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Speech Analysis Essays (Examples)

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Speech Quality Testing
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6696744
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Technology Speech Science

Speech Quality Tests: An Analysis and eview of the Literature

The speech measurement technology to be evaluated in this research is a speech quality test. According to the research, a speech quality test is "a routine procedure for examining one or more empirically restrictive quality features of perceived speech with the aim of making a quantitative statement on those features" (). Essentially, people are constantly using undirected speech in ordinary conversations in order to exchange information through spoken sentences. Yet, when speech becomes directed by some third party or director, the speaker's speech may end up being modified by these directions. Here, the research suggests that "by using specific directives, the experimenter can, in directed communications, adjust the influence of each quality feature" (). A speech quality test can ascertain how biased perception may end up being in the case of directed speech. There are four primary…


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Speech You'll Run the Bill
Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44376362
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The commercial shows that advertising does not have to have one appeal or appeal to only one audience. Anyone, young or old, who is a fan of the film will immediately see the parody, and will understand the appeal of the commercial.

The values of U.S. society are different even from 1984 when the film first aired. Technology is extremely important today, and hardly anyone is without a cell phone. So, it is not unusual for a child of Ralphie's age to want one. It would have been in 1984. Our values have changed with the advent of technology, and along with them, society has changed. The film seems very quaint and old-fashioned by today's standards, and the characters, (especially the parents) seem simple at best. In the commercial, their concern is all monetary, which also shows a big difference in values. In the film, the parents were concerned about…

Persuasion Features of Presidential Scandal Speeches
Words: 2997 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63115226
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Presidential Speech

The Presidents accused of scandals in the history of American politics have been known to make memorable apology speeches. Even though, the speech that the Presidents made were done by different people and in different times, marked similarities and patterns have been noted. The Lewinsky scandal was basically a political sex scandal that occurred in 1999. This scandal came out because the President was accused of having a sexual relationship with an intern in the White House, Monica Lewinsky. The Watergate scandal occurred in 1970 because five men were caught at the Democratic National Committee and further investigations led to President Nixon being found guilty of committing fraud. Another fraud that highlighted a President as the causative agent was the Iran Arms and Contra Aid Controversy. This scandal occurred when President Reagan was in the administration and the officials in charge were accused of selling arms to Iran…

Speech of a Public Institution's Faculty Member
Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68813794
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speech of a public institution's faculty member to be protected under the Pickering/Connickline of cases, what criteria must be satisfied? Do these criteria suitably balance the interests of faculty members and the institution in the higher education context?

There are really two key principles that must be satisfied. The first is that the court determines whether the speech in question hinges on a matter of public concern. If it does, the court takes further criteria into consideration such as:

Whether the statement impairs discipline in school or harmony amongst superiors or amongst cookers.

Whether the statement has a negative impact on close working relationships

Whether the speech interferes with the way the operator usually conducts his business,

Yes, these criteria take the interests of faculty members and school into consideration.

Specifically, what was the fatal flaw in the instructor's speech? Was it the profanity itself? Or was it the belittling…

Speech and I Believe That This Effort
Words: 742 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40607141
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speech, and I believe that this effort largely paid off. I began by thoroughly researching my topic on the internet. After going to a few search engines to get some ideas, I then got some reputable scholarly articles to reinforce what I had learned. After I had done the bulk of my research, I then prepared a formal outline for the speech -- this way I was able to ensure that I discussed all of the topics that I intended to. The outline was extremely useful for the actual writing of the speech, which consisted of my talking about the various points outlined by using the information I researched. Lastly, I performed the speech in the mirror several times and even before family members. The execution of my speech was fairly decent. I was extremely nervous and experienced "stage fright" (Grassi 21), yet tried not to show it. I believe…

Works Cited

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Speech or Letter Currently There Is a
Words: 864 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33913860
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Speech or Letter

Currently there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the issue of the reinstatement of the draft in the United States. There are rumors and whispers rampantly floating through the media that are frightening the general public, while the officials who are actually in the know about the subject are categorically denying such intentions. In an article written just a few days ago the Coastal Post (with no byline) contends that a military and civilian draft is inevitable by spring 2005. (Coastal Post nline (

The title of the article in and of itself is inflammatory "Military and Civilian Draft Expected in 2005 For 18- to 25-year-olds." The article goes on to state that there are two pending bills in the House and Senate (twin bills: S. 89 and HR 163) meaning Senate bill 89 and House of Representatives bill 163. The article states that those two…

One of the last bits of evidence offered by the unknown author is associated with the language of the proposed (and historically unsupported unpopular) legislation, "Congress brought twin bills, S. 89 and HR 163 forward this year...entitled the Universal National Service Act of 2003, "to provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons [age 18 -- 26] in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes." This is not a bill to reinstate a draft it is an unpopular and historically unsupported demand for compulsory military service. Voluntary service has been the popular stance since the Vietnam Era.

This work is obviously and inflammatory and unconvincing attempt at persuasion, written by someone who will remain anonymous. It dismisses the opposition by taking away its voice and clearly does not deal with counter evidence. The rhetorical appeals of the work are associated with highly emotional and trigger happy conspiracy theories, and unknown sources and experts. The article on a whole is not persuasive and despite its strong title it did not scare me at all.

Coastal Post Online "Military and Civilian Draft Expected in 2005 For 18- to 25-year-olds," July 13, 2004 at

Speech Is a Carefully Crafted Act of
Words: 2112 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99991130
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Speech Is a Carefully Crafted Act of hetoric

Introduction and Biographical Background

An effective speech is a carefully crafted act of rhetoric. The most artless speechless are quite often those that in reality are the most studied in their preparation. We can ourselves come to understand the reasons underlying the effectiveness -- or lack of efficacy - of a speech by studying its structure through careful rhetorical analysis. That is the purpose of this paper, to provide just such an analysis of Hillary odham Clinton' speech, "Women's ights are Human ights."

Clinton's speech can be seen as belonging to a line of similar speeches in American history, include speeches urging women's enfranchisement given by Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony. She relies heavily on the idea of enfranchisement, which lies at the heart of democracy - so much so that we tend to use the word as synonymous with empowerment.…


Speech President Jimmy Carter Was
Words: 898 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50105426
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Though he is not the first to tell people they will need to make sacrifices he was one of the first who demonstrated his own limitations and the limits of the actions of the government without the full investment and wise actions of American consumers.

This thesis did not win him any favors, he was not elected for a second term, as to the credit of most consumers even today it is easier to look toward the government for failures of change than to look to themselves and see how their own actions have supported and furthered problems in the economy or elsewhere. To his credit he was honest to a fault, rather than making campaign promises during his term of office as many others do. His wisdom has been a model for later officials and the public has responded to them in the same manner, by continuing to believe…

Works Cited

Carter, Jimmy Address to the Nation on Energy (November 8, 1977)

Speech and Brain
Words: 968 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18338547
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Braitenberg and Schuz (1998) stated that the average number of synaptic connections per neuron in the human cortex is approximately 10,000. This knowledge implies a huge potential for referential and recursive relationships between mental representations of elements like words and rules of syntax. Consider how the study of speech errors such as anticipation and perseveration are an important aspect of research on speech production. What is the most significant characteristic these types of speech errors reveal about the speaker's processing of intent into spoken words? Why?

Language is a characteristic of humans: every normal human being speaks; animals do not (Joyshree, 2014). That is, language is limited to humans only. While other animals interact with each other through a rigid collection of symbols, no group of animals possesses human language's combinatorial conventions, wherein symbols permute into an indefinite number of combinations, all of which have determinate meanings (Joyshree, 2014).



Croot K., Claudia A., Amy H. (2010).Prosodic structure and tongue twister errors. In Wook K.C. And Melissa A.R. (2012). The distribution of speech errors in multi-word prosodic units. Laboratory Phonology. 3(1): 5 -- 26.

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Levelt Willem J.M. (1989). Speaking: From intention to articulation. In Wook K.C. And Melissa A.R. (2012). The distribution of speech errors in multi-word prosodic units. Laboratory Phonology. 3(1): 5 -- 26.

Analysis of Ageing based on Psychology Interview
Words: 1525 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98419489
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Interview for the Analysis of Ageing

Mae was a first generation American aged 90. Mae was born on June 1927 in Bethlehem, PA. When Mae was a young girl, she moved to Queens. Married at the age of 18, Mae well-being and general health issues are normal with no major health problems despite the usual high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stents that come along with old age.

The objective of this essay is to explore the experience of late adulthood and ageing using the case study of Mae. This study analyzes the interview questions to identify the health and social issues associated with old age.

Analysis of Interview Question

One of the problems associated with old age is health issues. However, findings from the interview with Mae reveal that Mae is still in a good health despite her age, and she does not have any major health issue. However,…

Speech Strategy
Words: 1291 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93489279
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21st century worker: Keeping employees motivated in a global economy

Employee motivation is critical in today's hyper-competitive, global business world; as such it is an appropriate topic for the speech to be presented to Hongkong Electric Holdings. Please find following the brief for this presentation. In this brief you will find the many factors that were taken into consideration, in its preparation. These include the best approach for this specific audience, how the topic had to be developed and limited to again fit with this specific audience's needs, what cultural adaptations were made for this presentation, and what aspects of the speech will connect with the company.

The 21st century worker: Keeping employees motivated in a global economy


Employee motivation is critical in today's hyper-competitive, global business world; as such it is an appropriate topic for the speech to be presented to Hongkong Electric Holdings. Please find following the…


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Speech Is to Discuss an
Words: 1559 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36779867
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Imagine that an institution whether political or financial wishes to make a move which is in the best interest of the people, but the media presents it as being disastrous instead. People are likely to question the validity of the decision and not only make a fuss about it, but actually impact it. Is this impact always direct? Well, sometimes, depending on the circumstances it can be. But most of the times it is an indirect one, because people will sanction the authorities which take decision directly affecting them. these authorities are naturally the political ones. And it is safe to assume that political authorities wish to maintain their power for as long as possible and not be sanctioned by the people because of their incapacity to manage the media communicated message. I think that now, the connection between politics- economy- media and the construction of economic relations across borders…

Analysis of Case Involving Julian Assange
Words: 799 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41335629
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Julian Assange

The following will be a critique of the case of Julian Assange. It will look into it to see if he was a hacker or a supporter for human rights and freedom of speech.

The Case

Assange talked about a grandiose vocation: "If we get the chance to live only once, then it has to be a very daring adventurous life that draws from every available power... Men at their peak, once they are convicted, get tasked to take action." He made his potential fans know about his clandestine fresh plans: "This is one very confidential internal growth mailing list for the site w-i-k-i-l-e-a-k-s-.-o-r-g. Please ensure you avoid making a direct mention of that word in this whole discussion; instead, you can use the initials, 'WL.' On the 9th of December, 2006, Daniel Ellsberg got an email signed with the initials, 'WL' from the blues, renown Vietnam War…


Leigh, D., & Harding, L. (2011). News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's global edition -- The Guardian. Julian Assange: the teen hacker who became insurgent in information war -- Media -- The Guardian. Retrieved May 23, 2016, from 

Writer Thoughts

Analysis of Inclusion in Special Education Curriculum
Words: 2205 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45085666
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inclusion" is not part of the law; instead, it states that each student must be educated in the least restrictive educational environment (LRE). Analyze all sides of "inclusion," (1. full inclusion; 2. inclusion in special classes like physical education, art, or lunch; and 3. inclusion in all classes except for reading or math).


The term 'inclusion' means complete acceptance of every student which leads towards sense of acceptance and belonging in the classroom. Over the years, there has not been any fixed definition of inclusion, but different groups and organizations have provided their own definitions. The most basic definition of 'inclusion' states that every student with special needs are supported in 'chronologically age appropriate general education classes' in schools and get the instructions specialized for them by the Individual Education Programs (IEPs) within the general activities of the class and the main curriculum. The idea of 'inclusion' is to…


Cologon, K. (2013). Inclusion in Education. Children with Disabiliity Australia.

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Hypothetical Deliberative Speech Given by George W Bush
Words: 1093 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75226712
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Speech by President Bush

Prospective Deliberative Speech to the Republican National Convention in July, Directed on Television to the American Nation as a hole

Nods, smiles, acknowledges audience)

My fellow Americans, this November every one of you will be faced with a seemingly simple choice, but a choice that will affect this entire nation's future -- should you vote to change the current administration and vote democratic? Or should you vote Republican and stay the course this nation has followed over the past four years?

e have been through many difficult times together, you and I, my fellow Americans, over the course of my administration. Together, we have weathered a terrible attack on our nation's security, a devastating economic recession, and a just but sorry war against a brutal dictator. The war for our nation's security on all these fronts has yet to be won, but it will be won.…

Works Cited

BBC. (2004) Iraqi Q&A. 

This site explains the new interim government of Iraqi and the history of the United States' recent engagement with the nation

Chaddock, Gail Russell. (November 21, 2002). "Security Act to Pervade Daily Lives." The Christian Science Monitor. 

This news article provides an analysis of the new provisions of the Home Security Act and how they affect all Americans.

Frame Analysis it Should Come
Words: 1264 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62251003
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Another significant similarity between frame and discourse analyses is that they both generally use qualitative methods of data reduction and presentation. This is in comparison to quantitative analysis, which is more objective and generally presents group rather than individual data. This can make it difficult to apply what it learned to a broader group of people, because they are looking at specific information for different people. This does not mean it is impossible. In both frame and discourse analysis, researchers often take a two-step approach. The first step is to help define the theory, and the second step is to examine text in order to code it and see how it applies.

In addition, both discourse and frame analyses are actually well-suited to study through focus groups and other types of group research. Social movement research can be helped by the use of focus groups because the groups, like the…


Johnston, H. Verfication and proof in frame and discourse analysis. P. 62-89.

Speakers the Two Speeches Being Compared and
Words: 1073 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98956184
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The two speeches being compared and contrasted in this paper are by actors. Viola Davis gave a commencement address in 2012 at Providence College. Tom Hanks gave his commencement speech in 2005 at Vassar College. hile they are both actors, and both chose to speak to college graduates, their remarks were vastly different in style and substance.

Hanks' Theme

Tom Hanks started his speech (after a joke relating to the length of the introduction) by saying he had recently read an article about gridlock on the Southern California freeways. He reported that "Some smart folks" did a computer simulation to see how many cars would need to be removed from the gridlock to get the traffic flowing again. He reported that if four cars out of every hundred were removed from the traffic snarl, or forty cars for every thousand cars in the gridlock were removed, things would flow…

Works Cited

Davis, Viola. (2012). Viola Davis gives commencement address at Providence College.

YouTube. Retrieved February 1, 2013, from .

Hanks, Tom. (2005). Tom Hanks: "The Power of Four" Speech / Commencement Address at Vassar College. YouTube. Retrieved February 1, 2013, from .

Clinton's Speech After Lewinsky's Scandal
Words: 4945 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25316762
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Clinton's Lewinsky Speech

Presidential scandal speeches should be considered a unique form of discoursed that follow a common pattern and have similar elements. All of these may not be found in every single speech but most certainly will, including ichard Nixon's Second Watergate Speech (1973), onald eagan's Iran-Contra Speech (1987), and Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky Speech (1998). All the presidents used strong, direct and active voice when making these speeches, with Clinton seeming to be particularly prone to narcissism and use of the first-person singular. A standard feature of all such speeches is for the president to take responsibility for what went wrong, express regret, and then call on the country to move on so the government can return to dealing with the nation's 'real' business. Both Nixon and Clinton also had a strong tendency to blame their political enemies for their predicament, and with good reason, although in Nixon's…


Clinton, B. (1998). Monica Lewinsky Speech. 

Nixon, R. (1973). Second Watergate Speech.

Delayed Speech Late Talkers
Words: 1213 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4584751
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Delayed Speech: Identification and Treatment

One common question parents ask is if and when they should be concerned when a child manifests delayed speech. For an infant, delayed speech is of concern when the baby "isn't using gestures, such as pointing or waving bye-bye by 12 months; prefers gestures over vocalizations to communicate by 18 months; has trouble imitating sounds by 18 months; [and] has difficulty understanding simple verbal requests" (Delayed speech or language development, 2012, Kid's Health: 1). In an older child, a lack of developmentally-appropriate speech becomes worrisome when the child does not engage in spontaneous speech; repeats words or phrases without apparent understanding; cannot follow simply instructions; and has difficulty being understood by members outside of the family (Delayed speech or language development, 2012, Kid's Health: 1).

Early intervention for children who exhibit language delays has a significantly higher success rate than later interventions. "First, there is…


Esch, B.E., Carr, J.E., & Grow, L.L. (2009). Evaluation of an enhanced stimulus-stimulus pairing procedure to increase early vocalizations of children with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 42(2), 225-41.

Delayed speech or language development. (2012). Kid's Health. Retrieved: 

Kelley, M.E., Shillingsburg, M.A., Castro, M.J., Addison, L.R., & LaRue, Robert H., Jr.

Intercultural Film Analysis on Up in the
Words: 1255 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71582083
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Intercultural Film Analysis on Up in the Air

Interpersonal attraction

Interpersonal attraction is one of the themes at the heart of Up in the Air. For the purposes of this analysis, interpersonal attraction is taken to mean the ways in which people are drawn toward one another. The main character, yan Bingham, is a challenging character to analyze in this regard because he has experienced significant success through resisting interpersonal attraction, and yet he eventually comes to realize that people cannot simply shelter themselves from interpersonal attractions, even if they desire to live in complete alienation from others. yan makes his living through flying to workplaces and firing employees so that the bosses do not have to perform the unpleasant task, and yet he also doubles as a motivational speaker. His character is unusual in that he effectively tells people they are not suitable for their jobs (in his job…


Peterson, B.J. (2007). An Instructional Design Model for Heuristics. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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Conversational Analysis of Oprah Interview
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95278257
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O does not. She uses repetition of "from Tyler" to confirm accuracy reception. This is a sequence of repetition in which interaction is confirmed cooperatively. We see that . orients his social identity to his institutional identity as an "interviewer" responsible for ensuring the communication of information.

In line 15 . says "cause she lives on the East coast (.) and it's cold." This statement is inspired by O's side comment that "only hers is a hardtop." We can see again a structure of clarification in the interaction. It is not a criticism but a request for further information that would confirm a possible meaning. As the interviewer, is perhaps thinking here of the audience who might not understanding the significance of the hardtop statement. While we cannot say anything about 's motivation here, he demonstrates sensitivity to the incompleteness of O's explanation and to the interview context (the live…

B's next interaction is laughter. Laughter is a procedural part of conversational interaction. B's laughter does not break a rule of politeness or act to offend his interlocutor, O. Nor does it operate strictly as a turn since the laughter is overlapping with O's continuous speech. That is, B's laughter does not break the flow of O's story. It is synchronous with it and in a low enough key so as not to create hesitation or pause in the speaker. It is possible that O. expects her story to initiate a humorous response. B fulfills this obligation as part of his interactional co-participation, but maintaining a level of formality, he refuses to engage in banter or teasing.

Then B. inserts "from Tyler" in line 13 into a situation of pause. This may be a case of B "repackaging" O's point for the benefit of the audience. Hutchby has pointed to the significance of Heritage's notion of "cooperative recycling" in media contexts (2006: 129). What it does is to give O. A chance to challenge his comprehension of the story. O does not. She uses repetition of "from Tyler" to confirm accuracy reception. This is a sequence of repetition in which interaction is confirmed cooperatively. We see that B. orients his social identity to his institutional identity as an "interviewer" responsible for ensuring the communication of information.

In line 15 B. says "cause she lives on the East coast (.) and it's cold." This statement is inspired by O's side comment that "only hers is a hardtop." We can see again a structure of clarification in the interaction. It is not a criticism but a request for further information that would confirm a possible meaning. As the interviewer, B is perhaps thinking here of the audience who might not understanding the significance of the hardtop statement. While we cannot say anything about B's motivation here, he demonstrates sensitivity to the incompleteness of O's explanation and to the interview context (the live audience present) as a function of the interaction itself. It is through the pause at the end of O's statement and her gaze that she indicates the possibility for B. To insert his comment. O gives an overlapping "yaah so" which fails to hear his last addition "and it's cold." While O's marker affirms again the accuracy of B's assessment about the "hardtop," it seems to ignore him by rushing on with the story. She moves on quickly as though

Achilles' Speech Agamemnon's Embassy Book 9
Words: 1281 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38814638
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Achilles' speech Agamemnon's embassy Book 9 " Illiad" it Achilles reflects codes behavior heroes

The Right to Pride

The Trojan ar was fought for a variety of reasons, the most fundamental of which was because Helen was abducted from Sparta and delivered to Paris of Troy. Yet for many of the individual combatants, and particularly for those who were regarded as heroes, the war was fought for far more personal and lasting reasons. As many of the heroes within this epic indicate via their speech and actions, the Trojan ar was ultimately a chance for glory everlasting, and the opportunity to claim a renown and fame for deeds done and opponents conquered that would not present itself for quite some time, if ever again. Achilles, the hero of the epic and one of its most unequivocal champions, personified this desire for glory that drove most of the heroes in the…

Works Cited

Homer. The Iliad. Web.


Patrick Henry's Speech
Words: 1427 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 224998
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Patrick Henry's Speech

Slavery had existed for a very long time. It is still existent; however, the form may have changed. Anti-slave laws and abolitionist movement had been there in the past to stop slave trade in Africa. Provisions had been there but there has been no significant impact. This report focuses on Henry's speech in which he has argued how the masters (British) used to control their slaves (American colony). Henry holds the view that British should be thrown away from their executive power and Americans should fight for their freedom. Hence, the Thesis Statement is:

Patrick Henry was imageries, metaphors and analogies to persuade his audience to join the freedom struggle against the British.

Analysis of Henry's speech

Henry stresses in the first paragraph on the need to fight for freedom by saying, "I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery." In Henry's…


Sue, G. (2005) Rhetorical Analysis of Persuasion: Patrick Henry's Speech to the Virginia Convention. Language Arts and Social Studies

Oral Presentation Analysis FOX2 Technologies An Oral
Words: 1827 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 832496
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Oral Presentation Analysis

Fox2 Technologies: An Oral Presentation Analysis

The following account assesses the content, context and quality of an oral presentation delivered by Fox2 Technologies President and Founder Jim eldon at the Hyatt Regency Boston in 2009. The analysis below describes the technology featured in the presentation, an aircraft weighing mechanism that affixes to the landing gear and helps to optimize fuel efficiency performance. The account provides an assessment of the introduction, a delineation of the objectives, and details on the organizational patterns employed to convey an informative and persuasive argument. The discussion also outlines the delivery dynamics and the qualities in the speaker which both strengthened and weakened the overall presentation. Ultimately, this discussion offers a positive evaluation of the presentation, which succeeds in making compelling arguments in favor of the universal adoption of the technology in question.


In the delivery of an oral presentation, there are…

Works Cited:

Lecture Notes. (2011). Speech Evaluation Notes. University of ?

Weldon, J. (2009). Fox2 Technologies. YouTube.

Freedom Speech Guarantees Freedom Extend Disturbing Funeral
Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72756779
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Freedom speech guarantees freedom extend disturbing funeral (Armed Forces funerals) support claim, acknowledge claim opponent, find common ground .

There is presently much controversy regarding the concept of freedom of speech and the fact that people are often denied the right to speak when they want to express themselves. Even with this, there are a series of situations when one's right to express his or her position needs to be denied on the basis of common sense. It would surely be absurd to claim that freedom of speech should not be present in every setting regardless of circumstances. However, people should carefully analyze a situation and decide whether or not it would be right for them to speak in a particular environment. Freedom of speech is in some cases rendered ineffective because of a series of reasons that make it possible for individuals to understand that it is more important…

Works cited:

Brouwer, D.l C. And Hess, A. "Making Sense of 'God Hates Fags' and 'Thank God for 9/11': A Thematic Analysis of Milbloggers' Responses to Reverend Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church," Western Journal of Communication 71.1 (2007)

Conery, B. "Supreme Court upholds protests at military funerals as free speech," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the Washington Times Website: 

Kingsbury, A. "Supreme Court Weighs Free Speech Limits in Military Funeral Case," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the U.S. News Website:

Liptak, A. "Justices Rule for Protesters at Military Funerals," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the NY Times Website:

Conversation Analysis Discussions and Their
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The main idea in call centes when they use the concept of CA is that, at its coe, all the convesation and discussions that take place between the calle and the company espondent can be vey easily constucted, efeenced and supevised to help the company as well as the calle come to common gounds of mutual undestanding. Also, most of the implementes of the CA concept in a call cente can apply the exteio company ules and pactices duing diffeent phases within the convesation so as to see thei influence and whethe they can be implemented in the long un fo the bettement of both the company and the calles.

Pactically, if one needed to pove that the calles ae the ones that actually lay down the foundations fo the patten of the convesation, then one can find this poof in the police call cente that is set up fo…

references for Agreement and Contiguity in Sequences in Conversation. In Graham Button and John R.E. Lee (ed.) Talk and Social Organisation. Clevedon, England: Multilingual Matters, pp. 54-69.

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Communication Transactional Analysis Model Communication Plays an
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Communication plays an extremely important role in the success of any organizational culture. How employees and management communicate with and respond to each other is what determines the level and type of communication that exists in the organization. In this connection, Transactional Analysis Model can help in identification of problems/conflicts that exist in communication method and offer useful suggestions. In short TA model can be effectively used to understand and analyze behavior of different organizational members. Transactional analysis Model was developed by Dr. Eric Berne MD in 1960s and it ruled the world of communication theories during the next two decades. It is still used widely to remove communication blocks. Transactional Analysis Model works on two important concepts: a) every person has three sides to his personality and b) when two people communication, one of these sides is evoked leading to a transaction.

It is important…


James, Muriel: Transactional Analysis for Moms and Dads. Addison-Wesley. Reading, 1974

Laurel J. Dunn Communication: Information Conveyed Through The Use Of Body Language, Department Of Psychology, Missouri Western State College, 1999

Transcript and Analysis
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Linguistics Morpheme Count

SPPA 3852 Language Sample Analysis Guidelines

Language Form:

Count the number of morphemes for each utterance. (15)

Add the number of morphemes and divide by the number of utterances to compute MLU. (10)

MLU= Total number of morphemes/total number of utterances.

In a separate column, identify the type of morphemes seen by utterance (15).

Language Content:

Lexical diversity

Document the different types of words seen in the child's lexicon with examples (such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, locational prepositions, modifiers, articles, auxiliary verbs, copulas, gerunds, infinitives)

Sentence Types:

Types of sentences seen in child's communication. Complete the tabular form on the template to the extent possible to indicate the presence of declarative, interrogative, embedded and conjoined sentence constructions. Use the resource guide to identify examples in your language sample.

Language Use:

Identify the functions for which the child was able to communicate to the extent you can…

Communication Analysis During the Process of Conducting
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Communication Analysis

During the process of conducting an interview there is are selected approaches that are utilized to set the tone of the conversation. Depending upon the style, this can have an effect on the kind of questions and the answers that are provided. In the case of the interview between Michael Parkinson and Meg yan, his style had an effect on what was learned in the process. To fully understand what is taking place requires looking at how the interview was conducted. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the style, seating arrangement, questioning approach, purpose and how this could be improved. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights about how to conduct an effective interview. (Mestherie, 1999, pp. 93- 100) ("Meg yan on Parkinson," 2011)


The interview Parkinson and Meg yan is taking a very confrontational style. This occurred when Parkinson began to have condescending responses…


Meg Ryan on Parkinson. (2011). You Tube. Retrieved from: 

Andrews, P. (2005). Sports Journalism. London: Sage.

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Macroeconomic Analysis Economically Recession Is Described as
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Macroeconomic Analysis

Economically, recession is described as a significant drop in economic activity over a short period of time usually a few months (bbc news, 2008). Gross Domestic Product (GDP), household income and other macro-economic indicators drop while others such as unemployment and bankruptcy rises. ecession can be caused by many factors e.g an external trade shock or the burst of an economic bubble such as the United States housing bubble. Most governments deal with recession by applying expansionary macroeconomic policies like reducing interest rates and increasing government spending. By lowering interest rates, governments hope to entice business into expanding.

Fiscal policy refers to the use of the government taxation (revenue collection) and expenditure (spending) to influence the economy of a country. The changes in the two key pillars, revenue collection and expenditure influence macro-economic variables such as aggregate demand, resource allocation pattern within the government and the distribution of…


Bernanke, Ben (13 January 2009). "The Crisis and the Policy Response." Federal Reserve. 

BBC news, (8th July 2008). "Q&A: What is a recession?"

Marc L., (2013). Federal Reserve: Unconventional Monetary Policy Options.

Burkian Analysis Brief Analysis of
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Stephen Colbert's Speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 2006

In this speech comedian Stephen Colbert gives a hysterically funny account of the Bush administration and the White House Press Corps. President Bush and the member of the press are co-agents. Often he takes an idea of Bush's and carries it to its ridiculous conclusion and "gives people the truth, unfiltered by rational argument." The message seems to be that together Bush and the press have cuckolded the American public with a myriad of speech acts and policies that are illogical as well as destructive.

With Bush and the press as co-agents, the scene that contains them is Washington, D.C., the United States of America, and the whole world. The scene is in a state of economic chaos due to the actions of the co-agents. For example, Colbert states that democracy is our "greatest export. At least until China figures…


Burke, K. (1945). A grammar of motives. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Huckabee's Victory Speech in Iowa
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" He also makes sure to mention how much his family enjoyed their stay in Iowa, bringing up the names of his children and one aspect each one those loved best. his makes Iowa voters feel at him with Huckabee and respect his opinion because it is so alike to their own.

Mike Huckabee then turns to attack the money oriented American political style. He explains how America needs to see how money does not control everything, and gives his victory in Iowa as an example of how change is possible. His message resonates well with the population of Iowa, the majority of which have never lived a lavish life style associated with East and West Coast politicians, "Well, tonight we proved that American politics still is in the hands of ordinary folks like you and across this country who believe that it wasn't about who raised the most money…

Throughout his victory speech, Mike Huckabee continues to bring up traditional Middle America values of family and morality. By tapping into the very core of his audience's existence, he assured his victory which brought about his speech. Although his message may have been lost in translation if speaking to New York of California voters, the middle class values of home over money really made a mark in Iowa. This is why his campaign was so successful in Iowa, he appealed to the voters' sense of family and the need for change to address Middle American values over money and power.

Source of Speech Transcripts:,0,4901882.story?page=2

Analyzing Obama's Speech Through Aristotle
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Obama's speech is a good example of Aristotle's rhetoric in practice.

The object of Obama's speech is to win the presidential nomination. His speech is persuasive. He is appealing to the populace of South Carolina (and to that end, he praises them and calls them "the good people of South Carolina").

Analyzing Obama's speech is interesting not so much because of the beauty of the speech -- it is indeed a work of art, poetic -- but also because it teaches us much about rhetoric. We see Aristotle's lesson through the subject and form -- through the craft -- of the speech.

Look at the patterns, for instance, of his speech -- the point so f contrast: The people voting for him, for instance, span a diversity of differences: "They are young and old; rich and poor. They are black and white; Latino and Asian and Native American." Nonetheless, this…

Speaking Analysis on George W Bush
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portraying an analysis of the speaking style of George ush

Executive Review

The objective of this paper is merely to collect a number of speeches by George W. ush so as to analyze the particular features and characteristics of his respective speaking style, delivery Etc.

The significance of the presidential speeches of George W. ush is rendered rather unsurprising when considering the circumstances leading to each speech. Take into consideration, for instance, the fact that the inevitable undermining of the political system (s) of the United States of America is the prime reason the leader is viewed with doubt and yet awe for since the execution of the gruesome terrorist attacks conducted against the U.S. On the 11th of September, 2001, it an obstacle that George ush encountered within an exceptionally immature phase of his presidency, ush has at times said things that enraged the world even as they acknowledge…

Bibliography [Annotated]

Lumpkin, Beverley. Everything old is new again. March, 2002. Accessed online on June 14, 2004 @  critically focused website that particularly stresses upon the lingual inadequacy of George Bush

George W. Bush. [Presidential] Remarks to rescue workers in New York. September, 2001. Accessed online on June 14, 2004 @  website that offers a transcript of the president's remarks to rescue workers at 'Ground Zero' in New York

George W. Bush, Grand Rapids, Mich., January 29, 2003. Bushisms. Accessed online on June 14, 2004 @  website that offers a compilation of a plethora of ridiculous misnomers and errors in various speeches by Bush

Russert, Tim. Transcript of interview with President George W. Bush. Meet the Press. February 8, 2004. NBC News. Accessed online on June 14, 2004 @

MLK Speech I have a Dream Rhetorical analysis
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The famous speech by Martin King Luther Jr. “I Have a Dream” is deemed as one of the most captivating and moving speeches that were ever given by MKL Jr. in his lifetime. This speech was given to mark the epitome of the civil rights march at Lincoln memorial in Washington DC in 1963. The audient to whom MKL Jr. was giving the speech was a multitude of civil rights movement members from all over the USA, ordinary people, dignitaries and people from different racial backgrounds. The outstanding purpose of the speech was to further the position of the civil rights movement on the issue of racial discrimination and alienation of the black as well as the blatant breach of the human rights of the blacks that was taking place in the USA at that moment in history. It was also a speech meant to send a strong signal that…

Alexander Stephens Cornerstone Speech
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Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens' "Cornerstone Speech"

The Civil War was by far the most costly war in terms of human life ever fought by the United States, and the events that precipitated this conflict on U.S. soil included the succession of seven Southern states by March 1861 to form the Confederate States of America. With President Jefferson Davis leading the way, his vice president, Alexander Stephens, delivered a speech in support of the Southern cause including assurances that the new constitution was an improvement on the old, and that commercial enterprises were free to engage in interstate and international commerce at their discretion. Citing concerns over Northern superiority in infrastructure that would make prosecuting the war challenging, the vice president also assured his audience that enormous investments had already been made throughout the South and that more would be made in the future. In sum, this speech was a…

Rhetorical Speech Whether He Is
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These are the companies that begin in basements and garages when an entrepreneur takes a chance on his dream, or a worker decides it's time she becomes her own boss. They're companies like AC Energy, which I just visited before I came here. it's a terrific -- (applause) -- there you go. A little booster. (Laughter.)

However, decisions should not be based on emotions, but logic. Logos means to persuade with reasoning, or supporting an argument with facts, examples and comparisons. Obama, as with politicians as a whole, offered numerous logical reasons for supporting him. "Now, small businesses like AC Energy have created roughly 65% of all new jobs over the past decade and a half…. That's why I've already proposed a new tax credit for more than 1 million small businesses that hire new workers or raise wages -- and a tax incentive for all businesses…" Other examples were…

References Cited

Boston Globe (February 2, 2010). Text of Obama's speech in New Hampshire. Retrieved from website March 4, 2010

Designing a Speech Course for
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Variations are to ask each student to write their own sheet or to have small groups do so. (22) Value Lines: Students line up according to how strongly they agree or disagree with a proposition or how strongly they value something. This gives a visual reading of the continuum of feelings in the group. Next, sort students into heterogeneous groups for discussion by grouping one from either end with two from the middle. Ask students to listen to differing viewpoints in their groups and to fairly paraphrase opposing positions.

23) Forced Debate: Ask all students who agree with a proposition to sit on one side of the room and all opposed on the other side. Hanging signs describing the propositions helps. It is important that they physically take a position and that the opposing sides face each other. After they have sorted themselves out, switch the signs and force them…


Andrews, P.H. (1985). Basic Public Speaking. New York: Harper and Row.

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Bernhardt, D. Workshop on Public Speaking, University of California at Berkeley, Aug.1989.

Tecumseh Red Jacket Speeches the
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Both orators in some ways blame the hite Man for the destruction of his own peoples and remind the audience of the hite Man's seemingly unquenchable desire for more land and more power, at the expense of the Red Man. They also diverge in that Red Jacket is much kinder in his observations and conclusions, likely very much associated with the divergent audiences while Tecumseh is universally unkind to the hite Man for his historical actions, which have taken so much from and spilled much Red Man blood. Red Jacket ends his ethical rant by withholding judgement, while Tecumseh calls for a united war on the hite Man were revenge will be had and much hite blood will be spilled, through a united effort of war.


The character of the Red Jacket speech is dependant upon the emotional ties that the Red Man and the hite Man have with…

Works Cited

Kennedy, George a. "Rhetoric and Culture/Rhetoric and Technology." Rhetoric, the Polis, and the Global Village: Selected Papers from the 1998 Thirtieth Anniversary Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Ed. Dave Pruett and C. Jan Swearingen. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999. 55-61.

Red Jacket "Speech to the U.S. Senate (1809)

Tecumseh "Speech to the Osages" (1811?)

Stephen Colbert's Speech to the
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He futhe solidifies this point of humility and self-depecation of pesonal stoies showing how he has always admied the univesity and how he sees the students as exceptional.

Having cafted this platfom of tust and ensuing thee is a stong esonance with the audience, M. Colbet gets even moe daing and pokes self-depecating humo at Thomas Jeffeson's own unique behavio. Only afte building such a stong foundation of tust does the joking come acoss well.

He next goes fo the heat of the speech, bining out the most pofound, insightful sayings of Thomas Jeffeson. His comedic timing and insight make the unexpected aspects and intepetation of Thomas Jeffeson's most famous sayings both poignant and entetaining. He concludes the speech with a call fo the gaduates to make thei own way, as Thomas Jeffeson called on the nascent colonies to also do. These ae the most poweful moments of the speech…

references to modern culture and humor, freeing the audience for a pedantic, lecture-driven speech for one with meaning and energy.

Stephen Colbert's Speech University of
Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69529455
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Yet Colbert has the life experiences to back it up and the self-deprecating humor wins over the audience.

At the beginning of the speech he parodies the self-absorbed nature of society today by promoting his own Twitter account and mentions he will be tweeting during the keynote. This is both a parody of the self-absorbed nature of baby Boomers he mentions later in the speech and also shows he completely understands the mindset of students about social media. A lesser speaker would have gone down a pedantic path on this point yet Colbert uses parody and self-deprecation to make the point.

After having established credibility and a connection with the audience, Colbert transitions into the core messaging of his speech. Instead of taking the easy path of being pedantic or worse, using his celebrity as a hammer to drive the points home, he instead chooses to use humor and a…

Ethical Speaking Analysis
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Rupert Murdoch gave a speech in 2011 that defines ethics in a manner that many individuals would likely find quite enlightening. In that speech, Murdoch states "There is simply no excuse for unethical behavior. There are real issues that we must confront and are confronting. e could not be taking this more seriously or listening as intently to criticisms" (Murdoch, 2011, p. 436). The violation of ethical conduct that Rupert was referring to were the actions taken by a number of journalists in his employment. The journalists were accused of hacking into personal telephone voicemails.

Having harboured a secret desire to be a professional journalist at sometime in my life, I followed closely the allegations, as well as Mr. Murdoch's response to those allegations. In his speech to shareholders of the company that he runs, Murdoch states "if we hold others to account, then we must hold ourselves to account"…

Works Cited

Liveris, A.N.; (2011) Ethics as a business strategy, Vital Speeches of the Day, Vol. 77, Issue 1, pp. 35 -- 39

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Pragmatic Models in the Analysis of Real
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pragmatic models in the analysis of real human behavior has been a major area of study. There are two main theories that are put into test for the analysis. These are the speech act theory and the implicature theory. The pragmatic model is very fundamental for the modeling of interpersonal communication and general language use.

It is important to note that the pragmatic models serve to emphasize the elements of creativity and motivational aspects of the human characteristics in the interaction domain. Language is a form of communication and communication by itself has creative aspects to it in terms of two aspects. Throughout the human history, there have been various forms of interactions that involve the aspect of communicative exchange of words or rather language. It is this history that forms the patterns of correlations that also emphasizes the individual human behavior that is often referred to as self-concept. With…


Bach, K. (1987a). On communicative intentions: A reply to Recanati. Mind & Language, 2, 141-154.

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Linguistic Analysis of Word Order in Zulu
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Linguistic Analysis of Word Order in Zulu

efore delving into the intricacies of Zulu grammar, it is critical that a general understanding of the language, its structure and its historical and geographical distribution be provided. Zulu (isiZulu) is an important language spoken by approximately ten million people in Southern Africa (Ethnolouge, 2009). It is a language which belongs to the antu language family which extends from the Cape to the Equator. Zulu is a member of the South-eastern zone of antu, which includes four language groups: Nguni, Tsonga, Sotho and Venda. Within the Nguni group, there are two sub-sections: the Zunda and Tekela. Within the Zunda subgroup can be found the Xhosa and Zulu languages (Maho, 2002). Today, Zulu is the most widely spoken native language in South Africa making it a major language within the country (Ethnolouge, 2009).

Some of the key grammatical features of Zulu are a…


Bybee, J. 2010. Language, Usage and Cognition. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

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Adult Male Stutterer an Analysis
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"In other words, these results may reflect the effects of disorganization in interhemispheric processing of information, as well as intrahemispheric competition" (Fitzgerald & Greiner, 1992, p. 396). In fact, because every individual is unique, formulating across-the-board generalizations about adult stutterers can be misleading, but there have been some valuable insights gained from the treatment of adult stutterers and these issues are discussed further below.

Treatment of Adult Stuttering.

esearch has shown that approximately 80% of stutterers manage to completely recover from the condition without any clinical intervention, a process that typically takes place during early adulthood or adolescence; such recovery from childhood stuttering is thought to be attributable to increased self-esteem, acceptance of the problem and the resulting relaxation (Gibbons & Sims, 2006). In fact, according to Boberg (1993), "Adult stutterers consist of less than half of all those who ever stutter and should, therefore, be considered a functionally distinct…


Attanasio, J.S., & Packman, A. (2004). Theoretical issues in stuttering. New York: Taylor & Francis.

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1987 Quarterly Journal of Speech Maurice Charland
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46910642
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1987 Quarterly Journal of Speech, Maurice Charland embraces Kenneth Burke's argument that "persuasion" should not necessarily be the "key term" as a theory of rhetoric. Rather, the key term in critiquing rhetoric should be "identification" (Charland, 1987, p. 133). Why is focusing on identification more valid than focusing on persuasion in the process of rhetorical themes? Charland insists that using persuasion as a driver for rhetoric "…implies the existence of an agent who is free to be persuaded," which is not always the case. Charland uses Quebec's quest for sovereignty as an example of why his assertion is valid. The White Paper that was created identifies the issues and the alleged oppression; in itself, it persuades through identification of salient issues.

In 1976, Quebec's political situation changed dramatically when voters gave control of the legislature to the Parti Quebecois (PQ), taking it away from the MSA; the PQ took 71…

Media as the Linguistic Discourse Analysis Object
Words: 971 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 90450527
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Media as the Linguistic Discourse Analysis Object

esearch in Discourse Analysis - Linguistics

Discourse analysis' focus is noteworthy semiotic events. Discourse analysis aims to understand not only the nature of the semiotic event, but also the socio-psychological traits of the participants of the event. The proposed subject of research is media discourse analysis or media as the linguistic discourse analysis object. Media is highly relevant and almost fundamental to life in the 21st century. There is no doubt that there are social, perceptual, psychological, linguistic, and behavioral affects of technology and media upon users and communities. Objects of discourse analysis vary in their definition of articulated sequences of communication events, speech acts, etc. Media is nothing but a series of coordinated sequences of various communications events operating semiotically. Therefore, media discourse analysis is a worthwhile linguistic research endeavor. The hypothesis of the research contends that media discourse analysis, as part…


Chen, L. (2004) Evaluation in Media Texts: A Cross-Cultural Linguistic Investigation. Language in Society, 33(5), 673 -- 702.

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Gamson, W.A., Croteau, D., Hoynes, W., & Sasson, T. (1992) Media Images and the Social Construction of Reality. Annual Review of Sociology, 18, 373 -- 393.

Creation Narrative Analysis of Genesis Myth or History or Myth and History
Words: 15782 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9755140
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Creation Myth Analysis

Case Study of the History of iblical Creation Narratives

What Is Myth?

What Is History?




Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 Myth?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 History?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 oth Myth and History?

An Analysis of the iblical Creation Narrative of Genesis 1:1-25 and Egypt's Possible Influence on the Historical Record

God created the world in just six days, and rested on the seventh, but scholars have not rested at all over the millennia in their investigation of its account in the historical record, particularly Genesis 1:1-25. Given its importance to humankind, it is little wonder that so much attention has been devoted to how the universe was created and what place humanity has in this immense cosmos. Indeed, the creation of the universe and the origin of mankind are the subject of numerous myths around the world, with many sharing some distinct commonalities. According to S.G.F.…


Aldred, Cyril. The Egyptians. London: Thames & Hudson, 1961.

Andrews, E.A.. What Is History? Five Lectures on the Modern Science of History. New York:

Macmillan Co., 1905.

Austin, Michael. "Saul and the Social Contract: Constructions of 1 Samuel 8-11 in Cowley's 'Davideis' and Defoe's 'Jure Divino,' Papers on Language & Literature 32, 4 (1996),

Job Task Analysis
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job descriptions that apply to the position you have selected from the list.

I will choose an entry-level job in a customer service call center. This entree level job will be a bank call center customer service representative. I will talk about Bank A and Bank B. call center customer service representative. According to task analysis information, I will create Bank C. call center customer center representative.

Compare the common tasks and behavioral objectives contained within the job descriptions or lists of duties.

Customer service is an organization's relationship with its customers. Call center customer service representative communicates with customers by telephone to provide information about products or services, open and cancel accounts, or obtain details of complaints. Call center customer service job duties involves meeting the customer's expectations, listening to their statements, and solving their problems.

As shown in Appendix the common list of duties of Bank A and…


Call Center Performance: How HR Practices Lead To Higher Service Quality and Net Revenues

(2005, May) HR Spectrum Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, p. 10

Steward, G.L., Brown, K.G.( 2011) Human resource management (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John

Wiley & Sons.

SCM Systems Importance for Competitive Advantage a Case Analysis of Manufacturing Company
Words: 7026 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 8562955
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EP related job?

Analysis of responses received for

How does your level of job difficulty compare after EP to before EP?

Analysis of responses received for

How many hours of training did you receive on EP?

Analysis of responses received for

Which of the following processes does your job include?

Analysis of responses received

How valuable was your EP training?

Analysis of responses received

Were you performing your current job prior to EP?

Analysis of responses received for

How long were you in this job role prior to implementation of EP?

Analysis of responses received for

Did the responsibilities of your job increase or decrease after EP?

Analysis of responses received for

Question 9. Has EP helped or hurt your ability to perform your job?

Analysis of responses received for

Question 10. How does the number of steps required to perform your job compare after EP to before EP?



Bradley, P., Thomas, J., Gooley, T., and Cooke, J.A., (1999). Average ERP Installation Said to be a Two-year Ordeal, Logistics Management & Distribution Report, Vol. 38, no. 5, pp.23

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Freud's Psycho-Analysis and Psychoanalytic Object
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For a person working through a shadowy part of him- or herself, the goal can be as generic as better self-knowledge and self-management.

Working through must be recognized as a process, but also as a process with a certain goal in mind. To successfully work through any part of the self, it must also be recognized that certain unpleasant elements may be uncovered before the goal is reached. The therapist must be able to help the client adhere to the process.

Stages of Development

According to object relations theory, human development entails a lifelong effort to break away from the dependency established in early childhood in order to reach the adult states of mutuality and exchange. The goal is to break the limitations of dependency in order to reach the autonomy that might be expected from the stage of adulthood. If a person does not break away from these bonds,…

Business Law Contract Analysis U-Haul
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Independent dealers must sign a contract that sets forth the manner in which they will operate their rental centers. Often a small business owner will supplement their income be adding U-Hauls to their market mix. Independent contractors earn a commission on their sales.

Each division of AMERCO has it own president. All of them must report to a Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board and overall President is Edward Shoen, descendent of the original founders of the company. Many members of the Shoen family still control much of the company (Google Finance). Little information is available about the company, aside from their financial statements. Although they have a Board of Directors, the company continues to operate as a family-style operation, with the family members occupying many positions in upper management. The company structure is simple and little is available beyond basic information.

Purchasing Contract Analysis and the UCC…

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Individual Case Analysis
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Pepsi Problem

In this case, Pepsi is under scrutiny because of some allegations that an ad campaign of their brand Mountain Dew were offensive. An aggressive marketing agent for Mountain Dew had recently created a unique ad campaign that may have used some urban or racial themes in the context of the commercial. The commercials may depict violence and crime within the black community if interpreted in that manner. As a result of this maneuver, the impossibly to define " racial argument " was suggested by a professor who was eager to demonstrate his personal lines of decency in an overtly political matter. Despite the ridiculousness of the accusations, it appears that Pepsi Co. may need to react to this recent charge: that unless reparations are made regarding a Mountain Dew commercial depicting a fictitious goat, millions of dollars are at risk due to a negative public relations campaign against…

Macroeconomic and International Trade Analysis
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Note: current prices values are expressed in AUD billion.

Australia's Trade Situation

In the June quarter 2007, Australia's exports of goods and services increased by 0.5%, reaching the value of $54.6 billion. This increase follows a series of increases, as for the 2006-2007 financial year, exports increased by 10%, reaching $216 billion. egarding the volume of Australia's exports of goods and services, it increased by 0.8% in the June quarter of 2007, while for the 2006-2007 financial year, increased by 4%. The index of prices received for exports did not have an ascending evolution, since it decreased by 0.3% in the June quarter 2007. However, in the 2006-2007 financial year, export prices increased up to 6% (DFAT, 2007).

egarding rural goods, their exports fell 0.7% reaching $25.1 billion. The rural goods exports volumes fell 4% to 24.4 billion. The evolution of specific rural goods was the following: meat and meat…

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Movie Analysis on What Women Want
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Women Want is an American romantic comedy brought to the big screen in 2000, staring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson. The story revolves around Nick Marshall (played by Mel Gibson), a Chicago advertising executive and ultimate alpha male personality and considered to be a chauvinist. He is considered highly skilled at selling what men want and seducing women. Although Nick thinks he is next in line for a big promotion, he is faced with new competition from Darcy McGuire (played by Helen Hunt), who is hired in the position Nick aspired to, to broaden the company's general appeal to women. In a freak accident, Nick is electrocuted and develops the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of women. He subsequently uses that ability to advance his ideas vicariously through Helen Hunt; encouraging her as if the ideas were her own or even a collaboration of their two ideas. Nick also…


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Cold Blood an Analysis of
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He has to object to it to keep from confronting it in himself. The Oklahoman is not so cynical, however, for he immediately grasps hold of Parr's contradiction and cries out, "Yeah, and how about hanging the bastard? That's pretty goddam cold-blooded too" (Capote 306). The Oklahoman objects to the murder, which he views as a product of that coldness which he hears in Parr's words. The Oklahoman may represent a kind of outsider, not yet tainted by the American thirst for blood and sentimentality. To save the killer, he is willing to grant mercy, if only it will help put an end to the coldness.

At this point another man, the Reverend Post, interjects his thoughts. He seems to understand something of mercy, but at the same time he despairs of ever seeing it: "ell,' he said, passing around a snapshot reproduction of Perry Smith's portrait of Jesus, 'any…

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Synge's Riders to the Sea Analysis of
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Synge's iders To The Sea

Analysis of structure, narrative, and irony in Synge's "iders to the Sea"

John Millington Synge is considered to be one of Irish literature's most influential writers. Born near Dublin in 1871, he was highly interested in studying music before turning his attentions to literature. In 1898, Synge made his first visit to the Aran Islands, which he continued to visit at various intervals for the next four years (J.M. Synge, n.d.). It was during this time that he began to study the way of life on the islands. "On they rocky, isolated islands, Synge took photographs and notes. He listened to the speech of the islanders, a musical, old-fashioned, Irish-flavored dialect of English. He conversed with them in Irish and English, listened to stories, and learned the impact that the sound of word could have apart from their meaning" (J.M. Synge, n.d.). The influence of…


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Alphaville Analysis of Godard's Alphaville French New
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Analysis of Godard's Alphaville

French New ave cinema emerged during the 1950s and was inspired by the criticism of Andre Bazin and Jacques Donial-Valcroze who helped to found Cahiers du Cinema. The Cahiers du Cinema helped to establish two filmmaking philosophies that would help to guide New ave auteurs in the creation of their films. Additionally, New ave directors would also establish a set of guidelines that would help to classify their films as part of the New ave movement. Among the founders of the New ave movement was Jean-Luc Godard whose films not only adhere to the guidelines of the movement, but also push the boundaries and allow him to use his films to explore politics, genres, and cinematic styles. Alphaville, released in 1965, not only follows the guidelines that were established by the New ave movement, but also brings together the genres of film noir and science…

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