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Technological Innovations

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10948694

Technological innovations around the world have had a significant impact on the way of living of people across the world. The effects of technology to the society vary from one technology to another. This paper seeks to elaborate the influence three different technological innovations had on society. These innovations cut across different industries.

The automated teller machine

The ATM came at a time when banking halls were only for the elite. This is a networked device that offers financial services to clients. The transactions that can be accomplished through the machine include but not limited to cash withdraws, cash deposits, and mini bank statements. The supporting data networks allow users to access their bank accounts from multiple locations. This technological development dates back almost five decades ago. However, enhancement of the initial idea of self-service in financial institutions has made the innovation thrive over the years. The innovation made it…… [Read More]


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Technological History of Jazz in

Words: 1575 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 62474668

This were then replaced with larger big band orchestras as technology allowed such large groups to be clearly recorded, "As the swing era began, shorts were made of many of the top orchestras," (Yanow 2). Big band orchestras began showing up in all the major Hollywood productions. They featured pre-recorded songs where the musicians lip singed. It is interesting to have such a crucial period on film. The Swing Era "was fortunately captured for feature films and short subjects at the time it was all happening," (Behlmer 1). Big bands became incredibly popular in feature films during the 1930s and 40s. Benny Goodman, "The King of Swing," had a movie- Hollywood Hotel in 1937 "the full orchestra plays an abbreviated version of that quintessential Swing Era arrangement of 'Sing, Sing, Sing' in the film," (Behlmer 1). From big Hollywood productions came popularity on the small screen. As televisions became the…… [Read More]

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Technological Knowledge in the Modern

Words: 2728 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35452844

For example, recent innovations in knowledge management systems software has been praised because it enables users to do more than search for information and store and provide access data. Knowledge management software is a tool of empowerment because it allows users "to create and share expert profiles and submit questions to be answered by the pros. Knowledge management systems have to be continually updated. Expertise management software is inherently dynamic, and it puts the burden on the software -- not the user -- to sort through information and determine its value, and its author's merit as an expert. And because most expertise management systems point to content rather than store it, it requirements are minimal" and more cost-efficient (Kaplan- Leiserson, 2008, p.1). To deploy the value of such a new type of software, however, a manger must not simply say to him or herself: 'a less costly and more interactive…… [Read More]

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Supply-chain management important." Desert News. Mar 9, 2008. 26 Jul. 2008.
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Technological Fix and Anatomical Body

Words: 989 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 466693

Technological Fix and natomical Body

19th and 20th Century Surgical Fixes

During the 1800s, surgery had become a common medical procedure due to the discovery of anesthesia which was used in reducing pain during surgery.[footnoteRef:1] In addition, technological fixes were in place for correcting medical conditions such as the removal of tumors. During this period, medical practitioners were able to describe the locations of structures in relation to other structures in the body which ensured they knew the organ's positions and could conduct surgery of various body parts easily. [1: Porter, R. (1999). The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: Medical History of Humanity from ntiquity to the Present. Fontana Press.]

Following the in-depth understanding of human anatomy and use of antiseptics as well as anesthesia, towards the end of the 19th century, surgeons started performing new types of surgery including dissection of the abdomen, brain, and spinal cord.[footnoteRef:2] In line with…… [Read More]

Additionally, the patient's illness was an exaggeration by the doctor according to critics. The statements by the doctors were inaccurate since the patient was constantly agitated, cried a lot, and never cooperated in anything her sister did for her. Besides, the patient had had three-week admission in a private sanitarium and medication from other medics which never helped her. Besides, she protested medical exams always refusing to undergo intelligence tests.

"Examination disclosed a well-nourished woman, about 60 years old, with the classical mien of agitated depression. The tissues were flabby, and there were enormous circles below the eyes. 'There was no significant alteration in the neurologic examination; the retinal arteries showed a mild degree of sclerosis; the blood pressure was 222/128 and the heart was somewhat enlarged. Quite frequently she snorted and cleared her throat with a loud noise (a phenomenon observed in at least three other patients of this series). The hands were warm and dry, and the agitation seemed to be rather superficial"[footnoteRef:6]. [6: Ogren, K, and M. Sandlund. "Psychosurgery in Sweden 1944-1964." Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, 14 (4), 2005: 353-367.]

Dr. Freeman's invasive surgery method made the procedure risky, bringing about several side effects. This surgical intervention was ultimately banned since it never treated the condition and with the discovery of better medications led to its decline[footnoteRef:7] while new methods of treating mental illness are present at present, frontal lobotomy should not be disregarded since during this time, it was the only treatment methods available. [7: ibid]
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Technological Globalization

Words: 1154 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 1719053

Technological Globalization Methodology

IT as it Links to Corporate Strategy

IT is essentially at the very heart of new and innovative business strategy. With such rapid advancements in technology continuing to unfold, it is crucial that IT be at the center of development and design for any organization, especially ones entering new global market environments as businesses continue to expand internationally. IT departments help keep organizations at the forefront of corporate strategy (Arora et al., 2004). As such, "information technology is playing its significant role in the betterment of organizations" (Ahmed et al., 2012). It is strengthening corporate strategy on a global scale. Technology is thus helping drive new and innovative strategies for expanding market environments. In their research, Ahmed et al. (2012) found that "global vision is positively correlated with IT" and "IT and global corporate strategy are positively correlated" as well. This ultimately suggests that innovative IT departments…… [Read More]


Ahmed, Irfran, Qadri, Akmal S., Shazad, Rana K., & Khiliji, Bashir A. (2011). Information Technology: Its Impact on Global Management. World Applied Sciences Journal, 12(7): 1100-1106.

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Technological Convergence in Various Mediums in the

Words: 1280 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27598832

Technological Convergence in Various Mediums

In the current era, which can be referred to as the Digital Age, the use of technology in our lives for every little purpose has become inevitable. Considering that, in almost every aspect of modern day communication, technology has become an integral part for the world to communicate. The advancements in the fields of digital communications in the past century have witnessed everyone around the globe to have come closer to each other, quickly and effectively. Since the time when the telephone was first invented, communications technology has progressed drastically and has come down a very long way.

Today, we live in a convergent world where there is continuous reforming of all methods of communication and information to adapt to the enduring demand of technologies. The use of gadgets and gizmos like cellular phones, laptops and wireless internet is very common and every day more…… [Read More]

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Technological Convergence the Concept of

Words: 711 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20703464

The cable modem is also being considered a hub for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) as well. The cable model could in fact become the new platform of digital content delivered into the home (Fowler, 2006).

Creating Synergy

Inherent in any approach to creating technological convergence is the need for creating enough agility and flexibility in the design to support the multiplicity of needs customers have (Bores, Saurina, Torres, 2003). This has to be accomplished while sneering a high degree of integration and connectivity across all the associated technologies in the new product. This is apparent in how rapidly smartphones are gaining adoption, as the integration of digital content, voice technologies and enhanced screens are making smartphones grow exceptionally fast compared to other technologies today (uan, Gopinath, 2010). The creating of synergies has to be based on a tight integration of these factors together to ensure the highest levels of usability and reliability…… [Read More]


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Technological Advances Assessing Which Technological

Words: 589 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 400719

Education is being revolutionized by the use of tablet PCs and smart devices as well. The iPad is now considered by many college and university students as the preferred approach to getting their textbooks delivered as well (Weisberg, 188). Thankfully the day is soon coming when all textbooks will be delivered electronically to the device of a student's choice, whether it is an Amazon e-reader like the Kindle or Fire, or to an Apple iPad, iPad2 or subsequent generation of tablet PCs they are planning today. Instead of having to have a backpack stuffed with 50 lbs. Of books all that will be needed is a folder and a slim line iPad or Kindle to carry all textbooks from class to class. Universities continue to experiment with teaching courses entirely on iPads with Georgia State University's obinson College of Business and Hult International Business School distributing entire course material including…… [Read More]


Tim Bradshaw. "iPad takes over as the lecture hall aid of choice. " Financial Times 14 Mar. 2011,

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Technological Standards for Teachers and

Words: 536 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1734180

lassroom chat sessions and emails through rudimentary programs could be used to promote proper digital etiquette, just as letter-writing basics (which are now essentially obsolete in many cases) used to be taught. Other programs exist for assistance in mathematics at all levels, and the ability to have interactive visual representations of abstract concepts is priceless.

The transfer of knowledge from existing to newer technologies (3a) will probably be one of the most difficult recommendations to uphold in the classroom on a regular basis (NETS 2008). This would require the instructor to maintain a current knowledge of technological availability and advancement to a higher degree than would be possible while also maintaining traditional learning goals, lesson plan development, etc. While it is important for instructors to remain generally abreast of technological advancements, especially as they become available at the specific institution where the instructor teaches, this should not and cannot become…… [Read More]

Computers can be used to achieve both of these ends and much more in first grade education. Utilizing computer drawing programs for some projects has the purely pragmatic benefits of saving on materials costs, and also allows the student a great deal of freedom in the design and execution of the project. At the same time, these programs help to build fine motor coordination and introduce students to the tasks of reading icons and navigating through a basic computer program that demands constant user input. Classroom chat sessions and emails through rudimentary programs could be used to promote proper digital etiquette, just as letter-writing basics (which are now essentially obsolete in many cases) used to be taught. Other programs exist for assistance in mathematics at all levels, and the ability to have interactive visual representations of abstract concepts is priceless.

The transfer of knowledge from existing to newer technologies (3a) will probably be one of the most difficult recommendations to uphold in the classroom on a regular basis (NETS 2008). This would require the instructor to maintain a current knowledge of technological availability and advancement to a higher degree than would be possible while also maintaining traditional learning goals, lesson plan development, etc. While it is important for instructors to remain generally abreast of technological advancements, especially as they become available at the specific institution where the instructor teaches, this should not and cannot become the primary task of teachers. Especially in the lower grade levels, simple knowledge of software interfaces should be sufficient for instructors and students.

That being said, I believe first graders are not as prepared for reading as they perhaps should be in the computer age. Making decisions in even the most basic computer programs demands a grasp of symbolic language, and usually of written text. Recognizing words as well as computer icons are important skills for children at this grade level that they may be deficient in.
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Technological Advance Most Influencing National

Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91091536

From the first generations of this technology to its current iteration, latent semantic indexing is proving valuable for tying together seemingly unrelated events through the use of linguistic modeling and probability theory. Determining the scope, relative urgency or lack thereof, and the potential threat internationally all can be ascertained through the parsing of unstructured content obtained from surveillance. Using this technology it is going to be possible to outsmart terrorists before they strike, replicating their knowledge network to an extent they themselves are not even aware of. In this respect, knowledge becomes a major deterrent by being able to understand how terrorists make decisions and thwart their actions before they can ever begin. Speed and closure of security strategies based on this level of knowledge is nearly impossible for an adversary to respond to, hence its potency for battling terrorism globally. Determining context and its role in defining linguistic modeling…… [Read More]


Michael Cooney "Prototype software sniffs out insider threats." Network World, February 25, 2008, 46.  (Accessed April 28, 2008).

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Technological Globalization

Words: 901 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 45684009

Technological Globalization esults

Expanded Efficiency in Service of a Diversified Customer Base

IT plays a huge role in adapting corporate strategy in order to increase the efficiency and service towards a new, and more diversified consumer base. Essentially, "greater efficiency can be achieved by dividing the overall problem-solving effort into tasks, showing maximal interaction" with the new market environment (Arora et al., 2004). IT must take over and assign esearch and Development tasks accordingly to better understand the market. Through comprehensive investigation of new markets, IT can then provide the most successful strategies to go after the primary characteristics of the chosen market demographic. IT strategies that are proven successful can then serve as a model for other firms. Here, "the idea is that &D investments by a firm spill over into other firms, thereby increasing the productivity of &D in other firms, or directly improving efficiency and productivity in…… [Read More]


Arora, Ashish, Fosfuri, Andrea, & Gambradella, Alfonso. (2004). Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy. MIT Press.

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Technological vs Traditional Approaches to

Words: 2159 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95975433

As they will fully engage in the learning experience through immersion, children learn to link goals and roles.

Technology-Based Learning Techniques

DGBL's interactive learning techniques range from an general memorization to complicated, sophisticated problem. Common benefits include, but are not limited to:

Through repetition, along with feedback, students receive valuable practice.

Students learn by doing.

Students learn from their mistakes. Sometimes, when a student makes an error, he/she must return to the start and begin again.

Students experience goal-oriented learning, which in turn, motivates them to attempt to conquer their challenges.

Students engage in discovery learning and "guided discovery," along with solving problems.

Students complete task-based learning as they solve a series of increasingly, more difficult problems or challenges.

Students are offered guidance and modeling to help them learn and improve their skills.

Students reason during question-led learning sessions.

Students engage in and role-playing activities, and reflect upon actions, a…… [Read More]

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E-Groceries Feasibility Study of E-Groceries Recent Technological

Words: 6223 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33583415


Feasibility Study of E-Groceries

ecent technological developments have seen different plans of action being actualized as it relates to e-Groceries retailing. However, challenges have limited the full realization of this aspect with the greatest hindrance has been logistics; more wasteful operation has often prompted resources being utilized on working expenditures. In this case, enhancements geared towards logistical effectiveness are seen as standouts amongst the most essential steps towards the implementation of this project. This study focuses at the feasibility of a distinctive e-grocery logistics framework and usage plan. The primary target is to study how best to actualize an e-Grocery business from the logistical perspective in order to guarantee some business success. The second target is to recognize, model, and assess diverse logistical results that could be utilized as a part of e-basic need retailing. esults for realizing more remarkable delivery proficiency are displayed and modeled.

For the realization…… [Read More]


Aka-li, E. (2005). Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research. New York: Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

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Dholakia, R.R., Dholakia, N., Fritz, W., & Mundorf, N. (2012). Global e-commerce and online marketing: Watching the evolution. Westport, Conn [u.a.: Quorum Books.
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Strategy Development and Organization Learning

Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 82213032

The primary reason for their achievements lays in the creativity and innovation brought in by CEO Howard Schultz, but also by the appropriate understanding and integration of theoretical managerial concepts. Two of the most relevant such concepts are the strategy development and the organization learning. The two concepts are interconnected and both rely massively on the firm's ability to analyze the internal and external environments and best adapt to the emergent changes in these environments: seize opportunities, minimize threats, maximize strengths and eliminate weaknesses.


Bryson, J.M., 2004, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement, John Wiley and Sons

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Harrison, .T.,…… [Read More]


Bryson, J.M., 2004, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement, John Wiley and Sons

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Harrison, R.T., Leitch, C., 2008, Entrepreneurial Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Applications, Routledge
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Vivint Home Security System Security Systems Development

Words: 1496 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86074991

Vivint Home Security System

Security Systems Development Life Cycle

In the system development cycle, certain precise steps are accountable and they are all integrated into phases. As mentioned in the abstract earlier, five stages/phases are used as guidelines when developing the security system, or any other system. In the planning system, the project is reviewed to realize its applicability. In the case of Vivint home security system, the proposal of the system development has to be reviewed by experts, who go ahead to prioritize the requests brought forward in the project. In addition, in the same phase, resources are allocated and an able team is selected to oversee the entire development processes. Details of the planning phase are discussed in the proceeding paragraphs.

At the analysis stage, the team selected and responsible for the systems development conducts a preliminary analysis/investigation, and conducts a performance analysis that includes analyzing any system…… [Read More]


Crabtree, C. (2007). Presenting a Conceptual Model for the Systems Development Life Cycle. New York: ProQuest Publishers.

Whitman, M.E. & Mattord, J.H. (2011). Principles of Information Security. New York: Cengage Learning Publishers.

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Religions and Development it Is Popularly Believed

Words: 2215 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6893573

Religions and Development

It is popularly believed that countries, where religion has major influence in governance, tend to develop slower than those where religious beliefs are not a main influence or consideration. This statement uses the cases of poor and traditionally colonized Christian countries in Southeast Asia, like the Philippines; Russia; and the African countries to support the claim.

The four major monotheistic religions in the world all tend to bar changes in one's life. Their faith or lifestyle does not involve material acquisition and is even hostile to it. They are bound to the wiles and stated will and preferences of an unseen Deity. Their happiness consists precisely in denying their own progress and contentment, the furthering of their blessings and potential. India is a supreme example of this. ut this blind adherence to brutal fate and faith is also taken advantage by some opportunists, such as in the…… [Read More]


Baha'i International. 1999. Values, Norms and Poverty: A Consultation on the World Development Report 2000. South Africa

Bohlin, Sue. 2000. A Short Look at Six World Religions. Texas, USA:

Probe Ministries International

Hilton, Ronald. 2001. Religion and Poverty. (accessed 16:03:03).
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Most Important Discovery Development of the Last Century

Words: 736 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4602447

Discovery / Development of the Last Century

There have been a number of important scientific and technological developments in the last century that have profoundly affected the lives of people all over the world. The 20th century saw the invention of the airplane and mass production of automobiles that signaled a revolution in transportation; delivery of mass-produced electricity into our homes that transformed the way people live; and the invention of transistor and personal computer that triggered the information revolution. While all these developments have contributed significantly in raising the living standards of billions, there was one other discovery of the last century that did much more: it literally saved the lives of billions of people. That discovery was the development of the miracle drug called penicillin. In this essay I shall discuss when and how penicillin was discovered and why I consider it to be the greatest discovery of…… [Read More]

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History and Development of Sound Technologies and Sound Design in Film

Words: 11249 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 80180588

sound technologies and sound design in Film

Sound in films

Experiments in Early Age


Crucial innovations

Commercialization of sound cinema: U.S., Europe, and Japan

Sound Design

Unified sound in film production

Sound designers in Cinematography

Sound Recording Technologies

History of Sound Recording Technology

Film sound technology

Modern Digital Technology

History of sound in films


Sound Design

Sound Recording Technologies

The film industry is a significant beneficiary of performing arts. The liberal arts combined with latest techniques and advancements experienced a number of stages. The introduction of films and sound in films was a significant development of its times. The introduction of first film along with sound was a unique event and it revolutionized the industry in such a way that it influenced every individual related to the industry to start thinking on creative and innovative grounds for improvements. The stages of films can be identified as silent films…… [Read More]


Alten, SR 2008, Audio In Media, Thomson Wadsworth, USA.

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Beck, J & Grajeda, T 2008, Lowering the boom: critical studies in film sound, University of Illinois Press.
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Terrorism Tech Technological Innovation as

Words: 4295 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 74677890

The foolishness of this reversal of priorities would be clearly demonstrated in the contrast between the results of intelligence efforts on 9/11 and those just two years prior.

After the resignation of Tenet, who submitted as his official reason for departure the desire to spend more time with his family, his spokesman noted that "no one in the U.S. government was more aggressive in calling attention to and dealing with the threat of terrorism prior to 9/11 than was George Tenet.' The CIA's counterterrorism budget increased 50% between fiscal 1997 and fiscal 2001, while staffing went up 60%."

This ultimately resulted in an increased level of effectiveness during those years of assessing and averting terrorist plots, highlighted by the 1999 foiling of al Qaeda's millennium hijacking plan. Here, a carefully synchronized set of airliner takeovers was to strike at prominent and highly populated points within the U.S. Or utilize the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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E-Banking Modernization on the Technological Front by

Words: 4049 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51294490


Modernization on the technological front by the business sector during the nineties has transformed the manner in which Indian businesses are required to be performed. I.T. has launched novel business models and is more and more contributing a major part in enhancing the e-banking services in India. (E-Banking: An Emerging Perspective of the egulatory and Taxation Issues) The description of e-banking differs among the research fraternity since electronic banking pertains to various categories of services. Burr for instance, explains it as an electronic linkage between the bank and its customer so as to organize, deal with and regulate monetary transactions. Electronic banking can even be described as a diversity of the proposals: (a) Internet Banking or online banking (b) Phone Banking (c) T.V-linked banking (d) Mobile Banking and (e) PC Banking or offline banking. (E-Banking: An Emerging Perspective of the egulatory and Taxation Issues) The concepts 'Anywhere Banking', 'Tele-Banking',…… [Read More]


Berniker, Mark. 2003. Study: E-Banking Blooming, but Needs New Apps. Ecommerce News.

February 20. Retrieved from Accessed on 22 April, 2005

Dalal, Praveen. 2005. Internet Banking and its challenges in India. 26 March. Accessed on 22 April, 2005

Dalal, Praveen. The Compulsive Mandates of Electronic era.
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Globalization and Technological Influences on International Mergers

Words: 1148 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34345084

Globalization and Technological Influences

On International Mergers: DaimlerChrysler as a Case Study

One of the most interesting international manufacturing mergers of the 20th century was the 1998 negotiation between the Daimler auto company headquartered in Germany and the struggling Chrysler corporation, headquartered in the U.S. Daimler's buyout of Chrysler resulted in a merger that ultimately failed to benefit either party, and may have seriously damaged both organizations' capacity for future growth. Below, I will discuss how the merger proceeded -- as it was covered in U.S. And international business media -- and how the negotiations for the merger and the 2007 spinoff of Chrysler were facilitated by technological developments and global business practices. I will also discuss motivations for international mergers in general and how they applied specifically in the case of the DaimlerChrysler merger.

As a horizontal merger, DaimlerChrysler followed a popular movement towards consolidation in the international auto…… [Read More]


Qiu, L., & Zhou, W. (2003). International Mergers: Incentive and Welfare. Journal of International Economics, 68(1): 38-58.

Landler, M., & Maynard, M. (2007). "DaimlerChrysler stock gets a lift from talk of Chrysler spinoff." International Herald Tribune, Tuesday February 20, 2007.

Finkelstein, S. (2001). The DaimlerChrysler Merger. Tuck School of Business White Paper # 1-0071.

Vlasic, B., & Stertz, B. (2001). Taken for a Ride: How Daimler-Benz Drove Off with Chrysler. New York: Harper Perennial.
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PCPI Canada market development

Words: 4123 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 13600257

Progress Career Planning Institute

Strategic Analysis

Strategy Formulation

Analysis of Mission & Vision



Services Portfolio

External Factor Evaluation Matrix

Porter's 5-Forces Analysis

Bargaining Power of Suppliers -- Medium

Bargaining Power of Buyers -- High

Threat of New Entrants - High

Competitive Rivalry -- Medium

Threat of Substitutes -- High

Internal Factors

SOT Matrix





BCG Matrix

Strategy Implementation Draft

Measurable Objectives

Organizational Structure Proposed Objectives

Strategy Justification

Product Positioning Map

Strategy Evaluation

Balanced Score Card Categories

Financial Perspective

Customer Perspective

Internal Perspective

Learning and Growth


orks Cited

Executive Summary

The company being analyzed is known as PCPI, Progress Career Planning Institute which represents an organization that emerged from humble beginning in 1996. It has grown from strength to strength and has the ingredients to go for another 20 years; however, while it may have the ingredients, I am not sure of the current recipe…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Dartey-Baah, K. (2010). Job Satisfaction and Motivation: Understanding its impact on employee commitment and organisational performance. Academic Leadership (15337812), 8(4), 11.
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Economics Development to Environment in

Words: 3246 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 77492558

(Ward; Mohapatra; Mitchell, 2008)

The Great Lakes also contain large amounts of 'polychlorinated dibenzo-furans - PCDFs' and 'polychlorinated dibenzo-dioxins -PCDDs' which are a result of the chlorine bleaching process of paper and pulp mills. In a nation wide study conducted for a period of 4 years on samples of fish and shellfish from various freshwater and marine water bodies in Canada, it was found that the fish from the Great Lakes were among the most contaminated samples. (Steinhart; Doyle; Food esearch Institute, Cochrane, 1995) the paper and pulp industry has also grown with the growth of the economy. However, contaminant discharge from this industry still continues despite the various environmental measures taken by the paper and pulp industry of Canada. This industry has also caused disturbance to the huge boreal landscape of Canada. Approximately 50% of Canada's fresh water is located in these boreal forests. Developmental activities have affected these…… [Read More]


Agioutantis, Zacharias. (2007) "Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development..." SDIMI.

Burton, Philip Joseph; National Research Council Canada; Adamowicz, WL. (2005)

Towards sustainable management of the boreal forest" NRC Research Press.

Carter-Whitney, Maureen; Duncan, Justin. et. al. (2008) "Balancing
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System Development Life Cycle

Words: 2009 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44014617

usiness Deliverables

Project Objectives and Justification

Company X is a consulting firm whose business and services involve hiring and deployment of IT professionals to clients. asically, company X assists clients to find applicants who may fit their employment needs.

The current operational procedures of Company X involve traditional methods of data access and storage, in that most of the essential information they need are basically paper-based. ecause we are already in the age of information, automated by technological developments, this paper finds it essential that Company X should improve its operational methods and processes.

The objective of this paper is to provide a proposal for automation of Company X's information access and storage. The application is to be called as Applicant MIS/DSS. y studying Company X's current operational flow, specifically in phases that involve access and storage of information, this paper aims to provide the company with a solution that,…… [Read More]

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Technological Innovations Have Had the Greatest Impact

Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83345063

technological innovations have had the greatest impact on this area in the last 100-200 years?

Technology and air war fare-

Originally, warfare was mainly perpetrated on ground due to the challenges in perpetrating war form the air. Within the last 100 years, however, huge progress has been made in technology that has led to a radical change in the field of air warfare in general leading to huge developments in that field. Three of the greatest inventions have been stealth technology, Rapture, and the drone.

tealth technology

tealth technology, also known as LO technology (low observable technology) involves a range of techniques that camouflages factors of air war such as personnel, aircraft, ships, submarines, and missile and helps make them more invisible to preceptors on the ground. It also makes them more immune to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods. (Rao & Mahulikar, 2002). tealth technology was first developed…… [Read More]


Calo, M. (2011). The Drone as Privacy Catalyst. Stanford Law Review Online. 64 Stan. L. Rev. Online (29)

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Richelson, J.T. (2001). Science, Technology and the CIA. The National Security Archive. The George Washington University
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Technological and Social Challenges of Information Technology

Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 21448839

Technological and social challenges of information technology in health care

Information technology has transformed all aspects of society and healthcare is no exception. One 2010 survey of physicians conducted by the Medical Group Management association found that seven of the top ten challenges identified by physicians had to do with health information technology: implementing electronic records-keeping, keeping track of Medicare reimbursement and compensation, and bi;; collections via new information management systems (Sarasohn-Kahn 2010). However, significant challenges exist in implementing health information technology effectively, so it can realize its promise to create a more efficient healthcare system. "Clinical information systems do not communicate with each other automatically because integration of existing data standards is lacking. Data standards for medical specialties need further development. Database architectures are often designed to support single clinical applications and are not easily modified to meet the enterprise-wide needs desired by all end-users" (Kardry et al. 2010).…… [Read More]


Gibbons, Michael Christopher. (2011). Use of health information technology among racial and ethnic underserved communities. Online research journal: Perspectives in Health Information Management. Retrieved October 17, 2011 at 

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Retrieved October 17, 2011 at 

Sarasohn-Kahn, Jane. (2010). Economics and health information technology are top challenges for physicians in 2010. Health Populi. Retrieved October 17, 2011 at
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Technological Progress Ever Overcome Scarcity

Words: 3016 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29163652

Levine also notes that the result of the government patchwork of funding is that private firms jump into the technological progress market, with even worse economic results. "Private firms focus their research efforts according to short-term, market-driven priorities, motives which often contradict long-term sustainable development and economic growth" (Levine 1998 675). Result=inequality/scarcity.

Further, Levine (1998 675) notes that large academic institutions that are more likely to consider long-term concerns are put in the position of directing national innovation systems; please see above for the problems inherent in that (turf wars).

Despite all that, Levine does still believe technological progress is the answer to scarcity, at least in environmental arenas. Levine notes that "As far back as 1911, Joseph A. Schumpeter integrated innovation into economic development theory by showing a positive correlation between involvement in a commercial transaction and the generation of new products, devices or systems" (1998 675). But in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Development of International and Trade and Commerce History

Words: 492 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14234495

fragmentation and integration of economic and political power has contributed to the growth of market economies, but this has in fact historically been the case since the Middle Ages. The sprawling political and economic entities of the Middle Ages - especially, of course, the Holy Roman Empire - were (like feudalism) based on ancient ties of family and fealty. Until these entities were broken down by the series of lengthy wars newer and more purely economic relations between newly defined political entities could not be established.

Yet even as entities like the Habsburg Empire were disintegrated, nations were integrating their economic and political power through the process of colonization, a process that supplied the colonial powers with sufficient raw resources and cheap labor to commit themselves (without too much sacrifice to their own citizens) to the process of industrialization.

Feudalism and capitalism are based on fundamentally different assumptions about the…… [Read More]

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Technological Differences Could Lead to

Words: 2313 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42010168

Most of the victims are innocent and most are poor. Worsening social and economic conditions draw more people into criminality, a vicious circle that reinforces poverty.

Working Capital traps: Micro-entrepreneurs can only afford a tiny inventory, so their sales are so meager that they are unable to purchase a larger inventory the next day, and secondly they do not find any feasible borrowing scheme from government. (Stephen C. Smith. Poverty Traps and Global Development. The Globalist. May 15, 2006)

Poverty trap is more psychological impact as well and can be changed with changes in the culture and advertising, which will attract and turn the people hopeful.

Eighty percent of poor people become poorer when they gamble, but when wining seems the only hope, many poor people are prepared to take that risk, dazzled by the opulence of the rich. Poverty is increased when money-wealth is accumulated by means that do…… [Read More]


United Nation Economic Forum. Population Growth and Economic Development. United Nations. 2004.

Stephen C. Smith. Poverty Traps and Global Development. The Globalist. May 15, 2006.

Costas Azariadis, John Stachurski. Poverty Traps. Handbook of Economic Growth. Department of Economic, the University of Melbourne.
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Technological Advances in Recent Years

Words: 1265 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 526113

It has transformed work and has pervaded our leisure lives as well. And it has changed the way we educate. Not since the Industrial evolution has society seen such an omnipresent technological advancement. We are teaching amidst a technological renaissance, with ideas flowing digitally at rapid speeds, traversing the globe, and changing our lives in the process. (oss & Schulz, 1999, p. 123)

The value of communicating with stored information as well as individuals on the other side of the planet has become a pervasive aspect of the social fiber of the world, though their s still a divide that separates some from the system, it is safe to say that without the WWW.noone would even know the who, what and where needs of individuals missing this common link. (Aberg & Shahmehri, 2003, p. 287) the change has been so extreme that the WWW.nowspawns countless new ideas a day, as…… [Read More]


Aberg, J., & Shahmehri, N. (2003). 15 Live Help Systems. In Human Factors and Web Development, Ratner, J. (Ed.) (pp. 287-329). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Computer History Museum. (2006) Exhibits Internet History, Retrieved January 20, 2008 from: 

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Hawisher, G.E. & Selfe, C.L. (Eds.). (2000). Global Literacies and the World-Wide Web. London: Routledge.
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Technological Observations of Henry Adams

Words: 1048 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39602621

His neck, a mechanical part of him, has become so overwrought by the pressures and complexity of technology that it has stopped working. Whole segments of the American nation have become powerless by the overwhelming pomposity of the new inventions that, unable to keep up with the new dialect, they have surrendered to the more youthful marchers and have become trodden underfoot. The old American not only becomes defunct; worse still, he becomes extinct.

The pre-electric era was relatively benign to the present and future potential terrors. Those "earlier stages of progress" were "simple and easy [for humans] to absorb" 7 and beneficial in that they helped him do his work without overwhelming him and attaching his esteem.

However then:

as the mind of man enlarged its range, it enlarged the field of complexity, and must continue to do so, even into chaos, until the reservoirs of sensuous or supersensuous…… [Read More]

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Technological Society by Jacques Ellul

Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75871391

This explains the extremely rapid development, for example, of hygiene and cocktails. No one, before the advent of advertising, felt the need to be clean for cleanliness' sake...The human tendencies upon which advertising like this is based may be strikingly simpleminded, but they nonetheless represent pretty much the level of our modern life. Advertising offers us the ideal we have always wanted (and that ideal is certainly not a heroic way of life).

Advertising, in effect, became the medium through which humans are able to collectively standardize their culture, which includes their beliefs, traditions, attitudes, and lifestyle, among others.

On a more philosophical level, Ellul considered the creation of a "mass man" through advertising signaled the advent of the 'objectification' of humans. Ellul noted this phenomenon as occurring as more people utilize technologies not merely as a means to achieve an end, but primarily due to its end purpose. That…… [Read More]

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Development and Training

Words: 1201 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 48923256

Ethics in Development and Training: A Case Study of Brighten Inc.

In an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, organizations must have a competent pool of human resources. They must have individuals with unparalleled skills, knowledge, expertise and capabilities to handle sophisticated tasks. This is particularly true for key positions in the organization such as top and middle level management. With competent leadership and management, an organization is better placed to achieve its strategic vision as well as goals and objectives (Saks & Haccoun, 2010). Nonetheless, having the right pool of leaders and managers is often not an easy undertaking for organizations. Organizations must continuously invest in developing the leadership and management potential of promising and high-performing individuals within the organization (Lawson, 2008). This explains why most organizations have comprehensive internal training and development programs for their employees. Nevertheless, for training and development initiatives to achieve the intended outcomes, integrity must…… [Read More]


Kozlowski, S., & Salas, E. (2010). Learning, training, and development in organizations. New York: Routledge.

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Development of Regional Economy Within Mercosur and the European Union

Words: 1716 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 312096

egional Economy within MECOSU and the European Union

The world has been changing very fast and is having no borders in terms of economies. This is helping people as development in one area is helping people in all areas. This is putting to an end to the belief prevalent in the 19th century that when the interests of individual states were looked after, then the entire society will progress. This is now expected to be covered through mutual cooperation. This quality of mutualism can be seen clearly when the state owned enterprises are being privatized, the streamlining of business is taking place and there being many mergers and acquisitions. The joining up of businesses makes it clear that competition is now a choice that the companies indulge in as and when they desire. The companies are not in a position purely on competition to set the prices that they would…… [Read More]


Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry; Somwaru, Agapi. (Spring, 1999) "Which Came First: Growth in Trade or Trade Arrangements?" Retrieved from  Accessed on 7 June, 2005

'EU-Mercosur relations and negotiations" Retrieved from

Accessed on 7 June, 2005

"First Meeting of the EU-Mercosur biregional negotiations committee" (6-7 April 2000) Buenos
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NY Department of Health Technological Solutions

Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82654802

Technological Solutions for the NY Department of Health

Instructions: Introduction

The (New York) NY Department of Health is one of the public organizations under the New York government dedicating in delivering high quality healthcare for the NY residents. Before 2007, the health department used the manual method to process patents' records, which was not only prone to medical errors, the manual method was also time consuming leading to high cost of operations. In 2007, the NY department of health introduced a new information technology to enhance quality health care delivery and reduce the cost of operations.

The objective of this paper explore the new IT tools introduced by the NY health department.

Description of NY department of Health

Increasing competitions among non-profit organizations and continuous demand for the innovative services have made large numbers of governments and nonprofit organizations to consider integrating the innovative technology to deliver quality services to…… [Read More]


Eskridge, R. D., French, P. E., & McThomas, M. (2012). The international city/county management association code of ethics. Public Integrity, 14(2), 127-150.

Merrill, J. A., Deegan, M., Wilson, R. V., Kaushal, R. et al. (2013). A system dynamics evaluation model: implementation of health information exchange for public health reporting . Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association?: JAMIA, 20(e1), e131 -- e138.

NY Department of Health State (2009). HIE Cooperative Agreement Program Strategic Plan. Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Sehga, S. (2015) Final State Budget Funds Statewide Health Information Network of New York. The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC).
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Global Business 8081 Technological and Economic Changes

Words: 1673 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12866778

Global Business 8081

Technological and Economic Changes in Educational Sector of North America

Impact of Technological Change in Education Sector of North America

Impact of Economic Change in Education Sector of North America

Impact of Technological and Economic Changes in Educational Sector of China

The paper is providing the impact of changes in the aspects of economic and technology in the educational sector of North America. The discussion is further followed with the identification of the impacts of technology and economy changes in the China similar to that of North America.

Impact of Technological Change in Education Sector of North America

It is observed that the popularity of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs along with the other types of distributed learning is the form of major drivers of technological change in education sector of North America. The potential of MOOC provided the potential to open higher education to several…… [Read More]


Altbach, P.G., Gumport, P.J. & Berdahl, R.O., 2011. American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Social, Political, and Economic Challenges. s.l.:JHU Press.

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Betz, F., 2011. Managing Technological Innovation: Competitive Advantage from Change. s.l.:John Wiley & Sons.
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Organization Behavior International Development and Strategic Management

Words: 3450 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7176162

Organization Behavior

International Development and Strategic Management at Proctor & Gamble

International development

International Development and Strategic Management at Procter & Gamble

Every organization wishes to keep its operations on a continuous growing pace in its industry (Barnes, Blake, & Pinder 2009). As a part of its business expansion strategies, it can also aim to target international markets if it possesses the core competencies and financial resources to meet the requirements of this expansion (Bamford & Forrester 2010). International development strategies require business organizations to strategize their policies and procedures in such a way that they not only enable them to compete with the top level competitors, but also ensure a high sales volume and profitability (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010).

To do business in an international market successfully, an organization needs to analysis that market from all the environmental perspectives (yals 2008). A situational analysis can be…… [Read More]


Bamford, D., & Forrester, P., 2010. Essential Guide to Operations Management: Concepts and Case Notes. U.S.: John Wiley and Sons

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Kotler, P., Brown, L., Burton, S., Deans, K., & Armstrong, G., 2010. Marketing. 8th Edition. U.S.: Prentice-Hall
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Teams Development Teams Are Usually the Main

Words: 1185 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52129942


Development teams are usually the main building blocks of the strategy of any successful organization. The focus of the organization may be on service, cost, speed, performance, efficiency and value among other goals (Moller & Tollestrup, 2012). Nevertheless, development teams always remain the central methodology in the organizations, in either private, non-profit and government organization.

When development teams become more aligned, there is the emergence of commonality of direction (Moller & Tollestrup, 2012). This leads to the harmonization of individual energies. Through this, there is a shared vision of team members as well as proper understanding on how to complement the effort of each other. Once an individual knows the type of the development team he or she is in, it helps in choosing how to plan work as well as what is expected.

The decision making process of development teams assists organization in solving day-to-day problems. The advantage…… [Read More]


Schilling, M.A. (2006). Strategic management of technological innovation. Boston, Mass. [u.a.: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Development team. (2009, Aug 29). The Southland Times. Retrieved from 

Moller, L., & Tollestrup, C. (2012). Creating shared understanding in product development teams: How to 'Build the beginning'. London: Springer.
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Organizational Change and Development in

Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48505289

The organizational change theory which best fits the organizational development and change of military organization is the "Teleological Change Theory." The top management and the leadership of the military realized the need for constant changes and realized the necessity of change in the organizational structures. The individual managers, the Generals in this case, have been instrumental in bringing about this change. Internal decision making and structures are more affected by the organizational change. In a teleological change, leader is right at the centre of the change, process, people and management. Leader is the one who aligns the goals, rewards, processes, expectations, roles and duties. Strategy formulation and implementation is based on the experiences from the ongoing processes. (Marshak, 2005)

It is important to take into account various factors while evaluating the organizational change in military. The size of the military and complexity of operations make it extremely hard to implement…… [Read More]


Murrell K.L. (1999). New Century Organization Development. Organizational Development Journal. Volume 17: No.4.

Marshak, R.J. (2005). Reinventing organizational development: New approaches to change in organizations. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.
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Five-Year Development Plan A Career

Words: 1740 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9310070

The significance of career training programs i.e. formal and non-formal educational measures help in quality development of personnel and promoting the achievement of career goals and objectives as well as success in the field.


The hospitality and hotel management industry provides numerous opportunities for individual development and success. Notably, success in this industry depends on the formal and informal career training and educational programs that an individual receives. These programs help in career development and management in relation to current and future career goals. Therefore, career development plan is based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained from these training programs.


"Career Development Plan." (2007). Success through People. etrieved from Nova Scotia Government website:

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Vujic, V., Becic, E. & Crnjar, K. (2008). Trends and…… [Read More]


"Career Development Plan." (2007). Success through People. Retrieved from Nova Scotia Government website: 

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Vokic, N.P. (2008). The Role of Training and Development in Hotel Industry Success -- the Case of Croatia. Acta Turistica, 20(1), 1-144.
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Country Development Economic Social Political and Moral

Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49585479

Country Development: Economic, Social, Political, And Moral

On a very basic level, development means 'growing.' In the language of political science, development is often referred to in terms of 'developed' and 'least developed' countries. Development has thus become synonymous with industrialization, and being able to provide a certain level of material comfort for all citizens. Poverty may be common to all nations, but 'least developed' countries have entrenched forms of poverty in which even basic necessities like sanitary water are scarce. According to the United Nations, a country is deemed to be 'developed' when its citizens can be able to 'lead long and healthy lives, to be knowledgeable, to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the life of the community" ("hat is development," Volunteering Options, 2013). Nations that are considered to be 'developing' like China and India,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Drengson, Alan. "Some thoughts on the Deep Ecology movement." Foundation for Deep

Ecology. 2012. 16 Feb 2013.

"European-Americans and Native Americans view each other, 1700-1775.: National Humanities
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Investment and Economic Development

Words: 3216 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 87675139

Private Sector Investment and Economic Development

Investment and economic development

The ole of Private Sector investment in Economic Development

In the past few decades there has been overwhelming support for growth and development rooted in private investments and market-oriented strategies. A move from public sector driven growth has come as result of the need to reduce the widening gap in the balance of payment account, increasing public debt, rising inflation rate, growing foreign debt fundamentally falling living standards. There has been a shift from the need for large public corporations undertaking productive activities in an economy owing to the realized inefficiency in resource allocation. Corruption and misappropriation of public funds is observable owing to the lacking need to optimally reap benefit from the investment. Unlike in the public sector, private sector investment guarantees optimal productive activities, efficient allocation of productive resource, technological advancements to reduce cost and increase productivity (Dao,…… [Read More]


DAO, M.Q. 2008. The Impact of Investment Climate Indicators on Gross Capital Formation in Developing Countries. The Journal of Developing Areas, 42, 155-163.

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Technology Updates the Cost of Technological Advances

Words: 1443 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 88902659

Technology Updates

The Cost of Technological Advances

The development of technological advances has been significant in the last 50 years but more so in the last 30. According to Moore an early pioneer in silicone technology, the capacity for engineering technology innovation is clearly rapid. Moore set a benchmark for silicone technology claiming that capacity would double the number of transistors on a chip, which determines the capacity for memory every 24 months. This law served as a standard for Intel and other chip manufacture companies, creating a demonstrative goal that was followed almost to the letter from its inception to now (Intel, 2011). This rapid advancement of technology has made many functions and aspects of technology capabilities possible as computers and servers can process more and more tasks and information more rapidly than ever. The result of these advances has been both an extreme learning curve cost as well…… [Read More]


Ford, G.C. (2012, January 15). Demand for allied health professionals creating shortages.

Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids, IA).

Staff Writer (March 17, 2012) Stockton bankruptcy: City would be largest in American history to declare bankruptcy. Huff Post, San Francisco, CA. 

Intel. (2011). Moore's Law inspires Intel innovation. Retrieved from
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Technology Humanistic and Technological Issues in Education

Words: 459 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71001325


Humanistic and Technological Issues in Education

In education today, there are many humanistic and technological issues that must be addressed in order or students to receive the best possible education. Humanistic issues are concerned with educational opportunities that help students to better understand their personal development, to learn and use human relations skills, to assess humanistic issues in both personal and societal terms, and to establish goals for the future. Technological issues are concerned with students' evolution towards a knowledge society

Humanistic issues are best described as various educational theories and challenges that are committed to the humanism, human development, well-being, and dignity as the ultimate end of all human thought and action (orton, 1970). Many experts feel that education today can be a disrespectful and alienating experience for students and teachers.

Some of the most important humanistic issues in education are concerned with curriculum. Often, states ask educators…… [Read More]


Borton, Terry. (1970). Reach, touch and teach. McGraw-Hill, New York.
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Economics Economy of Development This

Words: 1768 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55973116

Unfortunately, there really are no immediate solutions that would reduce the technology division between first world and third world nations: unless of course there was a complete reengineering of the social segregation of the haves and have not's. In an economic sense, for the Third World, food and water should probably come first in their specific hierarchy of needs. "Progress in raising real incomes and alleviating poverty has been disappointingly slow in many developing countries, and the relative gap between the richest and poorest countries has continued to widen. In Africa, the level of real per capita income today is lower than it was 30 years ago. In developing countries in the Middle East and the Western Hemisphere, real incomes have risen, but at a slower pace than in industrial countries." (IMF, 2000)


Aspray, William, and Martin Campbell. A History of the Information Machine. New York: Basic Books, 1996…… [Read More]


Aspray, William, and Martin Campbell. A History of the Information Machine. New York: Basic Books, 1996

Afemann, Uwe. (n.d.). Internet for the Third World - Chance or threat? Retrieved April 17, 2005, at 

Brown, Seymore (1996). International Relations in a Changing Global System: Toward a Theory of the World Polity. New York: Westwood.

DeGregori, Thomas R. (2001). The Environment, Our Natural Resources and Modern Technology. Ames: Iowa State University Press.
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Training and Development in Small Businesses

Words: 2002 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35437964

Networks of Boston

Key elements of training and development geared toward improving the performance

The three important Elements in training and development include:

Strategic Analysis

This factor will help the employees understand the strategic position of Tech Networks. It is critical to diagnose environmental changes and establish their influence on the company and employees. In training, strategic analysis establishes a view of the key variables that could affect the future and present performance of the company (Armstrong, 2007). When strategic analysis is conducted perfectly, it helps the company choose the best strategy for growth in the market. It will be beneficial to understand some key elements under strategic analysis.

The environment: Tech Networks would not exist without the ability to interact with a complex commercial, economic, technological, political, social, and cultural environment. Tech Networks of Boston is faced with changing environments. A precise understanding of the impacts is important in…… [Read More]


Armstrong, M. (2007). A handbook of human resource management practice. London [u.a.: Kogan Page.

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Merson, R. (2011). Guide to managing growth: Turning success into even bigger success. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.
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Is it Possible to Slow Down Technological Innovation

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The question to be addressed in this paper is: should society hold back technology in order to protect those workers that are unskilled? It is true that many unskilled laborers have no opportunity to learn digital and other kinds of technology, and indeed many workers who lack skills in modern technology struggle to learn when they are given the opportunity. Hence, in order to protect unskilled workers and their potential, should technology be somewhat scaled back so those unskilled workers are not left out of the economy, and basically denied the opportunity to make a livable wage?

First of all, there can be no holding back of technology no matter how just and fair the reasons might be for doing that. Technology has done so much in a positive light to enhance communication and information worldwide, it would make no sense to attempt to hold it back. Secondly, the…… [Read More]

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Manager the Introduction Describe -Development Important

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manager." The introduction describe " -development important a manager mix a bit coaching theories ( I a coaching I techniques Kolb' learning cycle techniques fuore managers improve ), I a part body essay real life examples managers coaching techniques -development successful ( describe techniques ).

The importance of self-development in becoming a manager

Self-development is defined first and foremost as an overall holistic desire to find one's freedom and the desire to connect with one's self and own sense of worth, integrity and happiness so as to enjoy abundant happiness both at home and at work. Self-development in simpler terms is that amazing quest / journey that a person embarks on; a point of realization when all the pieces of a person's life fall together and they finally remove their own self limitations and inhibitions that hinder or stop any person more so a manager from achieving greatness. This definition…… [Read More]


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International Development Studies Economic Development

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Globalization in the economic sense - economic, social and technological process that advocates a constant interdependence at a global level, supporting trade liberalization.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) - an international financial organization that monitors the global financial flows and that offers financial assistance to Third World countries.

African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) - cultural festival that promotes and sustains the revival of the lack cultural values and civilization.

1945 - the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the contemporary period. It is also equivalent with the start of the decolonization period, with Indonesia one of the first countries to make this step.

Poverty - lack of the material capacity to finance the basic needs of an individual or a society.

A unfreedom" ref. Sen - according to Sen, these would include, besides lack of political freedom or freedom of the press, forms of unfreedom…… [Read More]


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Improving Business Performance Through Training and Development

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Training and Development in Small Businesses

Effective training and development strategy

Training and development in business are paramount and particularly very essential in small businesses. Employees who have experience and competence contribute to both productivity and profitability of the business. For a medium-sized business to remain competitive, it requires ensuring the workforces gets maximum training and updating on ever changing skills and knowledge in the current global economy. According to Atwood (2008), training and development may prove expensive, but still it is worthwhile in reference to the achievement of long-term benefits of the business.

Dynamic Printers is a printing business that deals with printing services and sale of printing papers. It has 15 employees many of whom have been working in the business for the last five years. Such a business requires its staff to undergo continuous training to update on technology that is advancing every day. Apart from technological…… [Read More]


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How Technology Affects Career Development

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Technology on Career Pursuit

Technology has significantly transformed how people interact in the modern society through enhancing communication and generating other changes. Technology has basically affected nearly facet of the society including learning or professional development. Given its impact on the society, technology is an external factor that has had significant impact on my career pursuits and professional development initiatives. In essence, technology has become a valuable tool or factor in my career pursuits because of its impact on learning. The value/impact of technology in career development is an important issue of investigation because of it has become prevalent in the educational field. Moreover, the significance of investigating this issue is attributable to the prevalence of technology in the modern society. Technology has impacted my career pursuits through providing numerous career development opportunities, generating tools to enhance my communication skills, and increasing my career prospects.

One of the ways technology…… [Read More]

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Product Development Report the Single

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The applications will be similar to the sales community, which will be able to get contact information from the potential customers and partners they meet during professional trips. Finally, to the medical community, the Smart Contact Chip will be presented as a possibility to store vital information in regard to the future patient's medical history, blood type or donor options.

Influences on the purchase

The decision to finalize the purchase will be influenced by various factors, including, but not limited to, the following:

the product features the benefits it generates for the buyer the existence of substitute products onto the market, and the retail price to the end consumer (including the generic price or the promotional price)


The Smart Contact Chip would be successful foremost because of the context against which it will be launched. From this particular standpoint, the nanochip will consist of the latest technological innovations that…… [Read More]


SMART CONTACT CHIP: Product Innovation and Description
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Training and Development Case Summary

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The outcomes of the analysis activity will be used by the company to base change its decisions on them. The imminence of change will determine managers to behave differently by being resistant to alterations.

The training and development efficiency has to be measured against previous own results and current industry results, through benchmarking.

The advantages of this alternative are:

The company is aware of the competition's training and development programs and their levels of efficiency.

The company can improve its results by following industry best practices in those areas where it score below industry averages.

Also, it can monitor its improvements during its entire activity by comparing the actual results with the ones from the previous years.

The disadvantages of this alternative are:

If the industry has lower efficiency levels in average, a.C. Kaplan can't use industry best practices to improve its activity, because the company is the one creating…… [Read More]

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Creating Competitive Advantages Through New Product Development

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Creating Competitive Advantages

Through New Product Development

Creating Competitive Advantages Through New Product Development

The transformation of many diverse forms of customer, supplier, internal development, and research & development (&D) insights into a consistent and productive platform for product development is key to long-term competitive growth. The reliance on advanced frameworks for organizing these diverse sources of innovation into taxonomies that can eventually be used to fuel new products is often called the New Product Development (NPD) process. As every company has a unique, highly differentiated and often highly customized business model, the same holds true for the NPD process. Companies over time define the NPD process to align with their unique technological and market strengths. Comparing the NPD process at Salesforce, the leading provider of SaaS-based CM software vs. Apple makes this point clearly. Salesforce is known for very rapid product releases of the CM applications and exceptionally quick…… [Read More]


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Offshore IT Development to Include

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Companies wishing to exercise discretion over consumer interactions may not be able to exercise quality control over the training of representatives servicing their valued customers, who are ill-prepared to deal with angry, confused, and technologically illiterate customers. The call center is the 'face' of the IT company and Microsoft in particular has lost customers because of its dependence upon call centers and unhelpful staff, in contrast to the people-friendly personalized 'real world' face of the Apple Store.

Employing individuals abroad to construct the IT application itself can be equally problematic, especially when creating an interface for users who are not well-versed in technology. The offshore IT personnel may not have a clear sense of the culture of the foreign company, and the base of knowledge of the designated users. As a result, the technical manuals may be poorly suited to the needs of the user.

The macro, socially beneficial aspects…… [Read More]

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