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Quality Improvement Plan Essays (Examples)

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VA Medical Center Quality Improvement at the
Words: 640 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8797953
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VA Medical Center

Quality Improvement at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center

The Philadelphia Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center is in the process of improving their quality of care for patients. The VA Medical Center provides care to veterans of the United States military and their families. The Philadelphia VA Medical Center has a list for quality improvements; of which one of the main objectives for improvement is customer service. In this paper I will discuss a plan for increasing customer service at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center.

ecent studies have shown that in the last five years there is an increase in the number of patients being treated by the VA Medical Centers in the U.S. (Ashish et. al., 2006). Clinicians are treating more patients with no additional help; this is could be contributing factor to the decrease in customer service. A higher level of customer service requires dedication from…


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Instructional Improvement Plan for an
Words: 2900 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50774394
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For example, managers can increase productivity by assigning the right number of employees to each project, avoiding over- or understaffing. Managers should also be sensitive to interaction problems between employees. When managers are aware of personality conflicts between employees, they should avoid assigning them to the same team.

Increasing productivity involves a careful study of employees' work performance and of managerial decisions, a daunting process in which individuals may feel unfairly singled out or victimized. While this process is painful, it is appropriate when responsibility for low productivity clearly lies with certain individuals. if, however, it is not obvious who the culprits are, the best approach to take is to consider not only individual responsibility, but also search for larger systematic factors behind the low productivity. The problem may be a result of poor management of people and inadequate allocation of resources. Alternatively, it could be the result of an…

Transportation Improvement Plan
Words: 6868 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70415153
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Toyota Transportation

Toyota Beginning and Emergence

The Market for the Company

The Major Partners and Suppliers

Toyota Supply Chain

Dedicated Transport Service

The Green Supply Chain

Transportation Planning

Freight Flow of Toyota



The Transport Improvement Plan

Dedicated Transport Service

oute Mapping

Environmental Concerns

Integration of services


Division of Duties at the Plant Level for Better Accountability

Mapping logistics flows

The Future of the Transport Improvement Plan

Production by region

Sales by region

Toyota is the biggest single producer and the second biggest producer of cars in the world, after General Motors.

The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is headquartered in Toyota city in Japan with regional offices and factories all around the globe. The company primarily manufactures automobiles but also has business interests in robotics, financial services and biotechnology. It employs a huge number of people and is among the top…


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Qi Plan Part IV Implementing and Revising
Words: 1236 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4840396
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Quality Improvement Plan: Implementing and evising

Authority, structure, and organization for the Mayo Clinic

Board of directors

The implementation of quality improvement initiatives require a detailed authority designation, structure, and organization of the compete project. Mayo clinic is known for its quality and technology initiatives. The programs are conceived and implemented using progressive technological approaches. The project management and organizational oversight structures are developed in accordance with the requirements. As a result the coordinated and coherent efforts of the clinic provide an overall governance model for successful project completion. The authority, structure, and organizational roles are discussed in the following sections.

Authority, structure, and organization for the Mayo Clinic:

Board of directors:

Board of directors is responsible for review and approval of the plan. The pros and cons of the plan are discussed in the broad meetings. The financial requirements and capital investment requirements are also elaborated and approved by…


Chute, C.G., Beck, S.A., Fisk, T.B., & Mohr, D.N. (2010). The Enterprise Data Trust at Mayo Clinic: a semantically integrated warehouse of biomedical data. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 17(2), 131-135.

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Healthcare Quality Improvement Program Proposed
Words: 1786 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21517976
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Success in several high-profile areas, such as stroke prevention, acute coronary intervention, or nosocomial infection have the benefits of focusing the organization on a task which can bring tangible results, measured in clinically-relevant ways.

Specific Program for our Institution

This memo recommends that we choose five treatment areas, and implement specific quality improvement programs for each one. The focus on each should include procedures which are important to the overall quality of this institution's morbidity and mortality results. Given the hospital's focus on acute care, the following procedures might be candidates for quality improvement programs:

Ischemic stroke treatment

ACS treatment (acute coronary syndrome).

Trauma in the ER related to gunshot wounds.

Maternal ward delivery performance

Nosocomial infection reduction.

In each case, the procedures should proceed as outlined above: (1) an identification of the problem, (2) identification of best practices as demonstrated in peer-reviewed clinical trials, (3) adoption of the best…


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7 Quality Tools in Quality Improvement
Words: 2234 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25246748
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Efforts should be made to meet these needs and strive harder to excess those expectations. Second principle is the proper leadership within an organization. Good leaders develop unity of purpose and direction of any organization, Leaders should make an effort to create such an environment within an organization that every member works hard to meet the goals. Third principle suggests the involvement of every member of an organization. Their abilities and full involvement will enable the organization to reach high. Fourth principle involves the activities and resource management as a process. Fifth principle says about the systematic approach to management which involves proper identification, management and understanding of interrelated processes for the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Sixth principle states that continuous improvement should be the primary objective. Seventh principle involves the proper decision-making which should be based on the collected data and information. Last principle is about the…


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Comparing Quality Improvement Graphical Tools
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70829750
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Quality Improvement

Comparison of Graphical Tools used in Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Tool Comparison Matrix

Quality Improvement Tool


Bar Graph (StatSoft, 2014a)

Values for a single variable is represented by bars or columns

Each bar represents a single case and the value of the variable (time, temperature, etc.…) is denoted by the Y-axis

Histogram (StatSoft, 2014b)

Graphical representation of a frequency distribution for a variable, with columns or bars representing the distribution of class intervals and the height of the columns representing the frequency of each class

Control Chart (StatSoft, 2014c; Trusko, Pexton, Harrington, & Gupta, 2007, p. 146-149)

Compares the means and ranges for a variable using two line charts, although vertical histograms can be incorporated into the chart as well to facilitate visualization of how much values are deviating from the expected norm

Bar graphs are seemingly ubiquitous, in part because of the inherent simplicity of the…


Corniello, A.L., Moyse, T., Bates, J., Karafa, M., Hollis, C., & Albert, N.M. (2014). Predictors of pressure ulcer development in patients with vascular disease. Journal of Vascular Nursing, 32(2), 55-62.

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Organizational Quality Improvement Focus Area
Words: 1268 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16295798
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In this regard, it is vitally important that leadership communicate effectively with staff, with particular focus on the fact that quality improvement in patient databases means improved quality in health care. This is good not only for patients, but also for the reputation of the Center, and by association for the staff working with patients as well.

In order to further increase the effectiveness of the PDCA model, the Hospital Corporation of America (ansom et al., 2008, p. 69) went a step further in creating the FOCUS PDCA Model. This model involves the addition of five steps, as indicated by the FOCUS acronym: Find a process to improve; Organize a team that knows the process; Clarify current knowledge of the existing or redesigned process; Understand the variables and causes of process variation within the chosen process; and Select the process improvement and identify the potential action for improvement.

Because of…


Dlugacz, Y.D. (2006). Measuring Health Care: Using Quality Data for Operational, Financial, and Clinical Improvement. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.

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Continuous Quality Improvement at Memorial Hospital in Texas
Words: 2125 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 56599468
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The caregiver role includes those activities that assist the client physically, mentally, and emotionally, while still preserving the client's dignity. In order for a nurse to be an effective caregiver, the patient must be treated in a holistic manner. Patient advocacy is another role that the modern nurse assumes when providing quality care. Advocacy is the active support of an important cause, supporting others, or speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves (Kozier, Erb and Blais, 1997).

For the Ns to be more satisfied then, we need a new paradigm or process that is more inclusive, more active between management and staff, and provides more lines of open communication between the groups. Taking into account that the Ns job is hectic, hospital schedules are always frenzied, and there always seems to be a shortage of people, it will take considerable commitment and effort from management to sort…


Memorial Herman - About Us. (2010, January). Retrieved October 2010, from Memorial Herman Hospital: 

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Operational Improvement Plan for Blockbuster
Words: 2054 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 68425671
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This has mainly a promotional and marketing scope: the client needs to feel that the company is responsive to the issues that he or she have identified and is ready to take the necessary measures to correct these problems, even if it means allocating more money in these areas. The actual costs that such a service implies are relatively small, especially since this can also be an online communication services of the YM type that can be employing individuals working from home.

Decrease profit margins

The issue here is relatively simple: lockbuster should decrease its proposed profit margins in order to become more competitive on the online market and be able to increase its future revenues. In this way, with a balanced reduction of costs as well, the company can go from current losses to a potentially profitable business in the near future. The costs can be easily cut by…


1. Blockbuster Corporate - Company Overview. On the Internet at  retrieved on October 14, 2008

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Blockbuster Corporate - Company Overview. On the Internet at

Business Quality Improvement Tools Six
Words: 1603 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5680681
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There are a variety of techniques utilized for quality improvement, each with its own characteristic role in the completion of the procedure as a whole (Methods for Quality Improvement, 2010).

Product improvement is one of the major methods used. The proposal behind this is that the more goods that are improved, the better they will sell. As time progresses, so do significant features of customer approval. Consumers anticipate the essential alterations to be made and will keep making purchases from a particular corporation if their offers change right along with everything else. Enhancements are therefore made to goods that facilitate them to be prepared with the latest features and basics that will help them persist to sell (Methods for Quality Improvement, 2010).

Process improvement is an additional significant aspect of quality improvement. This technique covers the procedures utilized to carry out everyday business operations. This can be everything from the…


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Represents a Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement
Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1422358
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represents a needs assessment for quality improvement scenario. The report will assess the need for a quality improvement process within "a manufacturing organization." The report will include a description of the problem and process as well as a flow chart of the process to be analyzed. The report will also describe the relationship of the process to the organization's overall strategic plan and will identify both the internal and external customers of the organization. The paper concludes with an estimate of the level of improvement that could be realized and the value of implementing the new quality improvement process.

The TiaPei Manufacturing Company designs, manufactures and exports small toys that are exported to the United States for sales. The organization has decided to implement a Six Sigma manufacturing quality control program so as to reap the benefits of added efficiency and quality. The company's version of the Sigma process provides…


The Professional Journal. (1998). Changing Company Culture: Six Sigma Focuses on Total Customer Satisfaction [Research Study]. Retrieved on January 20, 2005 from

Erwin, Jane. (2003). "Changing Company Culture: Six Sigma Focuses on Total Customer Satisfaction," as Retrieved on January 20, 2005,

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Preliminary Investigation

Improvement in an Organization That Can Benefit
Words: 2116 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7685281
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Improvement in an Organization That Can Benefit a Customer

An improvement to the organization, which will benefit the customer

The best porter's generic strategy is the distinction strategy; this will help the business to differentiate its service delivery in some way that will help to attract customers. This will overcome the wave of supernumerary services and challenger access. This strategy is the best because it will allow the company to institute changes in line with the desired technological requirements. At this point, differentiation of products and services will increase entrance obstacles in terms of technology and other technical requirements and thus eliminate the threat of new entrants. In other terms, a distinctive product or service will also attract clients and reduce the threat of alternative or substitute service provision (Henderson, 2011).

The selected strategic business approach relates with the business components. This is suitable because it goes in line with…


Abraham, B. (2008). Quality improvement through statistical methods. Boston, MA: Birkha-user.

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Quality Circles Organizational Behavior Are Quality Circles
Words: 2642 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4655367
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Quality Circles


Quality Circles became popular during the mid 1980s, when buzzwords such as Total Quality Management and efficiency teams became popularized in U.S. companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage over international production giants including Japanese manufacturers. A great deal of controversy exists however, as to whether or not quality circles truly accomplish what they are set out to do: improve organizational efficiency, worker productivity and performance. While many companies have argued that quality circles have resulted in dramatic cost savings, a large body of research suggests that quality circles have generally failed in a majority of companies that have implemented them. The aim of this study is to examine the nature of quality circles, and to ascertain whether or not they are effective mechanisms for organizational improvement.



According to research, more than 50% of the…


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Quality Improvement Project
Words: 501 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72384595
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Caregiving to Elderly People

In this document, interactive caregiving training is briefly discussed.

Caregiving to Elder People

ecent developments at the medical industry and more health conscious diet increase the life expectancy. According to the Census, 36.3 million Americans were 65 and over in 2004 and the numbers are expected to increase as 71.5 million in 2030. Aging brings serious memory problems, emotional and physical declines along with the natural changes of inner and outer organs. Taking a good care of an elderly person with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease is a very demanding job requiring serious physical and mental efforts. Therefore, intellectual and mental training of the caregivers is very important. The physical work caregivers undertake is very hard including bathing elderly people, feeding them, running errands and trying to understand what they really need. The result of this long-term care is exhaustion, anxiety and depression. egardless of…


Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Alzheimer's disease and Other Dementias" American Psychiatric Association. October 2007. . Retrieved 2007-12-28.

Quality Joseph Juran the Term
Words: 2518 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8542670
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According to his concepts the quality control can be done without too much emphasis on inspection if the process is smooth and can easily rum by the operations. It is today that we recognize the importance of customer's point-of-view but it was Juran who many years ago gave the idea that the perception of quality lies in the mind of customers rather than the producer. "According to the founders of TQM, the five interventions define the core of total quality management. Knowledge of customer requirements provides a test for considering and evaluating process changes. Supplier partnerships ensure that materials entering the organization are of acceptable quality. Cross-functional teams bring the full spectrum of relevant information and expertise to bear on decisions about system wide problems. Scientific methods and statistical analyses provide teams with trustworthy data to use in their decision making. And process management heuristics can improve the quality of…


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Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 10681556
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Quality & Safety

The quality and safety of health care services has been a major issue in the recent past because of the significance of these factors in the improvement of patient outcomes and enhancing the effectiveness of the health care system. Health care professionals and practitioners have increasingly focused on the need to improve the quality and safety of their services given the constant increase in patient population. As a result, various measures have been developed and implemented in attempts to enhance the quality and safety of care services and improvement of practices. These measures include delivery of patient-centered care, safety initiatives, teamwork and collaboration, informatics, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice. There are several ways with which incidents or interactions in each of these components are handled and can be improved based on leadership/management theory content.

Patient Centered Care -- Interaction

A bedside report was not done at bedside…

Works Cited

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Qi Plan Final Organization
Words: 1394 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18760887
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Mayo Qi

Mayo Clinic Quality Improvement (QI) Plan

The Quality Improvement Plan laid out here centers on the Mayo Clinic. The healthcare system has an international reputation for providing patient-focused and cooperative medical care for individuals suffering from the most severe illnesses. In addition to maintaining a highly collaborative atmosphere within which physicians, nurses and practitioners work together to resolve medical challenges, the Mayo Clinic is renowned for its innovations in the areas of service delivery and positive treatment outcomes. This is why the focus of a discussion on Quality Improvement has less to do with improving the Mayo Clinic itself than with demonstrating ways of replicating its successes in other healthcare systems.


The goal that drives the Mayo Clinic is drawn from a patient-centered treatment philosophy. The Mayo Clinic strives to incorporate its patients in the process of achieving desired treatment outcomes. The clinic uses feedback from patients…

Works Cited:

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Business Case and Quality Analysis
Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85312526
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Business Case Quality

Quality, value, and cost are elements or aspects that are inherently connected and firmly combined (Homer et al., 2004). Quality improvement programs have yet to disseminate as fast as possible all the way through medical facilities and hospitals (Swensen et al., 2013). Possibly, this is owing to the reason that there is a vague comprehension regarding the financial benefit to the healthcare organizations themselves, away from the benefit to the consumers and society. The purpose of this paper is to present a business case of quality improvement in the healthcare industry. In particular, the objective of the case will be to make the argument that optimal quality and improved patient outcomes have an efficacious impact for well-being (Swensen et al., 2013).

The program presented for quality improvement encompasses provider-covered or insured employee plans. As stated by Swensen et al. (2013), improvements in ambulatory and primary care results…


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Quality and Safety Health and
Words: 1418 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60969782
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Typically, accurate documentation assists in limiting errors. (Stanford Hospital & Clinics, 2012).

Car et al. (2008) point out that integrating of electronic health within a healthcare organization enhances quality and safety of patients. The author argues that electronic health record assists the healthcare provider to readily access comprehensive information in order to minimize the incident of error as well as enhancing patient safety and quality of healthcare delivery. While Stanford Hospital and Clinics has made several efforts to enhance quality healthcare delivery and patient safety within the hospital environment, however, the issue of medical errors is still rampant within the healthcare sector in the United States. Meanwhile, there are several ways the issue of error incidents can affect the healthcare delivery.

Impact of Error incident on Healthcare Delivery

A major effect of error incident within the health sector is the decline in the quality healthcare delivery and the issue could…


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Quality and Safety Over the
Words: 1497 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5787452
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This is important, because it is showing how a lack of: following up and monitoring safety standards can increase the long-term financial problems facing a heath care facility. (Master, 2005, pp. 259 -- 285)

At the same time, there is also the possibility that the lack of focus on safety could expose the hospital to possible law suits. This is because the plaintiffs could use this information to show, how the staff is negligent in the quality care that they are providing to them. Once this occurs, it means that the costs for: medical malpractice insurance and other operating expenses will rise. While, the facility will have the negative publicity from: these lawsuits and there is the possibility of increased amounts of regulation (surrounding internal procedures). This is important, because it is showing how these kinds of issues will have an adverse effect on: the reputation and economic viability of…


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Quality and Data Base Management
Words: 420 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 925546
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healthcare organizations fail to implement sound quality improvement initiatives? Identify barriers and constraints to QI (quality improvement)

Improving the overall quality of any organization is a challenge -- yet the challenge often seems much greater, given the institutional barriers and constraints faced by the health care industry. First of all, there is the difficulty of measuring quality of care given the financial constraints imposed by insurance. The Institute for Health Care Improvement has suggested health care organizations be publicly profiled and assigned to varying rated tiers on the basis of their performance on quality. But currently, physicians and hospitals are often compensated solely based on the sheer dollar amount of care they provide, which is usually greater depending on the patient's length of stay. This discourages the use of new treatments and therapies that may send patients home sooner. Even serious medical errors may be financially rewarded if they justify…

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Quality Cost-Competitiveness Customer Service and First-To-Market Are
Words: 5961 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80691674
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Quality, cost-competitiveness, customer service and first-to-market are all essential determinants to global commercial success. All sectors of the economic market are obliged to reduce costs and production times while increasing profits and market share. Ambitious organizations are turning to systems management programs such as Six Sigma or Total Quality Management to develop and maintain exceptional standards across the whole of an organization. This includes all aspects of production and manufacturing processes, as well as marketing, sales and distribution, financial considerations, employee motivation and customer service. Finally, product development in the form of a perennial portfolio of projects helps to ensure the viability of a company.

The incorporation of systems management programs has become integral to the renaissance and future of an organization. Often, enterprises will combine qualities from several methodologies such as integration aspects of Six Sigma with Project Management; the very topic of consideration for this essay that examines…


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Manage Project Quality
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Quality Improvement Implementation eport

Project Management Processes and Procedures

This involves planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific business objectives and goals. The project manager is accountable for accomplishing the project's objectives, building the project requirements, as well as managing project constraints (Ireland, 2006). The project management process encompasses several aspects; five process groups and a control system. These processes include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and finally closing.

The international standards promote the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements. For an organization t function effectively, it has to identify and manage numerous linked activities (Lock, 2007). An activity using resources and managed in order to enable the transformation of inputs into outputs can be considered as a process. Often the output from one process directly forms the input of the…


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Graded Approach to Quality Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance: Graded Approach to Quality

A Graded Approach to Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a term used to refer to the entire set of activities undertaken by a manufacturer to ensure that a product or service, at the very least, meets the expectations of customers (Webber & Wallace, 2012). Quality control (QC) is a component of QA -- it refers to the specific activities that are taken to ensure that a deliverable service or product meets the specific needs and requirements of the customer (Webber & Wallace, 2012). Checking calibrations, conducting tests and inspections, and checking drawings and calculations for errors are all part of quality control. QA, on the other hand, is broader -it includes QC, and starts way before the product is developed. Some of the activities that the manufacturer would conduct as part of QA include conducting requirement analyses to assess the appropriateness of the…


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Webber, L. & Wallace, M. (2011). Quality Control for Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Quality and Data-Based Management
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Quality and Data-ased Management

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

The purpose of this paper is to examine the organization of NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital in relation to the hospital's quality indicators and measures that are currently in place. Further to identify quality indicators and goal measurements used in the organization plan and also to review the mission statement and vision.

Rigorous standards are used in ranking healthcare institutions particularly when ranking is applied to hospitals. There are approximately 6,012 hospitals in the United States not including military and veteran facilities and out of all of those "only 177 or fewer than 1 in 30 were of high enough quality to be ranked in even a single specialty this year."(Souroujon, 2004)

The first category applied in consideration of a hospital's ranking is that of the hospital's "reputation." (Souroujon, 2004) The second category is that of "mortality ratio" (Souroujon, 2004) and the last is a miscellaneous…


Cornarow, Avery (2004) Methodology Behind the Rankings Best Hospitals 2004; U.S. News Online at: 

National Health Care Quality Report: High Quality Health Care Is Not Yet a Universal Reality

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Souroujon, Andre (2004) Best Hospitals 2004 U.S. News Report Online at: / usnews/health / hosptl/tophosp.htm

Quality Indicators Related to Geriatric Services in a Hospital
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Quality Indicator

Healthcare Quality Indicators

ith the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, also now commonly referred to as Obamacare, the array of quality indicators used to assess healthcare facility performance has expanded. The addition of a number of quality indicators with direct connections to penalties and other punitive measures has created a great deal of pressure for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Many of these quality indicators are designed to heighten accountability among hospitals and other acute healthcare treatment cites or systems. Among them, penalties for preventable readmissions has become an exceptionally prominent indicator of performance quality.

Quality Indicator:

According to Brink (2013), the quality indicator of readmission rates has become an important issue for healthcare leaders and hospital administrators. Brink reports that roughly 12% of all Medicare patients will be readmitted to the hospital within the first 30 days of discharge for recurrent conditions that could be prevented…

Works Cited:

Brink, S. (2013). Hospitals Seek to Avoid Penalties by Minimizing Readmissions. U.S. News and World Report.

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Rau, J. (2013). Medicare Revises Readmissions Penalties -- Again. Kaiser Health News.

Quality Management in Order to Continue Molding
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Quality Management

In order to continue molding specific objectives and budget strategies, we at Hartman Industries LLC., have to put together a plan to develop and advance our company's superiority and services to remain competitive and meet the needs of our clients. We have determined that Hartman must improve the quality of our company with a precise agenda and instruments that will allow us to advance the level of service we offer to the employees as well as our clients. In improving excellence and our company's value, we must start with the employees that are already working at our firms to improve their knowledge of the business world as technology, society, and the environment changes. Our professional experts will be evaluated and meet one on one with administration from each branch of service to determine their capacity and worth in assisting the clients so we can determine what types of…

Quality Management Analysis and Recommendations for Rubicon
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Quality Management Analysis and ecommendations for ubicon Group -- a Travelcom Company

It is common for quality management symptoms and problems to appear when two or more organizations are integrated together, as is the case of the business units within the ubicon Group. It is imperative however in assessing support services using quality management frameworks and techniques to not focus too closely on the symptoms and not see the greater strategic challenges and roadblocks standing in the way of greater levels of customer service quality (Sepic, McNabb, 1994). The intent of this analysis is to explain how ubicon Group can use the frameworks of Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, lean principles and balanced scorecards (BSC) to attain a higher level of performance and customer satisfaction. Treating the symptoms will only get the customer service team so far. A key underlying assumption of this analysis is that the fundamental nature…


Apgar, D.. (2011). Assumption-Based Metrics: Recipe for Success. Strategic Finance, 93(5), 27-33,1.

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Quality Service Management This Case
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The hotel and the LST core values are aligned in customer service and hospitality, meeting the customer needs as often as humanly possible. (LST websites)

Measurement and Feedback and Cultural Change (Yee Tsang & Antony 2001) measurement and feedback systems are currently lacking, other than in the nature of the fact that booking groups often return, though individuals not necessarily. (Mccarville 1993)

7 Essentials for Successful Leisure Programming

1. Establish programming priorities. LST has adequately developed a set of priorities regarding both what the consumer will see, as a cultural reflection and from an historical perspective. The company has also effectively developed a TQM approach to the development of programs that meet the consumer's expectations of a tour. Individualization and keeping the costs of such within the expectations of individuals and groups will be the key in the future.

2. Discover clients' needs. Client's needs discovery is currently produced by…


Dabrowska, K (2005) "The Lure of Libya: Weekend Breaks for Londoners in Libya? This Is Not a Desert Mirage but One of the Dreams Amelia Stewart Is Determined to Turn into Reality before Long." The Middle East, August/September, pp. 54.

"Establish Trade Links in Libya; IN ASSOCIATION WITH Rensburg Sheppards." (2006) Daily Post (Liverpool, England), September 20, p. 4.

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"GADDAFI'S SECRET POMPEII. Caroline Hendrie Finds Roman Ruins in Libya to Match Italy's Finest - but Don't Tell a Soul, REVIEW." 2005. The Mail on Sunday (London, England), January 16, p. 94.

Quality in Healthcare Quality Is
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also emphasize the importance of education and communication to consumers in order to ensure that quality standards are met.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was established during 1987, when businesses were slowly but increasingly becoming aware of the importance of quality service and goods to customers. The award program was then established in order to not only promote quality awareness, but also to recognize businesses providing the highest quality in comparison to others. This promotes competition, which in turn promotes higher quality goods and services.

In addition to the health care sector, the annual Baldrige Award is presented by the President to businesses in manufacturing, service, small business, education, and nonprofit organizations. The award, along with the Baldrige National Quality Program, is managed by the National Institute of tandards and Technology.

Businesses can apply for the award by submitting the details of their achievements and improvements in seven key…


Bethell, Christina, Carter, Kim, Lansky, David, Latzke, Brooke & Gowen, Kris. (2003, March). Across Culturally-Diverse Populations: A focus on Consumer-Reported Indicators of Health Care Quality. Foundation for Accountability.


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Quality Indicators for Research There
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The result was that even in an online scaffolding environment, the students were still able to gain knowledge through problem-solving with group members (Doering and Veletsianos, 2007).

Scaffolding software is fairly new, but is becoming increasingly popular in the classroom setting. Artemis is a scaffolding software program which gives students access to a digital library to search and sort science information related to project-based investigations. Students are able to not only organize folders containing information on the information they are seeking, but they are also able to share this information with other classmates. This web sharing feature not only supports collaboration between students, but teachers are also able to collaborate. Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between scaffolding software and student motivation as well as conceptual understanding (Butler and Lumpe, 2008).

Based on the research on scaffolding, it is determined that it is evidence-based learning. This type…


Butler, K.A. And Lumpe, a. (2008). Student use of scaffolding software: Relationships with motivation and conceptual understanding. Journal of Science and Educational

Technology, 17(5), 427-436.

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Improvements to Target's Logistics Processes as One
Words: 1012 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33241181
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Improvements to Target's Logistics Processes

As one of the leading retailers in North America, Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) has one of the most advanced logistics, supply chain management and planning systems and series of processes in the retail industry. Target has specifically designed their entire value chain to deliver higher-end electronic products that can compete with WalMart, specifically in the areas of flat screen televisions, laptop computers and increasingly, Apple-branded iPads and iPod products. Target is also using their advanced supply chain processes including Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and eplenishment (CPF) to compete in the high-end women's clothing lines that WalMart is not choosing to compete in (Target Investor elations, 2012). At the close of their latest fiscal year, Target was operating approximately 1,760 stores in 49 states. Target finances its operations through its retail and credit card business units, using the profits from those two operations to finance the operations of…


Columbus, L. (2008, The perfect order meets customer expectations. Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 9(4), 37-38.

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Debra Hofman (2004, September). The HIERARCHY of SUPPLY CHAIN METRICS. Supply Chain Management Review, 8(6), 28-37.

Quality Health Care Is an
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Poor dental health can be a portal that allows bacteria and other infectious organisms into blood stream. Poor dental health care can also lead to poor outcomes of dialysis. Heart disease patients have special needs when it comes to dental care. Spreading this knowledge would motivate patients with these diseases to visit Eastside clinic regularly.


If staffing of more employees is not able to attract more patients to the clinic then the clinic would make a greater loss than it is currently making.

Kool Smiles being a profit making organization might be more efficient and have a more cooperative and friendly staff which can attract Eastside clinic patients towards them.

Promotions through dental vehicles would lead to extra costs such as repairmen of vehicles and fuel costs for which the clinic might not have funds.

The clinic might not have enough funds to employee more people

Alternating sites



Vissers, J. & Beech R. (2005). Health operations management: patient flow logistics in health care. USA: Routledge.

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Wall, A. (1996). Health care systems in liberal democracies. USA: Routledge.

Qi Plan Part III Managing and Improving Quality
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Managing and Improving Quality

Methodology for implementation of performance measurement

Information technology applications of Mayo Clinic

How benchmarks and milestones are involved in quality

Performance and quality measures are aligned to the Mayo Clinic's mission, vision, and strategic plan

Quality assurance and improvement is incorporated through various techniques. The organizations that is willing to invest in their growth and attain a satisfactory level of consumer satisfaction through quality improvement. The quality measures that are incorporated are also investigated and improved through various methodologies in performance measurement. Technology and learning are basic elements required to improve quality and performance measurement. The BSC model for performance measurement and quality improvement, benchmarking, balanced scorecard, and quality mile stones are discussed below. Mayo clinic is one of the progressive organization providing healthcare facilities to patients. The features of information security are identified as a sector for improvement in Mayo clinic.


Mayo clinic is…


Berry, L. & Seltman, K. (2008). Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World's Most Admired Service Organizations. USA: McGraw Hill Professional.

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Staff Development Plan Staff Development Is Central
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Staff Development Plan

Staff development is central to the quality performance of activities in any organization. In order for an institution to achieve its goals and objectives, a clear staff development plan is necessary in order to set priorities and initiate a common spirit of all the staff members. This study examines the necessity of a key staff development plan in an envision higher learning institution. The study explores the importance of staff development to the quality of higher education. Currently, many higher learning institutions do not consider the necessity of proper staffing and development as a key to quality performance. Instead, these institutions fail to achieve their goals or objectives, and consequently low quality of higher education.

Higher education institutions highly depend on people to deliver their missions and objectives. In this regard, the quality of staff and the motivation they receive from the institution's management highly influences their…


World Bank. (1994). Higher Education: The Lessons of Experience. Washington DC

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Learning from Experience. London: Common Wealth Secretariat.

Total Quality Management the Importance
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All of these metrics are taken into account to define the optimal level of process re-engineering efforts and strategies to ensure each process that is re-engineered has the highest potential for success. The organizations who are best at CQI also concentrate their efforts on change management initiatives and programs during this third step in the process. Companies who excel at their CQI-based programs and initiatives make the necessary investments in change management strategies and programs early so their employees and management teams have the opportunity to share ownership in this key process area (Parast, 2010). Studies of CQI programs critical success factors point to change management as being the single most important element in achieving the original goals of any quality management program, as without employees' support any program will fail over time (Parast, 2010).

Once change management strategies have been put into place the senior management teams often works…


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Application Process Improvement Models Organizations Systems a
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Application Process Improvement Models Organizations Systems

A clinical practice improvement initiative

The strategy of treating patients with dementia must be dependent on a thorough neurological, psychiatric, and general therapeutic assessment of the nature and causes of the cognitive setbacks and related non-cognitive symptoms, in the setting of a strong collaboration with the patient and family. It is crucial to distinguish and treat general medical conditions, notably delirium, that may be answerable for or contribute to dementia symptoms (Ferrara, 2010).

Currently, the organization is embracing the Progressing evaluation strategy. This approach focuses on incorporating occasional monitoring of the advancement and development of cognitive and non-cognitive psychiatric and how they respond to intervention. With the end goal to provide prompt medication, improve patient safety, and provide convenient advice to the patient and family, it is ordinarily fundamental to see patients in routine follow-up at regular intervals. Frequent patient visits such as once…


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Lavoie-Tremblay, M., Bonin, J.-P., Lesage, A., Farand, L., Lavigne, G.L., & Trudel, J. (2011). Implementation of diagnosis-related mental health problems: Impact on health care providers. Health Care Manager, 30(1), 30(1): 4-14 (50 ref). doi:10.1097/HCM.0b013e3182078a95

Healthcare Quality Management Pdca Modeling in Healthcare
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Healthcare Quality Management

PDCA Modeling in Healthcare

Psychiatric emergencies in medical settings may be particularly challenging since the staff does not encounter them frequently and may not have experience dealing with behavioral crisis intervention. The purpose of this exercise is to help staff improve understanding and coping with nonmedical emergencies that occur in medical settings using the PDCA cycle.

X is a 41-year-old male admitted to a medical unit with a diagnosis of possible stroke. The patient is ambulatory, 5'10," and 350 lbs. Mr. X presented to the emergency department the day before after apparently losing consciousness at home. The initial CAT scan of his head was negative. It is suspected that Mr. X may be an IV drug user since his urine toxicology screening came back positive for opiates. The medical staff thinks that Mr. X had a seizure prior to admission, but he has shown no abnormal signs…

Works Cited

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Improving Local Health Care Quality Health Care
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Improving Local Health Care:

Quality health care is an important aspect in the modern health care system because of the necessity for quality and safety improvement measures. This concept is described as the extent in which health care services for patients and populations enhance the possibility of desired health outcomes. These services also need to be consistent with the existing professional knowledge in the field. Consequently, quality and improved care services are determined through evaluating the impact of these services on desired outcomes and the extent they adhere to procedures based on scientific and professional knowledge. As part of improving health care services, health care systems should adopt several process-improvement strategies. These strategies should recognize ineffective care, inefficiencies, and avoidable errors and then effect changes on the system to result in improved care.

Incorporating Unapplied Telecommunications Concepts:

Based on the last visit to the local health care system in the…


Angst, C.M., Devaraj, S. & D'Arcy, J. (2012). Dual Role of IT-Assisted Communication in Patient Care: A Validated Structure-Process-Outcome Framework. Journal of Management Information Systems, 29(2), 257-292.

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Kras Always Plan a Head Delegation and
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Always Plan a Head.

Delegation and Accountability

Eliminate Leisurely Working.

Spending Time with Subordinates

Decision Involvement

Innovative Thinking and Planning

Set Aside A Quiet Time for Each Day 22

Avoid the Unnecessary

Learn How To Bunch The Activities.

Respect The Time Of Subordinates.

Record and Analyze Time Utilization Occasionally

Insist On Completed Quality Work.

Allot Some Time For Closing Down.

Types of Time Management in Companies

ABC Analysis Categories

The Pareto Analysis

Pareto Chart

The Eisenhower Method

Applying Eisenhower Method to Project Management

The POSEC Method

Quality Assurance

Total Quality Management

Other Quality Assurance Systems

Training Effectiveness

Importance of Training Effectiveness

Definitions of Training and Learning

Training Effectiveness

Evaluation of Training

Learning in the Workplace


Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management 62

COSO Framework 65

Summary 67

Works Cited 71

Appendix 79

List of Figures

Figure 1: Physical and Mental Peaks during the day 21

Figure 2: Graphical Representation…

Organizational Strategic Plan Review the Plan Currently
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Organizational Strategic Plan eview

The plan currently under review is that of the uth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center and its implemented Florida Differentiated Accountability Program developed and put into use during the 2009-2010 school-year in hopes of improving the school's functioning and overall mission. The school at hand has consistently sought to discover and identify the individual strengths of each child in its facility in order to promote enthusiasm and the desire to learn, and to assist students in achieving academic success. The mission of the school, and its implemented plans, aim to provide a secure, innovative, and challenging environment that affords academic achievement and a technologically-rich program for students in order for them to develop a strong, firm foundation from which to succeed and meet the challenges of the 21st century. The plan at hand sets in motion distinct goals for teacher involvement, parental involvement, and for…


Fege, A. (2000). From fund raising to hell raising: new roles for parents. Educational Leadership, 57.7: pp. 39-43. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Databse. Accessed on 23 November 2011.

Florida Department of Education. (2011). Florida elementary school rankings: 2010-

2011. National Center for Education Statistics, 2011.1: pp. 1-9. Web. Retrieved from: LexisNexis. Accessed on 23 November 2011.

Greenlee, B. (2009). When school advisory councils decide: spending choices for school improvement. Planning and Changing, 38.3-4: pp. 222-251. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database. Accessed on 23 November 2011.

Sip Action Plan
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real world opportunity for improvement within the education profession. For this examination, Boyne City Middle School is being approached for their problems in mathematics achievement. The data suggests that through competency tests, there is a serious rift between math scores and other scores. The inability to address this issue in the past has led to this opportunity for improvement in this area.

For this school, parental involvement is key to it improving its ability to transcend the current problems they are facing. Parental involvement is key to curing many of the ills that are being experienced by this school The general target that is improving math proficiency is suited as a useful opportunity for improvement to focus upon. For this target to be realized some modifications may be necessary to the SIP proposals. More parental and community involvement appears necessary to modify this approach to the desired ends.



Texas Education Science Curriculum Improvement
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Slide 8: Implementation: Practical Assessment
Given the assumed basis for the discipline's failure, which is a
disconnect between students, instructors and material, it will be necessary
to consult both students and teachers on their perception of the program's
success. This will be observed in a number of ways.
-Collective assessment of grade improvements for varying struggling
-Individual and regular teacher evaluations with students identified
as needing extra attention.
-Anonymous student surveys concerning the appeal of the program in
-Instructor assessments based on grading/anecdotal evidence concerning
program improvement strengths and weaknesses

Slide 9: Adoption
Ultimately, this adoption is necessary. The science program is
faltering at the expense of all students. It is incumbent upon the school
board to allot the funding necessary to allow this change, lest our
students enter the world with no appreciation for the foundational value of
a science education.

Narrow Focus Performance Improvement Area This Area
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Narrow focus performance improvement area. This area focus chosen organization develop a QI plan. esearch methodologies integrating QI strategies performance measurements. esearch information technology applications components QI management.

Organizational QI plan

The Scottsdale Memorial Hospital seeks to reduce the waste of food within its operations and also to increase the health and satisfaction of its patients through the provision of more nutritional and tastier foods. In this effort, they have devised four specific goals, namely the completion of an internal study to assess current consumption and waste, the creation of a new menu (with the aid of a specialist chef), the delivery of the new menus to the patients and the completion of a new study for the new menu and the adjacent waste. The expectation is for the waste of food to be decreased after the implementation of the second menu.

The data necessary to complete this effort would…


Hughes, R.G. (2008). Tools and strategies for quality improvement and patient safety. NCBI.  / accessed on December 17, 2012

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(2010). Advantages and disadvantages of Six Sigma. Six Sigma.  accessed on December 17, 2012

Use of TQM and SPC
Words: 3860 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59283545
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total quality management (TQM), and statistical process control (SPC) implementation in a manufacturing plant set up by a foreign company in the border zone of North Mexico, in order to produce finished goods for export. Information on this type of organization was made available by a 2003 study conducted by Nael Aly and Daniel Scholss and published in The TQM Magazine (Vol. 15, Iss. 1; pg. 30). These companies offer a world of opportunities for an intrepid business-person, as labor is cheap, there are many commercial facilities, government support is high and Mexico's proximity to the United States makes it perfect for developing such a business. Effects on the American economy are difficult to evaluate -- both from a producer's and a consumer's points-of-view. Lower salaries than in the U.S. translate into higher work productivity, while low transportation costs and North American commercial agreements mean that access to the U.S.…


1. Aly N., Schloss, D., "Assessing quality management systems of Mexico's maquiladoras" The TQM Magazine. Bedford: 2003.Vol.15, Iss. 1; pg. 30

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3. Information on TQM and SPC concepts

Measuring Improvements in Patient Safety
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Gonzalez (2007), discusses the company WellPoint Inc. that provides its members with the capability to develop their own personal health records, an option to receive test results online, provide a limited set of records to their providers and to allow other family members access to the information. In terms of security safeguards, WellPoint tracks who accesses information and has staff members to monitor the systems for potential breaches. This in turn offers users a certain level of security and quality in services rendered.

As pay-for-performance programs flourish, there is a fear that many EHs cannot accurately capture the data that is required to participate. The biggest obstacles for software makers are the sheer volume of performance measures and the lack of standardization among them. One pressing issue is that some EH systems are still text-based and are therefore not as powerful for reporting and extracting information. (McKinney, 2007)

Wilson (2007),…


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Develop a Plan for Improving Customer Service
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The Challenge of Improving Upon Exemplary Customer Service: Apple, Inc.

For the purposes of this task, the organisation of focus will be the international giant, Apple, Inc. Apple is an organisation and a brand with international fame conjuring instant recognition and respect from global consumers for nearly four decades. Apple has an exceptional reputation for many aspects of their business practices such as product quality, product variety, and for the paper's purposes, customer service. As the paper will demonstrate and cite, this organisation has an outstanding reputation for customer service. Apple's customer service is ranked high both nationally (domestically) and internationally. Why choose an organisation that is so far ahead of most others? It is a formidable challenge to constantly and effectively improve upon excellence; this is the task that Apple puts before itself each year, and it is the same perspective from which the paper aligns itself.



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Nursing Fiscal Plan of Action
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Nursing Fiscal Plan

The author of report is asked to assess a budget framework and compare what has happened to what is set to happen through the rest of the year and ascertain how best to close out the year. The author is asked to assess budget line item requests for the duration of the year as well as what expenses can and should be deferred until the new fiscal year. The budget projections that were accurate are to be labeled as well as what factors have caused the inaccuracies. As to the latter, it is asked if those inaccuracies were controllable or predictable.

The author is asked to do a bit of research on patient acuity symptoms and to ascertain the best approach for that process vis-a-vis quality patient care. The author is asked what strategies pertaining to motivation, communication, care delivery and so forth need to be implemented…

Works Cited

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Nursing 65.5 (2009): 1114-1126. CINAHL with Full Text. Web. 29 Apr. 2013.

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With Emergency Care: Perspectives of Family, Friends and Careers." Journal Of

Improving Quality Level of Health Care
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Cindy Janowski

Quality Improvement

The purpose of quality management in the health care industry is to make sure that the patients receive care that is exceptional. Quality management is considered to be a function that health care institutions are liable for undertaking to display their carefulness and persistence in offering optimal care to their patients. In making application of quality management, health care stakeholders such as doctors and nurses can benefit from determining manners in which they can enhance their internal practices that will bring about more quality results for their patients (Buttell et al., 2008; Kim and Johnson, 1994).

The different stakeholders in the health care industry have different definitions of quality. The different outlooks or perspectives on the quality of health care bring about different expectations from the stakeholders. Patients consider quality to be the attempts and endeavors to do anything and everything. Being taken care of and…


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Continental Airlines Human Resources Plan
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But this should not be the main criteria for selecting and recruiting staff. The H recruitment and selection at Continental Airlines must seek to respond to quality standards imposed by the company.

The recruitment and selection process must follow a series of steps (Ivancevich & Glueck, 1986). Employees should be hired based on their skills, knowledge, and abilities (Kubr, 1992). Their aptitudes must match the requirements of each job, regardless of the minority they represent.

H outsourcing is an option that Continental Airlines should take into consideration. The main reason for outsourcing is represented by cost savings. Given the fact that customers demand higher quality for the services they purchase and more benefits, companies are forced to cut costs in areas like human resources. Aside from this, practice has shown that many companies apply off-shoring as a method of personnel recruitment and selection. The advantages of off-shoring include: lower wage…

Reference list:

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U S Healthcare Quality to Analyze and Compare
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U.S. Healthcare


To analyze and compare the U.S. healthcare, internationally, it is important to know what really constitutes a good health care system. The U.S. Institute of Medicine describes this quality as, "the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge." This system, in its broad sense, should comprise of two main branches of preventative and curative medicine, both of which should cover different aspects of health, such as travel medicine, school health, occupational health, mental health, reproductive health and so on. Furthermore, a well established health care system does not act independently but in co-ordinance with other industries, such as the agricultural industry. Therefore, since a well developed nation has better access to proper sanitation, housing and adequate nutrition, it is more likely to have a better developed health care system. Other factors,…


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Change Plan for SBAR Implementation Change Proposal
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Change Plan for SBA Implementation

Change Proposal - Healthcare

Change Proposal

Change Issue

The benefits of the SBA are apparent to the nursing staff in the Labor, Deliver, ecovery, and Postpartum Unit of St. Johns Hospital Birth Center. All nursing staff receives training in SBA and it has been implemented -- successfully -- for a few months at a time. However, nursing staff soon return to the historical ways of communicating about patient care, which has predominantly been by giving a verbal report.

Benefits of SBA. SBA stands for Situation-Background-Assessment-ecommendation and it is a framework for communication about patients' conditions that is used by members of a healthcare team. The following discussion is from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2011) website. The benefits to using SBA by hospital staff are: (a) It is an easy-to-use, easy-to-remember mechanism; (b) it is a concrete way to frame conversations that fosters effective and…


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Management Quality Control Dr Kaoro Ishikawa Is
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Management Quality ontrol

Dr. Kaoro Ishikawa is one of the world's idealized leaders in quality management control. He joined Japanese union of Japanese scientists and Engineers in 1949 to research on quality, after knowing that America's produce such as toys and cameras was cheap and defective. Ishikawa's greatest concern was to improve quality management involving every employee from top management to the front-line staff, without relying on professions. His significant contribution to evolution of quality management when he introduced the "fishbone" diagram that emphasized on quality services to customers made him known, and this could only be achieved by quality organization first in production of quality goods and services (Dahlgaurd 2005).


Kaoru was born on July 13th 1915 in Tokyo, and was the eldest son among the Shikawas, and in 1939, he obtained a degree in the University of Tokyo for applied chemistry. This knowledge helped him in construction,…

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Dell Total Quality Management Questions
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These vary by the type of managers and leaders there are in a given company. At Dell, transformational leaders are prevalent given the approach Michael Dell takes of allowing risk-taking, greater autonomy and support for decentralized decision making throughout the company (Dell Investor elations, 2013).

Explain different supplier relationship practices you think will be an advantage to the company, providing examples.

There are many different approaches Dell takes in creating and sustaining their supplier relationships. There are supplier relationships for commodity-oriented products to entirely different ones for high-value products like microprocessors. Dell has been able to unify all of these using a common set of analytics and metrics of performance, creating a consistent approach to managing their diverse supply chain based on profitability contribution by supplier, not just price (Weisendanger, 1993).

Explain the different customer focus practices you think will be an advantage to the company including examples.

Dell is…


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External Quality Assurance of Assessment Explain the
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External Quality Assurance of Assessment

Explain the Functions of External Quality Assurance of Assessments in Learning and Development

The primary goal for conducting a visit for the purpose of providing a quality assurance assessment of learning and development, it is essential to determine that the learner needs have been identified. The assessor should exit the initial assessment visit with a clear idea of what the learner is expected to know and what gaps exist between those objectives and the present functioning of the leaner. Prior to visiting the actual site where the assessment will be conducted, the assessor can elect to review information about the vocation itself, the demands of the workplace, and the learner's development profile. The planning stage also provides opportunity for the assessor to articulate how both formative and summative assessment can occur. This is the point at which the assessor determines if simulation of work skills…

Proposal on Enhancing the Dental Health of Children Suffering Congenital Heart Disease
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Quality Development in Advanced Practice field knowledge in nursing: Proposal on Enhancing the dental health of children suffering Congenital Heart Disease

One of the most prevalent development abnormalities found in children is heart disease, and it occurs in about 8-10 in every 1, 000 births. Dental supervision of children with congenital heart problems calls for special care, due to their increased susceptibility to contagious endocarditis, which is associated with bacteremia caused by persistent dental processes. Additionally, these patients always have developmental enamel abnormalities that raises caries risk, and always have deprived oral health. This latter condition may be said to be due to cardiac health problems, whose care and attention may lead to the under-estimation of oral health and inadequate consideration. Additionally, continual administration of liquid drugs containing sucrose as sweetener may cause caries and gingivitis cases in children (Andersson et al. 2013a). Dental ailment may cause dental extractions in…


Andersson, A-C., Elg, M., Perseius, K-I. & Idvall, E. (2013a) Evaluating a questionnaire to measure improvements initiatives in Swedish healthcare. BMC Health Services Research, 13(48)

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Qi Plan Analysis Barriers and Implementation
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QI Plan: Analysis of Methodologies / QI Plan: Analysis, Barriers, and Implementation

Improvement Methodologies

Information Technology


Mission, Vision, Strategic, and Operational Plans

Barriers and Challenges

Successful Implementation

Improvement Methodologies

Analyze each methodology you researched. Explain the pros and cons of each methodology for your chosen area of improvement.

They are an easy technique, however, quite time consuming methods. The outcomes might differ only marginally in case of questionnaires and surveys, however, could offer a general view.


They are affordable; it is possible to design questions that are significant to particular regions of interest (competencies, individuals, surroundings and many more); Simple to gather and study outcomes (CHTesourceGroup, 2011).


Privacy might be compromised with e-mail, or even phone assessments; the questions asked are often not equivalent to the language or literacy level of the particular population (CHTesourceGroup, 2011).


It is the most satisfactory technique that can be utilized…


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Nassau University Medical Center Business Case Quality Report
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Business Case Quality for Athens Medical Center

A cost reduction, and high quality healthcare delivery are paramount to the values of a healthcare organization. Typically, a cost reduction is driven by operational quality, and clinical improvement leading to removal of harm, variation and waste. The objective of this paper is to present a business case to achieve quality improvement for Athens Medical Center to deliver optimal quality improve patients outcomes. Moreover, the business case develops the implementation plan to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery for our Medical Center. The implementation plan will focus on health education for diabetes patients. After 6 months of the plan implementation, the paper previews that 50% of diabetes patients who receive the health education will record a lower HA1C by 1 point. At least, 25% of the patients will be able to lower their HA1C by 2 points. (Homer et al., 2004, Swensen et…


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