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Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali the
Words: 3990 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42297430
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Ray also believed that Hollywood presented a world that was completely foreign and at odds with the reality of life in India. hy, then, had so many previous Indian filmmakers attempted to copy the Hollywood style? The result could only be failure. It was for this reason that Ray decided to turn his back on the Hollywood aesthetic altogether - and the result was Pather Panchali. Rather than the stylistic gloss that Hollywood coats its product with, Ray allowed a significant degree of "dirt" in to his film as a way of arguing with the dominant aesthetic.

In doing so, Ray purposefully chose a "rambling" novel to adapt for his first film. "The script," he later explained, "had to retain some of the rambling quality of the novel because that in itself contained a clue to the feel of authenticity: life in a poor Bengali village does ramble" (Ray 33).…

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Ray, Satyajit Ray. 1976. Our Films, Their Films. Calcutta: Orient Longman Limited.

Technology Terrorism and Crime Apa Technology Terrorism
Words: 1436 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28094078
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Technology, Terrorism, and Crime (APA).

Technology, Terrorism, and Crime

One of the most heinous terrorist groups currently operating in the U.S. In called the "Aryan Nations." This group openly states on their website that they have been "Fighting Jewish Takeover for over 35 years." ( This group of domestic terrorists post articles on their website with grammatically incorrect titles like "The menace of Multiculturalism," and "Jews that control Hollywood: Meet the filthy Kikes are behind that industry." ( There is no doubt that his group is one that is dedicated to ideals of Adolph Hitler and the supremacy of the Aryan race. This group has also used the latest technology to spread their message of hate.

The Aryan Nations is a far right white supremacist religious organization based on the teachings of Wesley Swift, who founded a church based on anti-Semitism in California in the 1940's. In the 1970's, ichard…


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Hum 105 World Mythology Contemporary Hero's Quest Presentation
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75356437
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HUM/105 World Mythology Contemporary Hero's Quest Presentation (Robin Hood Prince Thieves 1991 Starring Kevin Costner) Pick a contemporary story form a, movie, video game inspired a mythological epic journey a hero's quest.

The character of Robin of Locksley in Kevin Reynolds' film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves goes through a complex set of events as he tries to discover his personal identity. In his journey he realizes that it is essential for him to get actively involved in taking on a hero-like attitude in order to save numerous individuals from falling victims to an oppressive system. As a nobleman, one would expect Robin to react differently in the face of danger, taking into account that it was characteristic for people during the era to put across attitudes that had nothing to do with the general public's well-being.

In contrast to how most would expect, Robin takes on a rebellious nature…


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Beekeeper and the Bees
Words: 515 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65361759
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BEE-KEEPER AND THE BEES/PARAPHRASED very thoughtful and considerate beekeeper took really good care of his bees

The beekeeper always maintained the hives and secured a place for the bees. He only extracted the honey he though he would need, leaving enough for the bees.

A sneaky thief caused the bees to turn on their caregiver.

He waited for the beekeeper to leave, and all of the bees were away from their hives collecting pollen.

The thief was not only selfish but also very destructive. Not only did he take all of the honey available, he destroyed all of the hives.

The distraught beekeeper was very upset when he saw what had happened.

Being very concerned and he really loved his bees; he was very worried about his bee's home and survival. He said, "What are my bees going to do without their home or their honey?"

He hurriedly started to…

False Identification and Lineup Instructions Biased Unbiased There
Words: 2470 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66774782
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False Identification and Lineup Instructions Biased/Unbiased

There are many instances where people have been wrongly accused only because they were falsely identified or either because there was not enough evidence present that would prove them guilty. George Allen Jr. was convicted in 1983 on the charges of capital murder, rape, sodomy and first degree burglary. It has been noted that the reason for his false conviction was false confession, invalid or improper forensic evidence and government misconduct (, 2013). Another case is of Barry Gibbs who was charged with second degree murder in the year 1988. He was wrongly charged due to eyewitness misidentification and government misconduct. It was noted that Barry Gibbs served 17.5 years of jail time before he was exonerated in the year 2005. (, 2013)

These cases therefore give an idea that eyewitness misidentification is a very important cause of wrongful convictions all over the country…


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Inception Explanation Some Movies Are Based on
Words: 937 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43063387
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Some movies are based on philosophical themes that run through the whole movie and imply meaning other than those being visibly represented. Inception was also one such movie, directed and co-produced by Christopher Nolan, the famed director of Insomnia. The director's favorite theme to make movies has been dreams and we see the same in this movie 'Inception'. The director has taken dreams to represent the power of human perception and how it can influence the subconscious of man. The two main philosophical aspects that Nolan has tried to discover are "On being awake or asleep and dreaming" and 'reality vs. unreality'. The different characters of the movie shared dream space and once shaken in the dreams, the person got up from the deep sleep. Persons having dreams were only made to wake up either when they died in the dream and by kicking them in the dream.…

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Iran Persia Children Heaven
Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20091841
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Children of Heaven

One of the defining elements of Children of Heaven is the bond between siblings. Ali and Zahara are close enough in age to form a strong relationship that allows them to address the multifaceted problem of the missing shoes. The problem is multifaceted because they know their parents cannot afford new shoes, and to lose her shoes would hurt the parents' pride. Zahara and Ali work together, rather than fighting each other, which is remarkable aspect of their young personalities. Many siblings never would have worked together in this way. Instead of telling the parents what happened, Zahara works with Ali because she trusts him. Ultimately, they succeed in hiding the truth from their parents even if it makes their lives at school difficult. The missing shoes motivate both Ali and Zahara to think creatively throughout the film. First they decide to share the same pair of…

2. Zahara's first reaction to the missing shoes is touching. She could have immediately told on Ali, and she even threatens to do so unless Ali can come up with a creative solution. As they pass notes together on the floor, the father looks on suspiciously. The children create their own pact, separate from their parents. Using the clever method of note writing, they conspire to share shoes. Zahara is not completely happy with the solution, but she trusts her brother. Ali feels terrible that he lost the shoes and is willing to do what it takes to make up for the error. They understand together that it would not solve anything to tell their parents. The shoes are already lost, and they need to come up with a solution that will prevent them from getting into more trouble. This scene has an emotional impact on me in the tender way the brother and sister learn to bond in a time of need.

3. There are several elements that make it possible to compare Children of Heaven to The Bicycle Thief. For one, a bicycle features at the end of Children of Heaven as it carries a pair of pink shoes. This could even be a deliberate and conscious allusion to 1948 The Bicycle Thief on the part of the filmmakers given the movies share much in common. Elements that the two films share in common include featuring a poor family at the center of the story; the use of creative thinking to solve real world problems; and the theme of personal pride especially as it relates to masculinity. Both Antonio and Ali share in common a desire to redeem their poverty as a matter of personal pride. They understand the need to break some social rules and norms in order to help those they love.

4. Children of Heaven is unique in that it offers insight into the daily lives of Iranians. The pacing of the film is good, and aesthetically, the film presents Tehran in a way that focuses on its people. Two children are the protagonists of the film, but the film is written for everyone. Likewise, the movie takes place in Iran but the themes are universal in scope. Ali and Zahara work together; they do not want to hurt their parents who cannot afford new shoes. The film is heartfelt, heartwarming, and touching. Scenes that reveal the tender bond between two young siblings show how emotional ties transcend the petty problems that poverty presents. Anyone curious about Persian society should watch Children of Heaven. However, the film does transcend its cultural and historical context because it shows how people work together to collaborate creatively on common goals.

Oppel Kenneth Silverwing New York
Words: 1323 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 46271487
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The title character is a foster girl living in Munich during the time of World War II, who lives largely by stealing, and begins adding books to her store of illicit goods and takings when she is taught to read by her foster father. She and the cast of characters she shares her treasured books with find them a welcome escape from the fearful and hungry lives they lead. The slice of history that is presented in the book along with the fiction of the story itself makes this as much an educational novel as it is a coming of age story, and the plot touches on many other deeper and more universal themes, as well. Narrated by Death, it is known that doom eventually comes to each of the characters, but the mechanisms by which this occurs and the poignancy of the tale maintains both suspense and enjoyment of…

Thoreau Says Government Is at
Words: 2152 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 76657783
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What does this have to do with the rest of paragraph 27?

The individual and the institution of the state cannot flourish when their interests are in competition: one of the 'seeds' must die.

33. In this paragraph, Thoreau talks about how he sees his neighbors in a new light after his night in jail.

After suffering the loss of his liberty, he sees how little his neighbors are willing to risk of their own security to see justice done.

Paraphrase each of these observations:

a. "I saw to what extent the people among whom I lived could be trusted as good neighbors and friends;"

I saw that the people amongst whom I lived were good in name only -- they spoke about the value of justice, but would not lift a finger to do promote justice.

b. "that their friendship was for summer weather only;"

They did good deeds…

E-Communities' Impact the Impact of
Words: 4918 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52542696
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Twelve ESL learners who participated subsequently found that participating in text-based online chat rooms promoted a noticeable difference in their face-to-face conversations, particularly in noticing their own linguistic mistakes.

Psychologists stress little if any learning occurs without attention. "Text-based online chat, a particular form of synchronous computer-mediated communication (CMC) involving written oral-like conversation, has the great potential of increasing noticing for two reasons:

1. Compared to face-to-face conversations, CMC allows conversations to flow at slower speeds than face-to-face; consequently permitting "speakers" to have longer times to process receiving and producing the target language.

2. CMC can save texts (previous messages) in format that users may later access. (Lai and Zhao)

The following copy of "ESL Online Talk Community" illustrates concept Lai and Zhao present.

Practice makes perfect, but many ESL students do not have opportunities to practice speaking English. This Website is trying to establish an online community to enable…





4. Anderson, B. (1983). Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. London: Verso.

Chorus in Oedipus Rex the
Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91262077
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King Claudius says this about the title character of "Hamlet." He says this to Laertes, to explain why he has not physically punished Hamlet yet, for the killing of Laertes' father Polonius. Thus, the two must conspire to punish Hamlet via a duel with a poisoned sword, says Claudius, because he cannot offend the queen. This quote shows the king's lying nature, as the king cares less for Polonius than eliminating the son Hamlet, who knows how he came to the throne, and his fears of raising suspicions in the court about his complicity in old Hamlet's death.

2) "You-here? You have the gall to show your face before the palace gates? You, plotting to kill me, kill the king-I see it all, the marauding thief himself scheming to steal my crown and power!"

As his fate closes around him, the king of Thebes "Oedipus" raves in horror at…

Who Is Responsible
Words: 731 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15176425
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on should have locked his car doors. However, whoever took the new slacks he left in his car knew or should have known that it is wrong to steal, even if it is easy to do so. on should have the right to live his life without his property being stolen, and being careless (leaving the door unlocked) does not give someone else a right to take his things. While he should have been more careful, he really does not have any official responsibility for the theft. The thief bears 100% of the responsibility for the theft of the slacks, since he (or she) made the conscious choice to steal something that did not belong to him (or her). Even if a person leaves something valuable just sitting out, no one should take that item (Wallace, 2004). One could argue that on should "know better" or that he was very…


Dutton, D.G. (2006). Rethinking domestic violence. Vancouver, BC, Canada: UBC Press.

Wallace, H. (2004). Family violence: Legal, medical, and social perspectives. NY: Allyn & Bacon.

Securing Personal Information to Prevent Theft
Words: 1303 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49186928
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Identity theft is a kind of theft that involves someone stealing the identity of someone else by assuming that person's identity (Lai, Li, & Hsieh, 2012). This is usually a method of gaining access to the person's resources like credit cards and other things in the person's name. This is considered a white-collar crime and it has gained popularity amongst criminals. According to statistics, each year hundreds of thousands of people have their identities stolen. The thieves will use the person's personal information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and insurance information to purchase goods fraudulently. The Federal Trade Commission has reported that over 7 million people were victims of identity theft in the past year. This is quite a huge number, and it indicates identity theft is a growing in the United States. When someone manages to use another person's personal information to obtain credit,…


Holt, T. J., & Turner, M. G. (2012). Examining risks and protective factors of online identity theft. Deviant Behavior, 33(4), 308-323.

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Methods Identity Theft Takes Place
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74440439
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Identity theft is a kind of theft that involves someone stealing the identity of someone else by assuming that person's identity (Lai, Li, & Hsieh, 2012). This is usually a method of gaining access to the person's resources like credit cards and other things in the person's name. This is considered a white-collar crime and it has gained popularity amongst criminals. Identity theft does not involve any physical theft. Therefore, the victim might not realize the theft until significant damage has occurred. Identity thieves make use of a variety of methods, and not all of them are computer based. Thieves can go through the person's trash or mail searching for bank and credit card information, statements, and tax information. The information stolen can then be used to commit crimes like accessing credit under the person's name and using their details. Another method used to steal information is stealing the person's…


Lai, F., Li, D., & Hsieh, C.-T. (2012). Fighting identity theft: The coping perspective. Decision Support Systems, 52(2), 353-363.

Tajpour, A., Ibrahim, S., & Zamani, M. (2013). Identity Theft Methods and Fraud Types. International Journal of Information Processing & Management, 4(7).

Today's Russian Mafia
Words: 3585 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12136501
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communism," "vodka," may be "Vladimir Putin." But everyone who would be asked about Russia would also say "Russian mafia" who are very cruel and dangerous gangs from Russia and who wouldn't stop behind anything in achieving their dirty plans.

The term and the phenomenon of Russian mafia are pretty young if compared to well-known mafia of Sicily, Italy, Latin American cartels. The first news and rumors about Russian mafia in the United stated appeared in 1980 ies, when a massive immigration of predominantly Russian Jews started from the Soviet Union. Russian mafia had penetrated into the infrastructure of the main business centers of the U.S.A.: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston. They spread their influence over the successful immigrants from Russia, who have to pay for their "protection" or who have to allow mafia representatives participate in running businesses.

If to look on the nature of relations of Russian…

3. Hoffmann, D. "Fragile Foundation," The Washington Post, December 26, 1996

4. Mafia invades New York, Article BBC NEWS available on web: 

5. Khonanikhin, A. Mafiocracy in Russia, Article available on web:

Identity Theft
Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67569797
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Consumer Beware: The Growing Problem of Identity Theft

American consumers today are increasingly concerned, with good reason, about how to avoid joining the ranks of unfortunate millions who are already victims of the newest, most widespread national financial crime: identity theft. According to the web article "The Crime of Identity Theft": It can happen to anyone. The phone rings and a collection agency demands that you pay past-due accounts for goods you never ordered. The supermarket refuses your checks because you have a history of bouncing them." Stealing (most often by strangers) of personal information about individual consumers (e.g., full name; birth date; social security number; bank account numbers; credit card numbers, and other confidential data) has in recent years become epidemic. ithin the United States in particular (one reason for the phenomenon of identity theft in America in particular is that the United States is the only nation with…

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'Groups Push for More Protection Against Identity Theft. Freep: The Detroit Free

Identity Theft Prevention Detection and
Words: 958 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91530033
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hen a Social Security number is stolen, contacting the Social Security Administration can help to place a watch on its use as well (SSA 2009). This particular problem can lead to many complications, as obtaining a new Social Security Number can create many difficulties for the victim while keeping the old number might allow the thief to continue using the victim's identity (SSA 2009). Generally, though, a new number is not necessary to stop most identity thieves.

The government also plays a major role both in preventing identity theft and in addressing both the victims and the thieves after the crime has been committed. The Social Security Administration has set limits on the number of replacement cards an individual may obtain, as well as new and more stringent methods of identity verification when fulfilling a request for replacement cards (SSA 2009). Though this can also make things more difficult for…

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Identity Theft When it Comes
Words: 3016 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38028114
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Criminals don't always need to have shotguns and masks to threat and rob money; it only takes a social security number, or a pre-approved credit card application from trash to make things according to their wicked way (ID Theft, 2004).

Some consumers have had credit card numbers and Social Security numbers stolen and used fraudulently or identity theft. By taking reasonable steps to protect your personal information, this can mitigate the chance that it may be stolen (What you should know about internet banking, 2007) by identity thieves.

Identity theft is a term used for serious crimes associated with someone uses your name, address, Social Security number, bank or credit card account number or other identifying information without your knowledge to commit fraud. This fraud may only take setting up accounts in your name and make online transactions without you knowing (Get the Upper Hand on Credit Crime, 2004).



Convenience Factors. (2002). Retrieved March 14, 2007.

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Einhorn, Monique F. (2005). Coping with identity theft: imagine discovering that someone has opened credit card accounts or secured a home equity or car loan under an assumed name: yours. Consider receiving an IRS W-2 form reporting wages earned by someone else who has used your name and Social Security number (Cover Story). Partners in Community and Economic Development. Retrieved March 14, 2007. 

Get the Upper Hand on Credit Crime - Protect Your Identity With a Few Simple Tips; Your Credit Card Companies Alerts Consumers About Ways to Fight Back Against Identity Theft Scams. (2004). Retrieved March 14, 2007.

Characters Comparison in Waiting for Godot
Words: 2396 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76961635
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Waiting for Godot Character Comparison

Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot depicts two vagabonds, Vladimir and Estragon, as its central characters: to the extent that the play's structure accommodates a traditional protagonist, one of them -- or both considered as a unit -- must be that protagonist. Yet I think Beckett is careful to give us reason both to understand Vladimir and Estragon (within their own interactions) as being more distinct characters, while at the same time we can see them as the same character with the same name. I'd like to look at the evidence of a few crucial moments in Beckett's text, in which the distinctions between Vladimir and Estragon are either heightened or elided, in order ultimately to argue as to why I think we must understand the two characters as a unit, and to some degree as the same character with the same name.

At the play's…

Auteur Theory Is Familiar to Anyone Who
Words: 1499 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8544562
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Auteur theory is familiar to anyone who is a fan of the French cinema because the word originated as a description of a certain type of French film. Basically, it was a style that was directly connected to the director of the film, usually because he was both the involved in both writing the screenplay and directing the film. In the movies eek End by Jean-Luc Godard and The 400 Blows by Francois Truffaut, the director was involved in the writing also. Both directors were also proponents of the idea of auteur cinema, so their films would have had a flair that was similar to some elements of themselves. It can be said that the Truffaut film is the best representation of the style between the two because he was using scenes from his own life and that of his friends. Just as Tom Sawyer was a mix of the…

Works Cited

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Security on the Web
Words: 3164 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40603435
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Internet: Security on the Web

Security on the Web -- What are the Key Issues for Major Banks?

The age of digital technology -- email, Web-driven high-speed communication and information, online commerce, and more -- has been in place now for several years, and has been touted as a "revolutionary" technological breakthrough, and for good reason: This technology presents enormous new business opportunities. For example, by moving the key element of marketing and sales from local and regional strategies onto the global stage, and by providing dramatically improved customer convenience, the Web offers medium, small and large companies -- including banks -- unlimited growth potential.

That having been said, there are problems associated with online services, in particular online banking services, and security is at the top of the list of these issues. Some of the most serious security issues associated with Web-banking keep customers away from this technology, in…


Anti-Phishing Working Group (2004), "Committed to wiping out Internet scams and fraud: Origins of the Word 'Phishing'," Available: /word_phish.html.

Arnfield, Robin (2005), "McAfee Warns on Top Viruses," (News Factor Network / Yahoo! News), Available: cid=75& u=/nf/20050104/tc_nf/29450& printer=1.

Bergman, Hannah (2004), "FDIC Offers, Solicits Ideas on Stopping ID Theft," American Banker, vol. 169, no. 240, p. 4.

Realist vs Soviet Montage Theory
Words: 1352 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88250775
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The action in Bicycle Thieves is set in postwar Rome, but the fact that people are generally experiencing difficulties in earning enough money to provide for their families makes it easier for viewers to relate to the economic situation present in prewar Italy. One can also consider that the overall soviet montage film theory school emerged as a result of the Bolshevik revolution whereas Italian realism was generated by the Great Depression.

The Soviet Montage film theory school at times is inclined to put across subjectivity, given that it emerged in a period when communism thrived and virtually everything related to the old tsarist regime was criticized. Eisenstein himself was obviously interested in reproducing the terror installed by Russia's imperial administration through having his viewers compare the masses with the factory workers in Strike while the royal family is likened to the shareholders in charge of handling the rebellion.


Gospel Accounts of the Passion
Words: 3304 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6084847
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Rst: New Testament

the passion in synoptic gospels vs john'S GOSPEL

The Synoptic Gospels, which are the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke, are called "Synoptic" because their patterns and stories show similar themes as well as differences. Placing them side by side, which has been done many times, can give a quick "historical" synopsis of Jesus' life. hile the Synoptic Gospels use many of the same patterns and stories, each author stresses his own themes, particularly in describing Jesus' Passion: his suffering and death. Mark emphasizes Jesus' suffering. Matthew focuses on Jesus' kingship and the jealous plotting against him. Luke stresses Jesus' innocence and its recognition by several of Jesus' key oppressors. The Synoptic Gospels use common historical patterns and stories to convey their messages.

In contrast to the Synoptic Gospels, John's Gospel is less historical and more poetically, theologically developed. John's Gospel does not use the same patterns…

Works Cited

Just, Felix. The Passion and Death of Jesus. 15 August 2014. Web. 15 August 2015.

King James Bible Online. John Chapter 18. 2015. Web. 14 August 2015.

-- . John Chapter 19. 2015. Web. 14 August 2015.

-- . Luke Chapters 22 and 23. 2015. Web. 14 August 2015.

Mechanics of Police Report Writing
Words: 4085 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70062441
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One of the paramedics was Latina, and she translated; the female (Ms. Garcia) was married to the suspect but says she divorced him last year due to his violent episodes and his drinking and drug use, according to the translation from the Paramedic.

Witness Report:

"A neighbor in a nearby apartment knocked on the door and said she had witnessed the female being harmed by the suspect more than once. The witness, Alice Mercado, 27, bilingual and employed as a maid in a nearby motel, said she had heard fighting coming from the apartment in the past on many occasions. Sometimes she was afraid to come to see what was happening because the suspect was unpredictable and explosively violent when under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine, she said. She told this officer that she once had a relationship with the suspect prior to his marriage to her neighbor.…

Future of Eurasian Organized Crime
Words: 7401 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30485101
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Ashley, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division of the FI relates that in 1991: "...the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles charged 13 defendants in a $1 billion false medical billing scheme that was headed by two Russian emigre brothers. On September 20, 1994, the alleged ringleader was sentenced to 21 years in prison for fraud, conspiracy, racketeering, and money laundering. He was also ordered to forfeit $50 million in assets, pay more than $41 million in restitution to government agencies and insurance companies victimized by the scheme." (2003) Ashley relates that the first Eurasian organized crime investigation of a significant nature involved a major underworld figure in the United States and specifically, Vyacheslav Ivankov who is a powerful Eurasian organized crime boss. Ashley states that Ivankov "...led an international criminal organization that operated in numerous cities in Europe, Canada, and the United States, chiefly New York, London, Toronto, Vienna, udapest,…


Albini, Joseph L. And R.E. Rogers. "Proposed Solutions to the Organized Crime Problem in Russia." Demokratizatsiya Winter 1998: p. 103.

Crime Without Punishment." (1999) the Economist August 28, 1999 the Makings of a Molotov Cocktail. The Economist 344, no. 8025.

Edward H. Sutherland (nd) Differential Association Theory. Online Criminology FSU.EDU available at 

Eurasian, Italian and Balkan Organized Crime (2003) Testimony of Grant D. Ashley, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division, FBI Before the Subcommittee on European Affairs, Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate. 30 Oct. 2003. Federal Bureau of Investigations. Online available at

SOPA and Pipa Legislation
Words: 2341 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20029675
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SOPA & PIPA Legislation

File sharing involving copyright infringement began as peer-to-peer operations, sometimes with the involvement of a central server that acts as a search engine. Recently there has been a rise in file sharing where the infringing content is actually stored on the central server, such as the now-defunct Consequently, there is a conflict between the rights of content owners and the rights of ordinary users of the internet. The conflict here is that efforts to eliminate sites that enable online infringing may also eliminate legitimate internet activity. In the fall of 2011 the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) proposals were introduced into the U.S. Congress. Almost certainly, the SOPA and PIPA proposals to go after file sharers go too far in the other direction in violating the free speech rights of individual users and handing the web even more over…


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Publicized Crimes in America Today
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The prosecuting of identity thieves has proven difficult. Although there has been a rapid increase in the number of statutes addressing the situation on both the state and federal level, the nature of the crime, the anonymous aspect of it, and the time parameters make apprehension and prosecution quite difficult (Pastrikos, 2004). Nevertheless, there has been an aggressive effort on both the state and federal levels to increase their efforts and successes.

The best approach to defeating identity theft is prevention. Potential victims should be cautious about sharing personal information with anyone not possessing a legitimate need for such information. In today's society where business transactions are done more frequently over the telephone and computer this is particularly important. Additionally, and most importantly, the use of one's social security number should be limited to those situations for which it was originally intended, that is, for employment and financial relationships.



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Identity Theft

Michel De Certeau's Walking in the City
Words: 1816 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79776902
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Michel de Certeau's "alking in the City" provides a clear and appropriate lens with which to view and re-view the 17th century play, "alking Girl." Although the two pieces are completely different in terms of their style and content, they both reflect the way people subvert established social codes and structures. Leaders and powerful men of Certeau's modern age had stood on the top floor of Manhattan's Twin Tower, observing a strategized a network of rules. These rules symbolize the social norms that govern human conduct, which are the rules that Middleton and Dekker describe in their play "The Roaring Girl."

In his essay "alking in the City," Michel de Certeau's paints a unique portrait of city life that can be applied to personal social interactions. Certeau's thesis is that leaders and influential people draft rules regulating social interactions and social norms. These hierarchically generated rules serve to maintain an…

Works Cited

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Blackest Bird by Joel Rose
Words: 1224 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 41173477
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Blackest Bird opens on July 26, 1841 at midnight. A man, somewhat reluctantly and with a twinge of guilt, dumps Mary's dead body into the Hudson River. The killer audibly cries out, teeming with guilt as he wonders what have I done? "Oh Mary!" (Rose 11). Therefore, the killer knows Mary, and was likely either in love with her or a close companion. He could even be her relative.

Detective Jacob Hays is sixty-nine years old and in no mood to retire. He has long served the city of New York, as high constable. Known as Old Hays, he is obsessed with crime, and especially solving them. The murder of the as-of-yet unknown Mary captures his attention. hen he realizes that the body belongs not just to any Mary, but to Mary Rogers, Old Hays knows he's got a huge story on his hands. Mary Rogers is the locally famous…

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Elimination of Debit Cards
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Cell Phone as an Electronic Wallet

apid advances in technology in recent decades have brought about a dramatic change in the way people work, transact and communicate. Yet, it is widely believed that there is still ample scope for technology to make life even more convenient and efficient. For instance, the cell phone is already showing the promise of functioning as an electronic wallet. It is the purpose of this paper to demonstrate that using the cell phone, as an electronic wallet, will in fact add a great deal to convenience and safety, especially in the area of replacing plastic credit, debit and smart cards.

paid card; convenience; efficiency; safety; security; electronic; identification; business; bank; credit card company; consumer; transaction; identity theft; fraud; charge back; commissions.


Advances in Information Technology and Communication in recent decades have brought about a dramatic change in the way people live, work and play.…


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Children's Literature - Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia
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Children's Literature - Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown

The Shore oad Mystery

On page 12 of The Shore oad Mystery there is moment of potential stress between brothers Joe and Frank, and their Aunt Gertude, over the boys' bad move of tracking in dirt on mother's freshly vacuumed carpet. In any family, boys (and fathers) especially are prone to forget to take their shoes off (in the winter it's snow and ice; in the spring, summer and fall, it's dirt, mud, and leaves). "Frank and Joe! Look at yourselves!" their aunt barked out. And when Joe compliments his aunt of the aroma of food cooking, she urges him not to "change the subject" (a ploy boys are quite adept at), but soon she sees Joe's skinned arm and bruised forehead and notices Frank's limp (the result of the accident), and her tone changes.

The brothers loved their aunt and knew…


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Delacorte Press, 1998.

Revolution the Bolshevik Revolution of
Words: 3853 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32640188
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We are surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire. We have combined, by a freely adopted decision, for the purpose of fighting the enemy, and not of retreating into the neighboring marsh, the inhabitants of which, from the very outset, have reproached us with having chosen the path of struggle instead of the path of conciliationæthere can be no talk of an independent ideology formulated by the working masses themselves in the process of their movement, the only choice is -- either bourgeois or socialist ideology. There is no middle course (for mankind has not created a "third" ideology, and, moreover, in a society torn by class antagonisms there can be a non-class or an above-class ideology)."

The Revolution of 1905 developed in two phases. First, a diverse group opposing the Tsar and encompassing much of the political spectrum took form.…

8. Freeze, Gregory. (2002) Russia: A History. New York: Oxford University Press, ibid.

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Sharing the Issue of Illegal
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Illegal file sharing has cost the recording industry thousands of jobs. Musicians are denied millions in royalties. This does not even consider illegal file sharing of movies, television shows and software. As with any crime, the only winner is the criminal. Thieves take the property of others without permission, and use it for their own gain. Nobody else wins with illegal file sharing. The negative consequences of illegal file sharing demand that action to be taken to curtail it.

In order to stop such criminal behavior, an effective deterrent is required. The actions of the recording industry have reduced illegal file sharing, but it has not stopped it. People are still sharing files illegally. They do so through file-sharing services like Soul Seek or Limeire or through BitTorrent sites. Clearly, the current approach of dealing with the issue through civil lawsuits is not acting as a deterrent to a degree…

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Snatch Film Analysis Employing a
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As with any film, what is captured by the eye of the camera in this film is done with skill, expertise, and a high level of perfection in direction. The locations are captured by the camera in a way that supports and adds to the film's satire. For instance, in the gypsy camp, where Turkish and Tommy have gone to purchase a caravan to serve as an office for Turkish to work out for the fight he has to fix, the pair must walk around what appears to be large pile of excrement - and it doesn't appear to be animal in nature. Gross, yes, but it works with the conveyance of the stereotypical image that the director is attempting to convey.

Much the same holds true when Brick Top is giving Turkish and Tommy a tour of the pig pens. It is a harsh looking environment that successfully…

Reference List

Ritchie, G. (dir), 2000, Snatch, Columbia Pictures and SKA Films, UK.

Sight Verus Blindness Be Sure
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Look with thine ears: see how yond / justice rails upon yond simple thief. Hark, in / thine ear: change places; and, handy-dandy, which / is the justice, which is the thief? Thou hast seen / a farmer's dog bark at a beggar?"(IV. vi. 166-171) Lear's words are very interesting: he urges Gloucester thus to listen inwardly to his deeper sense of perception and not trust merely his eyes. By a sort of re-imagining process he would thus be able to "change the places" of the thief and the justice in his mind and realize who is the real villain. Thus, Lear finally realizes that insight comes from closing one's eyes on mere appearance and looking beyond the gilded surface. The metaphor of the glass eyes that he tells Gloucester he should find for himself is also significant: he must judges by having insight and not by merely seeing: "Get…

Works Cited

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Cinema Paradiso the Film Cinema
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The manager tells him it closed because the economy changed and because of television and videos. hat this really means is that the theater closed when the audience left, emphasizing the close community relationship involved in film. In the old days, when Toto was a boy, the people would line up for every show. This was the only entertainment they could find, and they were loyal. They did not even mind the way the old priest cut parts out of the film. They did not seem to care a great deal what kinds of film they were to see, so long as there was a film to be seen. hen Alfredo manage to project a film out of the window onto a large building and so makes the entire community into a theater, this becomes a visual metaphor for the hold film has over the people and for the way…

Works Cited

Tornatore, Giuseppe. Cinema Paradiso. Radiotelevisione Italiana, 1988.

Geolocation Technology and Privacy Issues
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Geolocation of the user based on the user's Internet protocol (IP) address. Location-based service companies that specialize in identity protection use this approach, and IP addresses, blocks of IP addresses and credit card billing addresses can all be used to develop a location profile.

2. Personal computer/web browser identification examines the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) browser header and other information from the user's computer or device, and compares them to what are expected. This approach compares the time expected from a user's originating geolocation with the actual timestamp that was applied to the information (Malphrus, 2009).

Taken together, these trends in geolocation technologies indicate that like it or not, consumers will increasingly be subjected to situations in which their precise geolocation is known and broadcast to others who may want to use this information for illegal or unethical purposes and these issues are discussed further below.

Legal Implications of Geolocation…


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John Locke Believes That the
Words: 2156 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21372855
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Locke's version of the social contract is essentially a justification for the wealthy to assert political control over everyone else.

Locke's arguments justifying government were liberal, even radical for their time. The popular view was that kings ruled by mandate from God, and were not subject to the consent of the people. Locke's Two Treatises of Government were written during the exclusion crisis, and supported the hig position that the king did not have an absolute right to rule. (Rj) During the exclusion crisis, king Charles had no hier, making his brother James the next in line for the throne. James was a Catholic, which made him very unpopular in protestant England. Parliament repeatedly tried to pass bills excluding James from succession to the throne. Each time, Charles dissolved parliament before the bill could be passed. (Ellywa) Locke's version of social contract theory provides a justification for citizens rejecting Charles's…

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Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention
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Small usiness' Need for a CPA

One of the critical investments a small business can make to mitigate loss and risk is hiring a CPA and putting that CPA on the 'management team.' As Wells notes in his groundbreaking research, "Denise, a bookkeeper for a small trucking firm in irmingham, Alabama, wishes she had never heard of Ralph Summerford, CPA. ecause of his thoroughness, Denise is facing several years in prison for embezzling $550,000 from her employer. At least she will look good standing before the sentencing judge: Denise spent a great deal of her illegal loot on head-to-toe cosmetic surgery. She blew the rest on a shiny new Lexus, luxury vacations, clothing and jewelry. And, of course, Denise had to have a big house to store all of her finery." (Wells, 2003)

Surprisingly, it was not at all the fancy standard of living that made her employer suspicious. "The…


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Crime and Punishment in Dante's
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hen considering the effectiveness and logic of this, I do not think that similar methods should be used to punish those who have been judged guilty of crimes in our era.

The first reason I disagree with Dante's methods is that there seems to be no point to the punishments given. I believe that punishing people in a way that is fitting to the crime will only work to reinforce the kind of behavior that led to the crime. One clear example is with people who have committed wrath, with all these people placed together so they will be violent against each other. In considering these people, there is little chance that they will become better people because of the punishment. Instead, they will have little choice but to become increasingly violent. In this way, the crime fitting the punishment has no positive outcome, but has a negative one. It…

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Gnome Liberation Front the Plight
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Michel Klein, the local police chief said, "The liberators have failed. The gnomes are now going to spend the rest of their lives locked up in dusty cupboard."(Philip Delves Broughton)

So the gnomes being liberated are not being put to any useful purpose but are being left homeless to litter the forests and lakes and in some cases streets.


In Britian it is said that the GLF might be involved in the re-sale of the gnomes stolen by them and money is the only objective of this organization. However that is not how the objectives of GLF are perceived in the rest of Europe. There appears to be a hidden message or higher purpose behind all these gnome robberies. The Gnome Liberation Front appears to practice a form of culture jamming. Culture jamming is a form of political communication, which has emerged as rebellion against…


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Identity Theft Is Something That
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Of course, most people will call their banks, credit card companies, and other institution at the first sign that identity theft has occurred, but what happens to those victims who do not realize it immediately?

People need to be aware of what identity theft is, how it is committed, what can happen when such information is stolen, and what should be done when identity theft has occurred. It is not a bunch of hype and it does cause a lot of harm, not only to the victims, but also to the victim's family. Evidently, Foust is trying to calm the reader by saying that most information that is stolen is never used. Rather it is used or not, the fact that someone has or can be a victim of identity theft is cause for concern.

Dean Foust is correct in saying that most information is not ever turned into financial…


Foust, Dean. (7/3/2006). ID Theft: More Hype than Harm. Business Week Magazine.

Increase Risk of Identity Theft Due to Higher Levels of Internet Use
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33381382
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identity theft due to an increase in Internet usage

Identity theft is on the rise. This research paper will explore how the increased use of the Internet has made identity theft (once a relatively rare crime) extremely common. It will hypothesize that the use of online technology by a wider pool of individuals has contributed to the explosion of identity theft and also that the integration of social networking websites has facilitated identity theft. In the most recent comprehensive study conducted by the federal government on the crime: "federal identity theft convictions increased 26% in 2007 from the year prior...According to the 'Identity Theft Task Force eport,' as many as 1,534 people were convicted in 2006, and a year later, 1,943 were convicted nationwide on various identity theft violations" (Kravets 2008).

The use of the Internet has become integral to the functioning of daily life, spanning from connecting with work…


Honan, Mat. (2012). How Apple and Amazon security flaws lead to my epic hacking. Wired. 

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Herodotus Histories
Words: 3038 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 28066464
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Aulis and the Ithy-Phallos

Excavation of Entranceway a-b of Pompeii's grandest single residence, the House of the Vettii, which opens onto the Vicolo dei Vettii and is positioned directly opposite the House of the Golden Cupids, revealed a somewhat astonishing wall-fresco (De Carolis, 42). The frankly obscene nature of this painting is at odds with what we might expect for an entrance hallway; it depicts Priapus, the Roman god of the erect penis, weighing his outsize phallus in a balance used by moneychangers or tradesmen. I would like to inquire whether the iconography of this painting bears any relation to other existing Roman artifacts, and finally interpret it in light of research into Roman literary sources.

In analyzing this painting, it is worth recalling Ling's discussion of Roman wall paintings, which he breaks down into four basic points. The first is the ubiquity: by our standards, an individually commissioned mural…

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Challenges of Protecting Personal Information
Words: 2593 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35927125
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Protecting Personal Information

When considering the ever-changing and highly competitive global landscape of business today, large firms must be able to effectively globalize their operations in order to reach a greater potential client base, stay at the cutting edge of their respective fields and sustain profitability in the long-term. With the current exponential growth of technology and computerization of business and learning, consumers have become much more connected to the businesses they patronize (Kurzweil, 2001). Accordingly, companies are faced with the continuous task of finding new ways to understand and subsequently accommodate the needs of those customers, while simultaneously securing lucrative business models and job environments. In accomplishing the aforementioned objectives, firms must also be able to supply a secure environment in which clients can feel safe in accessing the products and services of the business. Knowing that many organizations are utilizing the highly effective means of online systems construction…


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Police Strategies
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Police Programs and Strategies between New York and Los Angeles Police Department

For the past decade, the prevalence of deaths caused by crimes and other crime-related activities in the society has increased. Especially with the increasing development of weaponry, strategies, and prevalence of drug addiction, the occurrence of crime in the America society has been one of the primary concerns of most police enforcers and the government in the present time. New York and Los Angeles are examples of cities wherein the occurrence of crime and other offenses against the law and society are prevalent. This paper will discuss the police programs and strategies and crime statistics of the New York and Los Angeles Police Departments, and analyze each department's effectiveness in combating crime an offenses caused by the criminals and delinquents of the society. In relation to the analyses of both departments' police programs, this paper will also study…


Official web site of the New York Police Department: 

Official Web site of the Los Angeles Police Department:

Protecting Yourself Online
Words: 734 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30690533
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Identity Theft: Understanding of the Concept of Protecting Personal Information

The recent scandal involving stolen credit card and personal information from Target consumers over the Thanksgiving 'black Friday' shopping holiday weekend dramatically highlighted the risks of even using a simple credit card. Identity theft -- whether of credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other vital private information -- is a constant, very real worry for many consumers. Depending on the nature and type of the identity theft, a variety of remedies are available although there is no single, surefire solution that will always protect one's identity online or at brick and mortar stores. Thanks to the ubiquity of technology, identity theft is far easier and more common than it was in previous generations.

If you suspect that your credit-related information has been stolen, the first step is to place a fraud alert with one of the three major credit…


Create an identity theft alert. (2014). FTC. Retrieved from: 

EFF's top ways to protect your online privacy. (2002). EFF. Retrieved from:

Philosophers' View of Knowledge
Words: 2262 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49075423
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Industrial Espionage

Information is an element that can make an astounding difference in terms of succeeding, or attaining a profit, and failure, or attaining a loss in the realm of business. According to obinson (2003), when a trade secret is stolen, it can either level the playing field, or worse, tip it in favor of the competitor. This aspect is even more intricate as trade secrets are sought after not just by rivaling companies but also by foreign countries as well (obinson, 2003). This is done with the hope that the embezzled corporate data and information can be employed to enhance the competitive advantage of that country in the international marketplace (obinson, 2003). Even though plenty of information collection is attained by scrutinizing and going over public records such as filings and databases, the paramount way of getting proper information is simply by taking it (obinson, 2003).

Industrial espionage as…


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Foreign Spies Stealing U.S. economic secrets in cyberspace. (2011). Report to Congress on foreign economic collection and industrial espionage, 2009-2011

The Truth About Native Americans
Words: 2707 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53189798
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Cultural Binary Opposition Demystified

Although it was initially created for popular consumption, there are a number of varying points of academic interest found in Karl May's novel Winnetou, The Chief of the Apache Part 1 Enters Old Shatterhand. This work is actually a study in post-colonialism and indicates many of the different mores that were popularized to propagate colonial notions. Perhaps the most important of these pertains to the conceptions of culture that are evinced in this novel, and which are typified in colonial endeavors almost anywhere throughout the course of history. Specifically, the notion of binary opposition emerges as one of the chief justifications for the colonization found in May's novel. Binary opposition is the diametric polarization of a pair of cultures -- in the case of May's novel, these include that of the Eurocentric westerner and that of the Native American. In May's work, the Eurocentric westerner perceives…


May, K. (2014). Winnetou, The Chief of the Apache Part 1 Enters Old Shatterhand. Liverpool, England: CTPDC Limited Publishing.

Christian World View Ethical Dilemmas of Pornography
Words: 1595 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41406845
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Ethical Dilemmas: Pornography

Biblically, God requires Christians to please Him in everything they do. Whether it is in secret or overtly, in thoughts or behaviour, Christians have a duty to portray Christ-like behaviour every moment of their life (Hiles & Smith, n.d.). Nonetheless, compliance with biblical teachings is not always as easy as portrayed by the Bible. In the course of their Christian walk, Christians often encounter situations of dilemma. These are basically situations in which it is not exactly clear whether doing something is right or wrong. Such situations especially arise when the Bible does not offer a straightforward solution or when the act in question appears to harm no one. Pornography is one of the issues that may present a dilemma for a Christian. Does the Bible allow pornography? Is engaging in pornography morally right given that it does not harm others? This essay discusses the ethical dilemmas…

Waifs in Literature in the
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Oliver went home with the elderly gentleman and his family and for the first time in his life, Oliver found himself in a situation where someone cared for him.

Oliver's moral character was somewhat better than Moll's. Despite the fact that he had no moral guidance, he recognized that stealing was wrong. Dickens writes,

hat was Oliver's horror and alarm as he stood a few paces off, looking on with his eyelids as wide open as they would possibly go, to see the Dodger plunge his hand into the old gentleman's pocket, and draw from thence a handkerchief…in an instant, the whole mystery of the handkerchief, and the watches, and the jewels, and the Jew, rushed upon the boy's mind (82).

Moll, on the other hand, turned to theft deliberately when she was too old to turn the heads of men. Unlike the young Oliver who was too young to…

Works Cited

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Epistle of Paul to Philemon
Words: 20604 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 75843868
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The divisions ere as such:

1. The highest class amongst the slave as of the slave minister; he as responsible for most of the slave transactions or trades and as also alloed to have posts on the government offices locally and on the provincial level.

2. This as folloed by the class of temple slaves; this class of slaves as normally employed in the religious organizations usually as janitors and caretakers of priestesses in the organization.

3. The third class of slaves included a range of jobs for slaves i.e. slaves ho ere appointed as land/property etc. managers ere included in this class as ell as those slaves ho ere employed as merchants or hired to help around the pastures and agricultural grounds. A majority of this class included the ordinary household slaves.

4. The last class amongst the slaves also included a range of occupations of the slaves extending…

works cited at the end.

If I were to conclude the significance of Paul's letter to Philemon and his approach to demand Onesimus' hospitality and kinship status, I can say that it was clearly his approach towards his demands that has made the letter such a major topic of discussion with regards to slavery. If Paul had taken an aggressive approach and straight away demanded the release and freedom of Onesimus, the letter would not been preserved in the history books for the generations to follow; that is a surety. I say this because it was Paul's approach and choice of language structure that caused for a large amount of debate to follow. It has been this debate, whether it has been on slavery or the various interpretations of his language structure, that has allows this letter and the relevant history to live on through the centuries. Of course, it is important to understand Philemon's role here as well, because it was his choice to treat the letter with a certain amount of respect and dignity that contributed to the letter's longevity as well. If Philemon had chosen to disregard Paul's requests and thrown away the letter as one that was not worthy of consideration, nobody would've even had the chance to debate the letter's significance in history. This again takes me back to the language structure adopted by Paul as he was able to soften his approach of the numerous demands as well that helped Philemon play his part of respecting what was demanded. Interestingly enough, Onesimus did go on to take on the duties as a bishop! To think that this line of action came about with only a choice of softening one's demands is extra-ordinary and the credit goes solely to Paul!


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Samurai A Tale as Old
Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66189604
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Exasperated by their inability to defend themselves and the inevitable raid on their village, the peasants decide that they must look to outside and trained men that have the capacity to protect them.

The samurai, in the film and historically, were of the upper and middle echelons of the warrior class. They were often the official military men of the nobility and were used to protect the law and order of the society. Because the peasants have no military training that they can employ to protect themselves, they look to the most experienced people they know, the samurai. The peasants' need to look for "foreign" protection is similar to America's involvement in the current Middle Eastern conflict. The Armed Forced present in places such as Afghanistan are not there to create conflict or start wars, but rather to quell uprisings in the area. The samurai in the film have a…

Power of Absence A Character
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In this case, the sound that Vladimir and Estragon may or may not have heard is announcing not the coming of Godot but the coming of Lucky and Pozzo. The relationship of Lucky and Pozzo is so suggestive of a God-man relationship, and of the psychological power that Godot holds over the two main characters, that one wonders if Pozzo is not in fact Godot and therefore, symbolically, God. In fact, Vladimir and Estragon do think that Pozzo is Godot until Pozzo tells them otherwise. Even this denial on Pozzo's part is not necessarily an indication that he is not Godot, since Vladimir and Estragon were never quite sure of Godot's name in the first place.

In Act I, Pozzo is clearly the God of Lucky's world, even if he denies being the Godot of Vladimir's and Estragon's world. Pozzo keeps Lucky on a long leash, but it is clear…

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Brent Staples Called Black Men
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While America prides itself in declaring it is a free nation where people with different skin colours live in harmony and where democracy is victorious, providing people with the same rights and benefits, the sour truth is that the same America is strongly prejudiced against non-white people.

Not only are they feared or believed to be inferior, but the whites express their superiority through measures which have real deep impact upon the lives of the others. Such is the case of the characters in the novel written in 1982, such is the case with the author of the "lack men and public spaces" essay and such is the case with yesterday's adventure involving Harvard professor Gates.

The characters in "The color purple" communicate their pessimist views regarding the evolution of the Americans society in which the very development of black people is biased. The author suggests that while black people…


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Norman Bates Psychological Analysis of
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He completely looses himself in the image of his mother. He is so dissociated that he does not even know he is the one conducting the action of murder. Norman is "horrified to discover that his mother (actually his sub-personality) has stabbed a woman to death in the shower," (Comer 2003:224). To him, it was his mother, whom he has no control over. When he slips into that state Norman Bates disappears; he dissociates himself from a potentially harmful situation and allows the dominant personality of his mother take over completely. In the end, after all the trauma, Norman completely recedes into himself; "You see, when the mind houses two personalities, there's always a conflict, a battle. In Norman's case, the battle is over…and the dominant personality has won," (Hitchcock 160). His mother, who serves as his safety net, completely takes over when his psychosis is discovered.

His story is…


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Henry IV Part 1 Has
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It is the meeting of two principles that makes the climactic fight between Hal and Hotspur so compelling, and at the same time there is a sense of righting a grievance and restoring to Hal the respect and hopes of the kingdom that Hotspur had robbed him of, along with his glory and celebrity. Hal tells his father that:

Percy is but my factor, good lord,

To engross up glorious deeds on my behalf.

And I will call him to so strict account

That he shall render every glory up

(III. ii. 147-50).

The language of commerce here suggests "a world in which practical cunning is the key to every triumph," but even this attitude of Hal's is seen to be a front when he allows the credit for his victory to be taken (Rubinstein 294). Through all of Hal's prticipation in robbery and symbolic language implying te same in…

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Security and Personal Information the
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There needs to be however more efficiency put into the process of validating just what is personal vs. professional mail, with a more insightful series of policies put in place to define acceptable use of e-mail and communications systems (Breaux, Anton, 2008).

Clearly, being able to guard against personal data of employees being accessed, sold or used in any way needs to have even more stringent rules associated with it (Breaux, Anton, 2008). The fact that so many companies today have their employee database compromised and then selectively sold off to telemarketers, it is clear that higher penalties need to be put into place for it professionals who either have lax security in place to allow this to happen, or unfortunately make the terrible mistake of thinking this is a way to make extra cash. As has been seen from the cases of overt theft of employee data, it has…


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