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Jurassic Park

The famous 1991 novel, Jurassic Park, is based on the subject of a wildlife preserve for dinosaurs. The renowned writer of this novel, Michael Crichton, hoisted the conventional phantom of the revivification of species that have been wiped out from the face of the earth by using conserving DNA samples ("Jurassic Park' 20 Years" C10). The uncontrolled genetic engineering produced outcomes that were not the concern of just the scientists in the novel but are the concern of the whole human civilization (Sharp 507).

Crichton was able to craft a vibrantly dramatic action-adventure story with the Jurassic Park that revolved around the ideas of gluttony and crookedness of science. In this vivid tale of Crichton, an affluent investor builds a theme park that was located on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. The peculiar part of the tale is that the investor hires a scientist to clone real dinosaurs from DNA specimens instead of crowding the park (set in the Jurassic Age) with artificially made-up dinosaurs. He then invites some guests for visiting the island before its official opening. He does so to check and assess the strength, validity, soundness and safety of the cloning experiment. However, prehistoric pandemonium follows as one would expect (Fisher & Magid).

Jurassic Park

The plot construction of Jurassic Park creates it a fast-moving, thrilling and gripping novel which is full of suspense. The


Crichton has made use of chief general and nonspecific principles that are being established in the science fiction and gothic traditions. The major themes in the novel have been developed by the cultural and social context contained in it .The success and popularity of Jurassic Park is evident from the fact that it sold 8.4 million paperbacks out of Michael Crichton's 20 million paperbacks in print (Trembley 119).

Jurassic Park enlightens the story of John Hammond, a well-to-do industrialist. His hired staff was successful in dinosaurs' cloning. This success persuades him to construct a wildlife park on an island so that he could showcase the dinosaurs to the world. This intention of Hammond worries his investors as they become anxious about the security of the system. They propose that a team consisting of independent experts must observe, scrutinize and approve the facilities in the park. They insist that this must be done because only then they would grant more investment for the park (Trembley 119).

The story follows with the appearance of "paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, mathematician Ian Malcolm, attorney Donald Gennaro, and computer designer Dennis Nedry" (Trembley 119). At the island, these experts find that the worries of the…

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