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Radius Essays (Examples)

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Algebra Trig Find the Radian Measure of
Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92153160
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Algebra, Trig

Find the radian measure of the central angle of a circle of radius r = 4 inches that intercepts an arc length s = 20 inches.

The formula for an arc length is a = r?, where'd is the arc length, ? is the central angle in radians, and r is the radius. That said, s = 20, r = 4, and ? is unknown.

= 5 radians

The central angle is 5 radians.

In which quadrant will the angle 100 degrees lie in the standard position?

The angle of 100 degrees will lie in Quadrant II.

In which quadrant will the angle -305 degrees lie in the standard position?

The angle of -305 degrees will lie in Quadrant I.

Find the length of the arc on a circle of radius r = 5 yards intercepted by a central angle 0 = 70 degrees.

The formula for an…

Diameter Problem in This Experiment
Words: 899 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22345439
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In each measurement, and the average value of D. from its three resulting values:

d" (in mm) l" (in mm)

D=(d/l)*150,000,000 km


don't average data)

In the table above, in the first measurement taken at 3:10pm, the value of d is 55.7 mm, while l is 5,998 mm. Substituting these values to the derived formula for D, which is D = (d/l) L, we get D = (55.7mm/5,998mm)(150,000,000km), or D = 1,392,964.32km. For the second measurement taken at 3:20pm, the value of d is 56.25mm, while l is 6,000mm. By substitution, D = (56.25mm/6,000mm)(150,000,000km), or D = 1,406,250km. For the last measurement taken at 3:30pm, the value of d is 56.6mm, while l is 6,003mm. By substitution again, we get D = (56.6mm/6,003mm)(150,000,000km), or D = 1,414,292.85km. The average value of D. can be taken by adding the values of D. from the three measurements in the experiment, and…

Algebra Trig Given F X -3X
Words: 446 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83973554
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Algebra, Trig

Given f (x) = -3x + 2 and g (x) = 2x + 9: find (g 0 f)(x)

(g 0 f)(x) = 2(-3x + 2) + 9 = -6x + 4 + 9 = -6x + 13

(g 0 f)(x) = -6x + 13.

Given f (x) = 5x + 7 and g (x) = 5x -- 1: find (f 0 g)(x)

(f 0 g)(x) = 5(5x -- 1) + 7 = 25x -- 5 + 7 = 25x +

(f 0 g)(x) = 25x + 2.

Given f (x) = 5x + 4 and g (x) = 3x -- 8, find fg = f (x) * g (x) = (5x + 4)(3x -- 8) = 15x^2 -- 40x + 12x -- 32 = 15x^2 -- 28x --

fg = 15x^2 -- 28x -- 32.

Given f (x) = 2 -- 2x and g (x) = -6x +…

Advertisement Become an Offer One of the
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38588099
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advertisement become an offer, one of the three elements requisite for the formation of a contract between the offeror and offeree? What special rules govern the sale of goods online, and, if this point is reached, at what point does a contract exist between the website (offeror) and the purchaser (offeree)? If, indeed an enforceable contract is formed between an online offeror and a purchaser/offeree, what remedies are available in the form of damages if that contract is breached? The case of Todd v. Foodmart calls upon us to determine an answer to all three of these questions, to decide whether Foodmart's advertised sale of discontinued chocolate sauce was an offer, whether Todd entered into an enforceable contract with Foodmart for the purchase of chocolate sauce at the advertised sale price, and whether Todd can recieve damages for breach of that contract when Foodmart refused to deliver the chocoalte sauce…

Children Run Hard and Play
Words: 1002 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63089467
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E Nurses -- Evaluated situation, helped calm Hally, retook vital signs, prepared for NP

E Nurse Practitioner -- Examined Hally, ordered X-ay, reviewed all symptoms and signs; interpreted x-ray, with Nurse, administered muscle relaxer and anesthesia, set arm in cast.

X-ay Technetium -- Took X-ay films of Hally's right arm; processed for NP's review.

General Practitioner -- Follow up after E visit, watched for signs of infection or discoloration; insured blood flow to arm, managed pain and swelling medication. emoved cast at appropriate time.

ehabilitative Personnel -- Specialized to help Hally gain full use of her arm through exercise therapy, ultrasound, Jacuzzi, and massage therapy.

Part 3 -- in its very basic form, broken bones are quite common in children. However, there were a number of factors that needed to be assessed by health professionals during Hally's incident:

Location and type of Break -- Ensure no bone or part of…


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Wrist Bone Connected to the…. (2011). Retrieved from:

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Operations and Quality Management Research
Words: 1886 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51234628
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To reduce inventory management costs and errors, enterprise must form a strong, galvanizing connection with suppliers, buyers, internal production, and customers most of all. In conclusion, inventory management will always be part art and science, as tacit & implicit knowledge is needed to provide greater insight into the analysis generated fro enterprise software applications specifically designed to streamline inventory management. The inherent unquantifiable aspects of demand management will also make inventory management a continually difficult, complex problem enterprises must confront daily to stay profitable and grow.


Forecasting and Demand eferences

Leung, S. (2003, Oct 01). Where's the beef? A glutted market leaves food chains hungry for sites; finding spots for new outlets takes heaps of research and an eye for details; hint: Move next to Wal-Mart. Wall Street Journal, pp. a.1-a.1.

Meng, F., Tepanon, Y., & Uysal, M. (2008). Measuring tourist satisfaction by attribute and motivation: The case…


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Wang, H., & Yan, H. (2009). Inventory management for customers with alternative lead times. Production and Operations Management, 18(6), 705-720.


Shades of Green This Project
Words: 3642 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73116552
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This also means that the prices must be reasonable. The resort also has an opportunity to make substantial revenue from this asset because it is open to the general public.

Entertainment- entertainment also has the capacity to generate revenue for the resort. The resort has banquet facilities that can accommodate bands and other types of entertainment. These banquet facilities were added on as part of the restoration of the resort and have proven to be a valuable revenue generating asset.

Gift Shop/Souvenir Items- ecause the resort is located so close to Disney land and designed to accommodate families the resort sells souvenirs and other products in its gift shop. Therefore the gift shop is a revenue generating asset. Once again the resort has to be careful to sell the memorabilia and other items at a discounted price because these items are available throughout the city.

Rentals/services-there are several things that…


United States ArmyFiscal Year 2004 MWR Annual. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from; Report. 

Armed Forces Recreation Center. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from; 

Armed Forces Recreation Centers Expand in Florida, Germany. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from; 

Armed Forces Recreational Center Uses Federal Government ESPC to Achieve Goals. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from;

Building a Competitive Strategy
Words: 1173 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 52162338
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DYNOMITE Haircuts Stage

This case study concerns the needs and objectives of a particular business known as Dynomite Haircuts. Dynomite Haircuts first opened in a college town where it was the only business of its kind in a 10-mile radius. This was ideal as it allowed the company to establish roots, gain a solid reputation and client base and begin to expand in a marked and concerted manner. Now there is a much higher level of competition which has developed over time in this area. In spite of this increased competition, the business is still performing well. However, it could be performing even better: it could still reach a higher level of competition and effectiveness necessary to bring in a higher level of revenue. The areas that need to be improved are: scheduling, supply ordering, inventory management, collecting customer information and marketing. Once these areas are improved, and these obstacles…


Ehmke, C. (2014). Strategies for Competitive Advantage . Retrieved from (2014). Porter's Five Forces. Retrieved from 

Porter, M. (2008). Competitive Strategy. New York: Simon and Schuster.

Carpal Instability Is Any Mal-Alignment
Words: 5543 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72024643
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When using open reduction of dorsal displaced fractures of the radius to restore congruency and extra-articular anatomy, the authors recommended the use of their double-plating method. This method is reliable in providing stable internal fixation and in allowing early function. It is, however, and as earlier mentioned, a demanding technique, as ot requires careful; attention to detail.

Carter, P.. And PR Stuart. The Sauva-Kapankji Procedure for Post-Traumatic Disorders of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint. Journal of one and Joint Surgery: ritish Editorial Society of one and Joint Surgery, September 2000

Only one surgeon performed all the operations on a total of 37 patients for pain on the ulnar side of the wrist and decreased rotation of the forearm. The authors reported that most of the tested patients were better after the operation, although a significant number had some pain. Relief from pain could not be guaranteed and that residual pain associated…


Atkinson, Larry S. et al. Scapholunate Dissociation. American Family Physician: American Academy of Family Physicians, June 1994

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Carter, P.B. And PR Stuart. The Sauva-Kapankji Procedure for Post-Traumatic Disorders of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery, September 2000

Brain to Body Impulse Impact
Words: 1037 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21628894
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" This allows the palm of the hand to go either up or down when in motion. The radius and the ulna connect with the bones which that are attached to the wrist and hand.

The thumbs of the human hand make it possible for the hand to lift and carry objects. The movement of the human hand is due to evolutionary development of bipedalism. The human hand consists of twenty seven bones. The wrist has cube shaped bones placed in rows of two or four each. The palm of the hand consists of bones called the carpals. hen lifting a glass of water the striated muscle pulls the radius and ulna allowing the arm to reach for the glass. The flexor muscles in the hand and fingers are used to flex the fingers around the glass making it possible to grip. The flexors which are located near the elbow…

Work Cited

"sliding filament theory." A Dictionary of Biology. 2004. Feb 13, 2010.

Ecommerce and Marketing Plan
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 80218516
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eCommerce & Marketing Plan

The first thought is that the Zoo might have a faulty measurement process. It seems unreasonable that they would have 90% of the 50-200 miles radius captured but only 13% of the 20-50-mile radius. This is not mentioned in the text but certainly this type of gross discrepancy should stand out and be investigated. How does the Zoo get these figures and how reliable are these sources? If they are derived from Internet site usage, do the figures result from an ISP in the 50-200-mile radius who users show up as being from that area no matter where they are physically situated? Such things should be investigated. However, if the figures are correct there are a number of important things to consider as far as Internet marketing strategy is concerned.

If you build it, they will come certainly does not hold in this instance. On a…

Security Issues in IEEE Wlan
Words: 6613 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95819917
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Despite its clear benefits and advantages in terms of ease of use and cost effectiveness, there are certain risks associated with wireless networking. These risks are discussed further below.

Review of the Literature.

Security Risks Associated with IEEE WLAN 802.11. The applications for wireless communication technology continue to develop and expand; today, at least, the 802.11b is the standard of choice for wireless router communication used with network installation (Gonazles & Higby 2003). "The integrity of the transmitted data is a valid 2.4 GHz. At this wavelength medium, the propagation of wavelength maintains strong connectivity" (Gonzales & Higby 2003, p. 30). The technology of WLANs actually dates back to the mid-1980s; during this period, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) freed up radio frequency (rf) to the industry. "Initially, this was viewed as a broadcast reception procedure and very little thought went to broadcast transmission" (Gonzales & Higby 2003, p. 30).…


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Brookshear, J.G. 2000. Computer Science: An Overview. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley.

Machines & Marble Drop the
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62773362
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If the rope can be run through two or more pulleys, the force applied at one end of the rope to lift the object on the other end can be reduced.

What's interesting is that the mechanical advantage that each simple machine may offer for reducing the force needed to move an object comes at the expense of having to apply the force through a longer distance. So a short motion of a force produces a longer motion of the object.

A marble drop machine is toy that makes use of simple machines to move one or more marbles through it from top to bottom. The idea of this toy is to create a lot of motion of its parts and the marbles to watch. And that motion is produced with the marbles that literally fall through it. The force on the marble is its weight. Because it can roll…

Atomic Testing Though Modern People
Words: 11346 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33269463
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The First Nuclear Test

Of course, the first nuclear test occurred before the 1950s and was part of the United States' effort to develop an atomic weapon during World War II. This test occurred at 5:30 A.M. On July 16, 1945, at a missile range outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Even that test was enough to convince a large group of scientists that the atomic weapon was a dangerous and powerful weapon. "The Franck Report," a petition issued by Leo Szilard and 68 other scientists urged President Truman to first demonstrate the capabilities of the atomic bomb before using it as a weapon against the Japanese, because of the mass destruction that came with the bomb.

This test, known as the Trinity Test, was a tremendous success. "The energy developed in the test was several times greater than that expected by scientific group. The cloud column mass and top reached…


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Brodersen, Tom. 2002. "Compensation available to fallout cancer victims." Sharlot Hall

Sales of Off-Highway Trucks Is
Words: 1302 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 41884381
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When fully loaded the weight distribution is 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle. Given the likely adhesion conditions, the powertrain will drive all axles.

Suspension geometry design and assessment

Steering design

Turning circle

When the vehicle is cornering, each wheel must go through a turning circle. The outer turning circle, is to our main subject of interest. This calculation is never precise because when a vehicle is cornering the perpendiculars via the centres of all wheels never intersect at the curve centre point (Ackermann condition). Additionally, while the vehicle is moving, certain dynamic forces will always arise that will eventually affect the cornering manoeuvre (MAN,2000).

The formula used.

Vehicle Model T31, 19.314 FC

Wheelbase lkt = 5000 mm

Front axle Model V9-82L

Tyres 315/80 . 22.5

Wheel 22.5 x 9.00

Track width s = 2058 mm

Scrub radius r0 = 58 mm

Inner steer angle…


Catapillar (2001). 769D-Off-Highway Truck.

Ivanov V, Shyrokau B, Augsburg K, Vantsevich V (2010)System Fusion in Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics Control09/2010; in proceeding of: Joint 9th Asia-Pacific ISTVS Conference, at Sapporo, Japan

MAN (2009).vehicle calculations

Rafael, M, a. Lozano, J. Cervantes, V. Mucino, C.S. Lopez-Cajun (2009).A method for powertrain selection of heavy-duty vehicles with fuel savings. International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems

Health Blind Spot
Words: 2386 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51485764
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Health and Blind Spot Enlargement in Non-Athletes

Everyone has a blind spot in the visual field caused by an absence of nerves on the retinal wall where the nerve ganglia enter. Our brains "correct" for this blind spot and fill-in the missing information so that we do not notice the blind spot in normal daily activity. As the blind spot represents a physical structure, there has been little study concerning it. There have been a few studies conducted to determine how the brain compensates for the phenomenon.

Recently, there have been studies indicating that in certain people seeking chiropractic treatment that they have unequal blind spots as a result of muscoloskeletal misalignments. This research has been controversial, however, brings up several interesting questions. There are conditions that can damage the retina and this can cause blind spots in the visual field. It is generally assumed that athletes maintain a better…

Works Cited

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The South Bronx 161st Street Corridor Yankee Stadium and Its Environs
Words: 2111 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26215066
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161st Street, Yankee Stadium/Bronx County Courts, Bronx, New York

Although billons of people have lived, worked or visited the community over the past 100 years, few people today may realize the historic significance of the neighborhood located in and around the 161st Street region of the Bronx. Beginning with a series of Works Public Administration projects in the 1920s that included the Bronx Court Building, the Concourse Plaza hotel, and most especially the world-famous Yankee Stadium, this neighborhood has grown to include a busy subway station and upscale retail shopping facilities. To gain some new insights into the history and current status of this historic neighborhood, this paper reviews the relevant secondary literature to provide the background of the neighborhood, its location and a description of the people who live and work there. A description of the activities available in this neighborhood is followed by a discussion concerning the key…


Federal Writers' Project. (1939). New York City guide: A comprehensive guide to the five boroughs of the metropolis: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Richmond. New York: Random House.

406 E. 161st Street. (2016). C&C Apartment Management, LLC. Retrieved from http:/ /

Harvey, D. (2006). Spaces of global capitalism: Toward a theory of uneven geographical development.

Horowitz, R. Getting in.

High Strength Steels in Automobiles
Words: 2068 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63982152
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As compared to carbon steel, the development of high speed steel has many advantages over carbon and is therefore more popular in high speed applications (lack, 2010).

This type of steel works due to several very important factors such as the type of metals used, high treatment temperatures and its ability to melt metals. eing an alloy that combines several metals, high speed steel can be kept hard even under extreme temperatures because the steel can provide heat resistance. The steel also remains hard even under intensive high temperatures due to the high temperature treatment.

This steel is an alloy which combines several metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, cobalt and others. The most commonly used type of steel in high speed steel products is tungsten. Nonetheless, various types and designations of high speed steel exist with each of these steels having their own special combinations. Due to its ability…

Bibliography: (1999), Growth of High Strength Steel In Auto Industry Outpacing Other

Materials, Association says,, viewed 4 April 2010 (n.d.), High Performance Gearbox Steels,, viewed 4 April 2010,

Video Sequences on the Website
Words: 1212 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30454277
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Vectors are defined in the video as a very basic idea, anything that has size and direction is a vector, some examples are velocity, where force moves something with mass. Newton's second law F=ma is a description that includes two vectors, force and acceleration, The description of vectors in a static system where forces are balances and pushing against one another is also a great demonstration.

Dark matter is a video that leaves as many questions as if offers answers, but is probably my most favorite video as it discusses something that is extremely interesting and elusive. The fact that 95% of mass is either dark energy or dark matter and only about 4% is "normal" matter (containing everything we know) is a staggering statistic. The fact that everything we know is affected in some way by electromagnetic energy and that dark matter is only very limitedly affected by or…


University of Nottingham. (ND). Sixty Symbols: Videos About the Symbols of Physics and Astronomy. Retrieved September 25, 2010, from

Wimax Is Coming The 700
Words: 1772 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80985702
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150). Already, the major telecommunication companies are adopting iMAX into their business plans. "U.S. operator Clearwire plans to launch 2.5GHz iMAX services this year. The company's Xohm service aims to start operations in Baltimore in September, followed by Chicago and ashington, D.C., before year-end" (Lemon 2007, p1.). Computer giant Intel is adding

iMAX as an option to its Centrino 2 laptop chip platform in 2008 and making them available in those cities. Today, Baltimore and Chicago, tomorrow New York, and perhaps soon all of the United States will have the option of iMAX.

orks Cited

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Telecommunications Magazine. 1 Jun 2006. 13 Aug 2008.

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Kumar, Astock. "The Next ave of ireless i-Fi."); Hospitality…

Works Cited

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Region in Which You Are
Words: 920 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 1976028
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al). All of these general requirements are transforming the role of DBAs to be more strategic than tactical in their roles, tackling complex business problems over being custodians of it systems.

Compare the job duties listed for the database administrator positions that you found with the database administrator activities identified in the industry. Were their any job duties that surprised you?

The position used for this analysis is the Senior Database Administrator at Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is used as the basis of this analysis. This position requires 7 to 10 years of DBA experience with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 9i database, in addition to 5 years of experience with each of these platforms. There is also an expertise in tiered architectures and ETL tools including SQL Server DTS and Informatica. There is also the expectation of knowledge at the operating system level including IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows Server.…


Scott W. Ambler. "Agile and Large Teams" Dr. Dobb's Journal 1 Jul 2008: 60-62. ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry. ProQuest. 22 Jul. 2008

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13 Feb. 2006: 74. ABI/INFORM Global. ProQuest. 23 Jul. 2008

Sustainability of Low Cost Carriers
Words: 5333 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51305334
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" (Traventec, Ltd., 2005) Market saturation is possible according to Traventec, Ltd., due to the constant "influx of new entrants into the low cost carrier and regional space and continued expansion of existing players. When and whether market saturation is actually reached in specific regions of the world depends on how mature regional and low cost air transport is in the first place and the size of the yet under-served demographic area." (Traventec, Ltd., 2005) There is stated to be a potentially huge regional aviation market in South East Asia yet untapped with more than half of the population of the entire world within six hours flying radiuses from "Kuala Lumpur and a five hour flying radius from angkok." (Traventec, Ltd., 2005) the airports in this area have only recently been liberalized with the "international bilateral agreements and vested in the development of airport capacity." (Traventec, Ltd., 2005) When this…


The Impact of Low Cost Carriers in Europe (2003) Online available at .

The Inevitable Convergence of Regional and Low Cost Carriers (2005) Traventec - the Travel Technology People. July-August 2005. Traventec Ltd. Galway Business Park, Dangan, Ireland Online available at entec_publication_july2005.pdf

Sean D. Barrett (2004) the sustainability of the Ryanair model 1 Dec 2004. International Journal of Transport Management Volume 2, Issue 2, 2004, Pages 89-98. Online available at 

Europe's Airports (2006) Mintel International Group Ltd. Published: Feb. 1, 2006 - Online available at

Market for Toscani's in Parramarra
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4606065
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The segmentation recommended in this marketing plan includes the following:

Ensure that locals (there is an advantage to the restaurant's site) become regulars.

Differentiate the "Italian" notion for those who want something different from "standard," "middle of the road" Italian fare.

Come up with very targeted marketing which ensures focus on the three target customer groups:

Those living/working within a well-defined radius

Those who may know the restaurant from other experiences in Australia

Spur-of-the-moment tourists who see the restaurant and walk in.

Cost structure of industry (especially whether variable cost is a small or large proportion of the normal selling price, and whether there are significant economies of scale of production, importance of transportation costs etc.),

The relative margins earned by restaurants vary from zero to 10% of total sales. Price discounts may be attractive to customers, but can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line if not properly…

Q 1 What Is the Accurate
Words: 896 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 75285750
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The collapse increases internal pressure until some of the stars external matter is ejected, eventually stabilizing into a dwarf star of degenerate matter.

A variable star is one whose apparent brightness changes as viewed from earth. Cepheid variables are a certain type of variable star whose apparent brightness changes in regular cycles lasting from 3 to 50 days. Astronomers use them to measure distances in space.

Q: 4 describe and explain the characteristic of Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

what is the significant and use of this diagram? how is a black hole formed? what are the properties of black holes? compute the Schwarzschild radius for the sun.

What happens when the star shrinks to the radii? what is the most likely place to find a black hole?

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is a scatter-graph of stars that allows astronomers to plot their absolute luminosity against their specific classifications and temperatures. This technique demonstrated…

Aviation - Personal Air Vehicles
Words: 1879 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48343827
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There might be a tendency for social interactions to center around traveling between locations in a convoy, much like groups of motorcycle riders do today. Neighborhood airstrips might strengthen communities by giving many residents reason to come to a common area. There might also be a harmful effect due to people being less inclined to spend time in their own neighborhoods.

My personal life would not be greatly affected by the availability of a $50,000 aircraft. I do not have $50,000 to spend on a vehicle, nor do most people I know. The people I do know who could afford such an aircraft have little use for one, so I would probably have little more interaction with personal aircraft than I currently do with small planes. Assuming I did own a personal aircraft, it would make it practical for me to seek out business opportunities in towns that are currently…

Works Cited

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Adult Day Care Industry
Words: 5610 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 8036286
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Adult Day Care Industry

ABC Adult Day Care will be a mid-sized company, which will provide adult day care services to the residents of Boston. This mid-sized adult care facility will serve adults aged fifty years and above. It will provide community-based day health services for the elderly and disabled. Services offered include living assistance, nursing, therapy, meals, and social activities. Their services will be secure and safe, presenting the elderly with an excellent place where their caring services will be met. ABC Adult Day Care will be a privately held organization headed by its founder, Ben Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson has extensive experience in strategic business planning. His advanced knowledge and interest in business are the driving force behind his business. A few employees who have extensive experience in adult care fields will support the daily operations of the facility. With the rising rate of inflation, many American families struggle…


Bryan, C.J., & Rudd, M.D. (2011). Managing suicide risk in primary care. New York: Springer Pub. Co.

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History and Theory of Global Positioning Satellites
Words: 1490 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99154951
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Global Positioning Satellites

The History of Global Positioning Satellites

The First Global Positioning Satellite

Transmission Functions of the Global Positioning Satellites

eception of Information from Global Positioning Satellites

Advantages of the Global Positioning Satellites System

Introduction to the Global Positioning Satellites

As the name suggests, the global positioning satellite system is based on satellites. It is a navigational system that comprises of a complex arrangement of satellites that orbit round the earth. Twenty-four in all, these satellites are eleven thousand nautical miles far in space. There are six dissimilar orbits wherein the satellites continually keep revolving. It takes these satellites twenty-four hours to complete two orbital revolutions round the Earth. Upon calculation, the revolutionary speed of these satellites is computed to be around 2,600 meters per second (

The radius of every orbit of the global positioning satellites is approximately 25,000 kilometers from the center of the earth, making them…


Federal Radio Navigation Plan (FRP). (1994) USNO NAVSTAR Global Positioning System.

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Cnos Proposed Study
Words: 6509 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 51901261
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civilians think of the nursing department in any well-run hospital, they often don't consider all the structure, organization and guidance which is required to make this department run as smoothly as it needs to be and to achieve the highest level of patient-centered goals. One position at the top of the pyramid of the nursing department is the position of Chief Nursing Officer or CNO. The Chief Nursing Officer is the person who is responsible for overseeing the crux of the entire nursing operation, ensuring that the entire team runs like a well-oiled machine and that all members are responsible for pulling their weight, following policy and engaging in the most proactive and balanced measures for patient centered goals (Dickson, 2008). This is without a doubt an extremely demanding job and absolutely requires a person who truly enjoys working with patients and other nurses, and thrives on the challenge of…


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Airport design
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.....blueprints of a new airport which would have two separate runways and is seen as the most beneficial project that could be carried out in the region especially considering financial, environmental and security implications. This airport would have two runways running parallel to one another which will be in use concurrently. This runway will be built to 4-E specification, which comfortably accommodates all present day commercial plane designs and those whose designs are still in infancy. Aircraft parking spaces, taxi roads as well as several passenger terminal buildings will also be constructed. The major passenger terminal would be where normal passenger activities such as baggage checks, baggage claim for arrivals, ticket processing and passport inspection as well as customs will be carried out. After this, the screened passengers will then make their way to their respective terminals via boarding trains. These will be located all across the airport with openings…

Facilitating Airport Development today
Words: 3005 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 53325228
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.....blueprints of a new airport which would have two separate runways and is seen as the most beneficial project that could be carried out in the region especially considering financial, environmental and security implications. This airport would have two runways running parallel to one another which will be in use concurrently. This runway will be built to 4-E specification, which comfortably accommodates all present day commercial plane designs and those whose designs are still in infancy. Aircraft parking spaces, taxi roads as well as several passenger terminal buildings will also be constructed. The major passenger terminal would be where normal passenger activities such as baggage checks, baggage claim for arrivals, ticket processing and passport inspection as well as customs will be carried out. After this, the screened passengers will then make their way to their respective terminals via boarding trains. These will be located all across the airport with openings…

Nursing Shortages
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What causes staffing shortages in the field of nursing? Staffing shortages can be the result of many variables—turnover, unmet demand for services due to a lack of RNs, overwork (nurses calling in sick), and so on. Buchan (2002) identified the problem of staffing shortages in nursing as having an underlying cause in the nature of the health system itself as well as a social one: “Nursing in many countries continues to be undervalued as women’s work, and nurses are given only limited access to resources to make them effective in their jobs and careers” (p. 751). This is especially true in countries like Saudi Arabia, where nursing is viewed as woman’s work but is not valued highly by society—though it is recognized as being highly needed (Alyami & Watson, 2014). To address the issue of staffing shortages, the Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2012) has called for more nurses to…

Analyzing the Rhoda Report
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As the principal for CSL International, Mr. Rhoda had a considerable amount of input in the company’s evaluation of multiple cities, surrounding areas, and other evaluating organizations attempting to determine the feasibility of arenas in the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas, respectively. His methodology primarily consisted of benchmarking. In doing so he ascertained data about similar cities, areas, sporting events, and even other public assembly analysts such as Economic Research Associates (ERA) and International Coliseum Company (ICC) to influence his own findings. These would provide the framework to determine the viability of public assembly facilities in the two aforementioned areas.

In some instances, Rhoda patently failed to test the accuracy of his method. In others, he was much more diligent in doing so. A good example of the former includes his propensity for misusing data from the ICC and the ERA. The latter researched the feasibility of such an assembly…

Measuring Arterial Stiffness Arterial Stiffness
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When evaluating completions rates involved with PWA, radial tonometry had a 66% and carotid tonometry had a 99%. The radial tonometry was determined to be easier on the patient.

Laser Doppler Imaging (LDI)

Laser Doppler Imaging (LDI) has increased significance over previous single probe techniques. lood flow is no longer measured at a single site but between an area and the LDI due to being non-contact cannot interfere with the final results. LDI is a 1mm laser beam that uses a mirror to scan in two dimensions. A small amount of light penetrates the skin; the depth depends on wavelength and absorption, of area scanned and interacts with cells and tissues. Speed and density of moving cells determine the signal sent to detector. Discovery Technology International defines the amount of tissue measured as:

we have estimated that for well-perfused tissue such as muscle, the mean sampling depth for our probes…


Arnett, D. (n.d.). Arterial Stiffness and Hypertension. Retrieved on April 12, 2010 from 

Bailey, B.; Jacobsen, D.; LeCheminant, J.; Kirk, E.; & Donnelly, J. (2003). The Effect of Analysis Method in Determining Change in Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Retrieved on April 12, 2010 from 

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Border Wall a Research Investigation
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Accordingly, the Lower Rio Grande Valley National ildlife Refuge, the former Sabal Palms Audubon Sanctuary, and the Nature Conservancy's Southmost Preserve would all be subjected to direct environmental auditing. Comparative figures measuring current findings against archived findings will provide a quantifiable understanding of the impact being levied by the wall in these specific areas. The sanctuaries have been selected for a number of reasons, specifically owing to the claim that these have been directly impacted by the construction of the Border all and based on the assumption that these sanctuaries will already possess a significant set of archived data on environmental features such air, soil and water quality, wildlife migration habits and the environmental safety of human habitation.

It is thus that the proposed study here seeks to support the claim that the border wall constructed in the LRGV is a both a poor response to the immigration crisis and…

Works Cited:

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Parent Literally Had Nothing to Do With
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parent literally had nothing to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for that parent.

The family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives no determination that states that the known relationship or lack thereof between the child and parent will determine the child's ability to use FMLA to care for the parent. Any employee can request FMLA regardless of if the child had nothing to do at all with the biological parent. The FMLA provides the employee with up to a maximum of twelve weeks of un-paid, job-protected leave for one of the following reasons:

Care of a spouse, daughter, son or parent with serious health conditions

Due to an employee's inability to work due to a serious health condition

Placement of a child for adoption or foster care

The birth and care of a newborn…


Kollman & Saucier P.A. (n.d.). Does the family and medical leave act apply?. Retrieved 04/29/11, from

Larson, A.E. (2011). The Intricacies of FMLA. Retrieved 04/28/11, from

OSHA (n.d.). OSHA Safety regulations & Labor Law Guide. Retrieved 04/29/2011, from

Humanity One Very Interesting Aspect
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Picard: Like this hearing.

Maddox: Yes

With this acknowledged, Maddox admits Data is intelligent, but lacks self-awareness and consciousness.

Picard: What about self-awareness? What does that mean? Why am I self-aware?

Maddox: Because you are conscious of your existence and actions. You are aware of your own self and your own ego.

Picard: Commander Data. What are you doing now?

Data: I am taking part in a legal hearing to determine my rights and status. Am I a person or am I property?

Picard: And what is at stake?

Data: My right to choose, perhaps my very life.

Really, then, we see that if Data has information about his own beliefs and can extrapolate those consequences, he must then be self-aware and therefore, closer to being human.

Picard: Now tell me Commander [Maddox], what is Data?

Maddox: I don't understand.

Picard: What is he?

Maddox: A machine.

Picard: Are you…


Star Trek: The Next Generation. "Measure of a Man."

Retrieved from: 

Capek, K.R.U.R. Retrieved from:

Retrieved from: Http://

RFID the Use and Potential
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etail Applications

The wide diversity and large benefit of FID technology implementation and application in the warehousing, distribution, and general wholesaling operations of the supply chain, as well as in other less related settings, makes it difficult to explain the relative dearth of the technology's usage in retail settings. There are many different ways in which these technologies can be used to assist customers, employees, and managers at point-of-sale retail locations, may of them direct extrapolations of current uses of the technology in supply chain management that takes place further up the chain. The cost of rolling out retail FID applications on a wide basis has been prohibitive for much of the past decade, with initial costs of FID tags running at more than a dollar in their first uses, but as the cost of the technology continues to decline -- tags are currently available for as low as fifteen…


Garby, S. (2012, February 15). RCD Technology Announces the Sentry ast Product Line of Application Specific RFID Tags. PR Web. Retrieved from .

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Dollar Store
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Dollar Store

Dollar General goes through a process of choosing a suitable location before deciding on where to open a store. The location has to have certain criteria or requirements in terms of demographics and the assistance of software to be used for this purpose. An example of the standards that a Dollar General store requires in terms of its location necessitates the requirement that there be at least eight thousand people who are having family incomes of thirty thousand or less and who reside within a distance of one mile radius in urban areas and in the case of rural areas they have to be within a distance of ten mile radius. Dollar General then decides on a suitable site in this area and might develop the area by self or would decide to lease suitable buildings within a prescribed price range. Once the necessary location and site have…


Dollar General: 8 Days to Grow. Retrieved from,1397,1620149,00.asp  Accessed on March 17, 2005.

Mechanisms of Heat Loss Heat
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84441849
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The above equation can also be utilized to calculate conduction loss from a human body to ambient air. For example, for a 1.5 tall man wearing dry, insulating clothing, the rate of conductive heat loss on a cold day (ambient temperature at 0oC, normal skin temperature at 37oC) can be calculated as 178W. For the same person wearing wet clothing, however, the equivalent rate is 2,565W. This significant difference in heat losses explains the onset of hypothermia when someone is exposed to ice-cold water or rain (Forinash, 2010). Conduction takes place on a microscopic level as particles of kinetic energy are transferred between two different systems (Abbott, et al., 2005). When atoms and/or molecules heat up, vibrate, or move rapidly, some of their energy gets transferred to other atoms and molecules that are in close proximity. In other words, heat is transferred to the surrounding particles and away from the…

Wal-Mart Maximize Its Logistics Efficiency Through Facility
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Wal-Mart maximize its logistics efficiency through facility location planning

Logistics today is much more than transfer or delivery of goods as the investigation of the systems of Wal-Mart would show. Logistics is intertwined with a lot of things like infrastructure, information and system planning based on the type of industry and the motives of the organization. In the case of Wal-Mart, the system has to be very cost effective and for this they take the supply side seriously. They have also put in one of the best information infrastructure and created the necessary physical infrastructure with independent management for the outlets. This with the company's planning for supplies even in extreme conditions including disasters has made its system robust.

Logistics and facility planning are intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. Facility planning is necessary for distribution and logistics is the method of taking the wares to the facility. The…


Achtmeyer, W.F. (2002) "Wal-Mart Stores Inc."

Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College.

Bergdahl, M. (2006) "Wal-Mart is a Company Obsessed with Lowering Costs . . . Is

Yours?" Retrieved 17 September, 2012 from

Large Scale Features of This
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The materials that are collected in them are solids from the various gases (which cooled inside these clouds). The gravity from the sun pulled them closer towards each other. This contributed to the formation of the planets and asteroids. ("Summary," 2007) (Williams, 2010)

Once a star is finished developing, is when solar winds will blow rock and debris away from the sun. This forms the Kuiper Belt and Oort Clouds, which is where the smaller debris is collected near the orbit of the outer body planets. These are the remains of the rubble that was used to create the solar system billions of years ago.

However, there is an exception to this pattern. In research that was conducted on distant galaxies, scientists discovered that there are not large outer planets with asteroid belts (i.e. Jupiter). This led to theories that much warmer Jupiter like bodies could exist closer to these…


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Business Plan This Business Plan
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The Head Pharmacist has worked as a pharmacist in the area for a long time, including at the small pharmacy in the medical clinic near the hospital where many doctors have their offices. As such, he is well positioned to make contacts with those doctors in order to build the reputation of our pharmacy.

Financial Plan

The financial plan will begin with the income statement. There are two main revenue streams, being retail and pharmacy. A third revenue stream within Pharmacy will be the online ordering, whereby customers can order over the eb and have their drugs ready for pick-up, or for delivery via the courier of their choice. Such revenue will be attributed to Pharmacy, and retail products will not be included in these orders.

ith respect to costs, labor costs are expected to reflect the staffing levels. hile there will be as many as 20 staff members, there…

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Business Plan Product Description Market
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As part of the research triangle, Raleigh has a significant portion of its population that fits the target market. For the Farmery to succeed, it only needs to capture a small portion of the market share. This is especially true because the store has a small footprint, and has the flexibility to set up on vacant lots without the costs of either renting or developing fixed real estate. The Farmery therefore needs to focus on two or three key elements to ensure adequate market penetration.

The first of these is location. Let it not be understated that location, location, location is critical to the success of any retail business. Because food is not normally something that people are willing to travel more than a few miles for, it is important that the Farmery target a neighborhood where there is a high concentration of individuals that fit the target market. There…

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Solve the Equation the Solution Is N
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Solve the Equation

The solution is n=

The solution is z=

2005 There were 1090 million Internet users for the first time during the year .

Let the number of federal hazardous waste sites in California =C

And the number of federal hazardous waste sites in Washington =W

Then according to the given condition the number of federal hazardous waste sites in California in 2004 is C=2W-6


In Washington, there were 18 federal hazardous waste sites.

Previous number of voters=78.4 million

Present number of voters=129.7 million

The percent change in the number of voters is 39.5%.

t=6 hr

The region shown in figure is rectangle with length=10miles and width=5miles.

Area of the rectangle =length x width=10 x 5=50 square miles

The area is 50 square miles.

Question 8:


The sum of all the three angles of a triangle =180 degrees

Let x be the unknown angle, then according…

Temporary Flight Restrictions
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Condition of airline industry after Sept.

TFs and general aviation

TFs without information

TFs and business at busy airports

TFs Circles

TFs and young pilots

TFs: an ineffective measure

Temporary flight restrictions (TF) are considered unconstitutional by many quarters because they are seriously hurting economic conditions of the United States aviation. But speaking from legal point-of-view, we cannot declare any action taken for security reasons as unconstitutional. This is because the federal government has Congress's permission to take appropriate measures to ensure security of the country, its landmarks, general public and important public figures such as the President and Vice president. But when these actions cross the limits of justice and start interfering with smooth operations of any industry, a petition can be filed against them in U.S. courts to determine the legality of those actions. No such action has so far been…


Al Carrozza, Since Sept. 11, Not a Banner Year / Advertisers grounded by FAA regulations., Newsday, 10-25-2001, pp. A69

Kathy McCabe, Airspace limits hurt flight schools, Globe Correspondent, 10/21/2001

EDITORIAL / Use Common Sense in Restricting Republic Airport., Newsday, 10-02-2001, pp. A38

BOB EDWARDS, Analysis: Impact of new government flight restrictions on general aviation., Morning Edition (NPR), 10-11-2001

Sine Cosine and Tangent
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Sine, Cosine, And Tangent

When using trigonometric functions, the three sides of a right triangle (opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse) are identified in relation to a chosen angle. The trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent) are then defined in relation to the three sides of the right triangle.

The word "sine" comes from the Latin word "sinus," which means a bend or gulf, or the bosom of a garment. (Gelfand) The term was used as a translation for the Arabic word "jayb," the word for a sine that also meant the bosom of a garment, and which in turn comes from the Sanskrit word "jiva," which translates to bowstring.

Originally the word "sine" was applied to the line segment CD on a figure, which meant it was half the chord of twice the angle AO. A sine resembles a bowstring in this regard. The ratio of the sine CD to the…


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History of Trigonometry:

Geology Fundamental Nature of the Planet
Words: 798 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3788143
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discovered solar system and how it works. Using this solar system as an example the writer develops a basis for a believable solar system in another area and describes its functions and actions.

The discovery of the new solar system is very exciting and the world is eager to explore its fundamentals and its possible future use. The world is going to organize a team of scientists that will explore the new solar system using carefully modulated steps with which to discover its workings and elements.

Phase one is going to be an attempt to discover its atmospheric elements. Much like this solar system has atmospheres that contribute to the ability for life to exist on earth, and possibly other planets it is suspected there are similar atmospheres in the newly discovered solar system. We are going to determine what the planets' atmospheres are comprised of and whether or not…

Reference Date: 12:00 UT 1 Jan 2000 (JD 2451545.0)

Julian centuries from reference date

Jovian Magnetosphere

Goddard Space Flight Center O4 Model

Dipole field strength: 4.28 gauss-Rj3

Battle of Santa Monica Bay
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battle for Santa Monica Bay

In the history of our nation, few battles have take place on our soil. The oceans which boarder our country also protect it from outsider who would attempt to over through our nation. However, battles are not always military. Currently, numerous cultural battles are taking place in the public arena. Battles over right and wrong, or over what society will allow, and what society considers as disruptive or harmful to our continuance are often more contentious than a military conflict fought on a foreign soil. The case of the Battle for Santa Monica Bay falls into this latter category. The willingness of the state of California to become a center of gambling, with the social maladies which tend to follow the gambling industry was the source of what is referred to as the Battle for Santa Monica Bay.

During the Gold ush, and for the…


Lavender, David. 1987. California: Land of New Beginnings University of Nebraska Press.

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DHS and Homeland Security
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limitations and capabilities of intelligence for corroborating homeland security efforts?

Sharing of intelligence and extensive threat analysis

There are quite many intelligent agencies working round the clock analyzing the data yet no single agency is working on analyzing the incoming data regarding terrorism in United States of America. No agency is presently working to gather intelligence and look for trends (DHS, 2002). Under the United States' president, a new department was formed which analyzed the data taken from government reserves such as DOE, DEA, INS, FBI, NSA, CIA and DOT along with public records. The department has the task of looking for trends keeping the big picture in mind. It is ready all-the-time to counter any probable terrorist activity underway (DHS, 2002).

An Example: Distribution of important pharmaceuticals

Potassium Iodide (KI) is quite a drug assisting in countering thyroid cancer when exposed to radiation. The drug needs to be taken…


Department of Homeland Security (2002). The Department of Homeland Security as approved by the President of the United States. Defense Homeland Security.

Kate Martin. (2004). Domestic Intelligence and Civil Liberties. SAIS Review 24, no. 1 (Winter-Spring 2004): 8.

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Nuclear Ores and Its Life Cycle
Words: 3810 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88244684
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle is a set of different processes that utilize nuclear materials and then returns them to their initial state, in a cyclical manner. It begins with the mining of naturally occurring nuclear materials from the environment, and ends with safe and proper disposal of nuclear waste products back to the environment. Production of energy from Uranium requires several unique processes. One of the terms used in this production of nuclear energy is front end, referring to the entire set of processes involved in making nuclear energy from the uranium ore in the nuclear fuel cycle. The processes involved are: [1] mining, [2] crushing, [3] processing, [4] enrichment, and [5] the fabrication of fuel. After being used to produce energy, the nuclear material is now known as spent fuel. The spent fuel has to be converted in a reprocessing or storage facility if the company wants to recycle it.…


Carlsen, B.W., Phathanapirom, U., Schneider, E., Collins, J.S., Eggert, R.G., Jordan, B., ... & Yacout, L. (2013). Environmental Impacts, Health and Safety Impacts, and Financial Costs of the Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (No. INL/EXT-14-32302). Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

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A Company S Non Profit Plan the Right Way to Write it
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Non-Profit Business Plan for Care on the Horizon

Imagine a community of elderly people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Now imagine that each and every one of them must provide for themselves and their health care by leaving their homes and making a difficult trek to the local health care facility, where they will have to wait in line, sometimes for hours, before they can be quickly seen and just as quickly dispatched back home. What an exhausting way to live -- especially in one's old age, when retirement is supposed to be a more pleasant and less fatiguing way of life.

Such communities exist all over the nation but especially in NY. In many cases, there is no one who can properly look after such people, at least not in the traditional sense, where home care is a natural and effective remedy to such situations. Fortunately, our organization has…


Kemper, P. (1992). The use of formal and informal home care by the disabled elderly.

Health Services Research, 27(4): 421-451.

Kornowski, R. et al. (1995). Intensive home-care surveillance prevents hospitalization and improves morbidity rates among elderly patients with severe congestive heart failure. American Heart Journal, 129(4): 762-766.

Smeenk, F. et al. (1998). Effectiveness of home care programmes for patients with incurable cancer on their quality of life and time spent in hospital: systematic review. BMJ, 316: 1939.

Business Land Scarcity in Hong Kong
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Scarce Land in Hong Kong

Land, capital, labour and entrepreneurship constitute the four factors of production. These are referred to as factors of production because people need them in their economic production ventures. Hong Kong, like many fast growing cities with vast population, is running short of land. In fact, it is already, a scarce resource. Problems such as insufficient housing are all due partly to the scarcity of land. Land is also required for public infrastructure and commercial structures. When land is scarce as it is in Hong Kong, it is the people who bear the brunt of high prices for housing. This is an indirect tax on land. Businesses face high costs of operation. It also becomes hard to put up critical infrastructure (So, 2014).

The land matter has been sensitive since the colonial days. Laurence Wong, the president and founder of Many Wells Property Agent Ltd. says…

Lithium Transition Metal Oxides as
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The energy it stores (?180 Wh kg?1) at an average voltage of 3.8 V is only a factor of 5 higher than that stored by the much older lead -- acid batteries. This may seem poor in the light of Moore's law in electronics (according to which memory capacity doubles every 18 months), but it still took a revolution in materials science to achieve it. Billions of lithium-ion cells are produced for portable electronics, but this is not sustainable as cobalt must be obtained from natural resources (it makes up 20 parts per million of Earth's crust). (Armand & Tarascon, 2008, p. 653).

Fu investigated the lithium-ion conductivities of glasses and glass-ceramics in the LI2O-AlO3-TiO2P2O5 system. Fu's samples revealed high conductivity, albeit when Abrahams and Hadzifejzovic similarly investigated the LI2O-AlO3-TiO2P2O5 glass and glass-ceramic systems, their findings revealed "a maximum room temperature conductivity of 3.98 x 10-6 S/cm in their crystallized…


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Milau Viaduct Stepping Out on
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To put this in better perspective, the average driveway requires between six and seven meters of concrete, meaning there is well over twelve-thousand driveways' worth of concrete stretching out for two-and-a-half kilometers over the valley of the iver Tarn, at times higher than the Eiffel Tower and most of the buildings in New York City (BridgePros 2010). All of this material went to good use, creating not only the tallest vehicle bridge in the world, but also one of the safest and most assuredly long-lasting (BridgePros 2010).

Yet despite the football-stadium's worth of concrete and steel somehow suspended in the skyline of southern France, there is a tremendous and awe-inspiring beauty to the Milau viaduct bridge that defies the massive scale of the project. From this plan's initial design phases, the bridge was meant to be an epic and lasting work of art, and it was incredibly successful in attaining…


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History of Quarantine in the
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She is said to have refused to stop being a cook and this led to infection of people in a New York maternity hospital consequently she was re-arrested by the health officers and taken back to quarantine in 1915 till her death in 1938. This sparked a lot of human rights issues concerning quarantine as never before.

The typhoid pandemic in New York went hand in hand with the poliomyelitis pandemic that began in 1916. The health officers began to separate parents from their children in chagrin of many. This saw the wealthier families provide isolation rooms and treatment for their children right at home. However, in November of the same year when the pandemic subsided, it was after well above 2,300 lives claimed by the pandemic, a vast majority being the young.

It was not long until the world war brought with it another challenge of prostitution and consequent…


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Business Organisation Marketing Plan Production
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The age range will be between 25 and 64, and there are a lot of doctors and other professionals such as professors and lawyers in my area making this a good choice. Approximately, then between 3% and 5% of these individuals will take their dog to daycare if it is available. By adding boarding and grooming services, I can increase the number of clients available to me by 300%-600% as well as increasing my income by 200%-#400%.

Market Opportunities

There are no other dog day-care centres in the vicinity or even within neighboring localities to compete with the business

There seems to be a potential supply of clients


Training dogs: Dogyoga (innovation); cutting-hair facilities; gymnastics

Alternate products: day-care and nourishment.

Value-added products: Vet. pecial trainer. pecialist with dogs.


#40 per hour (simple day-care)

#100 per lesson -- dogyoga

#100 per lesson -- etiquette training

#100 per lesson --…


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Roles of a Clinical Dietician
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In an acute care setting, such Veterans Affairs, this objective is executed by educating patients about how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle after the leave the facility, while in a long-term care setting-such as Cobble Hill-this objective is executed on a daily basis by providing nutritious meals for elderly residents. And finally, in an ambulatory, out-patient care setting-such as Atlantic -- the clinical nutritionist works to support patients in maintaining a diet that addresses their personal healthcare needs, while still living independently within a larger community. Perhaps the most significant similarity between facilities is the notion of nutrition as merely one component of a comprehensive care program; hence the necessity of a clinical nutritional to work in conjunction with a full medical, administrative, and social support staff. The apparent goal of such an approach is to promote multiple aspects of health and well-being among patients, regardless setting or…


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Wal-Mart Is One of the
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The quest for cheaper prices is pushing manufacturing jobs offshore and affecting the jobs of Americans. This is the trade off involved in globalization.


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