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Space Travel Essays (Examples)

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Space Case Such an Interesting
Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67434996
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NASA was operating as an authoritarian and hierarchical organization.

Owen Garriot was an exception to the rule of regimentation in the sense that he brought a lighthearted attitude to the workplace environment. Garriot's "excitement," "enthusiasm" and "zealousness" made him a sort of unintentional leader for the Skylab 3 crew (p. 6). Thus, the astronauts were only able to create a circle network because of their extreme isolation -- from planet earth.

Unlike the second Skylab, the third was comprised of a team of rookies. Moreover, "none of the third crew shared any close personal connections with the first two crews," (p. 7). The problems in communication and lack of teamwork led the third crew to "play down the adverse effects of space travel to protect NASA's funding for future space programs," (p. 7). A lack of camaraderie solidified the wheel-chain combination strategy that NASA had come to rely upon as…

Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism
Words: 3364 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90105340
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Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

Today, certain individuals in the developing countries could be viewing "space tourism" as vocabulary. Nonetheless, in the developed countries, this term is turning to be more familiar and gradually becoming a holiday experience for world Forbes. This is an expensive venture that is exciting, stunning, adventurous, and relatively remains the least exploited phenomena in the world history. Since the first "space tour" in 2001, the rich stamps their foot on a fact that wherever they can go, the poor cannot manage to go, and what the poor can do, they can do best. Over the past few decades, the general perception about space tourism has been changing yearly. History reveals that this perception considered space tourism as a "science fiction." However, this term currently gains recognition and is becoming the most important grand target for the growing…


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How unmanned'space aircraft have changed overtime
Words: 1344 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19872547
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Unmanned spacecrafts have long been a dream of human civilization. The allure of the unknown combined with mans quest for knowledge has created rapid innovations within the unamend spacecraft field. Its history has spanned many decades, with large leaps in innovation, safety, and efficiency. Even today, both manned and unmanned space crafts are now launching into space routinely. What once was a very esoteric and fearful proposition has now become much more routine. It is through these innovations that man hopes to pioneer space travel and better understanding of the cosmos.To begin the history of unmanned spacecraft has its roots in mans fascination with space. For centuries, man has postulate about space, its origins, and mans place within the cosmos. The bible in many respects was mans first attempt to not only make sense of the world but also of space. These theories, quickly morphed overtime with many thoughtful notions…

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Houston Space Center You Can
Words: 350 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47605486
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it's a combination of efforts from NASA and Disney Imagineering that make it so popular for kids and adults (Houston Space Center).

With the behind-the-scenes journey through NASA's Johnson Space Center, you may visit the Historic Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Training Facilities, or the current Mission Control Center. You may even get to see astronauts training for upcoming missions.

The Level Nine Tour, for die-hard space fans, takes you behind the scenes to see the real world of NASA up close and personal. On this four-hour tour you will see things that only the astronauts see. You even get to eat what and where they do (Greene).


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Travels it Stays Stuck in
Words: 1736 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15635258
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Mohammad said that the true wealth of the person is measured not only in dreams but action, which I supported publishing an environmental column in the newspaper El Vocero. The column dealt with the importance of coral preservation and education, an issue critical to the survival of a tropical island, and something I knew I could share not only through words but also through image.

My dreams get bigger by the day, as does my determination to see them through. I have come to understand, even in my early years, the important balance that exists between man and earth; if one understands the need for environmental protection, it is a matter of responsibility to share that knowledge. While I set in motion the banner I know I must carry for the preservation of the environment, I also spur others on to hold and remember the causes close to their heart,…

How Traveling and Tourism Contribute to U S Economy
Words: 4137 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59548600
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Travelling and Tourism contributes to U.S. Economy

How travelling and tourism contribute to U.S. economy



United States Department of Commerce

Commerce Department Data Show U.S. Travel and Tourism Exports Contributed $87.1 Billion to U.S. Economy in First Six Months of 2013

The official website of the U.S. Department of Commerce takes keen interest in finding who enters the country for the purpose of traveling and tourism and what is the impact of traveling on the economy of the country. The department oversees International Trade Administration. It is found that the international investors contribute multibillions to the economy of country every year. During the month of June this year, the international investors contribute about $14.6 billion. The contribution is increasing every year and from June 2012 to June 2013, the investment increased about 5%. The role of international travelers and tourists is positive on the economy of USA. Only…


Guido, C., and Paolo, F. "The Economics of Tourism Destinations," Springer. (2012).

International Trade Administration. Year-to-date U.S. travel and tourism exports contribute $72.6 billion to the U.S. economy, (2013). Retrieved from: 

Independent. Keeping nine per cent rate good for jobs, tourism and economy, (2013). Retrieved


Temporarily Use of Empty Spaces in NYC
Words: 4440 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84861847
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New York City

Use of Temporary Space

(NYC Department of Parks & ecreation)

Images & Charts

Illy Push Button House

Store Front Library

Brooklyn Bridge Park


Images & Charts

According to the NYC Department of Parks & ecreation, Dutch traders established farming communities and villages east of Manhattan around 1652. One such village, Vlackebos, literally translated into the "wooded plain." This wooded plane area at the time consisted of virgin thick forests coupled with flat terrain so it eventually was called Flatbush. The area stayed in this overgrown natural state for nearly three centuries. "But, in the 1920s, the new Interborough apid Transit linked Flatbush to the rest of the city, sparking new developments that began welcoming successive generations of immigrants. As with the Dutch traders, these newcomers built homes and roads, only more quickly and densely. iding through East Flatbush today, there are still trees that line…

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Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism
Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49272483
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Space Vehicles

Throughout the course of human history, the idea of traveling into space has been something that has captured the imagination. This is because it is offering everyone with an avenue for seeing new worlds and learning about the universe. The result is that a number of missions are being planned for going back to the moon and eventually Mars.

To reach these objectives, a series of space vehicles are under development. This is to address the desire to explore the unknown and ensure that astronauts can return safely to Earth. At the same time, many craft are utilizing robotic technology. This improves the ability of scientists to understand what is happening and the impact it having on stakeholders.

In the case of space tourism, these changes will encourage more firms and governmental organizations to become involved. This is because the costs for conducting these missions can be reduced.…


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Science and Astronautics
Words: 490 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 71720775
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Space Travel Proposal

Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism.

The New Demand For Space Travel

The Rise of the Leisure Class

Conspicuous Consumption

A New Manifest Destiny

Available Technology

Existing Space Tourism Companies

Space X


Other rising companies

Space Elevators

Research and Development

The independent inventor's role

Nuclear technology.

Tesla technology.

Alien intervention and other sources of data

Leadership and Guidance.

Who will lead?

A case for government to lead.


International governmental cooperation.

Business Implications

Compounding effect.

Space manufacturing.

Better to build in space?

Better build on Earth and launch?




This essay will examine the idea of developing space vehicles for the new and demanding space travel and tourism industry. The purpose of the essay will be to highlight the key and important information regarding this topic and present the many differing options that this may be accomplished and ultimately achieved with purpose and…

Teaching Space Science
Words: 1107 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59955088
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teaching space science. There are various complexities that affect the way that astronomy is taught, not the least of which is the enormity of scale that space science involves.

One of the basic requirements for understanding astronomy is coming to terms with the vastness of the universe. For example, a basic unit of astronomical measurement is the light year. Merriam-ebster defines the light year as "a unit of length in astronomy equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum or about 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers" (2011). hile this definition conveys factual data, it does little to make the concept real, that is, accessible to the average student.

Moreover, trying to convey the reality of light traveling at the unimaginably fast speed of 299,792 kilometers per second (186,282 miles per second) is indeed mind-boggling. Even at such amazing speeds, light takes years to…

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Direct Strategy Fun Games Travel Inc Regarding
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98729014
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Direct Strategy Fun Games Travel, Inc.


Dear Mr. Jones,

There is a growing interest in Park City Lodge and all of the amazing opportunities and amenities that the facility has to offer for large size groups, such as our planned tours of forty members. This upcoming ski season is bound to be an exciting one, and I was hoping that Park City Lodge could serve as the possible location for our upcoming group travel packages.

Fun Games Travel, Inc. is an emerging travel agency that specializes in planning group trips with plenty of exciting activities along the way. Due to the growing demand for travel to the most pristine and engaging ski locations, Fun Games Travel is planning on setting up travel packages to Magic Mountain, one of the best ski grounds in the region. Due to the proximity…

Auto Traveling Hazards Money Time
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 74039267
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As it had been said earlier, people would rather take their own car or rent a car when going on a trip. In most cases, this leaves them with more money spent, and a greater risk of being part of an accident. In comparison, those that choose to travel by plane are much more relaxed and can enjoy being driven by a professional pilot that is experienced in avoiding dangerous situations. In contrast, almost anyone that has a driver's license can drive a car, regardless of their experience. From that, one can understand that it is much safer to be a plane passenger than it is to be a car passenger.

There are far more chances of a car crashing into another than there are of a plane crashing into another. hile the air traffic is constantly controlled by experts, the land traffic is rarely controlled by policemen.

hen planning…

Works cited:

1. Irvine, Chris. (2008, October 16). "Road travel in Britain 'as dangerous as it was 500 years ago'." The Telegraph. Retrieved from The Telegraph Web site: 

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Culture Bias in the Travels
Words: 2128 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79971927
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If it isn't demons, idols, and black magic, it's sex -- the most repressed impulse in the estern-Christian tradition.

During and after his time in the court of Kubla Khan, one notices an increased tone of rationality in the narrative. Less exoticized details of the life of people in the Orient begin to emerge, such as food and clothing habit, but the earlier sensationalism is not lost entirely -- perhaps cannot be, as it is such an engrained part of the estern perspective when viewing the sights of Asia. He travels to a region he identifies as "Bengala," which according to Latham is likely Bengal but could possibly be Pegu, which was in the process of being conquered during the time of the Great Khan's court (Latham, 189). Though this passage also contains a brief and simple message about the main sources of sustenance for the people in this region,…

Works Cited

Polo, Marco (attributed). The Travels of Marco Polo, Ronald Latham. New York: Penguin, 1958.

Hangar Space - A Physical
Words: 9159 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21028571
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egulations and requirements

The Federal Aviation Authority -- FAA passed the "Vision100 - Century of Aviation eauthorization Act," which among other regulations also allowed for the allocation of the AIP funds for the facilities like hangars and fuel farms. This is stated in the law that the secretary can pay the funds "apportioned to the airport sponsor under section 47114 (d) (3) (a) and if the Secretary determines that the sponsor has made adequate provision for financing airside needs of the airport." ("Airport Improvement Program," 2004) Therefore all planners and builders are required to submit a business plan. In the event where the promoter of the proposed airport is not requiring the genera fund, still considering these guidelines will help in determining the profitability and the types of facility and structures required. The foremost concern is to evaluate the need. The plan must show the demand envisaged for the facility.…


Banister, David; Berechman, Joseph. (2000) "Transport Investment and Economic

Development" UCL Press: London.

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the trump travel ban and why it is bad
Words: 711 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41836258
Read Full Paper  ❯, Trump issued an executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States, and simultaneously stopped accepting refugees from Syria. The affected countries included Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Several months after the original executive order, the Trump administration removed Iraq from the list of banned countries. The executive order created a legal fiasco, a social miasma, and certain economic downturn not just for the affected nations but for the United States, too.

On its legal merits alone, the executive order has been challenged several times. Initial confusion was related to whether or not existing Green Card holders and tourist visa holders from the Muslim nations would still be permitted entry or re-entry into the United States. Similarly, there were legal questions about whether pending Green Card applications or tourist visa applications would be processed or denied outright. Other related issues included the…

World-Traveling With Professor Maria Lugones
Words: 872 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26113217
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These "worlds" are not definitive however but suggestive of how women in particular view themselves. The "worlds" can be the cause of racial, or cultural, or professional, or mere idiosyncratic in nature. Nonetheless, they are the primary structures we as humans are found in socially and intrapersonally. And since this helps shape values and personal esteem, it is important to try and understand other "worlds." For one, understanding other "worlds" helps break down cultural and racial barriers built up by isolation and an "outsider" mentality.

Unfortunately, in these "worlds" very little interaction is typically engaged. And not just that, but when "worlds" are developed based on an inferiority stemming from racial divides-in this case that of Lugones' family in an Anglo-centric society-then poor loving relations are established. So, Lugones finds that in order to reaffirm loving relationships where arrogant perceptions prevail, first, one must employ "world"-traveling. This is an exercise…

Promoting Fuel Efficient Cars Establishing Green Spaces
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4937518
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promoting fuel efficient cars, establishing green spaces or forestry, random emission testing, and encouraging alternative transportation, walking, and bicycle use. The total cost is $15.5 M.

Fuel efficient cars

Fuel efficient cars not only reduces pollution but I chose it due to the fact that it is also a good option given today's rising gas prices.

Fuel efficient cars come in 2 categories -- electric and water. What this means is that these cars substitute gas -- which pollutes the atmosphere -- with either electricity or water or hydroxyl.

Hybrid cars are healthier for the environment since they combine gas and water (or electricity) producing lower emissions. They also reduce dependence on fossil fuel which is the main source of fuel today.(

The trade-offs of fuel efficient cars are first and foremost price. That, however, can be overcome by compelling distributors to lower the price by making it a more…


Future-Method. Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars -- Initiatives to Reduce Pollution.

The benefits of alternative transportation 

Supnithadnaporn, (2007), Do Vehicles Passing Emission Test Pollute Less-Georgia Institute of Technology

Solitude and Mental Space Life
Words: 1431 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 7042195
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I prefer lying down on my back, with my feet flat on the ground and my knees up in the air, although I have done the same basic technique sitting up as well. I close my eyes and consciously relax every part of my body, starting with my toes and working my way up, through the legs, hips, torso, arms, neck and even face. At the same time, I try to stop regulating my breathing. Every time I do this, without exception, I am amazed by the amount I needlessly control my breath. When I am able to consciously relax it, it flows much more smoothly and is far more refreshing and relaxing. This is a very physical manifestation of the ever-present pressure to be something other than who I am. It is something most if not all people experience, and yet something I think most people are totally unaware…

Tale an Intergalactic Space Mission From Earth
Words: 1889 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57064888
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An intergalactic space mission from Earth tries to create a scientifically-based cooperative. The name of the ship is the Nefertiti, after the ancient Egyptian Queen. Captain Reeftart, his first mate Jane, and their enthusiastic crew first set foot on the friendly planet Stauron. The Stauronians share the Earthlings' hope for an interplanetary federation based on science. Although the Stauronian leader Glastia is skeptical, Reeftart believes that the Dirgonians will be receptive. However, Dirgon is a xenophobic, insular, and isolationist planet who, though benevolent, do not generally support measures to collectivize resources. Reeftart's optimism is tempered by Jane's pragmatism.

Faced with the potential for failure, Reeftart conspires to trick the Dirgonians into starting their own collective; he believes that if the Dirgonians believe that they initiated the idea they would feel fully in charge. Reeftart obviously knows little about Dirgon or their core culture, for when the Nefertiti arrives on…

England Reason for Traveling to
Words: 1656 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82936659
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Costumes and decorative arts, oral history, photographs, paintings and real objects narrate the history. Besides, toys clothing, watches, weapons, ceramics, coins, items made of glass, and lot of other items of civilization make up these objects. ("London Travel Guide," 2007) v) the National Gallery: This gallery houses one of the greatest collections of western European paintings in the world. In excess of 2300 painting adore the gallery representing the years between 1250 and 1900. In order to provide assistance to the visitors, various trails and audio guides are given. enowned painter's collection includes those of Monet, embrandt, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Van Gogh's Sunflowers and John Constable's "The Hay Wain" constitute part of the Collection. Besides, there are collections of other painters such as Michaelangelo and Van Dyck. (vi) Big Ben: This is a must-see in London which is a famous clock tower with Victorian Gothic structure which houses about…


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Computers in Space Science
Words: 1740 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47234107
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computers in space science. Specifically, it will look at the roles computers have in current space technology and how they have effected the lives of everyone in the world. Without computer technology, space science would be confined to the ground, and man's imagination. efore large-scale computing was developed, the technologies necessary to design, build, and maintain a space program simply did not exist. Computers have made it possible to explore the moon, stars, and beyond.

Computers in Space Science

Computers play an integral role in the science of space, and without them most of modern space exploration would not be possible. As the NASA report, "Computers at NASA" states, "Since the 1950's, the computer has been the main tool that has enabled scientists and engineers to visualize the next frontier and then make it a reality" (NASA). NASA employs literally thousands of computers throughout the world to monitor, design, and…


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Marketing Plan for a Travel Company
Words: 1883 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75313916
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Top Travel Marketing Plan

"Explore the world on your terms"

Top Travel is a well established travel agency which cares not only to satisfy the most specific needs of its wide customer base, but also to understand the forces affecting the domestic and global tourist sector and to integrate well crafted responses to these new challenges in the services it provides to its clients. Top Travel's slogan "Explore the world on your terms" invites customers to create the journey of their dreams, aligned with their preferences, time availability, financial constraints and unique needs and guarantees that the company will provide all the necessary and customized support in this sense. The company targets middle income consumers, of all ages and both familiarized with technology as well as using the more traditional methods and its ultimate scope is that of delivering customized, complete and current travel options to all customers, be these…


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Ethics the Kolcraft Travel-Lite Crib
Words: 3355 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95390068
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Contemporary agency theory dictates that managers only act in the interest of maximizing shareholder (owner) wealth (Roberts, 2004). This standard can be reasonably viewed as the minimum ethical standard that the president of a company should have. Taking this view, Thomas Koltun is essentially in damage control mode. Because of the mistakes of the company in the past, Koltun is faced with significant downside risk from mishandling this situation. It could also be reasonably argued that Thomas Koltun still bears responsibility for the original ethical imperatives that the company has had all along as the result of bringing the Travel-Lite to market. If three-quarters of these products are as yet unaccounted for, then the company still bears ethical obligations as defined by the CPSC with regards in particular to consumers.

There are serious implications associated with a mishandling of these obligations. The company has suffered ethical failures in relation to…

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Gemini Space Program
Words: 2171 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79434293
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Gemini Space Program

The Gemini mission had as one of its goals a spacewalk by the astronauts and this was an important goal because this was a time known as the 'Cold War' and the Soviet Union, the second greatest power in the world had already had astronauts perform a spacewalk. The United States was running behind it seemed at the time. . Due to the brief nature of this study there are contributions that the Gemini space program made that have not been reviewed and it is therefore suggested that in order to better understand the contributions of the Gemini space program that a more in-depth study be conducted.

Gemini Space Program

The Gemini mission had as one of its goals a spacewalk by the astronauts and this was an important goal because this was a time known as the 'Cold War' and the Soviet Union, the second greatest…


Gemini Program (nd) Think Quest Library. Retrieved from: / voyages/gemini.htm

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Adcock, George (2010) Gemini Space Program -- Development and Decisions. RC Davison. 10 Jan 2010. Retrieved from:

Operating Environment for Travel Today Airline
Words: 1128 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19997949
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Marketing Plan for Travel Today Agency

Market segmentation

The market segmentation that Travel Today will adopt is geared towards enabling the agency define its target customers and minimize on time and cost by capitalizing on the defined target market. The company will, in this respect, target the holiday goers especially during the summer holidays when the South American coasts and Brazil are famous destinations. The agency will hence negotiate for group discounts in order to create a bigger customer base among the holiday goers whom would consider it worthy cutting any costs for more money to spend at the holiday destination. Psychographic segmentation will also apply in this aspect as the agency will be covering the Cuban route bearing the recent political developments and the ultimate lifting of embargoes and sanctions to the country. The psychographic factors take into account the social class, personality and lifestyle of the intended target…


Businesswise Ltd., (2010). Psychographic Segmentation in Practice. Retrieved June 2, 2015 from 

Management Study Guide, (2013). Competitor Analysis - Meaning, Objectives and Significance. Retrieved June 2, 2015 from

Bleep Do We Know Traveling
Words: 3658 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38931531
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In this interpretation Heitler accepts the modified Copenahgenist observer created reality, but adds that the act of observation dissolves the barrier between observer and the observed. The observer is a necessary part of the whole. Once observed, the object is now an inseparable part of the observer (leuler). Arntz addresses this bridge between the observer, the observer, and reality by asking "why aren't we magicians?"; indeed, if we create our reality and can change our reality simply through the act of how we perceive it, and how we choose to perceive it, we should be able shape our world and our place in our world. In Arntz' way, he is offering to the reader what so many self-help gurus have done -- put responsibility for one's reality in the hands of the person living that particular reality, and saying, 'here you go, you can change it.' Empowering, yes….but is it…


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Home and Travel Much of
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The key to understanding this quotation and its relevance to a shift in mindset is to deconstruct Nietzsche's conceit regarding the ocean, in which he implies there is an abundance of experiences (literally, entire depths) that most people never plunge into and merely ride the crest of, experiencing a mere surface-level of emotions and perceptions. There are other people, the philosopher implies, who know how to plummet what little experiences they have for all that they are worth. These are the people who have trained their mind to perceive things, the world and their particular space in it, and who can prove the fact that people can surely find that which they seek -- but only once they have decided to seek for it.

In conclusion, while it is true that a shift in mindset is directly responsible for a greater attunement to one's surroundings, an ability to get in…

Individuals Cognition of Spaces
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Spatial Cognition

People perceive and understand space differently depending on how it makes them feel, especially with regards to boundaries. Consequently, the definition of space changes across various individuals because every space has different meanings and feelings for every individual. In some situations where individuals may feel comfortable and at peace in one space, others may be very uncomfortable and irritated. For instance, social statues can change the feelings people obtain from the specific space. Based on this analysis, it is relatively clear that space affects people differently, which contributes to varying interpretations, definitions, and understanding of space. Therefore, when addressing spatial cognition, it is increasingly important to examine the different ways space is perceived and the varying feelings associated with it.

People's Perception of Space

As previously mentioned, people's perceptions and understanding of space differ significantly on the premise of how space affect them, especially their feelings. The difference…


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Press: Baltimore, MD.

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Hubble Space Telescope
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Hubble Space Telescope

As the world's first Earth-orbiting reflecting telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) represents the culmination of the dreams of many astronomers and the fulfillment of a hope that began in the 1950's when the United States launched instruments into space in order to study the Earth's atmosphere. Our planetary speck in space, namely the Earth, is only one of hundreds of billions of planets that surely orbit other star systems; our Milky Way galaxy, composed of billions of stars and other astronomical bodies, is but one out of billions of other galaxies. Thus, in order to increase our knowledge of the universe, the Hubble Space Telescope serves a vital function, for since its launch in 1990, despite several crucial problems, it has revealed a universe full of mysterious bodies, nebula, star systems and galaxies and has expanded the possibilities that humankind is not alone in the universe.…


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Conception and Function of Public Space Change
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conception and function of public space change as historical shifts influence the delineation between public and personal rights and property. Boyer states that there is an underlying tension in the application of reference to historical styles present in the creation of public spaces, representing nostalgic yearning for past times remembered as greater than the articulation of the present. Boyer also references Walter Benjamin's theory that "all history writer in a story of triumph of bourgeois values and represents the posthumous reconstruction of fragmented events according to a completely fabricated structure (5). One may conclude, then, that the use of historical motifs, styles, and events in public spaces favors the commemoration of a privileged historical canon and pre-modern public space designation did not have populist intentions. A public space constructed with historical references under the heavily economically stratified era of the pre-modern era served to cement the historical canon of the…


Boyer, M.C. (1996). The City of Collective Memory: Its Historical Imagery and Architectural Entertainments. MIT.

Discovery of Inner Space Traditionally
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And where do we get these views on whether to actualize or accept without thinking or questioning? And, if we accept do we not fill our lives and being with wants and desires based on materialism? If we think about one of the most popular activities in the contemporary world -- watching television (whatever is on counts) we see that this medium of acculturation tends to tell us what it is we are, need to be, want to be, and how we might get there. It does not, for example, really ask us to think critically about anything -- let alone taking a Zen approach to nature and the world around us and learn to just "be" of and one with the moment. This approach, of course, is really anathema to most of the developed world. We are too busy slicing and dicing the mood du jour or the latest…

Contested Public Space Memories and History
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Memories and History

Aya Sofia's Rich History

One should look no further in one's search for the most long-standing symbol of religion, culture, and history than the Aya Sofia. The building, found within the heart of a massively cultural city, has stood for over a thousand years, withstanding civil and foreign wars, outbreaks of plague, and even earthquakes. Located only miles from the North Anatolian Fault -- one that can be likened to the San Andreas Fault line in California -- the Aya Sofia has managed to evade the threat of major earthquakes (Aydingun, Sengul and Mark Rose). ith a modernized Istanbul, it is a wonder how a building such as Aya Sofia can still stand, even amongst its modern neighbors -- ones filled with high-rises, dinghy apartments, and parking lots.

The Aya Sofia's longevity is certainly a major factor in its importance. It has become a world heritage site…

Works Cited

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Investment Banker Plan Traveling Throughout
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" Investment banking is not for the weak minded or the soft hearted and I must continue to develop my emotions towards this way of thinking.

I know there is much more to learn in the realm of investment banking. The profession itself demands knowledge of more than just business and economic jargon. Good investors know how to spot trends and cycles that others cannot do as easily. This ability, to more or less predict the future, must continually be honed in order to become successful at this profession. Keeping an open mind is absolutely imperative in sustaining a solid development towards understanding and success in this field. Practicing entertaining new ideas, that may seem strange or odd at first should be kept in mind when approaching new subjects for the first time.

Where I Am Going: Short- and Long-Term Plans

My first priority is to finish my MBA program…


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My experience of traveling to China
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China Trip
Personal Experience/ Observation
My visit to the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Wuhan taught me several things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to learn. I could study cases on the country, read books, watch numerous videos and attend classes for days but none of these would have taught me the amazing lessons I was able to learn, or given me the experiences I underwent, in the short span of time that I spent in the country. In this paper, I am citing a few things I learnt about China through personal observation and experience.
Wuhan City’s Slogan That Spoke to Me: “Different Every Day”
Wuhan is considered to be the central hub of Chinese politics, academics, finances, economics, transportation and culture. This city’s history dates back 3,500 years. It contributes significantly to the contemporary theory of urban planning. China desires to improve and optimize land function…

Conflict Alert as Travel Technology
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This, according to the author, is precisely the reason for the accident.

When the controller noticed the two aircraft in the same altitude range, he was distracted by the malfunctioning phone system, while the other controller was having a break. Nobody was there to help with the extra workload, causing the fatal delay. Human factors relating to the air traffic control crew therefore include the need to take breaks, the tendency to be distracted and the tendency to make incorrect decisions.

It is also interesting to note that the on-board conflict alert systems were functioning properly, but the pilots were waiting for confirmation from traffic control to take action. Had a more distributive paradigm been implemented, the pilots may have been able to share some of the burden of traffic control and avoided collision.

Another interesting aspect of human error is the management of air traffic control. In addition to…


Air Safety Week (2004, May 31). Human Failings Underscored in Report of 2002 Mid-Air Collision Over Germany. Online database:

Brown, Don. (2005, Dec. 7). Say Again? #57: uberlingen. AVweb.


Kelly, Wallace E. (1999, Oct. 24-29). Conflict Detection and Alerting for Separation Assurance Systems. Draft for 18th Digital Avionics Systems Conference. St. Louis, Missouri.

Cold War and the Conquest
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They could do it time and time again with success. The first electric car was used on the moon during the Apollo 14 (Endeavor and Falcon) mission (Kennedy Space Center).

Meanwhile in Russia

hile the space program in the United States was busy becoming a popular culture icon, the Russian space program took on a different personality. They still launched missions for "national prestige" (ade). However, the majority of Soviet missions were for military purposes. The Soviet economy played a major role in space efforts. The soviet economy was planned in five-year increments, with long-range military plans being made for the next ten years (ade). This significantly affected the pace of space program development. The Russian space plan was slow to react to American successes.

First generation Soviet launchers had poor reliability. The ten-year plan for the second generation was not approved until 1976 (ade). Third generation plans were approved…

Works Cited

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Marketing - Aerospace Industry an
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Despite these constraints, it is reasonable to assume that anyone able to invest $100,000+ in a five-minute space flight will be able to afford the trip.

Future Trends.

Given NASA's historic lack of enthusiasm for commercial space travel, it is reasonable to conclude that private initiatives such as SpaceShipOne are going to remain at the forefront of private space travel in the near future. In fact, NASA's Strategic Plan only contains a minor reference to the importance of the commercialization of space in the section entitled "Administrator's Strategic Outlook," wherein the NASA administrator references six areas of interest as NASA priorities with commercial space ventures being only briefly mentioned at the end of the last area of interest (Hudgins, 2002). According to this author, "Barriers to space enterprise result from the way these important space policies treat space commerce. One can readily conclude that commercializing space is not a high…


Coren, M. (2004a, June 20). Commercial space travel next leap for mankind? CNN: Science and Space. Retrieved October 5, 2007 at  

Inductive and Inventive Science
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ability to measure and track the results from any scientific experiment is extremely important to both the validity and truthfulness of the work. Scientists often have problems in certain sciences due to the scope of their investigation. As a result of these mismatches, indirect avenues of approach become necessary to measure and grasp the items of inquiry.

In physics, the atomic theory is based upon indirect measurements. The neutron, proton and electron are merely ideas that have been modeled due to the technology that is available to scientists. An electron has never been physically produced and only its characteristics have been noticed. This is an important distinction, because too often scientists take many of these long standing practices for granted and have assumed the presence of these particles, when there is compelling evidence there is not. Jessa (2009) reminded us that "This understanding the atom helped to fuel many other…


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Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur
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S. government of the legitimacy of their invention. They had to travel to France to prove their invention, because they French, who probably had their own stake in being the first inventors of the airplane derided the Wright brothers as being fakes. The brothers were successful in France. They also managed to convince the U.S. Army that their invention was a success.

In 1910, the brothers flew together for the first time. They also took their father on a short flight. In the same year, the brothers also flew cargo, a few bolts of silk. The brothers incorporated a company called the Wright Company. They got into several feuds with the Curtiss Air Company and also the Smithsonian (the secretary of the Smithsonian claimed to have created the first unmanned powered airplane). In both cases, the courts found for the brothers.

From a personal life standpoint, both brothers were confirmed…


Anderson, John David. Inventing Flight: The Wright Brothers & Their Predecessors. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004.

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Reagan's Challenger Address
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speech "Challenger Address to the Nation" by President onald eagan. Specifically, it will analyze the elements of the rhetorical situation in the address. It will also discuss how the elements relate to eagan's presidency and popularity at the time of the speech in January 1986. onald eagan endures as one of the most popular American presidents, and speeches such as this one are one indication of his popularity. They are poignant, resilient, and emotional, all of which characterize his administration and his outlook as a politician and a person.

When the Challenger space shuttle exploded during take-off in 1986, the event shocked and saddened the nation. America lost seven of its brightest and best astronauts, and the country grieved over the loss. eagan's speech acknowledged that grief and mourned along with the nation. The speech is quite indicative of eagan's public popularity at the time. Just like eagan himself, the…


Cannon, L. (2001). Ronald Reagan: The Presidential portfolio: a history illustrated from the collection of the Ronald Reagan library and museum. New York: Public Affairs.

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Good or Bad Aviation Project Management
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Aviation Project - SpaceX

The current aerospace technologies being built and flown by the private commercial company known as SpaceX (from California) have a remarkable record of success thus far. The "Dragon," which is the cargo capsule built by SpaceX, put into orbit by the Falcon 9 launch rocket, delivered its second load of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, March 3 (Segal, 2013). The SpaceX contract with NASA is for a total of twelve cargo missions to the ISS over the coming years; the first Dragon cargo ship was launched and delivered supplies to the International Space Station in October, 2012. The un-manned Dragon is designed to carry supplies to and from the ISS, and it is the first privately built commercial spacecraft to handle those chores -- or conduct any space-related activities per se. NASA contracted with SpaceX in 2008 after NASA had retired its…

Works Cited

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Economic and Political Factors That
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With Eastern European nations enticed by the financial aid and political support that the U.S. And Britain provided, it became easier for them to weaken the hold of Communism. Furthermore, because Communism and a socialist economy were still in its infancy, the effects of a proletarian-led society did not bring out the expected results among these Communist nations. In effect, primarily due to the strong political influence and economic power of the U.S. And Britain, they were able to push through their anti-Communist program, providing military support through the provision of soldiers and weaponry for nations divided between Communism and capitalism.

A deeper analysis of the economic state of the Soviet Union during the rise of Communism also helps to further understand how it eventually failed to create a new social order in the modern period. Post-war Eastern Europe was driven with poverty and scarcity of its basic resources; thus,…

Sociology Technology
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NASA and Integrated Financial Management Project

Like most government organizations, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) passed through several stages of development and bureaucracy. Upon its creation in 1958, the agency was run with a combination of research freedom and tight management. This combination helped foster a strong, integrated organizational culture within NASA.

Since then, however, NASA has grown into ten separate research agencies situated around the country. Each agency was run as an autonomous unit, with its own vision, research tasks, staff and organizational culture.

The last few years have seen another shift in NASA's organizational culture, as the organization implements "ONE NASA," a plan to move towards a more implemented space organization.

This first part of this paper examines the current structure of NASA, and the problems that are spawned by its fragmented structure. The paper then looks at the goals, obstacles and potential benefits of the…

Works Cited

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Technology and Film Almost From Its Inception
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Technology and Film

Almost from its inception, the idea of the relationship between the individual and technology has been part of an evolving paradigm. While this new technology brought entertainment to the masses, technology itself as often the subject of early films which explored the idea of whether technology was a tool for humans to use, or a foreboding tyrant that both dehumanized and attempted to control both the individual and society. The idea of dehumanization by technology was, of course, nothing new and was part of the Marxist view that industry actually prevented humans from actualizing as humans while paying them a wage that resulted in a kind of self-slavery. Technology could both save and awe humans, it could expand boundaries, but it could also warn of impending doom.

In the 1902 film A Trip to the Moon, for instance, space travel was introduced to the public by using…

Spiritual Intelligence and the Intuitive
Words: 5721 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 52985661
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The above quotation refers to forms of intuition and perception of the spiritual that in fact advocates the "blocking' of the normal modes of understanding and apprehension. As one commentator state;

The spiritual is all that is beyond the conscious awareness and would include God or gods, demons, spirits and nature spirits, ghosts, non-incarnate entities, angels, devas, guardians of the threshold, guardian angels and all the intangible entities and realities of the religions where the cloud of the unknowable things exists.

(Roze, Janis, Toward the New Humanity: From Emotional Intelligence

to Spiritual Intuition)

It is this perception of the intuitive forms of spiritual intelligence that, it also needsto be taken into account in a discussion of this subject.

2. Literature review

There are many modern as well as more traditional perspectives on the issue of spiritual intelligence. A broad and inclusive view of the central terms in this study…


Blitz, Mark. (2001) "Understanding Heidegger." Public Interest Fall 2001: 106.

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Request for Proposal Management
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Club (XPDC) is a bidde's confeence fo the poject of conveting technology developed fo NASA into civilian use, specifically ocket technology fo space tavel. The confeence is fo biddes in all of the diffeent aspects of this poject. Conveting existing technology stock into pivate space exploation vessels is a complex task, so thee will be a wide ange of oppotunities fo vendos with a specialization in aeospace.

This Request fo Poposal seves the pupose of soliciting poposals fom vendos who ae able to meet some of the poject specifications, and bid on one o moe aspects of the oveall poject. X-Pize is an oganization fomed by a team of aeospace industy veteans that has been tasked by the fedeal govenment to take the lead on tansitioning NASA and militay technology elating to space tavel into the civilian secto. The Bidde's Confeence is being held in ode to attact aeospace and…

references from clients that may be available will be beneficial

A list of resources that will be used in this project, and attestation that the company possesses these resources

Acceptance of the XPDC's time frame, as outlined above

A point of contact for additional questions about the project

A point of contact should the bid be accepted, if different from above

Burt Rutan Aircraft Designer Education
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There were problems with the plane however, and utan made modifications to create the Long Eze (the plane singer John Denver was flying when he was killed in 1997).

utan's construction techniques gained the attention of NASA, and he partnered with them and other aircraft corporations to design high-speed, low cost, delta-wing aircraft, like the AD-1 in 1980. utan formed Scaled Composites about this time, and spent much of this time working on very creative and innovative aircraft designs. His brother, ichard utan also joined the company during this time. utan's next challenge was to design an aircraft that could circle the globe without refueling. utan succeeded in this goal when he designed the Voyager, a masterpiece of engineering that indeed circled the globe with his brother Dick utan and Jeana Yeager on board in December 1986. They covered the entire globe in just about nine days, with eighteen gallons…


Editors. "About Rutan Aircraft Factory, Inc." 2003. 18 Sept. 2007.

Editors. "Scaled Composites." 2007. 18 Sept. 2007. 

Heppenheimer, T.A. A Brief History of Flight: From Balloons to Mach 3 and Beyond. New York: Wiley, 2001.

Strangers and Neighbors Rt 201 Ru07 Judaism My
Words: 903 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14646068
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Strangers and Neighbors

RT 201/RU07


My understanding of Judaism was challenged by the central belief that Jews -- especially more Orthodox Jews -- live as they do to ensure that a holy place exists where God can enter and dwell among them. The use of the Mezuzah to sanctify peoples' homes is a manifestation of this belief, and the act of kissing and touching the Mezuzah is very similar to the Catholic practice of dabbing holy water on themselves when they enter a church or cathedral. Many other religions hold to practices that sanctify their homes or places of work. Buddhists set up little shrines -- I have even seen them in nail salons! It was a new idea to me that Jews keep many of their traditions not only because they are laws of the Torah, to which they are bound, but because following the law seems to…

Silent Planet Report Was Looking
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The intent or purpose of this book was originally intended to be a science fiction written to meet a bet, but it ended up being the first book in a trilogy with the theme of describing how pitiful human beings are and how far from our original purpose on the earth - that is to tend it and make it plentiful, and to care for one another. C.S. Lewis was a Christian and this Christian theme permeates all of his novels. The theme of the book is that earth is seen by inhabitants of another planet as being valuable, but the humans are a problem when they think of inhabiting our planet. Oyarsa may be an angel and seems to care for the earth and sends Ransom back with a mission to make the earth better. This theme of bettering the planet Earth is the main one, plus Lewis has…

Works Cited

Lewis, C.S. Out of the Silent Planet. New York: Scribner. 1 Jun 1996.

Spaceship 2 And the Push
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Perhaps the Puffin project could be incorporated into the Spaceship 2 project in the future by allowing the six passenger Spaceship 2 craft the unique ability to give individual passengers the option of individual exploration of space or the air.


Technologically speaking, the Spaceship 2 project represents a hybrid of humans' best technologies. Since the ship itself would be carried to high altitudes by the White Knight, it does not have to incorporate any fuel weight into the flight vehicle itself. Considerations like these allow for greater scope of development of the passenger vehicle itself, as well as a roomier, more comfortable experience. The Puffin vehicle, while environmentally friendly, would be difficult to use in space without large fuel sources or solar panels. The technologies that are being developed and tested by NASA and the Ames esearch Center are more forward-looking.

These future technologies include ion engines, which would…


Ames Research Center (2011). "Advanced Propulsion." White paper found online July

22, 2011 at: .

NASA (2011). "NASA Issues Announcement For Solar Electric Propulsion Studies."

Technology Has Determined the Outcomes
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Better transportation methods helped farmers reach a global market, but they also helped increase the cost of food, and helped more farmers give up agriculture as their employment, too. Technology helped farms become more efficient, but it also helped develop large, factory farms that ran small, independent farmers out of business because they could not compete financially.

Many other innovations that we take for granted today also changed the face of life in the twentieth century. One of those is plastic. "Time" Magazine editors note, "In 1908, Belgian inventor Leo Baekeland created Bakelite, the first plastic, by combining phenols and formaldehyde; it was used originally as an alternative to ivory billiard balls" (Editors). Plastic does not seem to be a vital invention, and yet, everywhere we look today there are plastics, from our computer keyboards and components, to Zip-lock storage bags, water bottles, and automobile interiors. Plastics are everywhere, and…


Best, Antony, Jussi M. Hanhim ki, Joseph a. Maiolo, and Kirsten E. Schulze. International History of the Twentieth Century. London: Routledge, 2004.

Editors. "20th Century Technology." 2008. 2 Sept. 2008. 

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Walker, Melisa. "Problems of Plenty: The American Farmer in the Twentieth Century." Journal of Southern History 70.3 (2004): 707+.

History of the Future Strathern
Words: 3036 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 34895497
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This became an age in which visionary thinkers said, "see, we told you so," and were able to garner additional support from not only the activist type, but the regular citizen.

Talking Points

Malthusian dynamics (overpopulation and resource allocation) became a focus of futurists. Marshall McLuhan, for one, combined futuristic predictions with analysis of global media and advertising trends.

Noam Chomsky was revolutionizing the idea of linguistics as a way to view our innate cultural mechanisms.

Science fiction writers like Clarke, Asimov, and Lem pushed the boundaries of science as far as possible -- insisting that the reader ask very difficult questions about what it truly means to be human, what it truly means to have conservatorship of a planet, and whether or not we have the wisdom to maintain life on earth as we know it.

Chapter 6 -- Fast Forward

Arthur C. Clarke made an interesting remark about…

Darwinian View of Life
Words: 1498 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50848394
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River Out of Eden, by Richard Dawkins. The review provides summaries of the main arguments from each chapter, and a discussion, in particular, of the different thresholds mentioned by Dawkins.

The book River Out of Eden is divided into five chapters, entitled The Digital River, All Africa and er Progenies, Do Good By Stealth, God's Utility Function, and The Replication Bomb.

In the first chapter, The Digital River, Dawkins introduces the idea of evolution by comparing it to a river, metaphorical, and changing over time. The river, he tells us, contains all of the DNA that has survived up until that point, and through the course of time, the river has deviated from its original path, producing different routes for the river, different branches, as he calls them. On each of these different branches of the river, he says, different combinations of DNA have been put together, and different genes…

He argues, throughout the remainder of the book, starting from chapter four, against the idea of a 'purpose' to life, arguing against the religious brigade, who are determined to refute the theory of evolution, and all the evidence for it. He uses his precious DNA to show, as he explains it, "The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference...DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is. And we dance to its music" (Dawkins, 1995).

In chapter five, Dawkins introduces what he terms 'thresholds',

The book is anti-religious, anti-"God's creation myth," through its author's stark atheist beliefs, and his belief that evolution, and only evolution, can explain the myriad forms of complex life we have on earth today. As he says, in the final chapter, only the theory evolution can explain something as complex as an eye, using examples to show that slight changes in complex systems can indeed be advantageous (e.g., the honeybee dance), and only science can explain life, and offer truly believable facts: "Scientific beliefs are supported by evidence, and they get results. Myths and faiths are not and do not" (Dawkins, 1995). His final discussions in the book are slightly depressing, "Nature is not cruel, only pitilessly indifferent. This is one of the hardest lessons for humans to learn. We cannot admit that things might be neither good nor evil, neither cruel nor kind, but simply callous - indifferent to all suffering, lacking all purpose" (Dawkins, 1995).

Steam Engines When Referring to
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..remained as backwaters" (pg. 14). The effect then of steam engine technology was to bring Great Britain much closer together while at the same time making goods and services much more available and less expensive. Though other forms of transportation now overshadow steam locomotion it still has much influence over citizens lives. Sometimes the impact can be negative, especially as the railroad lines grow more aged and brittle.

One recent article tells of a recent accident stating, "the cause of the crash was identified as a broken rail weakened by internal cracking" (Berry, 2008). As the train lines grow more decrepit through the years it is important to remember that they still serve a useful purpose throughout England. Society would not be as progressive today as it is if the steam engine had not been invented. Traveling, and transportation of everyday goods that society both needs and wants in order…


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Lesson Plan Math Lesson Plan Grade Level
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Lesson Plan

MATH Lesson Plan

Grade Level:


Activity Name: Space and Math

Learning Domain

Classroom, Internet, Field trips

Children should know history of the space program and its impact on science, math, history, politics and technology.

Education Standards Addressed

Combination of history, civics and math

(Specify skills/information that will be learned.)

Teach about math in terms of things like speed, rotation speed, circumference, and so forth.

Materials Needed:



(Specific skill / concept being taught in lesson)

Applying math to space-related concepts


Units of measurement, dimensions and speeds. Examples would include diameter, perimeter, speed, velocity and so forth. Nothing too complicated…just the basics.

Other esources:

(e.g. Web, books, etc.)

Procedure/s: (List of steps in lesson delivery) Include as applicable and in order of delivery:

Examine and Talk, Demonstrate, Model, Plan, Guide, ecord, Describe, Explore, Acquire, Practice, etc.

Explains terms and concepts in terms of numbers and measurement…


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Leadership Few Leaders'so Overtly and Ostentatiously
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Few leaders so overtly and ostentatiously embody the concept of transformational leadership as Sir Richard Branson. Branson heads the mega company Virgin Group. The leader's unconventional personality has been described as vocal and flamboyant, (Management and Leadership of Richard Branson at Virgin Group Ltd., 2010). Although Branson is known for his personal charisma, he does not limit himself to a charismatic leadership style. Charismatic leaders operate on the assumption that Charm and grace are all that is needed to create followers, (Leadership Styles, Changing Minds).

From his charismatic character flows a natural leadership style that encourages personal freedom of choice at the managerial level. Thus, Richard Branson can be best appreciated as a transformational leader, and one who has extraordinary vision. Transformational leadership is characterized by the empowerment of workers to make decisions that promote organizational goals, visions, and values. Transformational leaders aim to achieve an articulated vision of…

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Physiological Issues in Human Spaceflight Review and
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Physiological Issues in Human Spaceflight: Review and Proposed Countermeasures

This article by Grant Bonin explores some of the physiological problems faced by astronauts during extended periods of space travel. Bonin notes that early stages of exploration under hostile conditions have primarily been dominated by technological concerns, with matters regarding the health and well-being of explores themselves limited to issues of basic survivability. This phenomenon can be traced back to early maritime exploration. Early focus on manned spaceflight followed the pattern. Space exploration over the past half century has focused mainly on the development of propulsion systems capable of lifting humans beyond the boundaries of Earth's gravity. Physiological concerns have generally been dealt with on a per issue basis rather than a preventative basis.

Bonin contends that learning to combat the physiological issues of exploration has been a largely iterative process throughout history. However, an iterative methodology and slow evolution are…

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Sci Fi Art Analysis & Examples
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Sci-Fi Art Analysis

The class text makes two passing references to Star Trek. ith that in mind, the author of this report will focus on the show Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although rather dated, much of the material and imagery used in the show is very good even by today's standards. The show ran from 1987 to 1994, seven seasons in total. The show was a brilliant piece of art both in terms of the subject matter they covered as well as the manner in which it was presented in terms of color, presentation, concepts and ideas. The show is rated a very high 8.7 on the International Movie Database (IMDb) website (IMDb). This brief report shall cover some aspects of the show, what made the show so good and the adeptness in which they blended the script, the imagery and the characters into a cohesive storyline. hile Star…

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