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Physical Attractiveness Stereotypes Self Esteem Threat
Words: 1753 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 82492467
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1. Westfall, R. S., Millar, M. & Walsh, M. (2019). Effects of self-esteem threat on physical attractiveness stereotypes. Psychological Reports, 123(6), 2551-2561.

This study seeks to demonstrate how attributions of physical attractiveness are moderated by an individual’s self-esteem. The authors apply an episodic memory task. A total of participants 117 participants (48 men and 69 women) drawn from an institution of higher learning in southwestern U.S were recruited using an electronic-signup approach. The researchers hypothesized that individuals facing a threat on self-esteem were more reliant on stereotyping. To test this hypothesis, participants were assigned to either the high-esteem condition or the low self-esteem condition as the priming task and asked to remember and record any instance in the past where they had accomplished a goal of great relevance to them (with those assigned the low self-esteem condition being given the additional task of indicating an instance when they had failed…