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¶ … knowledge steps required recruit staff important segment workplace demonstrate strategic skills CEO. You share essential strategic administrative steps important function Human Resources include metrics evaluate recruitment selection approach implemented.

Director of the HSS Human Resource Department,

Proposition of new recruitment and selection processes for senior staffs at HSS

HSS is one of the largest companies within its sector of operations, and the quality of its services, as well as its competitive position are highly influenced by the quality of its staff members. With this realization in mind, the scope of the Human Resource Department is that of improving the processes of recruitment and selection for the senior staffs of the company. Throughout the following pages, three methods of recruitment, selection and metrics will be presented, followed by an analysis and a final recommendation of a method to be used.

Recruitment approaches

The three proposed alternative methods to recruiting the higher level staffs within HSS are as follows:

Method 1: Recruiting through the already existent staff members, in the means in which these are asked to make recommendation of people they know who would be suitable for the available position. The primary advantage of this recruitment method is that the people who make the recommendation are interested to promote their good image at work and they feel directly responsible for the person they recommend, meaning as such that only the best candidates are brought to the firm.

Method 2: Recruiting from the pool of already existent staff members. This virtually means that the position of senior staff would be occupied by an employee within the firm, who is familiar with the operations, the company culture and who is motivated...


Selection approaches

Once HSS selects the best candidates to fill in the senior staff positions, it is important to apply the adequate selection methods in order to retain the candidates and be able to employ the individual with the highest capability to serve the needs of the company. With this statement in mind, we propose that the employer first identify its specific needs and then employ the selection methods by which to ensure that the candidate selected possess the ability to serve those needs.

First of all then, it is important for the HSS senior staffs to be able to motivate their subalterns, to inspire them by being examples of hard and honest work, and to be able to create and promote a vision within the company. With this idea in mind, it is recommended for HSS to conduct it hiring interviews with a less emphasis on the practical and technical skills of the candidate -- which can be learnt and developed in time -- but to focus more on their personal skills and experiences, their ability to inspire others, their levels of commitment and responsibility and their attitude towards the working process, the company and the other staff members.

Then, it I important for the company to also test the skills and capabilities of the candidates, and it is recommended for this to be completed through tests; such a method would help the company to attest to the qualifications and practical capabilities of the candidate. Last, the third selection method proposed is that of conducting a thorough background check on them. This ensures the company that the candidate is responsible, trustworthy and has the ability to deliver for HSS.

4. Comparison and analysis

There are…

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