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Revenue Essays (Examples)

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State Sales Tax and State Spending
Words: 802 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97826896
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1 Look at the state general sales tax proportion. How important is the general sales tax to your state… more or less important as compared to the average of all states? More or less important as compared to the 6 states we’ve looked at? 
General sales tax makes up 9.8% of Maryland’s income, which ranks it 3rd among the six states looked at but nearly 2 percentage points below the U.S. national average. At roughly 10 percent of the state’s revenue, the general sales tax is an important revenue source for the state.
Among the six states examined, New Jersey takes in the most from general sales tax, with 13.5% of its revenues coming from this stream.
Pennsylvania is second with 10.6%. And Maryland just behind it.
West Virginia is fourth with 7.9% and Virginia is fifth with 6.6%
Delaware has no sales tax so it brings in now…

Target's 10k
Words: 799 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 73451716
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evenue & Net Income

From the consolidated statement of operations, the revenue for Target in FY 2015 was $72.618 billion. The cost of goods sold was $51.278 billion, and the gross profit was $21.34 billion.

The corporate tax rate was as follows:

Target's net interest expense was $882 million.

Comprehensive Income

The top line on the statement of comprehensive income is the net (loss) income. This is a loss of $1.636 billion.

Under "Other comprehensive income (loss)" there is a loss of $139 million. This is net of pension and other benefit liabilities, net of (benefit) provision for taxes.

The bottom line of the statement of comprehensive income is a loss of $1.344 billion. This is the Comprehensive (loss) income.


The gross profit margin is 21.34 / 72.618 = 29.3%

The net profit margin is a loss. (1.636) / 72.618 = -2.25%

The times interest earned is 3653/1204 =…


Investopedia (2015). Free cash flow. Investopedia. Retrieved June 24, 2015 from

Accounting Questions While the Rest Centers on
Words: 1266 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70636679
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accounting questions while the rest centers on the characteristics of two certain companies, those being Apple and Philips.

Accounting Questions & Answers

The first accounting question is why revenue recognition is a significant issue. ecognizing when revenue comes in, what specific revenue stems from and the exact amount of all of the above is a very vital part of the accounting process because it has a direct correlation and effect on the profit/loss of a company, the income statement, the cash flow statement and, to a lesser extent, the balance sheet. evenues are used to defray the costs of the goods/services that were disseminated and they need to be properly measured and accounted for, and in the time period to which they apply, so as to ensure that all of the affected and relevant financial statements reflect what is truly going on and when precisely it happens (McQuaig & Bille,…


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Business Profitability and Expenses
Words: 1200 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42404590
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revenue and decreasing costs and expenses for a business are two totally separate but interactive components. All entities that are in business; both for profit and non-profit, should be concerned with increasing the revenues as well as decreasing the expenses; it makes smart business sense and those entities that do not do so often find themselves becoming irrelevant or even worse, no longer viable. As an example, even the public hospitals in China show concern as evidenced in a recent paper. The research found that "ith market-oriented economic and health-care reform, public hospitals in China have received unprecedented pressures from governmental regulations, public opinions, and financial demands. To adapt the changing environment and keep pace of modernizing healthcare delivery system, public hospitals in China are expanding clinical services and improving delivery efficiency, while controlling costs" (Zhao, Yu, Liu, Ma, ang, Kong, Li, Ma, Cui, Xu, Yu, Bao, Guo, ang, Zhang,…

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Improving Transactional Processing in Accounting Information System AIS
Words: 1909 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36569787
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Accounting Information System

Improving Transactional Processing in Accounting Information System (AIS)

Propose two (2) innovative technology changes that would be appropriate for a firm's:

evenue (sales to cash collection) cycle

evenue cycle represents the description of the financial progression of a business entity in relation to the accounts receivable from the point of acquisition of products to the stage when the company or business organization receives full payment for the products (omney, 2012). One of the innovative technological changes that can transform the revenue cycle is leverage technology. This technology would allow the company or business entity to adopt appropriate way of providing crucial information to essential parties in relation to consumers or market audience. Application or adoption of this technology would allow the company to maximize consumer relationships and production or profit levels. The other innovative technological change is automation of the management systems of the firm or organization.…


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Lee College
Words: 1346 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99627922
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Lee College Financial Activities

Lee College is an academic non-profit organization that awards both undergraduate and graduate degree program to students across the world. Located in the United States, the financial statements of the Lee College conform to the Government Accounting Standard Board (GASB). (Lovvorn & Kieschnick, 2011). Overview of the Lee College financial activity reveals that total unrestricted revenues at the end of the 2012 fiscal year is totaled $16,230,000 while total unrestricted expenses are $17,050,000. However, $3,290,000 is total amount record for the increase in permanent restricted revenues and $650,000 is increase in temporary restricted. Temporary restricted consists of contributions totaled $1,500,000, gain on long-term investment and net assets released from restrictions. Permanent restricted revenues consist of income of endowment totaled $2,540,000 and gains on long-term investment totaled $750,000. Overall amount of permanent restricted revenues are $3,290,000.

Unrestricted revenues reveal the total revenues and total expenses, and unrestricted…


Lovvorn & Kieschnick .(2011). "Lee College District Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended August 31, 2011. Lovvorn & Kieschnick."

Kimpton Hotel
Words: 1921 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 65459447
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Kimpton Hotel


The Kimpton Hotel will have higher costs in contrast with other locations. This is because Hong Kong is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. As it is sitting, at a cross roads between mainland China and the West based upon the cultural traditions and history it embraces. At the same time, the location of One Exchange Square; is considered to be prime real estate. This is due to the fact that it sits on the water front of the Victoria Harbor. (McMillan, 2012)

Estimate cost of leasing for One Exchange Square Hong Kong (total of 8th floor) yearly

Its total square footage is 2 million ft. The structure consists of 88 floors. The hotel will be located on the 8th floor. Currently, UBS is the primary renter for the facility with them paying a total of $42 million per year to lease…


Five Star Hotels. (2013). Hotel Club. Retrieved from: [0].adlts=2&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[0]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[1]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[2]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[3]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[4]=&hotel.rooms[0].chlds=0&hotel.type=keyword&hotel.rating=5&hotel.chkin=14/05/13&hotel.chkout=15/05/13&search=Search&

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Transhare Trans-Share Case Study An Analysis of
Words: 1492 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34472757
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Trans-Share Case Study: An Analysis of Accounting Practices Before the Company Goes Public

It is an exciting day for Trans-Share. The opportunity to finally go public has come, but with it are a number of very important decisions the organization must make about its operational procedures. It is important for companies to work out the kinks of its financial reporting before the organization goes public, which makes the accounting situation much more complicated. As such, it is recommended that Trans-Share review its current financial reporting methods in order to determine if they are the most efficient.

After reviewing the case study, it can be assumed that it is best that the fractional interest program be accounted for immediately as a sale, and not a lease. The processes for accounting leases simply do not fit the needs of the organization best. Some adjustments are needed, but an entire overhaul of…


Financial Accounting Standards Board. (2008). Statement of Financial; Accounting Concepts No. 5. Web. 

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Healthcare Financial Management to Quote Jonathan Clark
Words: 1064 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 20934207
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Healthcare Financial Management

To quote Jonathan Clark at the beginning of his article, "Improving the revenue cycle can be a daunting task due to the scope and complexity of the interdepartmental process." Of the suggestions offered by the authors, which concept(s) give you the greatest insight into creating an improved evenue Cycle process in the organization where you work (or one in which you are familiar)? Be sure to identify which article or author you are referencing.

In his comprehensive advisory article to improve the medical industry's revenue capturing capabilities, entitled Strengthening the evenue Cycle: A 4-Step Method for Optimizing Payment, Jonathan Clark provides a series of sensible solutions to the ongoing dilemma of payment optimization. David Hammer also provides guidance to healthcare finance professional in his article The Next Generation of evenue Cycle Management, by reminding them that the key performance indicators (KPIs) which dictated policy in previous years…


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Accounting and Finance Comparison of Selected Financial
Words: 1024 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 80991135
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Accounting and Finance

Comparison of Selected Financial Performance Data for WalMart and Target

WalMart and Target compete in very similar markets, competing in the supermarket segment of the retail industry, with some diversified interests. To assess the performance of these two firms, their results for the financial years ending January 2012 and 2013 may be examined and compared. This paper will look at the performance in terms of revenues, cost of goods, accounts receivable and payable and inventory management.


The performance of a firm often starts with an assessment of the revenue that is generated and the way in which this changes over time. The revenues for both WalMart and Target are shown in table 1.

Table 1; evenue for WalMart and Target 2012-2013







evenues ($ millions)





Change in revenues from previous year

The levels of revenues demonstrate that…


Target, (2013), 10k, retrieved 

WalMart, (2013), 10k, retrieved

Federal Government Tax the Main Source of
Words: 2091 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10260188
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Federal Government Tax

The main source of government income is taxes. The government taxes various organizations in the economy differently to ensure that adequate revenue is collected. Corporate use loopholes in the tax system to reduce the tax paid to the federal government. The government should eliminate these loopholes to improve tax collection. Some taxes such as gift and estate tax as they are counter productive. Changes made to the federal tax collection systems will increase the tax collected by increasing compliance.

esearch the most common tax loopholes used by corporations and partnership to avoid paying federal income tax. Discuss two (2) loopholes identified and what strategies you would recommend to the federal government for closing these loopholes.

The federal government gets most of its revenue from collection of tax used to fund most of the expenditure. The government should ensure that the tax collection avenues are free from loopholes…


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Nerd Patrol Similar to Geek Squad
Words: 2626 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 49881543
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business plan for a software company, Nerd Patrol. It contains an analysis of the company's ownership, business operations, and organizational structure, projects its revenues and costs of operations for the short run, and presents some important marketing strategies for the success of its business in the IT industry.

Introduction and Brief Description of the Venture

This paper presents a business plan for a new software company, Nerd Patrol that provides a number of software and hardware products, technical services, and web solutions to individual and business customers. The plan constitutes all the major operational, personnel, financial, and marketing strategies which Nerd Patrol will pursue during its initial phase of business set up. The opening section introduces the business in brief and proceeds by explaining the organizational and key business players. The "Financial Analysis" section presents projected revenues and costs of operations for the company by highlighting the major investments and…


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Business Plan for a Start Up Company That Sells Computer Services or Software
Words: 324 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 19353714
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Breakeven Point

Revenue (income ) and costs for twelve months January

Revenue from sales (sales forecast) 843567


Machines 340000

Labor (wage) 120000

Transport 2300

Sales People Compensation (wage rate) 1270

Advertising (media) 890

Repairs and maintenance 4509

General and administrative 5600

Accounting and legal 5400

The fixed costs

Fixed item Amount or quantity computers 34800

rent 48900

Cars 49800

Housing 4390

total 137890

Variable item Value of the item

Electricity 340

Labor 4530

Transport 560

Advertising 450

Repair's and maintenance 340

Total variable cost per

Financial Position

Current assets cash 15437890

Accounts receivable 768500

Inventories 7680

Prepaid expenses 690490

Total 3004560

Property and equipment computers 34800

rent 48900

Cars 49800

Housing 4390

Furniture and fixtures 3409

Accumulated depreciation 8900

Other assets 8990

Investment in the revenue bond 9080

Patents, trademarks 8906

And good will 3470

Total 177585

Financial statement

Financial Statements and Projections for the first year of business…

Purchasing a CT Scanner Benefits and Costs
Words: 2476 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38849006
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Purchasing a CT Scanner

Benefits and Costs of Purchasing A CT Scanner: A Comprehensive Evaluation

"Each year, buyers of CT scanners faced much-improved choice sets; the question is how valuable those improvements were," and thus this is a review to explore whether or not the acquisition of CT scanners are actually worth a hospital committing to such an expensive effort (Ellickson et al. 2001 p 544). Overall, the health benefits of CT scans are often extremely positive to patient care. Still, the machines and organizational costs tied to their maintenance are often costly to both the organization and the patients. Yet, the purchase of such technology does provide greater quality and efficiency within patient care strategies, from a health and organizational perspective. In such, it is clear that the positives of purchasing such technology would then outweigh any potential negatives.

CT scanners are an impressive testament to the evolution of…


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New Developments Importance of New Developments Importance
Words: 3033 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26953047
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New Developments

Importance of New Developments


The major housing boom contributed to the economic growth in U.S. In between 2003 till 2008. The U.S. government received revenues from the development impact fees. esearches have shown that new developments greatly support the local economies in U.S.. Also the government plays an important role in providing the required resources and solutions to these new developments. The objective of writing this essay is to compare and contrast the cases of new developments that affect the environment and the development impact fees on the market. Also the environmental impacts will be evaluated in detail.


The economic growth of U.S. greatly increased due to contribution from major housing boom that occurred in between 2003 to 2008. The government charges a development impact fee in order to generate…


Carrion, C., & Libby, L.W. (2008). Development Impact Fees: A Primer. Ohio State University. Retrieved August 10, 2012, from .

Figure from Clarke, W., & Evans, J. (1999). Development Impact Fees and the Acquisition of Infrastructure. Journal of Urban Affairs, 21, 281-288.

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Commercial Air Carrier America Airlines
Words: 1508 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31210065
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" (1999) eported as being potential dimensions for disaggregation are those of "market, season, month, week, section of week, segment, and itinerary." (McGill and yzin, 1999)

American Airlines experienced dramatic growth when other airlines were going bankrupt through increasing its capacity. American Airlines is reported as a prime example of an airline that grew successfully during the years that TWA and other failed. United Airlines held a strong financial position as well that assisted the airlines in weathering the reduction of flights and a steep decline in travel while other airlines failed miserably winding up in bankruptcy. American Airlines managed to bring about a reduction in costs while other airlines including TWA simply could not find a way to reduce costs, which was further stressed by the airlines lack of a solid financial base. In the airlines industry, just as in other industries the ability to profit on a higher…


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