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Can I get some essay titles for my advertising homework with some examples?


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Advertising is such an interesting topic.  It can be overt, such as in television commercials, print ads, or ads in social media.  It can also be more subtle, such as product placement.  Advertising can seem relatively straightforward, or it can involve complex psychological manipulations.  Advertising is a billion-dollar business, because ads can help generate billions in revenue for their companies.  There are so many different things that you can investigate for a paper on advertising, from the use of celebrity endorsements to fear based advertising.  In fact, much modern entertainment is actually an extended advertisement for targeted goods and services, blurring the line between entertainment and advertising. 

Here are some titles and topic suggestions for a paper on advertising:

  1. Rock n’ Roller Cola Wars: How Pepsi and Coke Used Celebrity Endorsements to Boost Brand Recognition
  2. Baby Buyers: The Ethics of Advertising to Children
  3. Product Placement: The Evolution of Embedded Marketing from the 1927 Best Picture Oscar Winning Movie Wings and Its Infamous Hershey Bar to Modern Day
  4. Reese’s Pieces and ET: How the Movie Industry Moved Beyond Embedded Marketing to Make Products a Critical Role in the Plot of Influential Films
  5. Does Subliminal Sell?  The Role and Effectiveness of Subliminal Messaging in Modern Advertisements
  6. Hawking to the Horny: Why Sex is Used in Marketing Goods and Services that Are Not Related to Sex
  7. Frightened Enough to Buy: How Fear Based Marketing Uses a Potential Customer’s Fears and Insecurities Against Them
  8. From Clicks to Conversions: How to Create Effective, Targeted Digital Advertising for Social Media and SEO
  9. Do Billboards Work?  An Examination of the Efficacy of Billboards as An Advertising Tool Across Business Types
  10. Terrorized by Telemarketers: Is Telemarketing an Effective Form of Advertising Goods and Services?

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