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Sleep Essays (Examples)

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Sharing Nighttime Wake Up Duties
Words: 359 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70769674
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Experiential Learning Activity
Parents with newborn babies usually get less hours of sleep because of the demands of the baby. While I have always known that this is a reality to many new parents, I have never known what it actually feels like to be in their shoes. This experiential learning activity has provided me an opportunity to have first-hand experience of what it entails to be a parent of a newborn baby with regards to night time waking up. As one who likes to have interrupted sleep, having to wake every three hours at night was a really difficult experience for me. When the alarm went off the first time i.e. at 1:00am, it was relatively easy for me to wake up. However, the experience became more difficult way into the night as I struggled to wake up. For instance, it was harder to wake up at 4:00am than…

America Slept The Failure to
Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67165812
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It is amazing to read how many times key terrorists literally fell through the fingers of investigators, and even after they had them, they allowed key information to go undetected or ignored. Even worse, it illustrates how deeply entrenched bin Laden was in terrorist activities. The groups he sponsored participated in Somalia at the time the U.S. angers were losing 18 of their men in the "Black Hawk Down" incidents, and became convinced America was simply a weak, "paper tiger" (Posner 52). Sadly, it seems now that he may have been right about many of his ideas about the American government and terrorism.

Even more troubling are the accounts of people who really understood the dangers America faced, but were ignored. It seems there was so much infighting between the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies, that many high officials could not be bothered listening to the concerns of some…


Posner, Gerald. Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11. New York: Random House, 2003.

Restless Leg Syndrome Is Found
Words: 351 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61583215
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At best, LS is considered a puzzling problem which leads to an "overwhelming need to move the leg to relieve the discomfort." There is no pain involved and hence patients can be cured with simple changes in diet. Vitamin supplements can help especially ones with folic acid and iron. It can also be treated with some herbs, leg massage or simple yoga exercises. Where it is not a neurological disorder, LS is not a cause of concern. It can come and go and may not even be a cause of major sleep problems unless it becomes persistent. LS is fairly common as one in twenty persons will experience some form of LS.


David Hoffman, Healthy Bones & Joints: A Natural Approach to Treating Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendinitis, Myalgia & Bursitis. Storey Publishing, LLC; (July 15, 2000)

Phyllis a. Balch. Prescription for Herbal Healing: An Easy-to-Use a-Z eference to Hundreds of…


David Hoffman, Healthy Bones & Joints: A Natural Approach to Treating Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendinitis, Myalgia & Bursitis. Storey Publishing, LLC; (July 15, 2000)

Phyllis a. Balch. Prescription for Herbal Healing: An Easy-to-Use a-Z Reference to Hundreds of Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies. Avery Trade (January 10, 2002)

Hoffman, p. 56

Balch, p. 390

Gerontological & Griatric Nursing Nursing Paper-Gerontological &
Words: 1693 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9956260
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Nursing Paper-Gerontological & Griatric Nursing

End of Life Issues and the Elderly

(2) "Identify and discuss the role of the nurse in providing family centred care to an elderly client who is palliative and living at home with his/her spouse or another family member."

Palliative care is an approach to provide a coordinated medical, nursing, and allied health service to address the patient's physical, social emotional and spiritual needs for people with progressive incurable illness. Palliative care seeks to deliver allied health service within the environment of person's choice to improve quality of life for both an ill person and the family or friends. In the United States, Europe and other part of the world, number of people reaching the advanced age and having the need of specialities for the management of pain control continues to increase. (oyal College of Nursing, 2004).

Meanwhile, a nurse plays…


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Male Without Female in the Classic Films
Words: 2048 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13490103
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Male ithout Female

In the classic films of the 1940s and 1950s, filmmakers tended to use very strict representations of gender in their characters. omen could be either virgins or tramps and men could be either heroes or villains. There was very little transgression of the stereotypical boundaries of character. Society as a whole during this period was heavily masculine. Men made up the executives and the politicians and of course the majority of the powerful filmmakers. Consequentially, the perspective of most films and literature of the era was decidedly masculine. Female characters were heavily marginalized and forced into one of the two categories listed above. In two works from the period, The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon, the women characters are portrayed as useless or as venomous and evil. Some scholars have speculated that the reason behind such portrayals is the basic male fantasy which is a world…

Works Cited:

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Narrative in Wall Street Money
Words: 1290 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88430917
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innie exerts an opposite influence by recalling to Jake the necessity of being a good, moral person if he wishes to keep her in his life. Even the baby that innie is carrying plays a part in Jake's need: he uses the baby as leverage to win back the money that Gordon has pilfered from him and innie. The baby is "time," and "time" is what Gordon really values. Jake offers Gordon the opportunity to make right with innie by donating the $100 million from the trust fund to the charity that Jake and innie support. By helping Gordon make right, Jake buys himself an "in" with innie, and Gordon is there to insist that the two give their relationship another try.

Prior to this happy reunion, however, Jake suffers his lowest moment in the film. That moment comes as a consequence of the false solution provided at the end…

Works Cited

Stone, Oliver, dir. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. LA: 20th Century Fox.

Etiology and Treatment of a Psychological Disorder
Words: 2917 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83230922
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Individual Programmatic Assessment


Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome is a form of a psychological disorder also called Irregular Sleep-Wake hythm. People with Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome have non-aligned sleep times. These people have sleeping patterns that do not adhere to the "normal" times of sleeping at night. The sleeping patterns are disorganized to a magnitude that one cannot tell the presence of a clear sleep or wake pattern. Such people have a tendency to sleep off on some naps over a 24-hour period. The sleep patterns have been split into pieces. They behave like infants who sleep for a few hours, wake up for some other few hours, and also sleep off for some few hours, with the cycle repeating with no clear sequence. During the day, the number of sleep times may be high since they like napping a lot. During the night, they seem to…


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Invention and Summarize the Significance of the
Words: 1156 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42977589
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Invention and Summarize the Significance of the Underlying Technology Innovation

The device titled the Thornton Adjustable Positioner or TAP is an oral/dental device worn in the patient's mouth during sleep to move the lower jaw slightly forward to create an open airway for proper breathing while sleeping. The device or some like them have been previously tried on minor sleep disturbances such as snoring, yet, their efficacy has been unknown for more serious problems such as mild to severe sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, a disorder that creates oxygen deprivation during sleep and can moderately to severely affect the health of the individual first by depriving the individual of restful sleep and in more severe cases by creating oxygen deprivation that can lead to other chronic diseases or even acute death from asphyxia.

Up to this point the most commonly prescribed device for sleep apnea is a device that forces oxygen…


University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (2009, February 4). Small Device Helps Sleep Apnea Sufferers In A Big Way.

Behrens and Rosens 2002 Have an Entire
Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48345369
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Behrens and Rosens (2002) have an entire discussion pertaining to the effects of sleep deprivation on adolescents. College students, actually, routinely deprive themselves of sleep as does the American nation in general (Weiten, 184) mainly in the hope and mistaken belief that they can achieve more in their life this way. According to Dumer and Dinges (2005), in fact, approximately 20% of adults are routinely sleep deprived.

cientific research on sleep, actually, presents something of a paradox since, whilst on the one hand, it indicates that sleep deprivation is not as detrimental as one might expect, on the other hand, evidence seems to indicate that sleep deprivation may be a major social problem, undermining efficacy in school and academic achievement, contributing to countless accidents, and negatively impacting an adolescent's life in various aspects.

The level of seriousness of the effects of partial sleep deprivation depends on the amount of sleep…


Behrens, L. & Rosens, L.J. Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. NY: Longman Pub., 2002.

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Self-Change Project- Bedtime Prior to
Words: 1380 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92199437
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An alarm was set each night signaling the self-agreed upon time for bed. I explained to friends and family that this was an important behavioral change in my life, as well as an academic exercise, and asked for their support. The process of self-change by using consciousness raising and reevaluation of goals and behavior were also an important part of the motivation for this study. I followed the prescribed agreement for a three-week period, realizing that I would need a few days at several levels in order to be successful (See Appendix B). At the end of three weeks my quality sleep averaged above 7.5 hours, thus increasing the basal measurement by 50% (from 5.0 hours to 7.5 hours).

Discussion- the intervention was a success and there was a clear set of lifestyle and behavioral changes that were made. General feelings of self-worth, sense of direction, and contentment/happiness with the…

Cited in:

Cukrowicz Kelly C Otamendi Ainhoa
Words: 982 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 80571701
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Researchers used standard sleep questionnaires to assess sleep problems and characteristics in ADHD (n = 122) and non-ADHD (n = 105) comparison youths. They concluded that ADHD may be one of the consequence of nightmares but is not an outcome of it.

This study is valuable to my study in that it teaches me to be skeptical regarding differentiating between outcome and cause.


StRanjbaran, Z., Keefer, L., Farhadi, a., Stepanski, E., Sedghi, S. And Keshavarzian, a. (2007), Impact of sleep disturbances in inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 22: 1748 -- 1753.

Study showed that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients have significant sleep disturbance even when their disease is not active. This problem might affect quality of life, gastrointestinal symptoms and coping ability, and might potentially increase or decrease disease severity. A self-administered, mail-in questionnaire package was sent to 205 subjects using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index…

States of Consciousness
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7324872
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The term consciousness has been defined as "mental awareness of sensations, perceptions, memories, and feelings" (Brown, et al. 2003, p. 166). Most human beings live in three states of consciousness: waking, sleeping, and dreaming. Two other states of consciousness, meditation and drug-altered consciousness, can be induced. This essay will explore these five states further and will conclude with a discussion on their psychological relevance.


Most of our lives are spent in waking consciousness, that is, a state of clear and organized alertness (Brown, et al., 2003). When we are awake, our perception of time, places, and events are real and often accurate. An electroencephalograph (EEG), a device that monitors the electrical activity of the brain, reveals that a person in the waking state has low-amplitude brain wave patterns that are fast and irregular.


Contrary to popular beliefs, sleep does involve some awareness (Lindsay et al., 2004). The…


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Belton, CA: Wadsworth.

Brown, P., Coon, D., Malik, R., & McKenzie, S. (2003). Psychology: a journey. Scarborough,

ON: Thompson Nelson.

Evolution Have Enabled Blind Mole
Words: 854 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69750520
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For example, if one was travelling from Seattle to New York City and the flight arrived at 5pm New York Time the person's internal clock would still be registering 2pm. If the person wanted to be asleep around 11pm, then they should take the melatonin at about 8-830pm. If that same person flew from Seattle to Hawaii, and they arrived at 7pm, their internal clock would register 10pm; so they would still want to take melatonin based on the time they want to sleep in the local area.

3. When cats are deprived of REM sleep, longer periods of deprivation -- up to about 25 days -- are associated with greater rebound of REM when they can sleep uninterrupted. However, REM deprivation for more than 25 days produces no additional rebound. Speculate on a possible explanation. (Hint: Consider what happens to PGO waves during REM deprivation.)

REM sleep, or Rapid…

Wallace C Robins J Alvord L Walker
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86884123
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Wallace C., obins J., Alvord L, Walker J. The effects of earplugs on sleep measures during exposure to simulated intensive care unit noise. American Journal of Critical Care 8, 4:210-219.

Six paid volunteers (self-selected) were tested on five 8-hour periods, at 7-day intervals. The first three nights were quiet. The subsequent nights the subjects were given earplugs, and they were subject to simulated ICU noise. The study found that where elevated noise levels produced more awakenings, and rapid eye movement latency, the earplugs were effective in allowing the patients to reduce EM latency and increase the % of EM sleep. The authors note that the sample size was small, a key limitation.

Scotto C., McClusky C., Spillan S., Kimmel J. Earplugs improve patients' subjective experience of sleep in critical care. Nursing in Critical Care 14, 4: 180-184.

The study had 88 participants (49 intervention, 39 control). The subjects were admitted…


Mashayekhi F, Arab M., Abazari F., Rafati F., Rafiei H. The effects of earplug on perception of sleep in patients of coronary care unit (CCU) educators. Middle East Journal of Nursing 7,5:3-7

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Van Rompaey B., Elseviers M., Van Drom W., Fromont V., Jorens, P. The effect of earplugs during the night on the onset of delirium and sleep perception: a randomized controlled trial in intensive care patients. Critical Care 2012, 16:R73-R82

Should Napping be Included in Daily Work Regime
Words: 1584 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 14127406
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Napping, should it be a part of a daily work regime?

The business world is full of leaders, innovators, and people looking to beat the competition. If someone came and said there was a way to help employees be more productive at no cost to the employer would anyone believe it? The answer is, yes. It has been scientifically proven that naps allow people to achieve more at work or at any mentally challenging task. Should all companies allow napping during work time? Additionally, why do Americans, in contrast to other modern countries, find it so difficult or odd to nap during the day?

It is hard to say because some jobs require people to be alert at all times, leaving little room for breaks, let alone nap time. But for the most part, most companies would stand to benefit allowing employees to nap during the work day. In order…


Gayomali, C. (2013, July 30). 4 research-backed reasons you should be allowed to nap at work - The Week. Retrieved from 

Holland, B. (1995). Endangered pleasures: In defense of naps, bacon, martinis, profanity, and other indulgences. Boston: Little, Brown.

Nishida, M., & Walker, M.P. (2007). Daytime Naps, Motor Memory Consolidation and Regionally Specific Sleep Spindles. PLOS One, 2(4), e341. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000341.t001

Mdd Tina's Case STUDY& 8230 Tina's Case Study
Words: 3317 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 90576378
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MDD: Tina's Case Study…"

Tina's Case Study MDD

"MDD: Tina's Case Study.."

Major Depressive Disorder: Tina's Story

Tina's Story- Case Study

Tina is a 23-year-old black female. She is currently separated from her husband of five years. She is currently employed by two companies, one at which she works Monday- Thursday mornings, and the other on Wednesday -- Friday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday. However, she hasn't shown up for work on a consistent basis for the last four weeks, and not at all in the last two days.

Once an energetic, active, healthy female who loved to exercise at the local gym three days a week, Tina now spends most of her time in her apartment. She hasn't been to the gym in over four weeks, and her body movements that used to be quick and marked are now slow and sluggish. Even though she hasn't changed…


Aglan, A., Williams, J.G., Pickles, A., & Hill, J. (2010). Overgeneral autobiographical memory in women: Association with childhood abuse and history of depression in a community sample. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 49(3), 359-372. doi:10.1348/014466509X467413

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Hybels, C.F., Blazer, D.G., Steffens, D.C., & Judith A., N. (2006). Partial remission. Geriatrics, 61(4), 22-26. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Brain States and Conscious
Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56390111
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The topic of sleep and dreaming is interesting to me because of the complex nature of the brain. It seems we know so much about human physiology, yet the brain is still mysterious. e know about neurochemicals, for instance, but do not really understand how memory is stored, accessed, or how dreaming affects our abilities during waking life. e know that a chemical upset, even minor, can make a huge difference in our state of consciousness, or our ability to perform in daily activities. Dreaming is fascinating to me because we know that the brain is a machine, and like any machine, it must be maintained (through nutrition) as well as rest and sleep. I find it personally interesting that dreams can be so vivid, unreal, frightening, pleasurable, and yet still mysterious.

Dreaming is part of sleep -- and a recurring stage in which our state of consciousness is…

Works Cited:

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Hamlet's Soliloquy Is Touted as
Words: 1107 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26703304
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To die, to sleep: perchance to dream:" He is doomed to a sleep that is plagued by fear and reprisal, to seek out revenge for worldly actions against him. Hamlet knows that if he were to die today he would likely be doomed to walk the halls, as his father dreaming of the day that he was killed and the betrayal that ended his life, "ay there's the rub; / for in that sleep of death what dreams may come." Hamlet knows that reaching out to seek the sleep and dream of death he would be dooming himself to an eternal seeking of revenge, not unlike that of his father who reached out to him in death to tell his story of betrayal and exact revenge upon the wife (mother) and brother.

The soliloquy reveals that Hamlet is mortal, that he is afraid of the un-avenged death and that he…

Risk and Hazard Factors of
Words: 3788 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60811016
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Even though users of light therapy are often advised not to look directly at the light source, the mechanisms of the eye focus incoming light onto the macula, the small region of the retina where vision takes place, and where age-related macular degeneration occurs. Since blue light wavelength make up only a small percentage of the light in white light, any form of light therapy using a high proportion of blue light therefore risks subverting a variety of defensive mechanisms that protect the retina against blue light hazard. These defensive mechanisms include the anatomical positioning and structure of eye and its surrounding features, as well as human posture, which makes it awkward for humans to gaze upwards for long periods of time. Sunnex iotechnologies, 2008)

The work of David H. Sliney entitled: "Ocular Hazards of Light" presented at the International Lighting in Controlled Environments Workshop states the following risks and…


Figueiro, M.G., J.D. Bullough, R.H. Parsons, and M.S. Rea. Preliminary Evidence for Spectral Opponency in the Suppression of Melatonin by Light in Humans. Neuroreport, Vol. 15, 2004, pp. 313-316 in: Figueiro, Mariana, Bullough, John D. And Rea, Mark S. (2007) Light isn't just for vision anymore: implications for transportation safety. United States Department of Transportation Lighting Research Center Region 2 University Transportation Research Center Polytechnic Institute 31 Dec 2 -- "7

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Lack, Leon, Bramwell, Toby, Wright, Helen, and Kemp, Krystyn (2007) Morning blue light can advance the melatonin rhythm in mild delayed sleep phase syndrome

Tori Amos
Words: 2109 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35417906
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Tori Amos

In music, most artists will face a number of challenges. This is because there are struggles they will endure to become successful. At the same time, they have to be able to remain relevant and adapt with the music. This means creating a unique sound which can combine a number of elements together. In the case of Tori Amos, she was able to create a one of a kind genre that took the traditions of the singer -- songwriter from the 1970s and augmented them with an alternative -- punk sound. This created a new form of women entertainer, who wanted to use this as a way to highlight social messages in their songs. While at the same time, it is giving women a sense of empowerment in the way they carried themselves and performed.

As a result, there will be an examination of the influences of Tori…


"The Bee Keeper." Tori Amos. Last modified 2011.

"Parasol Lyrics." Song Meanings. Last modified 2012.

Wiring of the Teenage Brain The Teenage
Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2130661
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wiring of the teenage brain?

The teenage brain undergoes major restructuring during the formative teen years. The frontal cortex goes through a growth spurt right before puberty. This leads to a thickening of the area brain responsible for thinking. Typically the human brain is already ninety-five percent the size of an adult's by age six. However, during the teenage years the growth spurt results in new neural interconnections and pathways.

It is hypothesized that skills that are in constant use during the teenage are reinforced by the brain. While those skills or areas of the brain that are not in use, do not get the same reinforcement. This is known as the "use it or lose it" principal. For example, those students who engage in high levels of music and art see those neural pathways reinforced, therefore poised to flourish in the latter years, while other skill sets and pathways…

There Are Three Places Where
Words: 2658 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34810199
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Since both individuals were seeking to improve
the circumstances, the question that begs to be asked is why did the male

"Male leaders received lower effectiveness ratings when expressing
sadness compared to neutrality, while female leaders received lower ratings
when expressing either sadness or anger" (Lewis, 2000, p. 221). Since
females are perceived in a different light, their emotions are also viewed
as being different as well. A response such as this does not make
cognitive sense, nor is it needs based, but it could be a fixed or a
learned behavior that would coincide with the fixed action theory.
Appealing to the audience from a needs basis might assist the young female
in achieving her goal, or she could benefit by taking a more dispassionate
approach in addressing the crowd. She could benefit from arousing the
students with application of a fixed action response especially from the

Works Cited

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Emotional Intelligence Everyone Has the
Words: 449 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88588113
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Works Cited

Are OBEs some kind of hallucination

Alternative Therapy

Sleep Medicine Home Page:

ream Control Techniques through Hypnosis

Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine.

Medical Journal of Islamic Academy of Sciences. Volume 11, No.2

Betchley, Lee C. Ht. "The hypnotic benefits of lucid dreaming."

ream Central's Unique Method of ream Analysis


Dream Central's Unique Method of Dream Analysis 


Humans Have Been Experimenting With and Fascinated
Words: 570 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58779774
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humans have been experimenting with and fascinated by the various states of consciousness. It is common knowledge that man regularly moves through these different states of being. Equally known is the ability to intentionally change one's experiential level. Such is man's attraction to altered consciousness that some religions, chiefly Eastern ones, have incorporated into their repertoires philosophies of and activities towards attention manipulation. Science, particularly biopsychology, has also recognized the value of managing consciousness. Biofeedback, meditation, and sleep are examples of the relationship between attention and one's state of being.

Biofeedback involves electrically monitoring involuntary responses to stimuli. In other words, one's heartbeat, muscle tension, and brain wave activity are recorded while specific conditions occur. By analyzing and correlating this data to an individual's physiological dysfunctions, professionals are able to prescribe explicit and effective therapies. The belief guiding biofeedback treatment is that spontaneous reactions can be harnessed and modified thereby…


Morris, Charles G. & Maisto, Albert A. (2002). Psychology: An Introduction. Prentice Hall:

New Jersey.

Psychology Development Early Childhood Medelein N Moody
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43288987
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Psychology Development

Early Childhood

Medelein N. Moody, (2013). A Relational Aggression Intervention in Early Childhood. University of Nebraska. ProQuest LLC.

The paper was aimed at interrogating the relational aggression in early childhood and if there are interventions within the school setting that can act to reduce the aggression. This intervention is referred to as the Early Childhood Friendship Project and entailed taking stock of the changes in the behavior of the children as they undergo the study and the project. The preliminaries within the article indicates that there is usually a significant differences between the relational aggression between the boys and girls in school with the later recording a higher rate of aggression.

The study was conducted through a survey method and formal testing as the children went through the project and the teachers concerned recorded the results and any noticeable changes over time.

The results that were observed showed…

Sebastian H. Scharf, (2013). Chronic social stress during adolescence: Interplay of paroxetine treatment and ageing. Neuropharmacology 72 (2013) 38e46

The research is centered on the effect of exposure to chronic stress during development especialy at the adolescent and the possibility of developing psychiatric disorders. This was motivated by the fact that little is known about the long lasting effects of the exposures to stress and their relation to age.

The study was focused on the direct and long-lasting impact of chronic social stress during adolescence as well as the chronic treatment of SSRI. Adult and aged animals were used since the experiment could potentially harm human subjects. There was use of CD1 mice at the age of 28 days and these were subjected to a chronic social stress for 7 weeks among other treatments with chemicals. It was observed that the chronic stress as well as the antidepressant treatment at the end of the development period could have a significant and long-lasting impact which is very relevant to healthy ageing.

Sensorimotor Disorder
Words: 1582 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75381045
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Sensorimotor Disorder

estless legs syndrome, also known as Ekbom syndrome, is the most commonly experienced sensorimotor disorder among the general population (Bassetti et al., 2011). The disorder afflicts approximately 2 to 10% of the general population and it is experienced as periodic limb movements in 80% of individuals with restless legs syndrome (Bassetti et al., 2011). The most prominent symptoms of the disorder are urges to move the legs as well as unpleasant sensations in the legs (Lee et al., 2011). The symptoms generally commence or become worse during inactivity and individuals with the disorder generally feel relief from symptoms after movement (Lee et al., 2011). Also, symptoms of the disorder are generally worse during the evening hours in comparison to the daytime. Furthermore, restless leg syndrome often results in sleep disturbances such as delayed sleep onset, multiple awakenings, and reduced sleep efficiency (Lee et al., 2011). The disorder is…


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Family Assessment the Assessment of My Family
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Family Assessment

The assessment of my family is presented here for the academic purposes. The family comprises of six members that are working at different positions and live in personal home. Each member of family is educated. Based on questionnaire filled by all the family members, the summary is composed that will give an insight about the health of family.

Summary of each functional health pattern for family

The health perception-health function of the family suggests that it has an average health status. The health is not poor and the members are less vulnerable to severe health issues like diabetes and allergies yet there is a mild risk of getting cold and fever since there is low temperature at night and cool breezes during the morning. The family is suggested to have regular checkups and to take vitamins. Nutritional Metabolic Pattern of family shows that it has a healthy diet…


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Disruption of Circadian Rhythms Resulting
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Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Question, "What time do you need to get up each morning?"

Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Statement, "Describe how you sleep. (Assume you need to wake up at a certain time each morning.): How I fall asleep"

Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Statement, "Describe how you sleep. (Assume you need to wake up at a certain time each morning.): My ability to stay asleep at night."

Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Statement, "How my body naturally wakes up."

Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Question, "What time of year do you notice sleep, energy or mood problems?"

Circadian Rhythm Test responses (cont'd)

Responses to Question, "What time of year do you notice sleep, energy or mood problems? Ends"


Educate pilots concerning the need for regular healthy meals when operating conditions allow; carriers can help…

Biology When Studying Psychology IT's
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Drug treatment and behavior therapy may be useful, rather than analysis.

Also, psychological symptoms may produce biological phenomenon, like sleep disturbances. "Sleep disturbances and unipolar depression are such intransigent bedfellows that troubled sleep is considered a hallmark of the mood disorder," for example. (Marano, 2003) However, insomnia can also fundamentally unbalance the brain's natural state of homeostasis, causing the symptom of depression, as well as manifesting itself as a symptom of depression itself.

Behavioral problems in children can have their roots in biology. Children without enough sleep or proper nutrition are more likely to act out inappropriately, and without treating these biological causes, simply addressing the children's purely psychological feelings or even giving them coping mechanisms such as rationally discussing the issues, will matter little. Children and adolescents also have different sleep needs, and different internal time 'clocks' because their bodies are still busily growing at night. Children and adolescents,…

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Fibromyalgia the Objective of This Study Is
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The objective of this study is to examine the condition of Fibromyalgia. Toward this end, this study will conduct a review of current literature in this area of inquiry.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome reported as common and one in which the individual has pain throughout their body as well as joint, muscle, tendon and soft tissue tenderness on a long-term basis.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

While the cause of Fibromyalgia is uncertain it has been linked to such as fatigue, problems sleeping, headaches, anxiety, and depression. Factors that are believed to be potential triggers of fibromyalgia include: (1) physical or emotional trauma; (2) abnormal responses to pain in areas of the brain; (3) disturbances in sleep; and (4) infection although no specific virus has been identified as being responsible for causing Fibromyalgia.

Occurrence of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is known to occur most in women ages 20 to 50 years of age.…


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Patterns of Health Perception
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Patterns of Health Perceptions

Health Family

Marjorie Gordon (1985) went on to introduce the idea of functional health patterns in order to create a good nursing data base. Utilizing this approach, nurses are able to create an organized approach for attaining the relevant information from patients. This data therefore assists them in getting a good idea about the human and health functions of that family. In doing so, making a diagnosis becomes an easier process. The findings attained from the family I interviewed will be discussed below.

The health perception and management findings were that most of the family members were not satisfied with their general health. The major problems in the family were regarding hypertension and heart diseases in the family. The family as a whole stated that they did not find it easy to act according to the suggestions of the doctor. The elders of the family were…

Neurobiology Resting Potential if the
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When watching a scary movie alone at night, this system is likely to become engaged due to the perception of a threat; sudden noises are likely to cause an involuntary flight reaction that, of course, subsides after a moment.


Temporal summation in a nerve cell occurs when the length of time over which successive activation potentials occur is sufficiently long enough to allow for the potentials to continue to the point where they begin to overlap. When this occurs, a new activation starts to begin before the climax of the preceding action potential has been reached. This action potential essentially ends prematurely, or summates, as it begins the rise into the next action potential, which ends up being larger in magnitude than the constituent action potentials. Summation of active potential in muscle fibers allows for similarly larger action potentials, which can increase the strength of the fiber contractions.


Love We Hear Footsteps by
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Somehow this is an explanation of what love is, paradoxical. This paradox between the sublime relationship of sex to love and to procreation is all one in this small poem and is the true meaning the poet is conveying.

Fergus is at once the symbol and personification of this in the poem, "this blessing love gives again into our arms." (Meyers __) Referring to the love they have shared for each other and the love that is now their child. The meaning here is at once figurative and literal, here is a sense of spiritual love between them all, and the physical presence of their bodies, both at first as a couple making love and then experiencing their child between them as the symbolic and literal result of that love.

There is also a counter play between the innocence of a child and the experience of an adult. In the…

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Education Discuss the Relevant Information About the
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Discuss the relevant information about the student's behaviors. What factors early on contribute to how she is today?

Liz, a 15-year-old high school Freshman, has been exhibiting certain behaviors lately and in the past that have been affecting her today. Liz has been functioning below grade level academically. She cannot work independently, "hates" school, and rebels against all authority. She is defensive and uses abusive language. She tends to blame others for her carelessness and seldom takes responsibility. According to Liz's parents, Liz seldom slept enough when she was younger, so as to give them a break from her behaviors. As Liz grew older, she began to react impulsively. She has been caught distributing drugs and refuses to get tested, psychologically.

There are certain factors, from the past, that may have contributed to how Liz is today. First of all, Liz seemed to be deprived of sleep, early on,…

Hormone Replacement Therapy the Effects
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Data Analysis

The researcher will gather all of the information collected from the self report questionnaires and analyze using a variety of techniques including summary, interpretation, classifying and describing. The author will use the data to measure change that occurs among the populations using HT therapy.

In conducting the study the researcher will undoubtedly run into some obstacles including determining how to measure change in the participants health and well being, examining the extent of change and the attributes of change for purposes of the study (King, 2001). Measuring change is a key concept vital to longitudinal research design (Kind, 2001). As this study is qualitative in nature the data will be presented via narratives, observations and transcripts from the survey to record and measure data appropriately (King, 2001).

The researcher will attempt to explain change and identify causal relationships between the independent and dependent variables. Data managing, reading, describing,…


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