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Tattoos Essays (Examples)

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Tattoo Removal
Words: 2266 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61754641
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Tattoo Removal

The history of tattooing is a long and varied one. "A tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on the body when pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin through ruptures in the skin's top layer." ("How Tattoo Removal Works," 2004). A more recent development in this area, however, is the issue of tattoo removal. Only recently have advances in technology made it possible to effectively remove a tattoo. The process of tattooing, which inserts ink deeply into the layers of the skin, has traditionally made it very difficult to get rid of a tattoo once it's been applied. Modern techniques for tattoo removal include; dermabrasion, salabrasion, excision (surgical removal) and laser removal. There are also less thorough methods for covering a tattoo such as scarification or tattoo modification. Currently, the most favoured method of tattoo removal is laser removal, as it leaves little…


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Tattooing Tattoo Is a Word
Words: 1499 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48845517
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Along with being a working class symbol, tattoos have ostracized many foreign cultures from modern societies (Atkinson, 2004). For hundreds of years, continuing into today's world, scholarly views of tattooing have labeled the practice as deviant, abnormal, and anti-social, (Atkinson, 2004). Many Europeans and Americans frowned upon tattoos as being symbols of primitivism and heathenism. Also, tattoos have been used in prisons and in criminal organizations as marking devices. The Yakuza in Japan use full body pieces to identify gang members with their associations and accomplishments within the criminal underground. Prison tattoos have also been negatively associated with the process in Europe and the Americas. The prison tattoos of ussia are prime signifiers of criminal background and activity. American prison tattoos also represent a dark association, far outside the world of normal society.

However, despite the long standing negative associations with such ideas of tattooing, the practice has recently begun…


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Tattoo Laws
Words: 405 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76927428
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Tattoo Laws

While tattoo laws are prevalent in a lot of states, in Texas the Department of Health have made it clear that "A tattoo studio or a body piercing studio may not employ a tattooist or a body piercer unless the person is registered with the department under this chapter" (78(R) S 1317, 2003) and at any time the health department is able to refuse a license or reissue a license on a multitude of grounds that are designed to protect the public. These grounds include, but are not restricted to, "the applicant has been convicted of a violation of this chapter during the two years immediately preceding the filing of the application; (2) three years have not elapsed since the termination, by pardon or otherwise, of a sentence imposed on the applicant for a conviction associated with tattooing or body piercing" (78 (R) S 1317).

These particularly strict…


78(R) SB 1317

New Laws Regarding Tattoo and Certain Body Piercing Studios," Texas Department of Health, 2003.

A viewable copy at: (

Martel, S. Dr. Decorating the "human canvas": Body art and your patients; tattoos and body piercing have caught on as teenage, and even preteen, fashion statements. Here's how to help your patients avoid the pitfalls of this form of self-expression.

Tattoo Removal One of the
Words: 1717 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38196721
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The focus can be taken into the direction of the introduction and utilization of more secure inks that will have a compatibility with the laser technologies available currently (Adatto, 2004).


The appliance and removal of tattoos is not a new phenomenon. The methods though have drastically changed with the passage of time and the advent and advancement of technology. The laser technology has drastically changed the whole scenario of tattoo removal and has now become perhaps the single entity used in the tattoo removal industry mainly because it is a low-threat, inexpensive, painless and successful procedure (Dr. Kirby & Dr. Desai, 2005).


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Kirby W., Desai T. Tattoo removal techniques: the past, present options, and future trends. Journal TBA. January 01, 2005. Accessed on October 20, 2007 at

Tattoo Mike You Should Not
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52510691
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You actually risk damaging the tattoo by playing football right after getting it. You'll end up on one of those Internet sites dedicated to bad tattoos if that thing gets infected -- know that. Ask Jimmy at the tattoo parlor if you don't believe me -- cleanliness is critical to a good tattoo.

Next week, after the season, you'll be able to get your tattoo and keep it healthy. Besides, after you win the state championship, the school board will face incredible public outrage if it tries to transfer you. You'll be the god of all Lemons. Yes, they could still transfer you, but it's harder to transfer a hero without looking bad.

I know what you are thinking. You want to make a statement about the policy. You and I both know that this is a bad policy and that you are in a unique position to change that…

Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops
Words: 808 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4063187
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Regulating Tattoo and ody Piercing Shops

In the United States, only 11 states have regulations and laws governing tattoo and body piercing licenses and training, while South Carolina and Oklahoma have banned tattooing in their states. Regulations help promote professionalism, and discourage "scratchers." This is important when considering disease transmission - HIV and Hepatitis in particular (Westbrook, 2003). States that have regulations promote not only professionalism but can guarantee to consumers that when they go into a tattoo or body piercing parlor that they are going to receive professional, and safe service. They can be assured that if buildings are not safe, clean and have adequate lighting that they are supported by their state and that particular parlor would be shut down.

More importantly they will know that a licensed tattoo artist has gone through proper training and an apprenticeship and all equipment and procedures in tattooing and body piercing…


DeLio M. The Darkside of Tattooing

Investigates some of the harmful cases of tattooing, including sex-crimes and body disfigurement. Regulation and proper licensing measures would allow for law enforcement to be able to take action against these crimes as well as lower their occurrence.

Westbrook, B.U.S. Laws Regulating Tattooing

Article outlines the states that have laws regulating tattooing and tattoo licensing, as well as laws in Florida that make it a unique state. The 11 states that have regulations on tattoo parlors have guidelines that would be beneficial to the other states to incorporate in their laws. They are simple and pretty much common sense that will supplement my argument.

The Tattoo Experience Regrets and Memories
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Janes used humor to describe her "failed" tattoo as a Rorschach inkblot. This was a light-hearted, comedic way of showing how what she wanted (something delicate but strong -- like an iron-wrought fence) could turn out so wrong. Dolgoff's humor is more situational -- popping Vicodin to get through a tattooing. The humor works for both pieces, because it lightens the mood: Janes refers to herself as a "badass" in a playful but serious way and Dolgoff shows a softer, more sensitive side to getting a tattoo.

I don't think they would need to be forgiven anymore. Today, so many people have tattoos that it just seems like something that is accepted. Especially as the younger generation grows up, the tattoo taboo will recede into the past like an ancient memory. It is almost like a rite of passage today -- or an expression of creative genius, as Dolgoff notes.…

Japanese Tattoo Irezumi the Japanese
Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54269514
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It was in the Edo era that Japanese ornamental tattooing started to grow into the superior art shape it is known as nowadays. There is scholastic discuss over who wore these complicated tattoos. Some researches say that it was the inferior standard people who dressed in and exhibit such tattoos. Most of them also allege that rich people, who were banned by law from showy their prosperity, dressed in exclusive irezumi beneath their clothing's. It is recognized specifically that irezumi became linked with firemen, debonair figures of courage and mischievous sex plea who wore them as a figure of religious defense. In the starting of the Meiji era the Japanese administration who wanted to defend its figure and make a good feeling on the West for forbidden tattoos and irezumi took on suggestions of criminality. However, enthralled foreign people went to Japan looking for the abilities of tattoo artistes as…

Body Art Among Men and
Words: 1465 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 5493
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Clinicians who are aware of these findings are better able to treat pierced patients without any social biases, and they are more aware of the need to provide counseling in relation to the importance of not relying on lay opinion on medical issues and in relation to the fact that patients with one piercing should be made aware that they may regret subsequent piercings.

The connection between impaired urine flow in connection with penile piercings suggests the need for additional studies in relation to specific procedures and piercing placement to minimize that potential complication. Other areas of further study include the possible connection between different types of sexual experimentation, risk-taking behavior, and earlier onset of first sexual experience among those with intimate body piercings.

Caliendo, C., Armstrong, M., & oberts, a. (2005). "Self-reported characteristics of women and men with intimate body piercings." Journal of Advanced Nursing, 49(5), 474-484.

Article Summary…


Armstrong, M., Roberts, a., Owen, D., & Koch, J. (2004). "Toward building a composite of college student influences with body art." Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 27(4), 277-295.

Caliendo, C., Armstrong, M., & Roberts, a. (2005). "Self-reported characteristics of women and men with intimate body piercings." Journal of Advanced Nursing, 49(5), 474-484.

Origins of This Art Form
Words: 1713 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5218756
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Thus, the history of tattooing has come full circle, and one of the early cultures that enjoyed it the most is now seeing a resurrection of the craft and the artists that create it.

In conclusion, although tattoo artists today use modern machinery and a wide variety of inks to create their elaborate designs, the basic premise of tattooing remains the same. Inks and dyes are used to create permanent designs that indicate a person's interests, ideas, and even dreams. The tattoos are a mark of cultural beliefs, and even status, since elaborate tattoos can be extremely expensive in today's market. While they may be more elaborate, colorful, and creative than early tattoos, they serve much the same purpose in history. They are artistic, they are often spiritual, and they are the mark of courage and overcoming pain. Tattoos have a long place in history, and while their popularity may…


Editors. "Skin Stories: History of Tattoo. 2003. 15 Dec. 2007. 

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McGraw, Mike. "Hinrich Gets Tattoo to Honor Late Grandfather." Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 13 Oct. 2006: 5.

Court Decisions in Other Cases
Words: 1343 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40104317
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She has the right to call witnesses on her behalf and have them testify for her and she has the right to face and question any witnesses that are brought forth by the opposition.

There are several possible alternative solutions to this problem. The first solution is that the girl can be grandfathered in. Being grandfathered in means that a situation existed before a particular situation was decided upon. In this case the girl had the tattoo long before the decision was made to seek out and stop gang symbols. If she was grandfathered in it would mean that her tattoo would be ignored because she had it on her hand before the new rules applied.

Another possible alternative solution would be to have the student cover her tattoo when she was in school. Many times businesses will ask their teen employees to cover any facial piercing that they may…

Works Cited



478 U.S. 675

July 7, 1986, Decided

Body Modifications
Words: 1545 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43364039
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cultures have customs and traditions involving body modifications and while some generate serious controversy in the contemporary society, others are widely accepted. Some are inclined to associate body modifications with vulgar ideas and believe that people who have them are uncivilized. The fact that most body modifications involve a form of self-mutilation further contributes to making it seem that a person would have to be out of his or her mind in order to do something like this. The reality is that body modifications are an active concept today and some people believe that they are a good way to express their feelings and thinking in general.

'Normal' body modifications

Numerous individuals believe that there is nothing wrong with having a tattoo or having a part of one's body pierced. Most of the modern society promotes the idea that it is perfectly normal for girls to have their ears pierced…

Works cited:

Leone, Lori, "The Art and History of Body Modification," Retrieved August 25, 2013, from 

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"Scarification: Ancient Body Art Leaving New Marks," Retrieved August 25, 2013, from

Marketing Plan This Marketing Plan Is Based
Words: 2747 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62463726
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Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is based off National Emergency ID (2011) who coined the idea of having tattoos for children in case they need to call their parents or for someone to contact them if he or she should get lost. A person is able to grasp ways in which understand what the current market is for this particular product as well as the company itself. Furthermore, one will understand the competition, marketing strategy and mix as well as the necessary controls needed.

Situation Analysis A. Background on Organization

The background of the organization is important. "Child Safety Tattoo" was invented to meet the needs of its consumers by helping parents to become at ease with what is going on in the world in regards to criminal activity. After hearing much concern from parents who have to deal with predators on a regular basis who want to snatch away…


Baby Shop Magazine. (2011). New parents/new children trends in the young market. Retrieved May 21, 2011, from Baby Shop Magazine:

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Parker and Ruth in O'Connor's Thinking
Words: 840 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60707165
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Flannery O'Connor "Parker's Back" in the form of a Literary Analysis Question" (better known as a "Research Question")

An epiphany involves a person having an intense experience that makes him or her see things and life differently. This concept is generally associated with religious occurrences, as people often report turning their lives around as a consequence of going through an episode that changes their understanding of the world and that makes them want to get actively involved in putting across religious attitudes. Although it would be difficult to relate to an epiphany solely by discussing about religious concepts, many individuals agree that an epiphany has to contain a sort of a supernatural aspect.

There are several situations that can be linked to the definition of an epiphany in Flannery O'Connor's "Parker's Back." The moment when he sees a man covered in tattoos is the first experience that he undergoes and…

Soap Opera by David Ives &Bull the
Words: 384 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74327198
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Soap Opera" by David Ives

• the Theme -- When a man can't find love from real women, he turns to his idealized woman -- a washing machine, who in his mind is perfect.

• The Protagonist -- Manny, Repairman with a washing-machine fetish who must maintain the order of everythiing

• The Antagonist -- The Maypole. She taunts him because he's never been able to fix her

• The Dramatic question -- What in the world is this repairman doing in a French restaurant with a washing machine? Which will he choose, Mabel or Maypole?

• The Climax -- True love! Manny chooses Mabel!

• The Conclusion -- Happy ending between Manny and Mabel

• Symbols -- The washing machine -- a stand-in for every woman the repairman has known; something that makes things clean and comforting (the hankerchief); .

• The Mode of drama -- High romantic comedy…

Chinese Wushu
Words: 584 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49240212
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What style is the preferred style of the generals and bodygaurds of Beijing?


What are the three treasures?

Jing, Qi and Shen

What are the 5 excellences?

calligraphy, poetry, painting, traditional medicine, and martial arts

What are the 5 elements?

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water

What are the 3 gates?

Faith, wisdom, and compassion.

What are the 8 powers of wushu?

Heaven/Sky, Lake/Marsh, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth

What are the 12 animals of Xing Yi?

Dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, alligator, chicken, falcon, swallow, snake, t'ai (roc), eagle, bear

What does the name Bagua mean?

Eight symbols

What styles are referred to as the wind, thunder, and clouds? In order


What the 5 zones of attacks?


What is the mathematical formula for power?

Power = work/time

Name 5 Northern styles?

Baguazhang, Bajiquan, Ch-quan, Chuojiao, Taijiquan

Name 5 Southern styles?

Choy Gar, Mok Gar, Choy Li…

Counseling Assessment Candy Barr Client
Words: 2228 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44900672
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This writer would like to know if Ms. Barr ever felt the need to cut down on drinking or to stop and couldn't. This writer would like to know if Ms. Barr takes any other drugs or medication in order to sleep or make her feel better and if so how much, and how often.

Mental Health Symptoms:

Mental Status: This writer would like to ask Ms. Barr if she ever thought of harming herself or someone else. If yes, did she have a plan and when was the last time she thought about harming herself or someone else? This writer would like to know if she has ever harmed anyone intentionally. If yes, does she have a plan and when was the last time she harmed someone else. This writer would observe if Ms. Barr's physical characteristics such as clothing, hair color, eye color, mannerisims, interaction with her and…

Business Plain Business a Dance Studio Choice
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32669535
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business plain. business a dance studio choice, choice a tattoo shop. find info . / Go template suppose !

he Dance Studio Business Plan

he dance studio's name is Step Up!. he dance studio is intended to provide its customers with high quality and affordable dance instructions. he need for a dance studio can be observed in the increasing number of individuals that go to dancing clubs, that want to learn how to dance, or that post videos with them dancing on online networks. he studio addresses customer of all ages because it provides dancing lessons for various styles.

he mission statement of Step Up is to provide a nice atmosphere place where people can enjoy high quality dancing lessons, while meeting other people, enjoying themselves, and relaxing after hard work days. he varied dance program and price range makes this an affordable place and provides customers with what…

The employees of the dance studio must also be stimulated through motivational strategies intended to improve their performance. This means that employee satisfaction is an important objective for Step Up. It is important to focusing on employees and their performance.

Reference list:

1. Stahl, J. (2011). Secrets of A Successful Studio. Retrieved February 24, 2013 from .

Predominantly Latino Gangs Mara Salvatrucha
Words: 17380 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 44825476
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Since gang-related crimes fall within the jurisdiction of state, this research will give an insight on the need to find solutions that increasingly include all levels of government. Congress needs to pass legislation that will change immigration enforcement laws and make more aliens deportable. In addition, the federal government should take a more active participation in helping local and state jurisdictions develop anti-gang responses. The local, state and federal governments must take a stand, and combine forces to combat the immigration problem that continue to plague this country into the next generation.

Importance of the Study

The die has been cast, there is no turning the clock back now and the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang have established themselves in the United States and far beyond. The origins of the current situation with MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang date back to the late 1980s and early 1990s…


Armstrong, W. (2009, February 16). 'Sanctuary cities' protect murderous illegal aliens. Human Events, 64(37), 8.

Bansal, M. (2006) Chertoff: Street Gangs a Threat to National. Retrieved November 12,

2006 from .

Barber, B. (1996). Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism are Reshaping the World. New York: Ballantine Book.

Analysis of Two Articles
Words: 722 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 38742655
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tattoo ink that is used in everyday and normal tattoos and how the ink and other materials used in those tattoos might be harmful to the people that adorn themselves with them. The audience is presumably doing this article as a caution to those that have tattoos, are planning to get tattoos and/or know someone that is in either of those first two classifications. The style, form and structure are rather nice. Rather than getting right into the negative details and the technical aspects of the issue, the author of the article waxes eloquent about who gets tattoos, why they get them, how proud they are of them and so forth. The author of the article also admits having some of their own tattoos. However, the article then gets down to business about how some of the components of tattoo ink can be toxic. There is also talk of to…

Weighing the Pro and Cons
Words: 1065 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20285984
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Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s "In the Kitchen," Susan Brodo's "The Empire of Images," and Josie Appleton's "The Body Piercing Project," seem to have initially very little in common because of their different genres: non-fiction autobiography, sociological discussion of the impact of the media, and a news report on the changing perception of taboo. Yet, at the core, each work is essentially about what people go through in order to be accepted by their society.

"In the Kitchen" tells the tale of an African-American home and how their life centers on their kitchen. This scene of domesticity is one of tradition and all the happy memories of the narrator's childhood. One of the most palpable senses with regard to creating memory is the sense of smell. "The most important thing about our gas-equipped kitchen was that Mama used to do hair there…There was an intimate warmth in the women's tones as…

Works Cited:

Appleton, Josie. "The Body Piercing Project: Why Some People are Staking Their Being on Their Bellybutton Ring." 2003. Web. May 6, 2011. http://www.spiked-

Bordo, Susan. "The Empire of Images in our World of Bodies." 2010. Web. May 6, 2011. 

Gates, Henry Louis Jr. "In the Kitchen." 121-131. Print.

Natalie Attired vs New Mexico Employment Security
Words: 552 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87890964
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Natalie Attired vs. New Mexico Employment Security Board


Natalie's claim for unemployment compensation in July 2010 from the New Mexico Employment Security Board was rejected due to the fact that her employee fired her for "misconduct." The board asserted that termination due to misconduct rendered her ineligible for the claim. After three months of employment at Biddy's Tea House, she decided to get a tattoo covering her upper arm from shoulder to elbow. Her employer, Biddy Baker got upset at her change of appearance and asked her to remove the tattoo or she would be fired. Natalie refused to remove the tattoo and was fired. Ms. Baker's hosts mature clientele and the reasoning is that they would be appalled and disgusted" by Natalie's tattoo, leading to a decline in sales. She claims that a day before firing Natalie, two longtime customers had requested a different table when seated in…

pacific island and aboriginal art 1980
Words: 1599 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93822255
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Art, ritual, and religion are inseparable in the aboriginal societies of Oceania. Aboriginal myths of creation and the Dreamtime are rendered in art and permeate the various types of art found throughout indigenous Australia from bark and rock paintings to the modern renditions on canvas. Similarly, the art of Pacific Islands before 1980 is inseparable from their cultural contexts. The concept of art is different in the Pacific Islands than it is for the Europeans who colonized the region. Therefore, it is important to understand both aboriginal and Pacific Island art within their own historical, cultural, and social worldview. Art was functional, symbolic, and sacred, and was tacitly decorative.

The aboriginal Australians have populated their lands for 50,000 years, and during that time developed highly sophisticated cosmologies comprising "what anthropologists say is the world's longest enduring religion," (Kiger, n.d.). Although there is a considerable amount of diversity in the exact…

Newfoundlandese if You Please by Diane Mooney
Words: 2617 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42322096
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Newfoundlandese, if You Please" by Diane Mooney brings into attention the existence of diversity in Newfoundland, in the form of linguistic differences and variation. This unique variation of linguistic diversity in Newfoundland is reflected on the fact that it carries with it its history of Irish, English, British, and French influence in its speech. Inevitably, of course, Mooney points out how these foreign European influences through language have helped create distinct cultures and societies within the province. To prove this point, she goes on to enumerate and describe the different languages extant, which include languages originating from East Coast Newfoundland, which is primarily Irish-influenced. Central Newfoundland, meanwhile, have traces of Irish character though it evolved its own language, which sometimes display Irishness or a deviation from its original Irish character. The third comparison, which is that of West Coast Newfoundland, reflects the influence of the French, though Mooney also mentions…

Memento Film Analysis Christopher Nolan's Academy Award
Words: 1081 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36992582
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Memento Film Analysis

Christopher Nolan's Academy Award nominated film Memento provided a new perspective on film noir and helped to redefine how a narrative was presented in cinema. Memento stars Guy Pierce as Leonard Shelby, Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie, and Joe Pantoliano as Teddy/John Edward Gammell. Through Leonard's psyche, the film's narrative structure, and its mise-en-scene, Nolan is able to demonstrate the perpetual conflict that arises in the film between good and evil, fact and fiction, and instinct and knowledge.

Memento is the story of Leonard Shelby, a former insurance investigator, who is suffering from anterograde amnesia. In the film, Leonard is trying to find the person that raped and killed his wife, but has trouble retaining any information long enough for him to make any progress in his investigation. However, through a series of techniques designed to jog his memory, including tattoo, Polaroid pictures, and extensive note taking, Leonard…

Works Cited

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Trans. Paul Hammond. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2002. Print.

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Literature Critical Analysis of Russel Banks Rule of the Bone
Words: 2169 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19152911
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Rule of the Bone

About the author

The author Russell Banks writes in the manner that infused his stories with a sadistic honesty and moral goodness that his characters strive to live up to. He writes in striking and most often sad tones about the drama of daily life (Anderson, eye net).

Furthermore, his themes of failure, of weakness, of the complexity of living an honest life were often desolating, but all his stories does contain a positive wisdom to them along with a sense of optimism found in the details that he carefully draws out of his characters' routine and everyday realities (Anderson, eye net). Hence, in my opinion no modern author writes more delicately about common man's uncertain search for the American grail of material ease and self-esteem than Russell Banks.

About the book

In writing Rule of the Bone the author Russell Banks took almost a year…

Works Cited

Anderson, Jason. Eye. Russell Banks.


Donahue, Deirdre. Russell Banks' Bone cuts right to the flawed family. USA Today.


M-13 Gang and How it
Words: 2401 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64986942
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In fact, when it comes to terrorism, strangers are, generally, the ambit of their activities.

There have been some activities, however, that have targeted innocent civilians and the motives and actions, in these cases, have ominously paralleled terrorist stratagems and motivations. A case in kind occurred in December, 2004, when an intercity bus in Honduras, Central America was intercepted and sprayed with machine gunfire and 28 passengers, mainly women and children, were killed first by the gunfire then by the assailants climbing abroad the bus and methodically executing the passengers17. The objective was a protest against the Honduran government who had recently reinstated the death penalty.

Another similarity is in their pattern of operation where, like al-Quida, they operate in a form of loose, unstructured cells that form a global dispersed network. Similarly, too, their individual ceils are devoted to similar activities and some are quite sophisticated. These include activities…


Bunker, R. J. 'Epochal Change: War over Social and Political Organization', Parameters, vol. 27, no. 2, Summe, 1997

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Del Barco, M. "The International Reach of the Mara Salvatrucha." (May 2, 2011). 

Elkus, a. Foreign Policy in Focus "Gangs, terrorists, and trade" (April 12, 2007)

Gang Prevention Program Gangs Contain
Words: 5590 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 76787344
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George Knox, director of the National Gang Crime esearch Center, teaches law enforcement officers how to search WebPages to pick up on gang member's lingo, territories, and rivalries. He also asserts it is crucial for officers to learn how to "read between the lines" when searching gang members' WebPages. Time on the Web, similar to time on the streets, gives gang investigators the ability to read the hieroglyphics of wall graffiti, and understand Web clues. In addition, "gang identifiers, such as tattoos, graffiti tags, colors and clothing often are embedded in each site" (Gutierrez, 2006, ¶ 27). According to Gutierrez, by studying gang blogs for several hours, one can pick up on subtle word choices, which the gang members consider to be almost holy words. Knox contends that some gangs use the Internet to recruit new members.

Other Efforts to Deal with Gangs

Suppression techniques may be one of the…


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Retrieved November 10, 2009 from

Professional Dress of Teachers Affecting
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According to Carr, "It is good for the development of young people to undergo some dress discipline, and only right for teachers to set pupils an appropriate example in this respect" (emphasis added) (p. 218).

There are some common sense rules that can be followed by middle school teachers in determining what will be perceived as "professional attire" by others, especially their students. For example, in his essay, "Transition to Teaching: Putting Your Best Foot Forward," Senne (2004) recommends conservative attire and jewelry for both male and female middle school teachers. According to this author, "Female teachers should choose to wear a conservative dress (appropriate length), blouse and skirt, or blouse and dress slacks. Male teachers may opt for a dress shirt, dress slacks, tie, and suit coat. Shoes should be consistent with selected attire" (p. 46). While these are the typical choices for professional attire, they certainly do not…


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Domestic Terror the Hammerskin Nation
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Del O'Conner, head of the British chapter of the Hammerskins, carried out a nail-bomb attack on a gay pub in England that injured several; he was hidden for years in Texas by his Hammerskins brethren (Reynolds, 2002).

All of these crimes by Hammerskins leaders meet the definition of terrorism for the following reasons: the violence was repeated; the violence was criminally and politically motivated (the crimes were committed against groups like gays and blacks that the Hammerskins politically oppose); and the victims were targets of opportunity or symbolic, such as black or gay people who happened to be using a park or having a drink at a pub at the wrong time. Further, the acts of terrorism committed by Hammerskins leaders have the effect of encouraging terrorism among rank-and-file members. The average member would be right to deduce that those who practiced violence would be protected by the group and…

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Simpsons the Death of the
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That is the viewer must be more attuned to pop culture to enjoy each episode because they're not watching the show for it's story arc or character development within each show (like in the earlier years), they're watching it to see what snarky political and social commentary the show will make or what movie the storyline of the episode will parody. This reflects a change in the media cultural milieu. We've become a society that watches former reality TV stars on new reality shows. In other words, it was once enough to comment on a bad movie or a pop-culture meme within an episode, but now animation shows must fully parody these phenomena. In a sense it's beyond post-modernism and intertextualization, it's an attempt of defining a show exclusively in terms of pop-culture.

It was Churchill who said, "Change is the price of survival." And perhaps The Simpsons needed to…

Different Styles Clothes Why People Dress Different
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People and Styles of Dress

Style of dress has defined a people's culture and era since the beginning of civilized societies. By leafing through any history book, it is easy to identify the culture and time of history by the illustrations and descriptions of dress. Dress is the defining article that relates time and culture.

If one were to stroll a local college during the 1950's, they would immediately grasp a sense of the society's culture. omen would be dressed in skirts and blouses and proper street shoes, while men would be donned in trousers, shirt and tie. None would be wearing jeans and sneakers as they do today. And certainly none would be pierced and/or tattooed.

hen strolling a local campus today, one will encounter all matter of dress. Jeans, sneakers, tattoos and piercings are abundant, however, one is just as likely to catch glimpses of 1960's style skirts…

Work Cited

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Women's Review of Books; 5/1/1994; Pp.

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Entrepreneur; 1/1/1996; Pp.

Communication the Author Defines Communication
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c) I would avoid something obviously inappropriate like wearing pyjamas to K-Mart or things like that. I would also avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes or clothes that are inappropriate for the environment. I would not wear my jogging sweats to a church function, for example. At the same time, I would not wear my Sunday best simply to go out for some KFC and fries. Wearing wildly inappropriate clothes in any situation would create the impression that I do not care enough about myself or what I am doing to think about what I wear.


Cornelius LaPide appears to be saying that all a person is in his or her heart can be seen in the face and eyes; even those who deceive others about this cannot hide the truth consistently from appearing on their faces. I agree with this. The mouth and eyes are, for me, the most expressive…

Aaron Hernandez Experts Believe That
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Axis IV codes some of the major psychosocial stressors the individual may have been facing recently for instance, death of spouse, recent divorce, or possible job loss. It was clear that Aaron Hernandez was dealing with the death of his father and interviews have shown that even though it had been eight years later, he was still devastated by the whole event. What stresses Hernandez the most was the fact that his dead during a hernia operation.

Axis V codes the "level of function" and this is where the person has achieved at the time of assessment, and, in some cases, is utilized to specify the highest level of purpose in the past year. This is normally coded on a scale that goes from 0-100, with 100 being close to "perfect" operative (however none of us would actually even score that high!).


It is clear from the assessment that…


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Miranda Warning
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Miranda ights

Scenario #1

In 1966 the Miranda v. Arizona case ushered in the era of police informing suspects of their constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. This case is universally accepted as critical to protecting the rights of suspects while in the custody of the police, however, the impact on the effectiveness of the police is not usually discussed. In a 1998 study John Donohoe discussed the empirical evidence which supported the argument that the imposition of Miranda rights significantly hampered the effectiveness of the police to clear cases. But while he admitted that there were statistical drops in the clearing of cases by police, he could not make a direct connection between that and Miranda. (Donohoe, 1998) In effect, the imposing of the Miranda rights warning does not impede the police and their attempts to catch criminals.

What the Miranda rights warning does is lessen…


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School Legal Scholarship Depository. Retrieved from

How to Overcome Ethical Challenges as a Nurse
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Conflict-of-Interest Case Analysis

There are a number of ethical challenges faced by Kathy's provider in this case. Issues of disclosure, truth telling, protection of patient rights, preserving the nurse's integrity (by not ordering diagnostic work that is not needed -- both the patient's mother and the hospital are putting pressure on her to order this), transparency, accountability, and conflict-of-interest are just a few of the ethical challenges faced by the provider in this case. Each should be met as it arises and dealt with in the order that it appears over the course of the presentation.

The first challenge appears when the mother requests a chest X-ray, which is unnecessary at this stage (but because she has requested it and the practice manager wants diagnostic test stats up, it could be arranged to please both the mother and the practice manager). However, to protect the integrity of the nurse, it…


Page, A. (2004). Keeping Patients Safe: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses. DC: National Academies Press.

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Emotion, 1: 232-242.

Modus Operandi of a Crime Series
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Strategic, Tactical, and Administrative Crime Analysis

The type of analysis that is being performed when reviewing the incident summaries is tactical, as the crimes are all committed within a few weeks of one another in the same region and the aim of the review is to provide “information to assist operational personnel in the identification of crime trends and in the arrest of criminal offenders” (Beaverton Police, 2018).

As Bruce and Santos (2011) point out, a crime series is “a group of similar crimes thought to be committed by the same individual or group of individuals acting in concert” (p. 3). As these three robberies bear striking similarities to one another, the robberies may be considered a crime series. For example, the perpetrators were wearing the same masks in each case, took the same kind of cigarettes as well as cash, and in two of the three cases the same type of…

Wisconsin v Mitchell the Supreme
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Had the court applied consistency in their different rulings to local hate crimes, this case would have been settled in the lower court. As the previous decisions that Mitchell was using to justify his words; were clearly in appropriate decisions made by the court that did not protect free speech. Instead, it enabled someone to be a racist, because they could hide behind the First Amendment. It is through examining the Supreme Court case Wisconsin vs. Mitchell; in this light that highlights the overall complexity faced by various municipalities in regards to hate crimes ordinances.


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Wisconsin vs. Mitchell. Cornell…


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Patient Who Walks Into the
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Common risk factors for chronic liver problems include: intravenous drug use, overdosing on acetaminophen, engaging in risky sexual behaviors like having multiple sexual partners and unprotected intercourse, eating contaminated foods, traveling to an area where certain diseases are common, living in a nursing home or rehabilitation center, having a family member who recently had hepatitis a, using or abusing alcohol, being an organ transplant recipient, having HIV or AIDS, having received a blood transfusion before 1990, being a newborn of a mother with hepatitis B or C, being a health care worker, including dentist and dental hygienist, because of blood contact and receiving a tattoo (Hepatitis Health Article, 2010).

Eighty percent of those people who have Hepatitis C go on to develop chronic liver disease, liver failure or liver cancer. Hepatitis C is the number one reason that people received liver transplants in the United States. Permanent liver damage, liver…

Works Cited

"Hepatitis Health Article." 2010. Healthline. Web. 24 May 2010.

Britney Spears -- Pop Star
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608). Hence, Spears is seen as transcending from teen pop star to "vamp." Some of her fans refer to her as "slore" (the combined words "slut" and "whore") because of her move from teen cuteness to adult soft core pornography.

Although it is possible, it doesn't seem likely that Spears suffers from schizophrenia. In his book, Dr. David Barlow lists the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia, and while Spears has shown "grossly disorganized…" behavior, to our knowledge she does not have disorganized speech, delusions or hallucinations. There is nothing in the literature about Spears that indicates she has had autistic issues or psychotic lapses, but again, schizophrenia is a remote possibility (Barlow, et al., 2008).

hat interventions may be appropriate for Spears, given the widespread believe among those close to her and professionals that she has psychological problems?

Does Spears suffer from a bipolar condition? According to Medline Plus (part of…

Works Cited

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Communication of Criminal Justice
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effective communication in the criminal justice profession. Good verbal and nonverbal communication is essential in every area of the criminal justice system, and developing good communications techniques is essential for criminal justice professionals. These skills can be used with other professionals, in interrogations, and in just about every aspect of a criminal justice career.

The process of effective verbal and nonverbal communication between criminal justice professionals entails everything from writing case decisions in the judicial setting, to writing police reports, internal communications, public relations material, and communications regarding cases, interviews of suspects, and much more. All of these communications between professionals follow a process of information being found, verified, and used to advance the field or the case in some way. It also uses primary and secondary sources for the information, and the process also entails several stages in the information flow. These stages are informal discussion, formal reports, exchange…


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Taiwan & Its Origins the
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Hence, all of these festivals, occasions and other rituals that indigenous Taiwanese celebrated prove that the Indigenous Taiwanese were full of life and were true cultural people who celebrated all their occasions with enthusiasm and ebullience.

Languages: Official language of Taiwan is Mandarin though other local languages were also spoken in originally indifferent tribes. Mandarin is the language that is used for everyday communication in Taiwan but the origin of Mandarin started from Ching dynasty. Mandarin and other languages that were spoken in Taiwan were basically derived from Chinese language families. Indigenous people had their own languages which have survived to date. "From Taiwan to New Zealand and Madagascar to Easter Island, the Austronesian language family is made up of more than a thousand languages and dialects. (Estimates vary from 900-1200 according to how dialects are distinguished from languages)" (Austronesian Expansion).

Other languages that were spoken in Taiwan included Halo…


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Body Modification A Tool for
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Body modification is also used as a form of entertainment, as in cases of suspension, where individuals pierce their bodies with fish hooks, wire or other objects and then hang or elevate their body much like a "circus" trick (Leo 1).

Side Effects

There are many side effects of body modification, often contingent on the amount of or intensity of body modification a person is involved with. For example, ear piercing might leave few side effects other than some scar tissue in the ear; the same is true of piercing in other locations. Any form of body modification involving piercing the skin or cutting into the body introduces the risk of infections (Bendle 193).

Modern plastic surgery may leave scarring, especially when invasive procedures including tummy tucks or breast augmentation are performed; despite this many people are advocates of body modification, which has in its own right created a culture…


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Bowling Green State University Popular Press: 1997.

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Warriors This Is One of the Few
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This is one of the few instances I can recall in which the film was more enjoyable than the book. Both media portray the subject identically in some respects: this is the fictional account of a New Zealand family decimated by alienation from their Maori warrior roots, and by the domestic violence, poverty, alcoholism and nearly overwhelming hopelessness oozing from that rupture. In addition, the media share most factual aspects of each key family member: Jake Heke, the alcoholic, abusive father who celebrates his work layoff and is eventually abandoned by the surviving members of his immediate family; Beth Heke, the abused mother who struggles to keep her family together, rediscovers her ancestral roots and eventually abandons Jake to save herself and her surviving child (ren); Grace, the early teenaged daughter, a writer and dreamer of a life far beyond her family's slum neighborhood, but who is raped and…

Perception Descartes Could Have Appealed
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If it was a dream, then the programmers clearly attempted to incorporate background realism. For example, the characters get dirty; like sweat, dirt is not something that the programmers would need to create to have realistic humans, but there is dirt on people. If one accepts the premise that the entire story is a dream, it is not difficult to take an additional step and assume that the programmers would think to have a character, who is supposed to appear nervous, sweating while he was on screen.

7. There are clues throughout the movie that the hero could use to discover whether his experiences were veridical or not. Perhaps the best clue is foreshadowed at the beginning of the movie and comes at the end of the movie; the appearance of the blue sky on Mars. Having never been to Mars, I have to rely upon my own conjecture, but…


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Criminal Justice -- Sheriff's Departments Hiring Requirements
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Criminal Justice -- Sheriff's Departments Hiring Requirements

San Francisco County Sheriff's Department

The minimum qualifications for applying to the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) are as follows: the candidate must be at least 18 years of age; must be a U.S. citizen or a "permanent alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship"; must have a U.S. high school diploma (or GED certificate) or a 2-year or 4-year college degree; cannot have any felony convictions (and certain misdemeanor convictions); must be physically and mentally healthy and be of good moral character.

The selection requirements include: a) testing reading and writing ability (an acceptable score must be obtained on the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery); b) an oral interview (the department head and another department employee, or an oral panel, gives this oral interview; a candidate's "experience, problem solving ability, communication skills, motivation/interest, interpersonal skills and community awareness /…

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Body Piercing Webster's New Millennium
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Body piercing has grown more accepting in the est and as well as other parts of the world, and in some areas, certain types of piercings that were once considered radical are becoming more accepted (Body1 pp). For example, ear piercing was uncommon for middle to upper class estern males, however, today men with pierced ears can be found working in banks and other conservative settings, while in other parts of the world ear piercing is still considered inappropriate for men, as are multiple ear piercings for women (Body1 pp). Some people regard the practice of piercing as spiritual or as embracing the 'modern primitive,' while others consider it as simply faddish (Body1 pp). Some view the practice as a form of artistic or self-expression, while others use it as a form of sexual expression, or for symbolic reasons, however the current popularity of body piercing has diluted much of…

Works Cited

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Outsider Art it Is Called
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Her works emerged from dreams and visions she had since childhood, as her hands were being guided by the wonders of God to show divine presence in the world. Giant birds, biblical figures, complex flowers, mysterious faces, and other spiritual images adorned her pages. Once she began drawing, nothing stopped her, not poverty, or the claim by family members and friends that she was "crazy," or her lack of training as an artist (Farrington 203).

Similarly, J.B. Murray lived nearly all his life in a rural, remote Georgia town. In the late 1970s, the devoutly religious Murray seriously believed that God was sending him messages. Although he was illiterate, Murray thus began writing with any available instruments in undecipherable script and crosses. Despite the fact that he was later incarcerated and briefly institutionalized for his odd behavior, after he was freed he continued writing throughout his home's interior and sending…


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Emotional Drivers Towards Swarovski's Brand
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The luxury brands in this age of fierce and intense competition perceive and believe that the conventional methods of advertising and promotion are only an itinerary that creates the knowledge and awareness amongst the consumers. Nevertheless, targeted marketing (that represents the emotional driving force) is becoming the primary and fundamental aspect of concern that many of the brands are focusing in order to create emotional engagement with the consumers that can provide them lasting relationships and loyalty from the consumers (Buckingham 2008).

However, looking at the perspective of the brand of Swarovski, it has been monitored that they have created a consumer-based pyramid in order to keep closely connected to the consumers' emotions and feelings. In this regard, they ensure high quality with proper detailing of the product during the manufacturing process and make the product a perfect one that can easily catch the attention of the consumers. They very…


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Prison Gang Is a Select Group of
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prison gang is a select group of inmates with an organized chain of command and an established code of conduct. They operate in secrecy with a view to controlling their prison environment through intimidation and violence meted on non-members. Some of the oldest prison gangs in the U.S. were formed as early as 1950s. Some notable example is Gypsy Jokers that operated in Washington State prisons (Fleisher & Decker, 2001). Violence in correctional facilities in the United States is something that has been with us for quite a while. Prisoners and prison officers have both fallen victims to this violence.

Think of the San Antonio, Texas incident where 281 prisoners were stabbed and 13 slain (The Ledger, 1984). There was divided opinion on what motivated such heinous acts with some prison officials opining that prison gangs who were divided along racial lines were responsible. Some attacks were thought to be…

References List

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Corrections Management Quarterly, 5(1), 1-9.

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Prisons Today: Recent Research Findings From the 2004 Prison Gang Survey. Retrieved from

Fifty Shades of Grey Since Its Availability
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Fifty Shades of Grey

Since its availability to the reading public, the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James has all but exploded in sales. The buyers are mostly women. Another phenomenon since then is the wide array of opinions the book has solicited, either intentionally or unintentionally. Some have maligned the book for being little better than porn, while others have lauded it for its in-depth understanding of women, their secret desires, and their fantasies. The book's extreme popularity, or notoriety, is proved by the fact that it is about to become a film, and the choice of actors, especially for Mr. Grey, has been the subject of at least as much speculation as the book itself. And certainly, the content of the book and the way it deals with the challenges its main characters face can be the subject of much interesting discussion. Major themes in the…


James, E.L. Fifty Shades of Grey. Retrieved from:

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Defending the Blackmailer
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Defending the Blackmailer

An introduction to blackmail

Blackmail is a term used when someone gives threats to a person whose secrets he/she knows along with the fact that they want to hide those secrets. While blackmailing the blackmailer asks for some sort of valuable good in order to keep his/her silence and if that particular amount of goods is given to the blackmailer the secret remains safe. However, the thing to be kept in mind here is that there is no way of being sure if the blackmailer will come back or not (Block, 2010).

Since, the blackmailer wants something of interest in order to keep his silence, if he is not given what he has asked for, it is very much possible that he would start telling the secrets and nothing can really be done about that as, all he would be doing is making use of freedom of…


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Police Are Searching for a Person and
Words: 541 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18947380
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police are searching for a person and a wanted notice is created, it should provide certain information that will be instrumental in helping apprehend the suspect. Such a notice must contain as much information about the fugitive and the areas they are most likely to be found as possible. The basic components of a wanted notice are a "photograph or sketch of the fugitive, his or her fingerprints, and an extensive personal description." (Weston, 2006, p.189) While the victim or any witnesses may not be able to provide fingerprints of the suspect, they can be a vital source of information as to the personal description of the suspect.

Because they actually laid eyes on the suspect, victims and witnesses can be the first source of information on the physical characteristics of the person in question. When interviewing victims and witnesses, an investigator wants to be certain to acquire the following…


Weston, Paul, Charles Lushbaugh, and Paul Weston. (2006). Criminal Investigation: Basic Perspectives, 10/E. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentiss Hall.

Self-Injurious Behavior
Words: 5019 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41574937
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Deliberate self-harm (DSH) or self-injurious behavior (SI) involves intentional self-poisoning or injury, irrespective of the apparent purpose of the act. (Vela, Harris and Wright, 1983) Self-mutilation is also used interchangeably with self-mutilation, though self-mutilation is one aspect of DSH. Approximately 1% of the United States population uses physical self-injury as a way of dealing with overwhelming feelings or situations, often using it to speak when no words will come. There are different ways in which DSH is manifested: cutting, burning, and abusing drugs, alcohol or other substances. This occurs at times of extreme anger, distress and low self-esteem, in order to either create a physical manifestation of the negative feelings which can then be dealt with, or alternatively to punish yourself. Extremely emotional distress can also cause DSH -- this is sometimes linked with hearing voices, particularly as a way of stopping the voices.

DSH is also often called parasuicide,…


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An Interpretation of Bolohead Row
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Bolohead is discussed in the story is Bolohead ow where Keeaumoku ended at Kapiolani, which was right in front of one of the area's shopping centers, Ala Moana. Bolohead owers were detailed later on in the book around page 60. The narrator mentions old-school Bolohead owers and that the majority of them spoke with this kind of heavy, pidgin accent. They grew up before television became the nation's pastime. They essentially were old, growing up in the "Stone Age" before the invention of SUVs with DVD and TVs in the backseats. Eddie would have been considered the quintessential Bolohead and it showed with the author's choice of dialog for the character. Instead, confusing words like "how," Eddie said "ho" and "rememba" instead of "remember." "

Boloheads are also another name for bald heads and also described old, nearsighted men. Boloheads deviated from normalcy within the book by speaking pidgin and…


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