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Theme Parks Essays (Examples)

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Thorpe Park the Author Will
Words: 3218 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44460356
Read Full Paper  ❯ 2012). These issues can negatively affect the economic impact of the parks operations.

- Visitor Experience and Quality

As noted above, variability can have a huge impact on economics. However, the intangibles of visitor experience and quality have been affected as well. Visitor perceptions have a lot of relationship to the visitor experience and its quality. This is what the attractions sell and it is much more abstract and harder to qualify which is why this critical feature of management is often ignored (Week 8: Visitor Experience 2012). The performance of the attraction itself will have a direct impact upon user experience and satisfaction (ibid). Swarbroke notes "Visitor attractions are at the heart of the tourism industry, they are motivators that make people want to take a trip in the first place (Swarbroke, 2002)."

This author visited the park on March 21th, 2012 and had a chance to play…

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Disney Parks Why Do You Think That
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57292500
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Disney Parks

Why do you think that the world's largest theme park operator, Walt Disney Company, was motivated to establish parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong?

Disney Strategic Planning was able to find the optimal mix of income, family composition by key demographics, and favorability of national government to their expansion in each region (Data Monitor, 2004). The one area they had the most trouble with from a cultural and media relations standpoint was Euro-Disney in Paris (Forman, 1998). Disney pressed on however as the potential to attract millions of visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and throughout western Europe galvanized their commitment to this market (Kepler, 2005). Tokyo was a completely different experience, with many Disney fans asking for a park to be built there and the per capita income and demographic factors aligning with Disney's most loyal customer bases (Kepler, 2005). Hong Kong is one of…


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Disney Parks Disney's International Theme
Words: 768 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38744559
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(ikipedia, 1) Disney was emboldened in this strategy by the prototype in Japan, though we may now suggest that this effort was significantly aided by the greater interest of the Japanese in estern culture than many in estern Europe. Indeed, the Tokyo site would face few legal barriers, and would succeed momentously with little alteration of its American models required. Here, evidence of a closeness between Japan and the U.S. In terms of modern political and consumer norms suggests little legal obstruction or ethical concern from the Japanese public.

Hong Kong, by contrast, represents a mixed outlook where externalities are concerned. Particularly, the site seems in one regard be designed according to lessons learned from the initial failures in Paris. Namely, the cultural presentation of Hong Kong's Disneyland park and resorts is intended to reflect philosophical, cultural and aesthetic leanings of Hong Kong, rather than of America. This demonstrates the…

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Jurassic Park
Words: 907 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82491575
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Jurassic Park

The famous 1991 novel, Jurassic Park, is based on the subject of a wildlife preserve for dinosaurs. The renowned writer of this novel, Michael Crichton, hoisted the conventional phantom of the revivification of species that have been wiped out from the face of the earth by using conserving DNA samples ("Jurassic Park' 20 Years" C10). The uncontrolled genetic engineering produced outcomes that were not the concern of just the scientists in the novel but are the concern of the whole human civilization (Sharp 507).

Crichton was able to craft a vibrantly dramatic action-adventure story with the Jurassic Park that revolved around the ideas of gluttony and crookedness of science. In this vivid tale of Crichton, an affluent investor builds a theme park that was located on an island off the coast of Costa ica. The peculiar part of the tale is that the investor hires a scientist to…


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Central Park Is a Good
Words: 887 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76479259
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Take the case of skating, for instance. Int the 18th and 18th century, skating was seen as a romantic pursuit where the timorous girl skated whilst leaning on the shoulder of her assistant male. Initially, a separate pond was planned for women and unwelcome men were banned. Park officers maintained 'perfect order' and this included exclusion of all public flirting. How different the park has become today! Not only would the so-called flirtation of then not be considered so now, but contemporary displays of overt love including 'necking' may well have caused their perpetrators to be jailed or penalized in some way.

Even the entire official way in which the park was originally organized with paramilitary salutes totally contradicts contemporary protocol. Today, manners are a relaxed as can be with all demarcation broken down between class and culture and the park being more of a public than a private space.…

Battery Park City
Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56817468
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Battery Park City

Battery Park: Faux apple

Battery Park City, according to author and New York City resident Phillip Lopate, is internationally celebrated as a success, as "a model of waterfront development (Lopate 29). However, it has also been called "a broken promise" (Rogers 2005). "The broken promise to use excess Battery Park City revenues for affordable housing was made in 1989 and has been a bone of contention ever since" (Rogers 2012). Initially, the design of the area was supposed to encompass a residential, business, and industrial complex, but this was scrapped during New York City's fiscal crisis of the 1970s. The new, more aesthetically ambitious design is intended to be an 'anti-urban' creation of beauty that eschews conventional cliches of how to design city buildings (Lopate 30).

The exterior of the final product was striking in its recreation of a prewar New York City ambiance. But what was…

Works Cited

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Television Shows Parks and Recreation and the
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76168357
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television shows Parks and ecreation and the American version of the Office deal with similar themes regarding the nature of the modern workplace and the relationships which populate it, but although both shows are shot in the same single-camera, mockumentary style, they end up saying very different things about their shared subject. This is ultimately a result of each particular show's setting; in The Office, the story follows the employees of a small paper company, but in Parks and ecreation, the story is about the public employees of the parks department in a small town. This difference is ultimately responsible for the different interpretations of similar themes seen both shows, and examining the ramifications of this distinction will serve to explicate the particular meaning of either show.

For much of its history The Office focuses on the ineptitude of management and the failure of the commercialized masculine ideal, implicitly critiquing…


Aronstein, A. (2011, May 05). The personal politics of parks and rec. Retrieved from 

Griffin, J. (2008). The americanization of the office: A comparison of the offbeat NBC sitcom and its british predecessor. Journal of Popular Film & Television, 35(4), 154-163.

Environmental Themes
Words: 5447 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33113853
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Environmental Themes in Grapes of rath

This essay reviews environmental themes from the following five books: Dust Bowl by Donald orster, The Grapes of rath by John Steinbeck, Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Killing Mr. atson by Peter Matthiessen, and River of Lakes by Bill Belleville. This paper discusses the role that culture has played in environmental issues during the past century. Five sources used. MLA format.

Environmental Themes

Humans from the very beginning of their existence have had an impact, for better or worse, on the environment. Man has for the most part tried to control the environment to suit his needs or tastes of the era. Over-grazing, over hunting, ignoring the importance crop rotations, dam building, and toxic dumping, are but a few of the ways man tries to control. Few societies have ever considered any of the above when it comes to the environment.…

Works Cited

Belleville, Bill. River of Lakes. University of Georgia

Press. 2001.

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Pineapple Press. 50th Anniversary Edition. 1997.

Proposal on a Water Park
Words: 604 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21477040
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Building a Water Park

Statement of Work Project- Project Description and Project Product

The project will be to develop a water park. It is both an indoor and outdoor facility. The basic idea is to offer consumers with an assortment of rides throughout the year. We intend to do this, by purchasing a 500 acre property and developing two parts of it. The basic idea is to have enough room to address the current needs and expand in the future. The steps that will be taken include: buying the land, constructing the park, building a following of customers and continuously expanding to meet their needs. The final product will have a heated indoor wave pool. It offers over 30 different slides everyone can enjoy. In the summer, this will be connected with the outdoor pools and slides. (Mill, 2007)

Project Deliverables

The tangible outputs are the access to the rides,…


Mill, R. (2007). Resorts: Management and Operations. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Music of Linkin Park Over
Words: 2180 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87432981
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Even the lyrics, which nonetheless maintain the same kind of bubblegum-angst present in nearly any widely successful "alternative" band, manage to surprise simply by the fact that the band seems to have gained a wider vocabulary, both in terms of individual words and the metaphors used. Put another way, burning "like the fire of a thousand suns" is simply a more enjoyable image than "one step closer to the edge / and I'm about to break," even if both convey generally the same theme within either song.

Following the release of A Thousand Suns, Linkin Park has, as it did previously, focused on charity work alongside the writing of the next album a promotional tour. Most recently, the band has played benefit concerts for victims of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear fallout which hit Japan earlier this year, with the first being in Los Angeles alongside the band B'z,…

Works Cited

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Daily News 01 Sep 2011. Web.

Statement of Generative Theme
Words: 3233 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61171367
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Teaching Young Americans What it Means to be a Good Citizen

Citizenship education, to give it a name, does not simply belong to the social studies teacher. -- Peter S. Hlebowitsh, Daniel Tanner and William G. Wraga, 2000

Statement of Generative Theme.

Children born today will probably never know a day and age when mankind does not have a permanent presence in outer space, and the world is becoming a much smaller place as the result of innovations in telecommunications, international commerce and transportation. In this changing environment, it becomes increasingly important for young Americans to understand what it means to be a good citizen, and what their responsibilities and obligations are to their local communities and their country. To this end, this paper provides an educational approach for promoting improved citizenship awareness at the community level through a small group approach to learning.

The small group format is particularly…


Beckerman, Marvin, Simon Kim and B. Sue Parks, "Effects of Participatory Learning Programs

in Middle And High School Civic Education," Social Studies, 87 (1996): 171.

Black's Law Dictionary, (St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1990).

Hlebowitsh, Peter S., Daniel Tanner and William G. Wraga, Research Review for School

South Park and PC Culture
Words: 2197 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25391872
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South Park and Communication Theory: Symbolic Interactionism
In the first episode (“Stunning and Brave”) of the 19th season of South Park, a new principal has come to the town of South Park named PC Principal. PC Principal’s primary objective is to clean up the town of its bigotry, sexism and hateful speech. Halfway through the episode, other PC characters show up in a bar where the tired residents of South Park are attempting to relax away from all the stress of having to be PC all the time. PC Principal realizes there are others like him and they decide to “hang out” and start a PC frat house. The scene in the bar in which the PC characters come to meet one another is full of gestures and words that can be analyzed using the theory of Symbolic Interactionism.
The scene contains relevance as PC culture and social justice…

Flags Unfortunately for Six Flags it Looked
Words: 629 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31388875
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Unfortunately for Six Flags, it looked like the heavy debt burden and the challenges of running a seasonal business, would more than likely sink the company. While many positive changes had occurred that indicated a positive future, it is unlikely that Six Flag was going to have any lasting success immediately. It's true that in 2006 more families were returning to parks and spending more money and that the guest approval rating had reached a five-year high, with employees accomplishing a tremendous amount in what was a very transitional year for the company. Heavy discounts for tickets were eliminated and more aggressive sales techniques were adopted as well. Even though there was an increase in guest spending, something which appeared to continue at a strong pace, and the elimination of deep discounts was there to help re-establish the integrity of the brand and to stop teenagers who don't boost…


Ryan, P.A. (2006). The 2006 Business Turn Around: Six Flags. Internet Mini Case #15

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Revenue Management
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49029787
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Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California wants to implement a new revenue management system, maximizing revenue per customer, per visit and improving overall revenue. There are several tactics that can be utilized to extract the maximum revenue from customers. Some of these will be discussed in this paper. The nature of the business is important here, because amusement parks deal in a perishable good (park capacity). There are many different revenue streams within the park as well, so revenue management policies affect an entire suite of products and services, rather than a single good (No author, 2013).

One revenue management strategy is to foster repeat visits. While some customers travel to visit the park, there is a market of local consumers who might visit the park. Converting occasional visitors from this group into regular visitors can increase revenue substantially. Heo and Lee (2009) note that consumers find revenue management at…


Heo, C. & Lee, S. (2009). Application of revenue management practices to the theme park industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management. Vol. 28 (3) 446-453.

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Mcdonald's India and Eurodisney After
Words: 2100 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 21615591
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external supply.

d) When expanding, a crucial decision refers to the actual place in the foreign country where to open the new operational facility. This should be selected based on the concentration of the target market as well as its access to the location.

e) The fact that the company has been successful in the past does not automatically mean that it will be successful in the future expansion projects. It is crucial to adapt each decision to the specifics of the expansion project.

f) The decision of whether to use a local or a delegated managerial team depends on each situation and should be made after a thorough analysis of the project features and requirements.

g) While it cannot be said that a specific industry or business is recession proof, the McDonald's experience in India has shown that there are still businesses which thrive in times of crisis. It…


Adams, B., 2007, McDonald's strange menu around the world, Trifter,  / last accessed on October 13, 2010

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Movie Proposals These Would Be the Mission
Words: 1812 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7679865
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movie proposals. These would be the mission for the firm and its basic proposals, the company's "must" objectives, the company's "want" objectives and the estimated ROI for each of the for movies. This report will evaluate each of the movies as perceived by the four criteria previously mentioned and will subsequently make an overall evaluation and reason the best choice for the company.

The first movie, "My Life with Dalai Lama," perfectly complies with the main ideas of the company's mission. First of all, from a creative point-of-view, the idea to present the life of a personality through the eyes of a snake and through the eyes of other animals befriending him is new, interesting and creatively a positive aspect. Further more, to some degree it is also championing environmental concerns by presenting the role of animals in the life of a personality of 20th century history, bringing the animal…

Cp-2 Project Performance Report Schedule One Performance
Words: 714 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9073170
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CP-2 Project Performance Report

Schedule One

Performance Analysis

Estimate at Completion

Control Plan

Revised Estimate at Completion

Schedule Two

During roughly midway into the CP-2 project, it was found that the project was running ten days behind schedule and it was already over budget. This is due to the fact that several tasks went over budget as well as a sluggish schedule performance. At this point the project manager fully utilized the resources at hand to bring the schedule back into order. Despite meeting the schedule requirements, the project did go over budget by a marginal amount. This was a result of using extra labor to crash some of the activities.

Schedule One

The original project schedule predicted that the project would be completed on December 19 of 2008. However, on October 1, 2008 the project manager found that he was ten days behind schedule as well as over budget.…

Making Malls Viable Again
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 37141620
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Mall of America: A case study

Why has the Mall of America been such a marketing success so far?

Although malls are often criticized as generic entities, the Mall of America has distinguished itself as unique from its competitors not only because of its sheer size but also because of the various entertainment and hospitality options it encompasses. It offers a host of theme parks and 'concept stores' as well as venues for commercial and personal entertainment. It has even spread out into hotels, spas, museum space, classrooms and convention halls. The Mall has the option for smaller entrepreneurs to purchase a kiosk for a limited time to sell their wares, further diversifying the available shopping experiences.

Q2. What (a) retail and (b) consumer trends have occurred since Mall of America was opened in 1992 that it should consider when making future plans?

When the Mall opened in 1992, shopping…

Tourism and Hospitality Industries it Is Perhaps
Words: 1017 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63571827
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Tourism and Hospitality Industries

It is perhaps indicative of how interconnected the hospitality industry and the tourism industry are that they are often connected in literature as one broad industrial category, "the hospitality and tourist industry." Their aims and objectives certainly overlap, sharing a common goal of catering to the needs and desires of people who are traveling for one reason or another. It is a facile separation of the domains of each industry to suggest that hospitality pertains to where people stay and tourism pertains to what people do in the process of travel, particularly as the options become more elaborate and varied to reflect a simultaneous increase in technology and the sophistication of consumer demand. Instead of focusing upon debatable divisions between the functions of each industry, it is perhaps a better model to look at the ways in which they support each other's key services (Ottenbacher 2009).…


Brey, ET al. (2008). Standard Hospitality Elements at Resorts: An Empirical Assessment. Journal of Travel Research. 47: 2; 247-258.

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Wine Industry Attractiveness in a
Words: 1900 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82940184
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The main advantage Mondavi possesses over Allied Domecq is the fact that it has a series of well established brands, brands which have become well-known to the market through marketing campaigns that ensure that the brand has a distinct identity and unique image. Additionally, in my opinion, until the synergies begin producing results, the tactics of simply buying players on the market needs time to sediment and to become cohesive. From this point-of-view, Mondavi, as a family business first of all, has always being united around a common idea and figure.

4. Morandi basically has two strategic options in 2002: growth through acquisitions, a method that one of the most important competitors has employed, as we have previously seen, and growth through organic development. Morandi has already picked the latter, but we need to go through each of them to point out why this is naturally the best option for…

Administrative Assistant for a Division
Words: 1667 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 7215625
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These research methods adopt different instruments depending on the suitability of the event.

In the following situations, decide whether you would use a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire. Give your reasons.

In the first scenario, it would be appropriate to use self-administered questions to reveal the underlying issues concerning the research questions. This is because the target population is large. The experiment seeks to uncover extra information to supplement the research question. This makes it crucial to adopt the use of self-administered questionnaires during the study. The second scenario would require application of personal interview or self-administered questionnaires. This is because the geographical coverage of the study is appropriate for any of the two options or research methods. The third scenario would allow the company to maximize the benefits of telephone survey in seeking to unveil the reasons behind the research questions. This is because the geographical arrangement…


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International (P) Ltd.

Globalization Offshore Sourcing
Words: 714 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89197155
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Globalization changes the world's cultures, and socio-cultural differences between nations sometimes are an impediment to globalization because of the values and cultural differences held by different cultures. . As globalization continues, more and more ethnic employees with different cultural expectations and paradigms will be hired by American companies. In fact, cultural diversity is one of the key elements in allowing companies to grow globally, to expand into new markets, and to reflect the nature of the demographics of their specific market. This being the case, it is also important that companies not bend so far to the left that it appears that there are policies that favor one group over another. With respect, for instance, to Disney Theme Parks, for instance, cultural differences in diet (some cultures do not allow beef to be served), days of the week (most cultures are not 365/7 day of work), work ethic, dress code,…


Oak, R. (May 9, 2009). GM Offshore Outsourcing U.S. Jobs. The Economic Populist. Retrieved from: 

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Soup. The Ledger. Retrieved from:

Transmedia Characters
Words: 612 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18849418
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Irresistible Rise of Harry Potter and the irresistible rise of capitalism

Harry Potter is not merely the title of a children's book series: he is a phenomenon. Although the Harry Potter books are quintessentially 'British' in their setting (a boarding school) and language, they have become internationally popular and turned many non-readers into readers. Harry embodies the ideal childhood hero -- on one hand, he is an orphan, despised and somewhat socially awkward. Yet he is also marked with a special status from birth as a wizard with magical powers. There is a universal appeal to Harry, which explains why he has spawned so many profitable spin-offs, including his own theme park and film series.

However, the reasons for this attraction may not only lie in Harry. The book's showcasing of various cultural attractions such as shopping, succeeding in athletic competition, and the picaresque attention to the details of the…

Defoe's Pyrates Images From History
Words: 2162 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44359372
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But you can substitute the myth with the authentic, amazing, wonderful truth. n the end, think the truth would make a far better movie."


Bonanos, C. "Did Pirates Really Say 'Arr'?" Slate Publications. Cited in:

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Captain Hook." Literary Traveler, 2008. Cited in:

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Ibid, 11-14, 97-99, 206. See also Cindy Vallar, "Pirate Treasure." Pirates and Privateers -- the History of Maritime Piracy. n.d. Cited in: 


American Politics Through Film and Fiction
Words: 1715 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19441583
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Roger and Me: Automobile Industry

Like All the President's Men, this work is a departure from fiction in film and in novels. Rather than portraying fictional characters in a contrived plot, "Roger and Me" takes us into the lives of actual men and women dealing with the all-too-real problems of the decline of the United States as a world industrial power.

The focus is on the automobile industry, in particular, on one of the early centers of that industry, Flint, Michigan. Major automakers like General Motors have for years been cutting back on production and employment. Now, many of the older plants that have been running at reduced capacity are being closed for good and their workers let go permanently.

Because Flint was heavily dependent on auto making, the effects on the local economy are disastrous. Flint seems to be in the process of turning into a postindustrial ghost town,…

Work Cited

Moore, Michael (Dir.). Roger and Me. Warner Bros, 1989.

Customer Centricity - Literature Review
Words: 6336 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58933056
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Even customers who are satisfied with something do not always return to that specific business, especially if the business is somewhat out of the way or relatively inconvenient to get to (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988).

Customer loyalty is generally thought to be achieved when a customer returns to buy something that they have bought before from the same company (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988). There are many other ways to measure loyalty statistically, but it basically boils down to a customer returning to a business even though there are so many other choices available (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988).

There are many ways to increase customer loyalty and it is significant to discuss some of them here (Rackham, Honey, Colbert, Fields, Hinson, Morgran, Morris, Sugden, & Tribe, 1971). One of the best ways is to meet or exceed many of the service standards that others in the industry have…


Achrol, R. & Stern, L.W. (1988). Environmental Determinants of Decision Making Uncertainty in Marketing Channels. Journal of Marketing Research, 25: 36-50.

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Mixed Up the Numbers I
Words: 951 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10204337
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A five-star hotel that is only rated by two people, does not mean much. Fritch looks for the hotel that has the most individuals who did the rating and with the highest grades. Then he thoroughly reads over the descriptions to make sure they have everything on his "must have" list. He realizes that everyone has different needs -- he could care less if there is a sauna, but he sure wants that workout gym, swimming pool and WiFi in the room. He says he only has been wrong once or twice. One hotel had a lot of raters and stars, but was very noisy (it could just have been the time of the year), and another time the food at a restaurant was "horrible," but it could have just changed chefs.

The fun part is being able to find certain people who have the same quirks as you. There…

Alton Towers Is One of
Words: 6064 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 62027544
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This analyst adds that Andy Davies of the Tussauds Group that operates Alton Towers reports that park visitors subscribing to the "Magic Moments" DVD "simply see it as a fun souvenir," and adds, "esearch shows that our visitors have a positive propensity to purchase these products, providing themselves with a personalized reminder of the day they and their friends and family had at Alton Towers. The system proposed will allow guests to relive their unique day time and time again through personalized digital video footage'" (quoted in Tucker at 10).

These types of innovative marketing initiatives are important for a theme park competing in the United Kingdom today because of the approaching saturation levels that appear to be developing in some regions of the country. For instance, besides the historic attractions that are ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom, Alton Towers is also in competition with a number of other theme…


"About Us," 2010. Alton Towers Resort. Retrieved from .

Brown, T., 2007, March 6. "Merlin Will Rival Disney with [Pounds Sterling]1bn Tussauds

Deal." The Daily Mail: 73.

Burling, R., 1985. Hill Farms and Padi Fields: Life in Mainland Southeast Asia. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

Shanghai Disney Resort
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Marketing Strategies of the Shanghai Disney esort

Shanghai Disney esort

Brief History and Facts


Target Market for the Shanghai Disney esort

Demographic Segmentation

Psychographic Segmentation

The Marketing Strategies of the Shanghai Disney esort

Product Strategies

Integration with the Chinese Culture

Product Mix

The Major esort Segments

Entertainment and ecreational Facilities

Pricing Strategies

The Most Potential Customer Segment

Why Chinese Market?

Promotional Strategies

Segmentation for Promotional Campaigns

Selection of Promotional Mediums

Place Strategies

Overall Plan of Shanghai Disney esort

SWOT Analysis


Internal Environment (Strengths & Weaknesses)


External Environment (Opportunities & Threats)

Failed Market Strategy

Successful Market Strategy

Selection of the Chinese Market


Growth Strategy

Critical Analysis and Concluding Thoughts


Appendix 1: Introduction


Executive Summary

The Shanghai Disney esort is an upcoming theme park in China. The resort is being built by the world's largest entertainment corporation -- the Walt Disney Company. Consisting of theme parks,…


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Management the Success and Failures
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The level of the investment also isolated them more in the case of a failure. They paid attention to the wrong details. Disney acted on American views of Europe rather than on native views, which could identify the important cultural differences. It appeared that the managers were too confident in their success to research the small details about European cultures.

In planning Euro Disney there were not any contingency plans put into place. The attitude towards customer habits was very complacent. They assumed that there would be so many customers every day, each staying an average number of nights spending an average amount of money. In America this would have worked because there is already a well established theme park culture. The European market proved to be a lot more unpredictable.

Up until now, Disney's venture into China has been anything but magical. The Hong Kong theme park, which opened…

Works Cited

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2010. Business Week. Web.

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Euro vs Florida Disney Success
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The confidence of Disney was to some extent based on the number of Europeans visiting U.S. Disney parks. The Europeans would be visiting the parks based in U.S. As they were in America but not going to America with the specific motive to pay a visit to the parks. Therefore these figures do not exactly show the popularity of Disney theme parks in Europe. The American Disney Parks are viewed as a part of the American experience and not as a complete holiday destination. All the predictions of attendance are based on parks inside the U.S. And Japan that is also much Americanized. (Euro Disney - Why it failed)

Besides one more striking mistake on the cultural front has been the attention to the wrong details. There will be very few Europeans who will be paying attention to the leather wallpaper when they cannot get their normal breakfast or wine…


Dinechin, Florent de. (1994) "Euro Disney: Marne-le-Vallee, France Earth" Retrieved at Accessed 3 October, 2005

Disney World Paper" Retrieved at Accessed 2 October, 2005

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Euro Disney - Why it failed." Retrieved at . Accessed 3 October, 2005

CSR and the Disney Company
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Walt Disney Company CSR

The Company

Walt Disney Company began as a small cartoon studio in 1923, produced its first sound-synchronized short five years later, its first full-color cartoon short in 1932 for which it received an Academy Award, and from there the Company catapulted to greatness with hits such as Snow White, Dumbo and Pinocchio. Disney expanded into live-action production, television, theme parks, and global productions over the decades with Walt Disney World among its major attractions, even as it grew the Disney Channel, merged with AC (in 1996), purchased Pixar in 2006, acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and LucasFilms in 2012 (rebooting the Star Wars franchise).[footnoteRef:1] It appeals to a broad-based audience from young children to older generations, with cross-cultural demographic appeal as well. The vision of the company is to be a "leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise," consisting of media networks, parks, resorts, studios,…


Brown, J. Nuttall R. Beyond corporate social responsibility: Integrated external engagement, 2013.

Business Review (2013) The Walt Disney Company -- A leader. Web. Accessed

5 Jun 2016 from

Freeman E. R. A Stakeholder Theory of Modern Corporation." In L.

CA and Californians
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History of Disneyland

Walt E. Disney sat down on a bench at a small amusement park in California to watch his daughters play. While he was setting there, he noticed how tattered and filthy the small amusement park was. He also observed people's reactions to the different rides and noticed the parents of the children had nothing to do. They would be ready to go home halfway through the day, and their children were still playing and having fun.

This is where Walt started thinking about building a new type of amusement park. He wanted to create an amusement park that was clean, with safe rides, and one that had rides for and attraction for children and their parents. Eventually, this idea turned into Disneyland.

Years before he started construction on Disneyland, Walt completely created the entire theme park in his mind. He traveled the United States, and visited buildings…

References /

Bob Sehlinger. The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, 1990. Hungry Minds, Inc.; ASIN: 002862615X; (September 1998)

Successful Application of Organizational Behavior
Words: 2600 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24655706
Read Full Paper  ❯ the same manner as their guests and if they operate with this type of beliefs they can ensure everyone gets a dose of the Disney magic." (Waltz, 2007)


Waltz (2007) states that the organizational culture of Disney is build upon: "...innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency because the foundation of the company was based on the very same culture we see today in the above mentioned beliefs of Walt Disney." The work of Arnie Witchel entitled: "A Model for Implementation of Organizational Development in the Human Resources Area" relates that: "A few years ago, Walt Disney World consciously decided to move its culture toward a paradigm of "Performance Excellence." This concept affected all human resource areas, with concentration on eight key actions that would affect the culture, including breaking down barriers, sharing information, risk taking, teamwork (Performance Excellence, 1994). This is an ongoing change…


Grant, Robert M. (nd) Euro-Disney: From Dream to Nightmare, 1987-94. Case Fourteen.

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Walter Disney
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Politics of Disney Land

There were a number of different reasons that Disney's attempt to create a theme park in Virginia was so widely debated and controversial. Perhaps the best way to deconstruct that controversy is to identify relevant stakeholders and address their concerns and then compare them to one another.

One of the most eminent stakeholders was Disney itself. The company was attempting to build an American history theme park based on the very history of the country itself. In doing so, Disney was looking to generate revenue by capitalizing on all of the tourist money that it could attract to its park. Its hopes to do so were largely bolstered by the fact that the hite House is not too far from the proposed location, and that there are a number of other historic sites (many of which pertain to the Civil ar) in that area as well.…

Works Cited

Kotz, Nick and Abramson, Rudy. "The Battle to Stop Disney's America." 1994. Web.

Krauthammer, Charles. "Who's Afraid of Virginia's Mouse?"  1994. Web.

Edit of a Paper on Walt Disney
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Walt Disney is the epitome of success through perseverance and hard work. The animator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur once said, "All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Disney had dreams that many did not think was possible to come true, and yet he continually proved to the world that anything was possible. The world of magic that we know of today would not have existed without the dreams and accomplishments of Walt Disney, who built veritable empires out of his own imagination. It is impossible to picture children's entertainment or theme parks without invoking the contributions of Walt Disney. His innovation and personal sacrifices required to make those innovations tangible realities have given us a world of magic and a world with no limitations to our imaginations.

Many have known Walt Disney to be the man who built the theme parks, particularly Disneyland…


Pat, Williams, How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day.

2) Bob, Thomas, Walt Disney -- An American Original.

3) Bruce, Handy, December 3, 2006, Escape Artist, The New York Times. Retrieved from .

4) Walt Disney Museum -- San Francisco

Eden Project Is One of
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As one would expect, those with children and teens tended to increase visits in the summer. While the older demographic groups dominated during the winter months. Seasonal fluctuations in Cornwall follow typical patterns found in non-tropical regions. The tourism trade in Cornwall depends on the influx of seasonal visitors during the warm summer months.

According to statistics from the Cornwall Tourism Board (2007), the largest percentage of visitors were from Devon. This is more than likely due to proximity more than any other factor. Other visitors can be broken down into the following general locations.


Percentage of Total Visitors to Cornwall





West Midlands





Source: Cornwall Tourism Board, 2007

It might be noted that Cornish residents were excluded from the survey. Therefore, these percentages only represent non-local tourism. One might notice that overseas tourism has a greater impact in numbers of tourism…


Cornwall County Council. 2006. County Supports Future Development of Eden Project. Available at 

Cornwall Tourist Board. 2007. Visit Cornwall. Available at 

Cornwall Tourist Board. 2007. Occupancy Rates in Cornwall 1993-2006 - Serviced Sector. Available at

Management and Leadership Examine the
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He wished to build the happiest place on the planet and this message continues to be handed over to the new recruits who join the organization presently also. Disney exists to give a guarantee to the Americans that are there for real. Disneyland is not just unreal, rather it is hyper-real. As a result it is possible to express of the corporate culture of Disney as being created. ("eading Organizations from behavior and experience to representation and experience," n. d.)

4) Explain how the four functions of management support the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture

The four functions of management support the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture as it leads to planning, organizing, leading and coordinating of resources and it is these 4 activities which recur across the institution and are extremely unified. Present features relating to management cover claims leading are distinct from…


Arnold, Paul. V. (2002) "Fixing manufacturing" MRO Today Magazine, Retrieved at 

Bryman, Alan. (1995) "Disney and His World"


N.A. (2007) "Disney Institute Homepage" Retrieved at

Viacom Is One of the
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In 1996 Westinghouse/CS bought Infinity radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising group for $4.7 billion, a deal that was largely the result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Telecommunications Act heavily deregulated the media industry and allowed a company to significantly increase the amount radio stations it could own. In 1997, Viacom dealt its educational, professional and reference publishing businesses to Pearson for $4.6 billion, and retains Simon & Schuster. In 1999, CS bought King World Productions, the leading television program syndicator at that time, for $2.5 billion. On September 7, 1999, Viacom and CS announced their merger, a $50 billion deal. This was the largest media merger of that era, which came one-month after the FCC approved duopolies. Under this merger, the new Viacom had 33 television stations, eclipsing the FCC's 35% ownership cap. This cap was based on the amount of stations one company owns that reach 35%…


America Online. (2005). Retrieved October 2, 2005 at .

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Disney Corporation and Its Approach
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They can participate in a variety of programs from credit unions to service awards, contests, and other programs. There are employee stores in many locations, and childcare facilities in California and Orlando. Because of the allure of Disney, some experts call this capturing the "heart" of the employee. They buy in to the company's belief system and represent it totally, because the entire corporate ideals mesh with their own.

Another motivational technique is an extensive training environment for all employees. They offer an Executive Development Program called "Disney Dimensions," and a program called "Disney Way" that introduces the many diversified companies to management and above, and it offers training in professional and management development. Employees also participate in programs on ethics, integrity, and diversity. Most inspirational is the e-learning program, that will allow employees anywhere in the world to continue their education online.

Motivation at Disney is mostly about the…


Editors. (2010). Selected financial data. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Disney Corporation Web site:

Editors. (2010). Standards of business conduct. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Disney Corporation Web site: .

Scott, R. (2005). Disney corporation report. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Web site:

Universal Studios Internet Based Marketing
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Internet-Based Marketing Blog

Internet-based marketing is a concept that has generated considerable attention in the recent past because of the advent of the Internet, which has transformed the world through improving communications. The growth of internet-based marketing has also been influenced by the fact that advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to generate revenue through online platforms given the increase in the number of people who visit websites across the globe on a daily basis. In this quest to generate revenue by reaching more people through advertisements, companies have increasingly used the internet to market their products. Internet marketing is increasingly preferred by companies and entrepreneurs because it offers a cost-effective means for advertising products and generating more revenues as compared to traditional marketing.

An example of a company that has used internet marketing to advertise its products is Universal Studios. The use of the internet as a marketing tool…


Annacchino, M.A. (2007). The pursuit of new product development: the business development process. Burlington, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

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"Internet Marketing Avenues for Web-based Company." (n.d.). Hongkiat -- Technology Design Inspiration. Retrieved September 12, 2015, from

Michael Eisner Disney Under Eisner's Leadership
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Michael Eisner: A Lesson in Leadership

Men make history, and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

Professional Development

In 1964, NBC clerk Michael Eisner made $65 a week. Though he only took one business course in his life, he obviously had a proclivity for business: in 1997, as CEO of Disney, Eisner earned over half a billion dollars. With absolutely no foundation in finance, he averted a Disney takeover when he became chairman in 1984 and by May 1998 he earned over $80 billion for Disney stockholders.


Eisner went to boarding school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey in the 8th grade. "I had always breezed through academically at Allen-Stevenson (my previous school), where I was used to being a leader in…


Capodagli, Bill, et al. (1999). The Disney Way. Hightstown, NJ: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

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Fish, Stanley, et al. (1995). Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World.: Duke University Press.

Eurodisney Failure During the Initial
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According to Kepler Equities, there will be a 5% average growth in sales over the next five years for EuroDisney as a result, and breakeven is considered to be achievable in the 2012 timeframe. While EuroDisney can't compete with a strong British Pound and Euro relative to the weak American dollar, they can do what Disney does best, and that is bring in the flashy, new rides and entertainment. In 2005 for example Space Mountain 2 opened and Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast opened in 2006, with Toon Studios planned in 2007 and Tower of Terror for 2008. All these new attractions are meant for generating interest from young families and stop them from going over to Orlando when they can get the same experiences at EuroDisney.

What will be remembered as Eisner's folly or grand mistake, EuroDisney was built under the direction of Disney's previous CEO, down to the specifics…

For EuroDisney the challenge is how to attract and keep young European families, many of who spend less than ten days out of the country when visiting DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL. According to Kepler Equities, there will be a 5% average growth in sales over the next five years for EuroDisney as a result, and breakeven is considered to be achievable in the 2012 timeframe. While EuroDisney can't compete with a strong British Pound and Euro relative to the weak American dollar, they can do what Disney does best, and that is bring in the flashy, new rides and entertainment. In 2005 for example Space Mountain 2 opened and Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast opened in 2006, with Toon Studios planned in 2007 and Tower of Terror for 2008. All these new attractions are meant for generating interest from young families and stop them from going over to Orlando when they can get the same experiences at EuroDisney.

What will be remembered as Eisner's folly or grand mistake, EuroDisney was built under the direction of Disney's previous CEO, down to the specifics of how Disney's most expensive castle of all was created, the centerpiece of the park which cost Disney 2.4 billion Euros. The soaring production costs put break-even well into the 21st century for Disney, as did the 6% royalties on all revenues Walt Disney Company imposed on EuroDisney for use of characters, branding, and intellectual property. These two financial decisions nearly led to the bankruptcy of the corporation formed to run the park. Given the continued weak dollar, the costs of production for Disney soared, as did the hotel and golf course introduction and ongoing maintenance costs.

Disney didn't take into account the currency fluctuations and the exacerbating effects this would have on attendance, in addition to the

Glendale Mall Sometimes a Mall to Paraphrase
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Glendale Mall

Sometimes a Mall

To paraphrase Sigmund Freud, sometimes a mall is just a mall. Except that this is almost never true. For Americans who grew up in any city large enough to have its own shopping mall (or who grew up next to a city that was large enough to have its own shopping mall), the mall was a place where many of them learned to be grown-ups. Or at least how grown-ups would be if they had a more-than-usual amount of disposable income and no job to get to. And a lot of hormones to work off.

This paper examines the Glendale as a site in which the commerce that is enacted is far less important that the growing-up that occurs there. The fact that teenagers use malls as a sounding board for their adult lives is never an explicit aspect of the identity of the Glendale…


American FactFinder, United States Census Bureau. "U.S. Census Bureau -- Ancestry:2000 -- Glendale city, California." . Retrieved January 29, 2011.

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Walt Disney international business
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Walt Disney Company

When Walt Disney returned from work with the ed Cross during World War One, his brother got him a job at a Kansas City art studio, and he started to experiment with animation. He and his partner made a deal with a local movie theater to run their cartoons, and the popularity of these allowed Disney to create his own studio. After losing the rights to many characters, Disney pursued the Mickey Mouse character and the third Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Mickey, was an instant success. Many of the famous friends were created shortly thereafter. The company's first feature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, and it was an incredible hit, allowing the studio to produce a string of other now-classic films (, 2017).

The company expanded into television and by 1955 it had opened a theme park. Disney has since evolved into an…


2016 Disney Annual Report. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from (2017) Walt Disney. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from 

Interbrand (2016) Global 100 Brands. Interbrand Retrieved April 27, 2017 from 

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Analyzing Early Modern Europe
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Pleasure Garden

In the eighteenth century, the concept of pleasure gardens flourished in Britain, a trend that could be traced partly to the relatively stable democratic government coupled with the international trade that thrived at that time in London. Vauxhall Gardens was perhaps the most famous pleasure garden according to the lectures. Founded in 1661, it reached the peak of popularity during the early years of the nineteenth century. It became a model for several other pleasure gardens in Europe, like the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Historians believed it was arguably the first modern amusement park. Some of the most popular entertainments offered in Vauxhall were firework displays, theatre shows, theatrical entertainments as well as dancing floors and drinking booths. Both Vauxhall and Tivoli Gardens were so popular that they became generic names for all pleasure gardens in both Europe and the United States (UoS 2015). According to the course,…


Aelarsen. A Royal Affair: Enlightenment and Adultery in 18th Century Denmark. June 2014.  / (accessed December 13, 2015).

"Age of Enlightenment." Pedia Press, 2011.

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Biodiesel Plant Marketing & Business
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The price charged for the company's biodiesel product lines will be tied to the prevailing prices charged for feed stock and production costs, but any costs in excess of traditional diesel fuel alternatives will be offset by marketing initiatives designed to promote the environmentally responsible aspects of the products' use, as well as the patriotic aspects of reducing America's reliance on foreign oil.

Distribution (Place). Transportation for the company's product line will be outsourced.

Promotion. As noted above, biodiesel products possess a number of characteristics that can be promoted to different industries and organizations depending on their specific needs. Larger enterprises such as Universal Studios Theme Park could be encouraged to use biodiesel alternatives based on the tax advantages and public relations opportunities such use affords; likewise, governmental agencies could reap economies of scale by converting large vehicle fleets to biodiesel applications and also enjoy the P benefits that accrue…


Cravens, D.W. (2000). Strategic marketing (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Schmidt, C.W. (2007). Biodiesel: Cultivating alternative fuels. Environmental Health Perspectives, 115(2), 86-87.

Memory and Place of Carlton
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Waverley Park was designed for and reflected a demographic shift in Melbourne's population away from the inner suburbs to the south and east. Waverley Park was a symbol of, and a contributor to, the shift of the locus of power within the Victorian, later Australian, Football League from the clubs to the league, a change whose consequences are still being felt in 2000. The stadium reflected an Australian tradition of multi-sports facilities despite its genesis in Australian ules, both in its conception and subsequent development. Waverley Park played a significant role in the development of post-war Australian football, cricket and baseball. In April 2000 it was nominated for the Victorian Heritage egister by the City of Greater Dandenong (Hay et al.).

Waverley reflected also a major geographic shift, taking the game away from the traditional inner urban areas to outlying suburbs where a more affluent society with discretionary income…


And the winners are...: The votes are in and business travellers across the region have had their say on Asia's best hotels. Business Asia, 15(2), 20.

Berry, J. & McGreal, S. (1999). Cities in the Pacific Rim: Planning systems and property markets. London: E & FN Spon.

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Crozier, M. (2003). Political legacies: Australian political studies and the University of Melbourne. Melbourne Journal of Politics, 29, 8.

Strategies for Success Walt Disney
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Walt Disney's Marketing Mix/Strategies

Product and Service Strategy

The products offered by Walt Disney are much more tangible and services. These products have offered Walt Disney high awareness among many customers in the market. The products are designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the customers in the diverse market. Walt Disney has gone ahead to customize all of its products under certain characteristics of the company. These characteristics help to differentiate and demarcate its products from those of other brands in the market (Deodhar, 2013).

Pricing Strategy

Prices of goods and services offered by Walt Disney are not low. Nonetheless, when one makes a comparison of the prices of products and services of Walt Disney and those of other competitor brands, he or she will realize that the prices are fair, with consideration of the quality and quantity of the products produced by Walt Disney. Pricing is…


Deodhar, S. Y. (2013). Why I Am Paying More: Price Theory and Market Structure Made Simple. University Press,

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Salinger, Bob, & Len Testa. (2011). The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2011. New York: New York Press

Walt Disney Co The Economy
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Disney is positioned to continue as a profitable entity for the foreseeable future. Its businesses are strong, financials good and the company has a stable model. Disney could be involved in M&a activity, but as the largest company in the industry and having financial strength there is low likelihood that Disney will be purchased.

Memo. Founded in 1923, the alt Disney Company is a diversified entertainment company. Its businesses are mature, enjoying mainly organic growth. Revenues are stable, even through the economic downturn, although profits have slumped slightly. Disney is the industry leader and is the largest firm in the industry by all measures. It competes mainly in theme parks, television, movies and music.

Disney has strong financial ratios, marked by a low debt level, good liquidity and healthy margins. The company's returns are better than the industry average. Because of its solid financial position, Disney has few major threats…

Works Cited:

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Hernandez, J. (2010). U.S. inflation report gives Fed breathing room. New York Times. Retrieved April 30, 2010 from 

MSN Moneycentral: Walt Disney Co. (2010). Retrieved April 30, 2010 from

Technology in Can You Hear
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" Turkle claims that "our fragile planet needs our action in the real," which is exactly what the little girl was trying to point out. Her appreciating the animatronic animals more than the real ones is a product of technology saturation.

Technology has become an annoyance: we all experience the "sense of encroachment of the device" on our personal time and it is difficult to cut ourselves off from the world. Yet technology is a blessing. Turkle points out that the shy and inhibited are hiding behind their virtual selves. Indeed they are: to their advantage. Many readers would agree that technology has allowed the shy and socially awkward to engage socially with others without having to sweat or take anxiety medication.

Being constantly connected with the world is a choice we make. Technology is not deadening us to the world, as Turkle implies. Quite the opposite: technology is enhancing…

Lets Talk Money Interview Transcript
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alt Disney Company Scenario

Scene: Fiscal Karat (FK), host of TV's Let's Talk Money, is seated at the center of an oak conference table. Let's Talk Money is a weekly PBS talk show that interviews business leaders and often finds government officials to debate certain ideas and programs. Tonight's episode features Mr. Michael McDuck (MM), CEO of alt Disney Company and Mr. Rigid B. Crat (RC), Senior Administrator for the U.S. Treasury's Anti-trust Division.

FK: Good evening and welcome to Let's Talk Money, your weekly adventure into provocative and interesting monetary topics ranging from mild to wild. Tonight, a special treat for the kid in us all -- Michael McDuck, CEO of alt Disney goes head to head with the Administration's Senior Anti-Trust Maven, Rigid B. Crat. elcome gentlemen!

First though, let's take a moment to establish a bit of background. The alt Disney Company is a multinational mass media…

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13-Year Marriage as it Is
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Professional need for compromise is seen in just about every field there is. The ability to evaluate the options and compromise for the sake of cohesive existence is something viewed as extremely valuable in professional settings.

The many problems that have been resolved in my marriage and raising of children have been done through the understanding of the importance of compromise. I have become so used to using the art of compromise to accomplish goals that I believe it can transfer easily to the professional setting.

The many needs that have been encountered at home and other settings where my family is concerned have educated me and I have been able to manipulate situations to benefit everyone involved. I believe this can transfer to a professional level because often times there has to be compromise to get an idea pushed through and accomplished. Working with others is something that I…


Congress' Lost Art of Compromise

Roll Call; 4/19/2005; John Breaux

Roll Call

Love me, love my furniture; She can't stand his old recliner. He dislikes her art. How do couples in second marriages blend their stuff?(FEATURES)(LIVING)

Shades of Green This Project
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This also means that the prices must be reasonable. The resort also has an opportunity to make substantial revenue from this asset because it is open to the general public.

Entertainment- entertainment also has the capacity to generate revenue for the resort. The resort has banquet facilities that can accommodate bands and other types of entertainment. These banquet facilities were added on as part of the restoration of the resort and have proven to be a valuable revenue generating asset.

Gift Shop/Souvenir Items- ecause the resort is located so close to Disney land and designed to accommodate families the resort sells souvenirs and other products in its gift shop. Therefore the gift shop is a revenue generating asset. Once again the resort has to be careful to sell the memorabilia and other items at a discounted price because these items are available throughout the city.

Rentals/services-there are several things that…


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Old and Young Alike Holding Tremendous Excitement
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Old and young alike, holding tremendous excitement and thrill in its essence. for one feel that Disneyland has been the most popular business ever since. Cartoon characters created by Disney are known all over the world. With tourist rate more than any other park around the world, Disneyland provides amusement and festivity beyond expectations. Disneyland have higher attendance than their competitors thus proving to be one of the biggest American achievements.

Entertainment like Disneyland was not active and no one was much aware of this bustling entertainment coming in town, which along with it's colorful rides and well kept parks, brought various opportunities of business and exchange.

1]"Disneyland functions as an 'imaginary effect' concealing that reality no more exists outside than inside the bounds of the artificial perimeter" (Fjellman, 1992: 301). [1]

Why it would be exciting being involved with Disneyland is its everlasting activity and amusing atmosphere that it…

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Insufficient or Inadequate Information Is Usually Seen
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Insufficient or inadequate information is usually seen as the greatest threat to the integrity of an argument. However, the fact is that even arguments, which are supported with a great amount of information, can prove to be faulty because of structural weaknesses. For example, suppressed, ignored, or unconsidered evidence can invalidate conclusions. Similarly, biased assumptions, failures in logic, and the neglect of counter-arguments can all lead to fallacies in reasoning (UNB, para 1). Thus, it is evident that critical thinking necessarily involves the consideration or avoidance of logical fallacies if it is to succeed in being "...purposeful, self-regulatory judgment which results in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and inference, as well as explanation of the evidential, conceptual, methodological, criteriological, or contextual considerations upon which that judgment is based." (Facione, 1998, p. 14) There are a multitude of logical fallacies that may occur in reasoning or arguments. Since it would not be possible…


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Dubai Upon First Seeing Dubai Saunders Marvels
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Upon first seeing Dubai, Saunders marvels at the humor of the place. He finds most things about the place ironic, especially as Saunders contemplates the process of "Theming" that consumes much of Dubai's development. Like a theme park, Dubai creates an artificial atmosphere. Dubai is a city in a bubble. It is also full of the contradictions that make Dubai titillating, including the sharp differential created between ancient and modern. This differential between ancient and modern is, ironically, manifest in the Theming of the city as the ancient nomadic customs and aesthetics are turned into as much a caricature of themselves as Dubai's malls are caricatures of Western-style consumerism.

Dubai is "capitalism on steroids" because like an athlete on steroids, it is strong, powerful, and resilient with the help of artificial performance enhancers. This is why Saunders refers to the "Misconception from Afar." The reality of Dubai and the…


Saunders, George. "The New Mecca." GQ. Retrieved online:

Amish Tourism Developing Sustainable Models
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) They are, in the popular imagination, a peaceful people who spend their time going to church and making preserves, while the rest of us lost our spiritual way, got jobs moving paper around, became obsessed with buying stuff, and watched our families fall apart. (Issenberg, 2004, p. 40).

Today, tourism is second only to agriculture as Pennsylvania's leading industry and Lancaster County accounts for $1.6 billion of the state's $20.5 billion in annual tourism revenue (Goodno, 2004). While the tourism industry in Lancaster County is booming, many observers suggest that unless something is done soon, the Amish will have significant problems in being able to sustain their way of life - and the burgeoning tourism industry -- in the future. Although the Amish are not unique in being reclusive (Paige & Littrell, 2002), they remain the most important tourism element in this region of the country. For example, in…


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Flags SWOT Analysis in Analyzing
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Fourth, the company in 2005 had a full senior management turn-over, signaling such a turbulent and uncertain internal economic environment. This resulted in very low levels of expertise on the board of directors as well. Sixth, the company had a very high and unpredictable level of spending in 2005, hiring 31,500 temporary workers for example. All of these factors taken together pointed to 2006 being a very difficult year from a profitability perspective.


Six Flags has consistently shown the ability to manage third party licensing and partnerships, as evidenced by the licensing of Warner Bros & DC Comics for example. The future of the company needs to concentrate on additional quick service restaurant (QS) partners who have high brand name recognition. These include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and others in the QS category. Second, the company could capitalize on the interest conglomerates have in investing in this industry, and sell…


Mark Hyman (2006, May). The Batman and Robin of Six Flags. Business Week (3983), 98-99. Retrieved December 5, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1031988391).