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Small Businesses Essays (Examples)

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Small-Business Marketing Strategy Small Business Derrick Fine
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Small-Business Marketing Strategy

Small business

Derrick Fine Foods were established in 2001 by Derrick John with the San Francisco store being the first, followed by New York branch and the Tennessee. DFF deals in various consumables hence has the bakery department, meats department, produce section, cheese and dairy section as well as wine section. This gives it a wide coverage in terms of the edibles that may be needed on a daily basis by the clients that visit their stores.

There are various reasons that informed the location of the three branches at the regions they are at. San Francisco was identified and preferred for the first store after a thorough needs assessment that was carried out by Derrick hence indicating that a gourmet store was needed in the region. The most important factor was the population of San Francisco which was 60,000 on average at the time and was…


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Small Business Strategy Small Business Marketing Strategy
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Small Business Strategy

Small Business Marketing Strategy

A television commercials business

The small business will be termed as a television commercials business. The business involves marketing of products and services that include television gadgets, programs, hardware, software, and services related with television services. The small business will start operations as a small entrepreneur that accommodates and sells small and support gadgets that are related to television services in town. The objective of the business is to be a global force in provision and sell of television brands in the years to come. The business thrives in the motive of becoming one of suppliers and repairers of television materials in the region. The business has been established on the notion that there are many services and materials that can be provided to people with opportunities being utilized. As part of the objectives of business, services offered will have to meet the…


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Small Business Plan for a
Words: 805 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 47968663
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The first segment is represented by other teenagers. They are most likely to want to buy products that have a social impact, such as t-shirts or mugs with photos of teenager activities. At the same time, they are also the greatest consumers of Internet products, so disseminating the product in an online environment, not only through Snappysnaps, but also through its own website.

The only potentially negative aspect of this fact is the idea that this category of consumers does not have a discretionary income, but is rather constrained by what money their parents are offering them. Another potentially negative element to be considered is the fact that the product competes with other teenage products with social impact.

A distinct other group of consumers are the teenagers' parents, from two different perspectives. First, they are likely to encourage an activity for the teenagers such as this business is. Second, they…

Small Business Taking a Small Clothing Store
Words: 1339 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 1156602
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Small Business

Taking a small clothing store to the online world is a bold proposition. There are a few strengths that this store can draw upon to help it succeed. The first is the name recognition of the Jersey Shore -- people actually know where it is now and that will help the store by putting it into some context. (e will assume that the context is good, at least for our target market). Another strength is that rent in the area is relatively low, compared with larger urban centers along the Atlantic Seaboard. This means that the store has room to expand once sales exceed the capacity of the existing premises. That said, there are a few weaknesses. The store is small, and therefore has no brand name of its own. For people to buy from the store, they must first reach the website and that will not happen…

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Small Business Gov't Marketing Enviro
Words: 1000 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84782493
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Through these websites, the company could also stress that its services would be recognized worldwide and the U.S. would improve its standing in the world community relating to this subject and therefore gain the respect of other countries.

With regards to utilizing edBizOpps, the company must also be aware of the services that this websites provides, and utilize what it needs only. or instance, the website is very useful for marketing activities, due to the fact that it would provide both opportunities, and allow other to seek for opportunities provided, such as those by Enviro LTD. According to the website, in the Buyers/Engineers section, "Government users may post, manage, and award opportunities."

In the Vendors/Citizens section, furthermore, it states, "Vendors and citizens may search, monitor, and retrieve opportunities."

In this latter section, one can preview, at no cost, various opportunities and sign up. When signing up, one can include, in…

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Small Business Plan a Business Plan for
Words: 2390 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63565263
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Small Business Plan

A Business Plan for the Reorganization of a Small Restaurant

Company Overview & Strategy

Revised Statement of Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Product and Service


Macro Environment

Target Market & Customers


Business Performance Analysis





PESTEL Analysis





Environmental Factors

Legal Factors

Financial Projections

Risk Analysis

Action Plan

The Hometown Grill is considering making changes to its menu to become both healthier and more sustainable. Several lines of investigations were conducted including an industry overview analysis, a PESTEL analysis, as well as a SOT analysis. It is recommended that the Hometown Grill continue with its inquiry and begin integrating changes such as localizing its supply chain and redesigning its menu items.

Company Overview & Strategy

This business proposal has been prepared for a locally owned and family operated restaurant known as the Hometown Grill. The restaurant has…

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Small Business Is an Essential
Words: 2003 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30395267
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Venture capital is the money that businesses get from investors to start or continue a business. Ironically the advantages of a business plan are also correlated with some of the disadvantages of a business plan.

For instance, a book entitled Under the adar: Starting Your Net Business without Venture Capital, Venture capitalists often find that many business plans are too optimistic (Kling 2001). The book asserts that,

Trying to obtain venture capital funding without a business plan is like trying to get into college without filling out an application. Ironically, however, even venture capitalists are skeptical about business plans. Any venture capitalist will tell you that a first-rate team with a second-rate business plan is preferable to a second-rate team with a first-rate business plan. In fact, when I listen to venture capitalists describe how they make their decisions, the process often sounds highly intuitive and almost romantic -- like…


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Small Business - Banking Start-Up
Words: 7548 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8891230
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Video Tape and Disc ental


Catalog/Mail Order


Health and Personal Care Stores


Table 2: Comparisons of Most isky Small Business (, cited by Telberg, 2003)

An Engine of Economic Growth

More and more, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) argue, policymakers perceive the small business sector "as a potential engine of economic growth. Policies to promote small businesses include tax relief, direct subsidies, and indirect subsidies through government lending programs." These authors stress that encouraging lending to small business purports the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) primary policy objective of the loan-guarantee program. In their study, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) implement empirical research to focus on SBA-guaranteed lending, utilizing a panel data set of SBA-guaranteed loans, they assess whether SBA-guaranteed lending discernibly impacts local economic performance. Ultimately, these authors cautiously conclude that "There is a positive (although small) and significant relationship between the level of SBA-guaranteed lending in…


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Small Business the Owner of a Small
Words: 2153 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80609330
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Small Business

The owner of a small business in today's world is troubled by so many problems as well as is encountered by many opportunities on a daily basis. When one has to run a company, no matter how big or small it might be, one needs to have the ability of looking outside the business for the solutions of the problems, for better ideas and for the best practices for the growth, expansion and success of the business. Nonetheless, some of the ideas that are given in the text books or the best practices for that matter should be studied carefully and critically before applying them to one's own business (Zahorsky, 2013).

This paper is based on an interview that I conducted with a 38-year-old lady who started her own small business back in the year 2011. She lives in Lahore, Pakistan and designs and makes ladies dresses on…

Small Business Software Review the
Words: 2916 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 89148457
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Sage, who has seen how costly application customization can be, has created a series of template-based charts of accounts, with the last count indicating they had over 70 of Charts of Accounts that could be quickly used by customers to customize for their business. Sage has also seen that inordinate customization of software can lead to a lack of adoption; hence their motivation for creating a library that can easily be used by customers. As Peachtree suffered from an exceptionally bad reputation for usability in its first several product generations on the Microsoft Windows platform (Collins, 2006), Sage is attempting to overcome these limitations through intensive investment in ergonomics and usability. Adding to these efforts include the development of an Online Knowledgebase and Help Center, in addition to the development of AJAX-based microsites that interlink content together. All of these sources of data are in turn integrated via XML to…


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Small Business Management in Regards to the Landscaping Business
Words: 1220 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64009145
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Small business management principles are important considerations in relation to a landscaping or gardening business. Like other small businesses, an owner or manager of a landscaping business must have a clear understanding of entrepreneurialism, business plans, legal aspects of business in the United States, finance, and pricing. An understanding of these concepts can help the landscaping business owner overcome many of the potential setbacks of small business, and help them enjoy the rewards that come with running a small business.

Entrepreneurialism is an important concept for the manager of a small landscaping business to understand. The Global Entrepreneurship Institute defines entrepreneurialism as a person who wants to start his or her own business, as well as finding new opportunities for business and expansion at the same company. Some of the traits of entrepreneurialism include risk-taking, and personal management of that risk. Innovators, small business owners, and executives can be seen…

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Small Business Idea
Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66920650
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Small Business Idea

hen starting a new company, there are a number of different forms the business can take. It is important to understand the differences between the forms, including their advantages and disadvantages. The main forms for a new small business are sole proprietorship, partnership, C-corporation and S-corporation. The small business that is being considered is a gourmet food truck that will sell the finest Southern barbeque. The truck will be mobile, selling at multiple locations around town. The truck will have a variety of menu items and will generally operate as any restaurant would with respect to the local regulations.

The first form of business to be discussed is the sole proprietorship. This form of business is the easiest to set up. Many "mom and pop" businesses take this business form, which is usually used when the business is only run by one or two people. In sole…

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Business Managing the Small Business
Words: 1153 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5596126
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UltiPro is an industry leader in HCM, delivering more out-of-the-box functionality than any other provider. UltiPro's continuous H and talent management functionality includes recruitment, onboarding, payroll, worker and manager self-service, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management and reviews, succession management, talent retention tools, time and attendance, workforce scheduling, rich reporting and analytical decision-making tools, and more. UltiPro's Web portal can serve as a company's communications center and the fundamental gateway for business activities because it conveys functionality for everyone in the company, from H and financial departments as well as executives, staff managers, and individual staff. With the UltiPro portal, H/payroll staff, managers, and administrators can complete daily worker administration tasks, administer benefits, manage staff, and access reporting in real-time, all from one central location. Managers and executives can access frequently requested reports and analyze workforce statistics and trends on-demand. Employees can access pay and benefits information, get questions answered,…

Small Business Obtaining Capital to
Words: 1127 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51680644
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82 in 2011 to $1.24 in 2012. Moreover, the company has been able to increase its net cash from operating activities from $12.7 million at the end of the 2011 fiscal year 2011 to $25.2 million in 2012.

Moreover, the company has been able to increase the shareholder's value over the years. Typically, the company records ROE growth of 14% and EPS growth of 26% at the end of the fiscal year 2012. The company has been able to increase its total assets within the past 5 years. For example, the company total assets in 2011 were $168 million while the total assets increased to $178 at the end of 2012 fiscal year.

Table 1: KMG Financial Ratios Between 2006 and 2012
















Profit Margin, %








Return on Equity,…

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Continual Improvement

Small Business Dilemma
Words: 566 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87030149
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Small Business Dilemma

Should Jim borrow dollars or pounds to finance his joint venture business? Why?

Based on an analysis of the external factors affecting this scenario, including present and forecasted interest rates for the Unites States dollar and the British pound, it is clear that Jim should definitely borrow pounds to finance his joint venture business. This conclusion is based on the established fact that "the actual cost of financing by the debtor firm will depend on: (1) the interest rate charged by the bank that provided the loan, and (2) the movement in the borrowed currency's value over the life of the loan" (Madura & Fox, 2007). Despite the fact that the British interest rate is somewhat higher, Sports Exports Company would be able to offset a portion of the firm's exposure by electing to borrow British pounds because "the international Fisher effect (IFE) suggests that the currency…


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Small Business Taxes Small Business
Words: 1408 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63038491
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The same goes for business-related periodicals and magazines. (Dratch 2008, p. 2)

Mileage: Once again, this involves careful bookkeeping, but the deductions can add up. Keep a dated log of all business-related mileage, tolls, and parking costs. According to the IRS website, the 2009 IRS deduction rate for business-related mileage was 55 cents per mile.

Travel, Entertainment, and Meals: For the small business, 100% of travel and entertainment expenses are deductible, as well as 50% of meal expenses. It should come as no surprise that these deductions must have supporting documentation showing them to be business-related.

Shelter Your Income

Investment property can be a valuable tax shelter. The IRS allows you to shelter up to $25,000 in an investment property, but there are strict requirements. You must own 10% of the property as an individual owner, not through limited partnership. And you must be involved in the "active management" of…

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Small Business Association A Sba's
Words: 1699 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69571430
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In case the lender makes approval of the loan, depending on a SBA guarantee, an application copy as well as a credit analysis is sent by the lender to the SBA Office which is nearby. After the approval of the SBA, the institution of lending readies the loan and makes funds disbursal. The borrower makes loan payments on a monthly basis directly towards the lender. Similar to other loans, the borrower is responsible for repayment of the complete loan amount. "No balloon payments, prepayment penalties, application fees or points are permitted with the 7(a) loans. However repayment plans might be tailored to each business." (SBA Assistance: Financial Program and Other Assistance)

Christina: Sir, one last question before we wrap up. Could share some of the achievements of SBA Loan Program?

Steve Preston: I feel privileged to share with you that since 1953, about 20 million of the small businesses have…


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Perspective. Routledge. 2005.

Small Business Contract Acquisition
Words: 808 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60096900
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Small Business Contract

The objective of this paper is to suggest the simplified an acquisition method that our organization could employ to bid for contract from the federal government. Typically, we are intending to bid for the contract that worth $600,000 from the Department of Defense (DoD) and we are required to select an appropriate simplified acquisition method.

Appropriate Simplified Acquisitions Method

The federal government agencies purchase product and services using three methods:

Simplified acquisitions,

Sealed bids, and Negotiation.

Simplified acquisition method is the easiest method that the governments use to acquire product and services from contractors. This paper suggests that BPAs (Blanket Purchase Agreements) will be appropriate as the simplified acquisition method for our organization. The rational for selecting blanket purchase agreements is to fill anticipated repetitive needs for supply of the government goods and services. Since our organization is anticipating bidding for the contact worth $600,000, the BPAs…


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Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Words: 7031 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19110372
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mall-Business Management & Entrepreneurship

The fruition of many years of dreaming and planning will be realized through the opening of a restaurant in the Tri Cities area. Opening any business requires serious planning and calculations, yet the special needs of a restaurant are particular to the idea that many restaurants have gradual and long-term returns on investment. tart-up costs are often very significant with hard goods and food costs making up a very large output, not to mention procuring a location and either a purchase or lease and either building or remodeling space to meet the needs of the business and procuring the real estate.

Breaking even is often a guiding light at the end of a very long tunnel, between six months and two years depending on the region, and turning a profit often takes much longer. Another consideration is of coarse that restaurants usually do not provide a…

Service Business." Retrieved February 20, 2003, Website: ( , restbind)

Sanson, M. (December, 2002). Will It Come to a Smoking License for Restaurants?

Restaurant Hospitality, 86(12), pg. 8.

Small Business
Words: 542 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31534294
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customer preferences on supply and demand in a small business.

Review information on supply and demand.

Human wants and needs and how those are translated into the sales of goods affect supply and demand, particularly in a small business environment.

[Small Business]

Supply and demand provides a framework for understanding how prices are determined in individual markets, especially when it comes to the small business owner. Prices and quantities are the two components in the small business marketplace and individuals play a key role in determining what the marketplace will bear.

It all begins with our own individual needs and desires and how we communicate this, resulting in the right blend of goods and services. As individuals, we are all at one time or another involved in the buying or selling of goods. The whole process is very interactive and highly integrated.

The idea of optimization involves both buyers and…

Small Business Needs to Do
Words: 3389 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39462054
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" (2008) Hoagland asks the final question of whether the marketing message "...provide[s] an immediate offer? (2008) Hoagland states that the marketing plan, if it is to be effective must contain: (1) a marketing message that has the element that (2) interrupts; (3) engages; (4) educates; and (5) offers.

The work entitled: "eating Goliath" published in the Smart usiness Magazine relates the story of Mike Abt and his success in keeping his electronics business ahead of the big-box competition. The report states that Mike Abt "as the president of Abt Electronics, the largest single-store electronics and appliance dealer in the United States, besting the competition is his passion. From beating the big-box retailers on price to having an exceptional Web presence and creating an engaging in-store experience, Abt has used traditional and not-so-traditional techniques to draw customers in and keep them coming back." (Wurzinger, 2006) Wurzinger states that it is…


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Small Business 123 My Way My Town
Words: 304 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29941067
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Small Business 123 My Way My Town, USA. 55555 (555) [HIDDEN]

Sylvia Simpson

FROM: Manager's Name

Warning Letter

During our meeting on April 30 of this year we discussed your conduct regarding the 8 occasions you arrived to work late during the month. At that time you were given an oral warning and you stipulated that this conduct would cease. However, thus far in the month of May you have arrived to work late 6 times.

This conduct is a violation of the work agreement and is creating friction with your co-workers as well as clients who have indicated that they are having difficulty contacting you during office hours.

This conduct negatively impacts the moral of the office environment and the quality of our service inasmuch as your co-workers see this as a failure to support their efforts to make this business as successful as possible. Furthermore, your conduct exposes…

Small Business Strategic Planning Is Still an
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70669774
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small business, strategic planning is still an important process. Pirraglia (2013) notes that strategic planning describes where the business is going to go, which helps define the terms of the business and provides guidance for the business' actions. Strategy, he points out, defines action. By laying out a strategic plan, the owner of the business takes the opportunity to understand the business and think about the objectives that are to be achieved.

Our company is a marketing consulting firm. It is important that the strategic plan must begin with the mission and vision statement that helps to define what the business is and what it intends to contribute to the world. The mission statement is created by identifying the organization's winning idea (MindTools, 2013). Our winning idea is that we will be the best marketing consulting firm in the area, catering to only the finest clientele. In that respect, our…

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Small Business Recovery
Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21193576
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ecovery From Disaster

There can be occurrence of incidences in a small business that prevent the business from its normal operations. These incidences can be such as floods, fires or even serious malfunctioning of the computers or incidences of information security. It is the responsibility of business management to help the business recover from these incidences in the least time possible, with the least disruptions and minimal cost. Small business owners should therefore be interested in best practices in disaster planning so that they can reduce risks in case of the occurrence of a disaster (Walzer, 2009). Every business ought to have a disaster plan that is comprehensive, it is quite unfortunate that most businesses view developing disaster plans as being tedious and time consuming. It is very important for any business to have a disaster plan so that incase disaster strikes they have a framework of bouncing back into…


Beal, V.(2012). How a Disaster Recovery Plan can Save your Business. Retrieved April 23, 2013 from 

Walzer, J., (2009). Disaster Recovery. Retrieved April 23, 2013 from

Small Business
Words: 320 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51493044
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Business Law

Sam is operating on thin ground with his offering of a pension plan for his 12 employees. Technically he is correct when he says he does not have to offer a pension plan to his employees, but, by having done so, he now assumes fiduciary responsibility for that plan.

"The duty to act prudently is one of a fiduciary's responsibilities under ERISA. It requires expertise in a variety of areas, such as investments." (U.S. 2006)

Because Sam does not have the expertise required to manage a pension plan, as evidenced by the fact that he is prepared to invest 50% of the plan's assets into company stock, he could find himself in hot water if, and when, the company experiences difficult financial times or even has to declare bankruptcy. It is rather strange that a company with only 12 employees has stock, which would probably mean that the…

Works Cited

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What Is Needed to Start a Small Business
Words: 6715 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2842072
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Small Business

Uncovering Critical Success Factors for Starting a Small Business Venture

Small businesses have been considered the mainstay in countries around the world. In many European countries for example, the small business has been considered crucial to the success and flourishment of the country in general. Most individuals embark upon a small business venture in the hopes of realizing ownership, independent profits and personal success. Small businesses can prove extremely successful when planned properly. Studies suggest that several small businesses however, close or fail within the first few years of operation. This failure suggests that a majority of small business owners may not have as yet realized the crucial success factors necessary for successful implementation of a small business.

There are as yet, few empirical studies conducted that specifically address key factors for the success of small businesses across several industries. As such, the aim of this paper is…


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Analyzing Small Business Scalability
Words: 1608 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17202922
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Small Business Scalability

Scalability can be delineated as how easy or simple it is for a business to grow and extend its business model and at the same time cultivate its revenues substantially devoid of similarly increase its level of costs incurred. Scalability is of great importance to small businesses. In relation to the fixed costs and expenses, the revenues of small businesses have the potential to rise exponentially and as a result, scalable businesses have an offering for more profitability and huge growth prospects. On the other hand, cash flow encompasses the money that moves into and out of a business, which as a result has an influence on the liquidity of the business. Line of credit encompasses the amount of credit that a business or entity as a borrower is extended to. The purpose of this paper will be to discuss the significance of credit lines and cash…

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Small Business
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risks facing this company that immediately need to be addressed. The major risks include the fact that the company has already violated a number of the premises upon which the company was formed. Those premises are the close relationship with a number of sunglass manufacturers, the product value and the brand development. Additionally a risk assumed by the company was that they were providing an untested product to untested sales people; these are individuals who have no previous ties to the company. It was nice that Evan was able to establish a relationship with Mark and Judy Chen, and that is a good start along with the fact that they would oversee the operations in Hong Kong. However, the trust put into Mark and Judy is one that is double-edged in nature. If they do not do their job in an efficient manner, who then will coordinate the manufacturing activities?…

Starting a Small Business in Germany Small
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Starting a small business in Germany

Small and medium enterprises are the vital part of Germany's economy and so the Government makes it easy for residents and non-residents to start and run a small business in any part of Germany. After considering whether a small business is perfect for you and your lifestyle, you can decide from the five different forms of business ownership. The next step is to choose an appropriate name for your business and then you can apply to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for license and permits. Understand the taxation rates of Germany and then look for means to brand your business using the right media. When these steps are undertaken, you are all set to begin your small business. The success rate in Germany is fairly high and this means, you have a fairly good chance of being successful.


The procedures…


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Partnerships Small Business Funding Options and Marketing
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Partnerships, Small Business Funding Options, And Marketing

Partnership as a Form of Ownership: Pros and Cons

In the words of Pride, Hughes and Kapoor (2011), "the U.S. Uniform Partnership Act defines a partnership as a voluntary association of two or more persons to act as co-owners of a business for profit." This form of business ownership has distinct advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to the advantages, it is important to note that unlike most other forms of ownership; i.e. A limited liability company, the establishment of a partnership is regarded relatively easy. Indeed, according to Pride, Hughes and Kapoor (2011), the registration of the business name and securing the relevant permits and licenses are in most cases the only regal requirements for setting up a partnership.

Next, it should also be noted that unlike a sole proprietorship form of ownership, it is much easier to raise funds in a…


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Homestay LLC Is a Small Business That
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Homestay LLC is a small business that provides accommodation services to international students in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. All accommodations are made with host families that interact with students on a daily basis. The industry generates millions of dollars yearly and is growing rapidly. It sole purpose is to help international students to feel comfortable while being in the United Stares. They screen each family that partakes in this program to insure the safety of the international students. Therefore, they have an unique program that looks after the well-being of international students, which adds a nice comfort those students who are from other countries.

I intend to validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements by incorporating teamwork. The company follows the ethics of teamwork in order to maintain productivity include teamwork on a daily basis, which encourages them to provide safe and secure places…


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Subway Restaurants Small Business- Subway Restaurants Amidst
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Subway estaurants

Small Business- Subway estaurants

Amidst the depths of the Great ecession, one restaurant chain managed to grow their revenues and bottom line with a unique marketing concept created by a franchise owner. The now famous "Five Dollar Foot Long" was launched by a Stuart Frankel, a Miami Subway Franchise owner, and is "a national phenomenon that has turbocharged Subway's performance" (Boyle, M. November 5, 2009). Subway restaurants with 2010 revenues of 15.2 billion, is the global leader in locations with 33,959 topping McDonald's 32,373 locales (Brandau, M. March 9, 2011). The Subway story is instrumental in analyzing the costs and benefits of the franchise concept, but also is useful in explicating the three fundamental questions of economics: what product or service to produce, how it is produced, and for which customers it is produced for (Mankiw, G.N. 2004).

What does Subway Produce?

Subway is the ninth best global…


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Cash. Nation's Restaurant Retrieved November 7, 2011 from 

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Starting a Small Business the
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The concept of brand loyalty is gradually wiping out. It is the enterprise with a persona that will become successful in the 21st century, according to Steven Cohen, the director of corporate development for the accounting and professional services firm of Goldstein Golub Kessler & Co. (Pollan, 1993)

Irrespective of the type of business with which the entrepreneur is involved it is required to allure and maintain good people those can serve as the replica of the entrepreneur while addressing the customers. This is not possible unless some type of enduring relationship is offered to them. One normal mode is to deploy individuals those may not desire permanent relationship. There may be people thinking of flex-time or part-time positions to harmonize their home lives. Or they may be the older individuals those think the complete retirement is not what they desire. Irrespective of their environment, the entrepreneur is required to…


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Sba the Small Business Association
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Of course, the FEMA application process itself was also problematic. The SBA created secure Internet-based application templates for aid to expedite the loan request process. Stress testing and plans for maximum user capacity levels was instituted within the system (SBA, 2006, GMO).

User applications were thus better 'triaged' based upon likelihood of approval, and where the loan should be directed. isk modeling was introduced, to help cope with future emergencies. The prediction of damage from a variety of types of disasters, in target locations would allow for anticipation of increased levels of demand (SBA, 2006, GMO). Unfortunately, improvement of the system was undertaken only after the backlog had been created. Unmet demand can create more demand, as businesses without critical resources can fall into more debt and see more damage being done to their businesses, as a result of the aftereffects of the disaster.

While the SBA blamed its faulty…


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Consultancy Inc Is a Small Business Organization
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Consultancy Inc. is a small business organization specializing in the management consultancy for various businesses in the United States. ecent growth experienced by the Best Consultancy has made the company to integrate network technology to facilitate the business agility. Thus, my neighbor, who is the owner of the business, has contacted me to assist him in designing a network system that could serve his business purpose. Meanwhile, Best Consultancy requires the following network devices in the company network technology:

laptops, 2 workstations, and 1 server supporting 3 users

Wireless networking

quality networked printer

File and folder sharing

Internet access

Multiple email addresses

Basic security environment which similar to home environment

Initial investment of $5,000 or less

ecurring costs to be less than $200 per month

To design the network system for Best Consultancy, it is essential to integrate the following network devices for the company network technology:

Project Objective



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Canadian Small Business Directory Weaknesses
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For an Internet portal such as this directory, many 'threats' are evident, given that consumers have such a wide array of other potential choices use to find information. Perhaps the most obvious threat is Google itself -- consumers can simply Google businesses directly and cut out the 'middleperson.' Or they can look for portals specifically designed to direct users to movers, restaurants, etcetera. Many portals like 'Yelp' also include user reviews, which this website lacks.

Perhaps the most obvious competitor for the website, however, is the simplest -- the Canadian online Yellow Pages, which allows for easy searching -- the search function is on the website homepage. There are also multiple ways of searching the Yellow Pages, such as by name, business, and location -- or by filtering specifically through all of these functions. For example, a user could find a yoga studio in Ontario, rather than have to…


Canadian Small Business Directory. (2011). Retrieved August 2, 2011 at 

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HR Management in the Small Business
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Human esources Management is a vitally important part of the business world. Indeed, the ability to manage employees can mean the success or failure a firm. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore human resources management as it relates to small business. Throughout this discussion, we will focus on Issues such as the changing global workforce, corporate culture, management issues, information technology, and workforce diversity.

Changing Global workforce

According to a journal article found in the Journal of Business Strategies explains that H management strategies must change to fit the changes in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article asserts that companies are focusing more on maintaining the competitive advantage in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article reports that companies are increasingly opening international offices and must learn how to manage human resources accordingly (McWilliams et al. 2001). The authors assert

One of…


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Theory vs Practice in Small Business Setting Essay
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When it comes to working in any sort of organization or corporation, one of the obvious chasms that becomes clear here is the relationship between theory and what is practiced in a small business setting. To truly look at and assess that paradigm, the author of this report has interviewed an owner/manager at a small business to discuss what they do to make things work, what is suggested in theory and scholarly literature and how those frameworks and lessons do or do not work for their particular situation. The author of this report will personally be making a comparison and contrast between what is asserted within the literature and compare it to the feedback and personal experience narrative of the owner/manager. A common refrain seen in the blogosphere and elsewhere is that there is a disconnect between what is suggested in the minds of theorists and within the so-called ivory…

Best Software Applications for Small Business
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Collaborative Software: Groupware

• Type of software

Samepage: Group, sharing: cloud-based software

• List of vendors and products reviewed, from at least three categories


Products: Samepage for desktop; Samepage apps for iOS, Android, Windows,

• Product selected

Samepage Collaboration Software

• eason the product was selected

eviews were very positive and the demo and interface appeared very clean and user friendly.

• Brief description of the software, including cost: Discuss the possibility of integrating with other software being recommended

Samepage Pro-is $10 per month and offers unlimited team collaboration with administrative controls, unlimited pages and storage, permissions manager, user and activity insights, external calendar integration and priority support. Integration with other software is not possible although various non-software-based projects can be brought into Samepage; this is a drawback

• Advantages and disadvantages of using the software

The software acts similarly to Dot Loop and allows multiple users to…


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Lulu Frost Small Business
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Lulu Frost is a warm and inspirational person. She began her discussion by starting with her beginnings. Comment with Art history, she detailed her passions citing her grandmother as her biggest influence. She loved looking into the past and explained why her passion for art and the history of art surfaced. Not only is she a passionate woman, but embraces multiculturalism and learned to excel at an early age saying "Once you know what you want, you have to work hard for it." This quote stayed with me because it reminded me of my own struggles and passions in life and how one succeed only through sheer determination and hard work.

When she began her business, she did so because she wanted to own her own company and be her own boss. She got her first break at Barney's with no connection at first, having to prepare herself for getting…


"The Product Management Triangle." 2014. Medium.

Business Pros and Cons of Partnership as
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Pros and Cons of Partnership as a form of business

Partnership is a form of business where one or more individuals come together for the realization of a common economic goal. As with other forms of businesses, there are numerous pros and cons that come with it. One of the primary advantages is the pooling of resources that can be used for the achievement of the common goal. These common resources can include capital as well as skills needed for the successful execution of the business objectives. Another advantage is the lower rate of taxation. The profits from the business is treated as personal tax and so, the slabs are much lower. Lastly, it offers a high degree of flexibility and is simpler than many other forms of businesses such as corporations.

Partnership comes with its disadvantages as well. Firstly, partners have a joint and several liability which means…


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Business Plan Biz Online Is
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The company shall have sales section, which shall be in charge of reaching market already created by the marketing team. We shall employ gorilla tactics whereby sales people are send to the client premises to discuss and delivery the service or make a deal.

The Biz online shall also have a group of sales representative based in the office. These sales representatives shall be tasked with outsourcing potential clients' telephone number and calling them. However, we intends to sale most of our services through online. Every client who would like to buy any of our services could simply login on our system and make payment through their Visa cards. Finally, Biz online intends to have a sales desk in the office as its long time objectives, to listen to clients, call clients and solve their query amicable.

Sales Forecast



1st Year

2 nd

3 rd


Coupon Sale…

Business Mentoring Is a Critical Job and
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Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical job and is important for the one providing it as well as the party seeking it. The business parties seeking mentoring are normally those that are beginners and they wish to avoid problems by seeking expert advice. On the other hand the mentor's credibility and business experience is proved when he offers mentoring and advice. Theft and fraud are two most common issues faced by the starting businesses. The paper discusses what advice can be offered to beginners to avoid theft and fraud in business.

What advice can be offered to beginners to avoid theft and fraud in business?


Mentoring is an advisory job and should be backed by proper knowledge and experience. Based on the three decades of business experience, it can be said that fraud and theft are most common in business however only a little more carefulness can help avoid…


Epstein, L., (2013), "Protecting Your Business from Theft and Fraud," Retrieved from: 

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Small Company Entry Advantage No
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ole of Commitment in Small Company Entry Advantage

The huge contributing factor for the success of any business is how committed and accountable people involved in the business feel. Level of commitment in small companied is usually less because a business is not established until the money generated in the form of profit exceeds the money invested in the business. Till this point is reached, the company is not said to be running business. In case this point is not reached, small businesses are quickly winded up, thus this shows low commitment level. People are committed to business in small industries but level of commitment is less as compared to large organizations because it does not involves large number of stakeholders or board members who need to be informed and asked for consent for making decisions. Instant decisions are made in small industries even in case of winding up, thus…


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Business Challenges Small Medium Business Challenges Small and
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Business Challenges

Small/Medium Business Challenges

Small and medium sized businesses produce most of the revenue in the United States and they account for more jobs than the largest corporations. Yet there are challenges that these companies face that set them apart from their larger competitors. The fact that a business is small makes it difficult to maintain growth, and it is also difficult for these types of businesses to maintain the employees that they have trained. Large competitors can poach trained employees that are valuable to any organization, but can be essential to a small business. Another issue if the fact that small and medium sized businesses sometimes operate with financial margins that can be incredibly tight. This means that upgrading to new software and hardware necessary for the business can be a challenge. The many difficulties that these types of companies face are somewhat mitigated by helps that are…


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Small Medium Sized Businesses in United Arab
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Small Medium Sized usinesses in United Arab Emirates

The objective of this study is to trace the history, customer services, CRM and satisfaction issues and problems in small medium size businesses in the United Arab Emirates and to discuss the trends in SMEs.

Small and Medium-scale Enterprises plays an important role in economic development worldwide. Many developing countries in fact have placed Small and medium enterprise development and promotion on top of their economic agenda one of them is The UAE country. Today United Arab Emirates setup governmental fund such as khalifa fund and Dubai SME fund to expand the SME sector and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and improve. As, There are many small businesses grow by the funding of the Khalifa fund which is "in 2008 offered Dh 246 million in funds for 154 new industrial and services enterprises." Also, the governmental funding can provides many…


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Business Failures Reasons for Failure Business Failures
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usiness Failures

Reasons for Failure

usiness failures have become a properly investigated field of study in the past few years as a struggling economy and an overall difficult business environment have combined to discourage potential entrepreneurs from entering the market place and to cause many existing business owners / entrepreneurs from continuing their endeavors. This interest in business failures is precipitated by the fact that the number and nature of business failures impacts negatively on the overall business climate and examining possible causes in an effort to forestall further such failures is vital to maintaining a healthy business environment. The emphasis in recent years has shifted from examining why and how businesses fail toward an analysis of how to avoid and prevent business failures.

The failed business that I chose to review was a small ice cream / restaurant in my neighborhood. The name of the business was Charlie's Ice…


Goltz, J. (2011, January 5). Top 10 Reasons Small Business Fail. New York Tmes .

U.S. Small Business Administration. (n.d.). Standard Operating Procedures. Retrieved May 25, 2011, from SBA:  

Small Companies and Internationalism a
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In other words the company has to establish and nature a good number of relationships and networks, the benefits however depends entirely on the quality of the networks created.

It is important to appreciate that this process cannot be taken in haste, this is because the development and maintaining of new information systems, and new products offerings demands a lot of input, coordination and considerable financial investment.

In order for a small company to be successful in its quest to internationalize its business the human interaction and competence in the international arena actually matters than the technical knowledge or the product matters.

The managers of these companies must have a truly international outlook by seeking worldwide opportunities by cultivating an enthusiasm for exporting their products as this in return will make them understand the global picture of their product. The managers also in the best interest of the company must…


Bent Petersen (n.d). The role of Knowledge in Firms' Internationalization Process:

Wherefrom and Whereto? Retrieved July 30, 2012 from 

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Business Plan Business Financial Plan for Sweet
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Business Plan

Business Financial Plan for Sweet Tooth Treats

Baking has always been a major part of my family life, and for generations there has been infamous cookie recipes past down from one cook to the next. Every holiday season, my cookies are notorious for being the best any gift receivers have ever had. Finally, I believe it is time to make my baking hobby and actual money making enterprise. I know I have the recipe, the potential customers, and options for both retail space and an online presence. The only thing missing is the initial push to make this hobby an actual business -- Sweet Tooth Treats.

Business Start Up Plan


The essentially product here is the various cookies, of different flavors and ingredients. I have several recipes for cookies, both permanent and seasonal variations. These products will be sold in both individual sales at a retail location,…


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