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Sex Crimes

Sexual crimes have certainly among those that cause the strongest reaction in the population. The feeling of revolt is also generally more intense when discussing issues related to sexual crimes against children. (Pithers and Gray 1998) Society is demanding and harsher penalties for those responsible for these crimes and their crimes are seen as particularly repulsive, even to other criminals. The severity assigned to these crimes can be illustrated by the often violent behavior of inmates against sexual offenders incarcerated as well as by the hostility expressed by the population.

It seems, moreover, that homosexual pedophiles are particularly reviled and punished more severely. Thus, Ryan (1997) observed that men who were convicted of sexual assaults against female children receive sentences less severe than those who committed the same offenses against male children, which could make these criminals the most "hated" all kinds of crimes combined. It was not that long ago, it was believed that child sexual abuse represented a rare phenomenon that does not deserve all the attention that he is today. Sex offenders, although judged severely, causing a stir also less widespread in the population. (Pithers and Gray 1998)

Research conducted in recent decades and the greater openness shown to the victims of these crimes makes these phenomenon major contemporary social issues (Becker, 1997). Several issues related to sexual abuse researchers want today. Thus, we now know more about the prevalence of these crimes, their consequences for victims, and even the causes of sexual deviance.

Such as sexual abuse are generally perceived as the actions of men at the expense of female victims, the vast majority of research conducted on the prevalence of sexual abuse of women as subjects. Often, the possibility that boys or men can be victims is not mentioned. We now know that men can be victims of various types of sexual abuse that we speak of rape (Pithers and Gray 1998), incest (eg, Bourke and Donohue 1996) or aggression outside the family (eg, Ryan 1997). In addition, the rate of victimization of male children seems to have been underestimated in the past. Some studies indicate that the number of male victims of sexual abuse may even exceed the number of girls. For example, Ryan (1997) has applied to sex offenders to identify the sex of their victims and their approximate number. The results indicate that extra familial offenders kill more people in boys than in girls. In short, male victims are often, though less and less, neglected, both by research by organizations that provide assistance to victims of sexual abuse (Weinrott et al. 1997).


In sociology, we classify three types of families, composed of members who live together:

Marriage, composed of / the parents and / their / their children

Monogamous, when there are only two parents (the most widespread, especially in urban areas)

Polygyny, when there is a distinction between the natural mother and other women belonging to his kin group and one father

Polyandry, when there is a distinction between natural parent and the other men belonging to the kin group and a single mother

Polygynandry, or group marriage, when there are more mothers and fathers living

Inbred, synonymous with extended family, composed of parents, their families of origin and their descendants

Single-parent, consisting of a single parent and his children, created or adopted.

The absence of both parents in the household is not systematically associated with more risky sexual behavior. Age at first sexual intercourse is significantly associated with others indicators of sexual behavior of boys and of girls. An early first sexual intercourse (before 14 years) is associated with a greater likelihood of several subsequent more risky sexual behaviors. (Thomas 2000) However, it is less likely to be associated with more sexual partners. The findings lead to recommendations for sexual and reproductive health policies and programs. In Burkina Faso, the priority of future actions should aim at rising of parents' and guardians' awareness for the


Extra-familial social institutions, such as school, should contribute to support parents', guardians' and family members' effort. (Weinrott et al. 1997) A combined strategy of postponing first sexual intercourse and improving sexual education could contribute to protecting sexual and reproductive health in adolescence.


For pedophile inclined people like the show in sexual relations with children, who, however, usually refers to the fact that one's sexual maturity has not yet occurred. Paedophilia is incidentally one of the paraphilias, which was the ancient Greeks or the Romans "maintained" extensively and in those days was entirely normal. This is normal but died out long ago and both socially and legally garnished and absolutely proscribed.

Since pedophiles contact with their sexual preference neither to children who are unable to neither mentally nor physically to defend against sexual acts, these shows as a paraphilia of the most serious among the paraphilias. Pedophiles even see her hang mostly as a "loving relationship with the child" and therefore hardly disturbed when, why and hardly go someone voluntarily in a therapeutic treatment. (Thomas 2000)

Triggers feminine pedophilia may be separation, abandonment, loss. From the role of "passive" victim and saw that the subject-not having a social and economic autonomy until a few decades ago and then had to hide this aspect of the wicked woman tries ransom and thus its own allegations in "active" role, thanks to the social revolution that makes it so 'free and independent. (Weinrott et al. 1997) However, they could hardly take advantage of organized infrastructure to serve them as male pedophiles; they are forced to approach the kids on the street and to travel without the protection of a comprehensive network of agencies. (Pithers and Gray 1998)

The North American women are addressed, for the most part, to the Caribbean, while the European countries from rich Westerners prefer destinations such as Morocco, Tunisia and Kenya and for most destinations' distant Jamaica and Brazil.


The ephebophilia, also known as hebephilia is the condition in which adults experience sexual attraction to adolescents who are past puberty. The attraction to young women whose physical corresponds rather to a pre-teen (girl, puberty or prepubertal) is known as Lolita complex. By definition, these terms are not synonymous with pedophilia. However, in Western countries has often used the word pedophilia to refer to when it is illegal ephebophilia, or referring to sexual attraction towards any person whose age is less than the age of sexual consent. (Pithers and Gray 1998)

Because each culture and defines a state age of consent different minimum, the illegality of the term is complex. For example, Orthodox Judaism is considered a man or woman is free to marry from 12 or 13, once the Bnei Mitzvah, however currently the Jewish population generally celebrated marriages under the laws in force in each country. In different nations Muslim marriage is also common among teens or adults and adolescents. (Thomas 2000)

Because vary from one country to establish standards for the minimum age that a teen can have sex with an adult volunteer, the ephebophilia is not a standardized concept, so for example, in Argentina and Spain are 13 years minimum age of sexual majority, while in Chile is 14 years in Costa Rica 15 years, and in Mexico depends on state law. In addition, some countries set different ages of consent for relations heterosexuals and for homosexuals. Specifically, in almost every country in Latin America it is legal to have sex with teen volunteers where not involving prostitution, violence or abuse ranging from 13 to 15 years.

In the U.S. The age of consent varies, depending on the States, between 16 and 18 years.

Even in jurisdictions where it is illegal to have sex with children under 18 years if Erikson's concept of adolescence is considered correct, covering adolescence between 12 and 21 years, even in these places would be legal to have sex with teenagers in their later stage (18 to 21 years). (Pithers and Gray 1998)

In short, the ephebophilia is not illegal in most countries of the world, but is regulated by local laws. While the therapist Karen Franklin ephebophilia believes that sexual preference is a natural and a large majority of adult men are attracted to teenage girls, so can not be equated with pedophilia, which is clearly a sexual disorder others such as Ray Blanchard ephebophilia believe that should be included within sexual disorders in the DSM-V.

Pedophilia is a multifactorial trait in the personality of the sufferer, and is composed of mental, institutional, activity, sex education, violence, control of drives, etc. In this sense, we generally distinguish between two types of pedophilia, a primary or essential, deeply rooted in the subject, and a secondary (or other), which appear motivated by situational factors. (Thomas 2000)

Moreover, in certain cases where the relationship between the pedophile and the child continues over time, there may be adult by a real love affair with that person that he considers his young partner,…

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