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Gregory the Greats Decisions and Contemplations

Words: 1818 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 86525575

Gregory the Great on Action and Contemplation
The first monk to become a pope was St. Gregory (+604) and all through his reign, he longed after the monastic lifestyle. Majorly due to his power and inspiration, Benedictine monasticism was transformed into "the conquering army of the Roman Church"[footnoteRef:1] according to Cayre. When it was needed, Gregory ordained monks as priests and even apostolic duties. In terms of spirituality, his lectures on the contemplative and active lifestyle, the levels of spiritual advancement and on contemplation are very significant. Much more than other Fathers of the Church, St. Gregory focused a large part of his writing on pastoral issues and particularly guidelines for pastors, the basic obligations for candidates aiming to become priests and the basic functions of an apostle as regards preaching. This paper specifically tackles the themes of action and contemplation and the ways these two works together and…… [Read More]

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