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Sense Of Place Essays (Examples)

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Common Sense as a Cultural System
Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 79785488
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Geertz and Common Sense

Geertz: Analysis Common Sense

I have come to agree with Geertz in his conclusion that common sense is shaped by the society and culture we live in. Geertz describes common sense as "a relatively organized body of considered thought" (p. 75). Throughout Local Knowledge, he refers to common sense as being based in history and personal experiences. He offers that myth and accepted generalizations in a society for the foundation of what we call common sense. I particularly agree with Geertz in his assessment of the way intersexuality confuses the biological science scene and communities because common sense generally places sexuality into two categories: "maleness and femaleness." There is no room for an in-between.

Common sense, as Geertz defines it, is more than the "matter-of-fact apprehension of reality" (pp. 75-76). Common sense can be viewed as a cultural system because it is a loosely organized body…


Geertz, Clifford. "Common Sense as a Cultural System." Local Knowledge (2003): 73-93.

Sociology of Place the California Coast
Words: 1331 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19888945
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Sociology of California

Department of Finance reported that California had 532,000 more people at the end of 2003 (Fulton 2004) than at the start of the said year. Nothing was new about population increase in the state since the Great Depression and World War II, during which the population added half a million people every year, growing from 6 to 40 million today. There are no indications that the increase would be halted or altered.

ut the noticeable changes have been in the locations and the way California's people live. Some go back to the old suburban style, while the rest of the trend shows California as continuing to grow into an urban society (Fulton). The ay area's nine counties account for less than half (3.3%) of the entire state's average growth at 6.7% and places like Contra Costa and Sonoma counties have chosen the suburban style of growth. In…


Fulton, William, ed. 2004. Housing, Population Statistics Reveal Ongoing Division in State. California Planning and Development Report. 

Gordon, Peter and Harry W. Richardson. 1997. Why Sprawl is Good. Cascade Political Institute. 

Vorderbrueggen, Lisa. 2004. California Smart Growth. Building Energy: Smart Growth News.

Sense of Realism
Words: 731 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47780127
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Keepin' it real -- Real-ism, that is: Today's 'take' on John Singleton's 1991 film, "Boyz in the Hood"

The pummeling hip-hop soundtrack immediately sets the tone for "Boyz in the Hood." This film's musical sound signals to the viewer that it is produced by someone who knows the street, because it sounds like the street, screams like the street -- a particular kind of neighborhood street -- that of the 'hood.' The film's early use of quick cuts in a montage that introduces the main protagonists and the neighborhood to the viewer and its sharp, guttural dialogue suggest that the director is 'really' going to show to the viewer how people 'really' and authentically communicate in real, urban street life.

The use of short sentences and monosyllables in many films that attempt to seem realistic is often also used to show individuals who know each other well, like brothers and…

Works Cited

"Boyz in the Hood." Directed and written by John Singleton. 1991.

Senses Meet the Spirit When
Words: 3295 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50825353
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Diehl also points out that the poet's retrospective outlook cannot be overlooked, for "by placing this description in the realm of recollection, the speaker calls into question the current status of her consciousness" (Diehl). Here we come into contact with vivid imagery of the poet losing her faculties. Another interesting aspect we find in this poem is how it represents a personal experience. The poet's thoughts are coming from within. After all is said and done, we read "And the windows failed, and then/I could not see to see" (Dickinson 16). Obviously, the poet does not crack the mystery of death but she does seem to come to terms with it, at least.

The poet takes us on another journey in "I heard a Fly Buzz hen I Died." e are told about the "stillness of the air" (3) to the grieving to the distraction of a fly. The poet…

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Death is a Dialogue" the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. Ed. Thomas Johnson. New York: Little, Brown and Company. 1960.

Differing Senses of Place
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55401150
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standing at the lighthouse in a park in Mackinac City, shivering and cold in the dim August light. The lighthouse's grey walls tower above me like an immovable stone monument to the bleakness of the day. I peer out into the misty air, struggling to see through the fog that presses up to the thick, bruise-blue clouds, and across the choppy water.

Mackinac Bridge juts out in front of me, just as imposing and cold as the massive lighthouse above. I feel tiny, insignificant, about to be swallowed up by the greatness of concrete and stone that surround me.

Mackinac is impossibly long, five miles of concrete stretching out along the massive water where lakes Michigan and Huron meet in a quiet rush of grey water. Miles of grey cables stretch out above the bridge, like long spider arms desperately holding the mass of concrete above the dull water below.…

Remote Sensing Satellite Images and
Words: 1569 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87706570
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This study has also noted that remote sensing and GIS technology play critical roles in the assessment of environments that are not only very remote but that are complex environments to analyze and model however, there are still many issues related to accurate mapping and assessment of glacier via satellite imagery technology. It is reported that the optimal method of accurate mapping and assessment is the combination of remote sensing and GIS technology in combination with field study.


Alley, Richard ., Fahnestock, Mark, Joughin, Ian (2008) Understanding Glacier Flow in Changing Times. Climate Change Perspectives. ishop, Michael P. et al. (2009) Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS): Remote Sensing and GIS Investigations of the Earth's Cryosphere. Taylor & Francis. Informa Ltd. England and Wales. 10 Dec 2009. Online available at:

Cook, A.J., Fox, A.J., Vaughan, D.G. And Ferrigno, J.G. (2005) Retreating glacier Fronts on the Antarctic Peninsular…


Alley, Richard B., Fahnestock, Mark, Joughin, Ian (2008) Understanding Glacier Flow in Changing Times. Climate Change Perspectives. Bishop, Michael P. et al. (2009) Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS): Remote Sensing and GIS Investigations of the Earth's Cryosphere. Taylor & Francis. Informa Ltd. England and Wales. 10 Dec 2009. Online available at: .

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Krabill, W. et al. (1999) Rapid Thinning of Parts of the Southern Greenland Ice Sheet. Science 283, 1522. Cawkwell, Fiona Dr. ( ) Introduction to Remote Sensing GG6003.

Common Sense There Are Moments
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9198098
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Indeed, in retrospect, my personal issues, no matter how stringent they might have been, should not have stayed in the way of exercising my common sense in the relationship with the rest of the individuals.

From this perspective, it is most likely that I should have followed what the son of the writer Harriet Beecher Stowe, C.E. Stowe said in relation to common sense, that "common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done." ( Quotations, 2006) Therefore, I now come to realize that it is of little importance the actual personal problems we are faced everyday because the people around us, and especially our friends, have no blame in them and acting foolishly towards them would not improve or create a result to our own issues. On the contrary even, when we tend to act without using our…


Merriam Webster. (2007). Common Sense. Retrieved June 4, 2007, at 

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Rensink Ronald 2004 Visual Sensing
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29877088
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There is evidence that on average 30% of the population can sense changes before they are directly observed.


The major finding is the evidence for what Rensink calls 'mind-sight' or the ability to holistically and subconsciously perceive information in a non-sensory fashion. However, the article's evidence suggests that this apparent 'sixth sense' is connected to the other senses.

Non-experimental article (Descriptive)

Wacker, Johannes & Tanja Manser. (2011). Interactions of team mental models and monitoring behaviors predict team performance in simulated anesthesia inductions.

Journal of Experimental Psychology, 17 (3): 257 -- 269.

Retrieved November 2, 2011 at


Wacker & Manser's study is a descriptive and observational study of visual perceptions 'in the field' of professional practice. It was designed to evaluate how mental models (similarity vs. accuracy) and two forms of monitoring behavior (team vs. systems) "interacted to predict team performance in anesthesia... whether the relationship between…

Body and or Its Senses in
Words: 1846 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6375494
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We always find that personal library embraces its distinct structures as well as meanings, which can be either through mental traces or highlighting the answers and the questions that happens to thread through it. However, the bulk of an individual's reading such as newspaper will never form a personal library not unless an individual posses the foresight and the discipline to copy or clip it. Intellectual life will be more aided by a digital personal library.

Generally personal library will always be made up of documents that have been read by the owner, maybe using annex for the documents that he might wish to read. There could be an amplified intellectual life in case somebody finds it easy to the materials they once read, by use of non-specific sketchy summary of it (in addition to a single striking point of a distorted memory) finds its way back to the mind.…


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Webster's 'Sense of an Elite Woman's Place
Words: 1995 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85098365
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Webster's 'Sense of an Elite Woman's Place in the World' in the Duchess of Malfi and the White Devil

Reflecting on the subject of Webster's 'sense of an elite woman's place in the world', the first point of pertinence is that no discussion on specific issues in he Duchess of Malfi and he White Devil can meaningfully take place without first settling the issue of the moral and social relevance, if any, of these two plays. his is especially significant in the light of the enormous controversy that exists with critics being pretty much sharply divided over "... there is no deeper purpose than to make our flesh creep"(Ian Jack, 1949) and " Webster has created an integrated, important world through his tragic action which makes his plays a profound comment on life" (ravis Bogard, 1955). his paper will, therefore, first focus on presenting the view that Webster fully intended…

Themes and Conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy, So Muriel Bradbrook (Cambridge, 1935), p.194.

Webster: The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi, A Selection of Critical Essays, R.V. Holdsworth, Introduction, p26.

Webster: The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi, A Selection of Critical Essays, R.V. Holdsworth, Introduction, p25.

Thirteen Senses
Words: 1227 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59012844
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thirteen senses is an interesting novel that traces that lives of author's parents who it appears experience rather turbulent times yet through it all, they stayed together. It is their fifty years together that offers some valuable lesions on love and trust and on the institution of marriage. The book is based on the lives of the Villasenor couple but it reads more like a guidebook on love and marriage. The book could have been subtitled, how to make a marriage last. This is because there are some many pearls of marital wisdom interspersed in the novel that one wonders if there was anything else that the Mejicanos ever talked about apart from discussing psychology of men and women.

The book opens with the author attending the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents where the couple is asked to repeat their marriage vows. This sets the tone for the rest…


Rodriguez, Rebeca, 'Thirteen Senses,' by Victor Villasenor; HarperCollins. (Knight Ridder Newspapers) Date: 12/26/2001

Aristotelian Sense There Are Nearly
Words: 1598 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17272505
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Mill believed that any act may itself be inherently moral, so long as the outcome of that action produces a benign effect. Mill believed that the most ethical act is that which produces the most good, even if the act itself is one which is traditionally considered evil. An example of utilitarian philosophy would include the killing of innocent animals to determine a cure for some infectious disease. And while there are components of this philosophy that would certainly align with Aristotle's definition of ethics, it seems difficult to picture the latter condoning any method to achieve moral behavior, particularly in regards to the following quotation from Nichomachean Ethics. "A man will not live like that by virtue of his humanness, but by virtue of some divine thing within him. His activity is as superior to the activity of the other virtues as this divine thing is to his composite…

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Wondrous Our Senses Are When
Words: 341 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8513467
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They had been attending these concerts for years, but never tired of the melodies of youth.

The band took the stage and the oboe struck its woeful "A," with the other instruments following suit. Chairs and music stands screeched across the floor as the musicians found the right positioning. The women's black skirts draped near their feet, and the men's black shoes shined from the recently applied polish.

A hush and then the sound of loud clapping waved across the audience, as the 85-year-old Maestro, Robert Mclure Hanson, climbed the stairs, bowed to the audience and tapped his baton on the music stand. All rose as one when the band played its first notes of the National Anthem. In a few minutes, young and old were tapping, dancing and singing together. For now, the cares and worries were put aside, while the senses were delighted and charmed by the mixture…

Basel III in What Sense Will the
Words: 1400 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49976723
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Basel III

In what sense will the new capital requirements of Basel III affect retail banking?

After almost four years of turmoil in the financial markets finally an inclusive reform of banking regulation is now arriving in Europe. There are many observers not only within but outside the market as well that believe that these new rules are coming at a perfect time as the industry is already facing another crisis. The regulation need to keep pace with the problems in the industry. However, right now it does seem like this might be a once-in-a-generation chance to put the industry on a regulatory foundation that is firm so that the industry could be restored and enabled to play its vital role in the financial system (Blundell-Wignall, 2011).

In these new regulations the capital-markets businesses come in to get the most crucial treatment. There are many universal banks that have focused…


BCBS -- Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (2010), Results of the comprehensive quantitative impact study, Basel, December.

Blundell-Wignall, A. (2011), "Solving the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe," OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends, vol. 2011/2.

Blundell-Wignall, A. And P.E. Atkinson (2008), "The Subprime Crisis: Causal Distortions and Regulatory Reform," in: Lessons From the Financial Turmoil of 2007 and 2008,

Blundell-Wignall, A. And P.E. Atkinson, (2010), "Thinking Beyond Basel III: Necessary Solutions for Capital and Liquidity," OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends, vol. 2010/1.

Memory and Place of Carlton
Words: 3276 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30816634
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Waverley Park was designed for and reflected a demographic shift in Melbourne's population away from the inner suburbs to the south and east. Waverley Park was a symbol of, and a contributor to, the shift of the locus of power within the Victorian, later Australian, Football League from the clubs to the league, a change whose consequences are still being felt in 2000. The stadium reflected an Australian tradition of multi-sports facilities despite its genesis in Australian ules, both in its conception and subsequent development. Waverley Park played a significant role in the development of post-war Australian football, cricket and baseball. In April 2000 it was nominated for the Victorian Heritage egister by the City of Greater Dandenong (Hay et al.).

Waverley reflected also a major geographic shift, taking the game away from the traditional inner urban areas to outlying suburbs where a more affluent society with discretionary income…


And the winners are...: The votes are in and business travellers across the region have had their say on Asia's best hotels. Business Asia, 15(2), 20.

Berry, J. & McGreal, S. (1999). Cities in the Pacific Rim: Planning systems and property markets. London: E & FN Spon.

Cannon, M. (1995). The land boomers: The complete illustrated history. Carlton: Melbourne University Press in Berry & McGreal at p. 225.

Crozier, M. (2003). Political legacies: Australian political studies and the University of Melbourne. Melbourne Journal of Politics, 29, 8.

Othello the Play Takes Place
Words: 1575 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99587066
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They will go to far to hire a mercenary like Iago to pursue their goal for them. There are Othellos today as there was a shining one in Shakespeare's fiction or time. Military heroes like him have secret vulnerabilities, which reveal themselves in unguarded or trying moments. As a self-claimed victim of a foreign culture, Othello's cry of discrimination resounds in contemporary society despite his accomplishments.

Contentment in life is everyone's universal pursuit. That pursuit takes on what the present culture makes available and is most suitable at the moment. Othello perceives that his contentment goes beyond acclaim and military power. It includes having a dutiful and beautiful wife in Desdemona. He pours his weakest on him and on a scheming subordinate, Iago. Othello's credulousness is not confined to Shakespeare's time. Credulousness is universal. People living and thriving in a country with a different culture must invest in trust or…


Sparknotes Editors. Othello by Shakespeare (1622) Paperback. No Fear Shakespeare.

Sparknotes, July 3, 2004

Similiarities Between Individuals Groups Places
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92435812
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Catton's descriptions of Lee and Grant are filled with respect for both men and Catton would hardly consider his work entertainment. Baker, however, has every intention of making the reader laugh (be it uncomfortable or genuine) at both Toronto and New York. but, again, where Catton seeks to elevate the two subjects of his work to a particular status, Baker is clearly wanting to take Toronto down several pegs for, perhaps, acting superior to New York.

When positively comparing Lee and Grant, Catton says, "Under everything else, they were marvelous fighters. Furthermore, their fighting qualities were really very much each man there was an indomitable quality." The language used by Baker is much less genuine and clear in intent, "The subway, on which Toronto prides itself, was a laughable imitation of the real thing. The subway cars were not only spotlessly clean, but also fully illuminated. So were the…


Baker, R. (2002). A Nice Place to Visit. Brannan: A Writers Workshop: Crafting Paragraphs, Building Essays. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp 636-38.

Catton, Bruce. (2002). Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts. Brannan: A Writers's Workshop: Crafting Paragraphs. New York: McGraw-Hill pp 631-35.

Visiting Lakewood Church the Place
Words: 1028 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14201307
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In addition, simply from observation, there were people from a vast array of lifestyles present. One way that was obvious was in the attire that people were wearing. Some were dressed in conservative clothing, while a few people were dressed in clothing that could almost be labeled "provocative." In addition, there was a couple who were clearly bikers. There were worshippers of all ages present, though the majority of people seemed to be middle-age or younger.

I can not even begin to estimate how many worshippers were present, but the former stadium was almost full to capacity, which means that there had to have been tens of thousands of worshippers there.

Like many worship services, the service began with music. However, there was no mere choir singing at Lakewood; although a choir did sing, the day also featured a performance by a Christian-music band and a singer whom appeared somewhat…

Starbucks' 'Third Place' Strategy Derived From Howard
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87379004
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Starbucks' 'third place' strategy derived from Howard Schultz' experience in Milan, where he saw how the coffee shop could serve this role, and how the comfortable environment attracted customers. Starbucks decided to cultivate this third place with a number of key policies. The first is that the company needed outlets with ample seating in order to facilitate a large number of customers in the establishment at any given time. The staff needed to be oriented to allowing customers to remain in place for long periods of time as well, so some training was required in order to implement this strategy.

In addition, the design and layout of the stores was important. Starbucks stores need to feel comfortable, so that people are encouraged to linger. This creates an atmosphere that other customers pick up on, and becomes part of the culture of the company's stores. The company has also supported this…

Airs Waters Places a Close Reading of
Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19573576
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Airs, Waters, Places

A close reading of "Airs, Waters, Places" by Hippocrates will show that it was the first instance of climatic (environmental determinism. Climatic Determinism is based on the idea that the climate, the natural resources, and the land itself determine the nature of the habitants (which includes the physical nature, the cognitive ability, the moral compass, ethnical-being, intellectual being, etc.). Climate determines the physical nature and then the intellectual being of individuals living on the land, which in turn forms the culture of the group. It has greatly contributed to the development of the "Greek vs. Barbarian Antithesis" and the development of racism. However, how would culture affect the argument? Would the culture itself also influence the characteristics of the people on the land? We will examine these questions as well as how absolute the cultural determinism is in Hippocrates and whether or not is permeable, that is…


Adams, Francis, ed. "Airs, Waters, Places.", 17 Oct. 2010. Web. 30

Mar 2012. .

"Environmental determinism.", 2010. Web. 30 Mar 2012. .

Personal Ads Placed on the
Words: 891 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 43548956
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, 2010). This statement, though not explanatory, probably suggests some negative history with African-American men or a positive history with white males and provides information about her beyond mere physical desire. In fact, when reading her ad, she appears to have a jaded view about relationships. She makes it clear that she is only interested in a long-term relationship. She cautions respondents not to respond to her in overtly sexual ways prior to getting to know her, even going so far as to tell them not to send photos of their penises to her. Until reading her ad, the author had not even considered that a person would respond to a personal ad by sending a picture of his penis. The entire attitude of the ad conveys a wariness that may be the advertiser's attempt to invoke the "hard to get" effect (Kassin et al., 2010)

The final ad was…


Kassin, S., Fein, S., & Markus, H.R. (2010). Social psychology. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Welcome to Your New Classroom Everyone Place
Words: 1638 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30495496
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Welcome to your new classroom, everyone place their backpacks and jackets on the hooks with your nametags and take a seat at a desk. Each of you will take all the materials you need from your backpack before you sit down, but today you don't need anything but a smile. You can sit where you like because we are all going to work together to rearrange the classroom and mark the desks with these nametags I made for you. If you will notice the nametags are just plain white but you will have time in a few minutes to decorate your nametag and make it look more like yourself, with the supplies you see on the desks. There are a few things I will talk about while we decorate nametags." (Pass out nametags to students one at a time) "First, hold up your hand if you are new to the…


Cabral, E. (2007). A Scary First Day. (cover story). Scholastic News -- Edition 5/6, 76(3), 4.

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Company Familiar This Place Employment a Car
Words: 1788 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63759226
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company familiar. This place employment, a car wash, a yard service company, . We a simple hotdog stand, run a mobile truck sells hotdogs Soldiers inprocessing center/bldg. This company sells hotdogs a bun, condiments, chips, soda.

Describe the company's supply chain

In order to differentiate itself from other similar companies, Hot Diggity Dogs has focused on the quality of its products. As a consequence, the company's management concluded that it is not enough to have a supplier deliver the hot dogs, chips, buns and soda, but that it would need to control the production process for the most important elements on its menu, namely the hotdogs, the chips and the buns.

As a consequence, Hot Diggity Dogs has expanded its supply chain to include raw materials (meat, potatoes) and the supplier manufacturing. The idea is to be involved in these processes in the quality assurance phases: personnel from Hot Diggity…

Reference Page

1. Hoffman, George. 2006. Supply Chain Management in a Quick Service Restaurant Environment. Michigan University

2. Patton, Patrick. 2013. Business Process Automation -- What About the Internal Processes? Interactive Intelligence.

3. Yost Denny. 2009. Improving Internal Processes Your Company's Competitive Advantage. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on October 31, 2013

Knowledge Is Not Sense-Perception Plato Relies in
Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91345600
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Knowledge Is Not Sense-Perception

Plato relies in debating the true nature of knowledge in the same manner as his tutor, Socrates, assuming and arguing that knowledge was not only about the perception of our senses, as many pf the Ancient philosophers sustained. In this sense, in his work Theaetetus, Plato argues that knowledge can be objective, debating the nature and problems of knowledge.

Attacking Protagoras's belief that "man is the measure of all things," Plato, through the voice of Socrates, claims that perception is only part of knowledge, a mere component of a much larger process. The reason for this is that perception does not cover many of the key truths our existence is guided by. Additionally, rational analysis plays another great deal in the way knowledge is formed. So, in this sense, Plato seems to see knowledge as the sum of different objective experiences and this is why sense-perception…

Theory Help You to Make Sense of
Words: 3357 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34639519
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Theory Help You to Make Sense of Your Own Organization and the Management Practices in Your Organization?

Too often, individuals get an idea stuck in their heads and they cannot dislodge it no matter how hard they try. In actuality though, most people who can only contrive a particular system for working, whether that be managing or running an organization, and there is no interest in change. I realize that falling back to a secure position is comforting, but it is also damaging from a growth standpoint. And, growth is the object in business; that is, aside from the fact that making money is probably the primary concern.

But making money has led to some troubling consequences in the world as businesses have grown greedy and managers have become overly authoritarian and sure of their stagnant methods. The reality is that "managing and organizing are not isolatable objects of study…


Akella, D., (2008). A reflection on critical management studies. Journal of Management and Organization, 14(1), 100-109.

Bourn, D. (2011). Global skills: From economic competitiveness to cultural understanding and critical pedagogy. Critical Literacy: Theory & Practice, 6(1), 3- 20.

Das, H., & Long, B.S., (2010). What makes management research interesting?: An exploratory study. Journal of Managerial Issues, 22(1), 127-140.

Delbecq, A.L., (1999). Rethinking management education. Administrative Science Quarterly, 44(2), 439-442.

City and the Country Oz and Trading Places
Words: 3433 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98508848
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OZ and Transition

The izard of Oz provides Americans with a text that helps them make the transition from the country to the city and sets the stage for the commodified American popular culture of the 20th century. This paper will show how, thanks to its pristine (Emerald) beauty and adventurous episodes, Oz makes "the city" much more appealing than the muted, old-fashioned of America. It will also explain why Dorothy returns to Kansas (someone has to take back home the message of how amazing "the city" is).

Baum's Oz shows that everyman can become a king if he pursues his own desires: thus, the Scarecrow is awarded leadership over the Emerald City, the Tinman leadership over inkie County, and the Cowardly Lion kingship over the forest. Each character, of course, rises to meet his own personal challenge -- but, nonetheless, these are clear examples of how the American Dream…

Works Cited

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Culture of Taiwan Sense of
Words: 1879 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 37564171
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Vegetarian food is easily found in Buddhist restaurants in big cities of Taiwan. Many people enjoy vegetarian food due to health or religious reasons since there is a strong connection between Buddhist religion and vegetarian food. Still only a very small portion of the entire population is totally vegetarian.

ecreational System

ecreation is important in Taiwanese society and it has become more vital since Taiwanese started getting higher income in 1980s (Moiz, Wu, p. 107). They enjoy life the way any modern society would like going to the movies, enjoying karaoke, meeting family and friends and spending time in the parks. Eating out is also one activity Taiwanese enjoy and shopping malls are normally immensely crowded on the weekends. The night markets in Taipei see huge crowds where all kind of exotic stuff is sold.


Taiwan is a growing nation which has made its mark on the world…

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There Are Three Places Where
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Since both individuals were seeking to improve
the circumstances, the question that begs to be asked is why did the male

"Male leaders received lower effectiveness ratings when expressing
sadness compared to neutrality, while female leaders received lower ratings
when expressing either sadness or anger" (Lewis, 2000, p. 221). Since
females are perceived in a different light, their emotions are also viewed
as being different as well. A response such as this does not make
cognitive sense, nor is it needs based, but it could be a fixed or a
learned behavior that would coincide with the fixed action theory.
Appealing to the audience from a needs basis might assist the young female
in achieving her goal, or she could benefit by taking a more dispassionate
approach in addressing the crowd. She could benefit from arousing the
students with application of a fixed action response especially from the

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Belonging to Family and Place in Peter
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Belonging to Family and Place

In Peter Skrzynecki's Poems and Rabbit-Proof Fence

Belonging is a powerful motivator, and can give people the strength to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. The sense of belonging derives from warmth, love, and protection by one's family or a place that one is attached to. e belong to our communities by virtue of memory, longstanding participation in the life of a place or a group of people (Ilcan 2002). As Skrzynecki's poetry so effectively demonstrates, we can even belong to places that do not exist anymore, and we can cherish a sense of belonging for a community that has changed radically or even ceased to be. The film Rabbit-Proof Fence also illustrates the power of belonging in the family and culture of origin even when one's culture is treated as alien and unwanted by the dominant population (Read 2000). Below, I will discuss some of the…

Works Cited

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Phaedo Socrates Asserts That the Physical Senses
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Phaedo, Socrates asserts that the physical senses are a distraction to acquired pure knowledge. What reasons does Socrates give to justify this assertion? Did you find Socrates' argument on this point convincing? Why or why not? Was there anything that you read in the Phaedo that you found especially interesting, or that you did not completely understand?

The best way that we can understand Socrates' reason for seeing the physical senses as distraction is by understanding his underlying philosophy of Forms. To Socrates, every physical and conceptual element was a Form that was merely a mirage of eth Ideal within. The Ideal was contained within the Form, but beyond it, and the physical packaging of the Form occluded it. True happiness and Love can never consist of physical manifestation; it is always alluding to something beyond it - to the true eudemonia which is genuine, authentic bliss which is contained…

Revelation Our Senses Are'so
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Calvin also taught that another way God begins to deal with a person to make him/her restless is knowledge.

Under the influence of the Spirit of God, a person is borne upward; traveling upward toward the knowledge of God. Conscience, as far as human understanding reaches, is a source which constitutes the unconditional starting point for the beginning of knowledge of God; for the revelation of Jesus Christ.

For Calvin, "revelation is not immediately revelation of Jesus Christ. But revelation of the harsh judgment of God, although this is certainly finally oriented to Christ."

Basically, Calvin did not have any revelation problem as the center of his theology. He began with the reality that a person is alienated from God, but that God seeks the individual out and entices him/her to a way in which community with God may be discovered again. Calvin argued sin has damaged human reason; that…

Fine a Private Place by
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In the case of olly Peacock's "Desire," the primal instinct of procreation lies in the separation of reason from feeling; in this context, desire becomes "but more raw / and blinder and younger and more divine, too, / than the tamed wild -- it's the drive for what is real, / deeper than the brain's detail: the drive to feel." (Desire: 11-14) Here, "what is real" is a metaphorical reference to the instinctual drive that supports and amplifies the feeling of desire; "the drive to feel" designates the innermost aspect of what makes us human.

olly Peacock's poem "Desire" focuses on the abstract notion of sexual desire, on what drives it and what its manifestations are. She does not provide an example - as in the case of Ackerman - of how sexual desire operates, and its ways of expression between two lovers but adopts the same theoretical standpoint on…

Molly Peacock's poem "Desire" focuses on the abstract notion of sexual desire, on what drives it and what its manifestations are. She does not provide an example - as in the case of Ackerman - of how sexual desire operates, and its ways of expression between two lovers but adopts the same theoretical standpoint on desire, in the sense that Peacock also sees it as a feeling whose existence is not influenced by education, language or times: "It is the blind instinct for life unruled" (Desire: 3). Peacock's approach to desire is less direct than in the case of Ackerman who reveals the most intimate and sexually charged mechanisms of desire. Peacock sees sexual desire, lust, as a combination of "visceral frankincense and animal myrrh" (Desire: 4) i.e. between reason and instinct, between the very aspect which separates humans from animals, and the animal instinct which lies in all of us. Ackerman does not aim at deconstructing the feeling of desire, but to illustrate it as vividly as possible. Her poem exudes a feeling of tranquility and peace which are enhanced to their fullest by the author.

Ackerman, Diane. A fine, a Private Place. Available online:

Peacock, Molly. Desire. Available online:

Change Management Kotter's Sequence Establishing a Sense
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Change Management

Kotter's sequence: establishing a sense urgency creating a guiding coalition.

Change management: Best Buy's successful adoption of change

Change management: Best Buy's successful adoption of change

It is said that change is constant and the one constant in economic life is change. But despite the 'predictability' of change, the phenomenon of change resistance is another 'constant' in organizations. John Kotter in his book Leading Change offers an eight-step prescription to fight against change resistance, to create a positive environment that fosters change. The efficacy of Kotter's eight steps can be seen in Best Buy and its shift a results-only system of valuing employee's contributions, which stands in stark contrast to its previous attempts to institute change.

Establish a sense of urgency

At Best Buy, before adopting a results-only work environment, the organization was a "ferociously face-time place" (Smashing the Clock, 2006, Business Week). Burnout and attrition of high-quality…


Kotter, J.P. (1996). Leading change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

Smashing the Clock. (2006) Business Week. Retrieved January 10, 2011 at

Carlzon Establishes a Strong Sense of Urgency
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Carlzon establishes a strong sense of urgency with his moves, and this was in evidence at both SAS and Linjeflyg. On his first day at the latter he called a meeting that included all employees from across the country. He also met quickly with employees at SAS after his posting and he outlined that there were going to be changes. His first order of business was actually to engage the employees in the change process, before the change process was even identified. In doing this, he encouraged the employees to become part of the process.

The second step was to quickly establish the market and competitive realities. Senior managers were quickly asked to provide assessments of the key customer groups and in doing so Carlzon was able to quickly identify the key issues. Strategies were then formed on the basis of these issues. The analysis was largely informal, which allowed…

Idealism Make Sense in Philosophy
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belief -- or idealism -- and the way humans must evolve through a process to become actualized. In essence, we are presented with a dark cave in which there are prisoners who have been chained since birth so they can look only forward. Behind these unfortunates is a fire, the only light in their universe. Behind the fire are people manipulating puppets so that shadows are cast on the walls. So, the only "reality" the prisoners know are the lessons from the shadows -- reality, or their view of idealism. If suddenly a prisoner is freed he notices that the shadows are not real, but the puppets are. Now imagine if this same prisoner is forced out of the cave and into the light. As soon as the pain from the brightness diminishes he discovers that the most real things, the ideal, are those physical outside of the cave (Huard,…


Haisch, B. (2007). Preface to the God Theory. Retrieved from: 

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Myanmar's place in the global garment business
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In the past few years, Myanmar has been one of the world's fastest-growing economies. This success has been the result of a new government under Aung San Suu Kyi, which has resulted in democratic reforms and a shift towards a more capitalist economy. Annual GDP growth rates in the past few years have been around 7%, which puts Myanmar in the top ten for GDP growth, but the country is still very poor, with a GDP per capita of $6300, ranked 163rd in the world. While several neighboring countries are global leaders in textiles, the industry is relatively nascent in Myanmar. Yet, clothing ranks as the #6 export earner for the country (CIA World Factbook, 2018). This paper will examine the current state of the clothing industry in Myanmar, and what this means for fashion merchandising.

The Economic Situation
When Myanmar was under military rule, even in Yangon, the…

Governmental Power Placed Above Personal Freedoms
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Patriot Act and current developments in the United States

In 2011, the PATIOT Sunsets Extension Act made possible the tracking of small businesses and corporate affairs that are on the territory of the United States. The applicability of this law can be seen in the most common working spaces and, thru this, the confidentiality of the information shared and traded via the Internet becomes a matter of the past. The Patriot Act is therefore an issue of concern and at the same time a matter of ensuring security for the population of the United States. However, it is important to consider the price in terms of privacy that both the average American as well as its international counterparts need to pay in order to obey by the Patriot Act and the necessity for safety.

There are several aspects to consider. The Internet as a means of communication, the privacy as…


Bier, William C.S.J. Privacy: A Vanishing Value? New York: Fordham University Press, 1980.

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Clean Well-Lighted Place Due to
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He briefly outlines the argument: at one point in the story, the older waiter says "She cut him down," referring to the old man's (a customer) niece. The disputed but of dialogue is a later line that according to convention would be attributed to the older waiter: "I know. You said she cut him down." In the one existing copy of the manuscript, this line appears to be a late addition, and some scholars believe that the publishers made an error in attribution. Smith counters this by claiming that "Hemingway read carefully whatever proofs he received of the publications in 1933" (Smith, 36). Smith then reveals that a typescript had recently surfaced which bridged the gap between penciled manuscript and published page, and that this typescript also attributes the line to the older waiter, exonerating the publishers (Smith, 38). He becomes embroiled in a reflection on who could possibly have…

Domestic Violence No Place Like
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What appears to explain their shared high rates of violent behavior is their increased interpersonal dependency. They are socially withdrawn and entertain a negative view of themselves. These difficulties with trust are common in the two disorders. They are thus more personally dependent on their partners. Furthermore, veterans with a major physical health problem are likelier to commit domestic violence than the other veterans surveyed. The physical problem tends to increase their irritability and dependence on their partners. Other studies found this characteristic high partner-specific dependency among physically abusive men who exhibit personal inadequacy, low social self-confidence and increased reliance on those nearest them. Many of these physically abusive men greatly fear abandonment and are anxiously attached. They are thus hypersensitive to rejection and often show anger in their intimate relationships. Veterans often display excessive coercion to which the partners respond by distancing themselves. The veterans' fear and dependencies can…


Blasko, K. et al. (2007). Therapists' prototypical assessment of domestic violence Situations. 13 pages. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy: Blackwell Publishing

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If Maintaining the Integrity of the Environment Is Good Business Sense
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Tourism vs. The Environment

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. In fact, it is believed that tourism will grow at approximately four percent per year through the year 2010. Tourism is usually good for the economy but is it is not always good for the environment. Mankind does have a way of messing up whatever we touch. Whenever something is taken out of its natural environment and placed elsewhere, there is an effect on something. Hikers generally stay on paths. Every so often a hiker just must have a photograph of a flower in the middle of a field and trounces off to get it. In doing so, rare vegetation might be killed. Destroyed vegetation, air pollution, water pollution and refuge are just a few of the problems irritated by tourism.

Sprawl is - no pun intended - a growing problem. In Lancaster ounty, Pennsylvania, sprawl and relative…

Campbell, page 4.

Lindberg, page 11/

Sierra Club sues state of Hawaii before it funds tourism," Retrieved 4 November 2002.

Future of a Place Strangling
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Putin reiterated that ussia does not consider Hamas a terrorist organization, and urged the global community to work with a Hamas-led Palestinian government.

"Hamas has arrived at the doors of power through legitimate elections," Putin said. "We must respect the Palestinian people and we have to look for solutions for the Palestinian people, for the international community, and also for Israel. Contacts with Hamas must continue," he added. (Hamas not a terror organization)

The leaders of Hamas have some chance to make an alliance with Israeli leaders that would allow them to gain an unencumbered claim to some territory and gain some support from Western leaders. There has been some attempt to do this. In 2008, former President Jimmy Carter worked with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal to reach an agreement that Hamas would agree to a truce with Israel if and when the Palestinian people agreed to a Palestinian…


Ayyash, M. (2010). Hamas and the Israeli state: A 'violent dialogue'. European journal of international relations 16 (1): 103-123.

Carter Says Hamas and Syria Are Open for Peace. (22 April 2008). New York times.

Hamas covenant. Retrieved 15 March 2010 from 

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Retrieved 16 March 2010 from,7340,L-3213707,00.html

Creation Mythology and Man's Place
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Zeus himself, though now king of the gods, is the child of other gods who are themselves children of still greater gods -- Gaia or Mother Earth among them. Most significant for our purposes here is the fact that Zeus created four other races of man before he got to ours, meaning that again man (especially in his current form) was the last in a long line o creative outbursts. Certain other portions of the Greek creation myth necessitate the creation of animals prior to the creation of the current race of man for procreative purposes, meaning that modern man was most certainly the last species to be created according to this myth. What this says about Man's relation the animals is somewhat more obscure.

Similarities in Man's Position

Both the Greek and the Biblical creation myths leave a certain ambiguity concerning Man's relation to the animals. In the Biblical…

Special Place Significant Location Without
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We would arrive there around dusk, and walk along the beach till the last of the fishermen had disappeared. Then we would head to the end of the pier, just to talk about life. Every once in a while we would see boats off in the distance, and we would make up wild stories about the adventures that the people on the boats were having. One time, a fisherman had left something tied to the pier, and we were horrified to pull it up and find a baby hammerhead shark on the line, eaten up by other animals, a huge crab still attached to it as we pulled it up. Another time, we headed there during a storm, in retrospect, a very dangerous and stupid thing to do. The waves crashed high against the pier, and we could actually feel it sway beneath us. We were full of dangerous behavior…

Interview Took Place With Abigail
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Like there are some things I want to say but I have to think of them in Hebrew then in my mind think of it in English to see if it makes any sense.

Q. Do you have any regrets moving to the United States?

A. egrets aww... Maybe one, if regret leaving my pets behind. I had a lovely puppy her name was Sarah. I feel as though I lost part of the family. I have never seen a dog like that. Any way we can't have dogs were we live so I have lost that part of my life. Other than that I have no regrets. I really love living here.


Baskin, Judith . And Seeskin, Kenneth (2010). The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History,

eligion, and Culture (Comprehensive Surveys of eligion). N.Y. New York: Cambridge

The Best Places to Live in Israel. (2010). etrieved from…


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Religion, and Culture (Comprehensive Surveys of Religion). N.Y. New York: Cambridge

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Changes Taking Place Within the Area of
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changes taking place within the area of juvenile justice are being implemented in sporadic and inconsistent ways. There seem to be two distinct directions within the realm of juvenile criminal justice. One view presents juvenile justice as necessitating rehabilitation, crime prevention, and psychological intervention; whereas the other view takes a "tough on crime" approach by treating juveniles as adults and applying punitive methods. Evidence related to juvenile justice is unfortunately as contradictory as the policies and practices used to respond to adolescent deviance. Therefore, it is important to take a more localized approach and also to treat each case individually.

Response 2: This post highlights the importance of developmental psychology to influencing juvenile justice policy, and criminal justice policy in general. For example, it is important to remember that before the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974, juveniles were not treated differently than adults. They were tried as…

Analyzing a Motivation Plan for My Place of Employment
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Motivation Plan for My Place of Employment

Organizational Issue

With the opening of a competitor store across the street, my store started to lose its clients along with the employees because of several issues. Several employees attributed this move to lack of satisfaction and motion sufficient enough to continue working in the store. Furthermore, they were not given enough opportunities to exploit their potential to the maximum and that they were stuck where they have been working, in the same position, since they started working in the store. They also complained that they lacked a sense of belonging with the store even after working there for so many years and that the conditions were just not right. The sales were also going down due to the new competitor and that was a worrying point for the business. Therefore, it was time to come up with a motivational plan that would…


Borkowski, N. (2005, September 03). Content Theories of Motivation. Retrieved from 

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Special Identifications in History Person Event Place
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Special Identifications in History; Person, Event and Place

Transition from New Amsterdam to New York (1664)

New York City is located right at the mouth of the Hudson iver. The first European power to visit New York was the Dutch in 1624. The land caught the attention of the administration in Netherlands. The Dutch West India Company hoped to explore the region's fur trade. Peter Minuit purchased a major real estate. Peter traded trinkets with natives for the island of Manhattan in 1626. A new town was set up there and was called New Amsterdam. The colony sought to enrich the stockholders from the Netherlands. The first governor of New Amsterdam (Peter Stuyvesant) ruled it with decree and dictatorship. The Dutch West India Company thrived in slave trade.

The English focused their eyes on the Dutch holding after Charles II assumed the throne. Charles gave the land to his brother…


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Hemingway a Profound Sense of
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Moreover, the girl changes the subject quickly to having another beer.

While the man in the story remains utterly insensitive to his girlfriend, her state of mind is less clear. On the one hand, her self-esteem seems dreadfully low. She repeats, "I don't care about me," and she asks the man if getting the operation will make him happy. When she states, "I don't care about me," she could also mean "I care about you more," but she never says that." She utters the finishing lines of the story: "I feel fine...There's nothing wrong with me. I feel fine." Her words most likely indicate her further suppression of her anger and true feelings. However, the girl might also have come to a decision about ending their relationship. It is entirely possible that her hill-gazing has inspired her to make major changes in her life. After all, the open-ended story does…

Eagle Man Creating a Sense
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Here too color has often failed. When its use is overdone, when the colors chosen are too bright, the combinations too "dramatic," the effect may be wholly out of place, and the observer may actually be distracted from his tasks or made uncomfortable in his environment. (Birren, 1961, p. 256)

The also staff decorates for every holiday, as part of our expression of the clinic as a place not unlike home. (Perkins & Giese, 1994, p.60)

As a health care provider, the clinic must also make special concessions to biomedical hazards. We are currently very vigilant in the manner of cleanliness of our facility as well as the special care given to make sure that any biohazard material is dealt with in such a manner that no one can be further affected by it. We also do these things in a consciously environmentally friendly way, utilizing a cleaning service that…


Birren, F. (1961). Color Psychology and Color Therapy: A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books.

Fox, D.M., & Ludden, J.M. (1998). Living but Not Dying by the Market: Recent Changes in Health Care. Daedalus, 127(4), 137.

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Heirich, M. (1998). Rethinking Health Care: Innovation and Change in America. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Phantom Tollbooth in a Sense
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None of this would have been possible had Milo not passed through the phantom tollbooth.

2. I may not have entered a toy tollbooth into another land but many of my life experienced parallel Milo's. Like Milo, too, I have not undergone a singular transformation of character but have accumulated a series of life experiences that together contribute to changes of character. For instance, when I was in school I played sports and was talented enough to be one of the assistant captains. Because I was shy, however, I rarely emerged as a team leader until the day our captain fell ill with mononucleosis and would not be in school for three weeks. The coach surprised me in front of the whole team by naming me as the replacement captain. I assumed my teammates would be disappointed that the other assistant was passed up. What happened absolutely startled me: the…

Social Policy Human Services Making Sense of
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Social Policy

Human Services

Making Sense of Social Policy: Why Social Policy Affects Everyone

Social policy is a rather vague term because the word 'social' can have different meanings for different people (Human Services 311, p. 1). Social policies, in and of themselves, affect individuals at different stages in their lives. They also cover quite a broad range of issues -- ranging from children's issues, family and work issues -- such as retirement/pension policies and unemployment (i.e., social benefits), as well as policies regarding the physically disabled. Perhaps this is the reason that many seem so baffled about the term 'social policy' and what it specifically refers to. There really isn't anything confusing, however, about the term. Social policy can really be thought of simply as a study that has to do with the people's welfare. But to clarify, social policy isn't merely about making people happy, but it is…


Canadian Council of Chief Executives. (2011). Issues. Accessed on 7 December 2011 

Human Services 311. (2011). Unit 4. Values and Policy-Making: The What and Who of Social

Policy and Its Definition. Human services 311.

Christianity and Its Place in the Greco Roman World
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Narrative of an Episode From My Travels With Paul

As a traveling companion of Paul, I have seen a number of marvels and the way in which the Christian faith of the Apostle challenges the boundaries between cultures and societies. For example, in Greece, I have seen Paul mix and mingle with Jews, with those baptized by John (and then baptized in the spirit of Christ by Paul),[footnoteRef:1] with Romans, and with every other possible number and variety of inhabitant in the islands. Paul could relate to many because his mission and view were such that he saw himself connected to everyone, even the living and the dead. I mention these latter because even a tombstone of a young girl, depicting her innocence as she holds a dove, could elicit from Paul such reverence and appreciation and praise that you would think he had personally known that girl.[footnoteRef:2] In such…


The Bear Hunt. A Mosaic at Getty Villa.

"Marble Relief with a Young Girl Holding Doves." Getty. Web. 20 Apr 2016.

New Testament. BibleHub. Web. 20 Apr 2016.

Roman Mosaics Across the Empire. Getty. Web. 20 Apr 2016.

Finding a Place to Learn and Love in a New Culture
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Poet Li-Young Lee has written a noteworthy poem called "Persimmons," published in 1986 in a collection of poems called Rose. The poem gives the reader a serious glance into part of the life of a second-generation Asian-American who encountered troubling cultural challenges along the way. The poem speaks to how Asian-Americans were treated and were misunderstood during the time Lee lived in Pennsylvania. It also speaks to the difficulty of language for a newcomer to English and to the United States. The point-of-view is presented by a creative person who wishes to expose life's push and pull, life's unfairness, juxtaposed with life's sweetness (as symbolized with the sweet meat of the persimmon) from the time he was in 6th grade through adulthood. Thesis: the principal theme in this poem is not just personal from the perspective of Lee; it is universal and it has happened to people from Ireland,…

Works Cited

Lee, Li-Young. "Persimmons." The Poetry Foundation. Retrieved December 4, 2015, from . 1986

Dollar Game a Tool for Promoting Number Sense Among Kindergartners
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college mathematics instructor Holly Hoover writes about an instructional technique to introduce kindergarten children to math. Calling the method the "Dollar Game," Hoover suggests turning the math learning experience into an educational game with children grouped together. The Dollar Game itself requires only a number cube, several pennies, one dollar bill per player, one person to serve as a banker and one 8.5 by 11-inch "game mat."

The first step is to group the children together. Hoover suggests that four players are an ideal number, excluding the banker. The "banker" could be the teacher, a volunteer parent or even an elementary or high school student who is working as a teacher's aide.

First, the banker gives each child the same number of pennies. The banker then prepares the "game mat," which is divided into three columns that are labeled "dollars," "dimes" and "pennies." Any piece of paper could be used…

Woman in a Bad Place
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Clare merely has the appearance of a working man, just as Tess merely has the appearance of a maiden in white: "His aspect was probably as un-Sabbatarian a one as a dogmatic parson's son often presented; his attire being his dairy clothes, long wading boots, a cabbage-leaf inside his hat to keep his head cool, with a thistle-spud to finish him off"(Chapter 23). But the surface appearance of change, either of clothing for Clare, or temporarily of location for Tess cannot fundamentally change society.

Tess ends as she began -- in a primitive ritual, covered with the blood of Alec, the man who destroyed her life and chastity, before Stonehenge. And she is accompanied by a man who also destroyed her life by breaking her heart. One man ignored conventional morality, or obeyed the conventional morality that said a lord has a right to his servants. One man obeyed conventional…

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Sociology in Work Place Alienation
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Bureaucratic structures become "iron cages" because as society becomes more rational thus more just and fair, there is also a greater sense of specialization and impersonalization. The individual is no longer a viable entity and emotion and sentiment are not part of the decision making process (itzer 2004). In highly bureaucratic organizations there is no room for "custom made" decision making. All parties are trapped in this unfeeling, uncaring set of rules and regulations that determine how and what decisions should be made. It is an iron cage because the system is cold, unfeeling and uncaring. The main question is; what does the policy say? Effectively we cease to be human and function in a mechanical, logical manner.

Bureaucracies are highly efficient because systems are they are goal oriented. Everything within the system is structured to achieving the outlined goals. Additionally, processes are streamlined so that deviations that would introduce…


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Mcdonald's Positioning Places
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MCD Positioning

The product positioning map for McDonalds is as follows. Positioning maps are important to understand how consumers perceive a given product/service offering in terms of two key variables (iley, 2012). In quick service, the main dynamics are price and quality. By definition, this industry is defined by an element of price competition, but consumers also realize that there are tradeoffs with respect to quality. McDonalds has a very good reputation for quality, at least among consumers of fast food, but is not seen to occupy the very high end of the business. For example, Starbucks and Five Guys have what is essentially ultra-premium positioning within this market. Those companies therefore enjoy success on the basis of that positioning. In general, however, the firms that occupy the high/high corner of the positioning map are in a good position, because the tradeoff is obvious to consumers. This is why most…


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Explicating Religion's Place in Society
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Based on Young's discussion in chapter 1 of The World's eligions, religion has been understood and described primarily as a way for man to contextualize his existence and to reconcile that with the notion of a higher power. There are also certain basic things that virtually all religions do, such as provide answers to questions concerning how the world was created, what man's role is in it, and what fate awaits man after his physical demise. In this sense, religion merely provides answers to many of the questions that man might have regarding the cosmos and the place of man within a larger, more universal existence. Thus, I believe that it is accurate to define or describe religion or the sacred as man's organized interpretation of questions of a divinity and man's existence. That which man holds sacred is largely that which religion considers sacred. There are a lot…


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Marshall Mcluhan Media and the
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As media continues to evolve so too will mankind and the manner in which society creates social order and reconstruct its relationship between the physical, mental and social. The media is as much an extension of the human senses as it is an extension of technology that enables better information flow, creation of situational behaviors and a form through which social roles can be understood and interpreted (Meyrowitz, 1985). Through the media mankind has discovered a method for transmitting, disseminating, interpreting and receiving social information. This in turn helps mankind creates his own unique identity from which he can operate and live.


All forms of media are nothing more than an extension of the human senses, a tool or medium if you will through which mankind defines, interprets and accepts or refutes certain social roles and social order. The media provides an outlet through which sensory experiences can be…


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