lead to similar kinds of problems in the future. (Heinrich, 1999, pp. 363 -- 378)

Clearly, performance management systems are helping and hurting the way various levels of governments are delivering various services. The reason…… [Read More]


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Public Policymaking

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Examine an issue of current relevance to Public Policymaking. As you consider topics, remember that this policy paper should contain a comprehensive assessment of the intended policy and its potential consequences. When you write your paper, you should think of yourself as a staff person who must advise a policy maker facing a problem that must be resolved in the near future. As the staff person, adopt one of the four perspectives to public administration and frame your responses around your chosen approach

This is the problem

There is a high turnover of nurses in the United tates.

Consider these startling facts that have recently been released:

In the July/August 2009 Health Affairs, Dr. Peter Buerhaus and coauthors found that despite the current easing of the nursing shortage due to the recession, the U.. nursing shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025. A shortage of…… [Read More]


Am. Assoc. Of Colleges of Nursing: Nursing Shortage.   

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Public Administrator Often Goes Unappreciated Because These

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public administrator often goes unappreciated because these underrated professionals often work behind the scenes, in offices and in the field. But the work they do invariably affects our lives. One day as I was stopped at a red light, it occurred to me that at some point a person actually decided how many minutes this light would last, and whether or not to place it at this intersection in the first place. Driving down the road, I also contemplated the strategic planning of roads and their locations to and from the suburbs. At some point, public officials worked with consultants and other experts for things that most people take for granted every day. The locations of schools and other publicly funded facilities like water treatment plants are all determined by city planners. How much money to allocate for specific resources isn't easy and requires years of training and experience. For…… [Read More]

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Public Admin Issues

Words: 5174 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41038897


The role of the non-profit organization has transformed in many ways as society and the values inherent within that society also change and transform. The ability to create an organization with purpose and a sense of a greater duty is what makes the non-profit sector of exchange such a unique and important facet within the constructs of our society. The purpose of this essay is to address a situation where a recommendation is needed to determine the best route of approach for raising funds for a hypothetical nonprofit agency.

The background of this case deals with selecting between two options of fundraising method to improve and increase community services. This general situation is encountered by most nonprofit organizations and provides a solid background for discussing the ideas and principles inherent within the public sector. The first option imposes a user fee for individuals who currently request assistance. The second…… [Read More]


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Public Accountability Work An Assessment

Words: 1991 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12021725


In the final purpose of accountability, where the goal is to enhance the learning capacity and effectiveness of the executive branch, we should realize that what needs to happen in this situation is that public authorities act on feedback about their own performance (Deutsch, 1963; Luhmann, 1966; Behn, 2001 as cited in Bovens et al., 2008). Thus, a good accountability mechanism, from this angle, is one that illustrates how the actor in question is learning and becoming more efficient as a result of the mechanism itself.


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Oxford: Oxford University…… [Read More]


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