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Rhetorical Strategies Essays (Examples)

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Rhetorical Strategy Rhetoric Identities Burned A Rhetorical
Words: 1648 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35094502
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hetorical Strategy hetoric Identities

Burned: A rhetorical analysis of a modern adolescent novel in verse

The book Burned by Ellen Hopkins examines how being raised in a fundamentalist religious faith can make it difficult for an adolescent to establish an independent identity. All adolescents must go through a struggle in our society to establish a positive sense of self, but the protagonist's circumstances make it particularly difficult. In Burned, Pattyn Scarlet Von Stratten, the eldest daughter in a large Mormon family, is sent away to live with her aunt, after her family can no longer control her. Pattyn finds happiness and freedom in the arms of a non-Mormon boy named Ethan. However, that happiness is shattered when she returns home and eventually Ethan dies in a car crash.

This narrative might seem impossibly melodramatic and unrealistic on paper. However, the way that Hopkins conveys it is through a unique style:…


Hopkins, Ellen. Burned. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007.

Rhetorical Analysis of Alicia Garzas Herstory
Words: 1066 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68786033
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In “A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement,” co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter Alicia Garza writes about the history of the organization/social movement, the movement’s objectives and core philosophies, and also where the movement fits into the history of social protest in America. Garza covers a lot of ground in a relatively short space, tackling issues as diverse as queer politics, the misappropriation and hijacking of the contributions made by women of color, and the importance of Black liberation for improving the quality of life for all Americans. Garza’s audience is non-Black, and likely predominantly white as Garza clearly differentiates between the “we” of Black women and the “you” of a presumably white audience. Although the article would be more effective if detailed data or statistics were used, Garza effectively clarifies the #BlackLivesMatter philosophy and responds to critics of the movement using rhetorical strategies like pathos, ethos, and logos.
Garza writes “A Herstory”…

Rhetorical Cyberschool by Clifford Stoll
Words: 947 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96343917
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He explains how the lessons can be morphed into a fun, interactive experience for the student. This plays on recent theories of improving learning through morphing it into a form of education, as seen in video games created for learning purposes. He exemplifies this idea, until it cheapens the experience of learning. Stoll also explains how classroom interruptions cause by unwanted student interactions through the implementation of a prison-like atmosphere separating students from each other, "With n outside interruptions, lids' attention will be directed into the approved creative learning experiences, built into the software. Well compartmentalized, students will hardly ever see other...nearly ending classroom discipline problems." He also satirizes concerns about standardized testing. Many advocates of reform have expressed that standardized testing is the wrong way to rate a student's performance, stating that it does not truly cover curriculum. Stoll satirizes this by explaining that the curriculum of the cyberized…


Stoll, Clifford. "Cyberschool." Please enter publication info for the book which this was taken from here.

Mencken and Anna Quindley Use Rhetorical Devices
Words: 1363 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36265499
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Mencken and Anna Quindley use rhetorical devices to convince readers to take a side on the controversial issue of capital punishment. These two essays demonstrate how authors use ambiguity, various types of evidence, and in many cases make errors of generalization or classification commonly known as "informal fallacies." In Mencken's case, since he deconstructs arguments against his own proposals, critical reading becomes an analysis of an analysis, which this particularly sophisticated author would have appreciated given a sardonic tone that leaves the reader guessing whether he is really for or against. Quindley too uses techniques of reversal and qualification to build ethos with her reader, and though both essayists seemingly take positions opposing the choice they advocate, the result are nuanced, subtle arguments that force the reader to look deeper than the surface.

Both authors take a line that capital punishment provides transformative release -- katharsis, as Mencken sardonically attributes…

Works Cited

Mencken, H.L. "The Penalty of Death." The River Reader. 10th ed. Ed. Joseph F. Trimmer.

Belmont, California: Wadsworth (Cengage), 2010. 473-478.

Quindlen, Anna. "Execution." The River Reader. 10th ed. Ed. Joseph F. Trimmer. Belmont,

California: Wadsworth (Cengage), 2010. 479-483.

Consumer Internet Commerce a Rhetorical Approach
Words: 4073 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41216100
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complexities of doing business in our virtual age, looking in particular at e-commerce but also asking how the presence of e-commerce on the market has affected traditional businesses as well. Once upon a time - that golden age - things were simple. You decided you wanted to grow up to be a bookstore owner. Or a hardware store manager. Or a florist. So you leased a store, bought some books, and lovingly hand-sold them to each customer who flocked to your door and then went home at night to count your money.

Of course, owning a bookstore or a hardware store or a flower shop was actually never that simple. But the picture now is even more complicated as virtual stores have entered the picture. Part of what makes engaging in e-commerce so difficult is that there are no paths that others have trod before one. And the costs of…


VI.Appendix (ces)(please write around 2-3 pages)

Survey Questionnaire


1.To successful launch an e-commerce Web site, the question is not just about if we build it, will they come?" But also if we build it, will they come to purchase and repeat purchase?" A scenario closer to the truth is that many online companies experience disappointment in converting consumers' clicks into purchases. It means attracting a large number of shoppers to the site is not the only ultimate measure of success. The true measure of success should be included retaining customers and converting them into repeat buyers. Positive shopping experiences on the site can help online buyers make an effective decision. It means positive feeling is the optimal experience that consumers will desire to repeat buying online. Therefore, marketers need to create effective Web sites for winning consumer satisfaction. Since Web sites are often the main contact with consumer in the Internet market, a company's Web site elements may include some persuasive components that has imp!

Leadership Failures and Motivation Strategies to Increase Productivity and Performance
Words: 1683 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84883584
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Letter of Transmittal

This report is concerned with the transition of leadership on a crucial project that requires a seamless transition due to the importance of the project to the company and the significance of the team already in place. Due to the fact that this team has worked as an insular, cohesive unit for approximately two years perfecting this project, it is necessary to have a transition that approximates the qualities of the present leader. Unfortunately, this transition has become necessary, but it should not be difficult to find the right person going forward. This is a detailed report that lists the leadership criteria needed and the determination of the search team. The recommendation is to search outside of the company for a leader that exhibits the needed qualities and can provide continued and steady leadership for this crucial project.

The Failure of Leadership During Times of Transition



Bracksick, L.W. (2012). Tough transitions: How the future of a business depends on the succession planning for founders. Smart Business Pittsburgh, 10, 7.

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Gilley, A., Dixon, P., & Gilley, J.W. (2008). Characteristics of leadership effectiveness: Implementing change and driving innovations in organizations. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 19(2), 153-169.

Advertising Rhetoric the Rhetoric of
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75927887
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The rhetorical appeal to the reader's feelings is most obvious in the photograph, where feelings of freshness and health and yet of indulgence and luxury commingle, but can also be seen in the flirtations enticement to spend more time with the product as mentioned above. The attempt to appeal to the reader's intellect is minimal in this ad, though the prominently featured word "vitamin" in the product's title is certainly at least a partial intellectual appeal, telling the reader's that this product is healthy and beneficial as more than simply a beauty product. The content in the middle of the text passage also describes the product in a way that makes it sound like an extremely intellectually engineered makeup product. The reader's sense of self is appealed to by the suggestion that one's lips are not the best lips they can be -- the lips one was "meant" to have…

Homemade Education
Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79767462
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Malcolm X

"A Homemade Education" is a chapter in The Autobiography of Malcolm X The chapter details the formative experiences Malcolm X had while in prison, teaching himself how to read, write, and also be critically aware of what he was reading and writing. "A Homemade Education" is important to the development of Malcolm X's ideas and his character. Learning how to read and write in prison empowered the author, and enabled him to become the powerful public speaker and influential political activist that he became. The chapter also reveals some of the rhetorical devices and strategies Malcolm X uses throughout the autobiography.

The chapter begins with X stating plainly, "It was because of my letters that I happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education." Just as Elijah Muhammad was having a great impact on Malcolm X's thought processes and worldview, the desire to…


Malcolm X "A Homemade Education." In The Autobiography of Malcolm X Retrieved online:

Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf Found in the Seagull Reader
Words: 989 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57081931
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Virginia oolf

In "A Room of One's Own," Virginia oolf argues that writing is a means by which women can empower themselves, and in so doing, subvert patriarchy. oolf uses symbolism throughout the essay, namely in the central concept of a room. A room, or a physical space, provides the power of place from which to launch probing inquiry and social commentary. Rather than dwell inside the confines of a patriarchal, pre-defined social space, the woman creates a room of her own. This room is both a public and a private sphere; it is a room in the sense of having one's privacy. It is also a room to speak in a public forum, which oolf does when she delivers the essay. oolf speaks on behalf of all women, which is one of her rhetorical strategies. Specific literary techniques other than symbolism, such as irony, add depth to oolf's argument.…

Work Cited

Woolf, Virginia. "A Room of One's Own." Retrieved online:

Typography Graphic for Any Organization the Way
Words: 1557 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22903222
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Typography Graphic

For any organization, the way they communicate to the audience will determine their influence on a host of issues. In the case of Amnesty International, the human rights group is dealing with a conflict of interest by having a former Guantanamo detainee (Moazzam Begg) working with them. This is troubling, because the radical Islamist views that Begg will frequently discuss are in direct conflict with the ideals of the group (i.e. human rights and equality). ("Amnesty International") To fully understand how this is taking place requires looking at the organization's web site. This will be accomplished by studying: their audience, the purpose, the context and visual cues of the typography. Together, these different elements will support the thesis statement of how the viewer is impacted by what they see and read.

The Audience

The audience that the Amnesty International is trying to reach out to is individuals who…

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"Maldives must investigate sexual harassment of detained women protesters." Amnesty International, 2012. Web. 28 Mar. 2012

Mind's Eye Oliver Sacks Takes a Profound
Words: 1727 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29799624
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Mind's Eye

Oliver Sacks takes a profound look into the lives of individuals who have had their entire lives shift from one of normalcy, to one inflicted by the disability of blindness. However, despite how tragic their inability to see may be interpreted by those around them, for the most part, the individuals portrayed in the Mind's Eye have been able to surpass the obstacles presented to them. In this collection of essays, Sacks takes readers on a path of understanding both the limitations imposed upon those stricken with blindness, as well as the assumptions of those who surround them.

Sacks shares with his readers the immense learning that he was able to gain through the memoirs of the blind authors that he studied. In almost every opportunity granted to the individuals who are blind, they were able to take advantage not of what they were missing, but instead they…

Works Cited

Bear, Mark F., Barry W. Connors, and Michael a. Paradiso. Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2007. Print.

Sacks, Oliver W. The Mind's Eye. New York: Alfred a. Knopf, 2010. Web/eBook

Satisfy the Requirements of the
Words: 1667 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47181131
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With the news of an office supply chain merger of historical proportions making headlines every day, Staples' CEO on Sargent has been forced to publically clarify the company's resource management strategy (Detar, 2003). Combing through his public statements since news of the merger's pending approval was first publicized, it may be possible to refine and improve the firm's future adaptations to such shifting market conditions.

In order to anticipate the multitude to probable threats posed by a merger between its two main competitors, Sargent and the executive management of Staples must engage in a proactive process of risk management. The likelihood of a combined Office Depot/OfficeMax entity slashing prices to force Staples into counterproductive economic strategies should be considered of paramount importance. Adjusting to the market conditions of an oligopoly, as imposed by the planned merger, will require a comprehensive risk management appraisal that includes the formulation of multiple contingencies.…


Baye, M.R. (2010). Managerial economics and business strategy. 7th ed. New York:


Detar, J. (2013, March 06). Staples profit beats estimates, shares dip on outlook read more at investor's business daily: beat-profit-estimates-but-sees-weakness.htm

Hirschey, M. (2009). Managerial economics. 12th ed. Mason: South-Western College.

Money Hurts Economy Analyze Compare Effectiveness A
Words: 1178 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 82248137
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Money Hurts Economy Analyze compare effectiveness (A) thesis statements (B) evidence, (C) rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, pathos) dentify essay thought effective explain .

Rick Rilley's essay "Nothing but Nets," Stanley Fish's essay "But Didn't Do t" and David Wolman's essay "Time to Cash Out: Why Paper Money Hurts the Economy" all address contemporary issues and are all meant to emphasize how apparently simple ideas can bring reform to society. All of these essays are directed at raising public awareness concerning concepts that many people today currently believe to be insignificant when compared to the world's greater goal to experience progress through technology and finances.

Rilley's thesis deals with making it possible for the masses to understand how some small interventions can save lives and can help individuals combat maladies that claim thousands of lives every year. The writer concentrates on producing solid evidence with regard to how a sum as…

In spite of the fact that they are two very different digital tools for collaboration, I believe that Facebook ( ) and Wikipedia ( ) are largely responsible for helping the contemporary society experience progress. Even with the fact that they play an important role in today's society, both of these digital tools for collaboration are regarded as being little more than places where one can socialize and, respectively, where he or she can get information that is not 100% verifiable. Stigma follows the two in most communities and makes it difficult for the masses to actually be able to understand the beneficial aspects concerning both of them.

Facebook can be use as a tool for socializing and is known to have brought people closer together as a result of how it provides the ability to communicate and connect with people who share similar passions. This digital tool for collaboration needs to be understood properly in order for people to benefit from it, as otherwise it can actually harm individuals.

Wikipedia is known for how individuals can modify content without actually introducing truthful information. However, as long as one has a complex understanding of the digital tool and as long as he or she is able to differentiate between truthful information and information that cannot be verified, he or she is most likely to benefit from using it.

Cervantes Destructive Critic or Continuer of Old Traditions
Words: 968 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77608288
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Cervantes' Don Quijote is, above all, the story of a reader. The real question of the novel perhaps is why more readers do not behave like Quijote himself, and attempt to act out the things that they find so engaging in print. I would like to explore the way in which the main character's status as a reader in Cervantes' novel gives some clue to us as readers as to how we ought to behave. It seems evident that Cervantes' strategy in the novel is largely rhetorical and ironic: he uses the language of the books Quijote reads, while imparting an ironic distance to how this language fits into the actual world where Quijote finds himself. But the ultimate result for Cervantes' reader is to get a deeper form of literary enjoyment than Quijote is capable of: we are inside and outside the satisfactions of the storytelling at the…

Works Cited

Auerbach, Erich. Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013. Print.

Cervantes, Miguel de. Don Quixote. Trans. Edith Grossman. New York: Harper Collins, 2003. Print.

Rhetoric Postmodern Rhetoric Postmodern Rhetoric
Words: 1775 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52357320
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In the final analysis the film under discussion can be deconstructed and critiqued from a postmodern perspective. This refers to the underlying ideologies and metanarratives that inform the narrative and imagery of the film.

From a postmodern point-of-view truth is never static or fixed and is always relative to a certain context or stance. The film in question makes use of a number of rhetorical devices to put forward its central argument. These include aspects such as the metanarratives of science as well as environmental nostalgia. There are many other ways in which this film could be deconstructed to reveal fissures in the apparent logic and coherence of the documentary. hat is clear is that even a discursive postmodern reading of the film indicates that Gore unconsciously or consciously makes use of various cultural predilections and ideologies in estern culture to support his stance in this film.

orks Cited…

Works Cited

An Inconvenient Truth ( 2006). Direction: Davis Guggenheim. Paramount Classics.


ARGUMENT ( Book Review). 26 January, 2010.

Omnivore's Dilemma Michael Pollan's Award-Winning
Words: 1499 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73281505
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Moreover, vegetarianism is theoretically possible at McDonalds by eating the token salads on the menu. The token salads might still be in keeping with the tenets of agro-business but they do not contain meat products. Still, Pollan hints at how those salads support the same industries that sustain large-scale animal slaughtering.

In Chapter Seven, Pollan focuses on the ethics and the feasibility of the fast food business model as well as its effects on dietary health and well being. Without droning didactically, Pollan points out the problems with fast food: such as high levels of fat and sodium. The nutritional content of fast food is directly and causally related to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Pollan needs not delve into great detail about that which most Americans should already be aware. What Pollan does point out are the hidden ingredients in McDonald's menu items, especially in the chicken McNuggets. By…


Pollan, Michael. Omnivore's Dilemma. Penguin, 2006.

Print Culture and the 1863 Detroit Riot
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95245541
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Pint Cultue and the 1863 Detoit Riot

Poposal fo a Pape: Pint Cultue in Black and White: Rhetoical Stategies of Racial Identification in a Thilling Naative, fom the Lips of the Suffees of the Late Detoit Riot, Mach 6, 1863.

The ace iot that occued in Mach 1863 in Detoit would have lasting consequences fo the city -- among them, it occasioned the foundation of Detoit's fist pemanent police depatment. But the question of to what degee the iot began as a ace iot is still left open: thee is some eason to believe that, like the Civil Wa daft iots in New Yok City and elsewhee, it may have begun as a less acially-motivated episode of mob violence that settled upon Detoit's black community as its ultimate taget. Histoians of the episode all agee, howeve, that the climate which pemitted the iot had been established by Detoit's local newspapes,…

references to articles published, or not published, by one specific newspaper indicate that the author's political valence still depended upon identification with the recognizable political stance of an existing newspaper. To that degree, we can understand the Thrilling Narrative as a text that depends upon the print culture of the time, while employing strategies to rise above the limitations imposed by that culture.

Sensibility and Paul De Man Conclusions Despite
Words: 1993 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70054660
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Despite the fact that De man was not a trained philosopher his post war theoretical work is majorly concerned with the nature of the subject and the language in addition to the role played by language and subject in the larger epistemological question of how and what one can claim to know. As a scholar in the field of literature, however, he often took his departure from, and kept returning to, the problems that mostly affect literature in terms of language and criticism. De man did some work in literary theory and criticism dating back to 1950s, although this work cannot be associated with any previous school of criticism that were flourishing during that era. (De man 567)

esearch questions

What major theme does Austen bring about in her book 'sense and sensibility'

What styles does she use to build on the major theme?…


Moore, Lisa L. Dangerous Intimacies: History of the British Novel. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2000.

O'Farrell, Mary Ann. The Nineteenth-Century English

Novel and the Blush. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1995.

Stoval, Bruce. The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen. 4th Ed.

Capturing the Anguish and Agony Which Consumes
Words: 1403 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1347581
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Capturing the anguish and agony which consumes those caring for loved ones at the end of life is an exceedingly difficult task, but essayists Katy Butler and Rachel Riederer have harnessed their unique literary abilities in vastly different ways to achieve the same ambitious objective. Published within the 2011 edition of the annual anthology of American creative nonfiction The Best American Essays, Butler's haunting elegy hat Broke My Mother's Heart and Riederer's visceral portrayal of her own injurious accident Patient each deploy disparate rhetorical styles to impart a shared premise. ith the rancorous debate over health care and its most efficient and effective form of delivery currently embroiling the nation's political, private and public sectors, penning a polemic railing against the medical industry hardly represents an exercise in intellectual courage, which is why the contributions made by Butler and Reiderer are refreshing in their candid and emotionally honest approach to…

Works Cited

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Grown More Mindful of How
Words: 1310 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72214208
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However, if I was rewriting my letter to Melfi, I would have used more research and included some specific citations, to substantiate my analysis. Drawing upon personal reflection is useful in appealing to the reader's sense of ethos or pathos, but logos is also necessary to be persuasive. I would have used statistics regarding the alcoholism rate amongst young people in the United States, for example, versus other countries. Although I criticized Melfi for not using sufficient logos in her essay, I think this is also true of my response.

Fortunately, I believe I have drastically improved in my ability to find credible and substantive analysis to support my argumentation. In my first draft on drug and alcohol policy at Drexel, I once again relied primarily upon my own personal impressions and gut instincts, rather than drawing upon research on the issue. I believe that I made a good point…

Works Cited

Drin, Cem. "Campaign." ENG-102. Professor Fristrom. English Department. Drexel University.

February 26, 2013. Print.

Drin, Cem. "Dear Christa Melfi." ENG-102. Professor Fristrom. English Department. Drexel University. January 30, 2013. Print.

Drin, Cem. "Drug and alcohol policy at Drexel." ENG-102. Professor Fristrom. English Department. Drexel University. February 21, 2013. Print.

Legalization of Drugs Ever Since
Words: 1093 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24575799
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He argues that 15 million Americans used drugs over and over again last year, but very few harms were actually produced. To punish all 15 million users for the few harms is unfair, but again he does say that. He also argues that racial inequalities make the system unfair. Minorities are no more likely to use drugs, but they are far more likely to be arrested, tried, and convicted, and minority communities are devastated because of this selective enforcement. He finally takes a stand and admits Americans should be outraged by this.

The author effectively refutes arguments that drug use would soar if it were decriminalized. The price of drugs would not go down, he claims, even if it became legal to sell them. Taxes would take care of that. Lawsuits would be allowed against producers for harmful effects. To remain in business, drug producers would have to pay the…

Works Cited

Goldberg, Raymond (Ed.), Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Drugs and Society, 7th edition.

New York: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin.

Husak, Douglas. "Drug Legalization," Criminal Justice Ethics, (Winter/Spring, 2003), 21-29.

Toxins Cause Autism The Jury Is Still
Words: 1397 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65078651
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Toxins Cause Autism?

The Jury is Still Out

Nicholas Kristoff's writes about the issue of environmental toxins and autism, and the link between exposure to these toxins and the rise in autism spectrum disorders. Autism comprises a clinically heterogeneous group of disorders -- collectively referred to as "autism spectrum disorders" (ASD) -- that share common features of impaired social relationships, impaired language and communication, and repetitive behaviors or a narrow range of interests. Autism has a current prevalence of 1% in children.

Kristoff explores the relationship between toxins and autism by referring to expert opinion; that is, public health officials who have found epidemiological links between exposure to such harmful substances as mercury, lead, and thalidomide and neurodevelopmental disorders. Kristoff cites studies in which researchers "have found that disproportionate shares of children develop autism after they are exposed in the womb to medications such as thalidomide (a sedative), misoprostol (ulcer…

Works Cited

Barbaresi WJ, Colligan RC, Weaver AL, and SK Katusic. "The incidence of clinically diagnosed vs. research identified autism in Olmsted county, Minnesota, 1976-

1997: results from a retrospective, population-based study." J. Autism Dev Disord 39 (2009): 464 -- 470.

DeSoto, Mary Catherine and Robert T. Hitlan. "Sorting out the spinning of autism: heavy metals and the question of incidence." Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 70 (2010): 165-176.

Heron J, Golding J, and ALSPAC Study Team (2004) "Thimerosal exposure in infants and developmental disorders: a prospective cohort study in the United Kingdom does not support a causal association." Pediatrics 114 (2004): 577 -- 83.

Origin of Species
Words: 2291 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12726516
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Had the Enlightenment adequately prepared 19th century readers for Darwin's Origin of the Species? The Enlightenment view of the science of life was neatly summed up by Diderot in his Encyclopedia, in many ways a signature product of the Enlightenment's dedication to setting forth the foundations of human knowledge. As Diderot notes in his prefaratory comments, what we call biology falls under the heading of "Natural History":

The divisions of natural history derive from the existing diversity of the facts of nature, and the diversity of the facts of nature from the diversity of the states of nature. Either nature is uniform and follows a regular course, such as one notes generally in celestial bodies, animals, vegetables, etc.; or it seems forced and displaced from its ordinary course, as in monsters; or it is restrained and put to different uses, as in the arts. Nature does everything, either in…

Works Cited

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Aria A Memoir of a
Words: 1548 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5598951
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Apparently, the language is the one to blame for the communication breeches inside the family. On the other hand, the author uses another personal experience, his relationship with his grandmother, who died when he was nine years old, in order to show how they remained close even after he was no longer comfortable with using his native language, but perfectly able to understand it .

Besides public and private sphere, another distinction the author makes on his way to counterattack the program of bilingual education is that between private and public individuality. In making a case against those "bilingualists" (Rodriguez, 338) who "simplistically scorn the value and necessity of assimilation" (idem), he favors the public individuality, arguing that this is absolutely necessary in order for one to evolve and achieve something in society. However, he does not continue to explain the concept of public individuality and how it differs from…

Terrorism Shares Features in Common With Irregular
Words: 869 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27244160
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Terrorism shares features in common with irregular warfare, insurgency, and crime. Like crime, terrorism violates the law and infringes on the rights of others. Like insurgency, terrorism "appeals as a weapon of the weak," (Arquilla, onfelt & Zanini 1999, p. 134). Similarly, Arquilla et al. (1999) note that terrorism "has appealed as a way to assert identity and command attention," (p. 134). Like irregular warfare, terrorism is asynchronous and asymmetrical, not ascribing to the rules of war. However, terrorism is unique in that "today's enemy is not a state but a transnational, non-state actor" that uses warfare that is "not traditional…elusive…and…exploits…industrial and technological advantages," (Howard n.d.). As Howard (n.d.) points out, terrorism more resembles a virus than anything else (p. 123). Moreover, terrorism involves ideology and paradigms that underwrite its existence: in the case of al Qaeda a pseudo-religious doctrine. The goals of terrorism are farther-reaching and more global than…


Arquilla, J. Ronfeldt, D. & Zanini, M. (1999). Networks and Netwar, and Information-Age Terrorism.

Howard, R.D. (n.d.). Preemptive Military Doctrine: No Other Choice.

Weimann, G. (2004). How modern terrorism uses the internet. United States Institute of Peace: Special Report.

bible patriarchy paul and ephesians metaphor
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“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ,” (Ephesians 5:21). This outstanding sentence clarifies one of Paul’s main objectives in outlining the household codes of Ephesians. Christ is the head of the Church, to which all Christians belong. However, Paul quickly shifts focus to the patriarchal marriage union to model Christian social norms: “Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything,” (Ephesians 5:24). Paul therefore uses the household code partly as an opportunity to provide a “theological justification and motivation for the subordination of wives, children and slaves to the head of the household,” (MacDonald, n.d., p. 341). Yet somewhat mysteriously, Paul switches back again and states, “This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church,” (5:32). Modern readers should not take Paul’s message about marriage customs and gender roles seriously, but should pay close attention to…

Improving Personal Communication
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No matter how adept we become in written communication, there is always room to improve upon what we are doing. Research continually underscores the importance of quality academic writing, as “an important aspect of academic performance as well as of subsequent work- related performance,” (Kellogg & Raulerson, 2007, p. 237). I would like to improve grammar, style, and tone in my writing. In terms of grammar, I would like to focus on some of the mistakes I make most commonly such as run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers. Stylistically, I could use some changes to my writing to avoid sounding the same in all my communications. I need to adjust the style for different classes, different types of communications such as emails versus essays, and formal versus informal writing. Similarly, I would like to learn how to master the art of tone in writing. When I read good writing, it seems…

Shopping as an Addiction
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Addictive Virus" -- later to become the thirteenth chapter of their bestselling book Affluenza -- John De Graaf, David ann, and Thomas H. Naylor engage in a highly rhetorical comparison of addictive shopping to physical addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction and behavioral addictions like compulsive gambling. It becomes clear shortly into their paper that their purpose is largely alarmist and moralistic, rather than medically or therapeutically intended: none of the authors has any medical or psychiatric credentials. I hope by addressing three aspects of their paper -- their rhetorical strategy, their shifts in focus, and in particular their examples presented as evidence, particularly their closing example -- that I may show the ways in which their thoughts actually confuse rather than clarify issues of behavioral addiction.

The title alone of the essay gives, in miniature, a fair taste of De Graaf et al.'s rhetorical strategy: the phrase "the…

Works Cited

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Women's Suffrage Movement in the
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This public visibility had an extremely positive effect on the movement, reaching people their more passive campaign would never have touched.

Needless to say, the strategy of marching in the streets was not one typically associated with normal female behavior. Yet, through this brazen tactic, suffragists were able to elevate their public image to a position where they were seen as legitimate participants in the public political arena. Onlookers began to see suffragists as serious and dignified, and as individuals who had courage to make public appearances, presenting themselves to onlookers (McCammon). Much of the effectiveness of these parades was due to the manner in which they were held.

As McCammon notes, woman suffrage parades were neither festive nor frivolous. The women typically marched in formation. They wore white dresses and carried signs and banners stating reasons why women should have the right to vote. In eastern parades, primarily, a…


Beck, E., Dorsey, E., & Stutters, a. "The Women's Suffrage Movement: Lessons for Social Action." Journal of Community Practice 11(3) 2003: p. 13-33. Academic Search Premier database. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. March 9, 2008 .

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Twist on the Usual American Success Story
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twist on the usual American success story that looks at success from another angle and, contrary to the usual tale, seems to consider its achievement a form of wastage. Very much Tolstoyan in implications, the author tells about straining to reach the pinnacle of academic success, achieving that, and then finding himself regretting the huge chasm that resulted between himself and his boyhood past, between himself and his culture, and between himself and his family. Ultimately, as Tolstoy's stories indicate, simple peasant and untutored existence gives the greatest joy. The climb up the academic ladder becomes increasingly lonely until one ends up in a "quiet reading room in the British museum" in this case writing a dissertation on some remote theme that will never be read by others and surrounded by equally dour and seemingly frustrated individuals.

This is the author's one argument: that academic success may not bring the…


Rodriguez, M. (2009) "The achievement of desire" In Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle (Eds.) Rereading America (pp. 541-554) Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press

Ezekiel 4 Exegesis of Ezekiel
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164-72). Though this dramatization is rather simple, it is still quite deeply meaningful and profound, according to Block; the depiction of Jerusalem that Ezekiel is commanded to draw on the tablet, his rigidly controlled dietary intake, and the lying in two directions signifying his lamentation are all effective means of making more visceral and more physical the siege of the city and the collapse of the Hebrew people due to, according to the prophecies, the evils of their ways and their abandonment of God (Block 1997, pp. 171-86). Though highly symbolic, Ezekiel's actions can also be interpreted as a series of direct and concrete reenactments of what occurred between God and his people.

While this direct interpretation is certainly possible, it is not the only means of understanding and interpreting Chapter 4 of the Book of Ezekiel. It has been noted that one of the rhetorical strategies that Ezekiel employs…


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Pursuit of Equality
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Obstacle omen Face in Pursuit of Equality

hen it comes to overcoming obstacles, two essays, "Ain't I a oman" and "atching Oprah infrey" from Behind the Veil," clearly show that women are encountering hindrances in chase of impartiality all over the world. However, although both essays touch on the same type of injustice which is gender inequality, they each have different themes. For instance, one delves into a country where the sexes are thoroughly kept apart from each other, where topics like sex and race are just about banned for even discussing them openly and where a severe enigma of public morality is imposed by police that are religious. However, the other touches on a period that goes back over a hundred of years where women of color were treated as cattle. Basically bought and sold by a society ran by men. Although these essays are worlds apart, they are…

Works Cited

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Free and Forced Actions Analyzing an Argument
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Free and Forced Actions Analyzing an Argument

In the article, Is Determinism inconsistent with free will? Walter Stace argues that every action or event is caused; however, whereas free actions are caused by the doer's internal psychological state, forced ones are caused by forces external to the user. This text evaluates the validity of the author's argument in the short story, 'Shooting an Elephant' based on Stace's definition of free and forced actions.

Free and Forced Actions

Stace's Definition of Free and Forced Actions

In the article, Is Determinism inconsistent with free will?', Walter Terrence Stace puts forth an argument for determinism, arguing that it is consistent/compatible with free will. He is of the view that free will exists and every event in the world is caused (Colorado University, n.d.). He illustrates the compatibility of these two views by giving his own definition of what exactly constitutes free will. Stace…


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Interjecting My Own Personal Feelings
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Or I might note that my favorite spaghetti and meatballs will be easier to get ready, with my assistance, than the chicken, broccoli and rice that is on the menu instead.

The topic, whether serious or not very serious, personal or impersonal, affects my rhetorical strategy. When debating politics, I am more likely to use logic than an emotional appeal, which I may use when 'whining' for a treat. The audience affects my strategy, too. My father is less likely to be receptive to emotion, unlike my mother, for example, and my mother is also more prone to be 'guilt tripped' into doing something than my father. With my father, it is best to try to make it seem as if he has come up with the solution, not me. If I want some help with car repairs, instead of stating ' my car needs to be fixed, can I…

Communication Effective Written Communication Is Necessary in
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Effective written communication is necessary in a number of different situations. In the first section of this paper, I discuss my areas of personal weakness in written communication. Those areas include improving my tone and voice, understanding my audience's point-of-view, and improving my self-confidence. Effective persuasive communication depends on rhetorical strategies like pathos, ethos, and logos. In the second section of this paper, I suggest how to solve a specific problem using effective written communication.

Whether dealing with a casual conversation with a friend about the need for sidewalks to improve community safety, an email to a boss proposing a new safety procedures, or an academic persuasive essay about the community's need for a free spay/neuter program, I will need to know how to communicate effectively. Effective written communication depends on choosing the most effective tone, voice, and style for each situation. One of the three aspects of my…


"Basic Rhetoric and Writing Strategy," (n.d.). Retrieved online: 

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Pentad Analysis of President Reagan S Speech
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Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire Speech

President Ronald Reagan made the Evil Empire speech at a time when the United States was experiencing several challenges and issues. Some of these challenges include growing tension of nuclear arms race, increased controversy about abortion, and high infanticide rates in 1982. The president decided to address these issues through a speech that was made during the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in 1983. In his speech, President Reagan proclaimed the need to lessen the number of nuclear weapons in the country and the Soviet Union, illegalize abortion, and enact harsh punishment for infanticide. To convey his message and view, President Reagan utilized Biblical references as well as logos and pathos to support his viewpoint. The speech, which is commonly known as the Evil Empire speech, is one of the most remarkable speeches made by a president in America's history.

Kenneth Burke…

Works Cited

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Address: Applying the Burkeian Dramatistic Pentad Approach." Eastern Illinois University. Eastern Illinois University, 1 Jan. 1996. Web. 14 Mar. 2016. .

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Montana State University Billings, n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2016. .

Henry V's St Crispin's Day
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Henry stresses that the men have a choice: they are free men and do not fight because they are compelled to do so:

That he which hath no stomach to this fight,

Let him depart; his passport shall be made

And crowns for convoy put into his purse:

We would not die in that man's company

That fears his fellowship to die with us (IV.3).

Even during Shakespeare's time, the idea of fighting for freedom was clearly a compelling rhetorical strategy. On the surface, fighting for a piece of land might not seem to be a noble quest when done purely for the purposes of enriching the crown. This is why Henry's speech is so perfectly analogous to a speech made by a CEO or another business leader: often, quite cynically, shareholders and employees will assume that decisions are made for personal profit, not to advance the common good. Although…


Freiberg, Kevin & Jackie Freiberg. (2003). Guts! Doubleday.

Value of Qualitative vs Quantitative
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esponses may be 'coded' so that some numerical data can be amassed but overall, the most important part of the research is the lived 'experience' that is recorded. In contrast, with quantitative research, it is the data that is more significant. However, quantitative studies can provide the springboard for qualitative studies, as they point out phenomena in the general population that needs to be studied in more 'micro-level' detail. Similarly, qualitative studies can act as early fact-finding expeditions that provide the basis for quantitative analysis, to see if the study of the smaller population is reflective of a larger phenomenon. Neither one type of research needs to come before the other.

A good example of a comparison of qualitative and quantitative research from translation studies can be found in the field of "research in second language learning that identifies learners' problems in composition and attempts to explain them by referring…


Connor, Ulla. (1996). Contrastive rhetoric: Cross-cultural aspects of second-language writing.

Cambridge University Press. ERIC Database. Retrieved: 

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of Educational Research, 49 (2): 115 -- 132

Metonymics in Little Dorit Metonymy
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One cannot build the right sort of house -- the houses are not really adequate, "Blinds, shutter, curtains, awnings, were all closed and drawn to keep out the star. Grant it but a chink or keyhole, and it shot in like a white-hot arrow." The stare here is the metonymic device -- we assume it is stranger, the outside vs. The inside, but for some reason, it is also the authority involved, and one that is able to ensure adequacy. In a similar vein, the "churches were freest from it," but they offer only an homage' to safety, and use their power to shut people out from the light that "made the eyes ache" and had been inhumanly oppressive. The prison, though, is "so repulsive a place that even the obtrusive star blinked at it and left it to such refuse of reflected light as could find." The stare is…

Labor in Little Dorrit." Journal of the Novel. 31 (1) 21+.

Young, Arlene. (1996). "Virtue Domesticated: Dickens and the Lower Middle

Class." Victorian Studies. 39 (4): 483+.

Standardization of Ban the Burqa the Wearing
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Standardization of "Ban the Burqa"

The wearing of burqas should be prohibited in Australia.

The liberal perspective on burqas is invalid.

The liberal perspective on burqas is that they merely represent a cultural difference or represent a repression of women that Australians should "gently" discourage.

Australia is a good country because of its freedom, which should be exercised to terminate the freedom of muslims from wearing burqas.

Burqas are synonymous with criminality.

Burqas conceal identities to allow criminality.

One shop owner was robbed by a burqa-wearing criminal whom it is impossible to catch because of his clothes, so the clothes are insidious.

Burqas represent female oppression.

There is equality for women in Australia, so burqas must be prohibited to maintain that equality.

The argument that wearing burqas is simply an aspect of cultural diversity is wrong.

Australian immigrants should embrace Australia's culture.

Wearing burqas (and engaging in native cultural practices)…

Kitchen Debates
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Remembering the U.S.A. And USSR Kitchen Debates of 1959

Before the bellicosity and belligerence exchanged by the United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in the 1960s -- an era known today as the "Cold ar" -- the two recently emergent superpowers engaged in the delicate dance of diplomacy in the wake of their shared victory in orld ar II. One of the most interesting examples of the doomed diplomatic efforts between American and Russian leaders was known as the "Kitchen Debates," as U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev squared off in an often rancorous debate amidst a truly unique backdrop. On July 24th, 1959, the respective leaders of the world's dominant capitalist and communist economic powers met at the opening of the American National Exhibition -- which was held at Sokolniki Park at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow as…

Works Cited

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University. Kitchen Debate - Transcript. Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1959. Web.

Mayo Clinic Website Evaluation
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Website Evaluation: Mayo Clinic
With the preponderance of misleading healthcare information on the Internet, it is important to become a discerning reader with strong science media literacy skills. The Mayo Clinic website has strong search engine optimization and arrives at or close to the top of Google searches for any health-related topic. Therefore, it is important to vet the Mayo Clinic website for strengths, weaknesses, and overall credibility.
The Mayo Clinic is an actual medical group, with clinics, hospitals, and research centers located throughout the United States. It is a credible source, and therefore an authoritative site in general. In a section of the Mayo Clinic website called “About This Site,” the authors (who refer to themselves as the Mayo Clinic Staff) explain their content development policy. Their content development policy effectively clarifies how the articles published on the Mayo Clinic website are written and edited, then developed for the…

Intercultural and or Cross-Cultural Communication Theories
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Support for the second hypothesis, that male speakers would be perceived as less cooperative than female speakers, also varied across situations, and the effect was even smaller" (Edwards & Hamilton 2004). Support for the Tannen model only was found after additional research was done, and a new questionnaire was given that scored recipient's self-perception in terms of feminine and masculine characteristics and inculcation into traditional gender roles. Individuals with strong gender self-images were more likely to fall in line with the Tannen model of women perceiving nurturance and males perceiving conflict in relatively neutral scenarios and seeing men in general as less cooperative.

This study is provocative on several levels, not the least of which in its stress upon the individualized nature of gender norms and the lack of inherent biological tendencies towards perceiving nurturance and conflict. It suggests the need to more carefully screen subjects in terms of individualized…

Works Cited

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Test of Tannen's Model of Gender and Communication." Sex Roles. 50.7/8 (2004):

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Oetzel, John G. & Stella Ting-Toomey. "Face concerns in interpersonal conflict."

Epistle of Paul to Philemon
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The divisions ere as such:

1. The highest class amongst the slave as of the slave minister; he as responsible for most of the slave transactions or trades and as also alloed to have posts on the government offices locally and on the provincial level.

2. This as folloed by the class of temple slaves; this class of slaves as normally employed in the religious organizations usually as janitors and caretakers of priestesses in the organization.

3. The third class of slaves included a range of jobs for slaves i.e. slaves ho ere appointed as land/property etc. managers ere included in this class as ell as those slaves ho ere employed as merchants or hired to help around the pastures and agricultural grounds. A majority of this class included the ordinary household slaves.

4. The last class amongst the slaves also included a range of occupations of the slaves extending…

works cited at the end.

If I were to conclude the significance of Paul's letter to Philemon and his approach to demand Onesimus' hospitality and kinship status, I can say that it was clearly his approach towards his demands that has made the letter such a major topic of discussion with regards to slavery. If Paul had taken an aggressive approach and straight away demanded the release and freedom of Onesimus, the letter would not been preserved in the history books for the generations to follow; that is a surety. I say this because it was Paul's approach and choice of language structure that caused for a large amount of debate to follow. It has been this debate, whether it has been on slavery or the various interpretations of his language structure, that has allows this letter and the relevant history to live on through the centuries. Of course, it is important to understand Philemon's role here as well, because it was his choice to treat the letter with a certain amount of respect and dignity that contributed to the letter's longevity as well. If Philemon had chosen to disregard Paul's requests and thrown away the letter as one that was not worthy of consideration, nobody would've even had the chance to debate the letter's significance in history. This again takes me back to the language structure adopted by Paul as he was able to soften his approach of the numerous demands as well that helped Philemon play his part of respecting what was demanded. Interestingly enough, Onesimus did go on to take on the duties as a bishop! To think that this line of action came about with only a choice of softening one's demands is extra-ordinary and the credit goes solely to Paul!


JM.G. Barclay, Colossians and Philemon, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997

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Burkian Analysis Brief Analysis of
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Stephen Colbert's Speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 2006

In this speech comedian Stephen Colbert gives a hysterically funny account of the Bush administration and the White House Press Corps. President Bush and the member of the press are co-agents. Often he takes an idea of Bush's and carries it to its ridiculous conclusion and "gives people the truth, unfiltered by rational argument." The message seems to be that together Bush and the press have cuckolded the American public with a myriad of speech acts and policies that are illogical as well as destructive.

With Bush and the press as co-agents, the scene that contains them is Washington, D.C., the United States of America, and the whole world. The scene is in a state of economic chaos due to the actions of the co-agents. For example, Colbert states that democracy is our "greatest export. At least until China figures…


Burke, K. (1945). A grammar of motives. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Wal-Mart Memo in a Lengthy
Words: 2193 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80830318
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The company would develop a list of the best (and cheapest) doctors and offer incentives for employees to go to them. Wal-Mart would replace its current one-size-fits-all benefits package for a flexible offering that allows employees to choose which benefits each wants. Although this seems like a good idea, the total number of benefits offered would probably be reduced. Health clinics in stores is another suggestion with "innovations to create lower cost visits." All these changes would involve little risk and/or expense for Wal-Mart.

The author then presents five "bold steps" that would make a big impact. Her use of the word bold is interesting. Bold implies courage, something everybody wants to have. Bold also sounds safer than risky. The use of the positive word bold shows the attitude the author wants the reader to take toward the recommendations. The first bold step is to get rid of the present…

Gender in Television
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Gender Portrayals in Media

Since the advent of the television during the latter part of 1920s, men and women have been portrayed differently in movies, television, radio, music videos, news, and social media. Stereotyping men and women aided in developing sustainability strategies for marketing and advertising efforts. Essentially, it is about appeal and influencing the consumer. Unfortunately, the various mediums are fraught with sexism and racial disparities, which are difficult to overcome since the mediums are controlled by those in power. This level of control may be disguised as marketing techniques for certain target groups. By devising an appealing image for a consumer in which he or she may identify, advertisers establish a connection, thus building loyalty and developing a following. Hence, gender portrayals are fundamental practices to reach a large group of consumers by creating categorical images.

Gender Socializer: Television

Several of the popular radio soap operas made the…

mass repression Order No 00447
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This essay will explore an excerpt taken from the mass repression Order No. 00447 (thus known as “Order 447”), which was signed and approved by Nikolai Yezhov (nicknamed “Ezhov” on July 30th, 1937. Order 447 clearly outlines the plans for the mass repressions known later as the Great Terror. Yezhov features prominently in the Great Terror, being appointed by Stalin as head of the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD). Order 447 creates a comprehensive plan of action for punishing anyone deemed an enemy of the state, also showing subordinates and comrades how to classify these elements. The order includes a table based on estimated numbers of insubordinates in various Soviet Republics. Yezhov presents the order as a memorandum, giving unequivocal instructions as the leader of the NKVD. In addition to analyzing the essay in its historical, social, and political context, this essay will also show the significance of Order 447 in…

Susan B Anthony's Speech Women's Right to Suffrage
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Success: Susan B. Anthony's Speech

The 1870s went down in history as the decade when women's movements stood strongly against oppression, demanding that women be given the same rights as men. In 1873, Susan Anthony was arrested and later released on a $100 dollar fine, all because she had voted in the presidential election the previous year. This, in her mind, amounted to oppression, and was an injustice not only to her, but to all American women. She took her stand, stating that if African-Americans, who prior to 1865 were not considered U.S. citizens, could vote, then women who were citizens by every technical definition, had every right to vote. Antony's speech, 'omen's Right to Vote' successfully combines pathos, logos, and ethos, using both facts and personal testimony to create emotional resonance in her audience. Although this speech alone was not sufficient to grant women the right to vote, it…

Works Cited

Halsall, Paul. "Modern History Sourcebook: Susan B. Anthony: Women's Right to Vote." Fordham University, 1997. Web. 31 May 2014 

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American Revolution
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Hidden Revolution

In his analysis of the American Revolution, Nash refers to the "enshrined, mythic form" the event has taken on in human consciousness (59). Like the creation myths of religion, the story of the founding of the United States of America has become what Nash calls a "sacralized story" that nearly deifies the founding fathers (59). Taught to children in schools and propagated beyond the borders of the Untied States, this version of the American Revolution in which a unified group of colonists rose up together against the mean British tyrants is little more than a "fable," (Nash 59). The real story behind the American Revolution is far more complex and nuanced, testimony to the already diverse and heterogeneous population dwelling throughout the colonies. Even when the emphasis remains squarely on the events taking place in Massachusetts that precipitated the Revolution, it is clear that there was no one…

Works Cited

"A Dialogue Between Orator Puff and Peter Easy," (1776).

Adams, Abigail. [Correspondence between Abigail and John Adams] 1776.

"Antislavery Petition of Massachusetts Free Blacks" (1777)

"Blacks Protest Taxation." 1780

Optimizing Organizational Conditions to Attain the Desired Success
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Value of Good Organizational Practices in Generating High Profits

The management of any organization has the powers to make or break the success of the company in question. Organizational practices are most important in the making of a better company progress as in the case of the creation of a positive profit making. The success of any company depends on the ability of the management to handle its human resources and the impact of customers in influencing the profit-making regime (Mouton, Norholm, & Gabrielsen, 2012). The profits margins will be high when the management directs the market in its favor and organizes the employees to work towards delivering the best of their efforts to the success of the company.

An inclusive organizational culture is one that allows the managers to impress the clients through timely deliveries as well as make the employees work at their optimal capacity. This involves making…


Dextras-Gauthier, J., Marchand, A., & Haines III, V. (2012). Organizational Culture, Work Organization Conditions, and Mental Health: A Proposed Integration. International Journal of Stress Management, Vol. 19(2), May 2012, 81-104

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several questions about business
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Knowledge Integration Project

1A) Business owners must take a number of different factors into account when determining the form of business. They have to consider the sources and types of risk that the business takes, if there will be employees, and considerations about raising capital or splitting ownership, which can be quite a complex issue depending on the business. In addition, whether there will be any employees matters. Each jurisdiction has its particular issues, so where the business is situated might be a role in the decision. Certainly, the tax implications of the decision are going to be relevant. In some cases, the cost and ease of setting the entity up might matter -- though such costs can easily be outweighed by liability risks for most businesses.

1B) A sole proprietorship is easy to start, which is its main advantage. Because of that it is mainly a suitable form for…

nigeria boko haram and african terrorism
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Annotated Bibliography

Agbiboa, D.E. (2013a). Peace at Daggers Drawn? Boko Haram and the State of Emergency in Nigeria. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 37(1): 41-67.

One of the leading analysts on Boko Haram here provides a detailed overview of the group, discussing how Boko Haram emerged out of the chaotic instability in northern Nigeria, what specific demands and issues the group has presented and how those demands have changed, how they recruit, and also the methods Boko Haram uses to facilitate and carry out its operations. According to Abgiboa (2013a), "more than 3,500 people have died in Nigeria since 2009," (p. 41). Negotiations with the group have failed, due in part to "distrust on both sides" as well as Boko Haram's factionalization (p. 41). The factions emerging in Boko Haram may offer clues as to how to destabilize the group from the inside.

Agbiboa, D.E. (2013b). Why Boko Haram Exists:…

English Literature Martin Luther King
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It is also more likely to create a constructive rather than a destructive outcome, it is a process of conflict resolution that may aim to arrive at the truth of a given situation rather than simple victory for one side and it is the only technique of struggle that is consistent with the teachings of the major religions (eber and Burrowes, n.d.).

Nonviolent action is a method by which people who reject passivity and submission, and who see struggle as necessary, can have their conflict without violence. Nonviolent acts are not seen as an attempt to steer clear of or ignore conflict. They are one reaction to the problem of how to act effectively in politics, particularly how to wield powers effectively. It consists of acts of protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention designed to undermine the sources of power of the opponent in order to bring about change…

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Religion Workshop Missiology for a
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Identify prejudices and biases in traditional Christian approaches to non-Christian religions, both in general and specifically.

Identify possible objections to Christianity, in terms of theology, ethics, and missiology.

esolve the challenges associated with new era missiology and new era ministry, by developing a comprehensive plan for the future.

Materials: Today's materials will be the same as the previous days.


9:00-9:10: Opening prayer

9:10-11:00: Crash course/review of world religions based on credible source material written from each faith's point-of-view or from a non-biased, scholarly source.

11:00-12:00: Each participant uses his or her personal electronic device or notebook to write down specific areas of concern and possible roadblocks to interfaith dialogue.

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-2:00: Share the concerns addressed by each participant openly, engaging in a dialogue of our own. Understanding that our participants are from diverse backgrounds, each will have unique perspectives on multiple faiths. Some will have had first-hand experiences…


Kenneth Cracknell, In Good and Generous Faith: Christian Responses to Religious Pluralism (Pilgrim Press, 2006).

Woolf on January 21 1931
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She was immensely charming. She was utterly unselfish. She excelled in the difficult arts of family life. She sacrificed herself daily." These language parallels anchor the audience's attention and stress oolf's underlying feminist message. In addition to language parallels, oolf also uses brilliant imagery and symbolism throughout the speech to convey the central ideas.

One of the main motifs in the speech is that of the Angel in the House. The Angel in the House symbolizes the suppression of women and their perpetual oppression by men. The angel comes to life in oolf's speech, as she describes, "she slipped behind me and whispered: 'My dear, you are a young woman. You are writing about a book that has been written by a man. Be sympathetic; be tender; flatter; deceive; use all the arts and wiles of our sex. Never let anybody guess that you have a mind of your own.…

Work Cited

Woolf, Virginia. "Professions for Women."

Leadership Yukl 2010 Does Not
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Frequent virtual meetings at the onset of the change team would be required to create a sense of teamwork and also to clarify roles. The virtual team can take full advantage of technologies that enable collaboration. By keeping in mind the core vision and its underlying values, a virtual change team can be every bit as effective as a live one.


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Skyscraper and the Airplane Humanity
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Goodheart does this by including early reactions to the elevator. Although most now take the contraptions for granted, humans are still "required to entrust their lives, on a daily basis, to technologies whose inner workings [remain] a mystery" (190). By including this segment, Goodheart has established the skyscraper as something far more than a cold, mechanical tower of glass and steel. Instead, he associates the building with humanity, not only physiological and sexual humanity, but also spiritual humanity. Established as a location where one must entrust one's life to technology, the building has the spiritual consistency of a cathedral or burial ground instead of the cold, emotionless consistency of a modern, mechanical building. Seen in this vein, the Twin Towers are now seen as additional casualties of the September 11th attacks, symbols of the passions of humanity rather than technological milestones. This interpretation of Goodheart's work is similar to Stein's…

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Financial Industry Responsible for the
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It was irresponsible for banks to operate from a position of absentee management, and the careless ownership enabled reckless conduct from their "agents" who ran the day-to-day operation. While some blame must be placed on the public for continuing to spend at outrageous rates, the bank itself promoted and enabled such activity. Blankfein's argument that no one had been arrested is irrelevant since the issue at hand is whether the financial industry was responsible, not whether bank officials should be arrested. Banks made profound miscalculations concerning interest rates and loans, and should have been aware that their business practices were not feasible toward long-term success (Murphy).

Issue 7 places the theories of authors oger Lowenstein and obert Samuelson against one another. Lowenstein contends that government should bail out economic institutions; however, he does not argue that bailouts are necessary in order to assist the careless companies, but instead asserts that…


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